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animation [noun]: a motion picture made by photographing successive positions of inanimate objects (as puppets or mechanical parts)

animated cartoon [noun]: a motion picture made from a series of drawings simulating motion by means of slight progressive changes in the drawings

General  Books  &  Videos

Bestselling Books / Animation category at Amazon

Of Mice & Magic   "Of Mice and Magic: A History of American Animated Cartoons"
[1980] by Leonard Maltin

Plume 9¼x7½ pb [12/87] for $19.80
McGraw-Hill hardcover [4/80] out of print/used
encyclopedia of animated cartoon series book by Jeff Lenburg  "The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoon Series" [rev 1981]
by Jeff Lenburg

DaCapo Press 2nd edition 12x9 pb [3/83] out of print/used
Arlington House Publrs 2nd edition 12x9 hardcover [1981] out of print/used
Before Mickey  "Before Mickey: The Animated Film, 1898-1928" [1982]
by Donald Crafton, Introduction by Otto Messmer

Univ Chicago Press 8½x5½ pb [12/93] for $25.03
M.I.T. Press hardcover [1/82] out of print/used

Great Cartoon Directors book by Jeff Lenburg  "The Great Cartoon Directors" [1983] by Jeff Lenburg
Nine cartoon directors from the 1930s to 1950s: Tex Avery {invented Daffy Duck and introduced Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd to the screen}; Bob Clampett {directed Warner Brothers cartoons featuring Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, and Tweety}; Dave Fleischer {produced cartoons of Betty Boop and Popeye}; Friz Freleng {creator of Speedy Gonzales, Yosemite Sam, and Pink Panther}; William Hanna & Joseph Barbera {won seven Academy Awards for their Tom & Jerry cartoons}; Ub Iwerks {designer of Mickey Mouse and the first sound animated film "Steamboat Willie"}; Chuck Jones {genius behind Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote}; and Walter Lantz {creator of Woody Woodpecker}
Da Capo Press 10x7 pb [3/93] out of print/40+ used
McFarland & Co. 9¼x6¼ hardcover [6/83] out of print/many used

Wartime American Animated Short Films  "Doing Their Bit: Wartime American Animated Short Films, 1939–1945" [1987]
by Michael S. Shull & David E. Wilt

McFarland & Co. 9x6 pb [4/2004] for $38.50
McFarland & Co. 9½x6½ hardcover [10/87] out of print/used
Enchanted Drawings / History of Animation book by Charles Solomon  "Enchanted Drawings: The History of Animation" [1989]
by Charles Solomon

Random House 12¼x11 'revised & updated' bargain hardcover [10/94] out of print/used
Knopf hardcover [1989] out of print/used
Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons  "The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons" [orig 1991]
by Jeff Lenburg

Checkmark Books 3rd Edition 11x8½ pb [10/2008] for $18.96
Checkmark Books 3rd Edition 11x8½ hardcover [10/2008] for $85.00
Animating Culture Hollywood Cartoons  "Animating Culture: Hollywood Cartoons From The Sound Era" [1993]
by Eric Loren Smoodin

Rutgers Univ Press 6x9 pb [6/93] for $20.65
Rutgers Univ Press 9¼x6¼ hardcover [6/93] for $59.00
Life and Death of The American Animated Cartoon book by Norman Klein  "7 Minutes: The Life and Death of The American Animated Cartoon" [1993]
by Norman M. Klein

Verso 9¾x7 pb [2/96] for $22.45
Verso 9¾x7¾ hardcover [11/93] out of print/used
Cartoon Movie Posters  "Cartoon Movie Posters" [1994]
by Bruce Hershenson

self-publd 11x9¼ pb [1/94] for $20.00

more books about posters on the Magic Lantern Movie Posters Page

The 50 Greatest Cartoons book by Jerry Beck  "The 50 Greatest Cartoons: As Selected By 1,000 Animation Professionals" (with over 300 illustrations) [1994] by Jerry Beck
Turner Publng 11¼x9¼ hardcover [10/94] out of print/used
Worldf Publns 11¼x9 hardcover [3/99] out of print/used
Cartoons 100 Years  "Cartoons: One Hundred Years of Cinema Animation" [1995]
by Giannalberto Bendazzi

Indiana Univ Press 9½x8 pb [9/96] for $49.95
Faber & Faber hardcover [9/99] out of print/used
John Libbey hardcover [2/95] out of print/used
Serious Business Art & Commerce of Animation In America book by Stefan Kanfer  "Serious Business: The Art & Commerce of Animation In America From Betty Boop To Toy Story" [1997] by Stefan Kanfer, Foreword by Chuck Jones
Da Capo Press 9¼x6¼ pb [5/2000] for $17.50
Diane Publng 9x6¼ pb [11/97] for $16.00
Scribner 9¾x6½ hardcover [4/97] out of print/used
Forbidden Animation, Censored Cartoons & Blacklisted Animators In America book by Karl F. Cohen  "Forbidden Animation: Censored Cartoons and Blacklisted Animators In America"
[1998] by Karl F. Cohen

McFarland & Co. 9x6 pb [5/2004] for $26.95
McFarland & Co. 9¼x6¼ hardcover [3/98] out of print/used

more info on Magic Lantern's Hollywood Blacklist Pages

Understanding Animation book by Paul Wells  "Understanding Animation" [1998]
by Paul Wells

Routledge 2nd Edition pb [3/2009] for $33.95
Routledge 9x6 pb [6/98] for $34.15
Routledge 9¼x6¼ hardcover [6/98] for $130.00
American Animation In Its Golden Age  "Hollywood Cartoons: American Animation In Its Golden Age" [1999]
by Michael Barrier

Oxford Univ Press 9¼x6 pb [9/2003] for $21.80
Oxford Univ Press hardcover [4/99] out of print/used

Michael Barrier's animation & comic art blog [est.2003]

Anime Encyclopedia  "The Anime Encyclopedia: A Guide To Japanese Animation Since 1917" [2001]
by Jonathan Clements & Helen McCarthy

Stone Bridge Press 9x7 pb [rev 11/2006] for $20.67
Stone Bridge Press 9x7 pb [9/2001] for $18.96
Masters of Animation book by John Grant  "Masters of Animation" [2001]
by John Grant

Watson-Guptill 11x8½ pb [11/2001] out of print/used
Animation, The Whole Story book by Howard Beckerman  "Animation: The Whole Story" [2002]
by Howard Beckerman

