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New Mexico beer industry
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counties & towns of New Mexico
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Railroads of New Mexico
Indian Country of New Mexico


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flag of the State of New Mexico, est. 1925            Great Seal of the State of New Mexico            2008 state series U.S. quarter for New Mexico            2012 park series U.S. quarter for Chaco Culture National Historical Park in NW New Mexico

Official Government Links & Info
New Mexico covers 121,593 square miles {314,926 square kilometers}.
State population: 2,085,500 (U.S. Census 2012 estimate); Albuquerque area population: 887,000 (U.S. Census 2010).
>> reached 2 million state population in April 2007 <<
The current population is 2,085,287 (2013 estimate); the density is 17.2/square mile (ranked 45th).
Highest elevation is Wheeler Peak {13,161 ft.}; lowest elevation is Red Bluff Reservoir {2,842 feet}.
The state was made a Territory in 1851, split in 1864, and admitted to the Union on 5 January 1912 {the 47th state}.
The state motto is 'Crescit Eundo', commonly translated as "Grows as it goes".
The state nickname is 'Land of Enchantment' [made official in 1999].
The state slogan is "Everybody is somebody in New Mexico".
The state gem is Turquoise; the state cookie is the Biscochito.
The state flower is the Yucca; the state tree is the Piñon.
The state bird is the Road Runner; the state animal is the Black Bear.
The state neckwear is the Bolo Tie [made official 3/2007].
The official state question is '¿Red or green?' regarding your choice in chili salsa [made official 2/1999].
The time zone in New Mexico is Mountain Time.

New Mexico State Government Portal
New Mexico Constitution [orig. 1911, revisions to 1974]
Governor Susana 'La Borracha' Martinez [GOP; sworn Jan 2011]
Lt. Gov. John A. Sanchez [GOP; sworn Jan 2011]

Secretary of State of New Mexico Dianna J. Duran [GOP; sworn Jan 2011]
Dianna Duran indicted in August 2015 on 64 counts, including embezzlement, money laundering, conspiracy, and tampering with public records
Office of the New Mexico State Historian

SOS / Public Regulation Commission (search corporations)
State Treasurer of New Mexico Tim Eichenberg [sworn 1/2015]
former New Mexico State Treasurer James B. Lewis [2007-2014]
New Mexico Legislature website
State of New Mexico Courts / Judicial Branch
New Mexico Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission [est. 1997]

State of New Mexico Dept. of Agriculture

State of New Mexico Economic Development Dept.
New Mexico Film Office {of the Economic Development Dept.}
New Mexico Film Museum [unfunded 8/2005]

State of New Mexico Environment Dept.
Green Zia Environmental Excellence Recognition program
'New Mexico Clean & Beautiful' Program [est. 1985]
New Mexico Climate Change Advisory Group [est. 6/2005]

State of New Mexico Dept. of Health
New Mexico Dept. of Homeland Security & Emergency Management [merged 2007]

State of New Mexico Department of Public Safety
New Mexico State Police [est. 1933]
New Mexico Gang Task Force
State of New Mexico Tourism Dept.
New Mexico MainStreet [est. 1985]

New Mexico Dept. of Transportation
New Mexico Road Conditions or dial 1-800-432-4269 (or 511)

State of New Mexico Dept. of Cultural Affairs [est. 1978]
New Mexico State Library [est. 1929]
The Museum of New Mexico [est. 1909]
Museum of New Mexico Foundation
El Palacio: Magazine of The Museum of New Mexico [est. 1913]
Museum of New Mexico Press [est. 1951]
New Mexico Museum of Art {formerly Museum of Fine Arts; est. 1917] in Santa Fe, NM
New Mexico Arts - state arts commission
New Mexico Arts & Cultural Districts program [est. 2007]

New Mexico Vietnam Veterans Memorial [est. 1971] State Park near Angel Fire, NM

State of New Mexico Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources Dept.
New Mexico Forestry Division {of N.M.E.M.N.R. Dept.}
New Mexico State Parks Division {of N.M.E.M.N.R. Dept.}
New Mexico State Parks Foundation [est. 8/2002]
New Mexico Mining & Minerals Division {of N.M.E.M.N.R. Dept.}
New Mexico Energy Conservation & Management Division {of N.M.E.M.N.R. Dept.}

New Mexico State Lottery [launched April 1996]
New Mexico Spaceport Authority [est. 1/2006]
N.M.C.A.C. - New Mexico Computing Applications Center [est. 2007]

State Employees Credit Union of New Mexico
State Employee Alliance (C.W.A. Local 7076) of New Mexico
New Mexico Municipal League
official list of New Mexico counties & cities
New Mexico Assn. of Counties [est. 1968]
listing of New Mexico Chambers of Commerce
another listing of New Mexico Chambers of Commerce
New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce [est. 3/2010]
U.S. Bureau of Land Management

'Rail Runner' Commuter Train from Belén to Bernalillo in New Mexico [launched in 2006, extended to Santa Fe in December 2008]
Air New Mexico is the state's aircraft fleet
New Mexico Airlines [est. 2007] based in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Zia Airlines [1974-80?] was based in Las Cruces, New Mexico

University of New Mexico [est. 1889]
University of New Mexico Press [est. 1929]
New Mexico State University [est. 1888]
New Mexico Virtual College [launched 8/2003]
American Federation of Teachers - New Mexico
New Mexico Media Literacy Project [est. 1993]
New Mexico Colleges & Universities
New Mexico Coalition for Literacy [est.1987]
Landmark Education New Mexico
The New Mexico Biotechnology & Biomedical Association [est. 1991]

Sandia National Laboratories in SE Albuquerque, New Mexico        Technology Ventures Corporation non-profit founded in 1993 by Lockheed Martin Corp. at Sandia labs in SE Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico State Fair [Sept 2013 = #75] at Expo New Mexico in Albuquerque
Southern New Mexico State Fair [Oct] near Las Cruces, NM
Southwestern New Mexico State Fair [Sept 2007 = #56] at Deming, NM
Eastern New Mexico State Fair [Oct 2007 = #85] at Roswell, NM

New Mexico Fire Watch Information
official statewide interagency information
official fire restrictions in New Mexico {'Area' drop-down is by county}
National Interagency Fire Center [est. 1965] based in Boise, Idaho
N.I.F.C. National Fire News {updated Monday-Friday}
NFPA's Firewise Communities Program teaches prevention in rural communities

New Mexico Political Links Page {new 3/2012}

official Timeline of New Mexico History

official website for New Mexico's Centennial of Statehood, 1912-2012 is shut down

