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                "Alice Through The Looking Glass" 1871 novel by Lewis Carroll

page under construction {started in November 2015}

"Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality." ~~ Cheshire Cat

"If you don't think, then you shouldn't talk." ~~ March Hare

"Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end, then stop." ~~ King of Hearts

"Sometimes I have believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

"If everybody minded their own business the world would go around a great deal faster than it does." — "Alice In Wonderland"

"Actually, the best gift [that] you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures . . ." — "Alice In Wonderland"

"I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it."

The Mad Hatter: "Have I gone mad?" Alice: "I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are."

— Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) [1832-98]

Synopsis of "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" [1865]

           CHAPTER 1: Seated on the riverbank while her sister reads a book, Alice notices a White Rabbit wearing clothes and holding a watch run past; she follows the rabbit into a hole in the ground and falls, landing in a room with many doors. She looks thru one door's keyhole and sees an attractive garden; there is a key on the table and a bottle labelled 'DRINK ME'; when she does, she shrinks but becomes too small to reach the key, which she left on the table. She finds a cake with the words 'EAT ME', which she does.
           CHAPTER 2: Upon eating the cake, Alice grows too large for the room or the doors. She bursts into tears, which flood the room; she picks up a fan, which shrinks her again, and she is carried away in the flood of tears along with a Mouse.
           CHAPTER 3: Alice and other animals caught in the flood land on a riverbank and discuss how to get dry. The Mouse gives a lecture and then a Dodo (bird) suggests a Caucus Race, where everybody runs in a circle and nobody wins. Alice mentions her cat, and the animals scatter.
           CHAPTER 4: The White Rabbit appears and orders Alice to bring the fan and gloves of the Duchess from the house; when Alice enters the house she begins growing; White Rabbit sends Bill the Lizard down the chimney; others pelt Alice, whose arm is sticking out the window, with pebbles which turn into cupcakes; Alice eats one and shrinks to normal size.
           CHAPTER 5: Alice comes upon a blue Caterpillar sitting on a large mushroom and smoking a hookah; he tells Alice that one side of the mushroom will make her smaller, the other will make her larger, then crawls away. She breaks off two pieces of the mushroom. The first bite makes her smaller than ever, the second bite grows her neck up thru the trees; she takes several nibbles to regain normal size.
           CHAPTER 6: After conversations with a Fish-footman and a Frog-footman, Alice re-enters the house where the Cook is throwing a fit and putting too much pepper in the soup; the Duchess, and her baby, and Alice sneeze from the excess pepper; Duchess hands Alice the baby, which turns into a pig. Alice goes outside, where the Cheshire Cat provides directions to the March Hare's house.
           CHAPTER 7: Alice joins the March Hare, the Mad Hatter, and the sleepy Dormouse for a tea party in the garden; Alice tires of the obtuse riddles and silly banter and leaves.
           CHAPTER 8: Alice enters another garden where live playing cards are painting white roses red, on orders of the Queen of Hearts. They begin a game of croquet (using flamingos as clubs and hedgehogs as balls) that descends into chaos; White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat join them.
           CHAPTER 9: The Queen releases the Duchess from prison. The Gryphon leads Alice to the Mock Turtle, who tries to tell his sad story, but is interrupted by Gryphon.
           CHAPTER 10: Gryphon and Mock Turtle dance the Lobster Quadrille, as recited by Alice, then Gryphon drags Alice away for a trial.
           CHAPTER 11: The Knave of Hearts is accused of stealing tarts; the King of Hearts acts as judge, White Rabbit is court trumpeter. Alice begins to grow larger, and Dormouse chides her for it. Mad Hatter and the Duchess's Cook deliver nonsense testimony.
           CHAPTER 12: Alice is called up as a witness but is ordered to leave for being too tall. She refuses to hold her tongue, and the Queen orders the card-soldiers to cut off her head; the card-soldiers swarm over Alice, who is woken up by her sister, who brushes leaves off of Alice's face.

Synopsis of "Alice Through The Looking Glass" [1871]

           During a cold, snowy evening at home, Alice wonders what life is like on the other side of the mirror, so she climbs up on the mantel and steps into a reflected version of her own house. She finds a book of 'looking glass poetry' and is able to read the reverse print of "Jabberwocky" by holding the book before the mirror.
           Alice steps outside into a sunny garden of Talking Flowers, and meets the Red Queen. The entire countryside is laid out in squares, like a chess board, and Alice is placed as a pawn in the second rank of the White Queen.
           Alice boards a train which jumps to the fourth rank and there meets twins Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee, who recite the long poem "The Walrus and The Carpenter". After an exchange about the sleeping Red King, the twins are frightened away by an enormous crow, as predicted in the nursery rhyme.
           Alice next meets the forgetful White Queen, who transforms into a Talking Sheep; Alice tries to row along the brook in a boat. Alice crosses another brook into the sixth rank and encounters Humpty Dumpty, who explains some of the words in "Jabberwocky"; when Humpty falls, the King's Men show up, along with the White King, a Lion, a Unicorn, and March Hare and Mad Hatter.
           Alice reaches the seventh rank by crossing another brook and enters a deep forest, where the Red Knight attempts to capture the white pawn (Alice); Alice is rescued by the brave but feckless White Knight. He escorts Alice to the final brook-crossing while reciting a long poem and falling off his horse several times.
           When Alice steps across the last brook, a crown appears on her head and she talks with Red Queen and White Queen, who invite each other to a party hosted by newly-crowned Alice. The party quickly descends into chaos (like the prior trial). Alice grabs the Red Queen and shakes her; by capturing the Red Queen, Alice puts the Red King in 'checkmate', and he wakes up.
           As predicted by the Tweedles, Alice wakes up from her strange dream in her arm chair, as if Alice's visit to Wonderland was a mere figment of the Red King's dreaming. A final poem suggests that life itself may be but a dream.

History of The Books

           Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and the Rev. Robinson Duckworth went rowing on a section of the River Thames at Oxford called the Isis, supposedly on 4 July 1862 (weather records confuse the matter). They were accompanied by three young daughters of Henry George Liddell, then Vice Chancellor at the university. Charles told the girls a story about a bored girl named Alice who goes looking for an adventure. Alice Liddell asked Charles to write the story down for her. He began doing so the next day. On another rowing day with the girls in November, Charles elaborated on the story, and soon began working on a manuscript for publication. He did research on animals, read it to other children, and added his own illustrations.
           He gave Alice Liddell the 15,500-word handwritten manuscript of "Alice's Adventures Under Ground" on 26 November 1864, with the dedication 'A Christmas Gift to a Dear Child in Memory of a Summer's Day'. He was already expanding that version to 27,500 words, most notably by adding the Mad Tea Party and the Cheshire Cat.
           Charles got political cartoonist John Tenniel [1820-1914] to illustrate the book, and Macmillan printed a first edition of 2,000 copies. But Tenniel objected to the quality, and the books were sold in the United States. The second printing in December 1865 was a sensation and quickly sold out; the first printing was rebound and sold by Appleton Company of New York City. The book has never been out of print and is said to be translated into over 170 languages.
           Charles spent time in London in 1871, where he met Alice Raikes and discussed her reflection in a mirror. Later that year he published "Through The Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There", which was even more successful than "Alice". In 1882, Selchow & Righter published "The Game of Alice In Wonderland", the first game based on the book. In 1886, Charles published a facsimile of the earlier "Alice's Adventures Under Ground" manuscript.
           Dodgson caught influenza and died of pneumonia at his sister's home in January 1898, two weeks shy of his 66th birthday. The copyright on "Alice" expired in 1907; several versions of the book were immediately published. The Disney animated feature film of 1951 has equal weight with Tenniel's drawings in people's visual memories. American writer Martin Gardner [1914-2010] published the special edition "The Annotated Alice" in 1960 that incorporated the text of both books; further annotations have been added in subsequent editions. In 2008, The Folio Society published a facsimile edition of the 1864 "Alice's Adventures Under Ground"; it was limited to 3,750 copies and was boxed with a pamphlet 'The Original Alice'.

           Disney Studios produced & released the {mostly} live-action feature film "Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland" in March 2010 which gives full rein to Burton's wild and surreal visuals; the sequel "Alice Thru The Looking Glass" was released in May 2016; both movies are in 3-D.

"Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" novel entry at Wikipedia
"Through The Looking-Glass" novel entry at Wikipedia
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The  Book/s

  listed #1 on American Mensa mini-survey to choose the Top Ten Favorite Children's Books (8/2014)  BLUE CHECK: listed #78 on U.K. Telegraph Best 100  Novels (8/2014)  PURPLE CHECK: listed on Amazon Editors '100 Children's Books To Read In A Lifetime' in August 2014  GREEN CHECK: listed #54 on Goodread Readers Picks '100 Books To Read In A Lifetime'  BLACK CHECK: listed on Amazon's '100 Books To Read In A Lifetime'  "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" [1865]
"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" novel entry at Wikipedia
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"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: The Little Folks' Edition" []

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Official 150th Anniversary Edition Unabridged Graphic Novel [6/2015] by Lewis Carroll and Glenn Diddit

¨            ¨

sequel "Through The Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There" [1871]
"Through the Looking-Glass" novel entry at Wikipedia
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"Alice Through A Looking Glass" [1928] /tt0018640/

"Alice Through The Looking Glass" [1937] /tt4171494/ episode of "Theatre Parade" TV series

"Alice Through The Looking Glass" TV movie [1966]

"Alice Through The Looking Glass" TV movie [1973]

"Alisa v Strane Chudes" short [1981]

"Alice Through The Looking Glass" TV movie [1987]

"Fairy Tales On Ice: Alice Through The Looking Glass" video [1996]

"Alice Through The Looking Glass" TV movie [1998]

¨            ¨

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" & "Through the Looking-Glass" (Bantam Classics) [5/1984]


One of the best translations anywhere of 'Alice in Wonderland' is Hemendra Kumar Roy's "Ajab Deshe Amala (Amala In Wonderland)" [1971].

"The Annotated Alice" [orig 1960] Edited by Martin Gardner [1914-2010]
'The Annotated Alice' Penguin Books Tenniel cover  
'The Annotated Alice' 150th Anniversary Edition red cover  
The original book was published in 1960 and reprinted several times. In 1990, the sequel "More Annotated Alice" was published; it does not contain the original side notes, and Tenniel's illustrations are replaced by those of Peter Newell; it also contains the 'suppressed' chapter "The Wasp In A Wig", which Carroll omitted from the text of "Through the Looking-Glass" on Tenniel's recommendation. "The Definitive Edition" was published in 1999; it combines the notes from both works and features Tenniel's illustrations in improved quality.
book entry at Wikipedia
Plume 7x5 pb [7/74] out of print/used
Plume 7x5 pb [7/74] out of print/used
Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd. hardcover [10/75] out of print/scarce
"The Annotated Alice: Definitive Edition" [1999]
Kindle Edition from W.W. Norton & Co. [10/2013] for $19.25
W.W. Norton & Co. 10x8½ pb [11/99] out of print/many used
W.W. Norton & Co. 10¼x9 hardcover [11/99] for $25.24
"The Annotated Alice: 150th Anniversary Deluxe Edition" [2015]
Expanded & Updated by Mark Burstein

W.W. Norton & Co. 10¼x9 hardcover [10/2015] for $23.81

Kindle  Editions
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Alice In Wonderland Bundle - four books in Kindle format  "Alice In Wonderland Bundle: Includes All Four Alice Stories by Lewis Carroll" [2014]
contains "Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland" [1865], "Through The Looking Glass (And What Alice Found There)" [1871], "Alice’s Adventures Under Ground" [1886], and {actually not an Alice work} "The Hunting of The Snark" poem [1876]
Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [4/2014] for 99¢

"Alice's Adventures Underground, The Original Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (Illustrated)Mar




The  Author

Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) [1832-98]
author entry at Wikipedia
browse Lewis Carroll Store {returns 300+ titles} at Amazon
Lewis Carroll credits [92 credits since 1903] at Internet Movie Database
Lewis Carroll credits [since 1915] at Internet Broadway Database

"The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll" [1898] by {nephew} Stuart Dodgson Collingwood [1870–1937]

"The Story of Lewis Carroll, Told For Young People By The Real Alice In Wonderland" [1899] by actress Isa Bowman [1874–1958]

"Lewis Carroll In Wonderland and At Home" [1910] by Belle Moses

"Lewis Carroll in Wonderland: The Life and Times of Alice and Her Creator" [2/1997] by Stephanie Lovett Stoffel

"The Mystery of Lewis Carroll: Discovering The Whimsical, Thoughtful, and Sometimes Lonely Man Who Created Alice in Wonderland" [2/2010]
by Jenny Woolf, Foreword by Edward Wakeling

Three Biographies of Lewis Carroll in Kindle format from e-artnow  "Three Biographies of Lewis Carroll" for Kindle [2014]
Kindle Edition from e-artnow [2/2014] for 99¢
contains "The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll" [1898] by {nephew} Stuart Dodgson Collingwood [1870–1937]; "The Story of Lewis Carroll, Told For Young People By The Real Alice In Wonderland" [1899] by actress Isa Bowman [1874–1958]; and "Lewis Carroll In Wonderland and At Home" [1910] by Belle Moses

"Lewis Carroll: The Man and His Circle" [11/2014] by Edward Wakeling & Rhona Lewis

"The Mad Hatter: The Role of Mercury In The Life of Lewis Carroll" [5/2014] by Mary Hammond

"The Secret World of Lewis Carroll", a 2015 BBC programme by journalist Martha Kearney, presents a photograph of a nude teenager from the 1860s from a museum in France and the conclusion that the subject was Alice Liddell's older sister Lorina and that the photographer was Charles Dodgson. {Note that photographs of nude children were common during Victorian times, symbolic of innocence, and not necessarily any indication of Dodgson's sexual temperment.)

Other Works by Lewis Carroll
browse Lewis Carroll Store {returns 300+ titles} at Amazon

The significant difference between these 'Complete Works' goes beyond a few book choices – heck, for 99¢ each you can afford both; two versions here
are gigantic because they contain the original illustrations; the Delphi Classics Kindle ebook looks like the best choice here.

Complete Works of Lewis Carroll in Kindle format from Delphi Classics  "The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll" for Kindle [2011]
38MB Kindle Edition from Delphi Classics [2/2014] for $2.51
features 'hundreds of illustrations', alphabetical list of poems, and Victorian-era facsimile pages; contents include: five NOVELS: "Alice’s Adventures Under Ground"; "Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland"; "Through The Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There"; "Sylvie and Bruno"; and "Sylvie and Bruno Concluded"; three STORIES: "A Tangled Tale"; "Bruno’s Revenge and Other Stories"; and "What The Tortoise Said To Achilles"; eight BOOKS of VERSE: Early Verse; "Puzzles From Wonderland"; "Prologues To Plays"; "College Rhymes and Notes By An Oxford Chiel {sic}"; "Acrostics, Inscriptions and Other Verses"; "Three Sunsets and Other Poems"; "Phantasmagoria and Other Poems"; and "The Hunting of The Snark"; four WORKS of NON-FICTION: "Feeding The Mind"; "Symbolic Logic"; "The Alphabet Cipher"; and "The Game of Logic"; and three BIOGRAPHIES: "The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll" [1898] by {nephew} Stuart Dodgson Collingwood; "The Story of Lewis Carroll" [1899] by actress Isa Bowman; and "Lewis Carroll In Wonderland and At Home" [1910] by Belle Moses
Complete Works of Lewis Carroll in Kindle format from Amazon Digital Services  "The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll With All The Original Illustrations: All The Novels, Stories, and Poems + The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll" for Kindle [2014]
31MB Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [2/2014] for 99¢
contents include: four NOVELS: "Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland"; "Through The Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There"; "Sylvie and Bruno"; and "Sylvie and Bruno Concluded"; three STORIES: "A Tangled Tale"; "Bruno’s Revenge and Other Stories"; and "What The Tortoise Said To Achilles"; eight BOOKS of VERSE: Early Verse; "Puzzles From Wonderland"; "Prologues To Plays"; "Rhyme? and Reason?"; "College Rhymes and Notes By An Oxford Chiel {sic}"; "Acrostics, Inscriptions and Other Verses"; "Three Sunsets and Other Poems"; and "The Hunting of The Snark"; and the BIOGRAPHY "The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll" [1898] by {nephew} Stuart Dodgson Collingwood
Complete Works of Lewis Carroll in Kindle format from Amazon Digital Services  "The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll" for Kindle [2014]
1.3MB Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [2/2014] for 99¢
contents include: five NOVELS: "Alice’s Adventures Under Ground"; "Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland"; "Through The Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There"; "Sylvie and Bruno"; and "Sylvie and Bruno Concluded"; three STORIES: "A Tangled Tale"; "Bruno’s Revenge and Other Stories"; and "What The Tortoise Said To Achilles"; eight BOOKS of VERSE: Early Verse; "Puzzles From Wonderland"; "Prologues To Plays"; "College Rhymes and Notes By An Oxford Chiel {sic}"; "Acrostics, Inscriptions and Other Verses"; "Three Sunsets and Other Poems"; "Phantasma-goria and Other Poems"; and "The Hunting of The Snark"; four WORKS of NON-FICTION: "Feeding The Mind"; "The Game of Logic"; "Symbolic Logic"; and "The Alphabet Cipher"; and the BIOGRAPHY "The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll" [1898] by {nephew} Stuart Dodgson Collingwood

