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Tesla's  Technologies
List of Nikola Tesla patents at Wikipedia
Tesla Patents online at KeelyNet

Adobe Acrobat ebook of Tesla's Autobiography free download {387KB}

Tesla's Fountain: patented in 1914, working fountain built in Belgrade, circa 2007

Force Fields / Tesla's Weapon of Peace book by L. Lee Roberts  "Force Fields: The Quest For Tesla's Weapon of Peace" [2008]
by L. Lee Roberts

A report of the strange activities during the month following Nikola Tesla's death in January 1942.
BookSurge 8x5¼ pb [8/2008] for $15.99
Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla book by Tim Swartz  "The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla: HAARP, Chemtrails & The Secret of Alternative 4" [2000] by Tim Swartz
Kindle Edition from Global Commns. [2000 edition] for $9.95
Global Commns. pb [10/2000] for $14.95
Tesla Coil Guide / Colorado Springs Notes   "Tesla Coil Builder's Guide To The Colorado Springs Notes of Nikola Tesla" [1999] by Richard L. Hull
Twenty-First Century Books spiral-bound
[11/99] for $27.50/out of stock/used
Nikola Tesla Complete Patent Collection CD-ROM  "Nikola Tesla Complete Patent Collection" CD-ROM [1998]
Edited by Bruce A. Perreault

Nu Energy Horizons CD-ROM [11/98] for $29.95

"Occult Ether Physics: Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System &
The Conspiracy To Conceal It" [1998] by William Lyne
Creatopia Prodns 9¾x6¾ pb [11/98] for $7.20

Nikola Tesla's Earthquake Machine book by Dale Pond & Walter Baumgartner  
"Nikola Tesla's Earthquake Machine" [1995]
by Dale Pond & Walter Baumgartner

Message Co. pb [8/95] for $16.95
Patents JG   "The Complete Patents of Nikola Tesla" [1994]
Edited by Jim Glenn

Dorset Press [7/94] out of print/used
Fantastic   "The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla" [1993]
by David Hatcher Childress

Kindle Edition from Adventures Unlimited Press [1993 edition] for $9.99
Adventures Unlimited Press 9x6 pb [8/93] for $16.95
Analytical Papers   "Tesla's Fuelless Generator and Wireless Method: Analytical Papers"
[1993] Edited by Oliver Nichelson

Twenty-First Century Books pb [6/93] for $9.95

"Modern Tesla Coil Design Theory" by Duane A. Bylund
Tesla Book Co. spiral-bound [12/91] for $19.95

"Analysis of Scalar Electromagnetic Technology" [1990]
by Thomas E. Bearden
Tesla Book Co. spiral-bound [12/90] for $12.95

"Boundary Layer Breakthrough: The Bladeless Tesla Turbine"
[1990] by Jeffery A. Hayes
High Energy Enterprises; availability unknown = ISBN 1882137019

"Tesla's Engine: A New Dimension for Power" [1990]
Edited by Jeffery A. Hayes
Tesla Engine Builders Assn. pb [8/94] for $19.95

"Vacuum Tube Tesla Coils" [1988]
by James F. & Kenneth L. Corum
Corum & Assocs. pb [12/88] out of print/used

Electromagnetics & Electrical Free Energy   "New Tesla Electromagnetics and The Secrets of Electrical
Free Energy (Proofs of Free Energy Devices & Supporting
Data)" [1986] by Thomas E. Bearden

Tesla Book Co. pb [6/86] for $11.75
Patents JTR   "Dr. Nikola Tesla: Complete Patents" [1983]
Edited by John T. Ratzlaff

GSG & Assocs. hardcover [1/2000] for $40.00
Tesla Book Co. spiral-bound 2-volume set [6/83] for $35.00

Selected Patent Wrappers from the National Archives [1981]
Tesla Book Co. spiral-bound 4-volume set [8/81] for $60.00

Part I: "The Solution To Tesla's Secrets & The Soviet Tesla Weapons"
Part II: "Reference Articles For Solution To Tesla's Secrets" [1981]
by Thomas E. Bearden
Health Research spiral-bound [6/81] for $14.00

