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                             Canada-wide links
A Few Important People

Ontario + Ottawa + Toronto
Quebec +
Quebec City + Montréal
British Columbia +
Alberta / Calgary
lesser provinces

Railroads of Canada

First People of Canada

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NOTE to French-speaking citizens of Canada: This page is constructed in English only,
since the builder is a citizen of the United States, and English is the only language
that he speaks fluently, or even can pronounce properly. No offense intended.

Official Government Links & Info
Canada covers 3.85 million square miles {9.98 million square kilometers}, essentially the northern half of the continent of North America.
The term 'Canada' showed up on maps from 1545; official Confederation took place in 1867 by action of Britain's Parliament; the transition away from 'Dominion' began in 1982.

The popular name is 'The Great White North'.
The official motto of Canada is 'A Mari Usque Ad Mare' ("From Sea To Sea")
The Canadian national anthem is "O Canada" [1880 & 1908, made official 1980]
The new flag maple leaf of Canada was made official in 1965.
The maple leaf symbol dates to the early 18th Century; the maple leaf and the generic maple tree were made official emblems in 1996.
The Maple Leaf Tartan was declared an official national symbol of Canada in 2011.
The official animal of Canada is the beaver (1975).
The Canadian horse was declared Canada’s national breed in 1909 and declared an official national symbol in 2002.
There is no official flower for Canada; each province has its own official flower.
Symbolic birds of Canada are the Canada goose and the common loon; the gray jay (Perisoreus canadensis) has been nominated for official status (pending 2017).
Ice hockey is the national winter sport of Canada and lacrosse is the national summer sport of Canada (1994).

Canada celebrates Tartan Day on April 6th, Victoria Day on May 21st, Canada Day on July 1st, Canada Labour Day
on the First Monday of September, and Canada Thanksgiving on the Second Monday of October.

Canada operates on six times zones, two more than the adjacent U.S. mainland: the Pacific Time Zone includes the Yukon Territory & most of British Columbia; the Mountain Time Zone includes Alberta, Northwest Territories, western Nunavut, and small portions of British Columbia; the Central Time Zone includes Manitoba, Saskatchewan, central Nunavut, and north-western Ontario; the Eastern Time Zone includes the eastern 2/3 of Ontario, almost all of Québec, and northeastern Nunavut; the Atlantic Time Zone includes Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and the eastern tip of Québec; the Newfoundland Time Zone includes the island of Newfoundland and a small adjacent portion of Labrador.

1608 July 3: Explorer Samuel de Champlain founded the City of Québec in Canada.
1763 Feb 10: France ceded Canada to England under the Treaty of Paris, the official end of the French and Indian War.
1867 March 29: Britain's Parliament created the Dominion of Canada by passing the North America Act.
1867 July 1: Canada became a self-governing dominion as Britain's North America Act took effect.
1870 July 15: Manitoba and the Northwest Territories were added to the Confederation.
1871 July 20: British Columbia was added to the Confederation.
1873 July 1: Prince Edward Island was added to the Confederation.
1885 Nov 7: Canada's transcontinental Canadian Pacific Railway was completed at a 'last spike' ceremony
       at Craigellachie, British Columbia.
1898 June 13: Yukon Territory was split from the Northwest Territories and added to the Confederation.
1905 Sept 1: Alberta & Saskatchewan were split from the Northwest Territories and added to the Confederation.
1942 Nov 20: The then-1,700-mile-long Alaska-Canada [AlCan] Highway was officially dedicated after only eight
       months of construction; the highway opened to military traffic the next day and to civilian traffic in 1948.
       (After much improvement & realignment, the route is now fully paved for its 1,390-mile length.)
1949 March 31: The combined province of Newfoundland & Labrador was added to the Confederation.
1994 Jan 1: The North American Free Trade Agreement (N.A.F.T.A.) became effective.
1999 April 1: Nunavut was split from the Northwest Territories and added to the Confederation.

official website [merged 2013] of the Government of Canada {choose English or French}
official website for Canada Travel and Tourism
official website of Destination Canada
Canadian Tourism Commission official site
official Parks Canada website

National Film Board of Canada aka Office National du Film du Canada    National Film Board of Canada official website
aka Office National du Film du Canada official website {en Français}
N.F.B.C.'s Get Animated! program & animated film library
N.F.B.C. Online Film Library
N.F.B.C. Online Filmmaker Profiles

Canada-wide Links
The Canadian Encyclopedia [est. 1985, online 2013]
main Canada entry at Wikipedia
browse travel books about Canada at Amazon
Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Canada Hotels website
Canada FAQ website
Wild Canada travel site [est. 1999]
NewPages.com's Directory of Independent Bookstores for Canada
Rocky Mountaineer RailTours of Canada
Green Hotels Assn. for ecologically conscious lodging in USA, Canada & elsewhere
The Council of Canadians activist group [est. 1985] + Fracking Dept.
Human Rights Internet (of Canada) [est. circa 1990]
Canadian Regional Organizing Committee for I.W.W. labor union
Canada411: Free People Search, Reverse Phone Lookup, Business Telephone Directory in English or French
Murder Out There (of Canada) weblog {last update 2009}
Coffee Assn. of Canada []
Arbuckle Coffee Co. [circa 2000] of Canada - 13 locations, appears to be defunct
Advanced Biofuels Canada
Arthur Conan Doyle Society of Canada [est. 1989] is based in British Columbia
Ghost Towns of US & Canada [w/music] website [est. 1998] last update 2013
Sierra Club Canada [est. 1969] + Tar Sands Dept.
Antique & Classic Car Club of Canada [est. 1956]

