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         Elizabeth Taylor [1932-2011] glamour photo in seagreen dress, circa 1950?

"I don't remember much about Cleopatra. There were a lot of other things going on."

"One problem with people who have no vices is that they're pretty sure to have some annoying virtues."

"I, along with the critics, have never taken myself very seriously."

— Elizabeth Taylor

          B I O
          t e x t
          h e r e

1958 March 22: Movie producer Mike Todd and three others were killed when his private plane crashed near Grants, New Mexico. His wife, actress Elizabeth Taylor, first learned of Todd's death from a telivision news bulletin, and fainted from the shock. That incident began the news media practice of not releasing names until notification of family.

Elizabeth Taylor entry at Wikipedia
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Elizabeth Taylor 70+ credits [1942-2010] on Internet Movie Database
Elizabeth Taylor's Broadway credits [1981-83]

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star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame  won Oscar for Best Actress for "BUtterfield 8" [1960]  won Oscar for Best Actress for "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" [1966]  received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 1993    Elizabeth Taylor won three Oscar® Awards:
for Best Actress for "BUtterfield 8" [1960]
for Best Actress for "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" [1966]
and the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 1993
— out of 5 Oscar nominations [1958-1967]

She also received
footprints in the forecourt at Grauman's Chinese Theatre {26 September 1956}
with Rock Hudson & George Stevens {for "Giant")
six Golden Laurel Awards, 1958-67
three David di Donatello Awards in 1960, 1967 & 1972
two BAFTA Awards, in 1967 & 1999
Silver Berlin Bear for Best Actress in 1972
Hasty Pudding Theatricals Woman of the Year Award, in 1977
Film Society of Lincoln Center Gala Tribute in 1986
the American Film Institute Life Achievement Award in 1993
ranking as #72 in Empire (UK) Magazine's "Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list, in October 1997
Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award 1998
named a Dame of The British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II on 31 December 1999
GLAAD Media Vanguard Award in 2000
Taos Talking Picture Festival Maverick Award in 2001
The Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts Honors in 2002
a BAFTA/LA Britannia Award in 2005
induction into the California Hall of Fame in Sacramento in December 2007
and a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Movies of Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor 70+ credits [1942-2010] on Internet Movie Database
Elizabeth Taylor filmography page at Wikipedia

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton starred together in 11 movies: "The V.I.P.s" [1963]; "Cleopatra" [1963];
"The Sandpiper" [1965]; "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" [1966]; "The Taming of the Shrew" [1967];
"Doctor Faustus" [1967]; "The Comedians" [1967]; "Boom!" [1968]; "Under Milk Wood" [1972];
"Hammersmith Is Out" [1972]; and "Divorce His, Divorce Hers" [1973 TV]

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton Film Collection DVD box set  "Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton Film Collection" DVD Box Set [2006]
Warner Home Video widescreen color DVD [12/2006] 5 disks for $17.25
contains only 4 feature films: "The V.I.P.s" [1963]; "The Sandpiper" [1965]; "Who's Afraid
of Virginia Woolf?" [1966] 2-disk edition; and "The Comedians" [1967]
·                  ·