Allworth Press Revised Edition 9½x6¾ pb [9/2003] for $22.45
Amereon hardcover [2/2002] out of print/used
author's official booksite
Animation & America book by Paul Wells  "Animation and America" [2002]
by Paul Wells

Rutgers Univ Press 8½x5¾ pb [9/2002] for $22.95
Edinburgh Univ Press 8½x5 pb [7/2002] for $44.95
Rutgers Univ Press 8x5¼ library hardcover [9/2002] for $58.00
Cartoon Music Book edited by Daniel Goldmark & Yuval Taylor  "The Cartoon Music Book" [2002]
Edited by Daniel Goldmark & Yuval Taylor, Foreword by Leonard Maltin

Chicago Review Press 9x6¼ pb [11/2002] for $17.95
featured cartoonists & composers include Irwin Chusid, Alf Clausen ("The Simpsons"), Will Friedwald, Chuck Jones, John Kricfalusi, Mark Mothersbaugh ("Rugrats"), Carl Stalling, Neil Strauss, Chris Ware & John Zorn
Television Animation & American Culture book edited by Carole Stabile & Mark Harrison  "Prime Time Animation: Television Animation & American Culture" [2003]
Edited by Carole A. Stabile & Mark Harrison

Routledge 9x6 pb [4/2003] for $32.53
Routledge 9½x6¼ hardcover [4/2003] for $120.00
Animation Business Handbook  "The Animation Business Handbook" [2004]
by Karen Raugust

St. Martin's Press 9½x6 hardcover [8/2004] for $26.40
Tales From The Golden Age of Animation book by Martha Sigall  "Living Life Inside The Lines: Tales From The Golden Age of Animation" [2005]
by Martha Sigall, Foreword by Jerry Beck

the author worked in all aspects of animation production from 1936 to 1989, at Warner & M.G.M. & other West Coast animation studios
Univ Press of MS 8½x6½ pb [3/2005] for $20.00
Univ Press of MS 8½x6¾ hardcover [3/2005] for $50.00
Tunes For Toons book by Daniel Goldmark  
"Tunes For 'Toons: Music and The Hollywood Cartoon" [2005]
by Daniel Goldmark

Univ CA Press 8¼x5½ pb [4/2007] for $15.25
Univ CA Press 9x6 hardcover [10/2005] for $32.00
Animated Movie Guide book by Jerry Beck  "The Animated Movie Guide" [2005] by Jerry Beck
Chicago Review Press 11x8¼ pb [10/2005] out of print/many used
Who's Who in Animated Cartoons book by Jeff Lenburg  "Who's Who In Animated Cartoons: An International Guide To Film & Television's Award-Winning & Legendary Animators" [2006] by Jeff Lenburg
Applause Books pb [6/2006] for $17.95
Style and Design In 1950s Animation book by Amid Amidi  "Cartoon Modern: Style and Design In 1950s Animation" [2006]
by Amid Amidi

Chronicle Books 11x8½ hardcover [8/2006] for $26.40
author is co-founder of 'Cartoon Brew' blog [est. 3/2004]
Drawing The Line: The Untold Story of The Animation Unions book by Tom Sito  
"Drawing The Line: The Untold Story of The Animation Unions From Bosko To Bart Simpson" [2006] by Tom Sito
Univ Press of KY 9½x6¼ hardcover [10/2006] for $24.32
Anime Encyclopedia book by Jonathan Clements & Helen McCarthy  "The Anime Encyclopedia: A Guide To Japanese Animation Since 1917, Revised & Expanded Edition" [2006]
by Jonathan Clements & Helen McCarthy

Stone Bridge Press 9x7 pb [11/2006] for $19.77
Animation Pimp / A.W.N. book by Chris Robinson  "The Animation Pimp: An Official A.W.N. Press Publication" [2007]
by Chris Robinson, Illustrations by Andreas Hykade, Foreword by Nick Tosches

Selections from the author's five years of columns on animation, written while he was director of a major animation festival.
Course Technology PTR 8½x5½ pb [6/2007] for $24.99
Animation Now! book & DVD  "Animation Now!" [orig 1982, anniv 2007]
from Anima Mundi, edited by Julius Wiedemann

Taschen 8¾x7 hardcover book & color DVD [7/2007] for $10.19
The DVD includes "A Dog's Cartoon"; "Anijam" by Marv Newland; "Death + The Mother" by Ruth Lingford; "Dia de los Muertos" by Vinton Studio; "Feet of Song" by Erica Russell; "Interro- gating Ernie"; "Local Dive" by Sarah Watt; "The Man With The Beautiful Eyes" by Jonathan Hodgson; "Mt. Head" by Koji Yamamura; and "Yo Yo"
The Colored Cartoon book by Christopher P. Lehman  
"The Colored Cartoon: Black Representation In American Animated Short Films, 1907-1954" [2008] by Christopher P. Lehman
Univ MA Press 9x6¼ hardcover [2/2008] for $23.96

Magic Lantern's Afro-American Film Festival Pages

One Thousand Years of Manga book by Brigette Koyama-Richard  "One Thousand Years of Manga" [2008]
by Brigette Koyama-Richard

Flammarion 11x9½ hardcover [2/2008] for $34.46
Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons book by Jeff Lenburg  "The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons" [for YA; 2008]
by Jeff Lenburg, Foreword by Chris Bailey

Checkmark Books 10¾x8½ 3rd edition pb [10/2008] out of print/used
Checkmark Books 11x8½ 3rd edition hardcover [10/2008] for $85.00
A Century of Stop-Motion Animation book by Ray Harryhausen & Tony Dalton  "A Century of Stop-Motion Animation: From Méliès To Aardman" [2008]
by Ray Harryhausen & Tony Dalton

Watson-Guptill 11½x9¾ hardcover [11/2008] for $31.50
Canadian Animation book by Chris Robinson  "Canadian Animation: Looking For A Place To Happen" [2008]
by Chris Robinson

Indiana Univ Press 9x6 pb [12/2008] for $27.95
Essential Anime Movies Ultimate Guide book by Helen McCarthy  "500 Essential Anime Movies: The Ultimate Guide" [2009]
by Helen McCarthy

