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Books  About  Rock 'n' Roll  Movies

The Rock & Roll Movie Encyclopedia of the 1950s book by Mark Thomas McGee  
"The Rock and Roll Movie Encyclopedia of The 1950s" [1990]
by Mark Thomas McGee

McFarland & Co. 8¾x6 pb [10/2001] out of print/used
McFarland & Co. 9½x6¼ hardcover [6/90] out of print/many used
Rock and Roll Film Encyclopedia  "The Rock & Roll Film Encyclopedia" [2007]
by John Kenneth Muir

Applause Books 9x7½ pb [4/2007] for $13.57
Fifty Years of Rock 'n' Roll Movies book by Garry Mulholland   Popcorn: Fifty Years of Rock 'n' Roll Movies" [2010]
by Garry Mulholland

Orion 8½x5¼ pb [9/2011] for $10.17
Orion hardcover [8/2010] for $18.96

Compilations  on  DVD

History of Rock 'n' Roll on DVD  "The History of Rock 'n' Roll" 10-episode mini-series [Time-Life 1995]
Produced, written & directed by Andrew Solt; narrated by Gary Busey
Warner Home Video color DVD set [6/2004] 5 disks for $27.52
Warner Home Video color VHS Gift Set [3/95] 10 tapes - out of prodn/used
Warner Home Video color VHS available per episode (3/95; out of prodn/used)
Vol. 1: Rock 'n' Roll Explodes
Vol. 2: Good Rockin' Tonight
Vol. 3: Britain Invades, America Fights Back   
Vol. 4: Plugging In
Vol. 5: The Sounds of Soul
Vol. 6: My Generation
Vol. 7: Guitar Heroes
Vol. 8: The 70s, Have A Nice Decade
Vol. 9: Punk
Vol. 10: Up From The Underground
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Live compilation on DVD  
"Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Live" DVD Box Sets [2009]
sixty performance & speech excerpts, plus rehearsal footage
Time Life Ent. color DVD set [11/2009] 3 disks for $27.99
4-disk version, with "Hall of Fame Concert 1995" disk [2009]
Time Life Ent. color DVD set [11/2009] 4 disks out of prodn/used
list of all inductees at Wikipedia

"British Invasion" 5 DVD Box Set [2010]
British Invasion 5 DVD box set  Voyage Digital Media DVD set [3/2010] for $58.83
contains 588 minutes on 5 disks; four are also available separately; fifth/Bonus Disk is 169 minutes of unseen performances from Dusty Springfield and Herman's Hermits; interview footage with Peter Noone, Gerry Marsden, Kenney Jones & Ian McLagan; and archival interviews with Dusty Springfield
"Dusty Springfield: Once Upon A Time, 1964-69" [2010] Directed by David Peck
Voyage Digital Media 84-minute DVD [3/2010] for $17.93
"Gerry & The Pacemakers: It's Gonna Be All Right, 1963-65" [2010] Directed by David Peck
Voyage Digital Media 95-minute DVD [3/2010] for $16.93
"Herman's Hermits: Listen People, 1964-69" [2010] Directed by David Peck
Voyage Digital Media 120-minute DVD [3/2010] for $17.93
"Small Faces: All or Nothing, 1965-68" [2010] Directed by David Peck
Voyage Digital Media 120-minute DVD [3/2010] for $16.45

Selected  Rock 'n' Roll  Movies,  A to Z
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search on keywords 'rock music' {returns 1,000+ titles} at IMDb

"A Film About Jimi Hendrix" []

"A Hard Day's Night" []

"You Can't Do That! The Making of A Hard Day's Night" video documentary [] /tt0113743/