Elizabeth Taylor Triad 3 movies on DVD  "Elizabeth Taylor Triad" DVD Box Set [2004]
Vintage Home Ent. DVD [6/2004] for $2.89
contains 3 feature films, which are reviewed as terrible transfers to DVD (possibly from being squoze onto one disk): "Life With Father" [1947]; "Father's Little Dividend" [1951]; and "The Last Time I Saw Paris" [1954]
Elizabeth Taylor Hollywood Classics 4 movies on 2 disks from AMC Movies  "A.M.C. Movies: Elizabeth Taylor Hollywood Classics" DVD Box Set [2004]
Genius Ent. color/b&w DVD set [8/2004] 2 disks for $9.99
contains 4 feature films: "Father's Little Dividend" [b&w 1951]; "The Last Time I Saw Paris"
[color 1954]; and the two-part "Divorce His, Divorce Hers" [ABC-TV color 1973] co-starring Richard Burton
Elizabeth Taylor Signature Collection DVD box set  "The Elizabeth Taylor Signature Collection" DVD Box Set [2004]
Warner Home Video color DVD [10/2004] 4 disks for $16.73
contains four M.G.M. feature films: "National Velvet" [1944]; "Father of The Bride" [1950]; "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" [1958]; and "BUtterfield 8" [1960]
Silver Screen Legends: Elizabeth Taylor DVD box set  "Silver Screen Legends: Elizabeth Taylor" DVD Box Set [2011]
Synergy Ent. DVD [4/2011] 4 disks for $17.98
contains 4 feature films: "Life With Father" [1947]; "Father's Little Dividend" [1951]; "The Last Time I Saw Paris" [1954]; and "The Driver's Seat" [1974]
TCM Greatest Classic Legends Film Collection Elizabeth Taylor DVD box set  "T.C.M. Greatest Classic Legends Film Collection: Elizabeth Taylor"
DVD Box Set [2011]

Turner Home Ent. DVD set [7/2011] 4 disks for $15.36
contains 4 feature films: "Father of The Bride" [1950]; "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" [1958]; "BUtterfield 8" [1960]; and "The Sandpiper" [1965] co-starring Richard Burton
Elizabeth Taylor Warner Archive Classics Collection DVD box set  "Elizabeth Taylor: The Warner Archive Classics Collection"
DVD Box Set [2011]

Warner Archive DVD-R [11/2011] 5 disks for $59.99
contains five M.G.M. feature films of Liz Taylor from age 15 to age 22: "Cynthia" [1947]; "Conspirator" [1949]; "Love Is Better Than Ever" [1952]; "The Girl Who Had Everything"
[1953]; and "Rhapsody" [1954]

·                  ·

"Lassie Come Home" [1943]

"National Velvet" [M.G.M. Dec 1944]
Directed by Clarence Brown; based on the 1935 Enid Bagnold novel; starring Mickey Rooney, Donald Crisp,
Elizabeth Taylor, Anne Revere & Angela Lansbury; listed on National Film Registry (2003)
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"Lux Radio Theatre: National Velvet" (CBS Radio, 2 March 1947)

"Courage of Lassie" [1946]

"Life With Father" [1947]
starring William Powell, Irene Dunn & Elizabeth Taylor

"Cynthia" [M.G.M. Aug 1947] /tt0039293/
starring Elizabeth Taylor, George Murphy, S.Z. Sakall, Mary Astor

"A Date With Judy" [1948]
starring Wallace Beery, Jane Powell, Elizabeth Taylor

"Little Women" [April 1949] Mervyn LeRoy (Director)

"Conspirator" [M.G.M. UK July 1949, USA March 1950]
/tt0041260/ starring Robert Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Flemyng

"Father of The Bride" [M.G.M. 1950] /tt0042451/
Directed by Vincente Minnelli; starring Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, Elizabeth Taylor

"Father's Little Dividend" [1951]
Directed by Vincente Minnelli; starring Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, Elizabeth Taylor

"A Place In The Sun" (1951) /tt0043924/

"Love Is Better Than Ever" [M.G.M. Feb 1952] /tt0044852/
Directed by Stanley Donen; starring Larry Parks, Elizabeth Taylor, Josephine Hutchinson

"Ivanhoe"  [Loew's/M.G.M. July 1952]
Ivanhoe 1952 movie poster starring Robert Taylor  Filmed in Technicolor; based on the 1820 novel by Sir Walter Scott. A disowned Saxon knight returning from a Crusade to the Holy Land learns that England's King Richard is imprisoned in Austria for ransom. Prince John and his Norman cronies have no interest in paying the ransom and ending their power, so Ivanhoe teams with outlaw Robin Locksley to raise the money by taking tax monies back from Prince John's collectors. Directed by Richard Thorpe; starring Robert Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders, Finlay Currie, Felix Aylmer, Norman Wooland, Harold Warrender & Guy Rolfe; Oscar noms for Best Picture, Best Color Cinema-tography & Best Music Score
Warner Home Video color DVD [1/2005] for $14.99
M.G.M./Warner color VHS [9/99] out of prodn/many used
27"x40" poster from Amazon for $19.99
full credits at IMDb

more details (synopsis, sequels, books & ebooks, posters, links, merchandise) on the
"Ivanhoe" Novel & Movies Page at Spirit of America Bookstore

