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The Koch Brothers are fascist businessmen and right-wing demagogues who use their billions in wealth to subvert the Constitution and the election process, to repeal environmental protections, to shut down government regulation, and to hornswaggle the American people.

“The fundamental purpose of the Kochs’ spending is to rig the economic system for their benefit.” — New York Times, 2014

          B I O
          t e x t
          h e r e
          Charles & David Koch were listed among the Top Thirty Dirtbags of the One Percent in 2011

Koch family entry at Wikipedia
http://www.fmkfoundation.org/?Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation

  Charles & David listed on TIME Magazine 100, May 2014

The  Four  Koch  Brothers

philanthropist & socialite Frederick Robinson Koch [b. 1933] is based in New York City
Frederick R. Koch entry at Wikipedia
Frederick R. Koch Foundation [est. 1981] of East Hampton, New York 11937

fascist political demagogue Charles G. {de Ganahl} Koch [b. 1935] is based in Wichita, Kansas
Charles G. Koch entry at Wikipedia
Charles G. Koch credits at Internet Movie Database
Koch Cultural Trust [est. 1986] founded by wife Elizabeth

Wichita State University's basketball arena was renamed the Charles Koch Arena,
based on a 2002 donation from Koch Industries of $6M for renovations.
Charles Koch Foundation [est. 1980]
Charles Koch Institute [est. 1980, split off 9/2011]

Science of Success book by Charles G. Koch  
"The Science of Success: How Market-Based Management Built The
World's Largest Private Company" [2007] by Charles G. Koch

Kindle Edition from Wiley [2007 edition] for $13.99
Wiley 9x5½ hardcover [2/2007] for $16.22

fascist political demagogue David Hamilton Koch [twin b. 1940] is based in New York City
David H. Koch entry at Wikipedia
David H. Koch Charitable Foundation
board member of the Prostate Cancer Foundation

William Ingram 'Wild Bill' Koch [twin b. 1940] is based in Florida and Colorado
William I. Koch entry at Wikipedia
His boat was the winner of the America's Cup in 1992

In June 2011, billionaire fascist William Koch bought the official tintype portrait of William Bonney
{aka Billy the Kid} for $2.3 million at auction in Denver, Colorado.

6,400-acre Bear Ranch in Gunnison County, Colorado - 12 miles or so east of Paonia, Colorado on Hwy 133
Bear Ranch Land Exchange website

founder, owner and president of the Oxbow Group, a diversified holding group of industrial companies based in West Palm Beach, Florida.
In 2011, Bill Koch's Oxbow donated $750,000 to a superpac that supported Mitt Romney's failed presidential campaign.
Oxbow operates the Elk Creek Mine near Somerset, Colorado


Koch Industries [est. 1940] of Wichita, Kansas

Founded by oil baron Fred C. Koch [1900-67] in Wichita, Kansas in 1940; inherited by four sons in 1967
and currently run by sons Charles {chair/CEO, owns 42%} & David Koch {exec VP, owns 42%}
who are fascist political demagogues with way too much money for America's good.

“Koch Industries is the poster child of a company run amok.” — Charles Lewis, Center For Public Integrity

“The Koch Industries have a philosophy that profits are above everything else." — Bill Koch, on "60 Minutes"

company official website
company entry at Wikipedia

http://www.fhr.com/ + http://www.fhrasphalt.com/

Koch Industries holds major stakes in national companies that include Chevron & Conoco gasoline, Georgia Pacific building products (drywall, decking, gypsum board, plywood & plasters), Georgia-Pacific consumer brands (Dixie paper utensils, toilet paper, Brawny & Mardi Gras paper towels, Mardi Gras & Sparkle & Vanity Fair & Zee paper napkins), Invista Products (fibers, fabrics, resins, carpet & bedding products), and Union 76 gasoline. In Wisconsin, Koch Industries owns coal facilities in Green Bay, Manitowoc, Ashland & Sheboygan; six timber plants; and a large network of pipelines; they have also invested heavily in Wisconsin's TEA Party Governor Scott Walker.

Koch Industies paid $21B ($48/share) for Georgia-Pacific [est. 1927] in December 2005.
official website • entry at Wikipedia

Announced 11/2017: Meredith Corp. is purchasing Time Inc. for $2.8 billion (or more) with the help of an investment of $640M from the Koch Brothers.

