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U.S. President #43, 2001-2009

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"George W. Bush isn't the President, he just plays one on television."
— G.E. Nordell, 12/2007

George W. Bush is a thief, a traitor, and an imbecile. He stole two elections, lied America into an unnecessary war/occupation quagmire in Iraq and another in Afghanistan, and helped shred the U.S. Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. The Bush Administration was the worst in U.S. history, having also bankrupted the country, rolled back environmental progress, intentionally destroyed the Middle Class, allowed the education, transportation & defense infrastructure to rot & rust, and cancelled admiration for America as a 'bastion of freedom' around the world.

Because of George Dubya Bush, America is a bankrupt debtor nation, the citizens struggle to make a living,
and we have no sense that the government works or that elections are legitimate.
America is now the bad guy, and George Dubya Bush is the cause.

"I'll repeat what I said. I truly am not concerned about [bin Laden]."
— George W. Bush  (13 March 2002)

{moot} 'Stopping George Dubya Bush' Page

Spirit of America's Timeline of the TreasonGate Cover-Up Page

People's Email Network's Impeach Both website

George W. Bush posters at AllPosters.com

At the end of Bush 43's administration, the full Republican National Debt of TWENTY-FIVE TRILLION dollars breaks down as follows: 12 trillion dollars of official debt, 5.4 trillion dollars of subprime mortgage paper (owned by collapsed Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac), 3 trillion dollars of deferred infrastructure maintenance, one trillion dollars for bringing the troops home from Iraq, 2 trillion dollars of Wall Street bailout money, one trillion of Detroit automaker bailout money, and another trillion for contingencies.
George Dubya Bush ran up more debt than any other human being
in the history of Mankind.

Well, Dubya was not impeached by the lily-livered Democratic 110th Congress. But remember this: There is NO statute of limitations on treason, murder, or violations of the Geneva Convention. And the Bush administration's other crimes such as shredding documents and wire-tapping and war-profiteering may get addressed before statutes of limitation run out by the new Attorney General or newly-appointed Democratic local Federal Attorneys – we shall see.

President  George  'Dubya'  Bush

George W. Bush entry at Wikipedia
George W. Bush Presidential Lie-brary & Museum
Design for George W. Bush Presidential Library {at Dateline Chamesa blog, May 2008}
satirical Bush Library website
satirical Bush White House website

search for books about George W. Bush at Amazon
George Bush (both) memoir & biography books at Amazon
George W. Bush Bibliography books at Amazon
George W. Bush credits at Internet Movie Database

Bush at War by Bob Woodward  "Bush At War" [2002 #1 New York Times bestseller]
by Bob Woodward

The paperback includes "an update on the war with Iraq"
S&S 8½x5½ pb [7/2003] for $10.88
S&S 9x6½ hardcover [11/2002] out of print/many, many used
Warrior King / Impeaching Bush  "Warrior King: The Case For Impeaching George Bush" [2003]
by John Bonifaz, Preface by Rep. John Conyers Jr. of Michigan

The Nation 7¾x5 pb [10/2003] for $8.76
publisher's bookpage
Bush-Haters Handbook   "The Bush-Haters Handbook: A Guide To The Most-Appalling Presidency of The Past 100 Years" [2003]
by Jack Huberman

The Canadian-born author became a U.S. citizen in 2000 just so he could vote against George W. Bush.
Granta Books 7¾x5 pb [7/2004] out of print/many used
Nation Books 7½x5 pb [12/2003] for $13.95
Lies of George W. Bush  "The Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering The Politics of Deception"
[2003] by David Corns

Three Rivers Press 8x5¼ pb [5/2004] for $9.71
Crown Books 9½x6¼ hardcover [9/2003] for $16.32
official website
Big Bush Lies  "Big Bush Lies: 20 Essays & A List of The 50 Most Telling Lies of George W. Bush" [2004]
Edited by Jerry Barrett

S.C.B. Distrs pb [5/2004] for $12.71
Bush on the Couch  "Bush On The Couch: Inside The Mind of The President" [2004]
by Justin A. Frank, MD

Regan Books 9x6 pb [7/2005] for $9.72
Regan Books hardcover [6/2004] for $15.72
The Family / The Bush Dynasty  "The Family: The Real Story of The Bush Dynasty" [2004]
by Kitty Kelley