"The Girl Who Had Everything" [M.G.M. March 1953] /tt0045816/
starring Elizabeth Taylor, Fernando Lamas, William Powell

"Rhapsody" [M.G.M. March 1954] /tt0047408/
starring Elizabeth Taylor, Vittorio Gassman, John Ericson,

"Elephant Walk" [April 1954] /tt0046951/
Directed by William Dieterle; starring Elizabeth Taylor, Dana Andrews, Peter Finch

"Beau Brummell" [M.G.M. Oct 1954] /tt0046759/
starring Stewart Granger, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Ustinov

"The Last Time I Saw Paris" [Nov 1954] /tt0047162/
Directed by Richard Brooks; starring Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon

"Giant"  [Warner Oct 1956]
Giant video  Directed by George Stevens; based on the Edna Ferber novel; starring Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean, Carroll Baker, Chill Wills, Mercedes McCambridge & Dennis Hopper; won Best Director Oscar, nominated for Best Picture, Best Script, Best Actor (RH & JD), Best Music, Best Editing, Best Costumes, Best Art Direction, Best Supporting Actress (MM)
Warner widescreen color DVD [10/2003] 2 disks for $19.99
Warner widescreen color keepcase DVD [5/2005] for $23.99
Warner Video color VHS [1/2002] 2 tapes - out of prodn/used
Warner VHS w/Spanish subtitles [1/2002] 2 tapes - out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb
Giant book  
Novel by Edna Ferber [1952]
Harper 8x5.3 pb [9/2000] for $11.20
Buccaneer 9x5¾ hardcover [1/96] for $32.16
BooksOnTape UNABR audio [1/84] for $80.00

"Raintree County" [M.G.M. 1957]
Raintree County poster  Directed by Edward Dymytryk; starring Montgomery Clift, Eva Marie Saint, Lee Marvin & Elizabeth Taylor {nominated for Best Actress Oscar}
MGM/UA color widescreen VHS [1985] 2 tapes for $79.95
MGM/UA color VHS [1985] 2 tapes for $19.75
Warner color roadshow VHS [10/99] 2 tapes for $32.00
Warner color widescreen VHS [10/99] 2 tapes - out of prodn/used
Film Score Monthly remastered soundtrack CD [11/2010] out of prodn/used
11"x17" white poster from Amazon for $9.99
full credits from IMDb'Raintree County' website

Raintree County novel by Ross Lockridge, Jr.  "Raintree County" [1948 bestseller & classic]
by Ross Lockridge, Jr. [1914-48]

Buccaneer Books hardcover [12/91] for $32.97
Penguin pb [4/94] out of print/used
Houghton Mifflin hardcover [6/84] out of print/used
Pan Macmillan pb [1977] out of print/used

"Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" [1958]
six Oscar noms; directed by Richard Brooks; starring Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, Burl Ives
based on Tennessee Williams play

"Suddenly, Last Summer" (1959)
based on the stageplay by Tennessee Williams

"BUtterfield 8" [1960] Liz won Oscar for Best Actress

"Cleopatra" [Fox June 1963] /tt0056937/
starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Rex Harrison; #39 box office as-of 2011 having sold 67,183,500 tickets

"The Fourth Star of Cleopatra" (1963) 'making-of' short

"Elizabeth Taylor In London" [CBS-TV Oct 1963]
soundtrack album for 'Elizabeth Taylor In London' TV special of 1963  hour-long TV program, with music by John Barry;
nominated for Primetime Emmy

DVD/Blu-ray not available
Fantastic Voyage soundtrack CD [3/2011] for $11.99
bare credits at IMDb

