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Major U.S. Companies, A to Z
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 an old-fashioned hand-crank cash register       Amazon, Inc. [est. 1994]    •    Apple, Inc. [est. 1975]    •    Ben & Jerry's [est. 1978]    •    Enron [1986-2002]    •
Google, Inc. [est. 1998]    •    IKEA [est. 1943]    •    McDonald's [est. 1948]    •    Microsoft [est. 1975]   •
Monsanto [est. 1901]    •    The New York Times    •    American Railroads    •    Sizzler Restaurants [est. 1958]   •
Starbucks Coffee [est. 1971]    •    Tupperware [est. 1946]    •    TimeWarner [est. 1990]   •
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. [est. 1962]    •    Wikipedia [est. 2001]    •    Yahoo! [est. 1995]    •    and many more ...

The Forbes Magazine Top Ten Private U.S. Companies List  [November 2010]
#1 Cargill, Inc. [est. 1865]  •  #2 Koch Industries, Inc. [est. 1940]  •  #3 Bechtel Corp. [est. 1898]
#4 H.C.A. {Hospital Corporation of America} [est. 1968]  •  #5 Mars Candy Corp. [est. 1911]
#6 Chrysler Motors [est. 1925]  •  #7 Pricewaterhouse Coopers [est. 1849]
#8 Publix Super Markets, Inc. [est. 1930]  •  #9 Ernst & Young [merger 1989]
#10 C&S Wholesale Grocers [est. 1918]

Top Ten Companies of The 147 Corporations That Control 40% of The World Economy [October 2011]
#1 Barclays PLC [London, U.K. est. 1690]   •   #2 Capital Group Companies, Inc. [Los Angeles, USA est. 1931]
#3 F.M.R. LLC / Fidelity Investments [Boston, USA est. 1946]   •   #4 A.X.A., SA [Paris, France est. 1816]
#5 State Street Corp. [Boston, USA est. 1792]   •   #6 JPMorgan Chase & Co. [New York City est. 1799]
#7 Legal & General Group PLC [London, U.K. est. 1836]   •   #8 Vanguard Group, Inc. [U.S.A. est. 1975]
#9 U.B.S. AG {United Bank of Switzerland} [est. 1854]   •   #10 Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. [New York City est. 1914]
the top 25 also includes:
#15 Walton Enterprises, LLC [Arkansas, USA est. 1962]   •   #18 Goldman Sachs [New York City est. 1869]
#21 Morgan Stanley [New York City est. 1935]   •   #25 Bank of America Corp. [est. 1904]


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John Deere [1804-86]   •   Henry Ford [1863-1947]   •    •   Kirk Kerkorian [b. 1917]   •
Henry Luce [1898-1967]   •   'Bernie' Madoff   •   J.C. Penney [1895-1971]    •   T. Boone Pickens [b. 1928]   •
John D. Rockefeller [1839-1937]   •    Martha Stewart   •    The Studebaker Brothers   •   Ted Turner   •
Cornelius Vanderbilt [1794-1877]   •   The Wright Brothers   •   Mark Zuckerberg   •   and many others ...

as well as individuals with their own page
P.T. Barnum [1810-91]    •    Warren Buffett    •    'Buffalo Bill' Cody [1846-1917]    •    Walt Disney [1901-66]    •    Thomas Edison [1847-1931]   •
Fred Harvey [1836-1901]    •    William Randolph Hearst [1863-1951]    •    Howard Hughes [1905-76]    •    Thomas H. Ince [1882-1924]   •
The Koch Brothers    •    Preston Tucker [1903-56]    •   George Westinghouse, Jr. [1846-1914]

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Major U.S. Companies, A to Z

“Capitalism is the creation of jobs and products and services.”
G.E. Nordell

BAD GUYS: U.S. Chamber of Commerce [est. 1912]
BAD GUYS: Business Roundtable [est. 1972]

more bad guys on the
Working Minds Philosophy Barbarians & Fascists Page

Corporate Accountability International [est. 1977] based in Boston, MA

logo for Alibaba Group [est. 1999] of China - Global trade begins here™ title=
Alibaba Group [est. 1999] of China
What is Chinese retail and business-to-business giant Alibaba Group doing on this Anerican business page? The company was started by Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma in 1999, and has grown to a behemoth worth $280B; the American I.P.O. of September 2014 was wildly successful, producing $25B in capital. The gimmick is that that cash equity will be loaned to the Chinese parent and the interest and principal of that loan will be distributed to U.S. shareholders as it is paid back.
official international website • Alibaba Group Holding, Ltd. entry at Wikipedia

logo for Alpha Natural Resources [est. 2002]       logo for homicidal Massey Energy [1920-2011]
Alpha Natural Resources [est. 2002]
official website • A.N.R. entry at Wikipedia

which now owns Massey Energy [1920-2011]
Massey entry at Wikipedia
Martin County, Kentucky toxic sludge spill [Oct 2000]
Upper Big Branch Mine disaster in Raleigh County, West Virginia [29 dead, April 2010]
'Prosecute Massey for Manslaughter' website [est. 4/2010]

Amazon, Inc. [est. 1994]          Amazon's Kindle ebook reader [launched 2007]          Amazon Studios [est. 11/2010]
Amazon, Inc. [est. 1994] "The World's Largest Bookseller"
Founded in July 1994 by Jeff Bezos and launched July 1995; went public in May 1997.
Amazon.com site directory • company entry at Wikipedia

Spirit of America Bookstore's Amazon, Inc. Page
Nordell Bookstores Group's Kindle Hardware & Content Page

America Online / AOL, Inc. [est. 1983]
company official website
AOL entry at Wikipedia

A.O.L. paid $850 million for UK-based social networking site Bebo [est. 2005] in 2008 before dumping it
for less than $10 million to a venture capital firm two years later.