"Across The Universe" [Revolution/Sony Sept 2007]
Across the Universe  Strikingly visionary teen love story set in the turbulent 1960s using 33 Beatles songs & psyche- delic graphics. Co-written & directed by Julie Taymor; co-written by Dick Clement & Ian La Frenais; starring Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson, Evan Rachel Wood, Dana Fuchs, Martin Luther, T.V. Carpio & Spencer Liff, with cameos by Joe Cocker, Salma Hayek, Eddie Izzard & Bono
video/DVD not yet available
Interscope Records Deluxe Edition soundtrack CD [9/2007] for $13.99
Interscope Records soundtrack CD [9/2007] for $11.99
full credits at IMDbofficial movie site {requires Flash}

"All Is By My Side" [Darko Ent. Sept 2014]
Announced 5/2010: A bio-film about the late Jimi Hendrix, who’ll be portrayed by musician Andre Benjamin;
John Ridley will direct from his original screenplay; Haley Atwell {as Linda Keith} & Imogen Poots will co-star.
Added 6/2012: Film is shooting in Dublin; British actor Ashley Charles portrays Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.
full credits at IMDb

"Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who" [Oct 2007]
Amazing Journey / The Who   Directed by Paul Crowder & Murray Lerner; written by Mark Monroe
Universal widescreen color DVD [11/2007] 2 disks for $6.25
full credits at IMDbofficial movie site

"American Graffiti"

"American Hot Wax"

"American Pop" animated feature
[Columbia Pictures Feb 1981]
American Pop 1981 animated feature by Ralph Bakshi  Two parralel stories – a family of musicians in Russia, and the history of American jazz and rock-and-roll – from the XIXth Century thru the late 1970s; "featuring the music of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and many more" – which include George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Dave Brubeck, Bob Dylan, The Mamas and Papas, Pat Benatar, Lou Reed & Bob Seger Co-produced & directed by Ralph Bakshi; written by Ronni Kern
Sony Pictures widescreen color DVD [6/98] for $13.49
Sony Pictures color VHS [6/98] out of prodn/many used
27"x40" poster available for $5.98 at AllPosters.com
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"At The Drive-In" concert film
[P.B.S./WLIW-TV Dec 2003]
At the Drive-In concert film from 2003  105-minute concert taped at Bass Concert Hall in Austin, Texas in August 2003 with aging performers that were hits in the 1950s & 1960s. • Hosted by singer Fabian, featuring Jan & Dean, Bobby Vee and The Vees, The Surfaris, The Rip Chords, Chris Montez, Merrilee Rush, Ray Peterson, The Orlons, Dodie Stevens, and The Nelsons
WLIW New York widescreen color DVD [undated] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDbofficial movie site

"Backbeat" [1994]

"The Beach Boys: The Lost Concert" [1998] /tt0244994/
Spirit of America Bookstore's 'The Beach Boys' Page

"The Beatles: The Lost Concert" [Iambic Media May 2012]
Beatles Lost Concert limited engagements May 2012  Filmed in 1964 expressly for the big screen at the group’s first-ever concert in America, performed at the Washington Coliseum in Washington, D.C.; the concert footage was ‘lost’ and remained unseen in theaters for over 47 years; producers added modern interviews in color with Chuck Berry, Steve Tyler, Joe Perry, others; two one-night showings across America on May 17th and May 22nd
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • not yet listed on IMDb • official movie site
watch official trailers: trailer #1 [0:47] at YouTubetrailer #2 in HD [1:51] at Vimeo

"Big Easy Express" concert & documentary film [video release 2012]
Big Easy Express concert tour documentary  The Railroad Revival Tour performed six outdoor concerts in seven days in April 2011, traveling in vintage private railroad cars from Oakland to Los Angeles (Ports of Call in San Pedro), California; to Tempe, Arizona; to Marfa & Austin, Texas; to New Orleans, Louisiana. Headline bands were Mumford & Sons and Old Crow Medicine Show and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. The movie did not receive theatrical release; the 2012 tour was cancelled. • Directed by Emmett Malloy; film won Grammy Award for Best Longform Music Video
Alliance Ent. Special widescreen color Blu-ray/DVD combo [7/2012] 2 disks for $9.31
Alliance Ent. widescreen color Blu-ray [7/2012] for $30.50
full credits at IMDbofficial movie websitetour entry at Wikipedia
watch 2/2012 official trailer [2:56] online at YouTube

"Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me" [Magnolia Pictures June 2013?]