Albuquerque, New Mexico Journal newspaper's
New Mexico Election Voter Guide (2014)

Statewide Links

browse travel books about New Mexico
State of New Mexico entry at Wikipedia
City Data website info for New Mexico
eMercado New Mexico directory
Great New Mexico directory
Gil's Thrilling Website - Favorites in New Mexico weblog
NMSU's Rural Economic Development thru Tourism Project directory
New Mexico Garden RailRoaders
New Mexico Net - business directory
Great Deals New Mexico
Southwest Restaurants Assn.
New Mexico Restaurants Assn. [est. 1946]
BLACK STAR: the new owners of P.N.M. Resources in 2014 are aligned with the fascist Koch Brothers, and have formally proposed a 12 percent rate increase and a $10/month solar fee (based on Koch-funded A.L.E.C. legislative models) even though P.N.M. paid their stockholders $450 million over the past several years!  P.N.M. / Public Service Company of New Mexico [est. 1917]
Magellan Midstream Partners, LLP of Oklahoma operates a 250-mile petroleum pipeline from El Paso to Albuquerque [purch 7/2013]
Eye Associates of New Mexico [est. 1976] - 16 locations in NM
New Mexico Independent Automobile Dealers Assn. []
New Mexico Business Calendar [est. 2007]

listing of free wi-fi hotspots in New Mexico
New Mexico Broadcasters Assn. [est. 1954]
listing of New Mexico radio stations
listing of rodeos in New Mexico
New Mexico Rodeo Assn.
A.I.A. {American Institute of Architects} of New Mexico
New Mexico Webdesign Directory [est. 5/2008]
Lobo Internet Services & Wireless of New Mexico
New Mexico Rail Passenger Alliance
RAILS: New Mexico's Passenger Rail Action Group [est. 1998]
New Mexico TechNet [est. 1984]
Natl. Assn. of Women Business Owners - Northern New Mexico Chapter
A.A.A. of New Mexico
Nutrishop New Mexico vitamins & nutrition - 7 locations in New Mexico
Fly New Mexico - airport directory
Mesa Air [est. 1982] + reservations
New Mexico Small Business Dev't. Center at Santa Fe Community College
New Mexico Bank & Trust - 14 locations [est. 1998] is based in Albuquerque, NM
Southwest Capital Bank - 6 locations [est. 1890] is based in Las Vegas, NM
GOLD STAR: First National Santa Fe Bank supports progressive election candidates  First National Santa Fe Bank [est. 1870] - 10 locations in New Mexico
GOLD STAR: First National Rio Grande Bank supports progressive election candidates  First National Rio Grande Bank [est. 1870] - 4 locations in New Mexico
Allsup's Convenience Stores [est. 1956]
New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Railroad Historical Society
New Mexico Youth At Risk
New Mexico Propane - Bosque Farms, Moriarty & Taos
New Mexico Golf
Hacienda Home Centers - down to 2 locations in New Mexico (2016)
Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico [est. 1978]

Heritage Hotels & Resorts- 6 locations in New Mexico

New Mexico Arts & Culture Links
Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass - New Mexico Chapter
Guide To Jewish Life in Albuquerque & New Mexico [est.2010]
Indian Pueblo Cultural Centers in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Mitch's New Mexico Music Connection
New Mexico American Local History Network
New Mexico Assn. of Museums
New Mexico chapter [est. 2002] of A.I.G.A. {American Institute of Graphic Arts} [est. 1914]
New Mexico Cultural Treasures at N.M.S.U. Museum
New Mexico CultureNet [est. 1997]
The New Mexico Foundation for Literary Arts, 502 W. Cordova Road, Santa Fe, NM
New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance [est. 1999]
New Mexico Hispano Music Assn.
New Mexico Historical Society [est. 1859]
New Mexico History Museum [open 2009] in Santa Fe, New Mexico
New Mexico Jazz Calendar
New Mexico Jazz Workshop concert season [2007 = #31]
New Mexico Library Association [est. 1924]
New Mexico Literary Arts [est. 1997]
New Mexico Middle-Eastern Community Cultural Alliance
New Mexico Music Commission [est. 4/2005]
New Mexico Poetry Calendar website
New Mexico Sculptors Guild
New Mexico State Poetry Society [est. 1969]
New Mexico Symphony Orchestra [est. 1932]
Pastel Society of New Mexico [est. 1989]
Plein Air Painters of New Mexico
Southwest Jazz Orchestra
Storytellers of New Mexico [est. 1987]

'Moments In Time' 15-episode New Mexico history TV series  "Moments In Time" 15-episode TV series [NM-PBS 2013]
Produced by the New Mexico History Museum in collaboration with New Mexico P.B.S.; episode titles are: "Fashioning New Mexico: Victorian Secrets"; "The Estancia Press"; "New Mexico’s Segesser Hide Paintings"; "Tesoros de Devoción"; "USS New Mexico BB40: The Drinan Diary"; "In Her Own Voice: Doña Teresa Aguilera y Roche and Intrigue In The Palace of The Governors, 1659-1662"; "Rough Riders"; "The Last Hurdle: El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro"; "Buffalo Soldiers In New Mexico"; "Through the Lens: Imaging Santa Fe"; "Remembering The Santa Fe Japanese Internment Camp"; "Your Obedient Servant, W. H. Bonney"; "The Palace of The Governors: A Witness To History"; "Maps of New Mexico"; and "100 Years Ago: New Mexico’s Early Film History"
listing not found at IMDb • watch episodes (5-9 minutes each) on New Mexico P.B.S. website

Mercury Messenger of New Mexico [est. 1/2017]           New Mexico Book Assn. [est. 1994]           New Mexico Mercury [2012-2015]