Pamphlets  from  High Voltage Press
"Tesla: The Lost Inventions" by George B. Trinkaus
[6/88] for $7.00
"Tesla Coil" by George B. Trinkaus
[6/89] for $6.00
"Son of Tesla Coil: Build a Tesla Lighting Plant" by George B. Trinkaus
[7/2000] for $7.75
"Radio Tesla" by George B. Trinkaus
[9/93] for $7.00
"The True Wireless" by Nikola Tesla [1919]
Edited by George B. Trinkaus
[7/98] for $6.00
online text on P.B.S. website

Kindle  Editions
Nordell Bookstores Group Kindle Hardware & Content Page
with FREE Kindle Apps for PC, Mac, iPhone/iPod, iPad, Android & Blackberry

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"The Problem of Increasing Human Energy" [1900]
Kindle Edition from Filiquarian Publng, LLC [9/2007] for $4.99

"My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla" [1919]
Kindle Edition from Waxkeep Publng [3/2013] for 99ข {sic}
Kindle Edition edited by David Major [10/2010] for $2.37
Kindle Edition from Cosimo Classics [2005 edition] for $2.80

"Prodigal Genius: The Life & Times of Nikola Tesla, Inventor Extraordinary"
[1944] by John J. O'Neill
Kindle Edition from Ancient Wisdom Publns [5/2009] for $6.45

"The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla" [1993]
by David Hatcher Childress
Kindle Edition from Adventures Unlimited Press [1993 edition] for $9.99

"Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla - Biography of A Genius"
[1996] by Marc Seifer
Kindle Edition from Citadel [2001 edition] for $9.99

"The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla: HAARP, Chemtrails & The Secret
of Alternative 4" [2000] by Tim Swartz
Kindle Edition from Global Commns. [2000 edition] for $9.95

"Legacy: The Life of Nikola Tesla" [2008] by Norma Brody
Kindle Edition from BookSurge Publng [7/2009] for $4.95

"The Essential Tesla" [2010]
includes "A New System of Alternating Current Motors & Transformers" [1888], "Experiments With Alternate Currents"
[1904], "The Problem of Increasing Human Energy" [1900], and "The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla" [1919]
Kindle Edition from Wilder Publns [3/2010] for $1.99 {sic}

"The Nikola Tesla Treasury" [2013]
CAVEAT: reviews on Amazon are mixed; MAY contain low-quality scans BUT the content is 107 articles,
letters to editors & lectures of Nikola Tesla, and 214 figures on 668 pages - for two bucks!
Kindle Edition from First Start Publng [7/2013] for $1.99 {sic}

Tesla's 187-foot tower at Wardenclyffe

Stageplays,  Movies & Television,  Other  Media


the rock group "Tesla": on | website & BBS

The iconic double-exposure photograph of Tesla sitting amidst the lightning sparks at his Colorado Springs facility (circa 1899) shows him reading a book;
somebody took a magnifying glass and read the spine and discovered that Tesla was reading this book by Balkan-Italian scientist Roger Joseph Boscovich, SJ [1711-87].
(Tesla spoke eight languages, including Latin & Italian; this book was not published in English until 1922.)

Tesla reading Theory of Natural Philosophy book by Roger Joseph Boscovich  "Theory of Natural Philosophy Derived To The Single Law of Forces Which Exist In Nature (Philoso-phiๆ Naturalis Theoria Redacta ad Unicam Legem Virium in Natura Existentium)" [1758]
Boscovich's famous work contains his atomic theory and his theory of forces; the first edition was published in Vienna, Austria in 1758, a second edition was published in Venice, Italy in 1763, and a third edition was published again in Vienna in 1764; English translations were published in London in 1922 and in the United States in 1966. The Amazon entries below all seem to be facsimile editions made from the Latin-English book published by Open Court in London, U.K. in 1922.
Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [8/2013] for 99ข {sic}
Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [1/2012] for $5.88
Forgotten Books 9x6 pb [9/2015] for $16.57
M.I.T. Press 9¼x6¼ pb [1966] out of print/used
Historic Book Foundation hardcover [2016] for $49.99 + s/h via Amazon third party