"Birth of The Beatles" [1979] /tt0078865/

"The Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best" [Oscilloscope Sept 2012]
Announced 2/2012: Planned multi-city theatrical release accompanied by a number of live performances by
The Brooklyn Brothers, the band created for the film; the debut feature of writer/director/star Ryan O’Nan
will quickly be released on digital & DVD • full credits at IMDb

"Cadillac Records"
about race and rock 'n' roll in 1950s Chicago
http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/cadillacrecords/ + pCadillacRecords08.jpg

"C.B.G.B." [Oct 2013]
Announced 6/2012: A film about New York’s punk rock music scene, centered on C.B.G.B., the seminal club where acts such as Talking Heads, Ramones and Television got their start and honed their craft; the club was owned by Hilly Kristal and closed in 2008; co-written & directed by Randall Miller; cast includes Malin Akerman {as Debbie Harry}, Alan Rickman {as Hilly}, Stana Katic, Rupert Grint, Joel David Moore & Julian Acosta {as Ramones}, Josh Zuckerman, Estelle Harris & Richard de Klerk {as Taxi}, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins as rock icon Iggy Pop; The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki as music manager Terry Ork; and "The Borgias" actress Mickey Sumner as Patti Smith • latest info at IMDb

"Celebration At Big Sur" []

"Chuck Berry: Hail Hail Rock n Roll" docu [1987]

"The Concert For New York City" TV special [VH1-TV Oct 2001]
Concert For New York City on DVD  "To Benefit The Robin Hood Relief Fund"; starring Backstreet Boys, Bon Jovi, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Destiny's Child, Melissa Etheridge, Five For Fighting, Goo Goo Dolls, Buddy Guy, Mick Jagger, Jay-Z, Billy Joel, Elton John, Kid Rock, Paul McCartney, John Mellencamp, Keith Richards, Adam Sandler, James Taylor, and The Who • Video segments directed by Woody Allen, Edward Burns, Ric Burns, Christian Charles, Louis J. Horvitz, Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, Jerry Seinfeld, and Kevin Smith
Sony 245-minute color DVD [1/2002] 2 disks for $15.52
there was a 296-minute VHS release, not found on Amazon (2017)
full credits at IMDbconcert entry at Wikipedia
watch clip of The Who performing "Who Are You?" [8/2015 upload; 2:29] online at YouTube
The Concert For New York City album on CD  
Sony soundtrack CD [1/2002] 32 tracks on 2 disks for $39.00
additional participants not listed above on the DVD release include Bill Clinton, Billy Crystal, John Cusack, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, and Mike Moran

"Dirty Dancing" musical [1988]

"Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey" [Cinedigm Ent. March 2013]
Announced 7/2012: Cinedigm Entertainment Group has acquired the rights to Ramona S. Diaz’s rock documentary, a real-life rock-and-roll story centering around Filipino singer Arnel Pineda, who went from being homeless to the recent front man for the iconic band Journey; the film is set for release theatrically, on-demand, and in premium digital in Spring 2013, and will have its TV debut through P.B.S. in the late summer of 2013 • full credits at IMDb

"Don't Look Back" documentary [] starring Bob Dylan, Joan Baez & Donovan /tt0061589/

"Dreamgirls" musical [2006]

"Fame" musical [1980]