New Mexico Cultural Events
NM Book Assn. Winter Fiesta [Jan 2017] in Santa Fe, NM
New Mexico Writers Dinner - Celebrating The Literary Arts [March 2017 = #1]
Albuquerque Book Festival International [April 2017 = #1] sponsored by N.M.F.L.A.
Tucumcari [NM] Rawhide Days [April 2016 = #1]
Las Cruces [NM] Country Music Festival [May 2016 = #4]
Blues & Bikes Festival [Memorial Day Weekend 2016 = #21] in Silver City, NM
New Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair [est. 1962 = June]
the N.H.C.C. website is terrible; good luck finding any current info  National Latino Writers Conference [July 2015 = #12] in Albuquerque, NM
'Lavender in the Village' Festival [July 2016 = #13] in Los Ranchos, NM
Humanist Society of New Mexico sponsors Women's Equality Day for New Mexico on August 26th
Gallup [NM] Native Arts Market [Aug 2017 = #1]
annual Zozobra Festival [Sept 2016 = #92] in Santa Fe, New Mexico
New Mexico Brew Fest & Music Showcase [Oct 2013 = #4] at NM Expo
Albuquerque [NM] International Balloon Fiesta [Oct 2015 = #44]
New Mexico Library Association Annual Conference [Oct 2015 = #92]
Southwest Festival of The Written Word [Oct 2015] in Silver City, New Mexico
N.M.F.F. 'On The Page' Screenwriters Conference [Oct 2016 = #1] in Santa Fe, NM
AspenFest Weekend [Oct = #42] in Ruidoso, NM
Annual Ruidoso Oktoberfest [Oct 2016 = #35] in Ruidoso, NM

New Mexico Sports Links - Pro & College Athletic Teams
New Mexico Bowl football game [Dec 2011 = #6]
Aggies of New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM
Isotopes baseball of Albuquerque, NM : MiLB websiteWikipedia
Lobos of New Mexico University in Albuquerque, NM
Mustangs of Western New Mexico University in Silver City, NM
Scorpions hockey [1996-2009] in Rio Rancho, NM
New Mexico Activities Assn. [est. 1921] interscholastic athletics
New Mexico Ski Swap [Oct 2013 = #47] at NM Expo in Albuquerque

Pecos League of Professional Baseball Clubs [est. 2010] based in Houston, Texas
Las Vegas [NM] Train Robbers baseball team [est. 2010]
Raton [NM] Osos baseball team [est. 2010]
Roswell [NM] Invaders baseball team [est. 2010]
Santa Fe [NM] Fuego baseball team [est. 2010]
Taos [NM] Blizzard baseball team [est. 2010]
Trinidad [CO] Triggers baseball team [est. 2010]
White Sands [NM] Pupfish baseball team [est. 2010]

Farm & Ranch, Nature & Ecology, and Environmental Links
Amigos Bravos: Friends of The Wild Rivers [est. 1988]
Animal Protection of New Mexico [est. 1979]
Animal Protection Voters of New Mexico [est. 2002]
Chile Pepper Institute [est. 1992] at N.M.S.U.
Farmers Markets of New Mexico
Forest Guardians [est. 1989] of New Mexico & Colorado
Nature Conservancy - New Mexico Chapter
New Mexican Wild Horse Project [est. 1999]
New Mexico Alpaca Breeders [est. 2002]
New Mexico Bioneers Conference [Oct 2005 = #1]
New Mexico Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy
New Mexico Environmental Law Center [est. 1987]
New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce [est. 3/2010] based in Albuquerque
New Mexico Interfaith Power & Light
New Mexico Organic Farming Conference [Feb 2018 = #?] in Albuquerque, NM
New Mexico Recycling Coalition
New Mexico Wilderness Alliance [est. 1997]
New Mexico Wine Growers Assn. [est. 1978]
Sierra Club - Rio Grande Chapter [] based in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Southwest Research and Information Center environmental protection group [est. 1971] is based in Albuquerque, NM
1000 Friends of New Mexico {'smart growth' non-profit}
Wild Earth Guardians [est. 1989] of Santa Fe NM & Denver CO
Wise Recycling [est. 1992] - no longer operates in New Mexico
U.S. Green Building Council - New Mexico Chapter

League of Conservation Voters [est. 1969] headquartered in Washington, DC + New Mexico Branch based in Santa Fe

New Mexico Solar Industry
New Mexico Solar Energy Assn. [est. 1972]
Solar Contact's listing of installers in New Mexico
New Mexico Solar Fiesta! [Aug 2011 = #11] in Albuquerque, NM
GO Solar of Santa Fe [est. 2010]
the company that installed my solar array in October 2008  {photo}  310 Solar™ Renewable Energy Systems in Albuquerque, NM
Adi Pieper's ADI Solar Electric [est. 1999] in Santa Fe, NM
Advent Solar [open 2002, closed 2009] in Albuquerque, NM
Consolidated Solar Technologies [est. 2008], 5225 Pino Avenue NE {at I-25} in Albuquerque, NM

Affordable Solar Group [est. 1998] in Albuquerque, NM          Positive Energy Solar [est. 1997] of New Mexico

Cedar Mountain Solar Systems [est. 1976] in Santa Fe, NM
D.P.W. Solar {div. of PLP; est. 2002} in Albuquerque, NM
K.T.A.O. 101.9-FM solar-powered radio station [est. 1984] in Taos, NM
Luz Energy Corp. [est. 1985] solar in SW Albuquerque, NM
Matrix Solar Technologies [est. 1996] in Albuquerque, NM
Positive Energy Solar in Santa Fe, NM
Private Energy Systems of Minnesota has several projects scattered across New Mexico
Germany's Schott AG factory [open 2009, closed 6/2012] at Mesa del Sol in Albuquerque, NM
Solar Power Evolution, 2518 Eubank Blvd. in Albuquerque
Sunergy Solar in Albuquerque, NM
Taos EcoBuilders, Inc. [est. 2002] in Taos, NM
U.S. Army's 4.1-megawatt White Sands solar array [online 1/2013] operated by Siemens Industry, Inc.

PNM's 5-megawatt solar farm [under construction] in Alamogordo, NM
PNM's 2-megawatt solar farm [est. 4/2011] in Albuquerque, NM
PNM's 9-megawatt 80-acre solar farm [expanded by Nov 2013] in Deming, NM
PNM's 5-megawatt solar farm [online Jan 2012] in Las Vegas, NM
PNM's 5-megawatt solar farm [est. 6/2011] in Los Lunas, NM
PNM's 7.5-megawatt 54-acre solar farm [construction started 6/2013] in Otero County {north of Alamogordo)
PNM's 200-megawatt New Mexico Wind Energy Center {est. 2003] near House, NM