Harper Design 8x6 pb [1/2009] for $24.95
Collins Design 7¾x6 bargain price pb [1/2009] for $9.98
Anime and The Visual Novel book by Dani Cavallaro  "Anime and The Visual Novel: Narrative Structure, Design & Play At The Crossroads of Animation & Computer Games" [2009]
by Dani Cavallaro

McFarland & Co. 9x6 pb [10/2009] for $35.00
Anime and Philosophy book edited by Josef Steiff & Tristan D. Tamplin  "Anime and Philosophy" [2010]
Edited by Josef Steiff & Tristan D. Tamplin

Analyzes anime films such as "Astro Boy", "Dragon Ball Z", "Ghost In The Shell", and "Spirited Away" (and others) aand how these tales grapple with the important questions in life: lessons on morality, justice, and heroism, as well as meditations on identity, the soul, and the meaning – or meaninglessness – of life.
Open Court 9x6½ pb [3/2010] for $13.69
Animators Unearthed Guide book by Chris Robinson  "Animators Unearthed: A Guide To The Best of Contemporary Animation" [2010]
by Chris Robinson

Profiles of twenty independent animators, including Skip Battaglia, Pat Smith, Don Hertzfeldt, Michaela Pavlátová & Joanna Quinn
Continuum 9x6½ pb [6/2010] for $18.96
Japanese Animation: From Painted Scrolls to Pokemon book by Brigette Koyama-Richard  "Japanese Animation: From Painted Scrolls To Pokémon" [2010]
by Brigette Koyama-Richard

Flammarion-Pere Castor 11¾x9 hardcover [10/2010] for $35.03
Japanese Animation book by Chris Robinson  "Japanese Animation: Time Out of Mind" [2010]
by Chris Robinson

Indiana Univ Press 9x6 pb [12/2010] for $22.76
100 Animated Feature Films book by Andrew Osmond  "100 Animated Feature Films (B.F.I. Screen Guides)" [2011]
by Andrew Osmond

British Film Institute 8x7¾ hardcover [4/2011] for $19.80
Animated Film Encyclopedia, 1900-1999 book by Graham Webb  "The Animated Film Encyclopedia: A Complete Guide To American Shorts, Features, and Sequences, 1900-1999" [2011]
by Graham Webb

McFarland & Co. 2nd edition 11x8½ pb [5/2011] for $125.00
World History of Animation book by Stephen Cavalier  "The World History of Animation" [2011]
by Stephen Cavalier

Univ CA Press hardcover [9/2011] for $26.37

"Cinema Anime: Critical Engagements with Japanese Animation" []
"Japanese Visual Culture: Explorations in the World of Manga and Anime" []
"The Soul of Anime: Collaborative Creativity and Japan's Media Success Story" [] by Ian Condry

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Professional  Voice  Actors

Joe Alaskey: credits at IMDbWikipedia

Bob Bergen: credits at IMDbWikipedia

Mel Blanc 'The Man of 1000 Voices' [1908-89]: credits at IMDbWikipedia

Daws Butler [1916-88]: credits at IMDbWikipedia

Pinto Colvig [1892-1967]: credits at IMDbWikipedia

Jim Cummings: credits at IMDbWikipedia

Bill Farmer: credits at IMDbWikipedia

June Foray [b. 1917]: credits at IMDbWikipedia

Paul Frees [1920-1986]: credits at IMDbWikipedia

Jimmy Hodson: credits at IMDbofficial website

Kenneth Mars: credits at IMDbWikipedia

radio legend Gary Owens [1936-2015]: credits at IMDbWikipedia

Alexander Scourby [1913-85]: credits at IMDbWikipedia

British voice actor Emma Tate: credits at IMDbWikipedia

Janet Waldo: credits at IMDbWikipedia

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Voice 123: The Voiceover Marketplace
'Voice Actor' entry at Wikipedia
Voice Over Resource Guide
Everything V.O. (Dave & Dave, Inc.) in North Hollywood, CA

That's Not All Folks autobiography by Mel Blanc  "That's Not All Folks!: My Life In The Golden Age of Cartoons & Radio"
[1988] by Mel Blanc & Philip Bashe

Warner Books pb [11/89] out of print/used
Warner Books hardcover [8/88] out of print/many used

"That's All Folks!" [2007] 'collection of great recordings' by Mel Blanc
Remember import audio CD [4/2007] 29 tracks for $11.98

Life & Voices of Paul Frees biography by Ben Ohmart  
"Welcome, Foolish Mortals: The Life & Voices of Paul Frees" [2004]
by Ben Ohmart, Foreword by June Foray

BearManor Media 9x6 pb [3/2004] for $29.95
Daws Butler, Characters Actor biography by Ben Ohmart & Joe Bevilacqua  "Daws Butler, Characters Actor" [2004]
by Ben Ohmart & Joe Bevilacqua, Foreword by Nancy Cartwright

BearManor Media 9x6 pb [11/2004] for $24.95
Who's Who of Cartoon Voice Actors book by Tim Lawson & Alisa Persons  "Magic Behind The Voices: A Who's Who of Cartoon Voice Actors" [2004]
by Tim Lawson & Alisa Persons

Univ Press of MS 9x6 pb [12/2004] for $22.80
Univ Press of MS hardcover [12/2004] for $60.00
looks at 'character actors' both classic & modern: husband and wife team Wayne Allwine & Russi Taylor (Mickey & Minnie Mouse), Mel Blanc, Daws Butler, Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson), Dan Castellaneta (The Simpsons), Paul Frees, Mike Judge (King of The Hill), John Kricfalusi (Ren & Stimpy), and many others
Disney Voice Actors Biographical Dictionary book by Thomas S. Hischak  
"Disney Voice Actors: A Biographical Dictionary" [2011]
by Thomas S. Hischak

McFarland & Co. 10x7 pb [10/2011] for $75.00
In A World movie by Lake Bell  "In A World . . ." [Roadside Attractions Aug 2013]
Comedy feature film about a struggling vocal coach who is pushed by her father to compete in the cutthroat world of movie-trailer voiceovers, and strikes it big. Co-produced, written & directed by and starring Lake Bell, also starring Fred Melamed, Rob Corddry, Demetri Martin, Michaela Watkins, Ken Marino, Nick Offerman, Alexandra Holden & Tig Notaro
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • full credits at IMDbofficial movie site
watch 6/2013 official trailer [2:31] at YouTube