"Festival Express" concert & documentary film [Apollo Films July 2004]
Festival Express concert documentary  
Festival Express concert documentary  
In the summer of 1970, some of the era's biggest rock stars - Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, The Band, Flying Burrito Brothers, and Delaney & Bonnie - took to the rails for Festival Express, a multi-artist, multi-city concert tour that captured the spirit and imagination of a generation. What made it unique was that it was portable; for five days, the bands and performers lived, slept, rehearsed, and let loose aboard a customized train that traveled from Toronto, to Winnipeg, to Calgary, with each stop culminating in a mega-concert. The entire experience was filmed both off-stage and on, but the extensive footage and sound tapes of the events remained locked away for decades, only recently rediscovered and restored. The film is a momentous achievement in rock music archaeology that combines the long-lost material with contemporary interviews that add important context to the events nearly 35 years after originally being filmed. • Produced by Garth Douglas, Gavin Poolman, Willem Poolman, Thierry Wase-Bailey; directed by Frank Cvitanovich {original footage} & Bob Smeaton; featuring The Band (Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, Robbie Robertson), Delaney & Bonnie Bramlett, The Flying Burrito Brothers (Mike Clarke, Chris Hillman, Pete Kleinow, Bernie Leadon), Grateful Dead band (Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, Ron 'Pigpen' McKernan, Bob Weir), Buddy Guy Blues Band (Buddy Guy, Phil Guy, A.C. Reed, Leroy Stewart, Roosevelt 'Snake' Shaw), Ian & Sylvia & The Great Speckled Bird (Ian Tyson, Sylvia Tyson, Buddy Cage, Jim Colegrove, Amos Garrett, N.D. Smart), Janis Joplin & The Full Tilt Boogie Band (Janis Joplin, Richard Bell, Brad Campbell, Ken Pearson, Clark Pierson, John Till), Mashmakhan band (Rayburn Blake, Brian Edwards, Jerry Mercer, Pierre Sénécal), Sha Na Na band (Donald 'Donny' York, Jocko Marcellino, 'Screamin' Scott' Simon, Jon 'Bowzer' Bauman, Lennie Baker, Elliot Cahn, Bruce Clarke, Frederick 'Dennis' Greene, Larry Packer, Richard T. Joffe, Scott Powell), Eric Andersen, Rob Bowman, James Cullingham, David Dalton, promoter Kenny Walker, concert MC Terry David Mulligan & Leslie West
90-minute Shout Factory! widescreen color Blu-ray [2/2014] for $17.99
Shout Factory! color DVD [2/2014] 2 disks for $14.55
New Line Home Ent. color DVD [12/2005] 2 disks for $14.57
Amazon Instant Video/Qello Concerts [undated] rental $3.99, purchase in HD $19.99
full credits at IMDbofficial movie website {over-loud music}movie entry at Wikipedia
watch "Ain't No More Cane" clip [1/2014 upload; 4:07] online at YouTube
watch 4/2015 official trailer [2:07] online at YouTube

"Flashdance" musical [1983]

"The Girl Can't Help It" [1956]

"Girls Like Us" [2013?]
Announced 4/2012: Adaptation of Sheila Weller’s 2008 book that tracks the careers of Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell,
and Carole King, who all emerged out of the ’60s folk and pop scenes as pioneering musicians and important
feminist figures; John Sayles wrote the script, Taylor Swift is main contender to portray Mitchell, and Alison Pill
as King • not yet listed on IMDb

"God Help The Girl" [2014?]

"Grateful Dead Film" [1977]

"Grease" musical [1978]

"Hair" musical [1979]

"Hairspray" musical [2007]

"History of The Eagles" [Showtime Feb 2013]
Comprehensive 2-part documentary using never-before-seen home movies, archival footage, and new interviews with members of the
best-selling, long-running band; co-produced by Oscar-winner Alex Gibney, directed by Alison Ellwood • Part 1 credits at IMDb

"Hollywood Rocks the Movies: The Early Years (1955-1970)" TV documentary [2000] /tt0253131/

"Honeysuckle Rose" [1980] starring Willie Nelson /tt0080888/

"Hours and Times" [1991]

"Hungarian Rhapsody: Queen Live in Budapest ’86"
[1987, re-release Sept 2012]
Concert documentary with original footage from 26 years ago of their 'Magic Tour' show in Hungary; re-release is introduced with 25 minutes of
never-before-seen rare footage from rehearsals, interviews with the band in studio, and candid moments on the road. Screenvision delivered
a nationwide limited engagement on three nights in September 2012 • credits at IMDb
Queen: Live in Budapest - On July 27, 1986, Queen performed the largest-ever stadium concert at the Népstadion in Budapest in front of 80,000 ecstatic fans.
The concert was part of the famed Magic Tour, which was the last time the band toured with lead singer Freddie Mercury. http://www.queenonscreen.com/

