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Apache County

Navajo County
Holbrook, Winslow,
Show Low

Navajo & Hopi


Northern Arizona website
Northern Arizona Zene Magazine
Northland Pioneer College (4 locations in eastern Arizona}

flag of the State of Arizona        radio sponsor Local First Arizona [est. 2003] based in Phoenix, Arizona

Navajo County in Arizona [est. 1895]
Navajo County covers 9,949 square miles; almost 66 percent is Indian reservation land. Navajo County includes the cities of Holbrook (county seat), Show Low,
and Winslow; the towns of Pinetop-Lakeside, Snowflake, and Taylor; and the communities of Chilchinbito, Cibecue, Dilkon, East Fork, First Mesa, Greasewood, Heber-Overgaard, Hotevilla-Bacavi, Indian Wells, Jeddito, Joseph City, Kayenta, Keams Canyon, Kykotsmovi Village, Linden McNary, Oljato-Monument Valley, Oraibi Pinon, Second Mesa, Shongopovi, Shonto, Whiteriver, and Winslow West.

Navajo County, Arizona contains parts of the Hopi, Navajo, and Fort Apache Indian reservations.

Navajo County official website
Navajo County entry at Wikipedia
Navajo County Publishers, Inc. newspapers
historic hashknife brand Aztec Land & Cattle Company [1884-1901] near Holbrook, Arizona

Township of Kayenta, Arizona [founded 1909, incorp. 1985]
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park [est. 1958] in Arizona
Diné College [est. 1968] in Tsaile, Arizona
Snowflake, Arizona 85937
The Pioneer newspaper in Snowflake, Arizona
Heritage Inn B&B [built 1893] in Snowflake, Arizona

Doc's Rim Cafe in Heber, Arizona
June's Cafe in Heber, Arizona
Black Bear Plaza in Heber, Arizona
The 1893 Steakhouse in Heber, Arizona
Al & Diane's Red Onion Lounge in Heber/Overgaard, Arizona
Bison Ranch in Overgaard, Arizona
Vernon Yacht Club of Arizona
Bugle's Resort in Forest Lake, Arizona

Pinetop - Lakeside [AZ] Chamber of Commerce
Charlie Clark's Steakhouse [est. 1938] in Pinetop, Arizona
Pinetop [AZ] Native American Art Festival [June 2014 = #27]
Holiday Inn Express [], 431 E. White Mountain Blvd. in Pinetop, Arizona

City of Holbrook, Arizona [est. 1881]
Empty Pockets Saloon in Holbrook, Arizona
Hash Knife Pony Express annual ride [2017 = #59] based in Holbrook, Arizona
Roxy Theater [open 2009!] in Holbrook, Arizona
Holbrook [AZ] Tribune-News
Navajo County Fairgrounds in Holbrook, Arizona
historic train depot in Holbrook, Arizona
Pow Wow Trading Post in Holbrook, Arizona

Budget Inn Trading Post in Holbrook, Arizona
Desert Inn in Holbrook, Arizona
El Rancho Motel & Cafe in Holbrook, Arizona
Holbrook Inn in Holbrook, Arizona
Motel 66 in Holbrook, AZ
Roseway Inn in Holbrook, Arizona
Sahara Inn in Holbrook, Arizona
Star Inn in Holbrook, Arizona
Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Arizona

Bubba's Big Pig Bar-ba-que in Holbrook, Arizona
Butterfield Stage Co. steakhouse in Holbrook, Arizona
Fort Courage Trading Post & Pancake House
Joe & Aggie's Cafe in Holbrook, Arizona
Mesa Italian restaurant in Holbrook, Arizona
Plainsman Cafe in Holbrook, Arizona
Route 66 Hilltop Cafe in Holbrook, Arizona

Hopi Travel Plaza at I-40 exit 292 east of Holbrook, Arizona
Petrified Forest National Park [est. 1906] at I-40 exit 311 east of Holbrook, Arizona

City of Winslow, Arizona
Winslow [AZ] Chamber of Commerce
Winslow Theater [built 1927], 115 No. Kinsley Avenue in Winslow, Arizona
La Posada Hotel [est. 1929; reopened 1997] in Winslow, Arizona
Moore's Indian Traders [est. 1981] in Winslow, Arizona
Road Works Gift Shop in Winslow, Arizona
Winslow [AZ] Film Festival [Oct 2006 = #4]
Standin' On The Corner {in Winslow, AZ} Park official website
The Winslow [AZ] Mail newspaper [est. 1894]
The Web Newsroom at AZreporter.com
Snowdrift Art Space in Winslow, Arizona
Chieftain Inn on Route 66 in Chambers, Arizona

City of Show Low, Arizona  [est. 1870, incorp. 1953]
Watch out for speed traps & traffic cameras in this town; obey all traffic laws
or you might get to meet one of their brown-shirt sheriff or state police officers
or receive a bill in the mail for a week's pay.