Anchor Books 7¾x5¼ pb [5/2005] for $10.85
Doubleday 9½x6¼ hardcover [9/2004] out of print/many used
Kelley's book is much more informative than the over-friendly
"The Bushes: Portrait of A Dynasty" [2004] by Peter & Rochelle Schweizer
What Happened Here  "What Happened Here: Bush Chronicles" [2005]
by Eliot Weinberger

"reading [this book] is like being punched in the solar plexus"
New Directions 7x5 pb [9/2005] for $10.74
Impostor / Bush Bankrupted America  "Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America & Betrayed The Reagan Legacy" [2006]
by Bruce Bartlett

Doubleday 9½x6½ hardcover [2/2006] for $17.16
Tragic Legacy / Bush Presidency  "A Tragic Legacy: How A Good vs. Evil Mentality Destroyed The Bush Presidency" [2007 New York Times bestseller]
by Glenn Greenwald

Three Rivers Press 8x5¼ pb [4/2008] for $10.17
Crown 9¼x6 hardcover [6/2007] for $24.95
Dead Certain Presidency of George W. Bush  "Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush" [2007]
by Robert Draper

Free Press 9x6½ hardcover [8/2007] for $18.48
The Bush Tragedy  "The Bush Tragedy" [2008]
by Jacob Weisberg

Random House 7¾x5¼ pb [10/2008] for $10.88
Random House 9½x6¼ hardcover [1/2008] for $17.16
Prosecution of Bush for Murder  
"The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder" [2008]
by Vincent Bugliosi

Vanguard Press 9¼x6½ hardcover [5/2008] for $16.77
official booksite
Decision Points memoir by George W. Bush  "Decision Points" memoir [2010] by George W. Bush
Truly a waste of wood pulp: No new information, Dubya did everything right, his only regrets or mistakes are the P.R. stunt on the aircraft carrier and saying 'Bring it on!"
"Aims for tough-minded simplicity but keeps landing on simple-minded sententiousness." — George Packer
Kindle Edition from Crown Digital [11/2010] for $16.99
Broadway Books 7¾x5 pb [10/2011] for $11.62
Crown Books 9½x6½ hardcover [11/2010] for $20.31
Crown Books Limited Edition hardcover [11/2010] orig $220.50 - out of print/used
Random House/Crown ABR audio CD [11/2010] for $23.10
George W. Bush & the Redemptive Dream book by Dan P. McAdams  
"George W. Bush and The Redemptive Dream: A Psychological Portrait" [2010]
by Dan P. McAdams

Oxford Univ Press 7x5¼ hardcover [11/2010] for $23.96

Vice President  Richard  Bruce  'Dick'  Cheney

Dick Cheney entry at Wikipedia
Impeach Cheney website

Halliburton Agenda  "The Halliburton Agenda: The Politics of Oil & Money" [2004]
by Dan Briody

Wiley & Sons 8½x5½ pb [12/2005] for $13.22
Wiley & Sons 9x6 hardcover [5/2004] for $24.95
Dick Cheney: The Man Who Is President  "Dick: The Man Who Is President" [2004]
by John Nichols

New Press 7¾x5½ hardcover [9/2004] for $16.29
Frontline / The Dark Side Dick Cheney  "P.B.S. Frontline: The Dark Side" [June 2006]
Co-produced, written & directed by Michael Kirk; narration by Will Lyman; won WGA Best TV Doumentary Award
PBS Home Video color DVD [8/2006] for $26.99
full credits at IMDb • PBS official movie site
Dick Cheney / Hijacking the American Presidency  "Vice: Dick Cheney & The Hijacking of The American Presidency"
[2006] by Lou Dubose & Jake Bernstein

Random House 9¼x6¼ hardcover [10/2006] for $16.47
Cheney America's Vice President  "Cheney: The Untold Story of America's Most Powerful & Controversial Vice President" [2007]
by Stephen F. Hayes

HarperCollins 9x6 hardcover [7/2007] for $18.45
Angler / Cheney Vice Presidency book by Barton Gellman  "Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency" [2008 bestseller]
by Pulitzer-winner Barton Gellman

Penguin 8½x5½ pb [8/2009] for $14.04
Penguin Press 9x6½ hardcover [9/2008] for $26.57

book optioned by H.B.O. in March 2011 for a miniseries

In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir by Dick Cheney  "In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir" [2011]
by Dick Cheney, with Liz Cheney

