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NOTE to French-speaking citizens of Canada: This page is constructed in English only,
since the builder is a citizen of the United States, and English is the only language
that he speaks fluently, or even can pronounce properly. No offense intended.

Canada-wide Railroad Links
listing of surviving steam locomotives in Canada
'list of Canadian railways' page at Wikipedia
TrainWeb / Tourist Railways / Canada website got hacked {2017}
North American Railway Foundation [est. 1996]
Rocky Mountaineer RailTours of Canada [est. 1990] is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Canadian Railroad Historical Association [est. 1932]
High Speed Rail Canada CN Turbo Train [1968-82] Public Archives
Canadian Railway Museum [est. 1961] renamed ExpoRail in 1978
Canadian Railway Observations Magazine [est. 2000] is based in Montréal, PQ

the St. Lawrence and Champlain railroad opened in 1837
1885 Nov 7: Canada's transcontinental Canadian Pacific Railway was completed at a 'last spike' ceremony
       at Craigellachie, British Columbia.

Railroad Barons of Canada

Sir Sandford Fleming (1827-1915)

Sir Alexander Galt (1817-1893)

Casimir Gzowsky (1813-1898)
Born St. Petersburg, Russia, son of a Polish count; exiled from Russia as a rebel and came to Canada in 1841; civil engineer and financier
who obtained the contract to build the Grand Trunk from Toronto to Sarnia, built the International Bridge at Niagara (1871-1873).

Sir John A. MacDonald (1815-1891)

Thomas George Shaughnessy, 1st Baron Shaughnessy, KCVO (1853-1923)

Sir George Stephen (1829-1921)

William Cornelius Van Horne, KCMG [1843–1915] – constructed the Canadian Pacific Railway

General Railroad Links

American Railroads Pages at Spirit of America Bookstore
Railroad Film Festival Pages at Spirit of America Bookstore

May 10th is National Train Day in USA [est. 2008]

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Travel U.S.A. / Railroad Museums Page

Railroad Links within Canada
Canadian Railroad Historical Association [est. 1932]
Canadian Railway Museum [est. 1961] renamed ExpoRail in 1978

Province of Alberta
Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions, 4611 - 47th Avenue in Stettler, Alberta, Canada
Alberta Prairie Wagon Train Excursions in Stettler, Alberta, Canada
Rocky Mountain Rail Society [est. 1984] in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
who operate the 1944 Montreal Locomotive Works Mountain Class 4-8-2 steam locomotive #6060

Province of British Columbia (& Vancouver)
British Columbia Railway Historical Assn. []
Kaatza Station Museum & Archives [est. 1983] in Cowichan Lake, BC, Canada
Canadian Museum of Rail Travel [est. 1976] in Cranbrook, BC, Canada

B.C. Forest Discovery Center [est. 1963] in Duncan, BC, Canada
3 Shay-geared locos2 Climax-geared locos2 Vulcan locos3 Plymouth gas locos

GOLD STAR: Canada's West Coast Railway Assn. has 90 pieces of heritage railway rolling stock  West Coast Railway Association [est. 1961] in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Rocky Mountaineer RailTours of Canada [est. 1990] is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Labrador & Newfoundland
The Railway Coastal Museum [built 1903] in St. John's, Newfoundland

Province of Manitoba

Province of New Brunswick

Northwest Territories

Province of Nova Scotia
Bridgewater and Lunenburg District Visitor's Information Centre
Municipality of the District of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Halifax & South Western Railway Museum in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia

Nunavut Territory

Province of Ontario (& Toronto)
G-Scale Model Train Forum & Online Community [est. 2000] based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Prince Edward Island
Elmira Railway Museum on Prince Edward Island, Canada

Province of Québec (& Montréal)
  Bombardier Corporation [est. 1942] of Montréal, Quebec, Canada
M.F. Wirth Rail Corp. [], 740 Notre-Dame West in Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Province of Saskatchewan

Yukon Territory
September 2000 article on the Whitehorse Trolley along the Yukon River

