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"A girl should realize that a career on the screen demands everything, promising nothing."
— Helen Ferguson [1900-77]

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Art Acord  [1890-1931]
acted in 110 films, 1910-1930 -

"Art Acord and The Movies" [] by Grange B. McKinney

®            ®

star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame  'Broncho Billy' Anderson won an Honorary Oscar in 1958      'Readers of The Purple Sage' Western Bookstore's
Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson [1880-1971] Page

He wrote, produced, directed & starred in almost 400 silent movies

®            ®

Julie Andrews
named a Dame of The British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II on 31 December 1999

®            ®

Magic Lantern's
silent-era comedian
Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle [1887-1933] Page

Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle biography by Stuart Oderman  
"Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle: A Biography of The
Silent Film Comedian, 1887-1933" [2005]
by Stuart Oderman

McFarland & Co. 8¾x5¾ pb [7/2005] for $35.00
®            ®

George Arliss  [1868-1946]
browse George Arliss on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Bob Fells's 'Arliss Archives' fanblog [est. 2011]

®            ®

Edward Arnold  [1890-1956]
browse Edward Arnold on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

®            ®

Jean Arthur  [1900-91]
browse Jean Arthur on DVD • IMDb listing • Broadway credits • Wikipedia

Martina's Jean Arthur fansite

Jean Arthur Actress Nobody Knew biography by John Oller  
”Jean Arthur: The Actress Nobody Knew” [1997]
by John Oller

Limelight Editions 9x6 pb [6/2007] for $12.89
Limelight Editions 9¾x6¼ hardcover [3/97] out of print/used

classic Western movie Shane directed by George Stevens, starring Alan Ladd  "Shane" [Paramount April 1953]
Directed by George Stevens, screenplay by A.B. Guthrie Jr. from the Jack Schaefer story; starring Alan Ladd, Jean Arthur, Van Heflin, Brandon DeWilde, Jack Palance & Ben Johnson; Oscar nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Script, Best Supporting Actor (JP & BDW), won for Best Cinematography; listed at National Film Registry 1993
Paramount color DVD [8/2000] for $22.49
Hungry Minds color VHS [4/98] for $9.95
full credits from IMDb
®            ®

Mary Astor  [1906-87]
browse Mary Astor on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

portrayed Brigid O'Shaughnessy in "The Maltese Falcon" [1941]

"My Story: An Autobiography" [1959 bestseller]
later book "A Life On Film" [1969 bestseller] specifically about her career

®            ®

Agnes Ayres [92 credits, 1914-37]
including "The Sheik" opposite Valentino

®            ®

Baby Peggy [career 1921-1926]
{ born Peggy-Jean Montgomery, changed later to Diana Serra Cary }  [b. 1918]

At age two she was a Hollywood star; performed on vaudeville stage for four years; by age eleven she was washed up - her earnings stolen.

"Baby Peggy: The Elephant In The Room" []
documentary by Vera Iwebor tells how 'Baby Peggy', the family breadwinner as a toddler, grew up and reinvented herself as Diana Serra Cary,
a respected film historian and advocate for laws protecting child performers.

®            ®

Lauren Bacall  [1924-2014]
Bogart & Bacall Section on Magic Lantern's Humphrey Bogart [1899-57] Page

®            ®

Lucille Ball  [1911-89] /nm0000840/

"Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie" TV documentary [1993] /tt0296731/

"Laughs, Luck ... and Lucy: How I Came To Create The Most Popular Sitcom of All Time"
(with "I Love Lucy's Lost Scenes" on audio CD) [4/99] by Jess Oppenheimer /0815605846/

"I Love Lucy's 50th Anniversary Special" TV documentary [2001] /tt0297959/

"The Desilu Story" TV documentary [2003] /tt0454596/

Announced 9/2015: Cate Blanchett will star as the legendary Lucille Ball in a biopic written by Oscar-winner Aaron Sorkin; authorized by the late actress/producer’s estate, the film will chronicle Ball’s 20-year marriage to Desi Arnaz, her co-star on the classic sitcom "I Love Lucy"; film will be produced by the pair’s two children • not yet listed at IMDb (2016)