Announced 2/2011: A.O.L. bought news hub Huffington Post in a $315 million deal; Arianna Huffington will become an
executive at AOL, overseeing her blog site as well as local news sites Patch.com and online mapping service Mapquest.

logo for agribusiness conglomerate The Andersons, Inc. [est. 1947] of Ohio
The Andersons, Inc. [est. 1947] of Ohio
company website • company entry at Wikipedia
The Andersons is an agribusiness conglomerate founded in 1947 and is based in Maumee, Ohio; operating revenue for fiscal 2012 was $5.27B.
The six divisions are: grain handling & marketing; five retail grocery stores; ethanol; rail freight car fabrication, repair, services & leasing;
specialty products; and plant nutrients.

eagle logo for Anheuser-Busch
Anheuser-Busch [est. 1852]
official website {must be 21} • company entry at Wikipedia
Working Minds / Things To Worry About / Monopolies / Beer

Hostile Takeover of Anheuser-Busch book by Julie MacIntosh  "Dethroning The King: The Hostile Takeover of Anheuser-Busch,
An American Icon" [2010]
by Julie MacIntosh

Wiley & Sons 9x6 pb [11/2011] for $14.21
Wiley & Sons 9x6½ hardcover [10/2010] for $16.59

Apple Computer original logo        rainbow logo for Apple, Inc.
Apple, Inc. [est. 1975] producer of personal computers
Founded in April 1975 in Cupertino, California by Steve Wozniak & Steve Jobs [1955-2011]
iMac PC launched 1998, iPod launched 2001, iPhone launched 2007
Apple Computer Inc.: official website • company entry at Wikipedia

Spirit of America Bookstore's Apple, Inc. Page

Steve Jobs [1955-2011]
listed on Time Magazine 100 for 2010
listed #5 on Atlantic Monthly's "Top 30 Influential Living Americans" (12/2006)
80-minute tribute video on Apple's website [11/2011]

Spirit of America Bookstore's
Steve Jobs [1955-2011]

Arbuckle's Coffee [est. 1865]
Arbuckle's Coffee [est. 1865] official website

Arbuckle's Coffee book by Francis L. Fugate  
"Arbuckle's: The Coffee That Won The West" [1994]
by Francis L. Fugate

Texas Western Press 12½x9¾ hardcover
[11/94] out of print/used

round logo for Atlantic & Pacific Grocery
Atlantic & Pacific Grocery [est. 1859]

The Great A&P & Small Business book by Marc Levinson  "The Great A&P and The Struggle For Small Business In America" [2011]
by Marc Levinson

Hill & Wang 9x6 hardcover [8/2011] for $15.98

"A & P: The Story of the Great Atlantic... by Avis H. Anderson

"The Rise and Decline of the Great Atlantic &... by William I. Walsh

Barnes & Noble [est. 1886]         Nook ereader launched by Barnes & Noble in November 2009
Barnes & Noble Booksellers [est. 1886]
Began in 1886 as the Arthur Hinds & Company bookstore at Cooper Union in New York City; name changed to Barnes & Noble in 1917; moved to flagship store at 105 Fifth Avenue in New York City in 1932. Sold to conglomerate Amtel in 1969; near-defunct company purchased in 1971 by Leonard Riggio for $1.2M, and greatly expanded. B&N purchased B. Dalton bookstores chain [est. 1966] in 1987, for an estimated $250M; the last of the B. Dalton & Pickwick stores closed in February 2013. The official website launched in May 1997. The company went public in 1999; in March 2013, chairman Riggio offered to buy back the public shares, intending to strengthen the website and close twenty stores (of 689) per year; by August 2013, those plans were cancelled.


ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's [est. 1978] of Vermont

"Ben & Jerry's: The Inside Scoop - How Two Real Guys Built A Business With
A Social Conscience & A Sense of Humor" [1995] by Fred Lager /0517883708/

Brooks Brothers Clothiers [est. 1818]
clothier Brooks Brothers [est. 1818]

"Brooks Brothers, Centenary 1818-1918: Being A Short History of The Founding of
Their Business, Together With An Account of Its Different Locations In The City
of New York During This Period" [2005] by Michigan Historical Reprint Series /1425500048/

Castle & Cooke [est. 1851]

Caterpillar, Inc. [est. 1925]
Aside from Caterpillar management's giving themselves raises and cutting union members' wages and outsourcing jobs overseas and to
'right-to-low-wages' states, the latest anti-American behaviour is Caterpillar's stashing overseas profits in a paper subsidiary in Switzerland
to avoid paying $2.4 billion in U.S. taxes between 2000 & 2012. In early March 2017, federal agents served search warrants at Caterpillar
offices in Peoria, East Peoria, and Morton, Illinois specifically looking for documents on their dealings in Switzerland.
Caterpillar, Inc. official website • Cat Products North America official website • entry at Wikipedia

Chiquita Brands [est. 1871]
Chiquita Brands International [est. 1871]
Founded as United Fruit Company in 1871; 1970 merger & name change to United Brands; Carl Lindner, Jr.'s
American Financial Group took over in August 1984 and moved headquarters to Cincinnati, Ohio; filed Chapter 11
bankruptcy protection {when?}; exited bankruptcy March 2002 and changed name to Chiquita Brands.

