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       Movies about the movies began even before Hollywood became the center of the motion picture industry. Behind-the-scenes silent films were made in Fort Lee, New Jersey and at Astoria in New York as early as 1910. And once the 'movie star' was invented – Florence Lawrence, the Biograph Girl and Mary Pickford – stories about the unknown actor/actress getting their big break on Broadway or in the movies became common.
       The collapse of the movie studio star system in the 1950s allowed for tales of the horrors of stardom – Billy Wilder's "Sunset Blvd." [1950], "A Star Is Born" [1954 et al] – as well as variations to do with television fame. In the 1960s & 1970s, Fellini, Truffaut, Godard, Antonioni, and others made films about the effect of American movie and television on European culture and daily life.

see also films made on location in West Los Angeles (Culver City, Venice, Santa Monica & Malibu)
at Magic Lantern's Culver City, California Film Festival Page

There was a cycle of movies made during the mid-to-late 1970s about Tinseltown, Old Hollywood and its Golden Age including the Silent Film era. The pictures include "Fedora" [1978], "Inserts" [1975], "Valentino" [1977], "Nickelodeon" [1976], "Silent Movie" [1976] by Mel Brooks, "The Wild Party" [1975], "The Last Tycoon" [1976], "Hearts of The West" [1975], "The Day of The Locust" [1975], "The World's Greatest Lover" [1977], "Gable and Lombard" [1976], "Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood" [1976], "Goodbye, Norma Jean" [1976], "Bud and Lou" [1978] about Abbott & Costello, and "W.C. Fields and Me" [1976]. "Bogie" [1980] and "Mommie Dearest" [1981] soon followed as well.

Selected  Films,  A to Z
A thru F {just below} • G thru LM thru RS thru Z

Fiction About Hollywood & Cinema, 1915 to present

Movies About The Movies  "Movies About The Movies: Hollywood Reflected" [1997]
by Christopher Ames

Univ Press of KY 9x6 pb [3/98] for $19.95
Univ Press of KY 9¼x6¼ hardcover [5/97] for $32.50
covers "What Price Hollywood?" [1932], "A Star Is Born" [1937], "Stand-In" [1937], "Boy Meets Girl" [1938], "Sullivan's Travels" [1941] by Preston Sturges, "In A Lonely Place" [1950] starring Humphrey Bogart, "Sunset Boulevard" [1950] by Billy Wilder, "The Bad & The Beautiful" [1952], "Singin' In The Rain" [1952], "The Star"
[1952], "A Star Is Born" [1954], "Pennies From Heaven" [1981], "Purple Rose of Cairo" [1985] by Woody Allen, "The Player" [1992] by Robert Altman, "Last Action Hero" [1993], and others

           A   thru   F
"A Girl's Folly" [World Film 1917] /tt0008011/
Directed by Maurice Tourneur; showing scenes inside a Fort Lee, New Jersey movie studio

"A Movie Star" [Keystone/Triangle Jan 1916] /tt0007098/ with Mack Swain & Louella Maxim

"A Small Town Idol" silent feature
[Mack Sennett/A.P.I. Feb 1921]
glass slide ad for 'A Small Town Idol' 1921 silent feature film  Ben is falsely accused of a crime and runs away to Hollywood, where he finds stardom; he then returns home to attend the debut of his new smash Western at the Bijou. Directed by Erle C. Kenton & Mack Sennett; starring Ben Turpin, Marie Prevost, Phyllis Haver, Ramon Navarro, Charlie Murray, Louise Fazenda, Jim Finlayson, Andy Clyde, Billy Bevan, Heinie Conklin & The Mack Sennett Beauties { Film was re-released as a sound feature by Vitaphone/Warner Bros. in 1939: credits at IMDb }
silent version credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
silent version available on "Lost Comedy Classics of The Silent Screen" [2013] with 6 silent shorts
Alpha Home Ent. b&w silent DVD [7/2013] for $5.98

"A Star Is Born" [1937]

"A Star Is Born" remake [1954]
directed by George Cukor

"A Star Is Born" remake [1976]

more details (synopses, videos & DVDs, books & ebooks, links, merchandise) on
Magic Lantern's "A Star Is Born" Movies Page

"A Studio Stampede" aka "Out of Control"
silent 2-reeler [Vogue/Mutual March 1917] /tt0008636/
starring Ben Turpin; behind the scenes in movie land "where bickering actors, a clueless crew, and
unwanted guests have the frustrated film director pulling his hair out in clumps!"