The Best of Lewis Carroll book   "The Best of Lewis Carroll" [2001]
with Illustrations by Sir John Tenniel & Henry Holiday

Book Sales Co. 9¼x6½ pb [9/2001] out of print/50+ used
Castle Reissue 9¼x6½ hardcover [11/2011] out of print/90+ used
contains "Alice In Wonderland" [1865], "Phantasmagoria" [1869], "Through The Looking Glass" [1871], "The Hunting of The Snark" [1876], "A Tangled Tale" [1885], and "Nonsense From Letters" [1931]
"The Best Works of Lewis Carroll" for Kindle [2012]
with Illustrations by Sir John Tenniel & Henry Holiday

Kindle Edition from Di Lernia Publrs [3/2012] for 99¢ {sic}
different contents: "Alice", "Looking Glass", and "Snark", plus "Rhyme? and Reason? (Phantasmagoria)" [1857], and "Sylvie and Bruno" [1895]

"Complete Works of Lewis Carroll: English Writer, Mathematician, Logician, Anglican Deacon, and Photographer" [11/2015] for Kindle


Carroll's religious tract "An Easter Greeting To Every Child Who Loves Alice"

"Eight or Nine Wise Words About Letter-Writing" pamphletted lecture [] by Lewis Carroll

"Russian Journal" about his 1867 visit across Europe to Russia was first commercially published in 1935

"The Hunting of The Snark: An Agony In Eight Fits" [1876 poem]

"Lewis Carroll's Games and Puzzles" [Dover 3/1992] edited by Edward Wakeling
"Rediscovered Lewis Carroll Puzzles" [Dover 1/1996] ed by Edward Wakeling

Lewis Carroll took as many as 3,000 photographs using the wet collodion process, and built up a semi-professional side career,
complete with a studio; less than 1,000 photographs [1850s-1880] survive

Lewis Carroll, Photographer book by Helmut Gernsheim  "Lewis Carroll, Photographer" [1949] by Helmut Gernsheim [1913-95]
with 63 photographs by Lewis Carroll
Dover 9¼x6¼ pb [1969] out of print/50+ used
194-page Literary Licensing, LLC 9x6 hardcover [8/2013] for $27.95
Literary Licensing, LLC 9x6 hardcover [8/2013] for $42.95
Reflections In A Looking Glass book by Morton N. Cohen  "Reflections In A Looking Glass: A Centennial Celebration of Lewis Carroll, Photographer" [1999] by Morton N. Cohen, Preface by Mark Haworth-Booth, Afterword by Roy Flukinger
Central text is by 'the world's leading authority on Lewis Carroll'; also 'richly illustrated' with selected drawings & photographs by Lewis Carroll and selected drawings by John Tenniel
Aperture 11½x10 hardcover [12/1999] out of print/many used
Lewis Carroll, Photographer book by Roger Taylor & Edward Wakeling  "Lewis Carroll, Photographer" [2002] by Roger Taylor & Edward Wakeling, Introduction by Peter C. Bunnell
winner of the 2002 New York Book Show Award
Princeton Univ Press 10¾x10 hardcover [3/2002] for $61.46
Princeton Univ Press 10¾x10 hardcover [3/2002] out of print/used
Lewis Carroll Photofile book from Thames & Hudson  
"Photofile: Lewis Carroll" [2009]
contains 59 duotone photographs, Introduction by Colin Ford, and a bibliography
Thames & Hudson 7½x5 pb [9/2009] for $14.54


"The Photographs of Lewis Carroll: A Catalogue Raisonné" [8/2015] by Edward Wakeling & Elisabeth Mead

Movie & TV Versions of Carroll's Other Works

"Another Darling" [1950] episode /tt0581351/ of "The Ford Theatre Hour" TV series

"Tomfoolery" TV series [1970]

"Ways and Means" [1970] based on a poem

"Zvahlav aneb Saticky Slameného Huberta" short film [1971] based on a poem

"The Hunting of The Snark" [1987]

"Lo que Cuento al Viento (That Tale of The Wind)" [Puerto Rico April 2008] /tt1337653/
includes dialogue written by Lewis Carroll, by Walt Whitman, and by poet Luis Cernuda

"The Hunting of The Snark" short film [2009]

"Christmas Greetings (From A Fairy To A Child)" short film [2011]

"The Hunting of The Snark" animated feature [November 2015] /tt1859606/

Family & Friends

Alice Liddell Hargreaves [1852-1934]

"Dreamchild" [1985 TV film] by Dennis Potter /tt0089052/
memories of 80-year-old Alice Liddell in 1932

The Real Alice in Wonderland book by C.M. Rubin & Gabriella Rubin  "The Real Alice In Wonderland: A Role Model For The Ages" [2010]
by C.M. Rubin, with Gabriella Rubin

Authorhouse 12¼x10¼ pb [3/2010] for $21.11

close friend actress Isabella Holmes 'Isa' Bowman [1874–1958]
IMDb listingauthor entry at Wikipedia

publicity photograph of Miss Isa Bowman, taken by Ellis Waléry circa 1899  "The Story of Lewis Carroll, Told For Young People By The Real Alice In
Wonderland" [1899] by Isa Bowman

Slightly-skewed premise: actress pal of Carroll/Dodgson – and inspiration for the 'looking glass'
concept – wrote this 'memoir' about his life that was published just after he died.
136-page Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [5/2011] for FREE {sic}
140-page Forgotten Books 9x6 pb [11/2015] for $9.57
Andesite Press 9¼x6 hardcover [8/2015] for $22.95
available as free online etext at Internet Archive
"Lewis Carroll As I Knew Him" [same book] by Isa Bowman
153-page Dover Publns 8x5¼ pb [1/73] out of print/used

Works  by  Others

sexy Grimm Fairy Tales Alice in Wonderland comic book  "Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Alice In Wonderland" [2012]
by Raven Gregory, Joe Brusha & Ralph Tedesco

Although Alice is drawn extremely sexy, the emphasis here
is on terror rather than any 'adult' content.

Zenescope Ent. 10x6½ pb [1/2013] out of print/used
Zenescope Ent. 10¼x6¾ hardcover [10/2012] out of print/used

"Malice In Wonderland: Prequel" [book #0 9/2014] by Lotus Rose

"Malice In Wonderland: Alice The Angel of Death" [book #2 11/2013] by Lotus Rose

"Alice In Wonderland" Kindle eBook = naughty? [11/2013] by Raven Gregory & Joe Brusha

"Alice Takes Back Wonderland" Kindle eBook [9/2015] by David D. Hammons

"After Alice: A Novel" 10/2015] by Gregory Maguire

Mad Hatters and March Hares anthology edited by Ellen Datlow  "Mad Hatters and March Hares: All-New Stories From The World of Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland" [2017] Edited by Ellen Datlow
contains 18 original short stories by authors Richard Bowes, C.S.E. Cooney, Kris Dikeman, Andy Duncan, Jeffrey Ford, Stephen Graham Jones, Matthew Kressel, Seanan McGuire, Priya Sharma, Delia Sherman, Angela Slatter, Catherynne M. Valente, Genevieve Valentine, Katherine Vaz, Kaaron Warren, Ysbeau Wilce, and Jane Yolen (2)
Kindle Edition from Tachyon Publns [11/2017] for $9.99
Tor Books 9¼x6¼ pb [12/2017] for $10.99
Tor Books 9½x6½ hardcover [12/2017] for $20.39

Movies  &  Television
Lewis Carroll credits [92 credits since 1903] at Internet Movie Database
list of films & TV shows based on 'Alice In Wonderland' at Wikipedia

Alice's White Knight Section of the 'Knights of Yore' Film Festival at Magic Lantern

Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Thru Time book by Mark Salisbury  "Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland: An Illustrated Journey Through Time" [2016]
by Mark Salisbury

The complete history of Walt Disney's and the Disney Studio's many films of the "Alice In Wonderland" tales, from his early "Alice In Cartoonland" silent shorts to the 1951 animated feature to the two recent films by Tim Burton.
Disney Editions 11x8¾ pb [4/2016] for $22.27
·                         ·

"Alice In Wonderland" silent short [Hepworth/Edison/Biograph May 1903]
Only one print remains, stored at the British Film Institute National Archive in England; that print is severely damaged,
but B.F.I. has preserved it from further deterioration; the original color tints are also restored.