United Fruit entry at Wikipedia • United Fruit Historical Society [est. 2001]
United Fruit entry at Guatamalan Info website
Chiquita Brands official website • entry at Wikipedia

Bananas & Business book by Marcelo Bucheli   "Bananas and Business: The United Fruit Company In Colombia,
1899-2000" [2005]
by Marcelo Bucheli

New York Univ Press 9x6¼ hardcover [2/2005] for $55.00
Fruit That Changed the World book by Dan Koeppel  "Banana: The Fate of The Fruit That Changed The World" [2007]
by Dan Koeppel

Plume 8x5¼ pb [12/2008] for $10.88
Hudson Street Press 8¾x6½ hardcover [12/2007] for $16.29
Bananas / United Fruit Company book by Peter Chapman  "Bananas!: How The United Fruit Company Shaped The World" [2008]
by Peter Chapman

Canongate Books, Ltd. 7¾x5 pb [7/2009] for $10.97
Canongate Books, Ltd. 8x5 hardcover [1/2008] out of print/used

"Bananas: An American History" [] by Virginia Scott Jenkins

"Banana Wars: Power, Production, and History in..." [] by Steve Striffler

candidate for Corporate Accountability International's 2016 Corporate Hall of Shame  Chevron []

candidate for Corporate Accountability International's 2016 Corporate Hall of Shame  Citigroup []

ConAgra Foods [est. 1919, renamed 1971]
ConAgra Foods® [est. 1919, renamed 1971]
Founded as Nebraska Consolidated Mills in 1919 in Grand Island, moved to Omaha, Nebraska in 1922; established the Duncan Hines cake mixes brand in 1951 as a way to sell more flour. The company changed its name to ConAgra in 1971, and lost money trying to expand into fertilizer & pet food & fish farms; Mike Harper took charge of the business in 1974 and saved it from bankruptcy. ConAgra bought consumer brands over the next twenty years, starting with Banquet and followed by hundreds of brands purchased from R.J.R. Nabisco, Beatrice Foods, and others. The recent purchase of Ralcorp (an off-shoot of Ralston Purina) for $4.95B makes ConAgra the largest private-label packaged food business in the United States, followed by Kraft, General Mills, and Hormel Foods.
(See also Business & Economic Monopolies Page at Working Minds / Things To Worry About)

Some of ConAgra's major brands include Banquet frozen foods, Bertolli ready meals, Blue Bonnet spreads, Chef Boyardee, Chun King Chinese-style foods, Dennison's Chili, Egg Beaters, Fleischmann's spreads, Gulden's Mustard, Healthy Choice, Hebrew National, Hunt's, Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding, Jiffy Pop popcorn, La Choy Chinese-style foods, Manwich, Marie Callender's, Orville Redenbacher popcorn, PAM cooking spray, Parkay spreads, P.F. Chang's, Ranch Style Beans, Reddi-wip, Ro-Tel tomato sauces, Rosarita Mexican-style foods, Slim Jim snacks, Swiss Miss cocoa & pudding, Van Camp's beans, Wesson cooking oils, and Wolf Brand Chili
(See also the list of ConAgra brands at Wikipedia)

Conde Nast Publishing [est. 1909]         Conde Nast Digital [est. 1995]
Cond้ Nast Publishing [est. 1909] division of Advance Publications [est. 1922]
company official website • company entry at Wikipedia

Magazines published by Cond้ Nast include: Allure, Architectural Digest, Bon App้tit, Brides, House & Garden (U.K. only), Conde Nast Traveler, Details,
Easy Living Magazine, Glamour, Golf Digest, Golf World, GQ Magazine, Lucky Magazine, The New Yorker, Self, Tatler in U.K. [est. 1901], Teen Vogue,
Vanity Fair, Vogue, W Magazine, Wired Magazine, and The World of Interiors. The Fairchild Fashion Media subdivision publishes Beauty Inc.,
Footwear News, M Magazine, NowManifest, Style.com Magazine, and Women’s Wear Daily. Cond้ Nast Digital [est. 1995] operates the Gourmet Live,
Ars Technica, and Epicurious websites, plus apps for the magazines.

Diners & Fast Food
Spirit of America Bookstore's American Roadside Diners Page

A & W Restaurants chain [est. 1919] - famous for their draft root beer
Big Boy Restaurants chain [est. 1934] in California, Illinois, Michigan, North Dakota & Ohio
Tommy's Original World Famous Hamburgers® [est. 1946; 33 locations]
In-N-Out Burger chain [est. 1948]
Norm's Restaurants chain [est. 1949]
Waffle House® Restaurants chain [est. 1955]
Huddle House chain [est. 1964]
Ruby's Diner chain [est. 1980]

candidate for Corporate Accountability International's 2016 Corporate Hall of Shame  Dow Chemical []

color logo for Enron Corp. [1986-2002]
Enron [1986-2002]
Working Minds / Things To Worry About / Corporations vs. America / The Enron Scandal

Entercom Communications Corp. [est. 1968]
One of the largest radio broadcasting companies in the United States, with over 100 stations in 23 markets.
official website • Wikipedia

Working Minds / Things To Worry About / Monopolies / Petroleum

"Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power" [5/2012] by Steve Coll

color logo for Facebook [est. 2004]
Facebook, Inc. [est. 2004]
Facebook official website • Facebook entry at Wikipedia

Spirit of America Bookstore's Facebook, Inc. Page

Ferry-Morse Seed Company [est. 1856] of Fulton, Kentucky

classic logo of General Electric [est. 1879 by Thomas Edison]
General Electric [est. 1879]
General Electric was established by Thomas Alva Edison [1847-1931], and was ranked in 2009 by Forbes Magazine as the world's largest company. G.E. bought 80% of Universal Pictures from Vivendi in 2004. By 2010, Vivendi sold its stake to Comcast prior to Comcast's purchase of a major stake in NBC-Universal from G.E. As-of January 2011, G.E. owned 49% of NBC-Universal, with Comcast owning the rest. In February 2013, Comcast signed a deal to pay $16.7B for all of G.E.'s Universal stock.

