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NOTE to French-speaking citizens of Canada: This page is constructed in English only,
since the builder is a citizen of the United States, and English is the only language
that he speaks fluently, or even can pronounce properly. No offense intended.

Books  on  Canadian  Cinema

Movie Years / Trenton, Ontario book by Peggy Dymond Leavey  "Movie Years: A Nostalgic Remembrance of Canada's Film-Making Capital, Trenton, Ontario, 1917-1934" [1989]
by Peggy Dymond Leavey

Mika Publng Co. pb [11/89] out of print/used
Canadians In Early Hollywood book by Charles Foster  "Stardust and Shadows: Canadians In Early Hollywood" [2000]
by Charles Foster

The stories of eighteen Canadians who were celebrities during Hollywood’s formative years: Al & Charles Christie, Joe & Sam De Grasse, Marie Dressler, Allan Dwan, May Irwin, Florence La Badie, Florence Lawrence, Del Lord, Louis B. Mayer, Sidney Olcott, Jack Pickford, Mary Pickford, Marie Prevost, Mack Sennett, Douglas Shearer & Norma Shearer
Dundurn Press 9¼x6½ hardcover [9/2000] for $15.59
Guide to the Cinema/s of Canada  
"Guide To The Cinema(s) of Canada" [2001]
Edited by Peter Harry Rist

Greenwood Press 9¼x6½ hardcover [7/2001] for $107.95 [sic]
Canadian National Cinema  "Canadian National Cinema" [2002]
by Christopher E. Gittings

Routledge 9¼x6¼ pb [1/2002] for $30.95
Routledge 9¾x6 hardcover [1/2002] for $125.00 [sic]
North of Everything / English-Canadian Cinema  "North of Everything: English-Canadian Cinema Since 1980" [2002]
Edited by William Beard & Jerry White

Univ Alberta Press 10x6¾ pb [6/2002] for $49.95
Univ Alberta Press 10x5¾ hardcover [6/2002] for $75.00
100 Years of Canadian Cinema  "One Hundred Years of Canadian Cinema" [2004]
by George Melnyk

Univ Toronto Press 9x6 pb [9/2004] for $35.00
Univ Toronto Press 9¼x6¼ hardcover [9/2004] for $70.00
Cinema of Canada  "The Cinema of Canada (24 Frames Series)" [2006]
Edited by Jerry White

Wallflower Press 9x7¾ pb [6/2006] for $25.00
Wallflower Press 9¾x8 hardcover [6/2006] for $75.00
Toronto on Film book by Geoff Pevere  "Toronto on Film" [2007] by Geoff Pevere
contributors include Piers Handing (of Toronto's International Film Festival), Matthew Hays, Wyndham Wise, Brenda Longfellow, Steve Gravestock & Justin D. Edwards (of Toronto's International Film Festival)
Indiana Univ Press 8x5¾ pb [2/2007] for $14.00
Canadian Animation book by Chris Robinson  "Canadian Animation: Looking For A Place To Happen" [2008]
by Chris Robinson

Indiana Univ Press 9x6 pb [12/2008] for $27.95

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Filmmakers  of  Canada

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NOTE: Oscar Awards for Best Foreign Language Film are not attributed
by A.M.P.A.S. or IMDb to the director or producer, but to the country of origin.

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Denys  Arcand  [Canada/Quebec]
IMDb listingWikipedia

Denys Arcand bio page at Canadian Film Encyclopedia

    impressionist animator  
Frédéric Back  [b. 1924]

credits at IMDbWikipedia

Canadian writer-director Anne Émond
credits at IMDbWikipedia

Atom Egoyan
IMDb listingofficial websiteWikipedia

Claude Jutra  [1930-86]
IMDb listingWikipedia

Allan King  [1930-2009]
IMDb listingproduction companyWikipedia

actor-director-writer  Robert  Lepage  [Canada/Quebec]
IMDb listingofficial websiteWikipedia

Ex Machina Theatre Company in Quebec City
La Caserne Dalhousie in Quebec City

director-producer  Ivan Reitman
Born in Slovakia in 1947, emigrated to Canada in 1950; he directed many film and TV projects in Toronto from 1970,
and is still active there; he moved his family to Hollywood in the 1980s.