Co-produced, adapted & co-directed by Cecil Hepworth; co-directed by Percy Stow; starring May Clark {as Alice}, Cecil M. Hepworth,
Blair, Geoffrey Faithfull, Stanley Faithfull, Mrs. Hepworth, Norman Whitten
credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
watch B.F.I. Archive tinted print, with piano music [2/2010 upload; 9:32] online at YouTube
watch silent movie [7/2010 upload; 8:20] online at Internet Archive

"Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" silent short [Edison/General Sept 1910]
Directed by Edwin Stanton Porter; starring Gladys Hulette
bare credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipediawatch Edison tinted print [7/2016 upload; 14:10] online at YouTube

"Alice In Wonderland" silent feature [Nonpareil Feature Film Corp. Jan 1915]
double feature DVD with 1915 & 1931 versions of 'Alice In Wonderland'  Filmed on Long Island in New York; 52-minute silent feature film adapted & directed by W.W. Young; starring Viola Savoy {as Alice}, Elmo Lincoln, Herbert Rice, Harry Marks, Louis Merkle & William Tilden
credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
double feature DVD with both the 1915 and 1931 versions [2014]
Alpha Home Video b&w DVD [9/2014] for $4.89
watch full color-tinted movie with orchestra music [11/2010 upload; 52:11] online at Internet Archive
watch longer b&w silent movie [1:03:34] online at YouTube
Huntley Film Archives Film #9525 is excerpted from this film:
watch film [8/2015 watermarked upload; 15:12] online at YouTube

The "Alice In Cartoonland" semi-animated silent shorts series [1923-27] by Walt Disney [1901-66]
had no connection to Lewis Carroll's books except in the name; 57 were filmed, at least ten survive.

"Alice in Telephoneland" promo short [1920s] by American Telephone & Telegraph Company
watch the film [2/2013 upload; 12:17] online at YouTube

"Alice In Wonderland" sound film [Metropolitan/Unique-Cosmos Sept 1931]
Alice In Wonderland 1931 sound film  "with a tremendous cast"; filmed at Metropolitan Studios in Fort Lee, New Jersey • Co-produced & directed by Bud Pollard; written by John E. Goodson & Ashley Ayer Miller; starring Ruth Gilbert {as Alice}, Ralph Hertz, Lillian Ardell, Mabel Wright, Tom Corless, Leslie King, Meyer Berensen, Raymond Schultz, Jimmy Rosen, Vie Quinn, N.R. Cregan, Patrick Glasgow, Gus Alexander, Charles Silvern, Pat Gleason
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
double feature DVD with both the 1915 and 1931 versions [2014]
Alpha Home Video b&w DVD [9/2014] for $4.89

"Alice In Wonderland" [Paramount Pictures Dec 1933]
cast listing poster for 1933 'Alice In Wonderland' movie  TIME Magazine cover for 25 December 1933 showing Alice and the King of Hearts  76-minute b&w live-action film; Paramount hoped that the all-star cast of the film would bring the studio out of bankruptcy, but the film was a box-office flop (blame has been given to the fact that the faces of the stars are largely hidden inside costumes). • Directed by Norman Z. McLeod; screenplay by Joseph L. Mankiewicz & William Cameron Menzies; music by Dimitri Tiomkin; starring Charlotte Henry {as Alice}, Richard Arlen, Roscoe Ates, William Austin, Billy Barty, Billy Bevan, Colin Campbell, Gary Cooper {as White Knight}, Leon Errol, Louise Fazenda, W.C. Fields {as Humpty-Dumpty}, Alec B. Francis, Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher, Cary Grant {as Mock Turtle}, Lillian Harmer, Raymond Hatton, Sterling Holloway, Edward Everett Horton {as Mad Hatter}, Roscoe Karns, Baby LeRoy, Mae Marsh, Polly Moran, Jack Oakie, Edna May Oliver {as Red Queen}, May Robson, Charlie Ruggles, Jackie Searl, Alison Skipworth, Ned Sparks, Ford Sterling
Universal Studios Home Ent. b&w DVD [3/2010] for $8.47
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipediawatch full movie [1:15:43] online at Internet Archive

"Thru The Mirror" cartoon short [Walt Disney May 1936]
Mickey Mouse 1936 cartoon short 'Thru The Mirror'  9-minute color cartoon starring Mickey Mouse; Mickey falls asleep while reading "Through The
Looking Glass", goes thru the mirror, dances with a pair of gloves and a pack of cards, and runs
afoul of the King of Hearts, who calls out the playing cards to chase Mickey away.

Directed by David Hand; voice of Mickey by Walt Disney [1901-66]
available on 69-minute Disney Studios Home Ent. color/b&w DVD [4/2009] for $7.50
and included on the 2010 DVD of the Disney "Alice In Wonderland" 1951 animated feature
credits at IMDbcartoon entry at Wikipedia

"Alice In Wonderland" TV short [1937] /tt0363418/
a BBC adaptation directed by George More O'Ferrall

"Alice In Wonderland" TV short [1946] based on both books /tt0264345/
a BBC production starring Vivian Pickles, directed by George More O'Ferrall

"Alice's Adventures In Wonderland and Through The Looking-Glass" live TV show [BBC-TV 1948]
105-minute live broadcast {kinescope does not exist}; produced by John Glyn-Jones; adapted by John Glyn-Jones from a musical stageplay
by Herbert M. Prentice [1896-1955]; starring James McKechnie [as Lewis Carroll} and Margaret Barton {as Alice} • credits at IMDb

"Alice In Wonderland" animated feature [France 1949, USA 1951]
Lou Bunin's 1949 live-action/stop motion "Alice in Wonderland" feature film   76-minute {original release} live-action/stop motion animated feature; Walt Disney sued to stop USA distri-bution, fearing competition with his own animated feature; British distribution was halted because the film was deemed unkind to Queen Victoria; prints were long thought lost but were recently found and restored (suppo-sedly with 12 minutes added); the old elements were on unstable stock, which defects are compounded by lousy transfer to DVD • Produced by Lou Bunin [1904–94] & J. Arthur Rank; 'director of live action' Dallas Bower; starring Carol Marsh {as the live-action Alice}, with voices of Stephen Murray, Ernest Milton, Pamela Brown, Felix Aylmer, David Reed, Joyce Grenfell, Jack Train, Peter Bull, Raymond Bussières, Adele Leigh
83-minute Vision Video color DVD [9/2006] for $7.99
80-minute Apprehensive Films/Midnight Matinee color DVD [3/2014] for $12.95
76-minute Synergy Ent. color DVD [9/2015] for $9.99
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
watch excerpt [7:35] at Internet Archivewatch full movie [1:16:06] online at YouTube

"Alice In Wonderland" episode [CBS-TV Dec 1950] of "The Ford Theatre Hour" TV series [1948–51]
Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner; teleplay by Lois Jacoby; starring Iris Mann {as Alice}, Dorothy Jarna, Jack Lemmon {as Tweedledum},
Biff McGuire, Ralph Riggs, Tiny Schrimp & Richard Waring • live broadcast, kinescope does not exist • credits at IMDb

"Alice In Wonderland" animated film [Walt Disney July 1951]
Walt Disney's 1951 'Alice In Wonderland' animated feature film  included here are: the White Rabbit; the 'Drink Me', 'Eat Me', flood of tears, and the Doorknob sequence; Dodo and Tweedledee & Tweedledum; White Rabbit's house; the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, and the Tea Party (Mad Hatter, Dormouse, March Hare); Tulgey Wood and the maze; the Queen & King of Hearts and the croquet game; Alice's trial; the chase back to the Doorknob; and Alice waking from the dream. • Directed by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson & Hamilton Luske; adaptation of both books by 14 credited writers; featuring voices of Kathryn Beaumont {as Alice}, Ed Wynn {as Mad Hatter}, Richard Haydn, Sterling Holloway {as Cheshire Cat}, Jerry Colonna {as March Hare}, Verna Felton, J. Pat O'Malley, Bill Thompson, Heather Angel, Joseph Kearns, Larry Grey, Queenie Leonard, Dink Trout, Doris Lloyd, James MacDonald, The Mellomen, Don Barclay, Mel Blanc, Lucille Bliss, Pinto Colvig, Marni Nixon, Thurl Ravenscroft
Walt Disney Home Video color Blu-ray/DVD combo [2/2011] for $13.99
Buena Vista Home Video color Blu-ray/DVD combo [2/2011] for $17.18
Walt Disney Home Video color DVD [3/2010] for $13.88
Walt Disney Home Video color VHS [7/2000] for $5.49
full credits at IMDbofficial movie sitemovie entry at Wikipedia
watch official trailers online at Internet Archive: 1951 trailer [2:03] 1974 trailer [1:53]
Disney Alice In Wonderland cinestory comic from Joe Books in Canada  
"Disney Alice In Wonderland (Cinestory Comic)" [2016]  4/2016
Joe Books Inc. 10x6½ pb [5/2016] for $26.99

