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The  Pony  Express
[April 1860 to October 1861]

1900 painting "The Coming and Going of The Pony Express" by Frederick Remington [1861-1909]                  short history

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"Excitement was plentiful during my two years' service as a Pony Express rider . . . The first trip of the Pony Express was made in ten days
– an average of two hundred miles a day. But we soon began stretching our riders and making better time."
'Buffalo Bill' Cody [1846-1917]

     S H O R T
     H I S T O R Y
     t e x t
     h e r e
157 relay stations
a day's work: ten miles for a horse, sixty miles for a rider

Pony Express entry at Wikipedia
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simplified route map from the National Pony Express Assn.

The  Route  of  The  Pony  Express
The 1,800-mile route began at St. Joseph on the Missouri River and followed westward along the Oregon Trail and the California Trail thru Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado to Fort Bridger in Wyoming Territory, then followed the Mormon Trail to Salt Lake City in Utah Territory, across the Great Desert in Nevada, past Lake Tahoe and over Donner Pass in California to terminus in Sacramento.
Pony Express National Historic Trail [est. 1968]

St. Joseph, Missouri
Pony Express National Museum [est. 1959] in St. Joseph, MO = Patee House Hotel [est. 1858]

Marysville, Kansas

Ft. Kearny, Nebraska

Julesberg, Colorado

Salt Lake City, Utah

Pony Express Territory of Nevada
major Pony Express stations in the Nevada Territory were - east to west - at Great Basin, Ely, Eureka, Austin,
Fallon, Dayton, Fernley, and Friday's Station (now Stateline)

Pony Express Territory of California [est. 1978]

Sacramento, California

Books About The Pony Express
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"The Story of The Pony Express [orig 1901] by Frank A. Root & William Elsey Connelley
32-page excerpt from their much larger "The Overland Stage To California" book of 1901

"The Overland Stage To California: Personal Reminiscences & Authentic History of The Great Overland Stage Line" [1901]
by Frank A. Root & William Elsey Connelley

"The Story of The Pony Express" [A.C. McClurg & Co. 1913] by Glenn Danford Bradley

"Jack of the Pony Express: or, The Young Rider of The Mountain Trails" [1915] by Frank V. Webster

"The Pony Express: The Record of A Romantic Adventure In Business"
[G.P. Putnam's Sons 1932] by Arthur Chapman /0815403917/

The Pony Express Western history book by Samuel Hopkins Adams  "The Pony Express" Western novel [1950]
by Samuel Hopkins Adams, Illustrated by Lee J. Ames

A dashing and dramatic non-fiction account of the nineteen months of the operation of the Pony Express, from its formation by Russell, Majors and Waddell, through the elaborate preparations, the start in April 1860, the months of storms, Indians, and unbelievable heroism in men and horses, to the ignominious end, with lack of funds and the jailing of one of the partners.
Random House 8¼x5¾ hardcover [11/62] out of print/used
Random House 8¼x5¾ hardcover [1950] out of print/50+ used
Random House hardcover [1950] out of print/many used

"Saddles and Spurs: The Pony Express Saga" [Stackpole 1955 / Bison Books 1972]
by Raymond & Mary Settle

"Pony Express" [Macmillan/Bison Books 1973] by Fred Reinfeld ISBN 9780803257863.

The Pony Express War Western novel by Gary McCarthy  "The Derby Man Series #4: The Pony Express War" Western novel [1980]
by Gary McCarthy

Darby Buckingham hires on to protect the Pony Express mail service and is soon fighting hostile Paiute Indians, Southern sympathizers, paid troublemakers, and an evil giant named Tully.
Bantam Books mass pb [8/80] out of print/used
Saga of The Pony Express book by Joseph J. Di Certo  "The Saga of The Pony Express" [2002] by Joseph J. Di Certo
Many historical photographs; the book was optioned by DreamWorks, circa 2002.
Mountain Press Publng 9x6 pb [5/2002] for $14.87
Mountain Press Publng 9½x6½ hardcover [5/2002] for $26.10