Hackford's "The Idol Maker" [1980]

Ann 5/2011: Ryan Gosling will star in and direct a remake of "The Idolmaker" [1980] film about rock promoter
and producer Bob Marcucci, who discovered teen idols Frankie Avalon and Fabian

"Janis" (Joplin) docu by Howard Alk [1975]

"Janis: A Film" []

"Jersey Boys: The Story of Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons" [G.K. Films June 2014]
Announced 10/2010: The bigscreen adaptation of the hit Broadway musical will be produced
by Graham King & Tim Headingtons, with Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice writing the screenplay
full credits at IMDb

"Jimi Plays Berkeley" [1970]

"The Kids Are Alright" [1979] starring The Who /tt0079400/

"La Bamba" [1987] /tt0093378/

"The Last Waltz" [1978]

"Leadbelly" [1976]

"Legends of The Canyon" [video 2010]
Legends of The Canyon docufilm  "The music and magic of 1960s Laurel Canyon as told by legendary rock photographer Henry Diltz" - featuring: Crosby, Stills & Nash; Mamas & The Papas; Buffalo Springfield; Joni Mitchell; The Byrds; Neil Young; and America
Directed by Jon Brewer • not listed at IMDb
Image Ent. widescreen color DVD [8/2010] for $10.49

"Lust For Life" [in development?]  
Announced 2/2013: The story of David Bowie and Iggy Pop's fertile collaboration in West Berlin in the 1970s, when Bowie helped Pop write & record
his albums The Idiot and Lust For Life and Pop reciprocated by appearing on Bowie’s Low). Written by Robin French, based on the books
"Starman: David Bowie" and "Open Up and Bleed: Iggy Pop"; Gabriel Range will direct • not yet listed at IMDb

"Marley" documentary [Magnolia Pictures 2012]
Working title: "Bob Marley: Stay With The Rhythm"; exec producers Ziggy Marley & Chris Blackwell; directed by
Kevin Macdonald; featuring Bob Marley {archive footage}, Ziggy Marley, Cedella Marley, Rita Marley,
Neville Bunny Wailer & The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff • full credits at IMDbofficial movie site

"Metallica 3-D" documentary [IMAX USA 2013]
Announced 3/2012: The Metallica band - continuing their downward trajectory from badass metal gods to aging
hard rock clowns - are making a movie in 3-D, a blend of traditional concert footage with a narrative of some kind;
director Nimrod Antal is planning an August 2012 shoot and a 2013 release • full credits at IMDb

"Michael Jackson's This Is It" [Sony/Columbia Oct 2009]
Michael Jackson's This Is It concert rehearsal documentary  Posthumous compilation of interviews, rehearsals & backstage footage of Michael Jackson as he prepared for his series of sold-out shows in London; original release of two weeks only.
Directed & choreographed by Kenny Ortega
Sony Pictures widescreen color Blu-ray [1/2010] for $19.99
Sony Pictures widescreen color DVD [1/2010] for $14.99
Sony Pictures widescreen color Limited Edition DVD [11/2009] 2 disks - out of prodn/used
credits at IMDbofficial movie site

"Monterey Pop" [1969]
One of the greatest rock n' roll concerts of all time. Watch as the audience is blown away by electrifying performances of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead,
The Mamas and The Papas, Jefferson Airplane, Ravi Shankar, The Who, The Animals, Simon & Garfunkel, Otis Redding, Buffalo Springfield, and more.

"9/30/55" []

"Not Fade Away" [2013?]