"Cheney will be remembered as a strong leader like Somoza, Amin, Mussolini, and other men who weren't afraid to embrace the dark side in the pursuit of their vision."
— Amazon reviewer
Threshold Editions 9¼x6 hardcover [8/2011] for $19.05
S&S Audio ABR audio CD read by Edward Herrmann [8/2011] for $17.54

"The Last War Crime" [indep 2012?]  
The Last War Crime independent 2012 movie  What if?: A district attorney issues an indictment for ordering the illegal interrogations at Guantanamo that provided the false basis for invading Iraq, then races against time to deliver the subpoena in public before she can be squashed by ruthless agents of the government. Co-produced, written & directed by 'The Pen'; starring Deanna Hurst, Richard Tanner, Grey Wolf {as Dick Cheney}, Troy Conrad, Joanie Tomsky, William Knight, G. Larry Butler, Carl Solomon, Reggie De Morton, Kevin Sifuentes
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • full credits at IMDb • official movie site

"Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney In The White House" [Doubleday, 10/2013] by Peter Baker
"The real story of Bush and Cheney is a far more fascinating tale than the familiar suspicion
that Cheney was the power behind the throne."

evil genius  and    paid mudslinger
Karl  Rove

Karl Rove salutes The American People

Karl Rove entry at Wikipedia

Bush's Brain book  "Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential"
[2003] by James Moore & Wayne Slater

Wiley & Sons 8¾x5½ pb [1/2004] for $11.53
Wiley & Sons 9½x6¼ hardcover [2/2003] for $17.61
Bush's Brain film  "Bush's Brain: A Documentary About Karl Rove" [Tartan Aug 2004]
Directed by Joseph Mealey & Michael Shoob

Tartan color DVD [10/2004] for $13.53
Tartan color VHS [10/2004] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb • official movie site
Boy Genius: Karl Rove  "Boy Genius: Karl Rove, The Architect of George W. Bush's Remarkable Political Triumphs" [2005]
by Carl M. Cannon, Lou Dubose & Jan Reid

PublicAffairs pb [3/2005] for $7.80
PBS / Frontline: Karl Rove  "P.B.S. / Frontline: Karl Rove, The Architect" [WGBH/PBS 2005]
Co-produced, written & directed by Michael Kirk; narrated by Will Lyman
PBS Home Video color DVD [10/2005] for $22.99
episode credits at IMDb
Rove Exposed  "Rove Exposed: How Bush's Brain Fooled America" [2005]
by James Moore & Wayne Slater

Wiley 9x6 pb [11/2005] for $9.97
Architect / Karl Rove  "The Architect: Karl Rove & The Master Plan For Absolute Power"
[2006] by James Moore & Wayne Slater

Crown 9¼x6½ hardcover [9/2006] for $17.13
Courage and Consequence bilge by traitor Karl Rove  "Courage and Consequence: My Life As A Conservative In The Fight" [2010] by traitor Karl Rove
A more apt title would be "Cowardice and Corruption". There was no courage in Rove's treason (the outing of C.I.A. agent Valerie Plame Wilson), nor in the kangaroo-court injustice to Gov. Don Siegelman, nor any other Rove action.
"This book is primarily an act of vengeance." — Joe Klein, Time Magazine

Other  Bush  Administration
Crooks,  Liars  &  Traitors

'Corruption & Scandal in Politics' Page at Working Minds

Alberto  Gonzales
Alberto Gonzales entry at Wikipedia

Rise to Power of Alberto Gonzales  "The President's Counselor: The Rise To Power of Alberto Gonzales" [2006] by Bill Minutaglio
HarperCollins 9x6¼ hardcover [7/2006] for $18.21
"El Asesor del Presidente: El Ascenso al Poder de Alberto Gonzales" [2006] Translation by Rosario Camacho-Koppel
Rayo pb [9/2006] for $11.66
In Justice by David Iglesias  "In Justice: Inside The Scandal That Rocked The Bush Administration" [2008]
by David Iglesias, with Davin Seay

Wiley & Sons 9¼x6¼ hardcover [5/2008] for $17.13
scandal info at Wikipedia

Scott  McClellan
Scott McClellan entry at Wikipedia

What Happened by Scott McClellan  
"What Happened: Inside The Bush White House & What's
Wrong With Washington" [2008]
by Scott McClellan

PublicAffairs 9½x6½ hardcover [5/2008] for $16.77
Blackstone Audiobooks CD-ROM [6/2008] for $23.48