"The Pony Express: A Photographic History" [May 2003] by Jan Moeller and Bill Moeller

"Orphans Preferred" [9/2004] by C. Corbett

"Riders of The Pony Express" [Sept 2004] by Ralph Moody

"The Pony Express: An Illustrated History" [Dec 2009] by Carol Guthrie and Bart Smith

"The Pony Express Trail: Yesterday and Today" [March 2010] by William E. Hill

"The Mail Must Go Through: A Story of The Pony Express" [Oct 2012] by Alan James & Richard Osborne

"The Pony Express Stations In Utah" [] by Joseph Hatch & Patrick Hearty

Movies  About  The  Pony Express
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"Pony Express" silent short [1907] /tt0234494/

"The Pony Express Rider" silent short [1910] /tt0001365/

"Days of The Pony Express" silent short [Essanay Sept 1913]
Filmed in Niles, California; directed by Arthur Mackley; starring Carl Stockdale, Harry Todd, Evelyn Selbie, Lee Willard,
Bill Cato, True Boardman, Jack Roberts • VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available • credits at IMDb

"The Pony Express Rider" silent short [1916] /tt0007200/

"The Pony Express Rider" silent short [1921] /tt0012576/

"The Iron Horse" silent feature  [Fox Aug 1924]
John Ford silent Iron Horse  When President Lincoln signs authorization to build a transcontinantal railroad, the chief contractor of one section and his daughter are helped by a childhood friend now riding for the Pony Express mail service. Directed by John Ford [1894-1973]; starring George O'Brien, Madge Bellamy, Charles Edward Bull {as Abe Lincoln}, Cyril Chadwick, Will Walling, George Waggner, Gladys Hulette & Fred Kohler
Fox b&w silent DVD [12/2007] 2 disks for $9.49
full credits from IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia

"The Pony Express" silent feature
[Famous Players-Lasky/Paramount Sept 1925]
1925 Pony Express silent feature directed by James Cruze  Original release on ten reels (110 minutes), prints were quickly cut down to 5 reels (67 minutes); story includes independent road agents, a mad preacher, and lynchings by hooded Klan types, with Beery as comic relief. Produced & directed by James Cruze; co-written by Henry James Forman & Walter Woods; starring Betty Compson, Ricardo Cortez, Ernest Torrence, Wallace Beery, George Bancroft, Frank Lackteen, Johnny Fox, William H. Turner, Al Hart, Charles Gerson {as Sam Clemens} & Duke Kahanamoku {as Indian Chief}
Grapevine Video 67-minute b&w silent DVD [6/2012] for $14.95 + s/h (via Amazon third party)
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia

"Pony Express Rider" silent feature [Aywon Film March 1926]
1926 Pony Express Rider silent feature  Produced & directed by Robert J. Horner; starring William Barrymore
{as 'Kit' Carson} & Pauline Curley
VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available • bare credits at IMDb

"Pioneers of The West" silent feature [William Mix Productions June 1927]
'Pioneers of The West' 1927 silent feature film  A Pony Express rider is captured by Paiute Indians and falls for a white girl captured and raised by them; he escapes and then attempts to rescue her. (Script by star Dorothy Earle and her husband, who directed.) Directed by Marcel Perez; written by Dorothy Earle & Marcel Perez; starring Dick Carter, Dorothy Earle, Olin Francis, Bud Osborne & Gene Crosby
Alpha Home Ent. Double Feature b&w DVD [9/2011] for $5.98 with "Flashing Steeds" [1925]
credits at IMDb