Tex Avery  [1908-80]
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia

Toonopedia's Tex Avery page

Tex Avery   "Tex Avery: King of Cartoons" [1965]
by Joe Adamson

DaCapo Press 11x8 pb [8/85] out of print/used
Tex Avery Golden Age of Animated Cartoons book by John Canemaker  "Tex Avery: Artist, Animator & Director From The Golden Age of Animated Cartoons" [1996]
by John Canemaker

Turner Publng hardcover [10/96] out of print/used
Tex Avery Screwball Classics video  "Tex Avery's Screwball Classics"
Vol 1: Warner color VHS [9/88] for $14.99
Vol 2: Warner color VHS [10/91] for $12.99
Vol 3: Warner color VHS [10/91] for $12.99
Vol 4: Warner color VHS [3/92] for $12.99
Tex Avery Unique Legacy book by Floriane Place-Verghnes  "Tex Avery: A Unique Legacy, 1942-1955" [2006]
by Floriane Place-Verghnes

John Libbey & Co. 9x6 pb [6/2006] for $19.75
Tex Avery's Droopy DVD Collection  "Tex Avery's Droopy: The Complete Theatrical Collection" [2007]
includes 24 cartoon shorts (1943-58), documentary film "Droopy and Friends: A Laugh Back", other extras
Warner color DVD [5/2007] 2 disks for $19.99

      impressionist animator
Frédéric Back  [b. 1924] of Canada

no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia

Magic Lantern's
animator Ralph Bakshi Page

animator of "Fritz The Cat" [1972], "Lord of The Rings" [1978] & "American Pop" [1981]

Signe Baumane of New York City

Don Bluth
browse Don Bluth on DVDcredits at IMDbWikipedia

won Oscar for Best Animated Short for "Gerald McBoing-Boing" [1950]  won Oscar for Best Animated Short for "When Magoo Flew" [1954]  won Oscar for Best Animated Short for "Magoo's Puddle Jumper" [1956]     Stephen Bosustow  [1911-81]
producer of Gerald McBoing-Boing + Mr. Magoo

no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia
received 10 Oscar nominations [1950-1958]; won in 1951, 1955 & 1957

official Mr. Magoo rights management webpage
official Gerald McBoing-Boing rights management webpage

Mr. Magoo Theatrical Collection DVD box set  
"Mr. Magoo: The Theatrical Collection, 1949-1959" DVD Box Set [2014]
Shout! Factory color DVD set [4/2014] 4 disks for $29.60
contains 53 theatrical cartoon shorts (12 in anamorphic widescreen for the first time), and the 1959 feature film "1001 Arabian Nights" – all with Magoo's voice by Jim Backus; extras include interviews, commentaries, photo gallery, and a "Making of..." short

Bruno Bozzetto of Italy
browse Bruno Bozzetto on DVDcredits at IMDbWikipedia

Announced 1/2012: The Italian animator is planning for his first full-length feature project in 36 years,
to be called "Viavia" (which is loosely translated as “Gogo”) • not yet listed on IMDb

Walt Disney [1901-66]
Magic Lantern's Walt Disney Page
Magic Lantern's Disney Films Page
Magic Lantern's Disney Studios Page

Gumby the Rock Star    Art Clokey [1921-2010]
no browse/Amazon entry • credits [1955-95] at IMDb

official Premavision Productions website
official Gumby World website
Gumby Fest Stop Motion Festival [Sept 2015 = #2] at Citrus College, Glendora, California

"Gumby & Friends"
The first Gumby short 'Gumbasia' was made as a pilot in May 1955; 43 segments were broadcast on NBC-TV in 1955-56; NBC-TV's "The Gumby Show" variety show
aired from 1956 to 1957; 87 new "The Gumby Show" episodes were broadcast from 1962 to 1968; "Gumby Adventures" on NBC-TV broadcast 99 new cartoons in 1988.
search for Gumby DVDs at Amazonentry at Wikipedia

"The Gumby Show" [NBC-TV 1956-68]
'Gumby Show Complete 50s Series' 2-disk DVD set  43 segments spread across 22 episodes broadcast in 1957-58; produced, written & directed by Art Clokey, with Gloria Clokey • series credits at IMDbseries entry at Wikipedialist of series episodes at Wikipedia
watch full segment "Robot Rumpus" [11:16] online at YouTube
"The Gumby Show: Complete 1950s TV Series" on DVD [2015]
NCircle Ent. re-mastered color DVD set [9/2015] 2 disks for $11.03
"Gumby: The Movie" feature film [Dec 1995] /tt0113234/

Cartoon Craze Volume 20 with ten 'Gumby' claymation cartoons  Cartoon Craze Volume 20 "Gumby: Gumbasia" [2004]
contains 10 cartoons of various lengths: "Gumbasia"; "Concerto (aka Gumby Concert)"; "Dancing On The Moon"; "Ding Dog Daddy"; "Doggone Tired"; "It's A Greek Life"; "Jerky Turkey"; "Mysterious Fires"; "Robot Rumpus"; and "Too Loo"
Digiview Prodns DVD [4/2004] 10 cartoons - out of prodn/60+ used
"Gumby Dharma" [indep 2005?]
'Gumby Dharma' documentary   72-minute documentary that was broadcast on KQED-TV in March 2007 as part of their "Truly CA" series • Co-produced, written & directed by Robina Marchesi; featuring interviewees Art Clokey, Gumby & Pokey {new animation}, Stephen A. Buckley, Joe Clokey, Norm DeCarlo, Holly Harman, Ray Harryhausen, Dal McKennon, Gary Meyer, Kevin Reher & Henry Selick
VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDbofficial movie site

Sally Cruikshank
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDb

Mark Fiore of San Francisco makes animated editorial cartoons
in 2010, he won the first-ever Pulitzer Prize for his genre of editorial cartoons
no browse/Amazon entry • official websitecredits at IMDb

12/2014 "Who Killed Michael Brown?" animated political cartoon [1:40]

German animator  Hans Fischerkoesen  [1896-1973]
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia

German animator  Oskar Fischinger  [1900-67]
Fichinger escaped Nazi Germany to Hollywood and produced many abstract paintings & animated films
while working under contract at Paramount, M.G.M., and Disney studios.
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia

Life & Work of Oskar Fischinger book by Willliam Moritz  "Optical Poetry: The Life and Work of Oskar Fischinger" [2004]
by Willliam Moritz

Indiana Univ Press 9½x7¾ pb [5/2004] for $27.23
Indiana Univ Press 9¾x8 hardcover [5/2004] for $65.00

co-won Oscar for Best Animated Short for "The Pink Phink" [1964]    Isadore 'Friz' Freleng  [1905-95]
browse Friz Freleng on DVDcredits at IMDbWikipedia

"The Pink Panther" Section on Magic Lantern's Movie Series Page

Warner Bros. Jubilee 'Salute To Friz Freleng' color VHS [3/90] out of prodn/used

Matt Groening
browse Matt Groening on DVDcredits at IMDbWikipedia

"The Simpsons"
series credits at IMDbseries DVDsofficial website

Heidi Guedel {Garofalo}  [1948-2010]
credits [1977-2000] at IMDbWikipedia {empty}

Animatrix: A Female Animator book by Heidi Guedel  "Animatrix: A Female Animator - How Laughter Saved My Life" [2003]
'Hurricane' Heidi was a professional animator at Disney in Hollywood before she and fifteen other young animators quit to work for Don Bluth and make "The Secret of NIMH" [1982]; she was also a prankster and an author and recently lived in Florida
Kindle Edition from iUniverse [2003 edition] for $3.99
iUniverse 9x6 pb [9/2003] for $23.95
iUniverse 9x6 hardcover [9/2003] for $33.95

David Dodd Hand  [1900-86]
worked for Disney from 1930 to 1944, moved to England, made a series of unspectacular cartoon shorts, not available for 50 years +

"David Hand's Animaland" [1/2005]

star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame  won Gordon E. Sawyer Award {Honorary) Oscar in 1992    Ray Harryhausen [1920-2013]
more details (profile, books, DVDs, posters, links) on
Magic Lantern's Ray Harryhausen Page

Ray Harryhausen autobiography   "Ray Harryhausen: An Animated Life" [2004]
by Ray Harryhausen & Tony Dalton, Foreward by Ray Bradbury

Billboard Books 11½x10 hardcover [4/2004] for $33.00
Art of Ray Harryhausen book by Ray Harryhausen & Tony Dalton  "The Art of Ray Harryhausen" [2006]
by Ray Harryhausen & Tony Dalton, Foreword by Peter Jackson

Watson-Guptill 11x9½ pb [12/2008] for $19.77
Billboard Books 11½x10 hardcover [4/2006] for $36.50

Matthias Hoegg of U.K.
credits at IMDbofficial website

        John Hubley  [1914-77]
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia
received 7 Oscar nominations [1960-1978]; won in 1960, 1963 & 1967

served with U.S.A.A.F. First Motion Picture Unit during World War II
on H.U.A.C.'s Hollywood Blacklist in the 1940s & 1950s
Digital Media FX article

Faith Hubley  [1924-2001]
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia

P.B.S. special "Independent Spirits: The Faith & John Hubley Story"

Hubley Collection  "The Hubley Collection" [1999] by John & Faith Hubley
Volume 1: 13 films, 1975-93
Image Ent. DVD [10/99] out of prodn/used
Volume 2: 10 films, 1968-95
Image Ent. DVD [10/99] for 10.99
Volume 3: "Everybody Rides The Carousel" [1976], "A Doonesbury
Special" [1977], and docufilm "My Universe Inside Out" [1996]
Image Ent. [10/99] for $22.49

Ub Iwerks  [1901-71]
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia

Ub Iwerks  "The Hand Behind the Mouse: The Ub Iwerks Story" [1999]
Documentary directed by grandaughter Leslie Iwerks
available on DVD as part of "WD Treasures: Oswald The Rabbit" set
Disney Home Video VHS [9/2001] out of prod/used
full credits from IMDb
companion book "The Hand Behind the Mouse: An Intimate Biography of Ub Iwerks" [2001] by Leslie Iwerks & John D. Kenworthy
Hyperion 9½x6½ hardcover [5/2001] for $17.47
Iwerks Collxns  "The Cartoons That Time Forgot: The Ub Iwerks Collection" [1999]
58 cartoons on the two disks
Vol 1: Image Ent DVD [7/99] for $9.99
Vol 2: Image Ent DVD [7/99] for $9.99

      Chuck Jones  [1912-2002]
browse Chuck Jones on DVDvideos/DVDscredits at IMDbWikipedia
official Chuck Jones website
Toonopedia's Chuck Jones page
Chuck Jones {animation} Galleries in Santa Fe, NM and Orange & San Diego, CA

Salute to Chuck Jones  
"Warner Bros. Cartoons Golden Jubilee 24 Karat Collection: A Salute to Chuck Jones" [1960]
Warner color VHS [4/2002] out of prodn/used
Chuck Amuck   "Chuck Amuck: The Life & Times of An Animated Cartoonist" [1994]
by Chuck Jones

Farrar Straus & Giroux 10x8 pb [12/99] for $17.50
FS&G hardcover [94] out of print/used
Chuck Jones Extremes & In-Betweens docu  "Chuck Jones: Extremes & In-Betweens - A Life In Animation"
[P.B.S./W.N.E.T. documentary 2000]

Directed by Margaret Selby
Warner color DVD [10/2002] for $14.23
Warner color VHS [11/2000] out of prodn/used
credits at IMDb
Tom & Jerry Chuck Jones Collection on DVD  "Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Collection, 1963-67" [2009]
Warner Home Video widescreen color DVD [6/2009] 2 disks for $25.99
contains 34 remastered Tom and Jerry cartoon shorts from 1963 to 1967, plus two new document-aries: "Tom and Jerry ... and Chuck" [2009] and "Chuck Jones: Memories of A Childhood" [2009]

Kihachiro Kawamoto  of Japan

Satoshi  Kon  [Japan; 1963-2010]
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbofficial website {in Japanese}Wikipedia

Announced 7/2012: Montreal’s mammoth Fantasia Fest [July-Aug 2012 = #16] will now crown one film
each year with the juried Satoshi Kon Award for Achievement in Animation.

Satoshi Kon, The Illusionist book by Andrew Osmond  "Satoshi Kon: The Illusionist" [2009]
by Andrew Osmond

Stone Bridge Press 9x7 pb [12/2009] for $12.89

"Perfect Blue" [1998]
"Millennium Actress" [2001]
"Tokyo Godfathers" [2003]
"Paprika" [2006]
"The Dreaming Machine" [DUE 2012?]