Class 1 Railroads of Canada

logo for VIA Rail Canada        thumbnail version of VIA Rail Canada System Route Map
VIA Rail Canada Passenger Service [est. 1978]
Via Rail carries approximately 4.1 million passengers annually on 497 trains per week over a network of 12,500 kilometres (7,800 mi) of track in eight Canadian provinces,
almost all of which is owned & operated by CN Rail. As the Canadian economy ebbs and flows, VIA Rail quite often removes and restores services; several lines
are recently replaced by buses or shut down altogether due to deteriorating roadbed; headquartered in Montréal, PQ.
official websiteWikipedia
larger VIA Rail Canada System Route Map {click to see in new window}

Trackside with VIA, Book 1: The First 35 Years book by Eric Gagnon  Trackside With VIA, Book 2: Cross-Canada Compendium book by Eric Gagnon  Trackside With VIA, Book 3: Consist Companion book by Eric Gagnon  
these three books were self-published by Eric Gagnon
in 2011 & 2012 and are not showing on Amazon (2017);
latest information is available on his weblog

Canadian Pacific Railway beaver logo  Canadian Pacific Railway script logo
Canadian Pacific Railway [est. 1881]
Canadian Pacific Railway's official heritage website
Canadian Pacific Railway entry at Wikipedia

Canadian Pacific Craigellachie! book by Greg McDonnell  "Canadian Pacific: Stand Fast, Craigellachie!" [2003]
by Greg McDonnell

Boston Mills Press 9¾x11½ pb [9/2006] for $12.58
Boston Mills Press 10½x11½ hardcover [10/2003] out of print/used
Canadian Pacific Railway book by Tom Murray  "Canadian Pacific Railway (M.B.I. Railroad Color History)" [2006]
by Tom Murray

M.B.I./Voyageur Press 11x8½ hardcover [7/2006] out of print/used
Canadian Pacific Golden Age of Travel book by Barry Lane  "Canadian Pacific: The Golden Age of Travel" [2015]
by Barry Lane

Goose Lane Editions 12½x9½ hardcover [10/2015] for $29.36
Goose Lane Editions 12½x9½ hardcover [10/2015] out of print/used
Canadian Pacific Creating A Brand, Building A Nation book by Marc H. Choko  "Canadian Pacific: Creating A Brand, Building A Nation" [2015]
by Marc H. Choko

Callisto Publrs GmbH 12¼x9¼ hardcover [11/2015] for $45.85

Canadian Pacific Electric Lines Division [merger 1931, dieselized 1961]
Grand River Railway [est. 1894, renamed 1914, merged 1931]
Lake Erie and Northern Railway [est. ?, merged 1931]

Canadian National 'worm' logo (since 1960)
Canadian National Railway
[est. 1832, merger 1919, IPO Nov. 1995]

Canadian National Railway entry at Wikipedia
Canadian National Railway Historic Photograph Archives
Canadian National Lines S.I.G.

Canadian National Railway book by Tom Murray  "Canadian National Railway (M.B.I. Railroad Color History)" [2004]
by Tom Murray

M.B.I./Voyageur Press 11x8½ hardcover [10/2004] out of print/used
early Grand Trunk Railway System herald         recent Grand Trunk Railway System herald/logo\
Grand Trunk Corp. [est. 1852]
U.S. subsidiary of Canadian National; since 1995, primarily a holding company for Grand Trunk Western RR, Illinois Central RR,
Wisconsin Central Railway, the Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Railway, and Great Lakes Transportation.

Grand Trunk Railway entry at Wikipedia
Grand Trunk Western RR Historical Society
LK's Grand Trunk Railway fansite

Wisconsin Central Railway herald
Wisconsin Central Railway
[est. 1871; wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of Canadian National since 2001]
C.N. official Wisconsin Central history
Wisconsin Central Railway entry at Wikipedia

Shortline & Historic Railroads of Canada
Railway Association of Canada [est. 1917] is based in Ottawa
Railway Assn. of Canada - members list page
'list of Canadian railways' page at Wikipedia
'list of Canadian heritage railways' page at Wikipedia

Canadian Northern Railway herald
Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions in Stettler, Alberta, Canada

Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway []

Canadian Northern Railway herald
Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR) transcontinental system [1899-1923]
Port Hope History website - local CNoR history pageentry at Wikipedia