City of Show Low, Arizona official website
Show Low [AZ] City & Regional maps
Show Low [AZ] Chamber of Commerce
Show Low [AZ] Historical Society Museum [est. 1995]
Branding Iron Steakhouse in Show Low, AZ
Forest Energy Corp. of Show Low, AZ
Pat's Place Pizza [1977-2007] in Show Low, AZ - memorial website
Native New Yorker Restaurant in Show Low, AZ
White Mountain Restaurant in Show Low, AZ
K.S.N.X. 93.5-FM 'Sun Country' oldies radio in Show Low, AZ
K.W.K.M. 95.7 Power FM radio in Show Low, AZ
Whispering Pines Resort near Show Low, AZ

Chronicle of the Old West newspaper & radio show of Show Low, AZ

Apache County in Arizona [est. 1879]
Apache County official website
Economic Development of Apache County, Arizona

Navajo Travel Plaza at I-40 exit 325 near Navajo, Arizona
Chieftain Inn Motel at I-40 exit 333 near Chambers, Arizona
K.Y.V.A. 103.7-FM oldies radio from Grants, New Mexico

Springerville, Arizona
Springerville-Eagar [AZ] Regional Chamber of Commerce
Wild Weede Brewery [est. 2004] & Lil' Ranglers Cafe in Springerville, Arizona
El Rio Movie Theater in Springerville, Arizona
Round Valley Unified School District
Round Valley Unified Schools Dome in Springerville, Arizona
Hooper Cattle Co. {herefords} near Springerville, Arizona
Java Blues Cafe in Springerville, Arizona
Blue Bird Cafe in Springerville, Arizona
Stuart Books - new & used in Springerville, Arizona
Mountain View Books & Music in Springerville, Arizona
El Jo Motel in Springerville, Arizona
Rode Inn & Suites in Springerville, Arizona
Cushman Museum in Springerville, Arizona
Joe's Place in Springerville, Arizona
Booga Red's Restaurant & Cantina [est. 1970s] in Springerville, Arizona
Reeds Lodge [est. 1949] in Springerville, Arizona
Coyote Creek Steak House & Saloon in Springerville, Arizona
K.T.H.Q. 92.5-FM 'Q-Country' radio in Springerville, Arizona
K.R.V.Z. 1400-AM talk radio in Springerville-Eagar, Arizona

Town of Eagar, Arizona [founded 1888; incorp. 1948]
26 Bar Ranch B&B in Eagar, Arizona
White Mountain Escape B&B in Eagar, Arizona
The Ranch At South Fork Cabins near Eagar, Arizona
White Mountain Independent newspaper
White Mountain Entertainment - movie theaters

Village of Greer, Arizona up Arizona Highway 373
Greer Lodge Resort & 373 Bar & Grill in Greer, Arizona
White Mountain Lodge near Greer, Arizona
Amberian Peaks Lodge & Restaurant in Greer, Arizona
Butterfly Lodge Museum [built 1914] in Greer, Arizona
Hidden Meadow Ranch Lodge & Club [est. 1993], north of Greer, Arizona
Sunrise Park Resort, 12 miles west of Greer, Arizona

Mogollon Gazette newspaper in Nutrioso, Arizona
Beaver Creek Guest Ranch [est. 1941], south of Alpine, Arizona
Hannagan Meadow Lodge [est. 1926], south of Alpine, Arizona
Tal-Wi-Wi Lodge, Restaurant & Saloon near Alpine, Arizona

Navajo & Hopi Reservations in Arizona>
Big Mountain - Black Mesa Navajo-Hopi Relocation

Navajo Nation [est. 1957] official website
Navajo Nation Tourism Dept.
Navajo Nation Museum & Visitor's Center [est. 1997]
Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation
Monument Valley [AZ] Navajo Tribal Park [est. 1958]
The Hubbell Trading Post [est. 1876] National Historic Site [est. 1960]
Friends of the Hubbell Trading Post

Hopi Tribe official website {broken?}
Hopi Reservation entry at Wikipedia
Hopi Indian Tribe's Office of Community Planning & Economic Development

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