"Via Pony Express" sound feature [Majestic Pictures 1933]
Via Pony Express 1933 feature film starring Jack Hoxie  The government sends papers of approval for land grant deeds by Pony Express; land-grabber Porter leads a gang robbing Pony Express riders of the papers; rider Buck Carson is left for dead in the desert but survives, and then recognizes Porter as the gang leader . . . Co-written & directed by Lewis D. Collins; co-written by Oliver Drake; starring Jack Hoxie, Lane Chandler, Marceline Day, Matthew Betz, Julian Rivero, Doris Hill, Joseph W. Girard, Charles K. French, Yakima Canutt & Dynamite the Horse • full credits at IMDb
Alpha Video b&w DVD [11/2011] for $6.98

"Winds of The Wasteland" [Republic Pictures July 1936]
'Winds of The Wasteland' aka 'Stagecoach Run' starring John Wayne  aka "Stagecoach Run"; two Pony Express riders lose their jobs when the telegraph arrives, so they buy a run-down stagecoach line, which turns out to service an abandoned mining town . . . Directed by Mack V. Wright; written by Joseph F. Poland; starring John Wayne, Phyllis Fraser, Lane Chandler, Lew Kelly, Douglas Cosgrove, Sam Flint, Bob Kortman, Ed Cassidy, Jon Hall, Merrill McCormick, Christian J. Frank, Jack Rockwell, Arthur Millett, Tracy Layne, Yakima Canutt & Helen Gibson
Good Times Video b&w DVD [8/2003] for $3.20 {sic}
Synergy Ent. b&w DVD [10/2008] for $9.99
A.F.A. Ent. b&w DVD [5/2010] for $10.95
Republic Pictures b&w VHS [1998] for $2.35 {sic}
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia

"Cavalcade of The West" [Diversion/Grand National Pictures Oct 1936]
Cavalcade of The West 1936 Western movie starring Hoot Gibson  Filmed in Southern California; a California-bound wagon train is attacked by bandits; one brother is captured and raised as an outlaw, the other escapes with his mother & sister to Missouri and grows up to become a crack rider for the Pony Express; when next they meet, one brother is robbing the other of the mail . . . • Directed by Harry L. Fraser; written by Norman Houston; starring Hoot Gibson, Rex Lease, Marion Shilling, Adam Goodman, Nina Guilbert, Earl Dwire, Phil Dunham, Robert McKenzie & Steve Clark
Alpha Home Ent. Double Feature b&w DVD [9/2011] for $7.98 with "Swifty" [1935]
A.F.A. Ent. b&w DVD [2/2010] for $14.95
V.C.I./F.F.I. b&w VHS [3/2001] for $9.49
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia

"Outlaw Express" [Universal 1938] /tt0030537/
"Ready To Ride" [Oct 1950] 30-minute re-edit of Universal's 1938 "Outlaw Express"

"The Overland Express" [1938] /tt0030544/ starring Buck Jones

"Porky's Phoney Express" b&w cartoon short [studio March 1938]
title card for 'Porky's Phoney Express' 1938 cartoon short  Porky's job at the Pony Express office is to clean up and lick envelopes. When a rider is unable to get past the Indians, Porky has his chance . . . Produced by Leon Schlesinger; directed by Cal Dalton & Cal Howard; story by Melvin Millar; voices of Tex Avery, Mel Blanc, Billy Bletcher
DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDb

"Frontier Pony Express"
[Republic Pictures April 1939 & Jan 1949]
Frontier Pony Express starring Roy Rogers  Senator Lassiter's plans to take advantage of the Civil War and seize control of California are upset when Pony Express rider Roy Rogers refuses a bribe to deliver forged messages to Army officials; Roy sings two songs. Co-produced & directed by Joseph Kane; written by Norman S. Hall; starring Roy Rogers, Lynne Roberts (Mary Hart), Raymond Hatton, Edward Keane, Noble Johnson, Monte Blue, Don Dillaway, William Royle, Ethel Wales, Spade Cooley, Chris‑Pin Martin, George Montgomery, Carl Stockdale & Trigger the Horse
Alpha Home Ent. 60?-minute b&w DVD [2/2009] for $7.98
Reel Enterprises 54-minute b&w DVD [11/2007] for $8.85
Timeless Multimedia 54-minute b&w VHS [5/98] for $4.98
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia
watch full movie [11/2013 upload; 53:04] online at YouTube
watch shorter but sharper TV version [10/2010 upload; 52:47] online at Internet Archive