"Nowhere Boy" [2010] movie re John Lennon is lame

"One Trick Pony" [1980] written by & starring Paul Simon /tt0081280/

"Patti Cake$" [Aug 2017] /tt6288250/

"Quadrophenia" [1979] /tt0079766/

"The Who: Quadrophenia - The Complete Story" [2012] /tt2249706/

"Quadrophenia: Can You See The Real Me?" TV movie [2013] /tt2865380/

"Renaldo & Clara" [1978] with Dylan & Baez /tt0078151/

"Roadie" [1980]

"Rock and Roll At 50" [P.B.S./WQED-TV Nov 2003]
'Rock & Roll at 50' performance documentary on DVD  90-minute documentary edited from three performances in honor of the 50-year anniversary of the birth of rock & roll, with musicians who were there at the beginning. The live concerts were recorded on May 13 & 14, 2003 at The Benedum Center for the Performing Arts in Pittsburgh and then on May 18, 2003 at the Camberley Theatre, Surrey, England; the documentary was first broadcast as a 3-hour P.B.S. pledge special in November 2003. Artists on the DVD include The Avalons, Gary U.S. Bonds, Danny & The Juniors (' Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay'), Bo Diddley, The Fiestas ('So Fine'), Lesley Gore, The Heartbeats ('A Thousand Miles Away'), Brian Hyland ('Sealed With A Kiss'), The Jaguars, Terry Johnson’s Flamingos (3 songs), Jerry Lee Lewis ('Whole Lot of Shakin’ Going On'), Darlene Love (2 songs), The Manfreds, Gerry Marsden (2 songs), Paul & Paula ('Hey Paula'), Jack Scott & The Jordanaires, and Johnny Tillotson ('Poetry In Motion'); DVD also includes backstage interviews with Bo Diddley, Paul & Paula, and Darlene Lovefull credits at IMDb
Shout! Factory color DVD [5/2004] for $14.78

"The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concerts"
25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concerts 4-CD box set   Time Life Ent. 5½-hour color Blu-ray [11/2010] 2 disks for $32.78
Time Life Ent. 5½-hour color DVD [9/2010] 3 disks for $30.21
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame celebrated its 25th anniversary with a concert series over two days in October 2009 at Madison Square Garden in New York City that included performances by Jeff Beck, Jackson Browne, Crosby, Stills & Nash band, Ray Davies, Dion DiMucci, Fergie, John Fogerty, Aretha Franklin, Billy Gibbons, Buddy Guy, Mick Jagger, Billy Joel, B.B. King, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Anthony & The Imperials, Darlene Love, Metallica band, Sam Moore, Tom Morello, Ozzy Osbourne, Bonnie Raitt, Lou Reed, Smokey Robinson, Simon & Garfunkel, Patti Smith, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Sting, James Taylor, U2 band, will.i.am, Peter Wolf & Stevie Wonder
concert soundtrack album also available: Time Life Ent. CD box set [11/2010] 54 tracks on 4 disks for $36.32

"Rock Around The Clock"

"Rock n' Roll Revue" [1955] /tt0135630/
with Nat 'King' Cole, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Big Joe Turner, Dinah Washington, many others

"Rock of Ages"
feature musical [Warner Bros./NewLine/IMAX June 2012]
Rock of Ages film of the hit Broadway musical  A film version of the smash Broadway musical built around rock hits of the 1980s by Journey, Joan Jett, Bon Jovi & Pat Benatar; consensus of print & web reviewers is that the film is a desecration of the Broadway musical • Co-produced, directed & choreographed by Adam Shankman; written & adapted by Chris D’Arienzo; starring Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bryan Cranston, Paul Giamatti, Mary J. Blige, Tom Cruise & Russell Brand
WaterTower Music soundtrack CD [6/2012] 20 tracks for $11.88
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available
full credits at IMDbofficial movie site

"Rock, Rock, Rock" [1956] /tt0049684/

"The Rose" [1979] /tt0079826/

"Rudderless" [Oct 2014] /tt1798243/
Directed by William H. Macy; starring Selena Gomez, Billy Crudup
official movie sitewatch 8/2014 official trailer [2:25] at YouTube