"A Vitagraph Romance" [Vitagraph Sept 1912]
An early 10-minute short drama that peeks behind the scenes of movie making; written & directed by
James Young; starring Clara Kimball Young, James Morrison, Edward Kimball & Marion Davies, with cameos
from practically everyone at the Vitagraph Studio; VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDb

"Abbott & Costello In Hollywood" [M.G.M. 1945] /tt0037492/

"Abbott & Costello Meet The Keystone Kops"
[Universal Pictures Feb 1955]
Abbott & Costello Meet The Keystone Kops color publicity photo  Circa 1912, Harry & Willie buy the defunct Edison Studios from a crook; after they realize that they were hood-winked, they follow the crook to Hollywood and find him posing as a film director with plans to steal the studio payroll; includes old time steam & handcar railroad footage and biplane stunts. Directed by Charles Lamont; starring Bud Abbott & Lou Costello, Fred Clark, Lynn Bari, 'Slapsie Maxie' Rosenbloom, Frank Wilcox & Roscoe Ates, with cameos by Mack Sennett and original Keystone Cops Heinie Conklin, Harold Goodwin & Hank Mann
color photo {at left} poster in 3 sizes from Amazon from $5.99
available on DVD as part of "Best of A&C, Volume 4" [2005]
Universal Studios Home Ent b&w DVD set [10/2005] 6 movies on 2 disks for $24.49
Universal b&w VHS [1/98] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"Alex In Wonderland" [Dec 1970] /tt0065380/

"American Movie" [Sony Pictures Classics Nov 1999]
American Movie starring Mark Borchardt  Milwaukee filmmaker Mark struggles over three years to finish his dream film, a short horror movie, while fighting internal and external roadblocks (gambling and alcohol addiction, dysfunctional family and neighbors). Difficult to determine whether this is a true documentary or a 'mockumentary'; in any case, the filmmakers got their dream movie finished. DVD extras include 22 deleted scenes and Mark Borchardt's completed short film "Coven".
Co-produced by Michael Stipe & director Chris Smith; starring Mark Borchardt, Tom Schimmels, Monica Borchardt, Alex Borchardt, Chris Borchardt, Ken Keen, Mike Schank, Matt Weisman, Bill Borchardt, Cliff Borchardt, Tom Beach, Joan Petrie, Robert Richard Jorge, Dean Allen, Tommy Dallace, Miriam Frost & Billy Crystal; won Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival, tied for People's Choice Award at Denver Intl. Film Festival
Sony Pictures Home Ent. color DVD [5/2000] for $14.86
full credits at IMDbofficial movie site

"An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn"
[Hollywood Pictures Feb 1998]
Burn Hollywood Burn movie, candidate for worst film of all time  About a movie director who wants his name taken off the credits; this movie was so bad (after studio editing) that the real-life director demanded that his name be taken off the credits; definite candidate for worst film of all time. Co-produced, written & edited by Joe Eszterhas; directed by Arthur Hiller; starring Eric Idle, Ryan O'Neal, Coolio, Chuck D., Richard Jeni, Sandra Bernhard & Cherie Lunghi; cameos by Sylvester Stallone, Whoopi Goldberg, Jackie Chan, Robert Evans, Robert Shapiro, Shane Black, Gary Franklin, Joe & Naomi Eszterhas, Larry King, Peter Bart, Dominick Dunne, Billy Bob Thornton, Harvey Weinstein, Billy Barty & Stanley Ralph Ross; won astounding Razzie Awards 'grand slam' including Worst Picture, plus Razzie Worst Film of The Decade
Disney Video color DVD [4/2004] for $17.99
Disney Video color VHS [2/99] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"Argo" [G.K. Films/Warner Bros. Oct 2012?]
Argo movie about the 1979 Iran hostage crisis  "Based on a declassified true story" While the world watched the news about the 66 American diplomats held hostage in Tehran during 1979, a C.I.A. team worked to rescue six Americans who managed to flee to the home of the Canadian ambassador; the plan requires making a fake Hollywood movie with real Hollywood stars and execs. Co-produced by George Clooney; directed by & starring Ben Affleck; script by Chris Terrio, based on an article by Joshuah Bearman; also starring Taylor Schilling, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, Kyle Chandler, Victor Garber, Michael Cassidy, Clea DuVall, Alan Arkin, Rory Cochrane, Adrienne Barbeau, Titus Welliver & Michael Parks
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • full credits at IMDb