Postmedia Network, Inc. newspaper chain [est. 2010] based on Toronto
SuperChannel in Canada [est. 2007] cable & satellite television service
BLACK STAR: right-wing fake news site, infected with disgusting trolls  Canadian Free Press blog/forum at Disqus [est. 2007]
BLACK STAR: right-wing fake news site, infected with incoherent trolls  Canada Free Press [est. 2004]

Cinema of Canada Page at Magic Lantern
The Directors Guild of Canada [est. 1962] is based in Toronto
lobbyist Motion Picture Assn. of Canada

Canadian Route 66 Assn.

'Beer in Canada' entry at Wikipedia
Canadian Home Brewers online community & forum [est. 2000?]
Troy Burtch's Great Canadian Beer Blog [est. 2007]

A Few Important People of Canada
official website of the Governor General of Canada
official website of the Prime Ministers of Canada

singer-songwriter Paul Anka

Margaret Atwood

Oscar-winning impressionist animator Frédéric Back [b. 1924] of Canada
credits at IMDbentry at Wikipedia

publishing baron Max Aitken, 1st Baron Beaverbrook [1879–1964]

Dr. Eric Berne [1910-70] was born in Montréal, Québec, Canada
browse books at Amazonofficial websiteentry at Wikipedia

'A Montreal Childhood' book by Eric Berne  "A Montreal Childhood" memoir [2010]
by Eric Berne; Epilogue by Terry Berne, Afterword by Claude Steiner

Kindle Edition from Editorial Jeder [9/2016] for $7.30
CreateSpace 8½x5½ pb [7/2010] for $18.20
Editorial Jeder Spanish-language edition 8½x5½ pb [12/2013] for $16.00

Dr. Berne's professional books and other details of T/A are on the
Transactional Analysis Page at the Working Minds Philosophy of Empowerment website

historian & TV journalist Pierre Berton [1920-2004] of Canada

Joseph-Armand Bombardier [1907–1964] – invented the snowmobile

Samuel Bronfman [1889–1971] – founder of Seagram's
Edgar Bronfman, Sr. [1929–2013] – longtime head of Seagram's
Edgar Miles Bronfman, Jr. was born in New York City, which remains his base

Robertson Davies

Hollywood director Edward Dmytryk [1908-99] was born in Grand Forks, BC, Canada

actress Marie Dressler [1869–1934]

singer-actress Deanna Durbin [1921–2013]

director Allan Dwan [1885–1981]

humorist & travel writer Will Ferguson lives in Calgary, Alberta
browse booksofficial websiteentry at Wikipedia

Canadian-born inventor Reginald A. Fessenden [1866-1932]
broadcast the first known transmission of the human voice over the radio on 23 December 1900,
and on 24 December 1906 broadcast the first pre-recorded music over the radio
watch 9/2011 "The Invention of Radio" tv movie in 2 parts online at YouTube: part 1 [12:56]part 2 [11:00]

Hal Foster [1892–1982] – artist for Tarzan comic strip and creator of Prince Valiant

economist John Kenneth Galbraith [1908–2006]


Chief Dan George – Tsleil-Waututh (Burrard)

mystery author Ian Hamilton of Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Ernest Hemingway [1899-1961]
worked for the Toronto Star newspaper from 1920 to 1924

Hemingway Toronto Years book by William Burrill  "Hemingway: The Toronto Years, 1920-24" [1994]
by William Burrill

Doubleday Canada pb [8/96] out of print/used
Doubleday Canada 8x5 hardcover [11/94] out of print/used
actor Walter Thomas Huston [1883-1950] was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
{and was father of filmmaker John Huston [1906-87]}

ABC news anchor Peter Jennings [1938–2005]

'Klondike Kate' Katherine Ryan [1869-1932]
Katherine Ryan entry at Wikipedia

"The Canadians: Klondike Kate" TV documentary [1999?] /tt6869254/
watch full episode [3/2015 upload; 48:26] online at YouTube

the fake 'Klondike Kate' Kathleen Eloise 'Kitty' Rockwell Matson [1873-1957]
Saloon dancer and actress 'Kitty' Rockwell met and partnered with Alexander Pantages [1867-1936] in the Klondike and in 1907 caused a national scandal by suing him
for breach of promise; by then she was calling herself 'Klondike Kate' and claiming tales from the life of Katherine Ryan ('identity theft' is not such a new phenomenon); these tales were shopped around Hollywood for years
and eventually became the very fictional film "Klondike Kate" in 1943.
Kathleen Rockwell entry at Wikipedia