"The V.I.P.s" [1963] co-starring Richard Burton

"The Sandpiper" [1965] co-starring Richard Burton

"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" [1966]
won 5 oscars /tt0061184/ co-starring Richard Burton

"Reflections In A Golden Eye" [1967]
directed by John Huston, starring Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor;

Zefferelli's "Taming of The Shrew" [1967] co-starring Richard Burton /tt0061407/

"The Taming of The Shrew Featurette" [1967]
a short conversation between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, and footage from the Royal Odeon
opening for the film • watch [2:45] free online at Internet Archive

"Doctor Faustus" [1967] co-starring Richard Burton

"The Comedians" [1967] co-starring Richard Burton

"Secret Ceremony" [Universal Pictures Oct 1968] /tt0063571/
Directed by Joseph Losey; starring Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Mitchum, Mia Farrow

"Boom!" [1968] co-starring Richard Burton

"Around The World of Mike Todd" TV special [1968] /tt0268149/

She had an uncredited cameo in Burton's film "Anne of The Thousand Days" [1969]

"Anne Boleyn's England" [1969]
Appeared as herself in a ten-minute promotional short for "Anne of The Thousand Days" (1969),
with Charles Jarrott, Richard Burton, Geneviève Bujold, Hal B. Wallis

"The Only Game In Town" [1970]
Directed by George Stevens; starring Warren Beatty & Elizabeth Taylor

"Under Milk Wood" [1972] co-starring Richard Burton

"Hammersmith Is Out" [1972] co-starring Richard Burton

"X, Y and Zee" [1972]

"Ash Wednesday" [1973]

"Divorce His, Divorce Hers" [ABC-TV Feb 1973] co-starring Richard Burton
interesting two-part structure: when a divorced couple meet in Rome, they each look back on their marriage and divorce
"Divorce His" TV movie [ABC-TV 1973] /tt0069980/
"Divorce Hers" TV movie [ABC-TV 1973]

"Night Watch" (1973)
starring Elizabeth Taylor, Laurence Harvey, Billie Whitelaw

"The Driver's Seat" [Italy 1974] /tt0071442/ Giuseppe Patroni Griffi (Director)

That's Entertainment documentary feature directed by Jack Haley, Jr.  "That's Entertainment!: 50 Years of M.G.M." [M.G.M. June 1974]
Co-produced, written & directed by Jack Haley, Jr.; various segments were hosted by the studio's legendary (and then-living) stars: Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly, Peter Lawford, Liza Minnelli (representing her mother, Judy Garland), Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Mickey Rooney, Frank Sinatra, James Stewart, and Elizabeth Taylor
Warner Home Video widescreen color DVD [10/2004] for $17.99
full credits from IMDbPart 1 movie entry at Wikipedia

"The Blue Bird (Sinyaya Ptitsa)" [Lenfilm/Fox April 1976] /tt0074225/
Directed by George Cukor; starring Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, Ava Gardner, Cicely Tyson

"Barbara Walters Special" [ABC-TV 1977] with husband John Warner

"A Little Night Music" [1977] starring Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Rigg, Len Cariou

"The Mirror Crack'd" (1980)
"The Mirror Crack'd" [1962 novel] by Agatha Christie
British title: "The Mirror Crack'd From Side To Side"

"Between Friends" [1983 TV]

"Malice In Wonderland" [1985 TV film]
Louella Parsons portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor, Hedda Hopper portrayed by Jane Alexander

"Poker Alice" [May 1987 TV] /tt0093755/
starring Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Skerritt, Richard Mulligan

"Barbara Walters Special" [ABC-TV 1987] with husband John Warner

"Sweet Bird Of Youth" [1989 TV]
starring Elizabeth Taylor, Mark Harmon, Valerie Perrine and Rip Torn

"A Closer Look" [NBC-TV May 1991] episode about Liz

"The Flintstones" (1994)

"Richard Burton: An Actor's Life" [A&E Biography 1995]

