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         animation from 1914 of 'Gertie the Dinosaur' swaying back and forth, as drawn by movie pioneer Winsor McCay [1871-1934]          on this page:

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"Substance separates film from movies."
John Huston [1906-87]

Online  Film  Festival  Pages
The Online Film Festival Index Page includes
several festivals a-building, plus there are these stand-alone festival pages:

Afro-American Film Festival
Atomic Film Festival at Spirit of America Bookstore
Auto-Racing Movies Film Festival
Ayn Rand Film Festival
Baseball Movies Film Festival
Beatnik Film Festival at Maison d'Être Philosophy Bookstore
'Biker Movies' Film Festival
Boxing Movies Film Festival
Circus Film Festival at Spirit of America Bookstore
Classic Movies & Cinema Masters Film Festival
Culver City, California Film Festival
Cyber Film Festival
Economics Film Festival at Maison d'Être Philosophy Bookstore
Education Film Festival
Existentialist Film Festival at Maison d'Être Philosophy Bookstore
Films Noir Festival at BlackHat Mystery Bookstore
Football Movies Film Festival
47 Rônin / Chüshingura Film Festival
Gangster Film Festival
Hollywood Film Festival
Horse-Racing Movies Film Festival
Human Rights Film Festival
Kings & Queens Film Festival
'Knights of Yore' Film Festival
Labor Movement Film Festival at Spirit of America Bookstore
Movie Musicals Film Festival
Muscle-Head Film Festival
Native American Film Festival at 'Readers of The Purple Sage' Bookstore
Oscar-Winning Western Movies Page at 'Readers of The Purple Sage' Bookstore
Philosophy Film Festival at Maison d'Être Philosophy Bookstore
Pirate Film Festival
Political Film Festival
Railroad Film Festival at Spirit of America Bookstore
'Rat Race' Film Festival
Road Movies Film Festival
Rock Music Film Festival at Spirit of America Bookstore
Samurai Films Page
Science Fiction Film Festival
'Shakespeare On Film' Festival
Sherlock Holmes Film Festival at BlackHat Mystery Bookstore
Sports Film Festival
War [& Anti-War] Film Festival
Western Movies Film Festival at 'Readers of The Purple Sage' Bookstore

— further planned festivals include Jazz Music Film Festival & Teen/Surf Movie Festival

Movies & TV on DVD & Blu-ray Bargain Hunter Store at Amazon

A List / 100 Essential Films  
"The A List: The National Society of Film Critics' 100 Essential Films" [2002]
Edited by Jay Carr

Da Capo Press 9x6 pb [1/2002] for $11.67
New York Times 1000  "The New York Times Guide To The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made" [1999]
by Vincent Canby, Janet Maslin & others, edited by Peter M. Nichols

St. Martin's 9x7¼ pb [2/2004] 1200 pages for $16.97
Three Rivers Press 9¼x7½ pb [11/99] for $17.00
N.Y. Times online list
100 Years of Cinema {posters}  "100 Years of Cinema" {posters} [1995]
Compiled by Bruce Hershenson

self-published 10½x8¼ pb [5/99] for $20.00
self-published hardcover [10/95] not available online
The Movie Book from Dorling Kindersley  "The Movie Book (Big Ideas Simply Explained)" [2016]
Kindle Edition from D.K./Penguin Group [1/2016] for $9.99
Dorling Kindersley 9½x8 hardcover [1/2016] for $17.00
Profiles of 100 of the best movies ever made throughout the world; films featured on the cover are: "Bonnie & Clyde" [1967] by Arthur Penn, "Boyhood" [2014] by Richard Linklater, "Dr. Strangelove"
[1964] by Stanley Kubrick, "It's A Wonderful Life" [1946] by Frank Capra, "Metropolis" silent feature [1927] by Fritz Lang, "Pulp Fiction" [1994] by Quentin Tarantino, "Rashomon" [1950] by Akira Kurosawa, "Ringu" [1998] by Hideo Nakata, "The Seventh Seal" [1957] by Ingmar Bergman, "The Shawshank Redemption" [1994], "Some Like It Hot" [1959] by Billy Wilder, "Sunset Blvd." [1950] by Billy Wilder, "Vertigo" [1958] by Alfred Hitchcock, and "The Wizard of Oz" [1939]