General Electric entry at Wikipedia

Secret To G.E.'s Success book by William E. Rothschild  "The Secret To G.E.'s Success: A Former Insider
Reveals The Management Strategies of The World's
Most Competitive Company" [2007]
by William E. Rothschild

McGraw-Hill hardcover [1/2007] for $20.40

General Motors [est. 1908]          Chevrolet [est. 1911, acquired by GM 1918]
General Motors [est. 1908]
Based in Detroit, Michigan; current marques include Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Opel, Vauxhall & Holden;
former brands include Oldsmobile, Packard, Oakland, LaSalle, Pontiac, Saturn & Hummer

"My Years With General Motors" [] by Alfred Sloan

Google search engine behemoth [est. 1998]
Google, Inc. [est. 1996]
main Google website • company entry at Wikipedia
Alphabet Inc. Class C Capital Stock Quote & Summary Data at NASDAQ

Founded in 1996; incorporated 1998; stock I.P.O. in 2004; reorganized as Alphabet, Inc. in October 2015.
Google launched new Panda 1.0 ranking algorithm in 2011.
Google launched Panda 4.0 ranking algorithm revisions in May 2014.

After a seven-year legal battle, the European Union slapped a record 2.42 billion-euro ($2.72 billion) fine on internet giant Google on 26 June 2017
for taking advantage of its dominance in online searches to direct customers to its own online shopping business.

Biography: The Google Boys on DVD  "The Google Boys" [A&E Biography 2005]
45-minute TV documentary co-produced, written & co-directed by Michael Joseloff,
co-directed by George P. Pozderec; featuring Larry Page & Sergey Brin
A&E Home Video color DVD [12/2006] for $7.68
credits at IMDb
Google Way / Revolutionizing Management book by Bernard Girard  "The Google Way: How One Company Is Revolutionizing Management As We Know It" [2009]
by Bernard Girard

No Starch Press 9¼x6¼ hardcover [4/2009] for $16.38
Googled book by Ken Auletta  "Googled: The End of The World As We Know It" [2009]
{New York Times bestseller} by Ken Auletta

The tale of geek founders Sergey Brin & Larry Page against the background of a sharp and probing analysis of the parallel apocalyptic upheavals in the media and entertainment industries.
Penguin 8½x5½ pb [10/2010] for $10.88
Penguin Press 9¼x6½ hardcover [11/2009] for $18.45
Googlization of Everything book by Siva Vaidhyanathan  "The Googlization of Everything (And Why We Should Worry)" [2011]
by Siva Vaidhyanathan

Univ CA Press 9x6¼ hardcover [3/2011] for $17.79
official book site
In The Plex / Google book by Steven Levy  "In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives" [2011]
by Steven Levy

Simon & Schuster hardcover [4/2011] for $16.51
Search & Destroy / You Can't Trust Google Inc. book by Scott Cleland & Ira Brodsky   "Search & Destroy: Why You Can't Trust Google Inc." [2011]
by Scott Cleland, with Ira Brodsky

Telescope Books 9x6¼ hardcover [5/2011] for $18.72
Confessions of Google Employee Number 59 book by Douglas Edwards  "I'm Feeling Lucky: The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59" [2011] by Douglas Edwards
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 9x6 hardcover [7/2011] for $15.84

Google Shopping fee-to-seller service [revised 5/2012]    began as    Froogle free ads shopping service [2002-2012]
Froogle was launched in December 2002 and indexed seller data after free signup, with income to Google derived from Adwords keyword bidding. The service was renamed to Google Product Search in April 2007, then rebranded as Google Shopping in May 2012, with a change to for-fee inclusion.
official website • entry at Wikipedia

Google's purchase of cellphone manufacturer Motorola Mobility officially completed May 2012.
The new Google Glass computer spectacles launched with limited availability for $1,500 in 2013.
Google shut down its Reader service in July 2013.
January 2014: Google purchased Nest Labs for $3.2B.
April 2014: Google purchased Titan Aerospace of Moriarty, New Mexico
(designer & manufacturer of solar-powered drones) for $60M.

YouTube video-sharing website [est. 2005], sold to Google in 2006
YouTube, LLC was founded by three former PayPal employees in February 2005; Google Inc. paid
$1.65 billion for the company in November 2006; based in San Bruno, California.
official website • entry at Wikipedia

YouTube opened offices at 331 Foothill Rd. in Beverly Hills, California in late 2011,
and a 41,000-square-feet production facility YouTube Space in nearby Playa Vista, California in November 2012.

YouTube TV for-fee live-streaming broadcast TV service launched in five metro areas February 2017  2/2017
YouTube TV is a for-fee live-streaming broadcast TV service that was launched in February 2017 in five metro areas: Los Angeles, San Francisoc Bay, Chicago, New York City, and Philadelphia ('with more areas soon'). Cost is $35/month, for six accounts per household; contents derived from ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, and NBC – as well as 40 cable channels.
official website • entry at Wikipedia

logo for Great Harvest Bread Company [est. 1975] and franchises
Great Harvest Bread Company [est. 1975]
based in Dillon, Montana with over 200 franchised locations
official website • company entry at Wikipedia

logo for unethical Halliburton Corp. [est. 1919] of Houston, Texas & Dubai, UAE]
candidate for Corporate Accountability International's 2016 Corporate Hall of Shame  Halliburton [est. 1919]
Halliburton division Kellogg-Brown & Root [spun off 2007] committed war-profiteering during the Iraq War
Halliburton division Dresser Industries [purchased 1998] was a major cause of the B.P. Gulf Coast Megaspill of 2010

Halliburton Watch
Halliburton Employees' Federal Credit Union

books and other info about Halliburton are on Working Minds Philosophy's Barbarians & Fascists Page