®            ®

Tallulah Bankhead  [1902-68]
browse Tallulah Bankhead on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Tallulah Bankhead autobiography  
”Tallulah: My Autobiography” [1952 bestseller]
by Tallulah Bankhead

Univ Press of MS 8x5½ pb [7/2004] for $22.50
V. Gollancz hardcover & other editions [1952+] out of print/used
Life and Times of Tallulah Bankhead biography by Joel Lobenthal  ”Tallulah!: The Life and Times of A Leading Lady” [2004]
by Joel Lobenthal

Harper 9x5¾ pb [6/2008] for $15.26
HarperEntertainment 8¾x6 hardcover [10/2004] for $29.95
®            ®

Vilma Bánky  [1901-91]

®            ®

Magic Lantern's
silent-era star  Theda Bara  [1885-1955] Page

Vamp Rise and Fall of Theda Bara biography by Eve Golden  
"Vamp: The Rise and Fall of Theda Bara" [1997]
by Eve Golden

Vestal Press 9x5¾ pb [11/97] for $13.57
Vestal Press 9x6 hardcover [11/97] out of print/used
®            ®

The  Barrymore  Clan

Barrymores Hollywood's First Family  "The Barrymores: Hollywood's First Family" [2001]
by Carol Stein Hoffman; Foreword by Leonard Maltin

Univ Press of KY 13¼x10¼ hardcover [10/2001] for $34.80
House of Barrymore  "The House of Barrymore" [1990]
by Margot Peters

Touchstone 9¼x6¼ pb [11/91] out of print/many used
Knopf 9½x6¾ hardcover [11/90] out of print/many used

"Rasputin and The Empress" [1932] /tt0023374/
the only movie in which John & Ethel & Lionel all appeared together

Ethel Barrymore  [1879-1959]
browse Ethel Barrymore on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

John Barrymore  [1882-1942]
browse John Barrymore on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

John Barrymore bio by Gene Fowler  "Good Night, Sweet Prince: The Life & Times of John Barrymore" [1943]
by Gene Fowler

Mercury House 8½x5½ pb [5/89] out of print/many used
Viking hardcover [1/43] out of print/used

"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" silent feature film
[Famous Players-Lasky / Paramount-Artcraft March 1920]
Directed by John S. Robertson; based on the 1886 novella by Robert Louis Stevenson; starring John Barrymore,
Charles Lane & Nita Naldi • full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia
watch free online [1:21:59] at Internet Archive

"Barrymore" [B.Y.E./Image Ent. Nov 2012]
film of the 1997 Broadway stageplay "Barrymore" starring Christopher Plummer  Filmed version of the 1997 Broadway one-man show for which Christopher Plummer received the Drama Desk & Tony Awards for Best Lead Actor; adapted & directed by Érik Canuel, from the stageplay by William Luce; co-produced by & starring Christopher Plummer, with John Plumpis; won a Jury Prize at Santa Barbara Intl. Film Festival
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available
1997 Broadway play credits at IBDb • full credits at IMDb • official movie site
watch 5/2012 trailer [2:11] at YouTube

Lionel Barrymore  [1878-1954]
browse Lionel Barrymore on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

daughter of John, Diana Barrymore  [1921-60]
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

son of John, John Drew Barrymore  [1932-2004]
browse John Drew Barrymore on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

granddaughter of John, Drew Barrymore
browse Drew Barrymore on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia
listed as Top Ten Actress by Hollywood Reporter (12/2007)
husband Will Kopelman & first child Olive Barrymore Kopelman [b. 9/26/2012]

®            ®

star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame  Richard Barthelmess  [1895-1963]
browse Richard Barthelmess on DVD • IMDb listing [1916-42] • Broadway credits • Wikipedia

Richard Barthelmess biography by David W. Menefee  
"Richard Barthelmess: A Life in Pictures" biography [2009]
by David W. Menefee

BearManor Media 8¾x6 pb [2/2009] for $29.95
author entry at Wikipedia
®            ®

James Baskett  [1904-48]
Both Hedda Hopper and Walt Disney lobbied for an Adademy Award for James Baskett; he received an Honorary Oscar in 1948. Baskett was a longtime stage & movie actor
based in Harlem (New York City) who is most famous for his role as Uncle Remus in Disney's "Song of The South" [1946].