Academy  Award  Winners
Oscars index page with books & video collections
Great Films Before The Academy Awards
1927-1931  ••  1931-1940  ••  1941-1950  ••  1951-1960
1961-1970  ••  1971-1980  ••  1981-1990  ••  1991-2000
2001  ••  2002  ••  2003  ••  2004  ••  2005  ••  2006   ••  2007
2008  ••  2009  ••  2010  ••  2011  ••  2012  ••  2013  ••  2014
2015  ••  2016  ••  Oscar-Winning Western Movies

Amazon's 'Oscar® Central' Store no longer exists

Other Awards

Magic Lantern's American Film Institute Collections Page
Directors Profiles100 Years CelebrationLifetime Achievement Awards

W.G.A. list of 101 Greatest Screenplays, 2013

Intl. Academy of Web Television Awards [Jan 2013 = #2] broadcast from Las Vegas, Nevada
Producers Guild Awards [Jan 2013 = #24]
I.A.T.S.E. Local 600 / I.C.G. Publicists’ Awards Luncheon [Feb 2013 = #50]
Cinema Arts 'Charlie Awards' Luncheon [2014 = #28] sponsored by the Hollywood Arts Council [est. 1978]
Golden Trailer Awards [May 2013 = #14]
World Soundtrack Awards & Concert [Oct 2012 = #13] in Belgium
Producers Guild Digital VIP Awards [Dec 2012 = #1]

Critics Choice Movie Awards [Jan 2011 = #16] from channel VH1            Streamy Awards [Feb 2013 = #3] from the Intl. Academy of Web Television            Golden Raspberry 'Razzie®' Awards [Feb 2013 = #33]

Webby Awards [June 2012 = #16] for websites, online film & video, mobile & apps, and online ads            Gotham Independent Film Awards [Nov 2012 = #22]            LUX Prize [est.2007] of the European Parliament [10 finalists in July, winner in November - 2012 = #6]

China's Golden Rooster Award     The Hundred Flowers Film Festival was started in 1962;
the China Golden Rooster Awards were started in May 1981;
the two events were combined in 1992.
China Golden Rooster Awards entry at Wikipedia

Current  Directors / Filmmakers

Films Coming Soon posters category at

A.F.I. Directors Profiles [1995-2008] on VHS or DVD

Current  Directors  &  Filmmakers  Page

·          ·

writer-actor-director  Woody Allen  Pages

documentary producer-director  Ken Burns  Page

actor-director  George Clooney  Page

Coen Brothers: Joel & Ethan  Page

Francis Ford Coppola  Page

actor-director  Clint Eastwood  Page
at 'Readers of The Purple Sage' Western Bookstore

Jean-Luc Goddard  Page

Robert Greenwald  Page

Spike Lee  Page

Terrence Malick  Page

gadfly filmmaker  Michael Moore  Page

Martin Scorsese  Page

Oliver Stone  Page

actor-director  Tyler Perry  Page

Zhang Yimou  Page

XXth Century Directors
Hal Ashby    ¸    Busby Berkeley    ¸    Budd Boetticher    ¸    Richard Brooks    ¸    John Cassavetes
Blake Edwards    ¸    Victor Fleming    ¸    John Frankenheimer    ¸    Burt Kennedy
Anthony Mann    ¸    Nicholas Ray    ¸    George Stevens    ¸    John Sturges
W.S. Van Dyke    ¸    Josef von Sternberg    ¸    William A. Wellman    ¸    Robert Wise
Ed Wood   ¸    ...and many others
now on their own page individual pages for

Robert Altman [1925-2006]    ¸    Ingmar Bergman [1918-2007] of Sweden    ¸    Mel Brooks

George Cukor [1899-1983]    ¸    Luis Buñuel [1900-83]    ¸    Frank Capra [1897-1991]

Michael Curtiz [1886-1962]    ¸    Edward Dmytryk [1908-99]    ¸    Clint Eastwood

Federico Fellini [1920-93] of Italy    ¸    John Ford [1894-1973]    ¸    Samuel Fuller [1912-97]

Jean-Luc Godard of France    ¸    Howard Hawks [1896-1977]    ¸    John Huston [1906-87]

Alfred Hitchcock [1899-1980]    ¸    Elia Kazan [1909-2003]    ¸    Stanley Kubrick [1928-99]

Akira Kurosawa [1910-98] of Japan    ¸    Fritz Lang [1890-1976]    ¸    Jerry Lewis

Ernst Lubitsch [1892-1947]    ¸    Rouben Mamoulian [1897-1987]