Community & Political & Activist & Fraternal Organizations
American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico
American Legion, New Mexico Department
Boy Scouts of America Great Southwest Council [est. 1924] in northern NM
Boy Scouts of America Yucca Council [est. 1917] in southern NM
Common Cause New Mexico
Democratic Party of New Mexico
Democracy In New Mexico blog
Democracy for New Mexico
Disabled American Veterans [est. 1920] - Dept. of New Mexico
Habitat For Humanity of New Mexico
Humanist Society of New Mexico
Landmark Education in New Mexico
The Links, Incorporated [est. 1946] - Albuquerque Chapter
Meals On Wheels New Mexico [est. 1972]
Medical Cannabis Producers Assn. of New Mexico
'Moral Mondays' protests at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe [Mondays only 2 February to 16 March in 2015]
New Mexico Community Foundation [est. 1983]
New Mexico Crime Prevention Assn.
New Mexico Humanities Council [est. 1972]
New Mexico Labor & Employment Law
regular meetings include monthly dinner, First Friday Happy Hour, and weekly lunch on Wednesdays  New Mexico Mensa®
NM Mensa Coffeehouse Group on Facebook
New Mexico Political Action Collective
New Mexico Rural Electric Cooperative Assn. & Enchantment Magazine [est. 1960]
New Mexico Sheriffs & Police Assn. [est. 1935]
New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Railroad Historical Society [est. 1990s]
New Mexico Women [est. 2012]
Organic Consumers Assn., New Mexico Chapters
Road Runner Food Bank of New Mexico
Rotary Club District 5520 of New Mexico (and West Texas)
Santa Fe [NM] for Bernie Sanders grassroots website [est. 2015]
Somos Un Pueblo Unido [est. 1995] of New Mexico
Special Olympics of New Mexico [est. 1968]

New Mexico Political Report, launched in January of 2015

ProgressNow New Mexico          Society of The Muse of The Southwest [est. 1983] in Taos, New Mexico          New Mexico Business Leadership Network non-profit [est. 2001]          New Mexico Progressive Coalition [est. 2017]

New Mexico Federation of Labor [est. 1912] - AFL-CIO, based in Albuquerque          I.B.E.W. Union Local 611 of New Mexico, based in Albuquerque          Central New Mexico Labor Council - AFL-CIO, based in Albuquerque          Progressive Leaders Fund of New Mexico [est. 4/2014] P.A.C.          Teamsters New Mexico Local 492, based in Albuquerque

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union serving New Mexico & Colorado & Wyoming [est. 1907]  branch of the National Farmers Union [est. 1902]

New Mexico Film Industry
New Mexico Film Industry Pages at Magic Lantern
New Mexico Film Office
New Mexico Film & Media Industry Conference [May 2014 = #2]
Abalone Studios video game developers in NE Albuquerque, NM
Albuquerque [NM] Independent Film Cooperative
Allen Theatres - 18 locations in NM [est. 1912]
I.A.T.S.E. Local 480 - New Mexico Film Technicians
New Mexico Actors website
New Mexico Actors Guide
New Mexico Film Museum [unfunded 8/2005]
New Mexico Screenwriters Speakers Series
Taos County [NM] Film Commission
Women In Film & Television - New Mexico Chapter

New Mexico Film Foundation non-profit group [est. 11/2013] based in Santa Fe, NM

New Mexico Film Festival [Feb 2013 = #2] at U.N.M. - Valencia Campus
Taos [NM] Shortz Film Fest [March 2013 = #6]
New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase [May 2006] in Albuquerque, NM
Duke City Shootout filmmaking film festival [July]
Local Shorts Film Festival [Aug 2005 = #3] in Albuquerque, NM
Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival [Sept-Oct]
The New Mexico Film Foundation presents 'On the Page' Screenwriter's Conference [Oct 2016 = #1] in Santa Fe
New Mexico Middle-Eastern Film Festival [Oct 2005 = #2]
Taos [NM] Mountain Film Festival [Oct 2005 = #5]
Santa Fe [NM] Film Festival [Dec 2004 = #5]

"Made In New Mexico" documentary [indep Feb 2012]
Made In New Mexico documentary by Brent Morris & David J. Schweitzer  A superbly-produced 52-minute inside look at the film & media industry in New Mexico, exploring the state's Production Incentives Program and the history, economic impact, political constraints, educational opportunities, and creative work of filmmakers in the Land of Enchantment • Co-produced, co-written & co-directed by David J. Schweitzer & Brent Morris; featuring Jeff Bridges, George Burdeau, Bayard Carey, Rick Clemente, Tarra D. Day, Elise Eberle, Ramona Emerson, Forrest Fyre, Jason Hool, Allegra Huston, Alicia J. Keyes, Diego Joaquin Lopez, Joe Lucero, Stewart Lyons, Virginia Madsen, Tony Mark, Tatanka Means, Mark Medoff, Sara Marie Ortiz, Arron Shiver, Rebecca Puck Stair, William Sterchi, Lisa Strout, Kenneth Topolsky, Glenna Voight, Alton Walpole, Jesse Weahkee & Rebekah Wiggins
DVD/Blu-ray not available (2017) • full credits at IMDb
watch full movie [1/2015 upload; 50:54] FREE online at Vimeo

New Mexico Beer Industry
Brewers Guild of New Mexico [est. 2003]
Brewers Association of America [est. 1942]
American Homebrewers Association [est. 1978] of Boulder, Colorado has 36,000 members

Albuquerque [NM] Beer Week [May-June 2017 = #7]
Albuquerque [NM] Blues & Brews [April 2011]
Blazin' Brewfest [May 2014 = #2] in Las Cruces, New Mexico
New Mexico Brew Fest & Music Showcase [Oct 2013 = #4] at Expo New Mexico in Albuquerque

New Mexico Beer History book by Jon C. Stott  "New Mexico Beer: A History of Brewing
In The Land of Enchantment" [2014]
by Jon C. Stott

The History Press 9x6 pb [4/2014] for $15.72

A magazine article in July 2013 cited 23 brewpubs in New Mexico, with nine in the Albuquerque area – twenty-six were listed here.
The first plan was to duplicate each active brewpub here and for each city/neighborhood of its primary location.
The second plan became a separate NM Beer Industry Page, so detail from here was cut in Spring 2018.