     Walter Lantz  [1899-1994]
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia
received 10 Oscar nominations [1934-1956]; won Honorary Oscar in 1979

Toonopedia's Walter Lantz page

Walter Lantz's character Woody Woodpecker        "I don't care what anybody says, I'M COLD!"

Woody Woodpecker & Friends Cartoon Collection DVD box set  
"The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection" [2007]
Produced by Walter Lantz, voice of Woody by Mel Blanc
Universal color DVD box set [7/2007] 3 disks for $13.28
includes 75 original theatrical cartoons, plus documentary extras

Announced 11/2011: Universal-based animation house Illumination Entertainment is working on a Woody
Woodpecker feature project, with writers John Altschuler & Dave Krinsky in talks to develop a story.

Mori  Masaki  of Japan
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia {empty}

Barefoot Gen video  
Barefoot Gen 2 video  
Barefoot Gen books  
"Barefoot Gen" aka 'Hadashi no gen' [1983]
Directed by Mori Masaki; written & produced by Keiji Nakazawa
The tale of a child surviving the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945; the manga books are important anti-war works, and the film is a landmark in animé art.
Image Ent. bilingual color DVD [4/99] out of stock/used
Orion Home Video color VHS [7/95] out of stock/used
full credits from IMDbfilm entry at Wikipedia

"Barefoot Gen 2" aka 'Hadashi no gen 2' [1986]
Co-directed by Toshio Hirata & Akio Sakai; written by Keiji Nakazawa

video not available; full credits from IMDb

"Barefoot Gen" aka 'Hadashi no gen' [1973]
classic manga novels by Keiji Nakazawa

first serialized in 1972-73 in the 'Shukan Shonen Jampu' comic weekly
books entry at Wikipedia
Volume 1: A Cartoon Story of Hiroshima
Last Gasp 8¼x6 pb [10/2004] for $14.95
Volume 2: The Day After
Last Gasp 8¼x6 pb [10/2004] for $14.95
Volume 3: Life After The Bomb
Last Gasp pb [5/2005] for $10.17
Last Gasp 8¼x6 pb [9/2000] for $10.17
Volume 4: Out of The Ashes
Last Gasp pb [5/2005] for $10.17

animation pioneer  Winsor McCay  [1871-1934]
no browse/Amazon entry • browse bookscredits [1906-91] at IMDbWikipedia

Winsor Mccay, His Life & Art bio by John Canemaker  "Winsor Mccay: His Life and Art" [1990]
by John Canemaker, Foreword by Maurice Sendak

Harry N. Abrams 12x0¼ hardcover [11/2005] for $34.20
Abbeville Press hardcover [3/90] out of print/used
Winsor McCay, Animation Legend on DVD  

"Winsor McCay: Animation Legend" [1999]
Sling Shot b&w DVD [1/99] for $18.43
includes ten short cartoons, windowboxed during the digital transfer: McCay's first film, the stunning hand-colored "Little Nemo" [1911], taken directly from the only known 35mm print; "How A Mosquito Operates" [1912]; "Gertie The Dinosaur" [1914]; the dark and disturbing propaganda masterpiece "The Sinking Of The Lusitania" [1918]; "The Pet" [1921]; "Bug Vaudeville" [1921]; and "The Flying House" [1921]; with extant fragments of "Gertie On Tour" [1921], "The Centaurs" [1921], and "Flip's Circus" [1921]

Winsor McCay Master Collection on DVD  
"Winsor McCay: The Master Edition" [2004]
Image Ent b&w DVD [6/2004] for $26.99
includes the same ten short cartoons as above, plus extras: commentary, stills gallery, and the 18-minute docufilm "Remembering Winsor McCay"

won Oscar of Best Documentary Short Subject for "Neighbours" [1952]    Norman McLaren  [Canada; 1914-87]
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia

Natl. Film Board of Canada homage to McLaren

Norman McLaren Masters Edition box set  
"Norman McLaren: The Masters Edition" [2006]
from the Natl. Film Board of Canada

Homevision DVD [10/2006] 7 disks for $89.99
includes 58 remastered films & 15 original thematic documentaries

Otto Messmer  [1892-1983]
no browse/Amazon entry • browse bookscredits at IMDbWikipedia

"Through The Ages" [pre-2007] interview with John Canemaker on the history of Felix

Felix Twisted Tale book by John Canemaker  "Felix: The Twisted Tale of the World's Most Famous Cat" [1991]
by John Canemaker

Da Capo Press 90x8¼ pb [8/96] out of print/used
Pantheon 9¼x8 hardcover [4/91] out of print/used
Felix the Cat Collection on DVD  "Felix The Cat Collection, 1919-1930" [1993]
E-Realbiz.Com b&w DVD [1/99] out of prodn/used
Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat TV series  "The Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat" TV series [1995]
DVD contains 11 cartoon shorts or episodes; total run time 90 minutes
B.M.G. Special product color/b&w DVD [6/2000] for $9.98
partial series credits at IMDb
Felix! cartoons on DVD  "Felix!" [1997]
Produced by Pat Sullivan, directed by Otto Messmer; DVDs appear to contain
14 b&w Felix The Cat short cartoons, 1919 to 1930

Lumivision b&w DVD [9/97] for $7.99
Slingshot Ent. b&w DVD [1/99] for $11.50
Nine Lives to Live Classic Felix Celebration book by Otto Messmer  "Nine Lives To Live: A Classic Felix Celebration" [1997]
by Otto Messmer, edited by David Gerstein

Fantagraphics Books 12¼x9½ hardcover [7/97] for $28.11
Presenting Felix the Cat vintage cartoons by Otto Messmer  "Presenting Felix the Cat: The Otto Messmer Classics, 1919-24" [1999]
contains 16 vintage Felix cartoons "restored to their original projection speed with
Dave Wickerham's rich new organ scores"