"The Artist" modern silent film
[France Oct 2011, Weinstein USA Nov 2011]
'The Artist' modern silent film by Michel Hazanavicius  "The most effervescent delight in years." — Time Magazine reviewer Richard Corliss
Black-and-white silent feature filmed in Los Angeles & Hollywood, California. Movie star George Valentin is uncertain how the new sound movies will affect his career; he meets and falls in love with an extra player who is destined for stardom. Written & directed by Michel Hazanavicius; starring Jean Dujardin {won award at Cannes}, Bérénice Bejo, John Goodman, Missi Pyle, Malcolm McDowell, Penelope Ann Miller, James Cromwell & Ed Lauter
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • full credits at IMDb

"The Bad and The Beautiful"
[M.G.M./Loew's Dec 1952]
Bad & The Beautiful poster  A studio head calls together a director, a screenwriter, and a leading actress who explain in flashback why they refuse to work with a cut-throat Hollywood producer. Directed by Vincente Minnelli; starring Kirk Douglas, Lana Turner, Walter Pidgeon, Dick Powell, Barry Sullivan, Gloria Grahame, Gilbert Roland, Leo G. Carroll, Vanessa Brown, Francis X. Bushman & Barbara Billingsley; won Oscars for Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress (GG), Best B&W Cinematography {Br5uce Surtees}, Best Set Decoration, nomination for Best Actor (KD); nominated for BAFTA, DGA & WGA awards; listed on National Film Registry (2002)
Turner b&w DVD [2/2002] for $17.99
M.G.M. b&w VHS [9/98] out of prodn/used
Rhino/W.E.A. soundtrack CD [6/96] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb

"Bad Girls From Mars"
[American Independent Prodns video release Jan 1990]
Bad Girls From Mars B-movie  Somebody is killing off the lead actresses of the B-movie 'Bad Girls From Mars' so casting agents refuse to send new girls; the producers are making lots of money from the insurance, so they hire actress Emanuelle from France, who likes to party . . . • Co-produced, co-written & directed by Fred Olen Ray; co-produced by Grant Austin Waldman; co-written by Mark Thomas McGee; starring Edy Williams, Oliver Darrow, Brinke Stevens, Jay Richardson, Jeffrey Culver, Bob Ruth, Dana Bentley, Jasae, Al Bordighi, Jerry Miller
LionsGate color DVD [3/2005] for $9.99
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
watch official trailer [3/2010 upload; 1:21] online at YouTube

"The Barefoot Contessa" [Sept 1954]

"Barton Fink" [1991]
by Joel & Ethan Coen /title/tt0101410/

"Behind The Screen" [Mutual short Nov 1916]
Behind The Screen short starring Charlie Chaplin  Overworked movie studio employee Charlie helps a girl to get work as an actress while his co-workers are striking against the tyrannical boss. 15-minute b&w silent short co-produced, co-written, directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin; also starring Edna Purviance & Eric Campbell • full credits at IMDb

available on several VHS & DVD collections
see the Charlie Chaplin Page / DVD Collections Section;

"Beware of A Holy Whore" [Germany 1971] /tt0067962/
Written & directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder

"The Big Knife" [1955]
based on the stageplay by Clifford Odets

"The Big Picture" [Columbia Sept 1989]
The Big Picture 1989 movie   A high-minded film student wins a national prize that includes access to bigwigs in Hollywood; after a series of compromises, his film project has lost the original vision, and the filmmaker has lost his soul. Co-written & directed by Christopher Guest; starring Kevin Bacon, Emily Longstreth, J.T. Walsh, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael McKean, Kim Miyori, Teri Hatcher, Dan Schneider, Jason Gould, Fran Drescher, Suzy Cote, Eddie Albert & June Lockhart
Sony widescreen color DVD [10/2002] out of prodn/used
Sony color VHS [4/97] out of prodn/many used
full credits from IMDb
27"x39" poster available at

"Birth of Babylon" [2001]
Director: Alex Monty Canawati /tt0252947/

sequel "Return To Babylon" [2008]
Director: Alex Monty Canawati /tt0255820/

"Bombshell" [M.G.M. Oct 1933]
Directed by Victor Fleming; starring Lee Tracy, Jean Harlow, Frank Morgan, Franchot Tone & Pat O'Brien