  G.E. Nordell's Albuquerque [NM] Food & Beverage Page

Spirit of America Bookstore's
American Beer, Wine & Booze Page

New Mexico Food & Beverage Industry
New Mexico Restaurants Assn. [est. 1946]
Southwest Restaurants Assn.
New Mexico Restaurant Week [different cities in Feb & March; est. 2010]
Blake's Lotaburger Drive-Ins [est. 1952] 76 locations in New Mexico
Bob's Burger's chain - 8 locations in New Mexico
Charley's Grilled Subs & Philly Cheesesteak [chain est. 1986] - 2 locations in New Mexico
Dion's Pizza [est. 1978] - 11 locations in New Mexico
Garduño's of Mexico Restaurant & Cantina & Chile Packing Company [est. 1969] - 6 locations
Schlotzky's Deli [est. 1971] · 9 locations in New Mexico
Señor Murphy Candymaker - 5 retail locations in New Mexico
Twisters Grill [est. 1997] - 15 locations in New Mexico
award-winning smoked meats, choice of 7 sauces, open 7 days  Whole Hog Café BBQ in Santa Fe & Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque Food & Beverage Page
Santa Fe Food & Beverage Page

New Mexico Authors, Publishers & Bookstores
G.E. Nordell's New Mexico Authors Page
NewPages.com's Directory of Independent Bookstores for New Mexico
Border Book Festival [April 2007 = #13] in Mesilla, NM
Chama [NM] Book Festival Weekend [June 2007 = #3]
Land of Enchantment [Children's] Book Award
New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards [est. 2006]
New Mexico Book Co-op
P.E.N. New Mexico [est. 1992]
Sisters in Crime - New Mexico Chapter
Southwest Writers

New Mexico Book Assn. [est. 1994]

New Mexico Bed & Breakfast Assn.
New Mexico Hotel & Motel Assn.
Heritage Hotels of New Mexico
New Mexico members of the Dude Ranchers Assn.
directory of New Mexico dude ranches

Rick Walker's New Mexico Route 66 Research Page
Route 66 Pages at Spirit of America Bookstore

New Mexico Print Media
G.E. Nordell's New Mexico Print Media Action Links Page
free Prime Time Monthly newspaper for seniors
free Green Fire Times [est. 5/2009] monthly newspaper
New Mexico Trails West magazine [est. 3/2006]
'Heath Haussamen on New Mexico Politics' blog [est. 3/2006]
Natural Awakenings Magazine of New Mexico [est. 2005] based in Albuquerque
New Mexico Woman Magazine [est. 1988]
El Hispano News - Official Spanish Newspaper of the State of New Mexico
Dr. Jose Garcia's Southern New Mexico blog, La Politica
New Mexico Press Assn.
opeNMic New Mexico music magazine [est. 9/2006]
Around 505 Magazine [est. 1997]
free New Mexico Kids bimonthly magazine
La Cocinita Magazine 'New Mexico's Premier Food, Arts & Lifestyle Magazine' redirects to Alibi / Food (2015)
New Mexico Free Press weekly paper [est. 2008] based in Santa Fe, NM
New Mexico Matters blogsite
Horsemen's Magazine [est. 1982] of New Mexico
Rio Grande Family - free digital & paper magazine [est. 2008]

New Mexico Mercury [2012-2015]        weekly Santa Fe [NM] Reporter newspaper [est. 1974]

New Mexico Magazine [est. 1923]
New Mexico

12 issues/year for $25.95

magazine website

Santa Fean Magazine
Santa Fean

6 issues/year for $14.95

magazine website

Chile Pepper Magazine [est. 1987]: The Zesty Life
Chile Pepper

6 issues/year for $24.95

magazine website

New Mexico Vacation Guide
New Mexico
Vacation Guide

obtain your copy from New Mexico Tourism Department’s website:
request paper by mail
or read online or
download for PDAs

Albuquerque: The Magazine [est. 2004]
Albuquerque: The Magazine

Albuquerque: The Magazine
entry at Wikipedia

Reading Material about New Mexico
This section kept getting bigger, and was cut to its own page in mid-2013.

Reading Material About New Mexico Page

A Few Important People
New Mexico Political Links Page

Governor Susana Martinez [G.O.P.; sworn January 2011]: official webpage
evidence concerning Gov. Martinez's voter fraud incident

Mother Jones Magazine April 2014 exposé "Is New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez The Next Sarah Palin?" by Andy Kroll
magazine article online at Mother Jones
TV news story on "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell" that airs the audio clips

By mid-2014, Gov. Martinez decided to run on her record of accomplishments and to lie about Gary King's accomplishments as State Attorney General;
but Martinez is leaving out her biggest accomplishments: In 40-plus months, the Martinez Administration and Republicans in the Legistature have:
—  created zero new jobs for New Mexico, indeed the state lost almost 6,000 jobs within the last year;
—  placed New Mexico second in the nation for teen pregnancy;
—  placed New Mexico 50th in the nation for well being of children;
—  and placed New Mexico first in the nation for child hunger and second for adult hunger.
By early 2015, the Martinez Administration caused:
—  New Mexico ranks 49th in the nation in overall education;
—  New Mexico ranks 49th in the nation in the percentage of children living in poverty;
—  more children go to bed hungry in New Mexico than in any other state.

New Mexico was rated #4 in veteran suicides in January 2017.
10/2017: New Mexico ranks 10th highest for the rate of women killed by men.
12/2017: Thanks to Gov. Martinez and her policies, New Mexico is next-to-last in high school graduations at 71% versus national average of 84% with Iowa tops at 93.1%.
Then in 2018, New Mexico was listed as:
—  36th in the nation for Health of Women and Children (America’s Health Rankings); and
—  having the 7th highest number of gun deaths per capita.
—  March: New Mexico ranks among the worst ten states for gun safety, receiving an 'F' grade.
—  April: New Mexico ranks last of 49 for economic health, in a study aimed at millennials by Wallethub.

NM Attorney General Gary K. King [2006-2014; Dem] won the June 3rd primary election to run for NM Governor in 2014
Attorney General Gary K. King for Governor of New Mexico in 2014

Lt. Gov. John Sanchez [G.O.P.; sworn January 2011]: official webpage

San Felipe Pueblo member Debra Haaland ran unopposed in the 2014 Democratic primary for Lt. Governor of New Mexico
Democratic primary candidate Debra Haaland for Lt. Governor of New Mexico in 2014

former Governor Bill Richardson [Dem; 2003-2010]
2005 autobiographyIan's Bill Richardson blogofficial website

former Lt. Gov. Diane Denish [Dem; 2003-2010]: official website

State Auditor Hector Balderas [Dem 2007-2014] is running for NM Attorney General in 2014          businessman Tim Eichenberg [Dem] is running for State Treasurer in 2014          State Sen. Tim Keller [Dem NMSD 17 since 2008] is running for State Auditor in 2014

Bernalillo County Clerk Maggie Toulouse Oliver [2007-2014; Dem] is running for New Mexico Secretary of State in 2014          attorney John Wertheim [Dem] is running for State Treasurer in 2014

bright yellow New Mexico for Bernie Sanders logo
Santa Fe [NM] for Bernie Sanders grassroots website [est. 2015]

U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich [since 2013; Dem]
official webpagecampaign websiteentry at Wikipedia
Martin Heinrich for U.S. Senate bumper sticker

former U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman [1983-2012; Dem]
entry at WikipediaFacebook page

U.S. Senator Tom Udall [since 2009; Dem] is up for re-election in 2014
official webpageentry at Wikipediacampaign website
Tom Udall U.S. Senator for New Mexico bumper sticker

U.S. Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham [since 2013; Dem], N.M. 1st District
official websitecampaign websiteentry at Wikipedia

former U.S. Congressman Martin Heinrich [N.M. 1st District 2009-2012; Dem]
Martin Heinrich won election to the open New Mexico U.S. Senate seat and was sworn in January 2013

U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce [2003-2008, re-elected 2011; GOP], N.M. 2nd District
Pearce's support base includes oil industry polluters, religious/racist bigots, and TEA Party wingnuts.
official website

meathead Steve Pearce has aligned himself with the anti-gay, anti-women, anti-minority
Awakening USA [April 2013 = #3] program of evangelical Liberty University.

