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"If I hadn't fought back, I might have been Gidget forever." — Sally Field

          h i s t o r y

          t e x t

          h e r e

'Gidget' entry at Wikipedia

'Gidget'  &  The Kohner Family

Kathy Kohner photo of 1956, used for cover of the 'Gidget' hardcover book in 1957           Kathy Kohner Zuckerman {the real-life 'Gidget'}

{father} writer Dr. Frederick Kohner [1905-86]
browse books by Frederick Kohner at Amazon | movie credits

{uncle} producer-agent Paul Kohner [1902-88]
{aunt} Lupita Tovar Kohner [b. 1910]
{cousin} retired actress Susan Kohner
{cousin} producer Paul Julius 'Pancho' Kohner

son David Kohner Zuckerman is president of Script Coach

Gidget  Novels

Gidget novel by Frederick Kohner   "Gidget: The Little Girl With Big Ideas" [1957]
by Frederick Kohner

Berkley 8x5 pb reissue [6/2001] for $10.40

"Cher Papa" [1959]

"Gidget Goes Hawaiian" [1961 novelization]
based on screenplay by Ruth Brooks Flippin

"Gidget Goes To Rome" [1963 novelization]
based on screenplay by Ruth Brooks Flippin

"The Affairs of Gidget" [1963]

"Gidget In Love" [1965]

"Gidget Goes Parisienne" [1966]

"Gidget Goes New York" [1968]

Other  Works  by  Frederick Kohner

"The Continental Kick" [1962]

"Mister Will You Marry Me?" []

"The Gremmie" []

"Kiki of Montparnasse" [1967] by Frederick Kohner
HB = B0006BRFMO pb = 0304932426

Kiki's Memoirs by Alice Prin {Kiki of Montparnasse}  "Kiki's Memoirs" [French 1929, English 1996] by Kiki of Montparnasse
Translation by Samuel Putnam; Edited by Billy Klüver & Julie Martin

Alice Prin [1901-51] was the sensation of Paris in the late 1920s, appearing as 'Kiki' in paintings by Foujita, in photographs by Man Ray, in nine motion pictures, and as a singer in nightclubs. The original French edition of 1929 was translated into English in 1930, but the book was banned in the U.S.A.; this recent edition includes two original prefaces by artist Tsuguharu Foujita and writer Ernest Hemingway
Ecco Press 9½x7½ pb [11/96] out of print/used

"The Magician of Sunset Boulevard" []

Gidget  Movies & Television
'Gidget' character credits at Internet Movie Database

Gidget DVD boxed set  
"The Complete Gidget Collection" [2005]
Columbia/TriStar color DVD [4/2005] 3 disks for $19.96
includes "Gidget" [1959] starring Sandra Dee, "Gidget Goes Hawaiian" [1961] starring Deborah Walley & "Gidget Goes To Rome" [1963] starring Cindy Carol

"Gidget" feature film [1959] starring Sandra Dee
"Gidget" [1959] starring Sandra Dee,

"Gidget Goes Hawaiian" feature film [1961] starring Deborah Walley
"Gidget Goes Hawaiian" [1961] starring Deborah Walley

"Gidget Goes To Rome" feature film [1963] starring Cindy Carol
"Gidget Goes To Rome" [1963] starring Cindy Carol

logo of the 'Gidget' TV series  Gidget TV series theme song [runs 44 sec.]

"Gidget" TV series [1965]: series credits
'Gidget' TV series fansite

"Gidget Grows Up" TV movie [1969] starring Karen Valentine

"Gidget Gets Married" TV movie [1972] starring Monie Ellis

"Gidget Makes The Wrong Connection" animated TV movie
[Hanna-Barbera 1972] starring Kathy Gori

"Gidget's Summer Reunion" TV movie [1985] starring Caryn Richman

"The New Gidget" TV series [1986-88]: series credits

Announced in May 2010: Mark Canton is producing a 'Gidget' feature film and co-producing
a new 'Gidget' television series with Pterodactyl Productions • info still absent on IMDb (2012)

Other  Gidget-Related  Works

"Gidget: The Musical" {alternate title "Francie, Moondoggie & The Big Kahoona"}
performed as a four-day workshop in August 2000, produced & directed by Francis Ford Coppola;
screenplay written by Cintra Wilson, Zack Emery & Francis Ford Coppola, from the 1958 script by
Gabrielle Upton, based on the book by Frederick Kohner; music copyright 2000 by John Farrar &
Francis Ford Coppola, additional lyrics by Cintra Wilson

"Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story" docufilm [indep 2006 & 2010]
poster from Surfrider Foundation "Accidental Icon" fundraiser of September 2008 at Duke's Malibu on P.C.H.   68-minute color documentary film written & directed by Brian Gillogly; narrated by Jorja Fox; featuring actors Sally Field, Cliff Robertson, James Darren & Caryn Richman, and surfing legends Lance Carson, Mike Doyle & Mickey Munoz, and surfing champions Belen Kimble, Kassia Meador, Jericho Poppler {Bartlow}, Summer Romero & Carla Rowland
DVD/Blu-ray not available; full credits at IMDbofficial movie site

"Gidget" stageplay [2007]
adapted by Terry McCabe & Marissa McKown from Kohner's 1957 novel; performed at
City Lit Theater in Chicago; directed by Marissa McKown; starring Sabrina Kramnich

'Gidget' entry at Wikipedia
'Gidget' article at CoastalWatch Australia

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