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"I wasn’t long in finding out that keeping a family on retired captain’s pay is a beggar’s business. I had to go to work, so I took to writing."
— Gen. Charles King

Author Charles King is credited with establishing the 'Western' novel.

          P R O F I L E
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          King was credited with seventy years of active military service, and was the only soldier in American history to serve in five American wars: The Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection and World War I.

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Major  Works
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"A Broken Sword: A Tale of The Civil War" [1905]

"A Daughter of The Sioux: A Tale of The Indian Frontier" [1902] was filmed in 1925

"A Garrison Tangle" [1901]

"A Soldier's Trial: An Episode of The Canteen Crusade" [1905]

"A Tame Surrender: A Story of The Chicago Strike" [1896]

"A Trooper Galahad" [1898]

"A War-Time Wooing" [1900]

"A Wounded Name" [1898]

"An Apache Princess: A Tale of The Indian Frontier" [1903]

"An Army Wife" [1896] by Capt. Charles King

"Between The Lines: A Story of The War" [1888] by Capt. Charles King

"Cadet Days: A Story of West Point (Illustrated)" [1908] by Capt. Charles King
"To The Front: A Sequel To Cadet Days" [1908] by Capt. Charles King

"Campaigning With Crook: The War Against The Sioux, 1876" [1880] by Capt. Charles King

"Captured: The Story of Sandy Ray" [1906]

"The Colonel's Daughter: or, Winning His Spurs" [1881]

"Comrade In Arms: A Tale of Two Hemispheres" [1904]

"The Deserter" [1887]

"Dunraven Ranch: A Novel" [1888]

"Foes In Ambush" []

"Fort Frayne" [] was filmed in 1926

"Found In The Philippines: The Story of A Woman's Letters" []

"From School To Battle-field: A Story of The War Days" []

"From The Ranks: A Novel" []

"The Iron Brigade" []

"The General's Double: A Story of The Army of The Potomac" [1898] by Capt. Charles King

"Illustrated Trials of A Staff-Officer" []

"Kitty’s Conquest" []

"Lanier of The Cavalry: or, A Week's Arrest" []

"Laramie: or, The Queen of Bedlam - A Story of The Sioux War of 1876" []

"Marion's Faith" []

"Norman Holt: A Story of The Army of The Cumberland" [] (1901)

"Ray's Daughter: A Story of Manila" []

"Starlight Ranch and Other Stories of Army Life On The Frontier" []

"Sunset Pass: or, Running The Gauntlet Through Apache Land" []

"Tonio, Son of the Sierras: A Story of The Apache War" [] was filmed in 1925

"The True Ulysses S. Grant" []

"Trumpeter Fred: A Story of The Plains" []

"Two Soldiers: A Novel" []

"Under Fire" [] was filmed in 1926

"Waring's Peril" []

"Warrior Gap: A Story of The Sioux Outbreak of '68" [] was filmed in 1925

"The Way of The West" []

Other  Works

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Movies & TV,  Other  Media
Charles King credits [1914-26] at Internet Movie Database

King is said to have been an advisor on several of 'Buffalo Bill' Cody's many motion pictures [circa 1897 to 1915] but details are hard to come by.

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"The Secret of The Will" silent short [1914] actor (as Charles W. King) - starring Anna Q. Nilsson /tt0229707/

"The Indian Wars" silent feature [1914] writer + actor /tt0004155/
Co-produced by & starring 'Buffalo Bill' Cody

"Warrior Gap" silent feature [Dec 1925] (story) /tt0177353/

"Tonio, Son of The Sierras" silent feature [Dec 1925] (novel) /tt0016438/

"A Daughter of The Sioux" silent feature [Dec 1925] (novel) /tt0015738/

"Under Fire" silent feature [Jan 1926] (novel) /tt0017496/

"Fort Frayne" silent feature [Jan 1926] (novel) /tt0132978/

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With his many exciting life & career events, General Charles King is ripe for an episode on "A&E Biography" or "History Channel" (2017).

Kindle  Editions
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Border Adventures 11 novels by Charles King in Kindle format  "Border Adventures: 11 Novels (Annotated)" for Kindle [2016]
by Charles King, Foreword by V.A. Ren

includes eleven public domain novels: "A Daughter of The Sioux" [1902]; "A War-Time Wooing" []; "A Wounded Name" []; "An Apache Princess" [1903]; "The Deserter" [1887]; "Foes In Ambush" [1893]; "Lanier of The Cavalry" []; "Laramie" []; "Marion's Faith" []; "Sunset Pass" []; and "Tonio, Son of The Sierras" [1906]
Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [2/2016] for 99¢
aka "Frontier Adventures" Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [1/2017] for 99¢
Charles King 14 Westerns in Kindle format from Amity Ebooks  "Charles King: 14 Westerns (Illustrated)" for Kindle [2016]
Kindle Edition from Amity Ebooks [10/2016] for $1.99
includes 14 public domain novels illustrated with 18 paintings of the Wild West: "An Apache Princess" []; "A Daughter of The Sioux" []; "A Wounded Name" []; "The Deserter" []; "Foes In Ambush" []; "From The Ranks" []; "Lanier of The Cavalry" []; "Marion's Faith" []; "Starlight Ranch and Other Stories" []; "Sunset Pass" []; "Tonio, Son of The Sierras" []; "Under Fire" []; "Waring's Peril" []; and "Warrior Gap" []
Collected Complete Works of Charles King in Kindle format from Amazon Digital Services  "The Collected {Mis-named} Complete Works of Charles King" for Kindle [2017]
Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [3/2017] for $2.99
includes 21 public domain novels - the same 11 novels as just above, plus ten more: "A Soldier's Trial" []; "A Tame Surrender" []; "Found In The Philippines" []; "From The Ranks" []; "Ray's Daughter" []; "Starlight Ranch" []; "To The Front" []; "Under Fire" []; "Waring's Peril" []; and "Warrior Gap" []

Works  About  Charles  King

Charles King bibliography by C.E. Dornbusch  "Charles King: American Army Novelist" bibliography [1963]
by C.E. Dornbusch, Foreword by Don Russell

from the collection of the National Library of Australia, Canberra
Hope Farm Press 8¾x5¾ pb [1963] out of print/used

"Campaigning With King: Charles King, Chronicler of The Old Army" [Univ Nebraska Press 1991] by Don Russell, with Paul L. Hedren

"The Life and Works of General Charles King, 1844-1933: Martial Spirit" [Edwin Mellen Press, 1998] by John W. Bailey

bio-essay by Nathan Bender via Internet Archive Wayback Machine bio-essay on ERB fansite

Standard author search at Amazon returns books all mixed up with 'the other' Charles King, a modern professor of European history
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Family  &  Friends
Charles King was born in October 1844 in Albany, New York; he died in March 1933 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at age 88.

wife Adelaide Lavender Yorke King [?-1893] - married November 1872, died 1893
four children

stenographer for 40 years Lucille Rhoades [] - married 1932, widowed March 1933

student & friend Edgar Rice Burroughs [1875-1950]

William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody [1846-1917]

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Gen. Charles King entry at Wikipedia
Charles King credits [1914-26] at Internet Movie Database
The Charles King Library at University of Tulsa, Oklahoma

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