"Dame Elizabeth Taylor: A Musical Celebration" [indep 2000]
Dame Elizabeth Taylor Musical Celebration  Essentially highlights from the musical gala held in the Royal Albert Hall in May 2000 to celebrate Elizabeth Taylor's being named a Dame of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II the prior New Years Eve Directed by Hamish Hamilton; written by John Paul Chapple; co-hosted by David Frost & Stephen Fry; original music by Glen Roven, with The London Musicians Orchestra; featuring Elizabeth Taylor, John Barry, Tony Bennett, Andrea Bocelli, Joan Collins, Susan George, Michael Jackson, Reba McEntire, with archive footage of Richard Burton, James Dean, Sandy Dennis, Laurence Harvey, Rock Hudson, Paul Newman, George Segal & Mike Todd
Region 1 DVD not available, nor a soundtrack recording {5/2012}
credits at IMDb

"Omnibus" Special Episode [May 2000] for BBC of London

"These Old Broads" (2001 TV movie)
starring Shirley Maclaine, Joan Collins, Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor

"Richard Burton: Taylor-Made For Stardom" [A&E Biography 2002]

Books, Radio, Stageplays, Other Media

Elizabeth Taylor's Broadway credits [1981-83]

"The Little Foxes"
Broadway revival, 1981 starring Elizabeth Taylor
nominated for Best Actress Tony Award for role Regina Giddens in "The Little Foxes", 1981

Co-produced "The Corn Is Green" by Emlyn Williams on Broadway in 1983
{53 performances} starring Cicely Tyson & Peter Gallagher

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton appeared together on stage in a revival of "Private Lives" [May-July 1983]

Passion perfume (1987)
Passion for Men (1989)
Parfums International's Elizabeth Taylor's Passion Body Riches (1989)
Black Pearls perfume (1991)
White Diamonds (1991)
Diamonds and Rubies (1993)
Diamonds and Emeralds (1993)
Diamonds and Sapphires (1993)
Parfums International Ltd.'s Fragrant Jewels fragrance by Elizabeth Taylor (1993)
Sparkling White Diamonds fragrance (1995)
New White Diamonds fragrance (1998)
Brilliant White Diamonds (2001)
Forever Elizabeth perfume (2002)
Gardenia (2003)
Violet Eyes (2010)

"Command Performance" on Armed Forces radio Service (8 March 1945)
with Frank Sinatra, Roddy McDowall, and others

"Screen Guild Theater: Her First Beau" (ABC Radio, 15 April, 1946)

"Lux Radio Theatre: National Velvet" (CBS Radio, Feb or March? 1947)
Lux Radio Theatre audio CD from Radio Archives  "The Lux Radio Theatre, 1945-47" ten one-hour broadcasts [2008]
movies as radio plays include: "The Canterville Ghost", "The Devil and Miss Jones", "Disputed Passage", "Grissley's Millions", "I'll Be Seeing You", "National Velvet" (Feb 1947 starring Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney & Donald Crisp), "Only Yesterday", "The Petrified Forest", "The Suspect", and "Swanee River"
Radio Archives audio CD [2008] for $29.98 via Amazon third party

"Lux Radio Theatre: Cynthia" (CBS Radio, 23 June 1947)

"Theater Guild On The Air (aka United States Steel Air): Kiss and Tell" (ABC Radio, 14 Sept 1947)

"Hallmark Playhouse: Morning Glory" (CBS Radio, 7 April 1949)

"Theater Guild On The Air: Our Town" (ABC Radio, 12 March 1950)

"Cavalcade of America: I, Mary Peabody" (NBC/Dupont Radio, 21 March 1950)
along with Susan Douglas (Rubes)

"Hallmark Playhouse: West of The Hill" (CBS Radio, 21 Sept 1950)

"Theater Guild On The Air: Father of The Bride" (ABC Radio, 25 Feb 1951)

"Best of All: The Last Time I Saw Paris" 90-minute special (NBC Radio, 15 Nov 1954)

"Nibbles and Me" [Duel, Sloan & Pearce 1946]
"Also World Enough and Time" [poetry 1964]
"Elizabeth Takes Off: On Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Self-Image, and Self-Esteem" [G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1987]
"Crazy About The Movies" [1987]