Hasbro official logo              Hasbro Studios official logo              Parker Brothers board games official logo              Tonka Toys official logo
Hasbro Industries [est. 1923] of Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Henry & Helal Hassenfeld founded textile firm Hassenfeld Brothers in Rhode Island and expanded into school supplies and then into toys; their first hit toy was "Mr. Potatohead" in the 1950s; in 1964, they created the term 'action figure' for their "G.I. Joe" line because boys wouldn't play with dolls. The company name was changed to Hasbro Industries in 1968.
  • 1969: Hasbro purchased Romper Room, Inc. now called Claster Television Productions
  • 1982: Hasbro launched the "My Little Pony" toy franchise
  • 1984: Hasbro purchased Milton Bradley Company – "The Game of Life", "Candy Land",
            "Twister", "Chutes and Ladders", and "Yahtzee"
  • 1984: Hasbro launched the "Transformers" toy franchise
  • 1985: Hasbro purchased C.B.S. Toys
  • 1986: Hasbro purchased Playskool
  • 1991: Hasbro purchased Parker Brothers, which included the "Monopoly™" game
  • 1991: Hasbro purchased Kenner, which included the Tonka Toys line
  • company website • entry at Wikipedia

    Hasbro, Inc. announced in December 2012 that it is combining its content initiatives (including television, film, commercial productions, and short-form content)
    under Los Angeles-based Hasbro Studios and president Stephen Davis. The studio division was launched in 2009 by Davis, who reports to Hasbro’s chief
    marketing officer. Operations include Hasbro’s Film Group in Los Angeles and the company’s Rhode Island-based studio facility. The division will also oversee
    Hasbro’s feature film slate, which recently includes "Transformers 4" with Paramount, "Stretch Armstrong" with Relativity Media, and "Candy Land" with Sony.
    Hasbro Studios website • Hasbro Studios at Wikipedia

    Helms Bakery official window card 'A Signal For Service'
    Helms Bakery [1931-69] of Culver City, California
    Helms Bakery History • Wikipedia
    Helms Bakery Memories fansite

    Helms Bakery District
    The Helms Bakery building is now packed with antique stores, cafes, a jazz nightclub, and a museum.

    Hormel Foods Corp. [est. 1891] of Austin, Minnesota
    Hormel Foods Corp. [est. 1891] of Austin, Minnesota
    Hormel Foods entry at Wikipedia
    Hormel 1985 Strike entry at Wikipedia

    No Retreat, No Surrender book by Dave Hage & Paul Klauda  "No Retreat, No Surrender: Labor's War At Hormel" [1989]
    by Dave Hage & Paul Klauda

    Wm. Morrow 9¼x6¼ hardcover [5/89] out of print/many used
    On Strike At Hormel book by Hardy Green  "On Strike At Hormel: The Struggle For A Democratic
    Labor Movement" [1990] by Hardy Green

    Temple Univ Press 8x5½ pb [5/91] out of print/used
    Temple Univ Press 9x6¼ pb [2/90] out of print/used
    Hard-Pressed In The Heartland / Hormel Strike book by Peter Rachleff  "Hard-Pressed In The Heartland: The Hormel Strike & The
    Future of The Labor Movement" [1999] by Peter Rachleff

    South End Press 8½x5½ pb [7/99] for $12.53
    South End Press 8¾x5¾ hardcover [7/99] out of print/used

    "American Dream" documentary film
    [festival circuit 1990, Miramax March 1992]
    won Oscar for Best Documentary Feature    Oscar-winning American Dream labor strike documentary by Barbara Kopple  Oscar-winning chronicle of the six-month 1985 strike at Hormel Foods in Austin, Minnesota. The P-9 local of the Food and Commercial Workers Union rejected a $2-per-hour pay cut and went out on strike. Besides the worker-union conflict, the national union and the P-9 local disagreed on strategy & tactics, and bitter intra- and inter-family conflict didn't help any. The film leaves the viewer with the question of whether the failed strike helped or hindered the labor movement. Directed by Barbara Kopple, with Cathy Caplan, Thomas Haneke & Lawrence Silk; won Oscar for Best Documentary Feature; won D.G.A. Award, I.D.A. Award, 3 awards at Sundance Film Festival
    Miramax Home Ent. widescreen color DVD [1/2012] for $19.98
    HBO Home Video color VHS [12/93] out of prodn/used
    full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia

    older blue logo for Hostess Brands [est. 1930]             red heart logo for Hostess Brands [est. 1930] of Irving, Texas
    Interstate Bakeries / Hostess Brands, Inc. [1930-2012]
    Founded as Interstate Bakeries in 1930; longtime base in Kansas City, Missouri. Company acquired/merged with the Continental Baking division of Ralston Purina, which owned the Hostess & Wonder Bread Brands; moved to Irving, Texas. Company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September 2004 and emerged as a private company in February 2009, fifty percent owned by venture capitalists; name changed to Hostess Brands in November 2009. A second bankruptcy in January 2012 was complicated by demands for employees to take cuts in pay and pensions and healthcare, while paying the outgoing CEO a $2.5M compensation package and giving executives an 80% pay increase. The bakers union rejected company demands by a 92% vote, and struck on 9 November 2012; company announced on November 16 changing bankruptcy to liquidation, hoping to sell off its various brands at a profit. The brands include Blue Ribbon, Butternut Bread, Dolly Madison, Drake's, Holsom, Home Pride, Hostess (Twinkies, Ding Dongs & Ho Hos), Millbrook, Nature's Pride, San Francisco French Bread & Wonder Bread.
    official company website • entry at Wikipedia

    While Twinkies & Ding Dongs & Ho Hos are tough to replace, substitutes for the Hostess Fruit Pies can be found quite easily.
    Flowers Foods of Thomasville, Georgia, for example, bakes the Blue Bird brand pies that are available nationwide
    at Shoprite, Dollar General, and other stores.
    Other brand options include McKee Foods/Little Debbie (flavors include peach, chocolate & blackberry),
    Mindy Lu's Pie Company of Arlington, Texas (flavors include apricot, peach, chocolate & coconut),
    and the Entenmann's Bakeries division of Weston Foods/Bimbo Bakeries USA.