"The Life of Kate Rockwell Matson" [circa 1940] by William A. Pierce

"Klondike Kate, 1873-1957: The Life and Legend of Kitty Rockwell, The Queen of The Yukon" [1962] by Ellis Lucia
http://www.amazon.com/Klondike-Legend-Kitty-Rockwell-Queen/dp/B001NHJX20/ 1962

"Mush On and Smile: Klondike Kate, Queen of The Yukon" [August 2002] by Val Dumond & Babe Lehrer
'fictionalized story' with many photos

"Sugar, Spice, and Stone: A Novel About Klondike Kate" [June 2012] by Val Dumond

Klondike Kate 1943 movie starring Ann Savage & Tom Neal  "Klondike Kate, Queen of The Gold Rush" [Columbia Pictures Dec 1943]
false tagline: suggested by the life of Kate Rockwell Matson, the original 'Klondike Kate' • The main plot is about a saloon owner (not in the Gold Rush Klondike but in Totem Pole, Alaska) who is falsely accused of murdering a rival, with Kate as his partner and girlfriend • Directed by William Castle; screenplay by M. Coates Webster & Houston Branch; starring Ann Savage, Tom Neal, Glenda Farrell, Constance Worth, Sheldon Leonard, Lester Allen, George Cleveland, George McKay, Dan Seymour, Roma Aldrich
Sony Pictures Ent. newly-remastered b&w DVD [5/2014] for $17.94
full credits at IMDb
actor Raymond Massey [1896–1983]

William Barclay 'Bat' Masterson [1853-1921]

Hollywood studio head Louis B. Mayer (1885–1957)

animator Norman McLaren [1914-87]
credits at IMDbentry at Wikipedia

communications theorist Marshall McLuhan [1911-80]

Aimee Semple McPherson [1890-1944] – founder of the Foursquare Church

mystery author Margaret Ellis Sturm Millar [1915-94] was born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
browse booksIMDb listing [1960-86]Wikipedia
and was married to mystery author Ross Macdonald [1915-83]

author L.M. {Lucy Maud} Montgomery [1874-1942]
is most famous for the "Anne of Green Gables" Novels & Stories

Nobel Laureate short story writer Alice Munro [b. 1931] of Canada

Hollywood actor-filmmaker Mike Myers was born in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario;
he is most famous for the characters Wayne Campbell and Austin Powers, and as the voice of Shrek.
IMDb listingWikipedia

'Canada' bestseller book by Mike Myers  "Canada" bestseller [2016] by Mike Myers
His passport is British, but his heart remains in Canada, where he was born & raised; book is described as a 'funny and thoughtful analysis of what makes Canada Canada, Canadians Canadians, and what being Canadian has always meant to him'.
Kindle Edition from Doubleday Canada/Random House [10/2016] for $12.99
Doubleday Canada 9¼x7¼ hardcover [10/2016] for $29.09
James Naismith [1861–1939] – invented basketball

Frank Ogden [1920-2012], Canada's leading futurist
official website {not working 7/2017} • no entry on Wikipedia (2017)
obituary from the Vancouver Sun

Last Book You'll Ever Read book by Frank Ogden  
"The Last Book You'll Ever Read: And Other Lessons From The Future" [1993]
MacFarlane Walter & Ross 10x6½ hardcover & CD-ROM [6/93] out of print/used
Ogdenisms - Frank Ogden Quote Book selected by John Robert Colombo  "Ogdenisms: The Frank Ogden Quote Book" [1994]
Selected by John Robert Colombo

Hounslow Press pb [1994] out of print/SOLD OUT!
Navigating In Cyberspace by Frank Ogden  
"Navigating In Cyberspace: Roadmaps To The New Millennium" [1995]
Macfarlane, Walter & Ross 9½x6¼ hardcover & CD-ROM [10/95] out of print/used
Shamanic Graffiti book by Marcus Rummery & Frank Ogden  "Shamanic Graffiti: 100,000 Years of Drugs, 100 Years of Prohibition - Towards An Integral Psychedelic Theory" [2016] by Marcus Rummery & Frank Ogden
Kindle Edition from Trine Day [12/2016] for $12.99
Trine Day 9x6 pb [12/2016] for $13.83
author Frank L. Packard [1877-1942] was born in Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Sam Panopoulos [1934-2017]
invented Hawaiian-style pizza (canned pineapple and ham) in 1962 at his Satellite Restaurant in Chatham, Ontario.

mystery author Louise Penny of Canada

psychologist & philosopher Dr. Jordan B. Peterson of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

actress Mary Pickford (1892–1979)

fictional R.C.M.P. Sergeant William Preston

Mordecai Richler

Louis Riel [1844-85) – executed for treason

Percy Schmeiser - David vs. Monsanto docufilm  "Percy Schmeiser: David versus Monsanto" documentary [indep 2009]
The story of a canola (rapeseed) farmer in Saskatchewan, Canada and his heroic long
legal battle with Monsanto Company, Inc. over G.M.O. contamination of his crop

65-minute docufilm directed by Bertram Verhaag
Syndicado color DVD [2011] for $11.99
watch on Amazon Instant Video [2011] rental $1.99, purchase $7.99
bare credits at IMDbofficial movie websitePercy Schmeiser entry at Wikipedia
9/2010 news story on "Democracy Now" cable show [8:58] at YouTube
Hollywood studio head Mack Sennett [1880-1960]