"Pony Express Days" b&w 2-reeler [July 1940] /tt0032922/ starring George Reeves as Bill Cody

"Pony Post" [Universal Pictures Dec 1940 & Aug 1948] /tt0032923/ starring Johnny Mack Brown, Fuzzy Knight

"Saddle Silly" color cartoon short [Nov 1941] /tt0034141/

"Devil Riders" [1943] starring Buster Crabbe as Pony Express rider Billy The Kid /tt0035804/

"Plainsman and The Lady" [1946] /tt0038846/ starring Bill Elliott, Vera Ralston

"Riders of The Pony Express" (1949) /tt0232534/ starring Ken Curtis

"Cody of The Pony Express" 15-chapter serial [Columbia Pictures 1950] /tt0042335/
Columbia Pictures [1961 theatrical re-release]

"Puny Express" Woody Woodpecker cartoon short [Jan 1951] /tt0152105/

"Pony Express" [Paramount May 1953]
1953 Pony Express feature film starring Charlton Heston  Filmed in Technicolor™ in California & Utah; fictional tale of 'Buffalo Bill' Cody and 'Wild Bill' Hickok working together on the Pony Express, battling hostile Injuns, California secessionists, and multiple gangs of outlaws to keep the mail service in operation. Directed by Jerry Hopper; script by Charles Marquis Warren, based on a story by Frank Gruber; starring Charlton Heston as Cody, Rhonda Fleming, Jan Sterling, Forrest Tucker as Hickok, Michael Moore, Porter Hall {as Jim Bridger}, Richard Shannon, Henry Brandon, Stuart Randall, Lewis Martin & Pat Hogan {as Chief Yellow Hand}
Olive Films color DVD [4/2012] for $16.93
Paramount Home Video color VHS [1998] for $20.00
Kartes Video clamshell color VHS [undated] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia

"Last of The Pony Riders" [Columbia Pictures Nov 1953]
Last of The Pony Riders 1953 feature film starring Gene Autry  Autry tries to protect his U.S. mail contract as the Pony Express is replaced by stagecoach lines and the telegraph. {Final feature film for both Autry & Burnette; they each sing one song.} Directed by George Archainbaud; written by Ruth Woodman; starring Gene Autry & Smiley Burnette, Kathleen Case, Dickie Jones, John Downey, Howard Wright, Arthur Space, Gregg Barton, Kermit Maynard & Champion the Wonder Horse
Image Ent. 'fully-restored' b&w DVD [12/2007] for $17.98
full credits at IMDb

"Pony Express" TV series [1959-60]

"Pony Express Rider" [Nov 1976 video release]
1976 Pony Express Rider video release  Filmed in Texas and Los Angeles; a young rider hired by the Pony Express mail service is on the lookout for the men who killed his father years before. Co-produced & co-written by Dan Greer & Hal Harrison; co-written & directed by Robert Totten; starring Stewart Petersen, Henry Wilcoxon, Buck Taylor, Maureen McCormick, Ken Curtis, Joan Caulfield, Slim Pickens, Dub Taylor, Ace Reid, Jack Elam, Larry D. Mann, James Almanzar, Dennis Lehane & Bea Morris • full credits at IMDb
Doty-Dayton Prodns color DVD [11/76] for $5.64
Echo Bridge Home Ent. color DVD [9/2010] for $6.97
HaleStone Ent. color DVD [9/2008] for $9.76
United American Video color VHS [10/98] for $26.45
Virgil Films & Ent. color VHS [11/95] out of prodn/used

"The Young Riders" TV pilot [MGM-TV 1986]
Exec produced & co-written by Jonas McCord; co-written by Karen Erbach & Bruce Reisman;
actors include Dennis Lehane, Ron Ford & Kerry Wallum • bare credits at IMDb

