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                  Robert Taylor as Ivanhoe and Elizabeth Taylor as Rebecca, from the 1952 'Ivanhoe' movie

"All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education." — Ivanhoe


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History of The Book
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"Ivanhoe" book entry at Wikipedia
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Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe character credits at Internet Movie Database

The  Book

Sir Walter Scott's  "Ivanhoe: A Romance"  [1820 novel]
published in 3 volumes in 1820 by A. Constable, London, U.K.

Set in 1194, after the Third Crusade; the young Saxon noble Willfred of Ivanhoe is out of favor
with his father Cedric for his allegiance to the Norman King Richard I

book entry at Wikipedia

search books on keyword 'Ivanhoe' {returns 2,800+ items} at Amazon
the main listings for "Ivanhoe" books at Amazon show 225 different editions in all formats

Ivanhoe novel by Walter Scott  "Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott" [1949]
Edited by Lucile Waldo & Hal Waldo, Illustrated by Decie Merwin

Harcourt, Brace & Co 6½x4½ hardcover [1949] out of print/used
"Ivanhoe: A Romance" [1950]
by Walter Scott, Illustrated by Edward A. Wilson

The Heritage Press 9¾x6½x1½ inches {2½ pounds!} hardcover slipcase edition [1950] out of print/used
leatherbound Ivanhoe limited edition novel by Walter Scott  "Ivanhoe: A Romance" [Limited Edition 1977]
by Walter Scott, Illustrated by Edward A. Wilson

The Easton Press 9¼x6¼ leatherbound hardcover [1977] out of print/50+ used
Hart Publng Co. leatherbound hardcover [1977] out of print/used
Ivanhoe novel by Walter Scott  "Ivanhoe: A Romance" [1995] by Walter Scott,
Introduction & Notes by David Blair, University of Kent

Wordsworth Classics 7¾x5 pb [1/98] for $4.95
Wordsworth Classics pb [2/95] out of print/used
Wordsworth Classics pb [2/95] out of print/used
Ivanhoe novel by Walter Scott mass paperback  "Ivanhoe: A Romance" by Walter Scott {in paperback}
Bantam Classics mass pb [4/88] for $5.95
Dover Publns 8¼x5¼ pb [9/2004] for $5.95
Penguin Classics 8x5 pb [10/2000] for $7.50
Ivanhoe novel by Walter Scott in Kindle format  "Ivanhoe: A Romance" by Walter Scott {for Kindle}
Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [5/2012] for FREE {sic}
Kindle Edition 1830 facsimile from Waxkeep Publng [7/2013] for 99¢
Kindle Edition 1830 facsimile from Heritage Illustrated Publng [3/2014] for 99¢
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"Rebecca's Choice: The Surprising Sequel To The Tale of Ivanhoe" [11/2010] by ALEXANDER BALMAN

"Meeting Rebecca: A Retelling of Ivanhoe (The Templar's Story Book 1)" [9/2015] by Sophia Kim-O'Sullivan
The "Templar's Story" series is a retelling of Sir Walter Scott's famous "Ivanhoe" from the point of view of Brian de Bois-Guilbert, a Templar knight.

"Ivanhoe" ebook with panel zoom [Classics Illustrated 7/2014] by Sir Walter Scott and William Jones, Jr.

The  Author

Sir Walter Scott [1771-1832]
Walter Scott was born on 15 August 1771 at Edinburgh, Scotland; childhood polio crippled his left foot. Although he grew into a tall and energetic man, poor health interrupted his studies at Edinburgh University; he apprenticed at his father's legal firm for a year, then returned to Edinburgh University to become a lawyer. He married Charlotte Charpentier, a Frenchwoman, on Christmas Day 1797; they had four children and remained happily married until her death in 1826. Walter Scott was granted a baronetcy in 1820.
After suffering a stroke and paralysis in 1831, Sir Walter Scott died at age 61 on 21 September 1832.

Walter Scott was so successful at writing poetry that he was offered the Poet Laureateship of the U.K. in 1813, which he turned down. He anonymously published his first novel "Waverley" in 1814, which quickly became one of the most successful English-language novels ever published. The 27 'Waverly novels' were published thru 1831 (and the posthumous 'Siege of Malta' in 2008). "Rob Roy" was published in 1817, "Ivanhoe" in 1820, "Kenilworth" in 1821, "Quentin Durward" in 1823, and a biography of Napoleon Buonaparte in 1827.