"Boy Meets Girl"  [Warner Bros. Aug 1938]
Boy Meets Girl movie  Two screenwriters devise a plot for the studio's cowboy star that involves a baby; the baby becomes a star, and the cowboy and his agent run off with the mother and the kid. Directed by Lloyd Bacon; script by Bella & Samuel Spewack from their Broadway play; starring James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, Marie Wilson, Ralph Bellamy, Frank McHugh, Dick Foran, Bruce Lester, Ronald Reagan {bit part} & Penny Singleton
M.G.M. b&w VHS [9/98] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb
"Studio One" telecast June 1949: video/kinescope not availaible • credits from IMDb
playscript of "Boy Meets Girl" [1935] and "Spring Song" [1934]
Dramatist's Play Service 7½x5¼ pb [10/46] for $7.50
credits of 1935 Broadway play

"Broken Embraces" [Spain March 2009, USA Nov 2009]
Co-produced, written & directed by Pedro Almodóvar; starring Penélope Cruz

"Buffalo Bill and The Indians, or Sitting
Bull's History Lesson"
[De Laurentiis June 1976]
Buffalo Bill & The Indians  Before the invention of the motion picture, the traveling Wild West shows of Buffalo Bill and others created 'The Show Business'. Directed by Robert Altman; based on the stage play by Arthur L. Kopit; starring Paul Newman {as 'Buffalo Bill' Cody}, Joel Grey, Geraldine Chaplin, Frank Kaquitts, Will Sampson, Pat McCormick, Shelley Duvall, Noelle Rogers & Burt Lancaster
MGM/UA widescreen DVD [5/2001] for $17.98
MGM/UA color VHS [5/2000] for $14.95
full credits from IMDb
Bantam movie tie-in pb [1976] out of print/used
based on the 1969 stage play "Indians: A Play" by Arthur L. Kopit
Bantam movie tie-in pb [1976] out of print/used

"Café Society" [May 2016]
by Woody Allen, starring Jeannie Berlin, Steve Carell, Jesse Eisenberg, Blake Lively, Parker Posey, Kristen Stewart, Corey Stoll, Ken Stott
watch 4/2016 official trailer #1 [1:53] at YouTube

"Californication" [Showtime 2007-2014] /tt0904208/
the seventh season (2014) will be the last one

"The Canyons" [IFC Films Summer 2013?]
Paul Schrader's "The Canyons"  Low budget film with funding mostly from Kickstarter; story explores 'the dark side of Hollywood', centered on a scheming and very wealthy movie producer who makes movies to satisfy his father’s demands that he maintain a viable career, while his girlfriend is hiding an affair with an actor from her past • Directed by Paul Schrader; script by Bret Easton Ellis; starring Lindsay Lohan, pornstar James Deen, Gus Van Sant, Nolan Gerard Funk, Amanda Brooks, Tenille Houston, Lauren Schacher, Philip Pavel, Jarod Einsohn & Alex Ashbaugh
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • full credits at IMDb

"The Carpetbaggers"
[Embassy/Paramount April 1964]
The Carpetbaggers movie  The hard-driven heir to an industrial fortune {obviously based on Howard Hughes} builds airplanes, directs movies and breaks the hearts of friends & lovers. Directed by Edward Dmytryk; script by John Michael Hayes, based on the bestselling novel; starring George Peppard, Alan Ladd, Robert Cummings, Martha Hyer, Elizabeth Ashley, Lew Ayres, Martin Balsam, Ralph Taeger, Archie Moore, Leif Erickson, Carroll Baker, Arthur Franz & Tom Tully
Paramount widescreen color DVD [4/2003] out of prodn/used
Paramount color VHS [6/94] out of prodn/many used
full credits from IMDb
Harold Robbins's The Carpetbaggers novel  
"The Carpetbaggers" [1961 novel]
by 'international bestselling author' Harold Robbins

A real potboiler, full of gratuitous sex scenes that were toned down in the movie.
Forge/Doherty mass pb [5/2007] for $7.99
Pocket mass pb [6/93] out of print/used
Buccaneer Books 9x6 hardcover [6/93] for $31.50