Image Ent. b&w DVD [4/99] for $6.49
Felix The Cat ten classic cartoons on DVD  "Felix The Cat: 10 Classic Cartoons" [2004]
Delta b&w DVD [3/2004] out of prodn/used
contains "10 Classic Cartoons Featuring The World's Most Wonderful Cat!": "Felix In Holly-wood" [1923], "Felix Doubles For Darwin" [1924], "Felix Goes West" [1924], "Felix Finds Out" [1924], "Felix All Puzzled" [1925], "Felix Monkeys With Magic" [1925], "Felix Gets The Can" [1925], "A Felix Comic" [1925], "The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg" [1936 sound], and "Neptune Nonsense" [1936 sound]
Felix the Cat TV series Golden Anniversary DVD  "Felix The Cat: The Complete 1958-1959 Series" [2007]
Joe Oriolo produced {supposedly 260} new Felix cartoons for television, aimed at children, that were syndicated from 1958 to 1961 by King Features. {Confusion exists, but apparently each of the 31 produced episodes was 15 minutes and was made up of several 4- to 7-minute cliffhanger cartoons.} DVD extras include the first Felix cartoon "Feline Follies" [1919], an interview with John Canemaker on the history of Felix called "Through The Ages", and an archival promo reel for use by TV stations, including ads in French and Spanish
Classic Media DVD [10/2007] 31 episodes on 2 disks for $19.95
partial series credits at IMDb

Zdenek Miler  [Czech; 1921-2011]
DVDs at Amazon are Region 2 ONLY • browse bookscredits at IMDbWikipedia

Animator Miler made 50 short films of the non-verbal 'Krtek The Little Mole' as well as dozens of children's books
TV series credits at IMDbMole character entry at Wikipedia

     Hayao Miyazaki
more details (profile, books, DVDs, posters, links) on
Magic Lantern's Hayao Miyazaki Page

principal at Studio Ghibli of Japan

Myron  'Grim'  Natwick  [1890-1990]
creator of Betty Boop at Fleischer Studios
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia

Floyd E. Norman  [b. 1935]
Floyd Norman was Disney's first Afro-American animator and storyman
credits [1959-2016] at IMDbDisney Legends profile {requires sign-in}Wikipedia

Erick Oh  from Korea, now at U.C.L.A.
credits at IMDbofficial website • no entry at Wikipedia

Katsuhiro Ôtomo  of Japan
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia

thumbnail biography at Ninth Art

Akira manga volume 1  "Akira" series of manga books [1982] by Katsuhiro Ôtomo
Vol 1: Dark Horse 10x7 pb [12/2000] for $16.47
Vol 1: Dark Horse/B&N hardcover [8/2004] out of print/used
Vol 2: Dark Horse 10x7 pb [3/2001] for $16.47
Vol 3: Dark Horse 10x7 pb [6/2001] for $16.97
Vol 4: Dark Horse 10x7 pb [9/2001] for $18.45
Vol 5: Dark Horse 10x7 pb [12/2001] for $18.45
Vol 6: Dark Horse 10x7 pb [3/2002] for $19.77
Akira en Español  Spanish YA editions from Ediciones B
Vol 1: hardcover [12/93] for $8.74        
Vol 2: hardcover [12/93] for $8.74
Vol 3: pb [12/93] for $20.19
Vol 4: hardcover [12/93] for $8.74
Vol 5: hardcover [12/93] for $8.74
Vol 6: hardcover [3/94] for $8.74
Vol 7: hardcover [3/94] for $8.74
Vol 8: hardcover [3/94] for $8.74
Vol 9: hardcover [3/94] for $8.74
Vol 10: hardcover [3/94] for $8.74
Vol 11: hardcover [3/94] for $8.74
Akira animated feature  "Akira" animated feature [1988] Co-written & directed by Katsuhiro Ôtomo
"arguably the finest example of Japanese anime ever made, a visual stunner"
— Devin D. O'Leary, Albuquerque [NM] Alibi

Geneon remastered DVD [1/2004] for $17.98
Geneon widescreen w/DTS [12/2002] for $22.48
Pioneer special edition widescreen DVD [7/2001] 2 disks for $31.98
Pioneer limited edition tin widescreen DVD [7/2001] out of stock/used
Pioneer color VHS [7/2001] out of stock/used
Demon Records UK soundtrack CD [10/95] for $34.99
full credits from IMDbofficial movie site [Japanese alphabet]Blue Blade fansite

"Akira" live-action remake [Warner Bros. release 2013?]  
Announced 2/2011: Screenwriter Steve Kloves (the "Harry Potter" movies) hired to polish the script.
Announced 7/2011: Spanish director Jaume Collet-Serra signed to direct • latest info at IMDb

star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame  won Honorary Oscar in 1944    George  Pál  [1908-80]
browse George Pal on DVDcredits at IMDbWikipedia
official Puppetoon website
'Tubby the Tuba' official website
George Pal Collection at U.C.L.A. Film & TV Archive
minor George Pal fansite

The Puppetoon Movie  "The Puppetoon Movie" [June 1987]
Compiled by Arnold Leibovit; artistry of George Pal & Kurt Hanson,
including "Tubby The Tuba" [1947]
Image Ent. color DVD [11/2000] for $9.99
Uni Distribution color VHS [undated] out of prodn/used
credits at IMDb

won Oscar for Best Animated Short for "The Old Man and the Sea" [1999])    Aleksandr Petrov
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia
received 4 Oscar nominations [1990-2008]; won in 2000

animator Bill Plympton of New York City
credits at IMDbofficial websiteWikipedia

animator Robb Pratt works at Disney Channel
credits at IMDbofficial websiteWikipedia

fan film "Superman Classic" animated short [indep 2011]
Produced & directed & drawn by Robb Pratt
watch full 2/2011 short [2:34] online at YouTube

fan film "Superman vs. Bizarro Classic" animated short [indep 2012]
Produced & directed & drawn by Robb Pratt
watch full 7/2012 short [3:36] online at YouTube

fan film "Flash Gordon Classic" animated short [indep 2015]
Produced & directed & drawn by Robb Pratt
watch full 5/2015 short [5:43] online at YouTube

producer Fred  C.  Quimby  [1883-1965]
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia

animation pioneer  Lotte  Reiniger  [Germany; 1899-1981]
DVDs of Lotte Reiniger at Amazoncredits at IMDbWikipedia

Dr. Seuss's character Cat In The Hat      Dr. Seuss  - real name Theodor Seuss Geisel [1904-91]
Dr. Seuss Page at Spirit of America Bookstore

animator  Makoto Shinkai of Japan
browse DVDsofficial website credits [since 1999] at IMDbWikipedia

"Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa)" animé feature film
[Japan Aug 2016, USA April 2017]
Your Name hit animé feature film   Overcame political tensions to break box-office records across Asia, including Most Popular Animé of All Time in Japan. High school girl Mitsuha lives in a small mountain town and dreams of someday going to live in Tokyo. Tokyo high school boy Taki works in an Italian restaurant and dreams of becoming an artist. One night they wake up in each other's body, which recurs randomly; they adjust and become accustomed to it. One night they are each watching the sky and see a shooting star and begin to want to meet in person. But something seems to prevent their meeting . . . • Written & directed by Makoto Shinkai; English script by Clark Cheng; music by Radwimps; Japanese voice actors include Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Mone Kamishiraishi, Ryô Narita, Aoi Yuki, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Kaito Ishikawa, Kanon Tani, Masaki Terasoma, Sayaka Ohara, Kazuhiko Inoue, Chafûrin, Kana Hanazawa, Etsuko Ichi-hara, Masami Nagasawa; English voice actors include Ray Chase, Marc Diraison, Glynis Ellis, Catie Harvey, Kyle Hebert, Cassandra Morris, Laura Post, Ben Pronsky, H.D. Quinn, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Michelle Ruff, Stephanie Sheh, Michael Sinterniklaas, Katy Vaughn, Scott Williams
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available •
full credits at IMDbJapan movie siteUSA movie sitemovie entry at Wikipedia
watch 3/2017 official English-dub trailer [1:46] at YouTube

Your Name light novel by Makoto Shinkai  "Your Name" light novel [2016] by Makoto Shinkai
Kindle Edition from Yen Press LLC [5/2017] for $7.99
Yen On 8½x5¼ hardcover [5/2017] for $13.52
Kadokawa Japanese-language 10¾x8¼ tankobon hardcover [6/2016] out of print/40+ used
book entry at Wikipedia
'Your Name' animé movie soundtrack album on CD & MP-3  "Your Name" animé movie soundtrack album on CD & MP-3 [2016] by Radwimps
Caroline Deluxe Edition soundtrack CD [3/2017] 30 tracks on 2 disks for $9.49
E.M.I./Caroline Intl. soundtrack CD [9/2016] 27 tracks for $16.98
E.M.I./Caroline Intl. MP-3 soundtrack album download [11/2016] 27 tracks for $11.49
soundtrack album entry at Wikipedia

puppet animator  Wladyslaw Starewicz  [1882-1965]
credits [1910-58] at IMDbWikipedia

Starewicz's animated feature "Le Roman de Renard (The Tale of The Fox)" [1937]

Cameraman's Revenge Puppet Animation of Ladislaw Starewich on DVD  "Cameraman's Revenge & Other Fantastic Tales: The Amazing Puppet Animation of Ladislaw Starewich" DVD Box Set [2002]
Image Ent. b&w/color DVD [1/2005] for $14.99
Milestone Video b&w/color VHS [1/2002] out of prodn/used
contains six animated short films: "The Cameraman's Revenge" [Russia 1912]; the recently-rediscovered "The Insects' Christmas" [Russia 1913]; "The Frogs Who Wanted A King" aka "Frogland" [France 1922, USA 1924] an adaptation of Aesop's fable; hand-tinted "Voice of The Nightingale (La Voix du Rossignol)" [Pathé France 1923, USA 1925]; "The Mascot" [France 1934]; and "Winter Carousel (Carrousel Boréal)" snowland fantasy [France 1959]

animator  Isao Takahata
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia

principal at Studio Ghibli of Japan

"Ghibli et le Mystère Miyazaki" [French TV Jan 2005]
52 minute French- and Japanese-language TV documentary; interviewees include key directors Isao Takahata
& Hayao Miyazaki, and Ghibli President Toshio Suzuki; video/DVD/Blu-ray not available; full credits at IMDb

Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata book by Colin Odell & Michelle Le Blanc  
"Studio Ghibli: The Films of Hayao Miyazaki & Isao Takahata" [2009]
by Colin Odell & Michelle Le Blanc

Oldcastle Books 7½x5½ pb [9/2009] for $16.47

see also Magic Lantern's Hayao Miyazaki Page

animator  Iwao Takamoto  [1925-2007]
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia

animator & director  Frank Tashlin  [1913-72]
browse Frank Tashlin on DVDcredits at IMDbWikipedia

Paul  Terry  [1887-1971]
Paul Terry drew newspaper comic strips from 1904 to 1914, then produced over 1,300 cartoon films from
1915 to 1955. The Terrytoons stable of characters & series included "Aesop's Fables", "Farmer Al Falfa",
"Mighty Mouse", "Heckle & Jeckle", and many more. He sold the company to C.B.S. in the 1960s.

no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia

Farmer Alfalfa Classic Cartoons on DVD  
"Farmer Alfalfa: Classic Cartoons, 1922-1932" [2008]
Alpha Home Ent. b&w DVD [4/2008] for $7.98
twelve silent and sound black-and-white cartoons
Farmer Al Falfa entry at Wikipedia

Czech animator  Jirí Trnka  [1912-69]
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbWikipedia

Puppet Films of Jiri Trnka on DVD  "The Puppet Films of Jiri Trnka" [2000]
Image Ent. color DVD [3/2000] out of prodn/used
contains one feature film & 6 short films: "Story of The Bass Cello" [1949]; "The Song of The Prairie" [1949]; "The Merry Circus" [1951]; 67-minute "The Emperor's Nightingale" [1951] narrated by Boris Karloff; "A Drop Too Much" [1954]; "The Hand" [1965]; and 12-minute documentary "Jiri Trnka: Puppet Animation Master" [1999]

co-won Oscar for Best Animated Short Film for "Closed Mondays" [1974] (with Bob Gardiner)     'Claymation' animator  Will  Vinton
no browse/Amazon entry • credits at IMDbofficial websiteWikipedia
FreeWill Entertainment company website
Laika Entertainment company website

"Festival of Claymation" 53-minute compilation of short films [1987]
not available on DVD; credits from IMDb

Ryan Jeremy Woodward
credits at IMDbofficial websiteWikipedia {empty}

"The Invincible Ed" [Dark Horse 2004] graphic novel by Ryan Woodward ISBN 1593071949.
official Conté Animated website [est. 2010]

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