Walter Scott credits at Internet Movie DatabaseWalter Scott entry at Wikipedia

Complete Works of Sir Walter Scott in Kindle format from Delphi Classics   "Complete Works of Sir Walter Scott (Illustrated)" for Kindle [2011]
Kindle Edition from Delphi Classics [2/2011] for $2.99 {sic}
contains 26 novels beautifully illustrated with images relating to Scott’s life and works; concise introductions to the novels and other texts; many works are fully illustrated with their original artwork; rare novels and shorter fiction; rare poetry collections and plays, with special chronological & alpha-betical contents tables for the poetry; a wide selection of non-fiction; two biographies; and a special criticism section with essays by Henry James, Leslie Stephen, Charles Dickens, Andrew Lang, Victor Hugo, and others.

"The Essential Sir Walter Scott Collection (Unexpurgated Edition)" [Halcyon Classics, 8/2009]

"The Works of Sir Walter Scott (31 books, Illustrated)" [10/2009]

"The Complete Works of Sir Walter Scott (31 Complete Works)" [1/2015]

"The Waverly Novels: 26 Books in One Volume - Complete Collection: Rob Roy, Ivanhoe, The Pirate, Waverly, Old Mortality..." [6/2015]

"Waverly Novels Book Series" in 19 volumes {Amazon Bundle}

"The Complete Novels of Sir Walter Scott: Waverly, Rob Roy, Ivanhoe, The Pirate, Old Mortality, The Guy Mannering, The Antiquary,
The Heart of Midlothian ... of Nigel, Tales from Benedictine Sources..." [6/2015]

Launched July 2014: Enjoy unlimited access to over 600,000 Kindle Edition titles and thousands of audiobooks on any device for just $9.99 a month — Or start your 30-day free trial!

Movies & Television
Prince John character credits at Internet Movie Database
{second} Prince John character credits at Internet Movie Database
King John character credits at Internet Movie Database
Robin Hood character credits at Internet Movie Database

'list of films & TV series featuring Robin Hood' at Wikipedia

Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe character credits at Internet Movie Database

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A Knight at the Movies / Medieval History on Film book by John Aberth  
"A Knight At The Movies: Medieval History On Film" [2003]
by John Aberth

Routledge 8¾x6¼ pb [7/2003] for $26.95
Routledge 9½x5¾ hardcover [7/2003] for $110.00

"Rebecca The Jewess" silent feature [U.K. July 1913, USA Jan 1914]
6-reel silent feature filmed in Wales; a disowned knight rescues an heiress and a Jewess from a charge of sorcery. • Adapted (from 'Ivanhoe') and directed by Leedham Bantock;
starring Lauderdale Maitland {as Ivanhoe}, Ethel Bracewell {as Rebecca}, Nancy Bevington {as Rowena}, Hubert Carter, Harry Lonsdale, Austin Milroy • credits at IMDb

"Ivanhoe" silent short [I.M.P./Universal Sept 1913]
Outlaw Robin Hood helps Ivanhoe rescue Rebecca of York from the clutches of Sir Brian de Bois Guilbert; a copy of this film survives at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
Adapted & directed by and co-starring Herbert Brenon; based on a stageplay by Frederick & Walter Melville; starring King Baggot {as Ivanhoe}, Walter Thomas {as Robin Hood}, Leah Baird,
Evelyn Hope, Walter Craven, Wallace Widdicombe, Wallace Bosco, Mrs. Herbert Brenon, Jack Bates, R. Hollies, George Courtenay • credits at IMDb

"Ivanhoe"  [Loew's/M.G.M. July 1952]
Ivanhoe 1952 movie poster starring Robert Taylor  Filmed in Technicolor; based on the 1819 novel by Sir Walter Scott. A disowned Saxon knight returning from a Crusade to the Holy Land learns that England's King Richard is imprisoned in Austria for ransom. Prince John and his Norman cronies have no interest in paying the ransom and ending their power, so Ivanhoe teams with outlaw Robin Locksley to raise the money by taking tax monies back from Prince John's collectors. Directed by Richard Thorpe; written by Noel Langley, Æneas MacKenzie & [blacklistee] Marguerite Roberts; starring Robert Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders, Finlay Currie, Felix Aylmer, Norman Wooland, Harold Warrender & Guy Rolfe; Oscar noms for Best Picture, Best Color Cinematography & Best Music Score
Warner Home Video color DVD [1/2005] for $14.99
M.G.M./Warner color VHS [9/99] out of prodn/many used
27"x40" poster from Amazon for $19.99
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"Ivanhoe" TV series [Screen Gems Jan 1958-Jan 1959]
Ivanhoe 1958-59 TV series starring Roger Moore  39 half-hour episodes in black & white; filmed in U.K.
starring Roger Moore, Robert Brown & Andrew Keir
video/DVD not available; series credits at IMDb