"The Young Riders" ABC-TV series [Sept 1989 - July 1992]
cast of The Young Riders TV series 1989-92  Total of 67 one-hour episodes; pilot filmed in California, further episodes at Mescal Movie Ranch south of Tucson, Arizona; the stories focused on a group of riders based at the Pony Express station at Sweetwater in Nebraska Territory. Exec produced by Jonas McCord; starring Stephen Baldwin as Bill Cody, Josh Brolin as James Butler Hickok, Ty Miller as The Kid, Anthony Zerbe, Brett Cullen, Travis Fine, Melissa Leo, Gregg Rainwater, Yvonne Suhor, Don Franklin, Christopher Pettiet {as Jesse James}; guest actors included Jamie Walters {as Frank James} & Frederic Forrest; won Primetime Emmy Awards for Costumes & Music
series credits at IMDb • series entry at Wikipedia
"24-Hour Marathon" on DVD: a hodgepodge of episodes from the three seasons
T.G.G. Direct color DVD [10/2012] 32 episodes on 8 disks for $16.90

The Young Riders TV series Complete Season 1 on DVD   Complete Season 1 on DVD [2013]: pilot & 23 episodes
T.G.G. Direct color DVD set [2/2013] 5 disks for $13.18
M.G.M. Video & DVD color DVD set [3/2006] 5 disks for $30.79
"Best of Season 1" on DVD [2012]: pilot and five episodes
T.G.G. Direct color DVD set [8/2012] 2 disks for $4.99
Complete Season 2 on DVD [someday?]: 21 episodes
sign up to be notified when Season 2 becomes available at Amazon
Complete Season 3 on DVD: 22 episodes [2013]
T.G.G. Direct color DVD set [2/2013] 5 disks for $13.18

'The Young Riders' Webring - 42 member sites (2013)
Kathy of Australia's 'The Young Riders' fansite {last update 2005}
Wendy's 'The Young Riders' fansite {last update 2006}

"The Pony Express" [1991] starring Leif Garrett, John Quade, Mitchell Ryan

"Pony Express" [2003] narrated by country singer Red Steagall

"Days of The Pony Express" docudrama [indep 2008]
Days of The Pony Express docudrama feature  A docudrama about the history of the Pony Express mail service; film was produced, written, co-directed & edited by Jim Conlon (as Scout Pictures) for the Pony Express Museum and the St. Joseph Missouri Visitors Bureau; not listed on either IMDb or Wikipedia; co-directed by John Morris; credited actors include Justin Rother, Joey Culbertson, Penny Arnold & Chandler Farmer; filmed in Missouri & Kansas.
not listed on IMDb • watch official trailer [1:20] at YouTube
DVD for sale at The Pony Express National Museum Gift Shop

"The Pony Express" and "The History of The Oregon Trail" - two programs on 1 DVD (2009)

"Spirit of The Pony Express" [2012] /tt1583724/ 150th anniversary re-enactment trailer #1 [3:56]

"Echo of Hoofbeats: The Pony Express Story" [undated] by Hal McClure

Art  Works  &  Other  Media

"The Pony Express: A Revolution In Transportation" documentary short [March 2013]
by Kaylee Harrington & Adam Vanasse
watch video [8:51] free online at YouTube

L i n k s
Pony Express entry at Wikipedia
National Pony Express Historical Assn. [est. 1978] based in California
N.P.E.H.A. entry at Wikipedia
Pony Express National Museum [est. 1959] in St. Joseph, Missouri
Pony Express Museum entry at Wikipedia
Pony Express National Historic Trail [est. 1968]

Hash Knife Pony Express annual ride [2017 = #59] based in Holbrook, Arizona

Bill Buck's "National Trails Guide" booksite

Pony Express convenience stores [est. 1996] five locations in Iowa & Nebraska

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