Actors & Others of Canada

Foreign Actors   •   Actors of Asia   •   Actors of China   •   Actors of France
Actors of Germany   •   Actors of India   •   Actors of Italy   •   Actors of Japan
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There are many fine actresses & actors of Canada; however, the more successful ones attained that success
in Hollywood or New York, or in Europe. Such actors include Dan Aykroyd, John Candy [1950-94], Jim Carrey,
Michael J. Fox, Lorne Greene [1915-87], Margo Kidder, Mike Myers, Mary Pickford [1892-1979] & her brother
Jack Pickford [1895-1933], Keanu Reeves, Mack Sennett [1880-1960], Norma Shearer [1902-83] & Martin Short

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Genevieve Bujold

®            ®

Amy Matysio
stage & film actress, award-winning improv comedian, and stunt person - lately based in Toronto
official websitecredits at IMDb
member of General Fools Improv Theatre Company [est. 1997] in Regina, Saskatchewan
regular performer at Vancouver Theatre Sports League [est. 1980] in Vancouver, BC

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actress Madeleine Sherwood [b. 1922]
browse DVDsmovie credits [1953-2006]Broadway credits [1952-71]Wikipedia
on H.U.A.C.'s Hollywood Blacklist in the 1940s & 1950s

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Disney teen actor Kevin Zegers
born in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada in 1984 • movie credits at IMDb

Selected  Radio,  Movies & TV  of  Canada
{ in chronological order }

Canada's films have received 1 Best Foreign Language Oscar® win,
among 4 Best Foreign Film nominations.
list of Canada's submissions for Oscar consideration

Selected movies of:  Asia   •   China   •   France   •   Germany   •   India
Italy   •   Japan   •   Mexico   •   Russia   •   Spain

Leonard Maltin's Animation Favorites From The National Film Board of Canada on DVD  "Leonard Maltin's Animation Favorites From The National Film Board of Canada" [2001]
Nine animated shorts, including Norman McLaren's "Begone Dull Care" [1949] & Oscar-nominated "Pas de Deux"
[1968]; Jacques Drouin's "Mindscape" [1976]; John Weldon's "Log Driver's Waltz" [1979]; Cordell Barker's Oscar-nominated "The Cat Came Back" [1988]; Richard Condie's "Getting Started" [1979]; Sheldon Cohen's BAFTA-winner "The Sweater" [1980]; Caroline Leaf's Oscar-nominated "The Street" [1976]; and Marc Aubry & Michel Hébert's "Anniversary" [1989]

Image Ent. b&w/color DVD [4/2001] for $22.49

Animation Express from The National Film Board of Canada  "Animation Express" Collxn, 2004-2009 [2010]
Image Ent. widescreen color Blu-ray [6/2010] 39 films for $24.99
Image Ent. widescreen color DVD [6/2010] 26 films on 2 disks for $26.99
contains 26 animated films (13 more on the Blu-ray); all are from The National Film Board of Canada: "Come Again In Spring" [2007], "Drux Flux"
[2008], "Engine 371" [2007], "Forming Game" [2008], "Flutter" [2006], "Ha'Aki" [2008], "Here and There" [2006], "How People Got Fire" [2008], "Hungu" [2008], "Invasion of The Space Lobsters" [2005], "Land of The Heads" [2009], Oscar-nominated "Madame Tutti-Putli" [2007], "The Man Who Slept (L'Homme Qui Dort)" [2009], "The Necktie (Le Noeud Cravate)" [2008], "Paradise" [2007], "Rains (L'Ondée)" [2008], "Retouches" [2008], "Robes of War (Robe de Guerre)" [2009], "Rosa Rosa" [2008], "Runaway" [2009], "Sainte Barbe" [2007], "Sleeping Betty" [2007], "Spare Change"
[2008], "The Spine" [2009], "Subservience" [2007], and "Vive la Rose" [2009]; 13 additional shorts on the Blu-ray disk including two Oscar© winners: "At Home With Mrs. Hen" [2006], "Cot Cot" [2007], Genie- & Oscar-winning "The Danish Poet" [2006], "Nightmare At School" [2007], "Peggie Baker Four Phrases" [2009], "Pimp My Boat (Pimp ma botte)" [2005], "The Real Place" [2009], "Roots" [undated], Oscar-winning "Ryan" [2004], "Stationery" [2005], "Terra" [2005], "The True Story of Sawney Beane" [2005], and "Uncle Bob's Hospital Visit" [2008]

"Nanook of The North"  [Pathé June 1922 silent]
Written & directed by Robert J. Flaherty
full credits from IMDb; listed on National Film Registry (1989)