    Blue Bird Bakeries Cherry Pie baked by Flowers Foods of Thomasville, Georgia        Entenmann's Bakeries Lemon Pie        Apple Snack Pie from Little Debbie Bakeries (in a box)

    blue/yellow logo for IKEA International
    IKEA International A/S [est. 1943]
    While IKEA – the world's largest furniture retailer – is officially based in Sweden, revenues are deposited to a non-profit structure in Liechtenstein, Luxembourg & The Netherlands,
    which is reported to control twelve billion dollars in cash. The U.S. division includes manufacturing plants. As-of October 2011, IKEA operates 326 stores in thirty-eight countries.
    company website • entry at Wikipedia
    Ingvar Kamprad started Ikea in 1943 at age 17 and became the world's fifth-richest man; he died at home in Smaland, Sweden in January 2018 at age 91.

    The Truth About IKEA book by John Stenebo  "The Truth About IKEA: The Secret Behind The World's Fifth Richest Man and The Success of The Flatpack Giant" [2010 bestseller]
    by John Stenebo

    Kindle Edition from Gibson Square [11/2010] for $9.99
    Gibson Square Books 9x6 pb [11/2010] out of print/used

    In-N-Out Burger [est. 1948]
    company official website

    In-N-Out Burger Behind-the-Counter Look book by Stacy Perman  "In-N-Out Burger: A Behind-The-Counter Look At The
    Fast-Food Chain That Breaks All The Rules" [2009]
    by Stacy Perman

    Harper 7¾x5¼ pb [10/2010] for $10.19
    Collins Business 8¼x5¾ hardcover [4/2009] for $16.49

    Jewel Tea Co. [est. 1899]

    Johnson & Johnson
    Johnson & Johnson brands include Band-Aid bandages, Clean & Clear anti-acne cream, Listerine mouthwash, Motrin, Neosporin ointment,
    Neutrogena skin products, Rogaine hair-growth aid, Splenda sweetener, Stayfree female hygeine, Sudafed, and Tylenol

    Ben E. Keith Company
    Ben E. Keith Company [est. 1906]
    distributes commercial food products & Anheuser-Busch beer in 11 states
    company official website

    King Biscuit Flour

    Koch Industries [est. 1940] of Wichita, Kansas
    candidate for Corporate Accountability International's 2016  Corporate Hall of Shame  Koch Industries [est. 1940] of Wichita, Kansas
    Founded in 1940 by oil baron Fred C. Koch [1900-67]; inherited by four sons in 1967 and currently run by fascist political idealogues
    Charles G. Koch & David H. Koch. Brother William I. Koch gave $3M for anti-Obama TV ads in 2012; David & Charles raised $400M for the 2012 campaign;
    the Koch brothers have pledged $889M for anti-American propaganda in the 2016 election cycle.
    “Koch Industries is the poster child of a company run amok.” — Charles Lewis, Center For Public Integrity
    company official website • company entry at Wikipedia

    Spirit of America Bookstore's Koch Brothers Page

    “The fundamental purpose of the Kochs’ [political] spending is to rig the economic system for their benefit.” — New York Times, 2014

    "Koch Brothers Exposed 2014" video [Brave New Films April 2014]
    Koch Brothers Exposed 2014 docufilm by Robert Greenwald  Co-produced & directed by Robert Greenwald; featuring Charles & David & Bill Koch
    DVDs available with donation via Brave New Foundation with free s/h
    same credits at IMDb as 2012 • official website • watch official trailer [2:00] on YouTube
    watch entire movie [55:56] free at YouTube

    "Citizen Koch: A Film About Money, Power & Democracy"
    [indep June 2014]
    early flyer for 'Citizen Koch' documentary film  2014 poster for 'Citizen Koch' documentary film  Funding from Kickstarter; examines political issues in Wisconsin, featuring
    the millions of dollars contributed by Koch Brothers dark money groups.

    Co-produced, co-written & co-directed by Carl Deal & Tia Lessin
    DVD/Blu-ray not yet available
    full credits at IMDb • official movie site • entry at Wikipedia
    watch official trailer [2:25] at Vimeo

    LinkedIn social network [est. ?]
    operates the Lynda for-fee service

    Mad Magazine [est. 1952]

    McDonald's Restaurants chain golden arches name logo
    candidate for Corporate Accountability International's 2016 Corporate Hall of Shame   McDonald's Restaurants [est. 1948]
    The grand opening took place on December 12, 1948 in San Bernardino, California.
    The McDonald brothers sold their business to investing partner Ray Kroc in 1961 for $2.7 million.
    The company and its franchises serve over 68 million customers daily in 119 countries across more than 36,000 outlets (2016).
    company official website • company entry at Wikipedia

    Spirit of America Bookstore's McDonald's Corp. Page

    McIlhenny Company [est. 1868]
    producer of Tabascoฎ brand products

    "McIlhenny's Gold: How A Louisiana Family Built The Tabasco Empire"
    [2007] by Jeffrey Rothfeder /0060721847/

    media conglomerate Meredith Corp. [est. 1902]
    Meredith Corp. [est. 1902]
    U.S. media conglomerate that owns 22 magazines, 18 TV stations, and 7 radio stations; the magazines include American Baby, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Life,
    Every Day with Rachael Ray, Family Circle, FamilyFun, Midwest Living, Parents (and its Spanish-language counterpart, Ser Padres), Shape, Successful Farming (2017)
    company official website • company entry at Wikipedia
    Announced 11/2017: Meredith Corp. is purchasing Time Inc. for $2.8 billion (or more) with the help of an investment of $640M from the Koch Brothers.