Jean-Pierre Melville [1917-73] of France    ¸    Vincente Minnelli [1903-86]    ¸    Sam Peckinpah [1925-84]

Satyajit Ray [1921-92] of India    ¸    Preston Sturges [1898-1959]    ¸    Jacques Tati [1907-82] of France

François Truffaut [1932-84] of France    ¸    Raoul Walsh [1887-1980]    ¸    Orson Welles [1915-85]

Billy Wilder [1906-2002]

Independent & Avant-Garde Filmmakers
John Cassavetes • Alex Cox • Maya Deren • Jim Jarmusch •
Warren Miller • Godfrey Reggio • John Sayles • John Waters • and others...
now on their own page individual pages for

Robert Greenwald    ¸    Alejandro Jodorowsky    ¸    Michael Moore

Pioneers  of  the  Cinema
Dorothy Arzner • Theodore W. Case • George Eastman • Wm. Friese-Greene • Louis Le Prince
Lumière Brothers • G.W. Pabst • Edwin S. Porter • Wm. Desmond Taylor • and others ...
now on their own page Magic Lantern's individual pages for

Charlie Chaplin [1889-1977]    ¸    Cecil B. DeMille [1881-1959]    ¸    Thomas Alva Edison [1847-1931]

Sergei M. Eisenstein [1898-1948]    ¸    Douglas Fairbanks [1883-1939]    ¸    D.W. Griffith [1875-1948]

Thomas H. Ince [1882-1924]    ¸    Buster Keaton [1895-1966]    ¸    Harold Lloyd [1893-1971]

Georges Méliès [1861-1938]    ¸    Oscar Micheaux [1884-1951]    ¸    Eadweard Muybridge [1830-1904]

Mary Pickford [1892-1979]    ¸    Hal Roach [1892-1992]    ¸    Mack Sennett [1880-1960]

King Vidor [1894-1982]    ¸    Erich von Stroheim [1885-1957]

Foreign  Directors,  Auteurs  &  Actors
and Selected Films

Foreign  Cinema  Page:  click here
includes Pedro Almodóvar    Ingmar Bergman    Luis Buñuel  
Roman Polanski    Andrei Tarkovsky    and many others ...

Cinema  of  Asia  Page:  click here
films & people of Asia in general, and Korea & Thailand

Cinema  of  Canada  Page:  click here

Cinema  of  China  Page:  click here
films & people of mainland China, Hong Kong, & R.O.C./Taiwan
includes Jackie Chan    Tsui Hark    Wong Kar-Wai    Bruce Lee    Jet Li    Anna May Wong  
John Woo    Michelle Yeoh    Zhang Yimou  Chow Yun-Fat    and many others ...

Cinema  of  France  Pages:  click here
includes Jean-Paul Belmondo    Claude Chabrol    Philippe de Broca    Jean-Luc Godard  
Claude Lelouch    Jean-Pierre Melville    Yves Montand    Jean Renoir    Jacques Tati  
Jean-Louis Trintignant    François Truffaut    Agnes Varda    and many others ...

Cinema  of  Germany  Page:  click here / hier klicken
includes Rainer Werner Fassbinder    Werner Herzog    Klaus Kinski  
Leni Riefenstahl    Volker Schlöndorff    Wim Wenders    and many others ...

Cinema  of  India  Pages:  click here
includes Deepa Mehta    Satyajit Ray    and many others ...

Cinema  of  Italy  Pages:  click here
includes Antonioni    Bertolucci    de Sica    Fellini    Mastroianni    Rossellini  
Scola    Visconti    Zeffirelli    and many others ...

Cinema  of  Japan  Pages:  click here
includes Samurai Films    Kiyoshi Atsumi    Hiroshi Inagaki    Juzo Itami    Akira Kurosawa  
Toshirô Mifune    Hayao Miyazaki    Kenji Mizoguchi     Tatsuya Nakadai    Yasujiro Ozu  
Takashi Shimura     Ken Takakura    Yoji Yamada    Zatô-Ichi    and many others ...

Cinema  of  Mexico  Pages:  click here
includes Pedro Armendáriz    Luis Buñuel    Cantinflas    Dolores del Rio    Guillermo del Toro  
Maria Félix    Emilio Fernández    Vicente Fernández    Gabriel Figueroa    Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez  
Arturo Ripstein    Ignacio López Tarso    and many others ...