Scots-Canadian author Robert W. Service [1874-1958]
browse booksIMDb listingWikipedia

fictional Anne Shirley (Cuthbert Blythe) of Green Gables

Joe Shuster [1914–1992] – co-creator of Superman

actor Jay Silverheels [1912–1980]

Tecumseh [1768-1813] – Leader of First Nations British Allies, War of 1812, died defeating American invasion

Kateri Tekakwitha [1656–1680] - first Native American canonized as a saint by the Catholic Church

William Cornelius Van Horne, KCMG [1843–1915] – constructed the Canadian Pacific Railway

Hollywood studio head Jack L. Warner (1892–1978)

"Winnie The Pooh" was inspired by a live bear cub [1914-1934] from Canada

YA mystery author Eric Wilson lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada
browse books at Amazonauthor's websiteentry at Wikipedia

Tim & Liz Austen of Canada YA Mystery Series

songwriter-musician Neil Young was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

     Province of Ontario
[divided 1788; Confederation 1867]

official website {choose English or French}entry at Wikipedia

"Harry Potter and The Transfigured Town" Quidditch Festival [Oct 2017 = #2] in Goderich, Ontario, Canada
wikipediaGoderich Economic Development & TourismDowntown Goderich Business Improvement Area

Beaches International Jazz Festival [est. 1988 in July] in Beaches, Ontario, Canada

Chatham, Ontario
  Satellite Restaurant [est. 1960], 145 King Street West in Chatham, Ontario

Deep River Players [est. 1946] in Deep River, Ontario, Canada
Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance [Sept 2013 = #1] in Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada
Dundurn Castle, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada http://www.mcmaster.ca/
Pleasure Valley Resort, Hanover, Ontario, Canada
http://novelideabooks.ca/ Novel Idea Bookstore, 156 Princess Street, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Locomotive Espresso, 408 Pall Mall Street in London, Ontario, Canada
Simcoe County Museum, Minesing, Ontario, Canada
Pickering Museum Village, Pickering, Ontario, Canada
Wentworth Heritage Village, Rockton, Ontario, Canada = http://www.westfieldheritage.CA/
Doon Pioneer Village, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
White Sands Hotel + Windermere House, Windermere, Ontario, Canada

Township of White River, Ontario, Canada [est. 1885] official website
there is a Disney-style statue at city park honoring Winnie the Pooh
White River celebrates Winnie's Hometown Festival [2015 = #29] during the third week of August

Brock University [est. 1964] in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Ottawa area
Mercury Filmworks in Ottawa
Occupied Ottawa / Ottawa Occupée (Ontario, Canada) http://www.occupiedottawa.org/
Occupy Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) http://www.occupyottawa.org/

Toronto area
Ontario [Canada] Heritage Trust [renamed 2005]

GOLD STAR: 'a rad little joint' named after a professor of Harry Potter; specializes in infused cocktails and a tapas-style food menu  The Lockhart Bar [est. 9/2015], 1479 Dundas Street West {at Dufferin} in Toronto
Eatonville, Toronto, Ontario (near Toronto Airport) hotels booking site
Balzac's Coffee Roasters [est. 1996] also operates 13 Balzac's Café locations
The Distillery Historic District [built from 1832]
Toronto Jazz Festival [est. 1987; June-July]
The Harbord Street Business Improvement Area [est. 1983]
The Word On The Street National Book & Magazine Festival [Sept 2013 = #24] in Toronto
Canada Aviation and Space Museum [est. 1964] in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Black Creek Pioneer Village, North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Victoria University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cornell House, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
McLean Estate, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Spadina House - 285 Spadina Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Toronto [Ontario Canada] GLOBE & MAIL
Toronto Bluejays baseball team of Canada
The Hockey Hall of Fame [est. 1943, open 1961, moved 1993] in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Royal Alexandra Theatre [built 1907], 260 King Street West in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

https://www.utoronto.CA/ = University of Toronto
Hart House Theatre [est. 1919] at University of Toronto
Trinity College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema {rebuilt 1941; formerly Bloor Cinema} 506 Bloor Street West {at Bathurst} in Toronto
Luminato Festival of Arts & Creativity [June 2010 = #4] in Toronto
Toronto Silent Film Festival [April 2011 = #2] in Canada

Worldwide Short Film Festival [June 2012 = #11] in Toronto, Ontario, Canada           11-day Toronto International Film Festival [Sept 2014 = #39] at Metro Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Province of Québec
[French province 1663; ceded to England 1763; Confederation 1867]

official websiteentry at Wikipedia

Thrilling Detective mystery fansite [] is based in Southern Quebec
HomeoAnimal.com homeopathic pet care [est. 2015] based in California & Quebec, Canada

Québec City area [settled 1535, founded 1608]
official websiteentry at Wikipedia
Université Laval, Quebec City, Canada

"The Chateau Frontenac: One Hundred Years in the Life of a Legendary Hotel" [1998] by France Gagnon Pratte & Eric Etter