"The Cat's Meow"  [LionsGate April 2002]
Bogdanovich / Cat's Meow   A version of events on Wm. Randolph Hearst's yacht Oneida, during a star-studded party off the coast of California in November 1924, and the possible connection to the death of studio head Thomas H. Ince; real-life passengers included Hearst, his girlfriend actress Marion Davies, Charlie Chaplin, Ince, actress Margaret Livingston, columnist Louella Parsons, author Elinor Glyn and others. Directed by Peter Bogdanovich; script by Steven Peros, based on his stage play; starring Cary Elwes, Kirsten Dunst, Edward Herrmann, Eddie Izzard, Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Tilly, Claudia Harrison, Victor Slezak & James Laurenson
Lionsgate widescreen color DVD [9/2003] for $12.99
Vidmark/Trimark color VHS [8/2002] out of prodn/used
R.C.A. soundtrack CD [4/2002] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
watch official trailer [10/2012 upload; 2:11] online at YouTube

"Chaplin"  [TriStar Dec 1992]
Chaplin 1992 bio-feature  Lovingly made bio-film covering Charlie Chaplin's early life in England, his professional success and personal failures in Hollywood, and his exile in Switzerland. Produced & directed by Richard Attenborough; color cinematography by Sven Nykvist; starring Robert Downey Jr. {as Charlie}, Geraldine Chaplin, Paul Rhys, Moira Kelly, Anthony Hopkins, Pene-lope Ann Miller, Dan Aykroyd, Marisa Tomei, Kevin Kline, Maria Pitillo, Deborah Moore, Diane Lane & Nancy Travis; Oscar noms for Best Actor [RD], Best Original Score, Best Art Direction; won BAFTA for Best Actor [RD]
Lions Gate letterbox-widescreen color DVD [5/98] for $10.99
Lions Gate widescreen color VHS [3/98] out of prodn/used
Lions Gate color VHS [1/99] out of prodn/used
Sony soundtrack CD by John Barry [12/92] for $9.98
full credits from IMDbfilm entry at Wikipedia

Magic Lantern's Charlie Chaplin [1889-1977] Page
'Perfect Charlie' film fansite
SM's 'Chaplin' film fansite

"The Cinema Travellers" [festival circuit 2016-17]  
'The Cinema Travellers' documentary from India  For seven decades, showmen riding cinema lorries have brought the wonder of the movies to faraway villages in India once every year. But their patrons are lured away by slick digital technology as their cinema projectors crumble and film reels become scarce. Film is framed as the story of a benevolent showman, a shrewd exhibitor, and a maverick projector mechanic who bear a beautiful burden - to keep the last traveling cinemas of the world running.
Produced, written & directed by Shirley Abraham & Amit Madheshiya
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • full credits at IMDbofficial movie websitemovie entry at Wikipedia

"The Circus Animals [2012]
A film by Nicholas Bateman; said to be inspired by "The Circus Animals' Desertion" (1939) by W.B. Yeats
full credits from IMDbwatch the full movie free online [1:00:16] at YouTube

"Contempt" {'Le Mépris'}
[France Dec 1963, USA Oct 1964]
Contempt / Le Mépris movie  Godard's view of commercial Hollywood filmmaking and human relationships is mischievous, rebellious, subversive & contemptuous. A respected Italian screenwriter of an innovative production of "Homer's Odyssey" struggles to please the American producer, the German director (real-life director Fritz Lang - at age 72), and the writer's unhappy sexpot French wife. Adapted & directed by Jean-Luc Godard, from the 1954 novel by Alberto Moravia; cinematography in Franscope by Raoul Coutard; starring Michel Piccoli, Jack Palance, Brigitte Bardot, Giorgia Moll & Fritz Lang, with cameos by Godard & Coutard
LionsGate widescreen color Blu-ray [2/2010] for $25.99
Criterion widescreen color DVD [12/2002] 2 disks for $30.49
The DVD set includes "The Dinosaur and The Baby" TV documentary [61 minutes 1967], a conversation between Jean-Luc Godard and Fritz Lang; two on-set interviews with Godard: "Bardot et Godard" [8 minutes 1964], and "Paparazzi" [22 minutes b&w 1964]; plus other extras
Embassy/Nelson Ent. color VHS [3/91] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDbRialto movie sitemovie entry at Wikipedia
Contempt / Il Disprezzo novel  
"Contempt" aka 'Il Disprezzo' [1954]
by Alberto Moravia, translated by Angus Davidson