Ambient Medium   "The Ambient Medium: A Play About Nikola Tesla" [1995]
by Martha Keltz

Studio Editions spiral-bound [2/95] for $15.00
Electric  "Tesla Electric" [1995 play]
by David. G. Fraser & Katherine Goods

ArtBiz Commns pb [10/95] for $15.95
'Brilliant!' one-act stageplay about Nikola Tesla by Kevin Kerr  "Brilliant! The Blinding Enlightenment of Nikola Tesla" [1998]
by Canadian playwright Kevin Kerr

one-act stageplay first performed at the Vancouver Fringe Festival [est. 1985] in September 1996; playwright is founding member of Vancouver's Electric Company Theatre; playscript published in 1998, won the Jessie Richardson Award for Outstanding Original Script
80-page Brindle & Glass 8½x6½ playscript [1/2004] for $11.95
audio CD   "Tesla" [Japanese audio drama 1999]
Banda import soundtrack CD [6/99] for $38.99
Tesla's Letters play   "Tesla's Letters" [1999 stage play]
by Jeffrey Stanley

Samuel French pb [11/99] for $8.72

one-man play "Tesla" [2001] starring Frank Tabbita
Directed by Dennis Catrell; co-written by J. Michael Newlight & Frank Tabbita
official website

Opera "Nikola Tesla" [staged Sept 2001] by Vladimir Nemet

stage performance "Future Motive Power" [premiere Jan 2012]
San Francisco Examiner review • Mugwumpin Theater Company • trailer [1:51] at Vimeo

Funeral of Nikola Tesla [1943] amateur footage
watch b&w footage with gypsy violin music [12/2011 upload; 1:27] at YouTube

"Nikola Tesla: The Genius Who Lit The World"
[10-episode Serbo-Croation mini-series 1977]
Nikola Tesla miniseries   Directed by Eduard Galic; narrated by Dean Monroe; starring Rade Serbedzija {as Tesla},
Svetlana Bojkovic & Zlatko Crnkovic • full credits from IMDB
60-minute UFOTV color English-language DVD [2/2004] for $21.99
60-minute UFOTV color English-language VHS [9/2004] out of prodn/used
video of the complete series [9:57:48] removed from YouTube due to copyright issues
watch supposed BBC-TV version [5/2016 upload; 42:04] online at YouTube

"The Secret of Nikola Tesla" [Croatia 1980]
Secret of Nikola Tesla movie  105-minute feature film directed by Krsto Papic; starring Petar Bozovic as Tesla,
Orson Welles as J.P. Morgan, and Strother Martin as George Westinghouse
UFO TV Special Edition color DVD [6/2007] for $19.99
UFO TV color DVD [11/2003] out of prodn/used
UFO Central color VHS [10/2001] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia
watch full movie, mostly in English [1/2016 download; 1:37:58] online at YouTube

Nikola Tesla segment [aired Dec 1982] {credits from IMDB}
from the "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" television show [1982-86] {series credits from IMDB}
watch segment [4/2015 upload; 9:40] online at YouTube

"Tesla" Serbian TV drama [1993]
Directed by Slavoljub Stefanovic-Ravasi
video not available; credits from IMDB

"Nikola Tesla: Life & Times of A Forgotten Genius" [1998]
Tapeworm VHS [4/98] out of prodn/used

"Lost Lightning: The Missing Secrets of Nicola Tesla"
[P.B.S. aired April 1998]
Missing Secrets of Nicola Tesla video  47-minute episode of "Phenomenon: The Lost Archives" TV series [1998-2000]; includes
several color clips from "The Secret of Nikola Tesla"; co-produced & co-written by
Scott J.T. Frank; co-written & directed by Jay Miracle; hosted by Dean Stockwell,
narrated by Bill Rogers • VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available
episode credits at IMDb • series credits at IMDb
watch full episode [46:25] online at YouTube