131-mile Carlton Trail Rwy [est. 1997] in Saskatchewan, Canada;
Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway - British Columbia
Great Canadian Railtour Company, Ltd. - British Columbia

Halifax & South Western Railway herald
Halifax & South Western Railway (H&SW) [est. 1901, absorbed 1918, track gone 2007]
H&SW Museum in Lunenberg, Nova Scotiaentry at Wikipedia

810-mile Hudson Bay Rwy [est. 1997] of Canada
170-mile Kettle Falls International Rwy [] in Washington State & British Columbia, Canada\

Newfoundland Railway herald
Newfoundland Railway [1898-1988]
Total track length of 906 miles (1,458 km) made it the longest 3-foot 6-inch narrow gauge railway system in North America.
1920 BLW-built Newfoundland Railway narrow gauge 4-6-2 steam locomotive #593 is on static display

150-mile Ottawa Valley Railway

Prairie Dog Central Railway herald/logo
Prairie Dog Central Railway [est. 1970, moved 1999]
Located at Rosser (near Winnipeg), Manitoba, Canada; runs 1882 4-4-0 steam locomotive #3  click here for photograph (in a new window) and two E.M.D. GP-9 diesel locomotives.
official websiteentry at Wikipedia
Prairie Rail Solutions, Ltd. subsidiary [est. 2012]

Quebec Gatineau Railway
Quebec, North Shore & Labrador Railway (QNSL)
St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad
the St. Lawrence & Champlain railroad opened in 1837
South Simcoe Railway - Ontario
Southern Ontario Railway[89]
Train Touristique de Charlevoix, Inc. - Québec

Trillium Railway herald/logo
The Trillium Railway Company, Ltd. (TRRY) [est. 1997] is headquartered in Welland, Ontario
official websiteentry at Wikipedia
Trillium operates the Port Colborne Harbour Railway (TRRY/PCHR) [est. 1997] and formerly operated the St. Thomas & Eastern Railway
(TRRY/STER) [1998-2013] near St. Thomas, Ontario. {The trillium is the official flower of the Province of Ontario.}

Tshiuetin Rail Transportation, serves the former mining town of Schefferville, QC, passing through Labrador
Wabush Lake Railway
Western Labrador Rail Services
White Pass & Yukon Route (WP&YR) railway - reopened for service in 1988
Whitehorse Skagway narrow gauge RR
September 2000 article on the Whitehorse Trolley along the Yukon River

York-Durham Heritage Railway herald/logo
York-Durham Heritage Railway [est. 1996]
reopened the line between Uxbridge and Stouffville in Ontario to offer heritage train rides to the public.
official websiteentry at Wikipedia

Books & Other Media
browse travel books about Canada at Amazon
search for books about Canada railroads {returns 2,000 titles} at Amazon

Railways of Canada book by Robert F. Leggett  "Railways of Canada" [1983] by Robert F. Leggett
Douglas & Mcintyre, Ltd. 9¼x6¼ pb [6/87] out of print/used
HarperCollins 8½x5¾ pb [11/83] out of print/used
Douglas & Mcintyre, Ltd. hardcover [6/87] out of print/used
best available cover image for A Century of Deluxe Railway Cars In Canada book by Robert J. Wayner   "A Century of De Luxe Railway Cars In Canada" [1983] by Robert J. Wayner
This is not a pictorial - there are no illustrations
Railfare pb [1984] out of print/scarce
Wayner Publns pb [1983] out of print/scarce
The Edge by Dick Francis  "The Edge" [1988 bestseller] by Dick Francis [1920-2010]
The Great Transcontinental Mystery Race is a glittering railroad junket across Canada to race thoroughbreds on some of the world's greatest courses. Tor Kelsey, undercover security agent for the British Jockey Club, contends with the murder mystery to be acted out on board, as well as a ruthless underworld racing figure – a combination that explodes into a nightmare of real and bloody murder.
Kindle Edition from Berkley/Penguin [2005 edition] for $7.99
Berkley mass pb [8/2005] for $7.19
Jove mass pb [8/2001] out of print/many used
Fawcett mass pb [1/90] out of print/180+ used
Pan Books mass pb [1/90] out of print/100+ used
Putnam hardcover [2/89] out of print/200+ used
Narrow Gauge Railways of Canada book by historian Omer Lavallée  
"Narrow Gauge Railways of Canada" [orig 1972, rev 2005]
by historian Omer Lavallée [1925-1992], Expanded & Edited by Ronald S. Ritchie