New York Review of Books 7¾x4¾ pb [7/2004] for $10.17
New York Review of Books 8x5 pb [9/99] out of print/used

"Crash and Burn" TV series [FX Channel 2013?]
Announced 2/2013: FX Channel has signed exec-producer Gale Anne Hurd and Universal Cable Productions to develop a period drama series about
a stuntman in the 1970s in the pre-CGI, post-Vietnam film industry balancing his home life, union demands, and the dangerous nature of his profession;
Jeffrey Lieber will write the pilot script 'loosely inspired by' Kevin Conley’s 2008 nonfiction book "The Full Burn" {see below} • not yet listed at IMDb

Full Burn Hollywood stunt people book by Kevin Conley  "The Full Burn: On the Set, At The Bar, Behind The Wheel,
and Over The Edge With Hollywood Stuntmen" [2008]
by Kevin Conley

Kindle Edition from Bloomsbury USA [1/2011] for $9.99
Bloomsbury USA 8½x5½ pb [4/2009] for $12.00
Bloomsbury USA 9½x6½ hardcover [6/2008] out of print/90+ used

"Crashing Hollywood" sound short
[Educational Films April 1931]
Directed by Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle; starring Virginia Brooks, Rita Flynn, Phyllis Crane, Edward J. Nugent, Wilbur Mack,
Walter Merrill, Bryant Washburn, George Chandler & Betty Grable; DVD/Blu-ray not available • credits at IMDb

"Crashing Hollywood" feature film
[R.K.O. Radio Pictures Jan 1938]
Crashing Hollywood feature film 1938  A screenwriter meets an ex-con on the train to Hollywood, and agrees to collaborate on a gangster movie; the movie is a hit, but the real gangster portrayed in the film is not happy about it. Directed by Lew Landers; script based on a 1922 Broadway stageplay; starring Lee Tracy, Joan Woodbury, Paul Guilfoyle, Lee Patrick, Richard Lane & Bradley Page
DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDb

"Crazy  To  Act" [1927 silent]
starring Oliver Hardy /tt0246538/

"David  Holzman's  Diary" [1967]
Written & directed by Jim McBride; starring L.M. Kit Carson & Eileen Dietz /tt0062864/

won Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film    "Day For Night"
aka "La Nuit Américaine"
[France May 1973, U.S.A. Sept 1973]

Co-written & directed by François Truffaut; starring Jacqueline Bisset, Valentina Cortese, Dani, Alexandra Stewart, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Jean Champion, Jean-Pierre Léaud, François Truffaut, Nike Arrighi & Nathalie Baye; won Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, Oscar nominated for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress (VC); listed on Time Magazine's All-TIME 100 Movies (5/2005); full credits at IMDb

"The Day of The Locust"
[Paramount May 1975]
Day of The Locust movie  Directed by John Schlesinger; starring Donald Sutherland, Karen Black, Burgess Meredith, William Atherton, Geraldine Page, Richard A. Dysart, Bo Hopkins, Pepe Serna, Lelia Goldoni & Billy Barty
Paramount widescreen color DVD [6/2004] for $14.23
Paramount color VHS [6/93] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb
Day of The Locust novel  "The Day of The Locust" [Jan 1939 classic] by Nathanael West
listed on Time Magazine's All-TIME 100 Novels (10/2005)
NAL pb [9/83] for $5.95
Amereon hardcover [12/97] for $19.95
DH Audio ABR [9/87] 2 tapes out of print/used

"The Deal" [video release Jan 2009]
The Deal feature film starring William H. Macy & Meg Ryan  Filmed in Los Angeles, the Czech Republic, and South Africa; a movie about XIXth Century British diplomat Benjamin Disraeli gets a greenlight only if the producers hire an action star, who happens to be Afro-American; production halts when the action star is kidnapped . . . • Co-written & directed by Steven Schachter; co-written by & starring William H. Macy; based on the novel by Peter Lefcourt; also starring Meg Ryan, Jason Ritter, Fiona Glascott, LL Cool J, Elliott Gould, Sharon Raginiano, John Carson, David Hunt & Kate Blumberg
Peace Arch widescreen color Blu-ray [1/2009] for $8.49
Peace Arch Films widescreen color DVD + digital [1/2009] for $6.99
Peace Arch Trinity widescreen color DVD [1/2009] for $4.72
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
The Deal novel by Peter Lefcourt  "The Deal: A Novel of Hollywood" [1991] by Peter Lefcourt
Producer Charlie Berns has hit bottom when his nephew brings him a spec script about Queen Victoria, Ben-jamin Disraeli & William Gladstone; the project morphs into "Lev Disraeli, Freedom Fighter" starring an Afro-American actor and begins filming in Yugoslavia . . .
Kindle Edition from Washington Square Press [2004 edition] for $15.99
Washington Square Press 8½x5¼ pb [12/2002] for $21.95
Random House 9½x6½ hardcover [4/91] out of print/used
Blackstone Audio UNABR audio CD [1/2008] 6 disks for $19.95