"Alice In Wonderland" episode [1954] /tt0622223/ of "Kraft Theatre" TV series

"Alice In Wonderland" episode [1954] /tt0560960/ of "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" TV series

"Alice In Wonderland" episode [1955] /tt0286450/ of "Hallmark Hall of Fame" live television series
based on both books; adaptation of the 1932 Le Gallienne / Friebus stageplay, directed for television by George Schaefer;
starring Gillian Barber {as Alice), Tom Bosley, Maurice Evans, Eva Le Gallienne, Elsa Lanchester, Reginald Gardiner & Burr Tillstrom

"Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" TV movie [BBC-TV Jan 1956]
75-minute live broadcast; produced by Peter Newington; adapted by John Glyn-Jones from a musical stageplay
by Herbert M. Prentice [1896-1955]; starring Barry Letts [as Lewis Carroll} and Lisa Barnett {as Alice} • credits at IMDb

"Alice" episode [1965] directed by Dennis Potter /tt0058893/ of "The Wednesday Play" TV series

"Alice of Wonderland In Paris" animation [Paramount/AFA Feb 1966] /tt0126189/

"Alice In Wonderland, or What's A Nice Kid Like You Doing In A Place Like This?" animated TV movie /tt0275070/
[Hanna-Barbera March 1966] with Janet Waldo as Alice, WKnt portrayed by Bill Dana

"Alice In Wonderland" [BBC-TV Dec 1966] directed by Jonathan Miller /tt0060089/

"O Frabjous Day!" [July 1970] episode of "NET Playhouse / Actor's Choice" TV series /tt4319122/

"Foul!" [Nov 1970] episode of "NET Playhouse / Actor's Choice" TV series /tt1209035/
This episode features two wildly different segments: in the first are ten short plays exposing the devastating effects of pollution; in the second
Gwen Verdon and Cyril Ritchard read pieces written by Lewis Carroll, including a portion of "Alice In Wonderland"

"Alice au Pays des Merveilles" TV movie [France Dec 1970] /tt0217989/

"Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" musical film [Fox-Rank Nov 1972] starring Fiona Fullerton as Alice /tt0068190/
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sO85rKasgg [1:36:00]

"Alice in Wonderland" animated TV [Feb 1973] episode /tt1605213/ of "Festival of Family Classics" TV series
Directed by Jules Bass & Arthur Rankin Jr.

"Alice aux Pays des Merveilles" [France 1973] episode /tt0964224/ of "Les Cent Livres des Hommes" TV series

"Nel Mondo di Alice" 4-episode TV mini-series [Italy Sept 1974] based on both books /tt0471506/

"Alicia en El País de Las Maravillas" [Argentina Dec 1976] /tt0290406/
Produced, written & directed by Eduardo Plá, starring Mónica von Reust as Alicia

"Alice In Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Comedy" [General National Dec 1976] starring Kristine DeBell /tt0074113/

"Big Apple Birthday" short [NBC-Viacom 1978] /tt0077232/
23-minute color short filmed in New York City hotels; supposedly based on both books, but the character credits
show otherwise; perhaps portions of dialogue were purloined from 'Alice'

"Alicia en La España de Las Maravillas" [Spain 1979] Co-written & directed by Jorge/Jordi Feliu /tt0077145/

"Alice Chez Les Satyres" color hardcore sex film [France Feb 1979] /tt1397138/

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" TV short [1981] /tt2495566/

"Alice At The Palace" filmed Broadway stageplay [Jan 1982] based on both books /tt0133356/
Produced by Joseph Papp; script & music by Elizabeth Swados; directed by Emile Ardolino; starring Meryl Streep {as Alice},
Betty Aberlin, Debbie Allen, Richard Cox, Mark Linn-Baker http://lecinemadreams.blogspot.com/2015/03/alice-at-palace-1982.html

"A Dream of Alice" TV movie [BBC-TV March 1982] /tt1441844/
130-minute musical adapted & hosted by Marian Montgomery; starring Jenny Agutter {as Alice}, John Clive, Michael Hordern

"Alice In Wonderland" TV movie [1982] based on both books /tt0084244/
filmed stage production of Childrens Theatre Company of Minneapolis, USA; starring Annie Enneking {as Alice}

"Alice In The Land In The Other Side of The Mirror" animated featurette [Russia 1982] /tt0211192/

"Alice In Wonderland" [P.B.S. Oct 1983] episode of "Great Performances" TV series [est. 1973]
live TV adaptation of the 1932 Le Gallienne / Friebus stageplay   live TV adaptation of the 1932 Le Gallienne / Friebus stageplay (based on both Alice books);
Directed by Kirk Browning; starring Kate Burton {as Alice}, Eve Arden, Kaye Ballard, Richard Burton {as White Knight}, Colleen Dewhurst, James Coco, Tony Cummings, André De Shields, Andre Gregory {as Mad Hatter}, Geoffrey Holder, Zeljko Ivanek, Nathan Lane, Donald O'Connor {as Mock Turtle}, Austin Pendleton {as White Rabbit}, Maureen Stapleton, Swen Swenson, Fritz Weaver, Alan Weeks, Richard Woods
Image Ent. color DVD [11/2001] for $12.99
episode credits at IMDbseries credits at IMDbepisode entry at Wikipedia

"Alice In Wonderland (Fushigi No Kuni No Alice)"
animated TV series
[Japan March 1983, USA 1984]
Alice In Wonderland 1983 animated TV series from Japan  DVD for Alice In Wonderland 1983 animated TV series from Japan   52 episodes in Japan (March 1983 to October 1984), 26 episodes in USA; also broadcast as "Alice im Wunderland" in Germany and released on German-language PAL-only DVDs
Directed by Taku Sugiyama & Shigeo Koshi; Alice's voice by Tarako (Isono)
Region 1 VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available
Season 1 (26 episodes): Amazon Instant Video [2/2016] purchase season $9.99
series credits at IMDbseries entry at Wikipedia

"Alice In Wonderland" 5-episode TV mini-series [Anglia TV March 1985] starring Giselle Andrews {as Alice} /tt1179797/

"Malice In Wonderland" TV drama [ITC/CBS-TV May 1985]
This gossipy 2-hour TV film about Hollywood gossip columnists has no connection to Lewis Carroll's books except in the name;
starring Elizabeth Taylor as Louella Parsons and Jane Alexander as Hedda Hopper
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"Alice In Wonderland" musical TV special [Irwin Allen/CBS-TV Dec 1985]
'Alice In Wonderland' musical TV special from Irwin Allen  Based on both books, two-part TV movie intended for family viewing. Directed by Harry Harris; teleplay by Paul Zindel; starring Natalie Gregory {as Alice}, Red Buttons {as White Rabbit}, Sherman Hemsley, Donald O'Connor, Charles Dougherty, Shelley Winters, Billy Braver, Scott Baio, Ernie F. Orsatti, Sammy Davis Jr. {as Caterpillar}, Scotch Byerley, Robert Axelrod, Martha Raye {as The Duchess}, Imogene Coca {as The Cook}, Telly Savalas {as The Cheshire Cat}, Anthony Newley {as Mad Hatter}, Roddy McDowall {as March Hare}, Arte Johnson {as Dormouse}, Jayne Meadows {as Queen of Hearts}, Robert Morley, Jim Galante, Selma Archerd, George Savalas, Candace Savalas, Sid Caesar {as The Gryphon}, Ringo Starr {as Mock Turtle}, Steve Allen {wrote the songs}, Ernest Borgnine, Beau Bridges, Lloyd Bridges, Laura Carlson, Carol Channing, George Gobel, Merv Griffin, Ann Jillian, Harvey Korman, Karl Malden {as Walrus}, Louis Nye {as Carpenter}, Jack Warden & Jonathan Winters {as Humpty Dumpty}
Sony Pictures Home Ent. color DVD [8/2006] for $8.79
Warner Home Video color VHS [10/2001] 2 tapes - out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"Alice In Wonderland" 4-part TV mini-series [BBC-TV Jan 1986] starring Kate Dorning /tt0421576/

"The Care Bears Adventure In Wonderland" animated feature film [Nelvana Aug 1987] /tt0092723/
Directed by Raymond Jafelice; the Care Bears help Alice prevent an evil wizard from taking over Wonderland; characters include
Lion, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar, Queen of Hearts, Flamingo, Mad Hatter & Jabberwocky