®            ®

Anne Baxter  [1923-85]
search Anne Baxter on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Anne Baxter was the granddaughter of architect Frank Lloyd Wright [1867-1959]

"The Magnificent Ambersons" [1942]
"The Razor's Edge" [1946] - won Oscar
"All About Eve" [1950]
"I Confess" [1953]
"The Blue Gardenia" [1953]
"The Spoilers" [1955]
"The Ten Commandments" [1956]

"Jane Austen In Manhattan" [indep U.K. July 1980, USA Nov 1981]
Produced by Ismail Merchant; directed by James Ivory; written by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, based in part on works of Jane Austen [1775-1817];
starring Anne Baxter, Robert Powell, Michael Wager, Kurt Johnson & Sean Young • full credits at IMDb • official movie site

®            ®

Warner Baxter won the Best Actor Oscar in 1928 for portraying The Cisco Kid in the silent film "In Old Arizona"    Warner Baxter [1889-1951]
search Warner Baxter on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

starred in a series of Cisco Kid films at Fox in the 1930s

®            ®

won Oscar for Best Director for "Reds" [1981]  won Irving G. Thalberg Award in 2000    Magic Lantern's
Warren Beatty Page
received 14 Oscar nominations [1968-1999]; won in 1982 & 2000

®            ®

author-actor  Robert Benchley  [1889-1945]
search Robert Benchley on DVD • browse books • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

The Robert Benchley Society [est. 2003]
DB's "Benchley Mania!" fansite
Algonquin Round Table official site

Robert Benchley Radio Collection - 16 performances on CD

"Robert Benchley: A Biography" [McGraw-Hill 1955] by Nathaniel Benchley

Robert Benchley Life & Good Times biography by Babette Rosmond  
”Robert Benchley: His Life and Good Times” [1970]
by Babette Rosmond

Paragon House Publrs pb [5/89] out of print/used
Doubleday hardcover [1970] out of print/used
Laughter's Gentle Soul biography of Robert Benchley by by Billy Altman  ”Laughter's Gentle Soul: The Life of Robert Benchley” [1997]
by Billy Altman

W.W. Norton 8¾x6 pb [4/97] for $23.95
W.W. Norton 9¾x6½ hardcover [4/97] out of print/many used
Robert Benchley short films on DVD  "Robert Benchley and The Knights of The Algonquin" [2000]
26 Paramount comedy shorts [1928-42], with 3 that feature Alexander Woollcott & Donald Ogden Stewart
Kino Video b&w DVD [2/2006] for $26.99
Kino Video b&w VHS [6/2000] out of prodn/used
®            ®

The Bennett Sisters

Barbara Bennett  [1906-58]
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Constance Bennett  [1904-65]
browse Constance Bennett on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Joan Bennett  [1910-90]
browse Joan Bennett on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Richard Bennett  [1872-1944]
father of Barbara, Constance & Joan; a veteran stage & vaudeville actor before his movie career [1914-43]
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

DMK's Bennett Sisters fansite

®            ®


Ingrid Bergman  [1915-82]
browse Ingrid Bergman on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

received 7 Oscar nominations [1944-1979]; won in 1945, 1957 & 1975

starred in "Casablanca" [1942] with Humphrey Bogart [1899-1957]

official Ingrid Bergman™ website
grandson's Ingrid Bergman official website

daughter Pia  Lindström
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

daughter Isabella  Rossellini
browse Isabella Rossellini on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Ingrid Bergman  "Ingrid Bergman 1: Portrait of A Star" [1991]
M.P.I. Home Video VHS [5/94] out of prodn/used
"Ingrid Bergman 2: Remembered" [2000]
narrated by daughters Pia Lindström & Isabella Rossellini
M.P.I. Home Video VHS [6/2000] out of prodn/used
®            ®

Karen Black [1939-2013]

®            ®

Betsy Blair [1923-2009]
browse Betsy Blair on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia
wife of Gene Kelly [1912-96] from 1941-57
on H.U.A.C.'s Hollywood Blacklist in the 1940s & 1950s

starred in "Marty" [1955], Oscar nomination for Best Actress

®            ®

Robert Blake

®            ®

won Oscar for "The African Queen" [1951]    Magic Lantern's
Humphrey Bogart  [1899-1957] Page