"The Death Kiss" [Tiffany Pictures/Sono Art-World Wide Dec 1932]
The Death Kiss 1932 feature film  The leading actor is shot & killed during filming at Tonart Studios; at first thought to be an accident, that changes when the lethal bullet is found to be .38 caliber while the prop guns are all .45 caliber . . . • Directed by Edwin L. Marin; written by Gordon Kahn, Barry Barringer & Joe Traub, based on the novel by Madelon St. Dennis; starring David Manners, Adrienne Ames, Bela Lugosi, John Wray, Vince Barnett, Alexander Carr, Edward Van Sloan, Harold Minjir, Barbara Bedford, Al Hill, Harold Waldridge, Wade Boteler, Lee Moran, King Baggot, Edmund Burns, Clarence Muse, Frank O'Connor; premiere print was partly hand-tinted
Kino Lorber Films restored b&w Blu-ray [10/2014] for $19.99
American Pop Classics restored b&w DVD [10/2015] for $10.99
Alpha Video b&w DVD [10/2014] for $4.99
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipediawatch full movie [12/2013 upload; 1:10:32] online at YouTube
based on the 1932 novel by Madelon St. Dennis
Walter J. Black hardcover [1932] long out of print/scarce

"The Disaster Artist" [Dec 2017]  12/2017 [2:15] /tt3521126/

"Don’t Shoot The Piano Player" [in development?]  
Announced 1/2012: This remake based on the David Goodis novel “Down There” is not a remake of the 1960 film “Shoot the Piano Player” by François Truffaut
that was also based on the Goodis novel. The new film is about a Hollywood composer who loses everything; written & directed by Alexandre Nahon;
Vincent Gallo is signed to star; still 'in development' 3/2016 • latest info at IMDb

"Eisenstein In Guanajuato" [Submarine NL limited USA release Feb 2016]
Eisenstein In Guanajuato by Peter Greenaway  Biofilm by British director Peter Greenaway about Sergei Eisenstein's stay in Mexico back in 1930; announced 7/2012 with intention to shoot in Mexico during November & December, release film in 2013 • Written & directed by Peter Greenaway; cinematography by Reinier van Brummelen; starring Elmer Bäck, Luis Alberti, Maya Zapata, Lisa Owen, Stelio Savante, Rasmus Slätis, Jakob Öhrman, Alan Del Castillo & Raino Ranta
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available
latest info at IMDbproducer's movie pagewatch official trailer [1:42] online at Vimeo

"Even The Rain (Tambien La Lluvia)"
[USA Oct 2010, Spain Jan 2011]
Even The Rain / Tambien La Lluvia feature film by Icíar Bollaín  A Spanish film crew arrives in Bolivia to make a movie about Columbus in the New World, but their main local actor keeps wandering off to help Bolivians who are on strike over corporations who stole their water rights. Directed by Icíar Bollaín; screen-play by Paul Laverty; starring Gael García Bernal, Luis Tosar & Juan Carlos Aduviri; Spain's official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • credits at IMDbofficial movie site

"The Evidence of The Film"
silent short [Thanhouser Jan 1913]
The Evidence of The Film silent short from Thanhauser  A dishonest stock broker finds a scapegoat willing to accept $20,000 to go to jail in his stead; but the setup occurs in the middle of an outdoor film shoot and his scam is caught on film! Directed by Lawrence Marston & Edwin Thanhouser; starring William Garwood, Marie Eline & Riley Chamberlin; listed on National Film Registry (2001), a print exists at the Library of Congress
DVD/Blu-ray not available • credits at IMDb