    Microsoft, Inc. [est. 1975] producer of software for personal computers
    Founded in April 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico by Bill Gates & Paul G. Allen
    company official website • company entry at Wikipedia

    Spirit of America Bookstore's Microsoft, Inc. Page

    candidate for Corporate Accountability International's 2016  Corporate Hall of Shame  Monsanto Company, Inc. [est. 1901]
    company official website • company entry at Wikipedia

    Spirit of America Bookstore's Monsanto Company, Inc. Page

    March Against Monsanto [May & October 2016] in over 400 cities in over 50 countries

    candidate for Corporate Accountability International's 2016 Corporate Hall of Shame  Nestles []

    News Corp.
    News Corp. Section on 20th Century Fox Page at Magic Lantern

    The Man Who Owns The News Rupert Murdoch biography by Michael Wolff  
    "The Man Who Owns The News: Inside The Secret World of Rupert Murdoch" [2008] by Michael Wolff
    Broadway Books 8x5¼ pb [5/2010] for $13.78
    Broadway Books bargain priced 9¼x6¼ hardcover [12/2008] for $11.11
    Broadway Books 9¼x6¼ hardcover [12/2008] out of print/dozens used

    candidate for Corporate Accountability International's 2016 Corporate Hall of Shame  Nike []

    pre-merger logo for Office Depot [est. 1986]       pre-merger logo for OfficeMax [est. 1988]
    Office Depot [est. 4/1988] / OfficeMax [est. 3/1986]
    Announced 2/2013: Merger of OfficeMax [900 stores] and Office Depot [1675 stores] in a $1.2B stock swap.

    Organized Crime
    Spirit of America Bookstore's Organized Crime Page
    'The Godfather Saga' Page at Magic Lantern Video & Book Store
    Gangster Film Festival Page at Magic Lantern Video & Book Store

    Italians & Syndicate Crime book by Humbert S. Nelli  "The Business of Crime: Italians and Syndicate Crime
    In The United States" [1976] by Humbert S. Nelli

    Univ Chicago Press 8¼x5½ pb [4/81] for $29.00
    Oxford Univ Press 8½x5¾ hardcover [8/76] out of print/used

    Pabst Brewing Co. [est. 1844]
    Beer brands controlled by Pabst include Heileman, Lone Star, Pearl, Piels Lager, National Bohemian,
    Primo of Hawai'i, Rainier Ale, Schaefer, Schlitz, and Stroh's
    Working Minds / Things To Worry About / Monopolies / Beer

    "The Pabst Brewing Company: The History of an American Business" [1948] by Thomas C Cochran

    The Pony Express [April 1860 to October 1861]
    The Pony Express was strategically necessary because of the start of the War Between The States, and was doomed
    from the beginning because wires for the transcontinental telegraph system were rapidly being extended across Western America.

    information moved to 'Readers of The Purple Sage' Western Bookstore's Pony Express [1860-1861] Page

    map of the Pony Express route

    Procter & Gamble []
    The brands manufactured by P&G include: Align, Always feminine hygiene, Aussie Men, Bounce fabric softener, Bounty paper towels, Braun shavers, Cascade, Charmin bathroom tissue, Clairol hair coloring, Cover Girl makeup, Crest, Dawn soap, Downy fabric softener, Duracell batteries, Fabreze, Gillette, Head & Shoulders shampoo, Herbal Essence shampoo, Iams pet food, Ivory soap, Metamucil, Mr. Clean, Nyquil, Olay, Old Spice, Oral-B, Pampers disposable diapers, Pantene, Prilosec, Puffs, Scope mouthwash, Secret deodorant, Swiffer, Tampax feminine hygiene, Tide soap, Venus razors, Vidal Sassoon

    "Rising Tide: Lessons From 165 Years of Brand Building At Procter & Gamble" [] by Davis Dyer

    R.C.A. {Radio Corporation of America} [est. 1919]

    "Capital Moves: RCA's 70-Year Quest for..." [] by Jefferson R. Cowie

    Spirit of America's
    American Railroads Pages
    on page one:  top of page • Links • Museums • Class I Railroads • Class II Railroads • Shortline Railroads

    on page two:  top of page • Model Railroads • Live Steam • Lionel • Railroad History
    Narrow Gauge • Historic Rail Lines • Books

    on page three:  top of page • Transcontinental Railroads • Railroad Moguls • Railroad Recordings

    Spirit of America Bookstore's 'Railroads in Fiction' Pages

    Spirit of America Bookstore's 'Non-Fiction Books About Railroads' Pages

    Spirit of America Bookstore's Railroad Film Festival Pages

    Spirit of America Bookstore's Railroad Pioneers, 1802-1840 Page

    Spirit of America Bookstore's Railroad Equipment Pages
    Spirit of America Bookstore's Private Railcars U.S.A. Page
    Spirit of America Bookstore's Geared Steam Locomotives Page

    America's Shortline Railroads Page

    Schwan's Home Service, Inc. [est. 1952]
    Schwan's Home Service, Inc. [est. 1952] in Marshall, MN

    See's Candies of California
    See's Candies [est. 1921]
    Founded in 1921 in Los Angeles, California; sold to Berkshire Hathaway in 1972.
    official website • company entry at Wikipedia

    See's Famous Old Time Candies book by Margaret Moos Pick  "See's Famous Old Time Candies: A Sweet Story"
    [2005] by Margaret Moos Pick

    Chronicle Books 7¼x7 hardcover [12/2005] for $11.64

    candidate for Corporate Accountability International's 2016  Corporate Hall of Shame  Shell Oil []