Condoleezza  Rice
Condoleezza Rice entry at Wikipedia

Condoleezza Rice / Path to Power  "Twice As Good: Condoleezza Rice & Her Path To Power" [2007]
by Marcus Mabry

Modern Times 9x6½ pb [2/2008] for $13.46
Modern Times 9¼x6½ hardcover [5/2007] for $18.15
Condoleezza Rice biography  "Condoleezza Rice: An American Life - A Biography" [2007]
by Elisabeth Bumiller

Random House hardcover [12/2007] for $18.45

Donald  H.  Rumsfeld
Donald H. Rumsfeld entry at Wikipedia
Donald Rumsfeld credits at Internet Movie Database

Rumsfeld Catastrophic Legacy  "Rumsfeld: His Rise, Fall & Catastrophic Legacy" [2007]
by Andrew Cockburn

Scribner 9x5¾ hardcover [2/2007] for $16.50
Torture Team / Rumsfeld's Betrayal  "Torture Team: Rumsfeld's Memo & The Betrayal of American Values" [2008]
by Philippe Sands

Palgrave Macmillan 9x6 pb [5/2009] for $11.53
Palgrave Macmillan 9¼x6 hardcover [5/2008] for $17.79
Known and Unknown memoir by Donald Rumsfeld  "Known and Unknown: A Memoir" [2011]
by Donald Rumsfeld

815 pages of twaddle that shifts blame to others and settles old scores
Sentinel 9½x6½ hardcover [2/2011] for $20.43

Books  About  Dubya's  Gang  of  Crooks

New Nuclear Danger  
"The New Nuclear Danger: George W. Bush's Military-Industrial Complex"
[2002, rev 2004] by Dr. Helen Caldicott

New Press 8¼x5½ pb [4/2004] for $17.95
New Press 8¼x6¼ pb [4/2002] out of print/many used
Weapons of Mass Deception  
"Weapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda In Bush's War On Iraq" [2003]
by Sheldon Rampton & John Stauber

J.P. Tarcher 8¼x5½ pb [7/2003] for $8.96
Price of Loyalty / O'Neill  "The Price of Loyalty: George W. Bush, The White House & The Education of Paul O'Neill" [2004] by Ron Suskind
S&S pb [9/2004] for $10.19/a>
S&S 9½x6½ hardcover [1/2004] out of print/hundreds used
Audioworks ABR audio CD [1/2004] out of prodn/used
official booksite
"El Precio de la Lealtad: Con una Cierta Mirada"
Peninsular pb [5/2004] out of print/used

Bush / Saudi Dynasties  "House of Bush, House of Saud: The Secret Relationship Between The World's Two Most Powerful Dynasties" [2004] by Craig Unger
Scribner 9¼x6¼ hardcover [3/2004] out of print/dozens used
Audioworks ABR audio CD [3/2004] out of prodn/used
Audioworks ABR audio tape [3/2004] out of prodn/used
Radio Inside Scoop interview April 2004 [archived MP3]

Rise of the Vulcans   "Rise of The Vulcans: The History of Bush's War Cabinet" [2004]
by James Mann

Penguin 8½x5½ pb [9/2004] for $11.20
Viking 9.3x6.3 hardcover [3/2004] for $17.65
Mission Not Accomplished  "Mission Not Accomplished: How George Bush Lost The War On Terrorism" [2004]
by William W. Turner

Penmarin 8½x6½ pb [6/2004] for $12.71
publisher preview page
Losing America  "Losing America: Confronting A Reckless & Arrogant Presidency" [2004]
by Sen. Robert C. Byrd [1917-2010]

W.W. Norton 8¼x5½ pb [4/2005] for $10.93
W.W. Norton 8½x5½ hardcover [7/2004] for $23.95

archived Sen. Robert C. Byrd [Dem-WV 1958-2010] official website

Plan of Attack by Woodward  "Plan of Attack" [2004] by Bob Woodward
S&S 8½x5½ pb [10/2004] for $10.50
S&S 9½x6½ hardcover [4/2004] for $17.64
S&S ABR audio CD [4/2004] for $18.87
S&S ABR audio [4/2004] for $16.38
Worse Than Watergate  "Worse Than WaterGate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush" [2004] by John W. Dean
Warner Books pb [4/2005] for $10.17
Little, Brown 8&frac134x5¾ hardcover [4/2004] for $15.61
Strategic Ignorance  "Strategic Ignorance: Why The Bush Administration Is Recklessly Destroying A Century of Environmental Progress" [2004]
by Carl Pope & Paul Rauber