"Tesla: Master of Lightning" TV documentary [P.B.S. 2000]
Tesla: Master of Lightning video  Co-produced, co-written & directed by Robert Uth; narrated by Elisabeth Noone; featuring Stacy Keach {as the voice of Nikola Tesla}, Margaret Cheney & William Terbo; with archive footage of John Jacob Astor, Thomas A. Edison, Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday, Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, Adolf Hitler, Lord Kelvin, William Francis Kemmler, Nikita Khrushchev, Guglielmo Marconi, John Pierpont Morgan, Ronald Reagan, Milutin Tesla, Nikola Tesla, Mark Twain, William K. Vanderbilt, and George Westinghouse
P.B.S. Home Video color DVD [11/2007] for $16.79
P.B.S. Home Video color VHS [12/2000] for $24.90
full credits from IMDb • P.B.S. official movie page
watch full movie [1/2015 upload; 1:26:22] online at YouTube
watch full movie with ads [7/2015 upload; 2:00:02] online at YouTube

companion book by Margaret Cheney & Robert Uth
MetroBooks 11½x8½ hardcover [10/2001] out of print/many used

"Tesla: Tripping The Light Electric" short [indep July 2000]
Directed by Lance Acord; starring Gregory Wagrowski & Brian Prescott
DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDb

"Tesla ili prilagodjavanje andjela" [Serbian TV drama 2001]
Directed by Slobodan Z. Jovanovic
video/DVD not available; credits from IMDB

"Charged: The Story of Nikola Tesla"
announced May 2002; to be directed by Ken Russell [1927-2011]
release date not available; IMDb link of 2002 now gone (2006); official movie site

Novus Ordo Seclorum video from VyZ  "Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Order of The Ages): A Fairytale Tribute to Nikola Tesla" [2006] from Pritchard School of Digital Arts
The improvisational musical group "VyZ" inspired the film's 58-minute, non-narrative, experimental structure
CustomFlix color DVD [7/2006] for $25.00

The Prestige movie poster  "The Prestige" [Warner/Touchstone Oct 2006]
The personal & professional competition between two magicians in Victorian London escalates, with murder and suicide the result; Nikola Tesla provides special effects.
Co-written & directed by Christopher Nolan; based on Christopher Priest's novel; starring Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Piper Perabo, Rebecca Hall, Scarlett Johansson, Samantha Mahurin, with David Bowie as Nikola Tesla
Buena Vista / Touchstone widescreen color Blu-ray [2/2007] for $17.99
Buena Vista / Touchstone widescreen color DVD [2/2007] for $9.49
full credits at IMDb • official movie site
screenplay: Faber & Faber 7½x5 pb [10/2006] for $11.90

The Prestige book  1996 novel by Christopher Priest
Tor 8¼x5½ pb [11/2005] for $13.23
Tor movie tie-in mass pb [10/2006] out of print/40+ used
Tor movie tie-in 8½x5½ pb [10/2006] out of print/40+ used
St. Martin 8¾x6 hardcover [10/96] out of print/used
Blackstone UNABR audio CD [10/2006] out of prodn/used

"Tesla" 44-min. documentary [Hrvatska Televizija Jan 2007]
Written & directed by Miro Brankovic; narration by Rade Serbedzija
video/DVD not available • full credits from IMDb

All About Tesla / The Research docufilm by Michael Krause  "All About Tesla: The Research" [Germany May 2007]
Co-produced, written & directed by Michael Krause; featuring Dr. David Goodstein of CalTech, Dr. Michio Kaku (the other interviewees are mostly cranks)
81-minute R & F Films color DVD [7/2011] for $19.00
bare credits at IMDb • official movie website
watch 9/2011 official trailer [2:51] online at YouTube
"All About Tesla: How Nikola Tesla Invented The XXth Century" biography for Kindle [2011] by Michael Krause
Kindle Edition from R & F Publng, Berlin [8/2011] for $9.99

"Tesla The Accumulator" [Buffalo Nickel video release 2008]
Co-produced & directed by Emil Novak; starring Gary Marzolf {as Tesla}, Joyce Seigel & Paul MeGee
video/DVD not available; full credits from IMDb