Political  Funding
William Koch gave $3M for anti-Obama TV ads in 2012; David & Charles raised $400M for the 2012 campaign

“The fundamental purpose of the Kochs’ [political] spending is to rig the economic system for their benefit.” — New York Times, 2014

'political activities of the Koch Brothers' entry at Wikipedia
National Institute on Money in State Politics / Report on David & Charles Koch

The Tax Foundation [est. 1937] of Washington, DC

F.A. Harper's Institute for Humane Studies [est. 1961] at George Mason University in Virginia
which funds the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program

A.L.E.C. - American Legislative Exchange Council [est. 1973]

Charles Koch Foundation [est. 1974], renamed The Cato Institute in 1977 (David Koch is on the board)

Mercatus Center for Market Processes [est. 1980] at George Mason University in Virginia

Citizens For A Sound Economy [1984-2004] funded by Kochs & tobacco industry

Youth Entrepreneurs of Kansas & Missouri [est. 1991] funded by the Koch Family Foundation

The Bill of Rights Institute [est. 1999]

Donor Trust & Donor Capital Fund [est. 1999] blind anti-science funding source & 'dark money group'

Americans For Prosperity [2004 spinoff from C.F.S.E.] libertarian think tank

FreedomWorks [2004 spinoff from C.F.S.E.] which funds TEA Party candidates

Center to Protect Patient Rights [est. 2009]
received a grant of $115 million in 2012 from Koch's Freedom Partners.

Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity [est. 2009]
Supposedly a 'news' agency; however, 95% of their funding comes from anti-science philanthropy Donors Trust,
whose top contributors are the ubiquitous Koch Brothers.
official website • entry at Wikipedia

The LIBRE Initiative / Institute [est. 2011] focuses on Hispanics

Freedom Partners [est. Nov 2011]
Freedom Partners is organized like a chamber of commerce, with members paying $100,000 annual dues;
a majority of board members are long time employees of the Koch Brothers.
official website • entry at Wikipedia

In 2012, Freedom Partners made a grant of $115 million to the Center to Protect Patient Rights.
In March 2015, Freedom Partners announced a six-figure digital advertising campaign based at new website eximexposed.org; Freedom Partners claims that
the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) [est. 1934] is 'a haven for cronyism and corporate welfare', and intends to shut it down.

Concerned Veterans for America [est. 2011]

American Commitment [est. 2012]
Founded by Phil Kerpen (former VP at Americans for Prosperity); initial funding from the Center to Protect Patient Rights [est. 2009]

American Encore [est. 3/2014] is considered a 'dark money group'

Koch-backed Freedom Summit [April 2014 = #1] in Manchester, NH
sponsored by Citizens United [est. 1988] and Americans for Prosperity

The Koch Club document in Kindle format from The Investigative Reporting Workshop  "The Koch Club" [2013] Produced by The Investigative Reporting Workshop
Kindle Edition 30-page report from I.R.W. [7/2013] for 99’ {sic}
Credited I.R.W. team of Charles Lewis, Eric Holmberg, Alexia Campbell & Lydia Beyoud analyzed five years of political & charitable donations from Charles and David Koch, their five charitable foundations, and Koch Industries to scores of federal candidates, 89 nonprofit public-policy organizations, and 221 U.S. colleges & universities; the billionaire brothers' organizations cumulatively spent $134 million, and “The Koch Club” specifically reveals precisely how and to whom the money was targeted.

Suspected  Beneficaries
American Courage PAC based in Boca Raton, Florida
Center of The American Experiment [est. 1990] based in Minnesota

“If the Republican Party had anything of value to offer the American voter
they would not have to lie and cheat and steal to win elections.”