U.S. Congress N.M. 2nd District 2016 Democratic candidate Merrie Lee Soules campaign website

U.S. Congressman Ben Ray Luján [since 2009; Dem], N.M. 3rd District
official websitecampaign websiteentry at Wikipedia
U.S. Congress N.M. 3rd District Democratic incumbent Ben Ray Luján campaign website
appointed Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee [] in November 2014

New Mexico Legislature website
New Mexico House of Representatives Leaders
New Mexico Senate Leaders

New Mexico Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

State Commissioner of Public Lands Ray Powell [Dem 2010 up for re-election in 2014
Lemuel L. Martinez, 13th N.M. Judicial District Attorney [sworn 2000]
Richard J. Berry, Mayor of Albuquerque, NM [sworn Dec 2009] up for re-election in 2014

Historical Figures
Interesting and colorful historical figures abound in New Mexico, from lawman Elfego Baca to scout 'Kit' Carson to
outlaws Billy The Kid and 'Black Jack' Ketchum to rocket pioneer Robert Goddard and artists Georgia O'Keeffe and
R.C. Gorman — these and others were cut to a Historical Figures of New Mexico Page in late 2012.

New Mexico Authors Page    •    New Mexico Artists Page


real-life New Mexico lawman Elfego Baca [1865-1945] Page
at 'Readers of The Purple Sage' Western Bookstore

Billy the Kid [1860-81] Page
at 'Readers of The Purple Sage' Western Bookstore

Christopher 'Kit' Carson [1809-68] Page
at 'Readers of The Purple Sage' Western Bookstore

Maynard Dixon [1875-1946] Art Page
at Spirit of America Bookstore

Mabel Dodge Luhan [1879-1962] Page
at Spirit of America Bookstore

Charles Fletcher Lummis [1859-1928] Page
at Spirit of America Bookstore

Georgia O'Keeffe [1887-1986] Art Pages
at Spirit of America Bookstore

Authors & Artists & Scientists & Others

New Mexico Authors Page

New Mexico Artists Page

historic Taos [NM] Art Colony [est. 1898]

New Mexico Artists website


actor-author Alan Arkin of Santa Fe, NM
browse booksbrowse DVDsIMDb listingcredits on BroadwayWikipedia

An Improvised Life memoir by Alan Arkin  
"An Improvised Life: A Memoir" [2011]
by Alan Arkin

Kindle Edition from Da Capo Press [3/2011] for $9.99
Da Capo Press 8x5½ pb [3/2011] for $11.80

crime reporter John Bear
9/2012 contacts: via emailat the Alamagordo News


actor Paul Brinegar  [1917-95] /nm0109495/
born in Tucumcari, NM; he was perhaps most famous for his role on the "Rawhide" TV series [1959-65]


musician & author AnnaMaria Cardinalli
many CDs of opera singing & guitar, several books


jazz singer Linda Cotton [1951-2006]


physicist Dr. George A. Cowan [b. 1920] of Santa Fe, NM

co-founder of The Santa Fe Institute in 1984
L.A.N.L. bio page

Manhattan Project To The Santa Fe Institute memoirs by George A. Cowan  
"Manhattan Project To The Santa Fe Institute: The Memoirs
of George A. Cowan" [2010]

Univ New Mexico Press 9¼x6¼ hardcover [2/2010] for $18.45

playwright [Ms.] Dale Dunn of Santa Fe, NM


Richard 'Bug Man' Fagerlund of Veguita, New Mexico
'Ask The Bugman' websiteBugman's Bug Club [new 2013]Richard Fagerlund Page at Amazon


The Fireballs rock band [est. 1958]
recorded at petty Studios in Clovis, NM; leader George Tomsco, Stan Lark
'Fireballs' Music & MP3 Store at AmazonWikipedia


eco-activist Dave Foreman of Albuquerque, NM
co-founder of Earth First! [est. 1979]
co-founder of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance [est. 1997]
co-founder of The Rewilding Institute [est. 2003] in Albuquerque, NM

Rewilding North America book by Dave Foreman  
"Rewilding North America: A Vision For Conservation
In The 21st Century" [2004] by Dave Foreman

Island Press 9x6 pb [7/2004] for $23.96
Island Press 9x6¼ hardcover [7/2004] for $50.00

physicist Murray Gell-Mann of Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe Institute [est. 1984]1969 Nobel Prize


entertainer Roberto Griego of Albuquerque, NM


teacher & poet Katrina K. Guarascio
martyred by censors at Rio Rancho Cleveland High School in 2014
browse books at AmazonFacebook


filmmaker Chris Kientz of Las Cruces, NM: credits at IMDb


actor Val Kilmer formerly of San Miguel County, NM
credits at IMDbWikipedia
Kilmer sold his Pecos River Ranch in September 2011 to a Texas oilman for a reported $18M


poet & radio host Don McIver of Albuquerque, NM: books


musician Robert Mirabal of Taos Pueblo, NM
Mud Ponies band recordingsflutes website


New Mexico political blogger Joe Monahan [since 2003]


actress Demi Moore was born in Roswell, New Mexico in 1962


G.E. Nordell
of Rio Communities, NM
official websitephilosophy/activism websitesweblog {est. 10/2005}
detective novels"Hollywood Tales" book"Working Minds" Source Document


politician & columnist Gerald P. 'Jerry' Ortiz y Pino of Albuquerque, NM
State Senate homepageWikipedia


poet & journalist V.B. Price of Albuquerque, NM
official websiteentry at Wikipedia

Mercury Messenger of New Mexico [est. 1/2017]