"Rust Never Sleeps" [1979] starring Neil Young & Crazy Horse /tt0079834/

"The Sapphires" from Australia [Weinstein March 2013]

"Saturday Night Fever" [1977]

"Some Kind of Monster" documentary [] starring 'badass metal gods' Metallica

"The Song Remains The Same" [] Led Zeppelin - new CD & DVD 2007

"Sound City: Real To Reel" [Roswell Films Jan 2013]
Sound City: Real To Reel documentary from Dave Grohl  Documentary from Foo Fighters band member Dave Grohl about the legendary recording studio in Van Nuys, California. • Produced & directed by Dave Grohl; features interviews with Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Rage Against The Machine, Queens of The Stone Age, Metallica, Trent Reznor & Nine Inch Nails, and Weezer, along with anecdotes about the recording of Nirvana’s seminal 1991 album "Nevermind"
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • full credits at IMDbofficial movie site

"Sparkle" [Warner Bros. April 1976]
Sparkle 1976  Inspired by the story of the Supremes; set in Harlem in the late 1950s; the three Williams sisters get the chance to perform as a girl singing group; one achieves fame on her own and another is defeated by drugs. • Directed by Sam O'Steen; written by Joel Schumacher & co-producer Howard Rosenman; starring Irene Cara, Lonette McKee, Dwan Smith, Philip Michael Thomas, Tony King, Mary Alice, Dorian Harewood, Beatrice Winde, Paul Lambert, Joyce Easton, Otis Day, Norma Miller, Talya Ferro
Warner Home Video widescreen color Blu-ray [5/2013] for $14.99
Warner Home Video widescreen color DVD [9/2007] for $4.98
Warner Home Video widescreen color DVD [1/2007] for $5.97
Warner Home Video color VHS [7/94] for $14.99
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipediawatch official trailer [3:06] at YouTube

"Sparkle" remake [Sony Pictures Aug 2012]
Sparkle 2012 remake   A remake of the 1976 film, set in Detroit in 1968; three beautiful sisters – Delores (Tika Sumpter), Sister (Carmen Ejogo), and Sparkle (Jordin Sparks, 'American Idol' winner) – take the local music scene by storm, but their dreams are bigger than Detroit. • Co-produced & directed by Salim Akil; co-produced & adapted by Mara Brock Akil; also starring Whitney Houston, Derek Luke, Mike Epps, Omari Hardwick, CeeLo Green; nominated for six Black Reel Awards
Sony Pictures Home Ent. widescreen color Blu-ray + 3 bonus songs [11/2012] 2 disks for $35.68
Sony Pictures Home Ent. widescreen color Blu-ray + UV digital [11/2012] for $24.11
Sony Pictures Home Ent. widescreen color DVD + UV digital [11/2012] for $19.99
R.C.A. soundtrack CD [7/2012] 11 tracks for $11.99
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipediawatch official trailer [2:31] at YouTube

"Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams" [April 2013?]
Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams documentary film  112-minute documentary & concert movie, released first as one-night HD national theater concert event; when Stevie Nicks got talked into writing another album, she also agreed to have a film crew document the process. • Co-produced & co-directed by Stevie Nicks & Dave Stewart; also starring Glen Ballard, Lindsey Buckingham, Mike Campbell, Rob Cavallo, Steve Ferrone, Mick Fleetwood, Kellianne Murphy, Jessi Nicks, Reese Witherspoon, and various vampires
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available
full credits at IMDbofficial movie sitewatch official trailer [2:16] at YouTube

"Stones In Exile" documentary film [2010] by Stephen Kijak /tt1609157/

"The T.A.M.I. Show" [A.I.P. Dec 1964]
The T.A.M.I. Show concert movie [1964]  A high-definition (for 1964) taping of a concert held at the Santa Monica [California] Civic Auditorium on 28 & 29 October 1964; the quickly-edited 2-hour feature film was released in December 1964. The authorized 2010 DVD release includes complete & fully-remastered footage (lots not found in prior bootlegs). • Written & directed by Steve Binder; emceed by duo Jan and Dean, with The Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, The Blossoms, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Gerry and The Pacemakers, Lesley Gore, Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas, Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, The Supremes & The Rolling Stones; listed on the National Film Registry (2006)
Collector's Edition b&w DVD [3/2010] for $15.99
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

sequel "The Big T.N.T. Show" [A.I.P. 1966]