"Jaws of Justice"  [Principal Pictures Corp. Dec 1933]
yellow poster for 1933 'Jaws of Justice'  Filmed at Lake Tahoe, California; an old prospector finds his long-sought treasure but then is murdered; Mountie Sergeant Kincaid and the miner's daughter's dog discover a cryptic map, which solves the case; upon discovery, the villain decides to blow up the dam above the town to cover his escape . . .
Co-produced by Spencer Gordon Bennet, Jack King & Sol Lesser; directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet; written by Joseph Anthony Roach; starring Jack Perrin, Robert Walker, Ruth Sullivan, Lafe McKee, Lightnin' Teddy, Gene Toler, Kazan the Wonder Dog & Starlight the Horse
Alpha Home Ent. b&w DVD [6/2010] for $5.72
full credits at IMDb

"Challenge of The Yukon" aka "Sergeant Preston of The Yukon"
radio program [Feb 1938 - June 1955]
"Challenge of The Yukon" was a radio series that began on Detroit's station WXYZ (home of "The Lone Ranger" and "The Green Hornet"); the program debuted in a 15-minute format on 3 February 1938; the local program ended 28 May 1947. Quaker Oats signed on as sponsor, and a half-hour A.B.C. radio network program began 12 June 1947, ending 30 December 1949. The program moved to the Mutual Broadcasting System on 2 January 1950; the title was changed to "Sergeant Preston of The Yukon" in November 1951; the radio series ended on 9 June 1955.
"Challenge of The Yukon" entry at Wikipedia

"Sergeant Preston of The Yukon"
CBS-TV series [Sept 1955 - Sept 1958]
Sergeant Preston of The Yukon TV series (season 1)  78-episode color network television series about Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant William Preston – with his dog Yukon King and his horse Rex – tracking crooks thru the often snow-bound north country of Canada; location filming at Big Bear Lake, east of Los Angeles, California and at Ashcroft, Colorado Series written & supervised by George W. Trendle & Fran Striker; narrated by Vic Perrin & Gayne Whitman; starring Richard 'Dick' Simmons [1913-2003]
full credits at IMDbseries entry at Wikipedia
Season 1: Falcon Picture Group color DVD [3/2009] 33 episodes on 5 disks for $22.99
Season 2: Falcon Picture Group color DVD [6/2009] 23 episodes on 4 disks for $24.99
Season 3: Critic's Choice color DVD [3/2008] 22 episodes on 4 disks - out of prodn/scarce
ten-episode collection packaged in a tin can [2006]
Timeless Media Group color DVD [6/2009] 10 episodes on 2 disks for $7.49

"The Royal Mounted Rides Again" 13-chapter serial
[Universal Pictures Oct 1945]
The Royal Mounted Rides Again 13-chapter serial  Filmed in Big Bear Valley, California; when a mill owner is found murdered, suspicion falls on a mine owner, whose son is a Canadian Mountie. Chapter Titles: 1. Canaska Gold; 2. The Avalanche Trap; 3. River On Fire; 4. Skyline Target; 5. Murder Toboggan; 6. Ore Car Accident; 7. Buckboard Runaway; 8. Thundering Water; 9. Dead Men For Decoys; 10. Derringer Death; 11. Bight Trail Danger; 12. $20 Doubloons; and 13. Flaming Showdown Directed by Lewis D. Collins & Ray Taylor; starring Bill Kennedy, Daun Kennedy, Milburn Stone, George Dolenz, Robert Armstrong, Tom Fadden, Paul E. Burns, Danny Morton & Addison Richards
V.C.I. Video b&w DVD [5/2007] new & used via third-party vendors
full credits at IMDbserial entry at Wikipedia

"Northwest Trail" [Nov 1945] starring Bob Steele {as RCMP officer} /tt0037949/

"Saskatchewan" [Universal Pictures March 1954]
U.K. title "O'Rourke of The Royal Mounted"
Filmed at Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada in Technicolor™; directed by Raoul Walsh

"The Canadians" feature film [Associated Producers/Fox March 1961]
poster for 'The Canadians' 1961 Western feature film  Native Americans move north across the border seeking peace; Canada allows them to stay, but Indian fighters from the U.S. attack their camp; Canada forms the North-West Mounted Police to stop the fighting. Location filming in Saskatchewan, Canada; in CinemaScope™. Written & directed by Burt Kennedy; starring Robert Ryan, John Dehner, Torin Thatcher, Burt Metcalfe, John Sutton, Jack Creley, Scott Peters, Richard Alden, Teresa Stratas & Michael Pate
VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDb

"Mon Oncle Antoine" smash [Canada 1971] by Claude Jutra

"Kamouraska" [1973] by Claude Jutra with Genevieve Bujold

"Pandemonium" [United Artists 1982] /tt0084464/
starring Tommy Smothers as a Canadian Mountie & Paul Rubens as his sidekick

"Canadian Bacon" comedy feature film [Dog Eat Dog/Maverick Sept 1995]
co-produced, written & directed by Michael Moore, starring John Candy, Alan Alda, James Belushi & Rhea Perlman

"The Tournament" mockumentary TV series [CBC-TV 2005-2006]
'The Tournament' CBC-TV mockumentary series  17-episode half-hour mockumentary TV series filmed in Montréal, Québec, Canada; tagline "The game. The dream. The parents from hell" A hockey-crazed father stops at nothing to get his 10-year-old son into a local hockey tournament, causing run-ins with his wife, the coach, his boss, the sponsors, and other teammates - foul-mouthed girl goalee Denim and East Indian player Kumar, who everyone calls K-Mart. Created & co-produced by Howard Busgang & Marty Putz; starring Alain Goulem, Martin Huisman, Paula Boudreau, France Viens, Ryan Tilson, Emily Tilson, Cas Anvar, Christian Potenza, Ari Cohen, Louis Philippe Dandenault, Kate Greenhouse, Deb Pishatelli, Tracey Hoyt, Richard Jutras, Annie Bovaird, Michael Shankar, Tony Dicapua Jr., Jean-Robert Bourdage, Stéphane Byl, Joey Elias, David Gale, Garth Gilker, Dean McDermott, Amanda Tilson & Vlasta Vrana
Video Service Corp. color DVD [1/2007] 2 disks for $14.29
full credits at IMDbseries entry at Wikipedia

"My Winnipeg" [2007] /tt1093842/

"People of A Feather"
[festival circuit 2011, First Run Features USA Nov 2013]
People of A Feather about Inuit survival in Canada's Hudson Bay  Filmed over seven winters in Canada's Arctic regions; both the eider duck and the Inuit people are protected by the down of the bird, but development of hydroelectric dams to power New York is messing with the salt water of Hudson Bay. Produced, co-written & directed by Joel Heath, with the participation of the people of Sanikiluaq; won awards at film festivals in San Francisco, Vancouver BC, Korea, New Zealand & Germany
First Run Features widescreen color DVD [2/2014] for $20.19
full credits at IMDbofficial movie sitewatch official trailer [2:28] at YouTube

"Mountain Men" comedy adventure [Canada 2014, USA Jan 2016] /tt3529664/
filmed in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada trailer [2:21]

"Missing: The Documentary" [indep Nov 2014]
watch full video [54:35] directed & narrated by Young Jibwe of Winnipeg, Canada

"Being Canadian" [indep Sept 2015]
Being Canadian 2015 docufilm  90-minute humorous documentary featuring interviews with a who's-who of famous Canadians that hopes to find the answer to the question: What does it actually mean to be Canadian? Written & directed by Robert Cohen; featuring Will Arnett, Dan Aykroyd, Kim Campbell, Kim Cattrall, Michael J. Fox, Malcolm Gladwell, Kathy Griffin, Eugene Levy, Rich Little, Howie Mandel, Alanis Morissette, Mike Myers, Conan O'Brien, Catherine O'Hara, Jason Priestley, Seth Rogen, Morley Safer, William Shatner, Cobie Smulders, Martin Short, David Steinberg, Ben Stiller, Alan Thicke, and Alex Trebek, and the bands Barenaked Ladies, Rush, and The Trailer Park Boys
full credits at IMDbofficial movie website
DVD/Blu-ray available at producer moviesite only
Amazon Instant Video [9/2015] rental $3.99, purchase $9.99
watch 7/2015 official trailer [2:09] online at YouTube

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'25 Ways to Tell That You're Canadian'

Worldwide Short Film Festival [June 2010 = #9] in Toronto, Ontario, Canada          Telefilm Canada government agency [est. 1967, renamed 1984] based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada          11-day Toronto International Film Festival [Sept 2014 = #39] at Metro Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

National Film Board of Canada aka Office National du Film du Canada     National Film Board of Canada official website
aka Office National du Film du Canada official website {en Français}
N.F.B.C.'s Get Animated! program & animated film library
N.F.B.C. Online Film Library
N.F.B.C. Online Filmmaker Profiles

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