®            ®

Olive Borden [51 credits, 1923-34]

®            ®

Ernest Borgnine  [1917-2012]
browse Ernest Borgnine on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

®            ®

silent-era star  Clara Bow  [1905-65]
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

BC's Clara Bow fansite

Rare Films Of Clara Bow on DVD  "The Actors: Rare Films Of Clara Bow" [2009]
Classic Video Streams b&w DVD [8/2009] for $14.99
contains two Famous Players-Lasky silent features: "Mantrap" [1926] directed
by Victor Fleming, with Ford Sterling; and "Dancing Mothers" [1926]
®            ®

Peter Boyle  [1935-2006]
browse Peter Boyle on DVD • IMDb listing • Broadway credits • Wikipedia

®            ®

star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame  won Best Actor Oscar for "On The Waterfront" [1954]  won Best Actor Oscar for "The Godfather" [1972]    Marlon Brando  [1924-2004]
browse Marlon Brando on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia
received 8 Oscar nominations [1952-1990]; won in 1955 & 1973

official Marlon Brando™ website

WC's Brandoland fansite {last update 7/2004}
Magic Lantern's 'The Godfather Saga' Page

Marlon Brando Collection on DVD  "The Marlon Brando Collection" DVD box set [2006]
Warner Home Video b&w color DVD set [11/2006] 6 disks for $53.99
contains "Julius Caesar" [1953] co-starring James Mason & John Gielgud; "The Teahouse of The August Moon" [1956] co-starring Glenn Ford, Eddie Albert & Machiko Kyô; "Mutiny On The Bounty" [1962] co-starring Trevor Howard; "Reflections In A Golden Eye" [1967] directed by John Huston, co-starring Elizabeth Taylor; "The Formula" [1980] co-starring George C. Scott & John Gielgud
®            ®

Lloyd Bridges  [1913-98]
Two sons are major actors Jeff Bridges & Beau Bridges

®            ®

Paul Brinegar  [1917-95] was born in Tucumcari, NM

®            ®

Charles Bronson  [1921-2003]
browse Charles Bronson on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia
listed as Amazon bestselling action star in 2008

®            ®

Magic Lantern's
Louise Brooks  [1906-85] Page

®            ®

Joe E. Brown  [1891-1973]
browse Joe E. Brown on DVD • IMDb listing [1927-64] • Wikipedia

Joe E. Brown Comedy Collector's Set on DVD  "Joe E. Brown Comedy Collector's Set" on DVD [2006]
V.C.I. Home Video b&w DVD [7/2006] 4 movies on 2 disks for $17.99
contains 4 feature films: "Earthworm Tractors" [1936] with June Travis; "The Gladiator" [1938] with June Travis; "Wide Open Faces" [1938] with Jane Wyman; and "Flirting With Fate" [1938] with Leo Carrillo; extras include trailers, actor bios, "Fractured Flickers Sampler"

"The Tenderfoot" [First National Pictures / Warner Bros. 1932] /tt0023560/
starring Joe E. Brown & Ginger Rogers

"Alibi Ike" [1935]

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" [1935]

"Earthworm Tractors" [Warner Bros. July 1936]
Earthworm Tractors 1936 comedy film starring Joe E. Brown  Alexander Botts gets a job as salesman for the Earthworm Tractor Company; he isn't really good at sales and he's not as good a mechanic as he believes, but he perseveres in selling to grouchy lumberman Johnson, who refuses to mechanize, and eventually wins the contract – and Johnson's pretty daughter.
Directed by Ray Enright; based on stories by William Hazlett Upson; starring Joe E. Brown, June Travis, Guy Kibbee, Dick Foran, Carol Hughes & Gene Lockhart
Alpha Video b&w DVD [6/2004] for $7.98
V.C.I. Home Video b&w VHS [11/2000] out of prodn/used
Movies Unlimited b&w VHS [undated] for $54.99 {sic}
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia
watch "Earthworm Tractors" [1936] free online at Internet Archive

"Fit For A King" [1937]
"Wide Open Faces" [1938]
"Pin Up Girl" [1944] Starring Betty Grable
"The Tender" Years [1948]
"Show Boat" [1951]
"The Joe E. Brown Show" [1950s]
"This Is Your Life" TV series [1954] /tt0721397/
starred in Billy Wilder's "Some Like It Hot" [1959]
"Comedy of Terrors" [1963]