Montréal area [founded 1642]
official websiteentry at Wikipedia

Fantasia Fest [July-Aug 2012 = #16] in Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Festival des Films du Monde [Aug-Sept 2017 = #41] in Montréal, Quebec, Canada
M.F. Wirth Rail Corp. [], 740 Notre-Dame West in Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Montréal Expos baseball team of Canada
  Bombardier Corporation [est. 1942] of Montréal, Quebec, Canada
MELS la Cité du Cinéma studios & postproduction [] in Montréal, Quebec, Canada

     Province of British Columbia
[est. 1858, Confederation 1871]

official websiteentry at Wikipedia

British Columbia Tourism official site
British Columbia Chamber of Commerce
British Columbia, Canada Film Commission is now Creative B.C. [merger 2013]

'Beer Me BC' website [est. 2012] based in British Columbia, Canada
British Columbia [Canada] Cowboy Heritage Society [est. 1996]

Kaatza Station Museum & Archives [est. 1983] in Cowichan Lake, BC, Canada
Canadian Museum of Rail Travel [est. 1976] in Cranbrook, BC, Canada
B.C. Forest Discovery Center [est. 1963] in Duncan, BC, Canada
Red Arrow brewery in Duncan, BC, Canada
City of Nelson, BC, Canada
Nelson [BC] Chamber of Commerce [est. 1893]
Discover Nelson, BC, Canada
Spruce Hill All-Season Resort & Spa, 4871 Highway 97 in 108 Mile Ranch, South Cariboo, BC, Canada
The Log Home Connection [est. 1990] of Penticton, BC, Canada

City of Vancouver, BC area
official websiteentry at Wikipedia
Vancouver, BC Tourism official site
North Vancouver [BC] Chamber of Commerce
Lions Gate Studios of Vancouver, BC, Canada
Georgia Straight [est. 1967] - Vancouver's news & entertainment weekly & Canada's largest urban weekly
The Vancouver Sun daily newspaper [est. 1912]
2009 article about Vancouver's neon heritage
Inside Vancouver community weblog
Metro Vancouver Convention & Visitors Bureau
Fairmont Hotels - four locations in Vancouver, BC
Sylvia Hotel [built 1912] near Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada
David Suzuki Foundation [est. 1990] in Vancouver, BC, Canada
GOLD STAR: Canada's West Coast Railway Assn. has 90 pieces of heritage railway rolling stock  West Coast Railway Association [est. 1961] in Vancouver, BC, Canada
University of British Columbia [est. 1915] in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Vancouver [BC Canada] Dixieland Jazz Society
Vancouver Community Network [est. 1996]
Women In Film & Video of Vancouver BC, Canada [est. 1989]
T.E.D. (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference [est. 1990; held at Vancouver, BC since 2014]
GOLD STAR: originated the Occupy Movement in August 2011  Adbusters Media Foundation [1989], 1243 W. Seventh Avenue in Vancouver, BC
North Shore Studios/Mammoth Studios {formerly LionsGate Studios} in Vancouver, BC

Capilano University [est. 1968] in North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Granville Island District of Vancouver, BC, Canada
Granville Island Business & Community Association [est. 1995]
Granville Island Cultural Society [est. 2001]
South Granville District [est. 1907] of Vancouver, BC, Canada

Murchie's Coffee & Tea [est. 1894] based in Delta, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Yellow Point Lodge [est. 1930s] on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

City of Victoria, BC area
Great Canadian Beer Festival [Sept 2014 = #12] in Victoria, BC, Canada
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, BC, Canada
University of Victoria, BC, Canada

Resort Municipality of Whistler, BC, Canada
official websiteentry at Wikipedia
Whistler Film Festival [Nov-Dec 2017 = #17] in British Columbia, Canada
Nita Lake Lodge [] in Whistler Creekside, BC

     Province of Alberta
[Confederation 1905]

official websiteentry at Wikipedia
official Alberta [Canada] Tourism website

promo site for Canadian Rockies Vacations
promo site for Canadian Rockies Dude Ranch Vacations

the Keystone & Keystone XL pipelines originate in Kardisty, Alberta, Canada
Cupper's Coffee & Tea [est. 1989] 1502 Third Avenue South in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions, 4611 - 47th Avenue in Stettler, Alberta, Canada
Alberta Prairie Wagon Train Excursions in Stettler, Alberta, Canada

Calgary, Alberta [founded 1875]
official websiteentry at Wikipedia
Calgary, Alberta Tourism official site
Calgary Stampede [est. 1912] rodeo & festival
Big Rock Brewery [est. 1985] in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Wild Rose Brewery [est. 1996] in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Rocky Mountain Rail Society [est. 1984] in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
who operate the 1944 Montreal Locomotive Works Mountain Class 4-8-2 steam locomotive #6060

promo site for Banff National Park [est. 1885] in Alberta, Canada
Warner & Mackenzie / Banff Trail Riders [est. 1962] guides at Banff, Alberta, Canada
Fairmont Banff Springs Resort [built 1887]
promo site for Canmore-Kananaskis-Banff area in Alberta, Canada
promo site for Jasper National Park [est. 1907] in Alberta, Canada
Lake_Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
luxury Post Hotel & Spa [est. 1942] at Lake Louise
Discover Lake Louise promo site