"Ivanhoe" TV mini-series [1970] /tt0421372/

"Ivanhoe" TV movie [1982] starring James Mason /tt0084157/

"Ivanhoe" animated TV movie [Australia 1986]
Ivanhoe animated TV movie from Australia  55-minute somewhat faithful adaptation of the first half of the
Scott novel; with voices of Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Nick Tate, Robert
Coleby, Liz Alexander & Simon Burke
Goldhill color DVD [12/99] for $6.05
credits at IMDb

"Wishbone" children's TV series [Big Feats! Ent. 1995-98]
Wishbone is a Jack Russell terrier dog who can read and imagines himself in adventures based on classic works of literature and folklore; viewers can hear him think,
in the imaginary adventures, humans and animals can hear him talk. The independent TV series and 'World Wide Wishbone' website include 50 half-hour television
episodes, 40 Big Red Chair & Little Red Chair books, a handful of videos & DVDs, other merchandise • series credits at IMDbseries entry at Wikipedia

more info on Wishbone at Spirit of America Bookstore's Children's Dept. Page

'Sniffing the Gauntlet' episode of the  'Wishbone' TV series  "Sniffing The Gauntlet" episode #13 [July 1995]
Samantha has an allergic reaction to some coconut, removing her from the spelling bee; David is asked to substitute; Wishbone fantasizes being Ivanhoe. Wishbone is portrayed by Soccer the Dog, with voice-over by Larry Brantley • not available on VHS/DVD/Blu-ray • episode credits at IMDb
watch full episode #13 [27:32] online at YouTube
"Ivanhoe (Wishbone Classics #12)" [ages 9 & up; 1996] Retold by Joanne Mattern
HarperEntertainment 7½x5¼ pb [1/97] out of print/many used

Young Ivanhoe 1995 TV movie  "Young Ivanhoe" TV movie [Filmline / Screen Partners Ltd. 1995]
Filmed in Czech Republic; co-written & directed by Ralph L. Thomas; starring Kristen Holden-Ried, Stacy Keach, Margot Kidder, Nick Mancuso, Rachel Blanchard, Matthew Daniels, James Bradford, Marek Vasut & Ian Falconer {as Prince John}
Platinum Disc color DVD [2/2005] out of prodn/used
Hallmark color VHS [10/2000] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDb
Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe 1997 TV mini-series  "Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe" 5-hour TV mini-series [B.B.C./A&E 1997]
Directed by Stuart Orme; adapted by Deborah Cook; starring Steven Waddington, Susan Lynch, Victoria Smurfit, Christopher Lee, Ciarán Hinds, Siân Phillips, Ralph Brown {as Prince John}, Trevor Cooper, James Cosmo, Ron Donachie, Rory Edwards & Aden Gillett
A&E Home Video color DVD [3/2002] 2 disks - out of prodn/used
A&E Home Video color VHS [4/2002] 6 tapes - out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDbmini-series entry at Wikipedia
The Legend of Ivanhoe 1999 video release  
The Legend of Ivanhoe" [video release 1999]
Starring John Haverson, Rita Shaver, Clifton Brady, Sarah Parker & Robert O'Toole
TriStar Intl. color DVD [1/2001] for $19.99
TriStar Intl. color VHS [1/2001] for $11.95
credits at IMDb

"Ivanhoe" [2013?]
Announced 7/2012: British actor Sam Riley and music video director Iain Softley are teaming to film an adaptation of
Sir Walter Scott’s classic historical novel, set in XIIth Century England; the story follows the exploits of Wilfred of Ivanhoe
{Riley} and his struggles in a country where the Saxon population are ruled by the French-speaking Normans; the novel
also features notable characters such as King Richard the Lionhearted, Prince John, and Robin Hood (of Locksley)
and his merry outlaw band • confusing listings on IMDb: "Ivanhoe I" =OR= "Ivanhoe II"