®            ®

star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame  won Best Actor Oscar for "The King and I"' [1956]    Yul Brynner  [1920-85]
browse Yul Brynner on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

starred in "The Magnificent Seven" [1960]

"Yul Brynner: The Man Who Was King" [2000]
Hollywood Collxn VHS [6/2000] out of prodn/used

®            ®

character actor Walter Burke  [1908-84]
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing • Broadway credits • Wikipedia

®            ®

George Burns  [1896-1996]
browse George Burns on DVD • IMDb listing • official website • Wikipedia

"Oh, God!" [1977]

®            ®

Raymond Burr  [1917-93]
Burr is most famous as the star of "Perry Mason" and "Ironsides" on TV

Hiding in Plain Sight biography of Raymond Burr by Michael Seth Starr  "Hiding In Plain Sight: The Secret Life of Raymond Burr" [2008]
by Michael Seth Starr

Biography of movie & TV actor Raymond Burr [1917-93] that bills itself as the 'first in-depth' look at Burr's very secret life, which included his life partner of 35 years, actor Robert Benevides.
Kindle Edition from Applause Books [9/2009] for $13.26
Applause Books 8½x5¾ pb [9/2009] for $13.96
Applause Books 9x6¼ hardcover [4/3008] out of print/many, many used
®            ®

Francis X. Bushman  [1883-1966]
browse Francis X. Bushman on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Francis X. Bushman at Golden Silents

®            ®

     James Cagney  [1899-1986]
browse James Cagney on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

®            ®

silent-era star  Alice Calhoun  [1900-66]
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

SG's Alice Calhoun fansite

®            ®

John Candy  [1950-94] from Canada
browse John Candy on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

'Everything John Candy' fansite

®            ®

   stuntman  Yakima Canutt  [1896-1986]
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

TR's Yakima Canutt fansite

®            ®

The Carradine Clan

John Carradine  [1906-88]
browse John Carradine on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

son  Bruce Carradine
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

son  David Carradine  [1936-2009]
browse David Carradine on DVD • IMDb listing • official website • Wikipedia

son  Keith Carradine
browse Keith Carradine on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

son  Robert Carradine
browse Robert Carradine on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Keith's daughter  Martha Plimpton
browse Martha Plimpton on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Robert's daughter  Ever Carradine
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

®            ®

Lon Chaney  [1883-1930]
browse Lon Chaney, Sr. on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

his son  Lon Chaney, Jr.  [1906-73]
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Chaney family website

®            ®

      Magic Lantern's
Sir Charles Chaplin  [1889-1977] Page

®            ®

Magic Lantern's
comedian  Charley Chase  [1893-1940] Page

Smile When The Raindrops Fall Charley Chase biography by Brian Anthony & Andy Edmonds  
"Smile When The Raindrops Fall: The Story of Charley Chase" [1997]
by Brian Anthony & Andy Edmonds

Scarecrow Press 8¾x5¾ hardcover [12/97] for $38.49
®            ®

won Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in "The More The Merrier" [1943]     Charles Coburn  [1877-1961]
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

®            ®

won Oscar for Best Actor in "A Double Life" [1947]    Ronald Colman  [1891-1958]
browse Ronald Colman on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

JGS's Ronald Colman fansite

®            ®

Hans Conreid  [1917-82]
browse Hans Conreid on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

®            ®

character actor Elisha Cook, Jr.  [1903-95]
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

®            ®


Gary Cooper  [1901-61]
browse Gary Cooper on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