"Alice In Wonderland" animation [Burbank Films Australia 1988 video release] /tt0254076/
available on triple-movie family DVD

"Alice" aka "Nêco z Alenky"
[Channel Four Films/First Run Features Aug 1988]
'Nêco z Alenky' 1988 surrealist version of 'Alice In Wonderland'  86-minute surrealist live action and stop motion animation film
starring Kristýna Kohoutová as Alice, with English voiceover
by Camilla Power; written & directed by Jan Švankmajer
First Run Features color Blu-ray [4/2014] for $15.71
First Run Features color DVD [4/2000] for $18.25
credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"Alice In Wonderland" anime series [Fuji/Saban 1991] narrated by Norma MacMillan /tt0366156/

"Adventures In Wonderland" TV series [Disney TV 1992-94] /tt0088473/
100 half-hour episodes using live action and puppetry; directed by Gary Halvorson, starring Elisabeth Harnois as Alice

"Miyuki-chan In Wonderland (Fushigi no Kuni no Miyuki-chan)"
anime TV [Kadokawa Shoten Publng 1995]
drawing of Miyuki-chan  ADULT CONTENT based on both books; popular manga series about an innocent high-school girl who is attractive to other females; chapters drawn by all-female artist team Clamp released as 'hyper anime' in June 1995 and collected in book form in October 1995; English-language Region 1 DVD release in May 2002 and book published in October 2003; just how is it sexy? - the White Rabbit is drawn as a Playboy Bunny, the Red Queen as a dominatrix, etc. • Directed by Tetsuro Aoki
half-hour Section 23 color DVD with English-language options [5/2002] out of prodn/scarce
full credits at IMDbofficial Clamp wiki sitemovie entry at Wikipedia
watch 8/2010 sample Japanese-language segment [12:50] at YouTube

"Alice In Wonderland" animated video [GoodTimes Home Video July 1995] /tt0898889/

"Alice In Wonderland" TV movie [NBC-TV Feb 1999] /tt0164993/
2½-hour TV special filmed in Hollywood & U.K.; directed by Nick Willing; teleplay by Peter Barnes; starring Tina Majorino {as Alice}, Robbie Coltrane, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Kingsley, Christopher Lloyd, Pete Postlethwaite, Miranda Richardson, Martin Short, Peter Ustinov, George Wendt, Gene Wilder, Jason Flemyng, Sheila Hancock, Simon Russell Beale, Elizabeth Spriggs, Donald Sinden, Joanna Lumley, Richard Coombs, Kiran Shah, Francis Wright, Adrian Getley, Robert Tygner, Nigel Plaskitt, David Alan Barclay, Peter Bayliss, Jason Byrne, Paddy Joyce, Murray Melvin, Gerard Naprous; won 4 Primetime Emmy Awards, 6 OFTA Awards

"Alice Underground" experimental short film [indep 1999] /tt0292908/

"Chasing Alice" unsold TV pilot [Warner Bros. TV 2003] 'inspired by the writings of Lewis Carroll' /tt0891456/

"Alice's Misadventures In Wonderland" [Sept 2004] /tt0424787/

"Down The Rabbit Hole" short [2005] by Daniel Baker /tt2368812/

"The Slick White Rabbit" [indep 2005] /tt0458484/

"Alice in Wonderland" [India April 2005] /tt0468642/

"Malice In Wonderland" [The WB Oct 2005] episode /tt0539390/ of the "Charmed" TV series: Season 8, Episode 2
Three sisters who are good witches battle the forces of evil; in this episode, fellow witches disappear and then reappear, apparently driven mad from "Alice In Wonderland"

"Alice In Wonderland: What's The Matter With Hatter?" 47-minute animated video [indep 2007] /tt2593552/

"Alice In Wonderland" short [indep 2009] by David Howard based on both books /tt1477655/

"Mickey's Adventures In Wonderland" [12/2009] episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse []

"Alice" 2-part TV movie [RHI Ent./Syfy TV Dec 2009] /tt1461312/
Written & directed by Nick Willing; starring Caterina Scorsone {as Alice}, Philip Winchester {as Jack}, Andrew Lee Potts, Matt Frewer, Kathy Bates, Colm Meaney, Tim Curry, Harry Dean Stanton, Timothy Webber, Charlotte Sullivan, Alan Gray, Eugene Lipinski, Nancy Robertson, Dave 'Squatch' Ward, Geoff Redknap, Jason Schombing

"Malice In Wonderland" video release [indep Feb 2010]
Malice In Wonderland 2010 U.K. video release  British fantasy adventure film roughly based on Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"; an American law student in modern England is knocked down by a taxicab and wakes up in a surreal world where nothing is what it seems. Directed by Simon Fellows; written by Jayson Rothwell; starring Maggie Grace as Alice
Magnolia Home Ent. widescreen color DVD [5/2010] for $6.34
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland"
feature film in 3-D
[Disney March 2010]
Disney logo for 'Alice In Wonderland' 2010 movie  Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland 2010 movie from Disney  
Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland 2010 movie from Disney  
Classic story elements in a new tale of the adult Alice returning to Wonderland, in Burton's usual dark style.
Co-produced & directed by Tim Burton; script by Linda Woolverton; original music by Danny Elfman; starring Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Crispin Glover & Matt Lucas, and voices of Michael Sheen, Christopher Lee, Alan Rickman, Stephen Fry, Timothy Spall, Paul Whitehouse & Noah Taylor; Blu-ray extras include 12 featurettes
Walt Disney Home Ent. widescreen color Blu-ray+DVD+digital combo [6/2010] 3-disk combo for $24.99
Walt Disney Home Ent. widescreen color Blu-ray+DVD combo [3/2011] for $13.88
Walt Disney Pictures widescreen color Blu-ray [6/2010] for $19.99
Walt Disney Pictures widescreen color DVD [6/2010] for $16.99
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipediaofficial movie site
watch 12/2009 official U.K. trailer [2:35] online at YouTube
Disney's Alice in Wonderland Visual Guide book by D.K. Publng   "Disney's Alice in Wonderland: The Visual Guide" [2010] by D.K. Publng
D.K. Children 11x9¼ hardcover [2/2010] out of print/40+ used
D.K. Children 11x9¼ hardcover [2/2010] out of print/used
Disney's Alice in Wonderland Visual Companion book by Mark Salisbury  "Disney's Alice in Wonderland: A Visual Companion" [2010]
by Mark Salisbury, Foreword by Tim Burton

Disney Editions 11¾x9¼ hardcover [3/2010] out of print/40+ used


Tim Burton's "Alice Through the Looking Glass"  5/2016
feature film in 3-D [Disney May 2016]
Disney logo for 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' 2016 movie  poster for Disney 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' 2016 movie  Alice escapes an insane asylum and returns to a very different Wonderland: her new adventures include traveling back in time to save the Mad Hatter and preventing a plot to return the Red Queen to the throne. Produced by Joe Roth & Tim Burton; directed by James Bobin; written by Linda Woolverton; starring Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Rhys Ifans, Helena Bonham Carter & Sacha Baron Cohen, with the voices of Alan Rickman, Stephen Fry, Michael Sheen & Timothy Spall
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available
full credits at IMDbofficial movie sitemovie entry at Wikipedia
watch official trailers at YouTube: 11/2015 trailer [1:52]3/2016 'Feed Your Head' trailer [2:19]

Alice Through the Looking Glass / A Matter of Time book by Carla Jablonski  "Alice Through the Looking Glass: A Matter of Time" [2016] Written by Carla Jablonski, Illustrated by Olga Mosqueda, Vivien Wu, Richard Tuzon & Jeff Thomas
"An unpossible adventure with over 25 endings" • a unique illustrated novel based on events from the film that allows readers to follow Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen, and the White Queen as the characters journey through time
Kindle Edition 'Digital Picture Book' from Disney Press [4/2016] for $9.99
Disney Press 9½x6¼ hardcover [4/2016] for $7.38
Alice's Adventures: The Complete Visual Guide book by Elizabeth Dowsett & Laura Gilbert  "Alice's Adventures: The Complete Visual Guide" [ages 8-12; 2016]
by Elizabeth Dowsett & Laura Gilbert

the 3/2010 'Alice Visual Guide' {as above} updated for the 2016 "Thru The Looking Glass" film
D.K. Children 11¼x9¼ hardcover [5/2016] for $13.99
pre-sales cover of 'Thru The Looking Glass' graphic novel  "Alice Thru The Looking Glass" graphic novel [ages 9-12; June 2016]
Disney graphic flip book from Joe Books of Canada covers the stories of both Tim Burton 'Alice' movies.
Joe Books, Inc. 8x5¼ pb [6/2016] for $9.99

Stageplays,  Other Media

®           ®
http://www.amazon.com/Alice-Wonderland-Through-Looking-People-ebook/dp/B00AKDB8W6/ plays

Eva Le Gallienne's and Florida Friebus' stage version of the novel, which premiered on Broadway in 1932,
starring Ms. Gallienne as the White Queen and featuring Josephine Hutchinson in the leading role of Alice.