Sierra Club Books 8½x6½ pb [5/2006] for $11.53
Sierra Club Books 9¼x6½ hardcover [5/2004] for $15.72
Bush vs. Environment  "Bush vs. The Environment" [2004]
by Robert S. Devine

Anchor pb [6/2004] for $9.00
Bush Betrayal by Bovard  "The Bush Betrayal" [2004]
by James Bovard

Palgrave Macmillan 9½x6¼ pb [9/2005] for $11.53
Palgrave Macmillan 9½x6½ hardcover [8/2004] for $16.98
author website
Crimes Against Nature  "Crimes Against Nature: How George W. Bush & His Corporate Pals Are Plundering The Country & Hijacking Our Democracy" [2004]
by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Harper Perennial 8x5¼ pb [7/2005] for $10.46
HarperCollins 8½x5¾ hardcover [8/2004] for $14.93
Twilight of Democracy  "The Twilight of Democracy: The Bush Plan For America" [2004]
by Jennifer Van Bergen

Common Courage Press 7½x5¼ pb [9/2004] for $10.85
Common Courage Press 7¾x5¼ hardcover [9/2004] for $29.95
Age of Anxiety / McCarthyism  "The Age of Anxiety: McCarthyism To Terrorism" [2005]
by Haynes Johnson

Harvest Books pb [10/2006] for $11.70
Harcourt 9¼x6½ hardcover [10/2005] for $17.16
Highbridge ABR audio CD [10/2005] for $23.07
State of War   "State of War: The Secret History of the C.I.A. & The Bush Administration"
[2006] by James Risen

Free Press 9¼x6¼ hardcover [1/2006] for $16.38
Audioworks ABR audio CD [1/2006] for $18.87
Case for Impeachment  "The Case For Impeachment: The Legal Argument For Removing President George W. Bush From Office" [2006]
by Dave Lindorff & Barbara Olshansky

Thomas Dunne Books 8½x6 hardcover [5/2006] for $15.57
Genius of Impeachment  "The Genius of Impeachment: The Founders' Cure For Royalism & Why It Must Be Applied To George W. Bush" [2006]
by John Nichols

New Press 7¼x5¼ pb [10/2006] for $10.85
U.S. v. George W. Bush  "United States v. George W. Bush et al" [2006]
by Elizabeth de la Vega

Seven Stories Press 7x5 pb [11/2006] for $10.17
official bookpage
Impeach The President  "Impeach The President: The Case Against Bush & Cheney" [2006]
Edited by Dennis Loo & Peter Phillips, Introduction by Howard Zinn

Seven Stories Press 9x6 pb [10/2006] for $12.21
White House Compromised American Intelligence  "On The Brink: An Insider's Account of How The White House Compromised American Intelligence" [2006]
by Tyler Drumheller, with Elaine Monaghan

The former head of C.I.A. covert operations in Europe reveals the steps taken by the Bush White House to undermine legitimate intelligence prior to and after the invasion of Iraq.
Carroll & Graf 9x6¼ pb [10/2006] for $17.79
Undermining Science In The Bush Administration book by Seth Shulman  "Undermining Science: Suppression & Distortion In The Bush Administration" [2007]
by Seth Shulman

Univ CA Press 9x6 hardcover [1/2007] for $16.47
Sinking The Ship of State  "Sinking The Ship of State: The Presidency of George W. Bush" [2007]
by Walter M. Brasch

BookSurge Publng 9x6 pb [9/2007] for $24.95
author's official website
Daydream Believers / Wrecked American Power  "Daydream Believers: How A Few Grand Ideas Wrecked American Power" [2008] by Fred Kaplan
A devastating report on the Iraq war and on the Bush Administration's fantastic foreign policy in the Mideast
Wiley & Sons 9¼x6¼ hardcover [1/2008] for $25.95

"Born to Cheat: How Bush, Cheney, Rove & Co. Broke the Rules - From the Sandlot to the White House"
(March 2009) by Jackson Thoreau /1598992066/

"The 35 Articles of Impeachment and the Case for Prosecuting George W. Bush"
(Nov 2008) by Dennis Kucinich, David Swanson and Elizabeth de la Vega

"Founders v. Bush: a Comparison in Quotations of the Policies and Politics of the Founding Fathers and George W. Bush"
(Oct 2007) by Steve Coffman, Zack Coffman, Scott Di Lalla and Mark Summers