received 5 Oscar nominations [1937-1953]; won in 1942, 1953 & 1961

Hollywood Collection video Gary Cooper  
"The Hollywood Collection: Gary Cooper - The Face of A Hero" [2000]
MPI Home video b&w/color VHS [6/2000] out of prodn/scarce
Gary Cooper Signature Collection  "Gary Cooper: The Signature Collection" [2006]
contains "Sergeant York" [1941] directed by Howard Hawks; Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead" [1949] directed by King Vidor, co-starring Patricia Neal; "Dallas" [1950]; "Springfield Rifle" [1952] directed by André De Toth; and "The Wreck of The Mary Deare" [1959]; extras include 'new' featurettes on "Fountainhead" & "Sgt. York"
Warner Home Video b&w/color DVD set [11/2006] 5 disks for $38.99
Gary Cooper M.G.M. Movie Legends Collection on DVD   "Gary Cooper M-G-M Movie Legends Collection" [2007]
contains "The Winning of Barbara Worth" [1926 silent] directed by Henry King, co-starring Vilma Bánky & Ronald Colman; "The Cowboy and The Lady" [1938] co-starring Merle Oberon; "The Real Glory" [1939] directed by Henry Hathaway, co-starring David Niven; and "Vera Cruz" [1954] co-starring Burt Lancaster
M.G.M. Home Video b&w/color DVD set [5/2007] 4 disks for $35.99
®            ®

Jackie Cooper  [1922-2011]
IMDb listing • Wikipedia
set footprints in the forecourt at Grauman's Chinese Theatre {12 Dec 1931}

®            ®

Buster Crabbe  []

®            ®

Joan Crawford  [1905-77]
browse Joan Crawford on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Joan Crawford Collection DVD box sets  "The Joan Crawford Collection" DVD box sets [2005 & 2008]
Volume 1: Warner Home Video DVD set [6/2005] 5 disks for $44.99
contains "The Women" [1939] directed by George Cukor, co-starring Norma Shearer; "Mildred Pierce" [1945] directed by Michael Curtiz, based on the novel by James M. Cain, co-starring Ann Blyth & Zachary Scott; "Humoresque" [1946] directed by Jean Negulesco, co-starring John Garfield; "Possessed" [1947] co-starring Van Heflin; and "The Damned Don't Cry" [1950]
Volume 2: Warner Home Video DVD set [2/2008] 5 disks for $37.99
contains "Sadie McKee" [1934] co-starring Franchot Tone & Edward Arnold; "Strange Cargo" [1940] directed by Frank Borzage, co-starring Clark Gable, Ian Hunter & Peter Lorre; "A Woman's Face" [1941] directed by George Cukor, co-starring Melvyn Douglas; "Flamingo Road" [1949] directed by Michael Curtiz, co-starring Zachary Scott & Sydney Greenstreet; and "Torch Song" [1953]

®            ®

actor-director [blacklistee] John Cromwell [1887-1979]
browse John Cromwell on DVD • Broadway credits [1914-71] • movie credits [1929-78] • Wikipedia

®            ®

comedian Rodney Dangerfield  [1921-2004]
browse Rodney Dangerfield on DVD • IMDb listing • official website • Wikipedia

1970s? commercial for Miller Lite: Mickey Spillane, Bob Uecker & Rodney Dangerfield at a party [1:01] on Youtube
Rodney Dangerfield on the Dean Martin TV show from 1973 [5:02] on YouTube
Rodney Dangerfield TV performance from 1978 [5:17] on YouTube
Rodney Dangerfield performance at M.G.M. Grand, Las Vegas in 1995 [48:03] on YouTube

®            ®

actress Bebe Daniels  [1901-71]

®            ®

Royal Dano  [1922-94]
browse Royal Dano on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

®            ®

actress Grace Darmond [67 credits, 1914-61]

®            ®

actress Dorothy Davenport {Reid}  [1895-1977]
/nm0202590/ acted in over 140 films, directed six; wife of actor Wallace Reid [1891-1923]

®            ®

actress Marion Davies  [1897-1961]
no browse/Amazon entry • DVDs at Amazon • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Marion Davies Section on Spirit of America Bookstore's
Wm. Randolph Hearst [1863-1951] Page

The Times We Had autobiography by Marion Davies  "The Times We Had: Life With William Randolph Hearst - The Publishing Czar & The Hollywood Star" [1975]
by Marion Davies, Edited by Pamela Pfau & Kenneth S. Marx, Foreword by Orson Welles - "with more than 150 outrageous photographs"

Ballantine Books mass pb [3/85] for $7.99
Bobbs-Merrill 10x7¼ hardcover [1975] out of print/many, many used
True Story of Marion Davies  "Captured On Film: The True Story of Marion Davies"
[2001 Turner/Milestone TV documentary]