Stageplays,  Other Media
'Robin Hood in popular culture' entry at Wikipedia

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Ivanhoé 1826 opera on audio CD  "Ivanhoé: Opera in 3 Acts" [1826] by Giocchino Rossini
opera entry at Wikipedia
Paolo Arrivabeni conducts soloists and the Orchestra Internazionale d'Italia
Dynamic Records audio CD [10/2002] 39 tracks on 2 disks for $30.06
Ivanhoe 1891 opera on CD from BBC Wales  "Ivanhoe: A Romantic Opera in 3 Acts" [1891]
by Sir Arthur Sullivan & Julian Sturgis

Chandos Records audio CD [2/2010] 45 tracks on 3 disks for $31.14
Chandos Records MP-3 album download [2/2010] 46 tracks on 3 disks for $27.99
David Lloyd-Jones conducts soloists and the B.B.C. National Orchestra of Wales
opera entry at Wikipediaonline opera text with amateur MIDI music files
complete vocal score (1891): CreateSpace 11x8½ pb [7/2014] for $16.99

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"Ivanhoe" stage play [1913] by Frederick & Walter Melville of U.K.
basis for the 1913 4-reeler silent film starring King Baggott

Non-Fiction  Books  &  Video

Feudal Kingdom of England book by Frank Barlow  "The Feudal Kingdom of England, 1042-1216" [orig 1955]
by Frank Barlow

Longman Publng 9x6 5th edition pb [4/99] out of print/used
Longman Publng 8¾x5¾ 4th edition pb [9/88] out of print/used
Longmans, Green 4th edition hardcover [6/88] out of print/used

Cast  of  Characters

Wilfred of Ivanhoe, a knight
Cedric the Saxon (of Rotherwood), Wilfred's father
Rebecca, a Jewish healer, daughter of Isaac of York
Lady Rowena, noblewoman under the protection of Cedric
Prince John, brother of King Richard
The Black Knight (King Richard, incognito)
Robert of Locksley (Robin Hood)
The Hermit or Clerk of Copmanhurst (Friar Tuck)
Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert, Knights Templar
Isaac of York, Jewish merchant and money-lender, the father of Rebecca
Prior Aymer of Jorvaulx Abbey
Baron Reginald Front-de-Boeuf, who was given Ivanhoe's estate by Prince John
Lucas de Beaumanoir, Grand Master of the Knights Templar

Image  Gallery

illustration of jousting from an Ivanhoe novel        ad for Ivanhoe Wines [est. 1855] of Australia

logo/sign for Camp Ivanhoe of the Khaki Scouts, from 2012 movie "Moonrise Kingdom"         relationship/cast flowchart from 1997 'Ivanhoe' TV series

L i n k s
"Ivanhoe" book entry at Wikipedia
search books on keyword 'Ivanhoe' {returns 2,800 items} at Amazon
search DVDs on keyword 'ivanhoe' {returns 150 results} at Amazon
Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe character credits at Internet Movie Database
Walter Scott Digital Archive [est. 1989] at the University of Edinburgh
The Edinburgh Sir Walter Scott Club [est. 1894]
Project Gutenberg has 121 Walter Scott publications online in English, French, Italian & Finnish

Geographical  Links
Ivanhoe, Tulare County, California
Ivanhoe Estates in Davie, Broward County, Florida
Ivanhoe Village Main Street in Orlando, Orange County, Florida
Ivanhoe, Illinois
Ivanhoe, Minnesota
Ivanhoe mining district in Elko County, Nevada
Ivanhoe, Fannin County, Texas
Ivanhoe, Tyler County, Texas
Ivanhoe, Wythe County, Virginia
Hotel Ivanhoe [built 1870] in Historic Ferndale, California
Ivanhoe & Carroll Railroad [chartered 1907, photos 1925] near Ivanhoe, Virginia
Ivanhoe's Drive-In Restaurant [est. 1965], 979 So. Main Street in Upland, Indiana

The Ivanhoe Hotel (pub) in Manly, north of Sydney, Australia
Ivanhoe Grammar School [est. 1915] in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Ivanhoe Township [est. 1870s, pop. 200] on the Cobb Highway, NSW, Australia
Ivanhoe Wines [est. 1855] in Pokolbin, NSW, Australia

BLACK STAR: bad reputation as seldom cleaned  Ivanhoe Suites Hotel, 1 St. Christopher's Place, London W1U, U.K.
Radisson Bloomsbury Hotel, formerly Ivanhoe Hotel [built 1910], Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1, U.K.

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