Architecture of Bart Prince    architect Barton Bradford Prince of Albuquerque, NM
official Bart Prince, Architect website

"The Architecture of Bart Prince: A Pragmatics of Place" [1999]
by Christopher Curtis Mead

W.W. Norton 10¼x8 hardcover [5/99] for $40.80


Red Wine Band [est. 1982] is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Roxanne Rivera-Wiest of Santa Fe, NM
President, Association of Builders & Contractors of New Mexico

There's No Crying In Business book by Roxanne Rivera  "There's No Crying In Business: How Women Can
Succeed In Male-Dominated Industries" [2009]
by Roxanne Rivera

Palgrave Macmillan 9¼x6¼ hardcover [12/2009] for $28.76
official booksite

Dr. Florentin Smarandache of Gallup, NM
browse booksUNM Gallup faculty homepageWikipedia


Tina Smith of Minnesota
born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1959; moved to Minnesota in the 1980s
Gov. Mark Dayton's chief of staff, 2011-2015; Lt. Governor 2015-2017; appointed U.S. Senator 12/2017 to replace Al Franken
official website? • campaign website? • Wikipedia


actress Kim Stanley [1925-2001] of Tularosa & Santa Fe, NM
2006 bioauthor booksiteWikipedia


actress Rachel Ticotin of Albuquerque, NM
browse Rachel Ticotin on DVDIMDb listingWikipedia

political cartoonist John Trever
Albuquerque Journal homepagebook

Last Cowboy / Leroy Webb  
"The Last Cowboy: The Personal Story of A Vanishing
Cowboy, Leroy Webb" [2002]
by Davis L. Ford

Eakin Press 10½x7¼ hardcover [10/2002] for $32.95

attorney & activist Michael L. 'Mikey' Weinstein of Albuquerque, NM
official websiteIMDb listingWikipedia

With God On Our Side book by Michael Weinstein & Davin Seay  "With God On Our Side: One Man's War Against An Evangelical Coup In America's Military" [2006]
by Michael L. Weinstein & Davin Seay

St. Martin's Griffin 9x6 pb [2/2008] for $14.03
Thomas Dunne Books 9¼x5½ hardcover [10/2006] out of print/many used
book entry at Wikipedia
"With God On Our Side" [video release June 2007]
6-minute short film adapted & directed by Justin Guerrieri • full credits at IMDb
No Snowflake in an Avalanche book by Michael L. Weinstein & Davin Seay  
"No Snowflake In An Avalanche" [2012]
by Michael L. Weinstein & Davin Seay

Roundtree Press pb [1/2012] for $14.78

biophysicist Geoffrey West of Los Alamos, NM
Physics Central bio pageWikipedia

listed among Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People [May 2006]
Santa Fe Institute [est. 1984]

Valencia County, New Mexico
Starting with my move to the Belén, New Mexico area in 2005, I have collected info & links
and placed them on a separate page, along with links for neighboring towns, including
Bosque Farms, Isleta Pueblo, Los Lunas, Valencia, Tomé-Adelino, Rio Communities & Peralta.
click here

Albuquerque, New Mexico area
Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico, with metro area population roughly 500,000
The links for City of Albuquerque & Bernalillo County are now on a separate page.
click here

Bernalillo CountyAlbuquerque City LinksSmaller Towns Nearby
NE AlbuquerqueNW AlbuquerqueCentral AlbuquerqueSW AlbuquerqueSE Albuquerque

browse travel books about Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico Food & Beverage Page

Las Cruces, New Mexico area
Las Cruces is the second-largest city in New Mexico, with metro area population roughly 100,000
The links for Las Cruces & Old Mesilla, New Mexico are on the Southwest New Mexico Page

Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Rio Rancho is the third-largest city in New Mexico, population roughly 82,000
click here

Santa Fe, New Mexico area
Santa Fe is the fourth-largest city in New Mexico, population roughly 75,000
The links for City & County of Santa Fe (and nearby small towns) are on a separate page.
click here

Santa Fe 400th Anniversary - Commemorating 400 years of culture, 1610 to 2010 - website shut down

browse travel books about Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico Food & Beverage Links

Taos, New Mexico area
The links for City & County of Taos, New Mexico are on the Northeast New Mexico Page

Counties & Towns of New Mexico

New Mexico has lovely towns so small
that there is no gas station or C-store.

The Border Counties
On Friday 12 August 2005, Gov. Bill Richardson declared an emergency in four counties along the border with Mexico, releasing funds to combat increased crime in the area. The counties are Doña Ana, Luna, Grant & Hidalgo, a stretch of 180 miles between Texas and Arizona. [The following Monday, Arizona's Governor Janet Napolitano did the same.]
New Mexico Office of Homeland Security [est. March 2003]

Southern New Mexico
Southern New Mexico Travel & Tourism
Old West Country {Southwest NM}
Geronimo Scenic Trail in Southwest New Mexico

Southwest New Mexico is split to another page {12/2005}
and includes Hidalgo County [Lordsburg], Grant County [Silver City], Catron County,
Sierra County [Truth or Consequences], Luna County [Deming], and Doña Ana County & Las Cruces/Mesilla

click here

Southeast New Mexico is split to another page {12/2005}
and includes Roosevelt County, Otero County [Alamogordo],
Chaves County [Roswell], Eddy County [Carlsbad], and Lea County [Hobbs]

click here

Northern New Mexico
Northeast New Mexico Visitor's Guide
NE New Mexico Route 66 Tour

Northwest New Mexico is split to another page {12/2005}
and includes Sandoval County [Bernalillo], McKinley County [Gallup], Los Alamos,
San Juan County [Farmington & Bloomfield], and Rio Arriba County

click here

Northeast New Mexico is split to another page {12/2005}
and includes Taos County, San Miguel County [Las Vegas], Colfax County [Raton],
Mora County, Union County & Harding County

click here

Santa Fe, New Mexico Travel & Business Links Page
Santa Fe, New Mexico Food & Beverage Links Page

Central New Mexico

Central New Mexico is also split to another page {12/2006}
and includes Cibola County [Grants], Valencia County, Torrance County,
Guadalupe County [Santa Rosa], Socorro County, Lincoln County [Ruidoso],
and Quay County [Tucamcari], Curry County [Clovis] & DeBaca County

click here

Natural Burial New Mexico [] at the Valencia-Socorro County border

Railroads of New Mexico
listing of surviving steam locomotives in New Mexico
'list of New Mexico railroads' page at Wikipedia
TrainWeb / Tourist Railways / New Mexico website got hacked {2017}