Cinema  of  Russia  Page:  click here
includes Sergei Eisenstein    Nikita Mikhalkov     Stanislav Rostotsky    Aleksandr Sokurov  
Andrei Tarkovsky     Dziga Vertov    and many others ...

Cinema  of  Spain / España  Page:  click here
includes Pedro Almodóvar    Alejandro Amenábar    Vicente Aranda    Luis Buñuel  
Javier Bardem    Penélope Cruz    Fernando Rey    Carlos Saura    and many others ...

Movies: Great & Unsung
"Amadeus"     "Annie Hall"     "Bill and Coo"     "Buckaroo Banzai"     "Cutter's Way"  
"Do The Right Thing"     "Do-Desu-Ka-Den"     "Fritz The Cat"     "Gigot"  
"The Gods Must Be Crazy"     "Greed" [1924]     "If I Had A Million"     "King of Hearts"  
"Lemonade Joe"     "The Madwoman of Chaillot"     Neil Young's "Journey Through The Past"  
"Putney Swope"     "Whistle Down The Wind"     . . . and others
moved to its own page

100 Classic Books Made Into Movies
Page created July 2012 based on a nifty 2-volume set for Kindle containing mostly public domain novels that were made into feature films, mostly by Hollywood but also in the U.K. and elsewhere. The two Kindle books are $2.99 each {sic} and the '100 Classics' Page will eventually be expanded to display videos & DVDs and Blu-ray product for each film, information from Internet Movie Database, other links, and Amazon links for the books on paper or Kindle or both.

My  Dozen  Most-Favorite  Films  &  Why
includes "Akahige" aka 'Red Beard' [1965], "2001: A Space Odyssey" [1968], "The Wild Bunch" [1969],
"Barry Lyndon" [1975], "Taxi Driver" [1976], "Apocalypse Now" [1979], "Reds" [1981], "Fitzcarraldo" [1982],
"Wings of Desire" [1987], "Faraway, So Close" [1993], "Forrest Gump" [1994], and "Moonrise Kingdom" [2012]
moved to its own page

Movie  Series  &  Comedy  Teams

Batman      'Carry On' Series      Dead End Kids / Bowery Boys
Francis the Mule      Andy Hardy      Indiana Jones      Martin & Lewis
Monty Python      Star Wars      Superman      and others...
are on the Movie Series & Comedy Teams Page individual pages for

Abbott & Costello    ¸    James Bond    ¸    Charlie Chan    ¸    Harry Potter
Laurel & Hardy    ¸    Little Rascals / Our Gang    ¸    'Lord of The Rings' & 'The Hobbit'
The Marx Brothers    ¸    'Pirates of The Caribbean'    ¸   'Tarzan' Movies
Hammett's 'The Thin Man'    ¸    Tarzan    ¸    The Three Stooges    ¸    Zatôichi

History  of  Cinema  Pages
History of Cinema Page
History of Cinema Timeline Page
Books About Hollywood & Cinema History
History of Radio & Television Pages
Movie Palaces Page
Drive-In Movie Theaters Page
The Hollywood Blacklist
Movie Posters Page

Movie  Industry  Pages
Movie Industry Page
Cinema Reference & Technical Page
Film Businesses & Organizations
Cinematography Page
Animation Pages
New Mexico Movie Industry Pages
Other Movie Business People

On Writing & Screenwriting Page

Worldwide Film Festivals Page

¯   Movie  Music  &  Composers   ¯
Movie Music & Composers page
browse Movie Soundtracks category at Amazon
Essential Soundtracks at Amazon
Essential Musicals On Film at Amazon

Magic Lantern's Movie Musicals Film Festival Pages

Film  Genres

Afro-American Film Festival Pages
page onebooksfilmmakerslinks
on page two: actors & actressesmovie collectionsdocufilmsmovie music
on page three: selected films & TV (chronological)

Animal  Movie  Stars
Benji the Dog
Flipper the Porpoise
Godzilla / Gojira of Japan
Lassie the Dog
The Muppets
Rin-Tin-Tin [1918-1932]
Strongheart the Dog

Magic Lantern's Animation Pages
Magic Lantern's Animated Films Pages
browse DVDs & Blu-ray at the Animation & Cartoons Dept. at Amazon

Gangster  Movie  Film  Festival  Page
books about gangster movies   •   gangster movie collections   •   gangster movies A-Z