Edmonton, Alberta [founded 1795, incorp. 1892]
Alberta Aviation Museum [hangar built 1940, open 1992?] in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Waterton Lakes National Park [est. 1895] in Alberta, Canada
promo site for Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada
Kilmorey Lodge, 117 Evergreen Avenue in Waterton Park, Alberta, Canada {listed as closed 2017}
Bayshore Inn Resort & Spa [], 111 Waterton Avenue in Waterton Park, Alberta, Canada
Prince of Wales Hotel [built 1927] at Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada

Stupid to the Last Drop / Environmental Armageddon book by William Marsden  "Stupid To The Last Drop: How Alberta Is Bringing Environmental Armageddon To Canada (and Doesn't Seem To Care)" [2007] Canadian bestseller by William Marsden
Kindle Edition from Vintage Canada [5/2010] for $12.99
Vintage Canada 8x5¼ pb [9/2008] for $14.43
Knopf Canada hardcover [10/2007] for $23.95

      Province of Saskatchewan
[Confederation 1905]

official websiteentry at Wikipedia
Saskatchewan Tourism official site

      Province of Manitoba
[ceded 1869, Confederation 1870, expanded 1912]

official websiteentry at Wikipedia

City of Winnipeg, Manitoba [est. 1738, incorp. 1843]
official websiteentry at Wikipedia

Half Pints Brewing Company [incorp. 2006] independent craft brewery in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Lesser Provinces of Canada

NW TerritoriesYukon TerritoryLabrador & NewfoundlandMaritime ProvincesNunavut Territory

     Northwest Territories
[Confederation 1870, divided 1999]

official website {choose English or French}entry at Wikipedia

     Yukon (Territory)
[split 1898, re-formalized 4/2003]

official website {choose English or French}entry at Wikipedia

September 2000 article on the Whitehorse Trolley along the Yukon River
Yukon Brewing Company [est. 1997] in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada
Yukon Beer Festival [Oct 2016 = #3] in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

     Province of Newfoundland & Labrador
[Confederation 1949]

official websiteentry at Wikipedia
official Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism website

Nickel Independent Film Festival [June 2017 = #17] at St. John's, Newfoundland in Canada

Maritime Provinces

      Province of Nova Scotia, Canada
[Acadia founded 1605, expulsion 1755, split 1784, Confederation 1867]
official website {choose English or French}entry at Wikipedia
Nova Scotia Tourism official site

Responsible Energy Action group [est. 2011] in Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Destination Cape Breton Association website
Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame [est. 1997] in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  Can Stock Photo [est. 2004] is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Rossignol Cultural Centre [est. 2002] in Liverpool, Nova Scotia
The Outhouse Museum at Rossignol Cultural Centre
Hank Snow Home Town Museum [] in Liverpool, Nova Scotia

      Province of New Brunswick, Canada
[Acadia founded 1605, expulsion 1755, split 1784, Confederation 1867]
official website {choose English or French}entry at Wikipedia

Potato World Museum in Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick, known as the french fry capital of the world

     Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada
[Acadia founded 1605, expulsion 1758, Confederation 1873]
official websiteentry at Wikipedia
Prince Edward Island Department of Tourism

Prince Edward Island Museum & Heritage Foundation {7 locations}

capitol of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada [est. 1765]
official websiteentry at Wikipedia
Discover Charlottetown promo website
Confederation Centre Art Gallery & Museum [open 1964] in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Canadian Potato Museum [] in O'Leary, P.E.I.
Dalvay By The Sea house [built 1895] hotel & cottages on Prince Edward Island, Canada
Orwell Corner Rural Life Museum, Orwell, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Rustico Summer Haven Resort, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Elmira Railway Museum on Prince Edward Island, Canada
Don't Frack P.E.I. group [est. 1/2013] on Prince Edward Island in Canada

P.E.I. is famous as the location for the "Anne of Green Gables" Novels & Stories
Green Gables Heritage Place [built ??, upstairs fire 1997, since restored]

     Nunavut Territory, Canada
[split 1999]
official website {choose from four languages}entry at Wikipedia

Railroads of Canada
listing of surviving steam locomotives in Canada
'list of Canadian railways' page at Wikipedia
Canadian Railroad Historical Association [est. 1932]
Canadian Railway Museum [est. 1961] renamed ExpoRail in 1978

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top of pagerailroad linksClass 1 railroadsshortline & historic railroadsbooks & other mediaimage gallery

First People of Canada
Native Peoples of Canada entry at Wikipedia
list of Indian reserves in Canada at Wikipedia
Tsilhqot'in Nation in British Columbia
carcross tagish first nation

Image  Gallery

1905 Canada coat of arms (postcard)         poster for Canadian National Railways 'Across Canada'         Canadian Pacific diesel freight train crossing over Stoney Creek Bridge in British Columbia         poster for Canadian Pacific Railway 'Travel by Train'         Royal Canadian Mounted Police in iconic dress uniform

