"To Be An Artist Is A Curse"
a poem by G.E. Nordell

to be an Artist is a curse
to see what others cannot ken
to see with clarity and vision
without filters or excuse
amid the dross

to be a Poet is a curse
to feel events completely
and grab the essence of Life's moments
to hone it down to shining words
filed in cabinets and on dusty shelves
surrounded by the Dark

to be a Writer is a curse
a-romping thru the lexicon
picking words like moonstones from a beach
to shape them into unread tomes

but if I were not that
how could I be me?

to be an Artist is a curse
in this shabby, philistine time

the trick is callouses
on the hands
and not upon the heart

Gary Edward Nordell 1997, all rights reserved

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