Fitzhenry & Whiteside 12½x8¾ hardcover [9/2005] for $29.91
Fitzhenry & Whiteside 12½x8¾ hardcover [9/2005] out of print/used
Trans-Canada Rail Guide book by Melissa Graham  "Trans-Canada Rail Guide" [est. 1996, 5th edition 2011] by Melissa Graham
includes city guides to Calgary, Churchill, Edmonton, Halifax, Jasper, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg
Trailblazer Publns 7x4¾ pb [1/2011] out of print/used
Rails Across Canada History book by Tom Murray  "Rails Across Canada: The History of Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Railways"
[2011] by Tom Murray

Kindle Edition from M.B.I./Voyageur Press [3/2011] for $14.99
M.B.I./Voyageur Press 10½x8½ pb [3/2011] out of print/used
Rails Across the Prairies book by Ron Brown  "Rails Across The Prairies: The Railway Heritage of Canada’s Prairie Provinces" [2012]
by Ron Brown

Kindle Edition from Dundurn Press [6/2012] for $9.99
Dundurn Press 9x9 pb [7/2012] for $17.91
Rails Across Ontario book by Ron Brown  "Rails Across Ontario: Exploring Ontario's Railway Heritage" [2013]
by Ron Brown

Kindle Edition from Dundurn Press [11/2013] for $9.99
Dundurn Press 8x8 pb [11/2013] for $16.79
Canadian Rail Travel Guide book by Daryl T. Adair  "Canadian Rail Travel Guide" [2014]
by Daryl T. Adair

Fitzhenry & Whiteside 9x6 pb [9/2014] for $23.95
Rails To The Atlantic book by Ron Brown  "Rails To The Atlantic: Exploring The Railway Heritage of Quebec and The Atlantic Provinces" [2015] by Ron Brown
Kindle Edition from Dundurn Press [8/2015] for $7.99
Dundurn Press 8x8 pb [9/2015] for $23.48
Rails Over the Mountains of Canada book by Ron Brown  "Rails Over The Mountains: Exploring The Railway Heritage of Canada's Western Mountains" [2016] by Ron Brown
Kindle Edition from Dundurn Press [7/2016] for $9.99
Dundurn Press 8x8 pb [7/2016] for $26.56
Tourist Trains Guidebook from Trains Magazine  "Tourist Trains Guidebook (U.S.A. & Canada)" [2007, rev 2017]
by The Editors of Trains Magazine

Describes 500 of the most popular train attractions, museums, and railroad vacation destinations in the U.S. and Canada, with over 200 of the most popular sites detailed in full-page reviews
Kalmbach Publng 6th edition 8¼x5½ pb [5/2017] for $15.63
Kalmbach Publng 5th edition 8¼x5½ pb [5/2015] for $15.63
Kalmbach Publng 4th edition 8½x5½ pb [4/2013] for $11.20

"Canadian Steam!" [1961] by David P. Morgan

"Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives" [June 1985] by Omer Lavallee

"Bonanza narrow gauge railway: The story of the Klondike Mines Railway" [1997] by Eric L. Johnson

"Canadian Steam in the Prairies, Towns and Cities" [Jan 2005] by Joseph P. Boreskie

"Gravity, Steam and Steel: An Illustrated Railway History of Rogers Pass" [June 2009] by Graeme Pole


ugly cover for Train On The Brain docufilm DVD  "Train On The Brain: The Ultimate Railroad Movie" [I.B.A. Channel 4 2000]
British filmmaker Alison Murray rode the rails across Canada and the U.S.A. gathering footage
for this 50‑minute documentary, which shows the beauty and the freedom and the danger of life
along the rails, with the music of Beck in the background