The Koch Family's Political Crimes & Misdeeds

November 2011 cover of Bloomberg Markets Magazine: Secret Sins of Koch Industries  Bloomberg Markets Magazine, November 2011 cover story: "The Secret Sins of Koch Industries" • article "Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer With Secret Iran Sales" by Asjylyn Loder & David Evansby (posted October 2011)
In May 2008, a newly-hired compliance officer was sent to a division of Koch Industries in France to investigate; within days, she found evidence of bribery in six countries; what she did not realize was that her job was not to file a report but to initiate a coverup - so she was fired. The Bloomberg journalists also discovered that Koch Industries sold oil production equipment to Iran, illegal transactions because Iran is classified as a 'sponsor of global terrorism'. A jury found Koch Industries guilty of stealing crude oil from Native American land; the settlement was a $25M fine. Koch Industries and its subsidiaries have been found guilty of price rigging, environmantal & safety violations, and other crimes, to the tune of a further $400M in fines and penalties from 1999 to 2003.
read full online etext at Bloomberg website

Since early 2013, the Georgia-Pacific paper mill at Palatka (near Jacksonville), Florida has been pumping tons of toxic waste every day directly into the St. John's River. With the collusion of then-Governor Jeb Bush and current Governor Rick Scott, a pipeline from the Koch-owned industrial plant was illegally approved and pushed forward. The problem was that dumping the waste in tiny Rice Creek violated federal environmental law, so rather than actually dealing with the pollution, Koch-paid lawyers and corrupt state officials decided that dumping into the pristine St. John's River would dilute the effluent and the feds would have no cause for legal action. Once designated an American Heritage River, the St. John's River ecosystem is now a cesspool.
February 2015 full story & documents online at DailyKos

In August 2013, the Koch Brothers hosted their Secret Summit fundraiser at the Tamaya Resort outside Albuquerque, New Mexico;
also present at the event were New Mexico Governor Susana 'La Borracha' Martinez, and Congressmen Paul Ryan & Eric Cantor.

In March 2014, Americans for Prosperity {backed by the Koch family} distributed an intentionally misleading & confusing
unofficial voter registration mailing in West Virginia that tricked many citizens into believing that they weren’t eligible to vote.

In June 2014, the Koch Brothers hosted 300 fellow billionaires (with a B!) at a Secret Summit fundraiser in Dana Point, California; also present at the event were U.S. Senators Mitch McConnell and Marco Rubio, Congressman Jim Jordan, and Congressmen Tom Cotton and Cory Gardner who are running for the Senate in 2014.

In August 2014, Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity struck again, this time in North Carolina. In October, the North Carolina State Board of Elections announced that it is
investigating a controversial mailer that the conservative advocacy group mailed to thousands of state residents that contained inaccurate information
about voter registration, which is a Class I felony.

The January 2015 invitation-only Secret Summit in Palm Springs, California showcased top contenders for the 2016 Presidential race; audition speeches and meetings
by Marc Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz got them better known to the billionaires present, but Gov. Scott Walker won the straw poll; the group announced plans to raise
and spend $889M in the 2016 election cycle.

The August 2015 invitation-only Secret Summit fundraiser in Dana Point, California was attended by 350 U.S. billionaires and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), candidate Carly Fiorina, Sen. Marco Rubio (FL), and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The August 2016 Koch-sponsored Americans for Prosperity fundraiser was at the Broadmoor luxury resort in Colorado; the official theme was 'focusing on the U.S. Senate' (while secretly blocking presidential candidate Donald Trump); attendees included House Speaker Paul Ryan, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, mega-donor Art Pope of North Carolina, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, Sen. John Cornyn (TX), Sen. Cory Gardner (CO), Sen. Tim Scott (SC), Sen. Mike Lee (UT), Rep. Mike Pompeo (KS), Rep Jason Chaffetz (UT), and Rep. Mike Coffman (CO).

The January 2017 invitation-only Secret Summit fundraiser at Indian Wells resort in California was attended by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, Sen. Patrick J. Toomey (PA), Sen. David Perdue (GA), Sen. Ben Sasse (NE), Sen. Mike Lee (UT), Sen. James Lankford (OK), Rep. Jason Chaffetz (UT), and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN).

In July 2017, the Koch Brothers hosted their weekend Secret Summit fundraiser at the luxurious Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The August 2017 Koch-sponsored Americans for Prosperity fundraiser was in Richmond, Virginia; the White House sent Vice President Mike Pence.