"F. Scott Fitzgerald In Hollywood" TV movie
[U.K. Dec 1975, USA May 1976]
still from 'F. Scott Fitzgerald In Hollywood' TV movie  100-minute color ABC-TV show about F. Scott Fitzgerald's two stays in Hollywood to write for the studios: in 1927 as an acclaimed novelist and in 1937-1940 with money and family and drinking problems. Directed by Anthony Page; written by James Costigan; starring Jason Miller {as Scott}, Tuesday Weld {as Zelda Fitzgerald}, Julia Foster {as Sheilah Graham}, Dolores Sutton {as Dorothy Parker}, Susanne Benton, Michael Lerner, Tom Ligon, John Randolph, Tom Rosqui, Audrey Christie, Hilda Haynes, Paul Lambert, Joseph Stern, Jacque Lynn Colton, Norma Connolly, Sarah Cunningham, James Woods
VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDb

"The Falcon In Hollywood" [1944] starring Tom Conway

"The Father of My Children (Le Père de Mes Enfants)"
[France July 2009, IFC Films USA May 2010]
The Father of My Children movie  Loosely based on the life of French film producer Humbert Balsan; when a minor film producer realizes that his company is going bankrupt, he commits suicide; the second half of the film looks at the impact of that act.
Written & directed by Mia Hansen-Løve; starring Chiara Caselli, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, Alice de Lenc-quesaing, Alice Gautier, Manelle Driss, Eric Elmosnino, Sandrine Dumas & Dominique Frot; won Special Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, won Lumiere Award for Best Screenplay
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • full credits at IMDbofficial movie site

"Finding  Bliss  [LightShow May 2010]
Finding_Bliss movie about porn film industry  "Girl meets porn"; a romantic comedy following an aspiring female filmmaker who ends up working as an editor on a 'crossover' adult film; written & directed by Julie Davis; starring Leelee Sobieski, Matthew Davis, Denise Richards, Jamie Kennedy & Kristen Johnston
Phase 4 Films widescreen color DVD [8/2010] for $23.49
full credits from IMDbofficial movie site

"Finger  of  Guilt  [R.K.O. Radio Pictures 1956]
Finger of Guilt / Intimate Stranger movie  U.K. title "The Intimate Stranger"; the 84-minute US version makes less sense than the 95-minute U.K. version, both long unseen. An executive at a British movie studio gets a strange letter, and another is sent to his wife ... Directed by Alec C. Snowden & [blacklistee] Joseph Losey; screenplay by [blacklistee] Howard Koch; starring Richard Basehart, Mary Murphy, Constance Cummings, Roger Livesey, & Mervyn Johns
DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"The Five Obstructions" documentary [Denmark 2003] /tt0354575/

[2009 festival circuit; Paladin April 2011 release]
Footprints  Set entirely on Hollywood Boulevard; a woman wakes from a deep sleep to find herself lying face-down among the legendary handprints & footprints at the Chinese Theater; with no memory of who she is or how she got there, she spends the day trying to piece together her identity. Co-produced, written & directed by Steven Peros; starring Sybil Temtchine, H.M. Wynant, Pippa Scott, John Brickner, Catherine Bruhier & Charley Rossman
DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDbofficial movie site

"Free and Easy" [M.G.M. March 1930]
Free & Easy  Free & Easy  Early example of Simultaneous Bilingual Film Production: M.G.M. made a French-language version using title cards ('Le Metteur en Scene') and a Spanish-language version ('Estrellados') and a German-language version. The Chamber of Commerce of a small Kansas town sends the local winner of a beauty contest to Hollywood for a screen test, along with her formidable mother and a hapless gas station attendent designated as her 'agent'; remade as "Pick A Star" [Hal Roach Studios 1937] starring Laurel & Hardy and Patsy Kelly Co-produced by Edward Sedgwick & Buster Keaton; directed by Edward Sedgwick; starring Buster Keaton, Anita Page, Trixie Friganza, Robert Montgomery, director Fred Niblo, Edgar Dearing, Gwen Lee, John Miljan, Lionel Barrymore, William Haines, William Collier Jr., Dorothy Sebastian, Karl Dane & director David Burton, with cameos by Jackie Coogan, Cecil B. DeMille & Ann Dvorak
available on DVD on the T.C.M Triple Feature b&w DVD [12/2004] 3 films on 2 disks for $28.96
M.G.M./Warner b&w VHS [1/93] for $18.88
full credits from IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

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