My Love Affair With Jewelry book by Elizabeth Taylor  "My Love Affair With Jewelry" [2002]
by Elizabeth Taylor

Simon & Schuster 11x10¼ pb [11/2003] out of print/used
Simon & Schuster 12½x10 hardcover [9/2002] out of print/many used

Works About Elizabeth Taylor

"Cleopatra In Mink" [1962] by Cy Rice

"Biography: Elizabeth Taylor" [A&E 1987] was the then-highest-rated episode of that series

"Liz Taylor (Hollywood's Leading Ladies)" [1991] VHS Tape

1993 AFI : Elizabeth Taylor [1932-2011]
honoree credits from IMDb; video not available; show credits from IMDb

"Biography: Elizabeth Taylor" [A&E 1993]

"Elizabeth Taylor: Unauthorised Biography" [1994] video from Multimedia Productions/Duocrave (UK)

"Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story" [1995 TV movie]
Liz is portrayed by Sherilyn Fenn, Hedda Hopper portrayed by Katherine Helmond

"Biography: Elizabeth Taylor" [A&E 1995]

"Liz Taylor: How To Be A Movie Star" [2009] by Wm J. Mann

"Elizabeth Taylor, A Passion For Life: The Wit and Wisdom of A Legend" [4/2011]
by Joseph Papa

Hollywood Sex Symbols video  "Hollywood Sex Symbols" [1988 video release]
Some Amazon reviewers of the VHS edition suggest poor quality reproduction of press material, but the probable rarity of the clips may be of interest to some fans. Stars covered include Theda Bara, Brigette Bardot, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Rita Hayworth, Sophia Loren, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, Tyrone Power, Elvis Presley, Robert Redford, Elizabeth Taylor, Rudolph Valentino & Mae West
Front Row Ent. color/b&w DVD [12/2007] for $18.98
Front Row Ent. color/b&w VHS [6/89] for $8.29
Front Row Ent. color/b&w VHS [undated] out of print/used
full credits at IMDb

Best of Person to Person  "The Best of Person To Person" [1953-59]
Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner; narrated by Connie Chung; programs hosted by Edward R. Murrow; interviewees include Marlon Brando, Sammy Davis Jr., John F. Kennedy, Jerry Lewis, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor & Joanne Woodward
Koch Vision b&w DVD [11/2006] 3 disks for $34.99
Fox b&w VHS [8/93] out of prodn/used
docufilm credits from IMDbseries credits from IMDb

Elizabeth Taylor The Queen & I book by Gianni Bozzacchi  "Elizabeth Taylor: The Queen and I" [2002] by Gianni Bozzacchi
In 1965, twenty-two-year-old Bozzacchi was sent from Rome to Africa as special photo-grapher on the set of "The Comedians", a movie starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Alec Guinness, and Peter Ustinov; as the film wrapped, Taylor offered Bozzacchi a job as her personal photographer, a job that he held for 11 years.
Univ Wisc Press 11x9 hardcover [10/2002] out of print/used
Golden Girls of M.G.M. book by Jane Ellen Wayne  "The Golden Girls of M-G-M: Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Lana Turner, Judy Garland, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly & Others" [2002]
by Jane Ellen Wayne

fifteen portraits of M.G.M.'s female stars, including June Allyson, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Ava Gardner, Judy Garland, Jean Harlow, Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Hedy Lamarr, Jeanette MacDonald, Debbie Reynolds, Norma Shearer, Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner & Esther Williams; online reviewers describe the book as tasteless & dull, mere repetition of unfounded gossip
Da Capo Press 8½x5½ pb [12/2003] for $14.00
Carroll & Graf 9½x6½ hardcover [11/2002] out of print/used