Reading Material, Other Media
browse travel books about Canada at Amazon

"Anne of Green Gables" Novels & Stories Page at Spirit of America Bookstore

The Edge by Dick Francis  "The Edge" [1988 bestseller] by Dick Francis [1920-2010]
The Great Transcontinental Mystery Race is a glittering railroad junket across Canada to race thoroughbreds on some of the world's greatest courses. Tor Kelsey, undercover security agent for the British Jockey Club, contends with the murder mystery to be acted out on board, as well as a ruthless underworld racing figure – a combination that explodes into a nightmare of real and bloody murder.
Kindle Edition from Berkley/Penguin [2005 edition] for $7.99
Berkley mass pb [8/2005] for $7.19
Jove mass pb [8/2001] out of print/many used
Fawcett mass pb [1/90] out of print/180+ used
Pan Books mass pb [1/90] out of print/100+ used
Putnam hardcover [2/89] out of print/200+ used
Why I Hate Canadians bestseller book by Will Ferguson  
"Why I Hate Canadians" 'runaway bestseller' [1997] by Will Ferguson
Douglas & McIntyre 7½x5 pb [8/2007] for $11.43
Douglas & McIntyre pb [8/2006] out of print/many used
Douglas & McIntyre 9¼x6¾ pb [10/99] for $13.08
Brewed in Canada book by Allen Winn Sneath  "Brewed In Canada: The Untold Story of Canada's 350-Year-Old Brewing Industry"
[2001] by Allen Winn Sneath

Kindle Edition from Dundurn Press [3/2012] for $9.59
Dundurn Press 9x6 pb [10/2001] out of print/used
Dundurn Press 9x6 hardcover [10/2001] for $29.65
How to Be a Canadian book by Will Ferguson  "How To Be A Canadian" [2003] by Will Ferguson & Ian Ferguson
Douglas & McIntyre 9x6¼ pb [8/2003] for $10.00
Douglas & McIntyre 7¾x5 pb [1/2008] out of print/70+ used
1,000 Places to See Before You Die in the U.S.A. & Canada book by Patricia Schultz  "1,000 Places To See In The U.S.A. & Canada Before You Die" [2007]
by Patricia Schultz

Organized by regions and then states: New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Mississippi Valley, Midwest, Great Plains, Four Corners & Southwest, West Coast, Alaska & Hawaii, and Canada
Kindle Edition from Workman Publng [3/2011] for $9.18
Workman Publng 7½x5¼ pb [3/2011] for $12.46
Workman Publng 7¾x6¾ hardcover [5/2007] out of print/used

Tourist Trains Guidebook from Trains Magazine  "Tourist Trains Guidebook (U.S.A. & Canada)" [2007, rev 2017]
by The Editors of Trains Magazine

Describes 500 of the most popular train attractions, museums, and railroad vacation destinations in the U.S. and Canada, with over 200 of the most popular sites detailed in full-page reviews
Kalmbach Publng 6th edition 8¼x5½ pb [5/2017] for $15.63
Kalmbach Publng 5th edition 8¼x5½ pb [5/2015] for $15.63
Kalmbach Publng 4th edition 8½x5½ pb [4/2013] for $11.20
Brew North / How Canadians Made Beer book by Ian Coutts  "Brew North: How Canadians Made Beer and Beer Made Canada" [2010]
by Ian Coutts

Greystone Books 10x8 pb [9/2010] for $17.95
Sun Rise / Suncor / Oil Sands book by Rick George  "Sun Rise: Suncor, The Oil Sands, and The Future of Energy" [2012]
by Dr Richard 'Rick' George, with John Lawrence Reynolds

author was president/CEO of Suncor, Canada for twenty years, and has won lots of business awards; he basically opened up the oil sands industry in Canada, which remains environmentally controversial - Suncor was somewhat responsible for the impact on the environment and on First Peoples, but other companies have not been.
Kindle Edition from HarperCollins [10/2012] for $11.99
HarperCollins 8x5¼ pb [10/2013] for $14.32
HarperCollins 8x5¼ pb [10/2013] out of print/used
HarperCollins 9¼x6¼ hardcover [10/2012] for $26.99

Journey on the Trans-Canada Highway book by Mark Richardson  "Canada's Road: A Journey On The Trans-Canada Highway From St. John's To Victoria"
[2013] by Mark Richardson

Kindle Edition from Dundern Press [4/2013] for $6.15
Dundern Press 9x6 pb [5/2013] for $19.15
Dundern Press 9x6 pb [5/2013] out of print/used
7 Canadian Westerns in Kindle format from Amazon Digital Services  "7 Canadian Westerns" for Kindle [2014]
Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [8/2014] for 99¢ {sic}
contains seven Western novels set in Canada: "Blake's Burden", "The Buccaneer Farmer" & "Winston of The Prairie" by Harold Bindloss; "The Triumph of John Kars: A Story of The Yukon" by Ridgwell Cullum; "Lords of The North" by A.C. Laut; "Wild Youth" by Gilbert Parker; and "The Yukon Trail: A Tale of The North" by William MacLeod Raine