"The Decline of America under George W. Bush: A Government by the Wealthy and for the Wealthy"
(Aug 10, 2011) by James P. Huchthausen

Movies  (and Opera)  About  Dubya, et al
George W. Bush credits at Internet Movie Database

Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary poster directed by Michael Moore  "Fahrenheit 9/11" documentary [LionsGate/I.F.C. June 2004]
The highest-grossing documentary feature film of all time Written & directed by Michael Moore; nominated for DGA Best Documentary Award & Cιsar Award for Best Foreign Film
Columbia/TriStar widescreen DVD [10/2004] for $18.82
Columbia/TriStar VHS [10/2004] priced for rental market
Rhino soundtrack CD [10/2004] for $12.99
full credits from IMDb • official movie website
The Man Who Knew Bush docufilm  "The Man Who Knew Bush: A Trip Back Through Bush Country"
documentary feature [Black Sheep Films released 2004?]

Basically a monologue/interview of distant relative Vernon Craig over film of New England locations in Dubya's past. Produced, written & directed by Marc Berlin; featuring Gary Boyd Roberts, Alejandro Castro, Vernon Craig & Al Mele • credits at IMDb
indep release color DVD [6/2011] for $12.65
Green Day American Idiot rock opera album  "American Idiot" rock opera album [2004 bestseller] by Green Day
enhanced/explicit lyrics: WEA/Reprise audio CD [9/2004] for $13.99
W.E.A. Intl. audio CD [8/2005] for $21.98
album info at Wikipedia • official band site {requires Flash} • official fansite
Bush's Brain film  "Bush's Brain: A Documentary About Karl Rove"
[BeBe/Tartan Aug 2004]

Directed by Joseph Mealey & Michael Shoob
Tartan color DVD [10/2004] for $8.99
Tartan color VHS [10/2004] for $9.49
full credits from IMDb • official moviesite
Crawford documentary poster  "Crawford" documentary feature [indep 2008]
The town of Crawford, Texas [pop. 705] goes thru a series of changes when President-elect George W. Bush buys a ranch near their town for his Western White House.
Co-produced & directed by David Modigliani
Virgil Films & Ent. DVD [6/2009] for $17.99
full credits from IMDb • official movie site

Oliver Stone's W docudrama movie  "Oliver Stone's W." [LionsGate Oct 2008]
"Anyone can grow up to be President."
Co-produced, co-written & directed by Oliver Stone; co-written by Stanley Weiser; starring Josh Brolin {as Bush 43}, Elizabeth Banks, Thandie Newton, James Cromwell {as Bush 41}, Richard Dreyfuss {as Cheney}, Scott Glenn, Ioan Gruffudd, Ellen Burstyn. Jason Ritter. Jeffrey Wright, Sayed Badreya. Rob Corddry, Toby Jones, Stacy Keach, Allan Kolman, Michael Gaston & Dennis Boutsikaris
LionsGate widescreen color Blu-ray [2/2009] for $14.99
LionsGate widescreen color DVD [2/2009] for $7.05
LionsGate color DVD [2/2009] for $5.99
full credits from IMDb • official movie site

"Being W" satirical 'autobiography'  "Being W." [EuropaCorp/France Oct 2008]
The "unauthorized autobiography of the 43rd President of the United States of America" from a French film satire team; also shown on German TV. Directed by Michel Royer & Karl Zero; voiceover as Dubya by Jim Meskimen; featuring footage of George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden, Tony Blair, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, Al Gore Jr., Saddam Hussein, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Arnold Schwarzenegger & ZZ Top
DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDb • official movie site
watch Sept 2008 French/English trailer [2:37] on YouTube

Family  &  Friends

father President 41 George Herbert Walker Bush [b. 1924]
mother Barbara Pierce Bush [b. 1925]
sister Pauline Robinson 'Robin' Bush [1949–53]
brother ex-Gov. John Ellis 'Jeb' Bush [b. 1953]
brother Neil Mallon Bush [b. 1955]
brother Marvin Pierce Bush [b. 1956]
sister Dorothy Bush Koch [b. 1959]

President 43 George Walker Bush [b. 1946]
wife Laura Welch Bush, married 1977

daughter Barbara Pierce Bush [twin b. 1981]

daughter Jenna Welch Bush Hager [twin b. 1981]
son-in-law Henry Chase Hager, married 2008
granddaughter Margaret Laura 'Mila' Hager

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