Hispanic-American  Cinema
main pagebookspeopleselected films

Simultaneous Bilingual Film Production
synopsis for completed screenplay "El Tigrón" by G.E. Nordell

Road  Movies  Film  Festival  Page

Silent & Sound  Movie  Serials  Pages

Sports  Movies  Film  Festival  Pages
auto racing   •   baseball   •   basketball   •   boxing   •   football   •   golf   •   hockey
horse racing   •   martial arts   •   wrestling   •   other sports   •   top 50 sports movies

Magic Lantern's Rocky Balboa Page

Films  Noir
BlackHat Mystery Bookstore's Film Noir Festival Pages
Books on Film Noir

BlackHat Mystery Bookstore
Raymond Chandler [1888-1959] Pages
Dashiell Hammett [1894-1961]Pages

Graphic Noir
BlackHat Mystery Bookstore's Frank Miller Page

The  Western
Western Film Festival Pages
Books About Western Movies
Oscar-Winning Western Movies
'Readers of The Purple Sage' Western Bookstore

Billy the Kid Page        Budd Boetticher: videosIMDb listing        'Hopalong Cassidy' Page
'The Cisco Kid' Page        John Ford [1894-1973] Page        Hoot Gibson [1892-1962] Page
Zane Grey [1872-1939] Pages + Zane Grey Movies Pages
William S. Hart [1864-1946] Page        'The Lone Ranger' Page
Tim McCoy [1891-1978] Page        Tom Mix [1880-1940] Page
Sam Peckinpah [1925-84] Page        Randolph Scott [1898-1987] Page
Fred Thomson [1890-1928] Page        John Wayne [1907-79] Page

Native American Film Festival Page at 'Readers of The Purple Sage' Western Bookstore

Horror,  Monster  &  Fantasy  Movies
The genre/topic kept growing and was cut to its own page in late 2013.
click here

Magic Lantern Video & Book Store's 'Godzilla/Gojira' Movies Page

Science  Fiction  Movies  &  TV

Magic Lantern Video & Book Store's Science Fiction Film Festival  

Magic Lantern Video & Book Store's Cyber Film Festival

Robots & Cyborgs Pages at Spirit of America Bookstore

Science Fiction Page at Spirit of America Bookstore
Science Fiction Anthologies & Collections Page at Spirit of America Bookstore

Actors of Today  &  Yesterday
( Movie  Stars  &  Unknowns )

Actors  &  Movie  Stars  of  Today  Page

writer-actor-director  Woody Allen  Pages

actor-director  George Clooney  Page

actor-director  Clint Eastwood  Page
at 'Readers of The Purple Sage' Western Bookstore

actress-director  Jodie Foster  Page

Edward James Olmos  Page

actor-director  Tyler Perry  Page

®         ®

Actors  and  Others  of  Yesterday
Both known and lesser-known actors & actresses, from silents to recent times
– from Akim Tamiroff, thru many favorites, to Yakima Canutt

Actors: Stars & Unknowns [A to Z] Pages

Movie Star Soldiers of WWII (and Others)

Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle [1887-1933] Page

Humphrey Bogart [1899-1957] Page

Douglas Fairbanks [1883-1939] Page

Errol Flynn [1909-59] Page

Greta Garbo [1905-90] Page

Danny Kaye [1913-87] Page

Edward R. Murrow [1908-65] Page

Randolph Scott [1898-1987] Page

Elizabeth Taylor [1932-2011] Page

John Wayne [1907-79] Page

Orson Welles [1915-85] Page

®         ®

Actors of Asia        Actors of Canada        Actors of China        Actors of France
Actors of Germany        Actors of India        Actors of Italy        Actors of Japan
Actors of Mexico        Actors of Russia        Actors of Spain        Other Foreign Actors

Hispanic-American Cinema Page

Miscellaneous  Cinema  Links

Midnight Palace - old movies, classic & obscure 1900-1955
Movies 4 Arabs
Off Beat Cinema tv show [est. 1993]
Star du Ciné photos website
Danger & Despair [noir videos & 16mm]
Grapevine Video [Jack Hardy]
Em Gee Film Library [Murray Glass]
in-theater advertiser National CineMedia LLC
Cinema Forever fansite

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Movies {dot} Answers {dot} com website

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cinema-related book or video that is being sold on the internet or of any
cinema-related site that is possibly appropriate for this website may
request consideration by sending a suggestion email that specifies the URL.
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