"Being Canadian" [indep Sept 2015]
Being Canadian 2015 docufilm  90-minute humorous documentary featuring interviews with a who's-who of famous Canadians that hopes to find the answer to the question: What does it actually mean to be Canadian? • Written & directed by Robert Cohen; featuring Will Arnett, Dan Aykroyd, Kim Campbell, Kim Cattrall, Michael J. Fox, Malcolm Gladwell, Kathy Griffin, Eugene Levy, Rich Little, Howie Mandel, Alanis Morissette, Mike Myers, Conan O'Brien, Catherine O'Hara, Jason Priestley, Seth Rogen, Morley Safer, William Shatner, Cobie Smulders, Martin Short, David Steinberg, Ben Stiller, Alan Thicke, and Alex Trebek, and the bands Barenaked Ladies, Rush, and The Trailer Park Boys
full credits at IMDbofficial movie website
DVD/Blu-ray available at producer moviesite only
Amazon Instant Video [9/2015] rental $3.99, purchase $9.99
watch 7/2015 official trailer [2:09] online at YouTube

'Dawson City Frozen Time' lost films found documentary  "Dawson City: Frozen Time" [festival circuit 2016, Kino Lorber June 2017]
2-hour docufilm tells the bizarre true story of some 533 silent film reels found buried for almost 50 years in a sub-arctic swimming pool, deep in the permafrost of Yukon Territory. Filmmaker Morrison deftly combines rarely seen Hollywood features with historical footage, photographs, and interviews, to explore the complicated history of Dawson City, the Canadian Gold Rush town at the end of a film distri-bution line. • Co-produced, written & directed by Bill Morrison; 'transcendent' musical score by Alex Somers; featuring Kathy Jones-Gates, Michael Gates, Sam Kula, Bill O'Farrell, Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo, Bill Morrison
Kino Lorber color/b&w Blu-ray [10/2017] for $19.69
Kino Lorber color/b&w DVD [10/2017] for $19.99
credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipediawatch 5/2017 official trailer [2:12] online at YouTube

credited DVD contents include: "The Girl of The Northern Woods" silent short [Thanhouser, 1910] { IMDb }; "The Butler and The Maid" silent short [Edison April 1912] { IMDb }; "Brutality" by D.W. Griffith [Biograph, Dec 1912] { IMDb }; "Pathé's Weekly #17" newsreel [1913] { IMDb }; "British Canadian Pathé News #81A: World Series Baseball" newsreel [1919] { watch footage [4:30] at YouTube }; "The Exquisite Thief" by Tod Browning [Universal Film Mfng. April 1919] { IMDb }; "International News Volume 1, Issue #52" newsreel [1919] { watch footage [11:11] at YouTube }; and "The Montreal Herald Screen Magazine" newsreel [1919] { watch footage [12:17] at YouTube }

post-screening interview at T.I.F.F. Reel History in 2017
moderated by archivist Michelle Lovegrove Thomson, featuring filmmaker Bill Morrison and film conservator Paul Gordon
watch full interview [38:45] online at YouTube

"Frontier" TV series
[Netflix/Discovery Channel Canada Nov 2016-2018]
Frontier Canadian  TV series starring Jason Momoa  location filming in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada and in Cornwall, England; starring Jason Momoa as a half-breed Canadian determined to break Hudson Bay Company's monopoly on the fur trade; first season was 9-episode, second season was 6 episodes; third season of 6 episodes will be broad-cast in Oct-Nov 2018 • Starring Jason Momoa, Landon Liboiron, Zoe Boyle, Jessica Matten, Breanne Hill, Evan Jonigkeit, Allan Hawco, Lyla Porter-Follows, Greg Bryk, Alun Armstrong, Diana Bentley, Michael Patric, Shawn Doyle, Paul Ewan, Paul Fauteux, Katie McGrath, Christian McKay, Joel Thomas Hynes, Kathryn Wilder, Bradley Matheson, Demetrius Grosse, Karen LeBlanc, Jean-Michel Le Gal, Jamie Sives, James Preston Rogers, Kyle M. Hamilton, William Belleau, Stuart Hughes, Charlie Tomlinson, David Schaal, Sean Wei Mah, Zahn McClarnon, Tantoo Cardinal, Star Slade, Rémy Girard, Brendt Thomas Diabo, Chris Eustace, Billy Merasty, Shaun Olsen, Raoul Max Trujillo, Nathaniel Arcand, Natar Ungalaaq
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available •
full credits at IMDbofficial series siteseries entry at Wikipedia
watch 1/2017 official trailer [1:19] at YouTube

Look And Feel Canadian Breath Spray from Blue Q  
'Look and Feel Canadian' Breath Spray [2015] from Blue Q
Use with caution: Amazon reviewers say that after using this product they
started watching hockey and had cravings for poutine and Labatt's beer

0.25 oz (7.5 ml) Blue Q peppermint flavor 4½" sprayer [1/2015] for US$9.99
Taps: Canada's Beer Magazine [est. 2002?] subscription & website  Taps Online {formerly 'Taps: Canada's Beer Magazine'}
magazine blogsite
free subscription to their industry newsletter is available

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