Hollywood Can Suck It! color DVD [6/2008] out of prodn/used
bare credits at IMDb

"Festival Express" concert & documentary film [Apollo Films July 2004]
Festival Express concert documentary  
Festival Express concert documentary  
In the summer of 1970, some of the era's biggest rock stars - Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, The Band, Flying Burrito Brothers, and Delaney & Bonnie - took to the rails for Festival Express, a multi-artist, multi-city concert tour that captured the spirit and imagination of a generation. What made it unique was that it was portable; for five days, the bands and performers lived, slept, rehearsed, and let loose aboard a customized train that traveled from Toronto, to Winnipeg, to Calgary, with each stop culminating in a mega-concert. The entire experience was filmed both off-stage and on, but the extensive footage and sound tapes of the events remained locked away for decades, only recently rediscovered and restored. The film is a momentous achievement in rock music archaeology that combines the long-lost material with contemporary interviews that add important context to the events nearly 35 years after originally being filmed. • Produced by Garth Douglas, Gavin Poolman, Willem Poolman, Thierry Wase-Bailey; directed by Frank Cvitanovich {original footage} & Bob Smeaton; featuring The Band (Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, Robbie Robertson), Delaney & Bonnie Bramlett, The Flying Burrito Brothers (Mike Clarke, Chris Hillman, Pete Kleinow, Bernie Leadon), Grateful Dead band (Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, Ron 'Pigpen' McKernan, Bob Weir), Buddy Guy Blues Band (Buddy Guy, Phil Guy, A.C. Reed, Leroy Stewart, Roosevelt 'Snake' Shaw), Ian & Sylvia & The Great Speckled Bird (Ian Tyson, Sylvia Tyson, Buddy Cage, Jim Colegrove, Amos Garrett, N.D. Smart), Janis Joplin & The Full Tilt Boogie Band (Janis Joplin, Richard Bell, Brad Campbell, Ken Pearson, Clark Pierson, John Till), Mashmakhan band (Rayburn Blake, Brian Edwards, Jerry Mercer, Pierre Sénécal), Sha Na Na band (Donald 'Donny' York, Jocko Marcellino, 'Screamin' Scott' Simon, Jon 'Bowzer' Bauman, Lennie Baker, Elliot Cahn, Bruce Clarke, Frederick 'Dennis' Greene, Larry Packer, Richard T. Joffe, Scott Powell), Eric Andersen, Rob Bowman, James Cullingham, David Dalton, promoter Kenny Walker, concert MC Terry David Mulligan & Leslie West
90-minute Shout Factory! widescreen color Blu-ray [2/2014] for $17.99
Shout Factory! color DVD [2/2014] 2 disks for $14.55
New Line Home Ent. color DVD [12/2005] 2 disks for $14.57
Amazon Instant Video/Qello Concerts [undated] rental $3.99, purchase in HD $19.99
full credits at IMDbofficial movie website {over-loud music}movie entry at Wikipedia
watch "Ain't No More Cane" clip [1/2014 upload; 4:07] online at YouTube
watch 4/2015 official trailer [2:07] online at YouTube

Canadian Pacific 2816 color docufilm  "Canadian Pacific 2816: Canada's Empress of Steam" [indep 2006]
70-minute color docufilm about Canadian Pacific's H1b class Hudson 4-6-4 steam locomotive #2816 'Empress': built 1930, retired 1960, completely restored 2001; includes footage of a special photo train along the beautiful Bow River through the stunning scenery near famous Banff and Lake Louise
Directed by Les Jarrett • not listed at IMDb
Railway Prodns widescreen color DVD [2006] for $24.92
Canadian Pacific 2816 Restoration To Inaugural Run two DVD set  "Canadian Pacific 2816, Restoration To Inaugural Run" [indep 2001]
Total of 116 minutes about Canadian Pacific's H1b class Hudson 4-6-4 steam locomotive #2816 'Empress': built 1930, retired 1960, completely restored 2001 • DISK 1 "Restoration & Testing" covers the restoration at CP's Vancouver shops; DISK 2 "The Inaugural Run" covers 2816's 600-mile post-restoration trip in 2001 from the Vancouver shops to Calgary, Alberta - including trackside, in-cab & helicopter footage
Greg Scholl Video Prodns color DVD set [2012] 2 disks - out of prodn/used
locomotive 2816's official homepageproducer's official website

Image Gallery

        4-4-0 steam locomotive #3 with passenger cars at Prairie Dog Central Railroad in Canada

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