Co-written & directed by Hugh Munro Neely; narrated by Charlize Theron
Image Ent. color/b&w DVD [12/2002] for $26.99
Milestone color/b&w VHS [1/2002] out of prodn/used
documentary's credits at IMDb
the DVD includes the 1-hour documentary, a stills gallery, and the silent period
comedy feature "Quality Street" [1927] co-starring Conrad Nagel

®            ®

Bette Davis  [1908-89]
browse Bette Davis on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

official Bette Davis™ website

Bette Davis Larger than Life biography by Richard Schickel & George Perry  
"Bette Davis: Larger Than Life" biography [2009]
by Richard Schickel & George Perry

Running Press 12¼x9¼ bargain hardcover [10/2009] for $12.98
Running Press 12½x9½ hardcover [10/2009] for $25.20

®            ®

Doris Day  [b. 1922]
browse Doris Day on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

SM's 'Discovering Doris' fansite
BJ's 'The Films of Doris Day' fansite

"Doris Day Collection" vols 1 & 2
"I'll See You In My Dreams" [1951]
"On Moonlight Bay" [1951] & sequel "Light of The Silvery Moon"
"Calamity Jane" [1953] > Western
"Love Me or Leave Me" [1955] mus + gangsters
"The Pajama Game" [1957] from play
"Please Don't Eat The Daisies" [1960] with David Niven
"The Glass Bottom Boat" [1966]

®            ®

James Dean  [1931-55]
browse James Dean on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

official James Dean™ website

"The Complete James Dean Collection" DVD Box Set

"James Dean" TV movie [NBC-TV 1976] /tt0074708/
starring Stephen McHattie, Michael Brandon & Brooke Adams

"A Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree, 1951" [Wolfe Releasing Dec 2012]
James Dean: Joshua Tree, 1951 dramatic film  "An intimate portrait of the actor as he is on the cusp of achieving fame as both an actor and an icon";
b&w film written & directed by Matthew Mishory; starring James Preston, Dan Glenn, newcomer Dalilah Rain, Edward Singletary Jr., Robert Gant & Erin Daniels
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • full credits at IMDb • official movie site
official 2010 b&w teaser trailer [1:15] at Vimeo • official Jan 2012 b&w trailer [2:39] at Vimeo
®            ®

Andy Devine  [1905-77]
browse Andy Devine on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

®            ®

Anthony Dexter  [1913-2001]
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing

Anthony Dexter fansite

®            ®

Marlene Dietrich  [1901-92]

"The Devil Is A Woman" [1935] by Josef von Sternberg

®            ®

performer 'Divine' {real name Harris Glenn Milstead}  [1945-88]
IMDb listing • Wikipedia

JJ's Divine fansite

"I Am Divine" [2/2014] by director Jeffrey Schwarz

®            ®

Billy Dooley  [1893-1938]
IMDb listing • Wikipedia {empty}

Billy Dooley Seven Shorts on DVD  "Billy Dooley: Seven Shorts" on DVD [2011]
Grapevine Video b&w DVD [10/2011] for $14.38
Seven comedy shorts from Paramount-Christie Comedies featuring the crazy sailor Billy Dooley, total 83 minutes; obscure comedy actor Dooley is credited with 27 silent shorts from 1925 to 1929; exactly which ones are on this DVD is unclear (likely they are all of the surviving and-or public domain films)
®            ®

Kirk Douglas  [b. 1916]
browse Kirk Douglas on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia
listed as Amazon bestselling action star in 2008

"The Big Trees" [1952] starring Kirk Douglas, Eve Miller, Patrice Wymore, Edgar Buchanan
watch full movie [1:34:17] online at YouTube

®            ®

Melvyn Douglas  [1901-81]
browse Melvyn Douglas on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

See You At The Movies autobiography by Melvyn Douglas & Arthur Tom  
"See You At The Movies: The Autobiography of Melvyn
Douglas" [1986] by Melvyn Douglas & Arthur Tom

Univ Press of America 9x6 textbook hardcover [1/86] out of print/used
Univ Press of America hardcover [11/86] out of print/used
®            ®

Marie Dressler  [1868-1934]

autobiography "The Life Story of An Ugly Duckling" []
"Marie Dressler: The Unlikeliest Star" []
"Marie Dressler: A Biography" []
"A Great Big Girl Like Me: The Films of Marie Dressler" []