LIFE: Great Romances box set on 4 DVDs  "LIFE: Great Romances, Volume 1" [2003]
looks at couples John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward, Robert Wagner & Natalie Wood, and Jackie Kennedy & J.F.K.
Madacy Records b&w/color DVD [1/2003] for $9.30
complete set on 4 disks
Madacy Records b&w/color DVD set [1/2003] 4 disks for $35.99
New Constellations, Movie Stars of the 1960s book edited by Prof. Pamela Robertson Wojcik  "New Constellations: Movie Stars of The 1960s" [2011]
Edited by Pamela Robertson Wojcik

Chapters/topics include: Julie Andrews, Mia Farrow, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Dustin Hoffman, Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier, Edie Sedgwick, Peter Sellers & Elizabeth Taylor
Rutgers Univ Press 9x6 pb [12/2011] for $25.95
Rutgers Univ Press 9½x6¼ hardcover [12/2011] for $72.00

"Furious Love" [2014? release]  
Announced 6/2011: The larger-than-life love story of famous Hollywood lovers Elizabeth Taylor &
Richard Burton, based on Sam Kashner & Nancy Schoenberger’s authorized biography;
Martin Scorsese plans to direct • latest info at IMDb

Furious Love authorized biography by Sam Kashner & Nancy Schoenberger  "Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and The Marriage of The Century" authorized biography [2010]
by Sam Kashner & Nancy Schoenberger

Kindle Edition from HarperCollins [6/2010] for $12.99
Harper Perennial 9x6 pb [4/2011] for $13.25
Harper 9x6 hardcover [6/2010] for $17.12

"Liz & Dick" [Lifetime Channel 2012]  
Announced 5/2012: Actress Lindsay Lohan will portray Elizabeth Taylor in female-skewing Lifetime cable
network’s upcoming biopic based on Taylor’s romance with Richard Burton; that production will begin in
early June in Los Angeles; added 5/2012: actor Grant Bowler will portray Burton • latest info at IMDb

"Burton and Taylor" [BBC Four 2013?]  
Announced 2/2013: Helena Bonham Carter [!] will portray Elizabeth Taylor and Dominic West ["The Wire"] will portray on-again,
off-again husband Richard Burton; biopic will tell the story of the pair’s ill-fated appearance in the 1983 Broadway revival of
Noël Coward’s stage play "Private Lives" • not yet listed at IMDb

Friends & Family

older brother Howard Taylor [1929-??]

first husband Conrad Hilton, Jr. [1926-69], married May 1950, divorced January 1951

second husband Michael Wilding [1912-79], married 1952, divorced 1957
son Michael Howard Wilding (born 1953)
son Christopher Edward Wilding (born 1955)

third husband Mike Todd [1909-58], married Feb 1957, widowed March 1958
daughter Elizabeth Frances (Liza) Todd Burton Tivey [b. 8/1957; adopted by Richard Burton]

fourth husband Eddie Fisher [1928-2010], married 1959, divorced 1964

fifth husband Richard Burton [1925-84]
married March 1964 to June 1974 and October 1975 to July 1976
adopted daughter Maria Burton [b. Germany 1961]

sixth husband Senator John Warner - married Dec 1976, divorced Nov 1982

seventh husband Larry Fortensky - married Oct 1991, divorced Oct 1996

considered Michael Jackson among her closest friends

"The Other Elizabeth Taylor: Nicola Beauman" [Persephone Books April 2009] 978-906462-10-9
The first biography of one of the outstanding English writers of the last century; Betty Coles became
Elizabeth Taylor upon her marriage in 1936; in 1945, when she was 23, her first novel was published,
just as the 13-year-old actress Elizabeth Taylor was appearing in "National Velvet" and
beginning her ascent to Hollywood stardom.

L i n k s
Elizabeth Taylor entry at Wikipedia
Elizabeth Taylor filmography page at Wikipedia
browse Elizabeth Taylor movies on DVD at Amazon
Elizabeth Taylor 70+ credits [1942-2010] on Internet Movie Database
Elizabeth Taylor's Broadway credits [1981-83]

studio publicity photo of Elizabeth Taylor in pink period dress              studio publicity photo of Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in blue dress (1963)              photo of Elizabeth taylor at age 61? with her third Oscar statuette (in 1993)

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