"Tesla The Superman" [indep 2009 release]
Written & directed by Robert Terry; starring Gianfranco L'Amore {as Tesla} & Michael Wise
{as Mark Twain} • video/DVD not available • credits from IMDb

Nikola Tesla Visionary docufilm by Michael Krause  "Nikola Tesla Visionary of Modern Times" TV movie [Germany March 2012]
52-minute TV docufilm produced, written & directed by Michael Krause; narrated by Robert Lyons • not available on Region 1 DVD • bare credits at IMDb • official movie website
watch 5/2012 official trailer [3:33] online at YouTube
planned Tesla movie from Hollydan in Canada  "Nikola Tesla" [Canada - in development?]
Script exists, minor actors are signed on, Kickstarter campaign ended 14 July 2014.
Co-produced, written & to be directed by D. Daniel Vujic
credits at IMDb • official movie site {broken? 2015}
watch 5/2014 official promo [2:00] at YouTube

"War of The Worlds: Goliath" animated film in 3-D
[festival circuit 2012, USA March 2014]
steampunk 'War of The Worlds: Goliath' animated feature film  Filmed in Malaysia; set in a steampunk retro-future (!) fifteen years after the "The War of The Worlds" 1898 Novel; mankind has prepared to repel any second invasion by Martians, and sure enough, they are back!; characters include visionary inventor Nikola Tesla, who back-engineers the tripod machine technology from the prior invasion • Produced & co-written by David Abramowitz; produced, co-written & directed by Joe Pearson
Anderson Digital widescreen color Blu-ray 3-D [4/2014] 2 disks for $11.13
Anderson Digital widescreen color DVD [4/2014] for $8.27
full credits at IMDb • official movie website • movie entry at Wikipedia
watch official trailers online at YouTube: 9/2009 trailer #1 [2:16] • 5/2013 trailer #2 [2:18]

"Nikola Tesla and Extraterrestrial Signal" documentary [Metrix World 2015]
watch full video [1/2015 upload; 33:21] online at YouTube

"Clash of The Electric Currents, 1877-1897: Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla"
TV docudrama
[National Geographic June 2015]
'Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla' episode of 'American Genius'  Hour-long episode #8 of the "American Genius" TV mini-series {series credits at IMDb} shown on the National Geographic Channel; full biography of Tesla with emphasis on the battle over the AC versus DC electricity technologies • Directed by Paul Abascal; starring Eric Rolland {as Edison}, Anthony Misiano {as Tesla}; featuring interviews with W. Bernard Carlson, Paul Israel PhD, Dr. Michio Kaku, and Tom McNichol
VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDb • official movie website
watch full movie [8/2015 upload; 47:52] online at YouTube

"The American Side" [The Orchard April 2016]
'The American Side' movie about Nikola Tesla  Pop-noir thriller filmed in Upstate New York; a low-rent detective is hired to locate an electronic engineer, who mysteriously commits suicide at Niagara Falls; the detective's attempt to get to the bottom of the case unravels a conspiracy to build a revolutionary invention designed by enigmatic scientist Nikola Tesla • Co-produced, co-written & directed by Jenna Ricker; co-written by & starring Greg Stuhr; music by David Shire; also starring Alicja Bachleda, Camilla Belle, Matthew Broderick, Robert Forster, Janeane Garofalo, Grant Shaud, Robert Vaughn, Harris Yulin, Joe Grifasi, Stephen Henderson, Norm Sham, Kelsey Siepser, Don Stuhr, Daniela Galli, Todd Benzin, Brian Mysliwy, Tracey B. Wilson, Vincent O'Neill, Wendy Higgins, Peter Palmisano, Rolando Gomez
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available
full credits at IMDb • official movie site • no entry at Wikipedia
watch 3/2016 official trailer [2:16] at YouTube

"Tesla: Visionary or Madman?"
[P.B.S. American Experience Oct 2016]
Tesla episode on American Experience  60-minute docufilm co-produced, written & directed by David Grubin; narrated by Michael Murphy; featuring Jane Alcorn, Harold Clark, Peter Fisher, Samantha Hunt, Jill Jonnes, Marc Seifer, John M. Staudenmaier • episode credits at IMDb
P.B.S. Distribution widescreen color DVD [11/2016] for $17.98