New Mexico Travel / Railroads Page

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad [est. 1970] in New Mexico & Colorado

Indian Country of New Mexico
Indian Country website
Council of Indian Nations
National Indian Youth Council [est. 1961] of Albuquerque, New Mexico
New Mexico All-Indian Pueblo Council
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in NW Albuquerque, New Mexico
monthly Rez Biz Magazine of Gallup, New Mexico
First Nations Community HealthSource [est. 1972] in Albuquerque, NM

Gathering of Nations Powwow [April 2016 = #33] in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Eight Northern Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show [July 2006 = #35]
Pueblo Independence Day in commemoration of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt [Aug 2015 = #12] at Jémez Pueblo
Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial [Aug 2012 = #91] in Gallup, New Mexico

Pueblo of Acoma [circa 1150] in New Mexico {dead site 8/2005}
13 families live atop mesa, 4,800 tribal members live below over the 700-square-mile reservation
Sky City Cultural Center & Haak'u Museum [opening in 2006]

Acoma: Pueblo in the Sky  
"Acoma: Pueblo in the Sky" [1991]
by Ward Alan Minge

Univ NM Press 10x7¾ pb [11/91] out of print/many used

Cochiti Pueblo [est. circa 1250 AD] in New Mexico
The Pueblo of Isleta Tuei [est. circa 1300 AD] in New Mexico
Isleta Lakes Recreation Area
Pueblo of Jémez in New Mexico
Jémez Pueblo Historic Site [designated 2012]
Jémez Pueblo [NM] portal

Pueblo of Laguna in New Mexico
historic Bibo Bar and Grille [est. 1913 as trading post] in Paguate (Laguna Pueblo), New Mexico {website broken 2017}

Laguna Pueblo Photographic History book by Lee Marmon & Tom Corbett  "Laguna Pueblo: A Photographic History" [2015]  2/2015
by Lee Marmon & Tom Corbett

Kindle Edition from Univ New Mexico Press [2/2015] for $39.95
Univ New Mexico Press 10¼x8¾ hardcover [2/2015] for $29.74

Pueblo of Nambé in New Mexico
The Nambé Shop
Pueblo of Picuris in New Mexico
Pojoaque Pueblo in New Mexico {390 members}
Poeh Museum [est. 1991] of the Pojoaque Pueblo
San Felipe Pueblo [est. 1706], New Mexico 87001
San Felipe Pueblo Travel Center just off I-25
San Ildefonso Pueblo in New Mexico
Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo {formerly Pueblo of San Juan} in New Mexico
Sandia Pueblo in New Mexico
Bien Mur Trading Post on the Sandia Reservation
The Pueblo of Santa Ana in New Mexico
Santa Clara Pueblo [est. circa 1550 AD; incorp. 1935] in New Mexico
Pueblo of Santo Domingo in New Mexico
Pueblo of Taos in New Mexico
Taos Pueblo Pow Wow [July 2012 = #27]
Pueblo of Tesuque [founded 1680 AD] in New Mexico
Zia Pueblo in New Mexico

Pueblo of Zuni {aka Halonna:wa} in New Mexico
reservation est. 1877; current population 11,000
Pueblo of Zuni Tourism Dept.
Pueblo of Zuni Arts  { site down? 7/2006 }
The Inn at Halona B&B [built 1940; opened 1998] in Zuni, NM
Hawikku Ruins on the Zuni Reservation in New Mexico

Jicarilla Apache Nation in New Mexico [reservation est. 1887]

Jicarilla Apache Portrait  "The Jicarilla Apache: A Portrait" [2006]
by Veronica E. Velarde Tiller, photography by Nancy Hunter Warren

Univ NM Press 10x8 pb [10/2006] for $19.77
Univ NM Press 10¼x8¼ hardcover [10/2006] for $29.70
"The Jicarilla Apache Tribe: A History" [1992]
by Veronica E. Velarde Tiller

BowArrow Publng 9x6 pb [1/2001] for $24.95

Mescalero Apache Reservation in New Mexico

Navajo Reservation [est. 1868] in Arizona, Utah (6.95%) & New Mexico
Navajo Nation [est. 1957] official website
Navajo Nation entry at Wikipedia
Navajo Business website
Navajo Nation Shopping Centers

Tiller's Guide To Indian Country  "Tiller's Guide To Indian Country: Economic Profiles of
American Indian Reservations" [1996]
Compiled by Veronica E. Velarde Tiller

BowArrow Publng 11x9 hardcover [1/2006] out of print/used
BowArrow Publng 11½x9 hardcover [8/96] out of print/used
author's website
Indians of the Southwest  "Indians of the Southwest" [1997]
by Karin Luisa Badt

Discovery Enterprises 7¾x5½ pb [3/97] out of print/used
Dancing Gods / Indian Ceremonials  "Dancing Gods: Indian Ceremonials of New Mexico & Arizona"
[1966 classic] by Erna Fergusson; Foreward by Tony Hillerman

"Still the best of all books about the Indian ceremonials of New Mexico and
Arizona . . . perceptive and simple, reverent and lucid."
— Lawrence Clark Powell, Southwest Classics [1974]
Univ NM Press 9¼x6 pb [4/2001] for $10.17
Pueblos of the Rio Grande   "Pueblos of The Rio Grande: A Visitor's Guide" [2002]
by Daniel Gibson

Rio Nuevo Publrs 10x7 pb [1/2002] for $10.85
Pueblo Indians of New Mexico Postcard History book by Paul & Kathleen Nickens  "Pueblo Indians of New Mexico (Postcard History Series)" [2008]
by Paul & Kathleen Nickens

Arcadia Publng 9x6¼ pb [2/2008] for $17.15
Anasazi Ruin novel by Jon Hovis  "Anasazi Ruin" [2012] by Jon Hovis
Set among the Chaco Canyon anasazi (ancient people) civilization in northwest
New Mexico, circa 1100 CE; a boy grows to manhood as the Chaco culture
collapses around him.

Kindle Edition from Casa de Snapdragon [2/2013] for $5.99
Casa de Snapdragon, LLC 9x6 pb [11/2012] for $12.56
Pueblo Indian Land in New Mexico book by Ebright, Hendricks & Hughes  "Four Square Leagues: Pueblo Indian Land In New Mexico" [2014]
by Malcolm Ebright, Rick Hendricks & Richard W. Hughes

"This long-awaited book is the most detailed and up-to-date account of the
complex history of Pueblo Indian land in New Mexico"

Univ New Mexico Press 9x6 hardcover [7/2014] for $58.50

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