Wonder.land (2015) An English Manchester International Festival Musical adaptation developed by Damon Albarn, Rufus Norris, and Moira Buffini

®           ®

There are any number of 'panto' productions of "Alice In Wonderland" performed by either schoolchildren or adults across England every year. (Italian commedia dell arte shows reached England around 1660, and by 1716 had evolved into British pantomime, or 'panto'.) Popular panto material is being managed by Limelight Scripts [est. 2006] of Sheffield, U.K.

poster for 'Alice' panto at St. John's School in Marlborough, Wiltshire          poster for 'Alice' panto at Station Theatre on Hayling Island, off the Hampshire coast         poster for 2013 'Alice' panto at Tithe Barn Theatre in Horstead, Norfolk         poster for 2011 'Alice' panto at Shawbury Village Hall in Shropshire, U.K.         poster for 2016 'Alice' panto at Swallowfield, Parish Hall in Berkshire, U.K.         poster for 2013 'Alice' panto at Wellesley Theatre in Wellington, Somerset

±                   ±
"Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" vinyl record sets [1957]
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland / Cyril Ritchard on vinyl LP disks  The Lewis Carroll Classic Complete on 4 LP Records, Read & Sung by Cyril Ritchard,
Musical Score by Alec Wilder, Performed by The New Tork Woodwind Quintet

Riverside vinyl records box set [1957] 4 disks - out of prodn/scarce
Volume 1: Golden Records vinyl LP album [1957] out of prodn/scarce
Volume 2: Wonderland Records vinyl LP album [1957] out of prodn/scarce
Volume 3: Wonderland Records vinyl LP album [1957] out of prodn/SOLD OUT!
Volume 4: Wonderland Records vinyl LP album [1957] out of prodn/scarce
Volume 5: Wonderland Records vinyl LP album [1957] out of prodn/scarce
Volume 6: Wonderland Records vinyl LP album [1957] out of prodn/scarce

˜                    ˜

1988 Marchen Maze (Video Game) (novel "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland")

1994 Alice: An Interactive Museum (Video Game) (Alice characters - uncredited)

"Chess Wars" video game [1996] /tt0165146/

2000 Alice (Video Game)

Operas  &  Ballets


children's opera "Alice In Wonderland, Opus 144" [1985-1988] by Wilfred Josephs [1927-97]


"Alice In Wonderland: A Dance Fantasy" TV ballet [1993]
Alice In Wonderland Dance Fantasy ballet video  A half-hour film of the two-part ballet score "Two Worlds", inspired by Lewis Carroll's book "Alice Through The Looking Glass". Music by Czech composer Viktor Kalabis [1923-2006]; directed by Adam Rezek, performed by the Prague Chamber Ballet and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra; the endearing young lady appearing as Alice, Eva Zamazalova, seems to be around 10 years old
V.I.E.W. Video color DVD [4/2007] for $10.79
not listed on IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia
see also Viktor Kalabis & Zuzana Ruzickova Foundation [est. 2006]


"Alice In Wonderland (Tchaikovsky)" ballet [1995]
Alice In Wonderland Tchaikovsky ballet arranged by Carl Davis   Carl Davis Collection music CD [1/2010] 35 tracks for $14.44
Carl Davis Collection MP3 album download [1/2010] 35 tracks for $8.99
The artistic director of the English National Ballet Derek Deane had the idea of making a ballet from the music of Tchaikovsky; composer Carl Davis then arranged some lesser-known music of Tchai-kovsky, with orchestrations done by David Matthews and Lewis Carroll's text adapted by John Wells; the first performance took place at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds, under the direction of Ian Brown; the ballet is quite popular and has been performed often in the U.K. and elsewhere. The album is performed by City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.


"Unsuk Chin: Alice In Wonderland" opera
[Germany June 2007, USA DVD April 2008]
'Alice In Wonderland' opera by Unsuk Chin   Based on both 'Alice' books; music by Unsuk Chin; libretto by David henry Hwang & Unsuk Chin; performed & filmed at Bavarian State Opera/Bayerischen Staatsoper in Munich/München, Germany, conducted by Kent Nagano and starring sopranos Sally Matthews & Dame Gwyneth Jones
EuroArts widescreen color Blu-ray [11/2013] for $29.89
EuroArts widescreen color DVD [4/2008] for $29.99
full credits at IMDbopera entry at Wikipedia
watch complete performance [2:03:02] online at Internet Archive

"Peter Westergaard's Alice In Wonderland" opera [2010]
Peter Westergaard's Alice In Wonderland performance on DVD  Not really an opera, more of a performance piece: there is no orchastra, "just seven singers, singing 41 roles and providing their own accompaniment on- and off-stage, with voices, hand bells, bird whistles, drums, and occasional sound effects" • Composed by Peter Westergaard; performed by Center for Contemporary Opera Orchestra, conducted by Michael Pratt; featuring sopranos Jennifer Winn, Amaia Urtiaga & Karen Jolicoeur, mezzo-soprano Abigail Fischer, countertenor Marshall Coid, tenor David Kellett, and bass Eric Jordan • not listed on IMDb
Albany Records color DVD [8/2010] for $15.49

"Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" ballet [BBC-TV April 2011]
'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland' from the Royal Ballet of U.K.  Performed by the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, England; scenario by Nicholas Wright, choreography by Christopher Wheeldon, score by Joby Talbot; starring Lauren Cuthbertson, Sergei Polunin, Edward Watson, Zenaida Yanowsky, Christopher Saunders & Steven McRae
208-minute Opus Arte widescreen color Blu-ray [10/2011] for $34.99
120-minute Opus Arte widescreen color DVD [10/2011] for $25.39
180-minute Opus Arte Special Edition widescreen color DVD [11/2014] for $33.79
full credits at IMDbofficial websiteballet entry at Wikipedia
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland orchestral suite by Joby Talbot  "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland: Fool's Paradise" [2013] by Joby Talbot
orchestral suite derived from Talbot's ballet; performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Christopher Austin
Signum Classics music CD [1/2013] 13 tracks for $15.79
Signum Classics MP3 album download [1/2013] 13 tracks for $8.99

The National Ballet of Canada performs the Wheeldon "Alice" in repertoire and on tour, such as at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles
(October 2012)
, at Lincoln Center in New York City (April 2014), and at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa (April 2015).

Royal Ballet Company's 'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland' for 2017  Royal Ballet Company's "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" [2017]
Video recording of a live performance of the Royal Ballet Company's Wheeldon ballet {3 hours with two intervals} will be shown at dozens of big-screen theaters across the U.S.A. from October 2017 to January 2018. • Scenario by Nicholas Wright; choreo-graphy by Christopher Wheeldon; musical score by Joby Talbot; set design by Bob Crowley; Orchestra of The Royal Opera House conducted by Koen Kessels; dancers include Lauren Cuthbertson {as Alice}, Federico Bonelli, James Hay, Laura Morera, Steven McRae • no credits at IMDb • official 2017 webpage
watch Royal Opera House 8/2017 promo [0:31] online at YouTube


"Alice (in Wonderland)" ballet [April 2012]
ad for Septime Webre's 'Alice (in Wonderland)' ballet  Septime Webre's Washington Ballet production at the Kennedy Center is described as 'trippy and dazzling'; choreography by Septime Webre, music by Matthew Pierce; the U.S. tour included stops at Denver, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Honolulu, Milwaukee
watch 6/2012 official highlights/promo video [3:00] online at YouTube

"Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" family opera [2013]
 album on CD   Signum Classics music CD [7/2015] 22 tracks for $15.79
Signum Classics MP3 album download [6/2015] 22 tracks for $7.99
A summer performance pavilion was constructed at Holland Park in West London in 1988; concerns about noise levels brought operas and operettas to the stage, and the Opera Holland Park non-profit was founded in 1996. The 'Alice' opera was commissioned to and written by Will Todd & Maggie Gottlieb; it was first performed at Holland Park in 2013, and has returned in 2014 & 2015 & now 2016. On the album, Matthew Waldren conducts the City of London Sinfonia • official website