"That Thing You Do!" [1996]
Written and directed by & starring Tom Hanks

"This Is Elvis" [1981]

"This Is Spinal Tap" [1984]

"Tommy" [1975]

"Tommy and Quadrophenia Live: The Who" video release [2005] /tt0763328/

"Tonight You’re Mine"
[Roadside/Sony U.K. Sept 2011, USA May 2012]
pre-release poster for "You Instead", later renamed "Tonight You’re Mine" [2102]  "Bound together by music, mud, and handcuffs" • Original title "You Instead"; location filming of four days at Scotland’s 'T in the Park' music festival; an indie music star and a punk-rock girl band leader get into a backstage fight and are handcuffed together and unable to be separated, even to perform their gigs • Directed by David Mackenzie; written by Thomas Leveritt; starring Luke Treadaway, Natalia Tena, Alastair MacKenzie, Gavin Mitchell & Sophie Wu
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • full credits at IMDbofficial "You Instead" Facebook page

"200 Motels" [1971] Dir. Tony Palmer & Frank Zappa /tt0066732/

"The True Story of Frank Zappa's 200 Motels" video [1988] /tt0096313/

"Under The Electric Sky" documentary in 3-D   
[Focus Features May 2014]
poster for 2014 'Under The Electric Sky' documentary about the Electric Daisy Carnival  Since it began in 1997 with a few thousand revelers in Los Angeles, the Electric Daisy Carnival has grown to become the largest dance music event in North America. The event was held in Southern California until 2010 and since has expanded to Puerto Rico, Florida, New York/New Jersey, Mexico, and London; the Las Vegas event in 2012 had over 320,000 ticket buyers. This docufilm was co-produced by the event's management company Insomniac Events. • Co-directed by Dan Cutforth & Jane Lipsitz; featuring performances by: Above & Beyond; Afrojack; Alex Kidd; Armin van Buuren; Avicii; Calvin Harris; Cedric Gervais; Dash Berlin; Dillon Francis; Fatboy Slim; Hardwell; Jamie Jones; Morgan Page; Rebecca & Fiona; and Tiësto
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available
full credits at IMDbofficial movie sitewatch official HD trailer [2:16] at YouTube

Electric Daisy Carnival [est. 1997]
official site {redirect}entry at Wikipedia

"The Wall" [1982]
The story of rock singer 'Pink' who is sitting in his hotel room in Los Angeles, burnt out from the music business, and only able to perform
on stage with the help of drugs; directed by Alan Parker, based on the 1979 double album by Pink Floyd

"When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors"
[Rhino April 2010]
When You're Strange documenmtary film by Tom DiCillo  90-minute color/b&w documentary film with previously-unseen footage of The Doors
Written & directed by Tom DiCillo; narrated by Johnny Depp
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available
Rhino Records soundtrack CD [4/2010] 32 tracks for $13.99
full credits at IMDbofficial movie site

"Who Shot Rock & Roll: The Film" 37-minute documentary [June 2012] /tt2211812/

"Willie Nelson & Friends: Live and Kickin' " TV special [2003] /tt0373458/

"Woodstock" []

"Yellow Submarine" [Apple Corps / United Artists 1968]
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipediaofficial movie site

"Yellow Submarine" animated remake in 3-D [shelved 3/2011]
was to be directed by Robert Zemeckis • no longer listed on IMDb

"Zachariah: The First Electric Western" [1971] /tt0068011/

"Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars" [1973] /tt0086643/

"David Bowie & The Story of Ziggy Stardust" TV movie [2012] /tt2223820/

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