®            ®

Irene Dunne  [1898-1990]
browse Irene Dunne on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

®            ®

singer-actress Deanna Durbin  [1921-2013]
The Deanna Durbin Collection VHS B000G96ABS/

®            ®

Minta Durfee  [1889-1975]
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing • Wikipedia
first wife of silent comedy star Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle [1887-1933]

®            ®

Dan Duryea  [1907-68]
browse Dan Duryea on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

®            ®

Denholm Elliott  [1922-92]
IMDb listing • Wikipedia

®            ®

Elinor Fair [53 credits, 1916-34]

®            ®

Magic Lantern's
Douglas Fairbanks  [1883-1939] Page

his son  Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.  [1909-2000]
no browse/Amazon entry • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Section on Magic Lantern's Douglas Fairbanks Page

®            ®

Peter Falk  [1927-2011]
browse Peter Falk on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

official Peter Falk website
Stephen & Ted's Ultimate Lt. Columbo website

®            ®

Frances Farmer  [1913-70]
browse Frances Farmer on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Frances Farmer 1982 biopic starring Jessica Lange  "Frances" [Brooksfilms/Universal Dec 1982]
A rebellious Seattle teenage beauty is signed for a 7-year Hollywood contract, but resists the promotion game. She is accepted by the Group Theater in New York City, but against her wishes they exploit her Hollywood fame. Her attempt to restart her film career falters; she resorts to heavy drinking, suffers a mental breakdown, and is committed to a series of mental institutions. (The lobotomy never happened.) She works at a series of menial jobs, finally breaks with her overbearing mother, is honored on the TV program "This Is Your Life", and then finds success on a local TV interview show in Indianapolis. Directed by Graeme Clifford; starring Jessica Lange, Kim Stanley & Sam Shepard; Oscar noms for Best Actress (JL) & Best Supporting Actress (KS)
Republic Pictures widescreen color DVD [6/99] out of prodn/used
Republic Pictures color VHS [1998] out of prodn/many used
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia

®            ®

Richard Farnsworth  [1920-2000]
browse Richard Farnsworth on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

®            ®

José Ferrer  [1912-92] from Puerto Rico

son actor Miguel Ferrer  [1955-2017]

son voice-over actor Rafael Ferrer  [b. 1960]

®            ®

Magic Lantern's
W.C. Fields  [1880-1946] Page

®            ®

Magic Lantern's
star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame  Errol Flynn  [1909-59] Page
listed as Amazon bestselling action star in 2008

®            ®

The Fonda Clan

      Henry Fonda  [1905-82]
IMDb listing • Wikipedia
browse Henry Fonda on DVD • Westerns on DVD • Westerns on VHS

son  Peter Fonda
browse Peter Fonda on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

daughter  Jane Fonda
browse Jane Fonda on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

Peter's daughter  Bridget Fonda
browse Bridget Fonda on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

®            ®

Glenn Ford  [1916-2006]
browse Glenn Ford on DVD • IMDb listing • Wikipedia

DMK's Glenn Ford fansite
biography by son Peter Ford
autobiography "Glenn Ford R.F.D. Beverly Hills" []

"The Sheepman" aka 'Stranger With A Gun' feature film [studio May 1958]
full credits from IMDb

®            ®

Kay Francis  [1905-68]
top star at Warner Bros. Studios during the mid-1930s, had an 'endearing' lisp
credits listing [1929-51] at Internet Movie Database Kay Francis Archives at Wesleyan University

Murder at the Belmar mystery novel by B.C. Stone  "Murder At The Belmar: A Kay Francis Mystery" [2013] by B.C. Stone
Author is planning a series of mystery novels set in the 1930s and featuring real-life movie star Kay Francis [1905-68]. In this first effort, the actress is on vacation at the Belmont Hotel in Mazatlán, Mexico. The dead body dumped in her hotel suite is an author attending a writers' conference, the police chief needs any help available, and Kay willingly joins the chase. Cameos by Errol Flynn, Somerset Maugham, and Frida Kahlo, among others.
Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [2/2013] for $4.99
CreateSpace 8x5¼ pb [2/2013] for $11.40
author's blog at Wordpress

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