Sequels  and  Works  About  Alice,  et al

"A New Alice In The Old Wonderland: Lewis Carroll's Alice Book 3" [1895] by Anna Matlack Richards [Illustrated]
Few people realize that there *is* another 'secret' sequel, written in 1895 by Anna Macklands Richards, with over 60 illustrations

"Alice In Blunderland" [1907] by John Kendrick Bangs

"Mimsy Were the Borogoves" scifi classic short story [Feb 1943] by Henry Kuttner
loosely adapted into feature-length film "The Last Mimzy" [2007] which leaves out the Alice Liddell story elements

"Screenplay: A Novel" [1982] by MacDonald Harris
An enthralling, time-traveling version of Alice, in dual wonderlands of 20th-century
Hollywood; a masterpiece of darkly playful cunning .. Overlook Press, $26.95 hardcover, 9781468308983

"The Logic of Alice: Clear Thinking In Wonderland" [12/2008] by Bernard M. Patten

"Wonderland: The Zen of Alice" [10/2009] by Daniel Doen Silberberg

Alice In Comicland book edited by Craig Yoe  "Alice In Comicland" [2014] Edited by Craig Yoe, Introduction by Mark Burstein
contributors include Dave Berg, George Carlson, Jack Davis, Dan Decarlo, Walt Kelly, Harvey Kurtzman, K.L. Roberts, Charles Schulz, Alex Toth, and several others
I.D.W. Publng 11x7¾ hardcover [5/2014] for $25.28
Wonderland Omnibus comic book collection from Zenescope  "Wonderland Omnibus" comic book collection [2014]
Written by Ralph Tedesco, Joe Brusha & Raven Gregory, Illustrated by Daniel Leister

ADULT CONTENT: includes six complete issues: 'Return To Wonderland', 'Beyond Wonderland', 'Escape From Wonderland', and 'Tales From Wonderland, Volumes 1-3'
Zenescope 10½x6½ pb [8/2014] for $48.26
'Selections From The Collection of Victoria J. Sewell' book compiled by Byron W. Sewell  "Selections From The Lewis Carroll Collection of Victoria J. Sewell" [2015]
Compiled by Byron W. Sewell, Foreword by Edward Wakeling

Evertype 8½x5½ pb [4/2015] for $9.13
Annotated Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Food in Literature & Culture Edition book by Buffy Naillon  "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [Annotated]: 150th Anniversary Food In
Literature & Culture Edition" [2015] by Buffy Naillon

The 120+ pages include a short biography of Lewis Carroll, excerpts from "Alice",
ten recipes, and a research bibliography.

128-page Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [9/2015] for FREE {sic}
126-page CreateSpace 9x6 pb [9/2015] for $6.95
Alice's London Adventures In Wonderland book by Sarah Elizabeth Beaumont  "Alice's London Adventures In Wonderland: A Parody" [2015]
Written & Illustrated by Sarah Elizabeth Beaumont

Alice follows the White Rabbit down to the subway at Knightsbridge Station . . .
Kindle Edition from Two Monkeys Publng [8/2015] for $9.99
Two Monkeys Publng 11x7¼ hardcover [10/2015] out of print/used
Heartless prequel novel by Marissa Meyer  "Heartless" [grades 7 & up; 2016] by Marissa Meyer
Long before Catherine became the terror of Wonderland – the infamous Queen of Hearts – she was just a girl who wanted to fall in love — a prequel to "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland"
Kindle Edition from Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan [11/2016] for $9.99
Feiwel & Friends 7¾x5 pb [11/2016] out of print/used
Feiwel & Friends 7¾x5 pb [11/2016] out of print/used
Feiwel & Friends 9½x6½ hardcover [11/2016] for $12.57
A is for Alice Alphabet Book  "A Is For Alice: An Alphabet Book" [ages 2-4; 2017]  9/2017
Kindle Edition from Macmillan Children's Books [2/2017] for $5.61
Pan Macmillan 7¼x7¼ board book [9/2017] for $8.99
One White Rabbit Counting Book  "One White Rabbit: A Counting Book" [ages 2-4; 2017]  9/2017
Kindle Edition from Macmillan Children's Books [2/2017] for $4.77
Pan Macmillan 7¼x7¼ board book [9/2017] for $8.99

"Alicja" [Poland March 1982]
movie about modern day Alicja, 'inspired by' Alice In Wonderland  Alice falls in love with a jogger called Rabbit • Co-directed by Jacek Bromski; co-written & co-directed by Jerzy Gruza; starring Sophie Barjac (as Alice}, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Susannah York, Paul Nicholas, voice of singer Lulu, Jack Wild, Dominic Guard, Tracy Hyde, Peter Straker, Marc Seaberg, David Toguri, Henri Seroka, Dominique Mucret, Joachim Hubner, Kris Juliano, Grégory Knop, Ewa Blaszczyk, Joanna Bartel
Region 1 DVD not available • Warner Home Video color VHS [7/94] for $11.50
full credits at IMDbwatch full movie [11/2014 upload; 1:31:35] online at YouTube

'Faryl in Wonderland' 2009 album on CD  "Faryl In Wonderland" music album [2009] by Faryl Smith
101 Distribution music CD [11/2009] 12 tracks for $20.17
British teenage mezzo-soprano pop sensation Faryl Smith's second album, "for those who like their pop-classical music over-produced and over-enunciated . . ."; the song titles are: "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Somewhere Far Away)"; "O Holy Night"; "Wonderland ('Winter from The Four Seasons')"; "The Prayer"; "Adiemus"; "Barcarolle (from 'Tales of Hoffman)"; "In Dulce Jubilo"; "Night of Silence"; "Evening Prayer (from 'Hansel und Gretel')"; "Blow The Wind Southerly"; "Hymn To The Moon"; and "Close To You"Faryl's official website
'Under the Influence of Alice' music album on CD  "Under The Influence of Alice: Music Inspired By The Classic Tale" [2010]
Rhino Ent. music CD [2010] 12 tracks - out of prodn/used
The artists & 12 songs are: Clare and The Reasons ("Wake Up {You Sleepy Head}"); The Cure ("The Caterpillar"); David Moore ("Don't Come Around Here No More" cover); Elvis Costello ("Deep Dark Truthful Mirror"); Emilie Simon ("Flowers"); The Flaming Lips ("What Is The Light"); The Incredible String Band ("The Mad Hatter's Song"); Jefferson Airplane ("White Rabbit"); The Jesus and Mary Chain ("Here Comes Alice"); Robert Smith ("Looking Glass Girl"); Scarlett Johansson ("Falling Down"); and The Sisters of Mercy ("Alice")
'Almost Alice' music album on CD & MP3   "Almost Alice" music CD [2010]
Disney Records music CD [3/2010] 16 tracks for $10.99
Buena Vista Records MP3 music album download [3/2010] 16 tracks for $8.99
The artists & 16 songs 'inspired by' the Tim Burton 2010 movie are: The All-American Rejects ("The Poison"); All Time Low ("Painting Flowers"); Avril Lavigne ("Alice"); Franz Ferdinand ("The Lobster Quadrille"); Grace Potter and The Nocturnals ("White Rabbit" cover); Kerli ("Tea Party"); Mark Hoppus ("In Transit"); Metro Station ("Where's My Angel"); Motion City Soundtrack ("Always Running Out of Time"); Owl City ("The Technicolor Phase"); Plain White T's ("Welcome To Mystery"); Robert Smith ("Very Good Advice"); Shinedown ("Her Name Is Alice"); 3OH!3 featuring Neon Hitch ("Follow Me Down"); Tokio Hotel & Kerli ("Strange"); and Wolfmother ("Fell Down A Hole")

Image  Gallery

cover from hardcover of 'Alice In Wonderland' with Alice and the Caterpillsr          U.K. 13-pence postage stamp of Alice & Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat          2005 U.S.P.S 37-cent postage stamp of Alice and Mad Hatter          Hallowe'en costume of Alice - why exactly does Alice's traditional attire seem so sexy?

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"Through The Looking-Glass" novel entry at Wikipedia
Lewis Carroll credits [92 credits since 1903] at Internet Movie Database
Lewis Carroll credits [since 1915] at Internet Broadway Database
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Lewis Carroll Society of U.K. [est. 1969]
Lewis Carroll Society of North America [est. 1974]
Lewis Carroll Society of Brasil weblog
Sociedade Lewis Carroll de Brasil {Portuguese or English}
'Alice' expert Mark Burstein might be president of Lawrence University in Wisconsin
Wonderland House 6-bedroom rental in Brighton, East Sussex, UK
Lookingglass Cottage luxury B&B [built 1565] in Brighton, East Sussex, UK
Alice In Wonderland cosplay guide at the Costume Wall website

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