Untitled Twain/Tesla Project [C.B.S. Films - in development for 2018?]  
Announced 2/2017: CBS Films acquired a pitch for "Tesla & Twain" about the famed Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla;
the project was written by Eric Siegel, with Brigham Taylor producing • latest info at IMDb

AC/DC  -  Tesla, Westinghouse & Edison
'War of The Currents' entry at Wikipedia

Spirit of America Bookstore's 'AC-DC War of The Currents' Page

inventor Thomas Alva Edison [1847-1931] Page at Spirit of America Bookstore

George Westinghouse, Jr. [1846-1914] Page at Spirit of America Bookstore

Topsy The Crooked-Tailed Elephant book by Michael Daly  "Topsy: The Startling Story of The Crooked-Tailed Elephant, P.T. Barnum, and The American Wizard, Thomas Edison" [2013] by Michael Daly
Topsy the Elephant was a victim of the 'War of The Currents', electrocuted at Coney Island, New York in 1903; Edison was desperate to prove that his direct electric current system was best, that the alternating current system of his opponents George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla was dangerous; the execution of Topsy was successful, but Edison ultimately failed.
Kindle Edition from Atlantic Monthly Press [7/2013] for $9.99
Grove Press 8¼x5½ pb [6/2014] for $12.09
Atlantic Monthly Press 8¼x5½ hardcover [7/2013] for $8.00
Topsy the Circus Elephant [1875-1903] entry at Wikipedia
Edison Film Mfg. Co. record of the 1903 execution [1:17] online at YouTube

"The Current War" [The Weinstein Company release 2018?]  
'The Current War' 2018 movie  Electricity titans Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse compete to create a sustainable power system and market it to the American people • Announced 5/2012: Producer-director Timur Bekmambetov and his Bazelevs production company bought Michael Mitnick’s spec script, which was listed on the screenplay Black List; the story follows the real-life public clash between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse about the future of the new electric power industry; added 11/2016: actor Tom Holland signed on to portray Samuel Insull • Co-produced by Timur Bekmambetov, Bob Wein-stein, Harvey Weinstein, and others; directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon; co-produced & written by Michael Mitnick; starring Benedict Cumber-batch {as Edison}, Nicholas Hoult {as Tesla}, Michael Shannon {as Westinghouse}, Tom Holland, Katherine Waterston, Tuppence Middleton, John Schwab, Matthew Macfadyen {as J.P. Morgan}, Damien Molony, Tom Bell, Tom Sweet, Conor MacNeill, Iain McKee, Jason Matthewson, Celyn Jones, Woody Norman, Faye Ormston, Phil Hodges, Ekow Quartey, Adam Lazarus, Simon Connolly, Joseph Balderrama, Steven I. Dillard
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available •
full credits at IMDb • official movie site • watch 9/2017 official trailer [2:33] at YouTube

Other  Pioneers
"Three Unusual Scientists: John Keely, Nikola Tesla & Walter Russell" [1999]
3 one-act plays by Martha Keltz
Student Entrepreneur spiral-bound [5/99] for $31.00

"Free Energy Pioneer: John Worrell Keely" [1998]
by Theo Paijmans, intro by John A. Keely

Illuminet Press 9x6 pb [7/98] for $19.95

"Electrical Pioneers of America in Their Own Words: Bell, De Forest, Edison,
Franklin, Henry, Steinmetz, Tesla, Thomson & Westinghouse" [1997]
Edited by Stephen P. Tubbs
self-published spiral-bound [10/97] for $23.95

Keely Secrets book edited by Dale Pond  "Universal Laws Never Before Revealed: Keely's Secrets (Under-
standing & Using The Science of Sympathetic Vibrations)" [1995]
Edited by Dale Pond

Message Co. pb [4/95] for $19.95
French-language Keely site with photos
KeelyNet Website in Dallas, Texas

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