Movies,  Stageplays,  Other  Media

"Koch Brothers Exposed" video [Brave New Films April 2012]
Koch Brothers Exposed 2012 docufilm by Robert Greenwald  "The 1% at its very worst" • Co-produced & directed by Robert Greenwald; featuring Charles & David Koch • DVDs available with donation via Brave New Foundation with free s/h
full credits at IMDb • official website
watch early promo [3:47] on YouTube • watch official 2012 trailer [2:00] on YouTube
film review by Julian Brookes in Rolling Stone Magazine, 4/2012

"Citizen Koch: A Film About Money, Power & Democracy"
[indep June 2014]
early flyer for 'Citizen Koch' documentary film  2014 poster for 'Citizen Koch' documentary film  Funding from Kickstarter; examines political issues in Wisconsin, featuring the millions of dollars contributed by Koch Brothers dark money groups.
Co-produced, co-written & co-directed by Carl Deal & Tia Lessin
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available
full credits at IMDb • official movie site • entry at Wikipedia
watch official trailer [2:25] at Vimeo

"Koch Brothers Exposed 2014" video [Brave New Films April 2014]
Koch Brothers Exposed 2014 docufilm by Robert Greenwald  Co-produced & directed by Robert Greenwald; featuring Charles & David & Bill Koch
DVDs available with donation via Brave New Foundation with free s/h
same credits at IMDb as 2012 • official website • watch official trailer [2:00] on YouTube

"Company Town" [First Run Features Sept 2017]  
Company Town documentary about pollution by Koch's Georgia-Pacific Chemical plant in Arkansas  Families in Crossett, Arkansas have what they call 'door to door' cancer; they say that the air and the water and the soil are contaminated and that the source is the Georgia-Pacific Chemical plant north of town, which is owned by Koch Industries • Co-produced, co-written & co-directed by Natalie Kottke & Erica Sardarian; featuring David Bouie, Cheryl Slavant & Wilma Subra
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • full credits at IMDb • official movie website
watch 5/2016 official trailer [2:09] online at YouTube

Works  About  The  Koch  Family
search for books on keywords 'Koch Brothers' at Amazon {returns almost 400 titles}

Koch Brothers Short History booklet in Kindle format by Yasha Levine  "The Koch Brothers: A Short History" booklet for Kindle [2013]
by investigative journalist Yasha Levine

Kindle Edition 49-page booklet from S.H.A.M.E. Books [12/2013] for $2.99
Author reports the story of grandfather Harry Koch, who arrived in America in 1888, settled in North Texas, started a newspaper that backed railroads and bankers, and amassed wealth with their help and by fighting against labor and against all political & economic reforms.
Sons of Wichita / Koch Brothers book by Daniel Schulman  "Sons of Wichita: How The Koch Brothers Became America's Most Powerful and Private Dynasty" [2014] by Daniel Schulman, investigative journalist at Mother Jones Magazine
Kindle Edition from Grand Central/Hachette [5/2014] for $14.99
Grand Central Publng 9½x6¼ hardcover [5/2014] for $27.00

illustration for Koch Brothers article in Rolling Stone Magazine, September 2014  
"Inside The Koch Brothers' Toxic Empire" article by Tim Dickinson
in the 24 September 2014 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine

read the article online

Family & Friends

father oil baron Fred C. Koch [1900-67]
At the behest of Joseph Stalin, taught oil refining & engineering skills in the Soviet Union, and made a fortune doing so.
Co-founded the Wood River Oil & Refining Company in 1940, which is today known as Koch Industries.
Founding member & adviser to the radical right John Birch Society [est. 1958]

"A Business Man Looks At Communism" [1960] by Fred C. Koch

mother Mary Clementine Robinson Koch [1907-90]

Charles's wife Elizabeth 'Liz' Koch
son Chase Koch
daughter Elizabeth Koch

David's wife Julia M. Flesher Koch
son David Koch, Jr.
daughter Mary Julia Koch
son John Mark Koch

Bill's first wife Joan Granlund Koch [] - married 1994
son Wyatt Koch
Bill's second wife Angela Koch [] - married circa 2000, later divorced
Bill's third wife Bridget Rooney Koch - married 2005

L i n k s
'Boycott Koch Brothers Products' website
'Koch Industries Products List' website
'Koch Facts & Frequently Asked Questions' website
Americans For Plutocrats
Stop The Koch Brothers - Fight Citizens United

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