    I.M. Singer & Co. [est. 1851]
    Singer Manufacturing Company [renamed 1865]
    The Singer Company [renamed 1963]

    official website • company entry at Wikipedia

    "The First Conglomerate: 145 Years of The Singer Sewing Machine Company" [6/2010] by Don Bissell

    Sizzler Restaurants [est. 1958]
    Founded in 1958 as Del's Sizzler Steak House at Airport Village in Culver City, California.
    official website • entry at Wikipedia

    the original Del's Sizzler Steak House in Airport Village, Culver City, California (circa 1958)
    click for larger photo {in new window}

    logo for merged Stanley Black & Decker Corp. [est. 2010]

    pre-merger logo for Stanley Works / Stanley Tools [est. 1857]    pre-merger logo for Black & Decker Corp. [est. 1910]

    Stanley Tools and Black & Decker
    The Stanley Rule & Level Company was founded in 1857 by Henry Stanley in New Britain, Connecticut; in 1920, the company merged with the separate but related Stanley Works, founded by Henry Stanley's cousin Frederick Trent Stanley. Black & Decker Corp. was founded in 1910 by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1917, Black & Decker obtained a patent for a hand-held drill combining a pistol grip and trigger switch. 153-year-old Stanley and 100-year-old Black & Decker quietly merged in March 2010.
    official Stanley Black & Decker website   •   Stanley Black & Decker at Wikipedia
    official Stanley website   •   Stanley Tools entry at Wikipedia
    official Black & Decker website   •   Black & Decker entry at Wikipedia

    logos for Starbucks Coffee: old on left, new on right
    Starbucks Coffee [est. 1971]
    Starbucks Coffee began in 1971 as a seller of freshly-roasted coffee beans in Seattle, Washington. In 1987, the three owners sold out to a competitor (and former employee). Starbucks had grown to 165 locations in the U.S. and Canada by the time the company went public in 1992. The rapid expansion of the chain purposely trampled on local coffee shops, and thousands of small businesses disappeared as Starbucks grew to its current monster footprint of 16,600 stores in 49 countries (over 11,000 in the U.S.).
    official website   •   company entry at Wikipedia

    Spirit of America Bookstore's Starbucks Corp. Page

    Robert Redford's Sundance Companies

    Target Corp. [est. 1902]
    Target is the second-largest retailer in the country (after Wal-Mart, of course)

    TimeWarner [est. 19xx]

    Tupperware [est. 1946]

    Verizon Communications [est. 1984, renamed 2000]
    official company website • company entry at Wikipedia

    Verizon Fios fiber-optic service is available in 20 East Coast cities - in DC, MA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA (2018)
    official company website • company entry at Wikipedia

    Walgreen Company / Walgreens Drugs [est. 1901]
    Walgreens is the nation’s largest pharmacy retailer with 8,200 stores that are located in all 50 states, plus Guam & Puerto Rico.
    official website   •   entry at Wikipedia

    In 2014, Walgreens management started consideration of purchasing a Swiss company for the purpose of an 'inversion' - switching ownership
    of the U.S.-based company to a foreign entity - thus avoiding $4B in U.S. taxes over the next five years – while still using infrastructure and
    other benefits here; after a public outcry, the deal was cancelled.

    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. [est. 1962]

    Spirit of America Bookstore's Wal-Mart, Inc. Page

    You have two options: you can say "Boycott WalMart!!" or say "Boycott WongMart!!"
    Working Minds / Things to Worry About / Corporations vs. America / Boycott Wal-Mart !!

    Wikimedia and online encyclopedia Wikipedia
    "Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing."
    — Wikimedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, in July 2004

    Wikipedia [est. 2001]: official company website • entry at Wikipedia
    Wikimedia Foundation [est. 2003]: official website • entry at Wikipedia

    longtime red Yahoo! logo, launched January 1996
    Yahoo!, Inc. [est. 1994]
    Founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994; incorporated in March 1995; Yahoo! hired Marissa Mayer (ex-Google) as president & CEO in July 2012;
    in July 2016, Verizon Communications agreed to purchase Yahoo's internet business for $4.8 billion.
    official company website • entry at Wikipedia

    Marissa Mayer, president/CEO at Yahoo!
      listed on TIME Magazine World 100, April 2013

    Marissa Mayer & the Fight to Save Yahoo! book by Nicholas Carlson  "Marissa Mayer and The Fight To Save Yahoo!" [2015]
    by Nicholas Carlson

    Kindle Edition from Twelve/Hachette [1/2015] for $14.99
    Twelve/Hachette pb [1/2016] for $13.21
    Twelve/Hachette 9½x6½ hardcover [1/2015] for $18.42

    Yahoo! owns GeoCities [est. 1999, US closed 2009]
    Yahoo! owns 24% of Chinese firm Alibaba (IPO soon?)
    purchased 3/2005: Yahoo! bot Ludicorp/Flickr online photo management [est. 2002] for $40M
    announced 4/2013: Yahoo! bot news aggregation app Summly of U.K. for $30M
    announced 5/2013: Yahoo! buying photo blog Tumblr for $1.1B, deal expected to close late 2013
    announced 5/2013: Yahoo! also buying PlayerScale, a cross-platform game infrastructure startup that provides tools for games
    announced 7/2013: Yahoo! bot Ztelic Chinese social media data analysis startup for undisclosed figure
    announced 7/2013: Yahoo! paid $70M for Xobni email & contact mgt startup
    announced 7/2014: Yahoo! shutting down Yahoo! Shine women's site at end of July
    announced 7/2014: Yahoo! closed Xobni after one year - cost not wasted, since the technology is now incorporated into Yahoo! Mail
    announced 7/2014: Yahoo! People Search shut down in July, that technology now part of basic Yahoo! Search

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