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cover art by Rudy Nappi for Hardy Boys book #1 'flashlight' reissue in 1959           short history

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"Look," Joe said. "This isn't a detective novel. Things could get really dangerous from here on out."
— in "Prime-Time Crime" (#109)

"Come on, Frank, this will be a piece of cake," Joe whispered, trying to reassure himself. "They don't realize
who they're up against. We're practically professionals." — in "Deathgame" (Casefiles #7)

"Trust me. I have a plan." — said so often by Frank that Joe would roll his eyes, etc.

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Found a question on an obscure forum site about whether the Hardy Boys were the best-selling book series prior to "Harry Potter". Located data on Wikipedia that reveals that the all-time best-selling series is Georges Simenon's Maigret (853 million books sold), with Harry Potter number two! - 450 million books sold. Next are R.L. Stine's Goosebumps books, and Erle Stanley Gardner's Perry Mason, with Nancy Drew ninth. James Bond is #25, The Hardy Boys series is #44 (only 50 million books sold) and Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan is #46.

pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon entry at Wikipedia
The Hardy Boys entry at Wikipedia
The Hardy Boys Template at Wikipedia

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The Stratemeyer Syndicate  [1897-1987]
Among the children's book series produced by Stratemeyer were the Bobbsey Twins, Bomba the Jungle Boy,
Nancy Drew, Ruth Fielding, The Happy Hollisters, Hardy Boys, Honey Bunch, Motor Boys, Moving Picture Boys
& Moving Picture Girls, Outdoor Girls, Rover Boys, and the Tom Swift, Tom Swift Jr. & Tom Swift III series.

Stratemeyer Syndicate entry at Wikipedia
Edward Stratemeyer [1862-1930] entry at Wikipedia
Stratemeyer/Dixon credits at Internet Movie Database
Stratemeyer Syndicate Page at Spirit of America Bookstore

Ghost of The Hardy Boys autobiography by Leslie McFarlane  
"The Ghost of The Hardy Boys: The Autobiography of Leslie McFarlane, Ghostwriter of The First 20 Hardy Boys Stories" [1976]
Methuen hardcover [5/76] out of print/used
Secret of The Stratemeyer Syndicate Fiction Factory book by Carol Billman  "The Secret of The Stratemeyer Syndicate: Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and The Million Dollar Fiction Factory" [1986]
by Carol Billman

Ungar Publng Co. hardcover [8/86] out of print/used
The House on the Point Tribute to Franklin W. Dixon book by Benjamin Hoff  "The House On The Point: A Tribute To Franklin W. Dixon and The Hardy Boys" [2002] by Benjamin Hoff
St. Martin's Minotaur 8½x5¾ pb [10/2002] out of print/used
Minotaur Books 9¾x4¾ hardcover [10/2002] out of print/used
Secret of The Hardy Boys & The Stratemeyer Syndicate book by Marilyn S. Greenwald  "The Secret of The Hardy Boys: Leslie McFarlane & The Stratemeyer Syndicate" [2004] by Marilyn S. Greenwald
Ohio Univ Press 9x6 hardcover [7/2004] for $26.36
more info on the Stratemeyer Syndicate Page at Spirit of America Bookstore

The Hardy Boys Non-Fiction Books

"The Hardy Boys Detective Handbook" [1959-87]
by Franklin W. Dixon
Hardy Boys Detective Handbook book cover  revised Hardy Boys Detective Handbook book cover  The first edition was published in 1959 featuring commentary from Dominick A. Spina, a retired N.Y.P.D. detective, shown on the dustjacket; but Spina was indicted in a corruption scandal in Newark, New Jersey (and eventually acquitted); Stratemeyer quickly issued a third edition in 1966 featuring retired F.B.I. agent William F. Flynn. The changes in the 1987 fourth edition were mostly to the internal artworkbook entry at Wikipedia
Grosset & Dunlap 7½x5 4th edition hardcover [1990] out of print/used
Grosset & Dunlap 7½x5 3rd edition hardcover [10/72] out of print/100+ used
Grosset & Dunlap 8x5¼ 1st edition hardcover [1959] out of print/used

"The Hardy Boys Handbook: Seven Stories of Survival" [S&S/Wanderer 1980]
by Franklin W. Dixon, with Sheila Link
Hardy Boys Handbook / Stories of Survival book by Franklin W. Dixon & Sheila Link  1981 British edition Hardy Boys Survival Handbook   Given that Dixon is a pseudonym, most of the work here must have been done
by 'co-author' Link, who is/was an outdoor journalist and a survival instructor.

Simon & Schuster 9x5¾ pb [7/80] out of print/used
Simon & Schuster 9x5¾ pb [7/80] out of print/used

"The Hardy Boys Guide To Life" [2002] by Franklin W. Dixon
Hardy Boys Guide To Life book by Franklin W. Dixon  "a mini-book of aphorisms collected from various Hardy Boys stories"
hardcover [10/2002] out of print/used

The Hardy Boys Mysteries Book Series
written under pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon { aka Edward Stratemeyer [1862-1930] }
browse books by Franklin W. Dixon at Amazon

browse Hardy Boys series books {returns 3,700+ titles} at Amazon
browse Kindle Edition Hardy Boys series books {returns 400+ titles} at Amazon
listing of Hardy Boys Mystery Stories books at Wikipedia

The Hardy Boys Mysteries  [58 titles 1927-1959, #1-#38 revised 1959-73]
listing of original series Hardy Boys Mystery Stories books [1927-73] at Wikipedia

browse 'Hardy Boys series' books (returns 250+ titles} at Amazon

Amazon 2006 exclusive Hardy Boys Complete Series Set  
Hardy Boys Complete Series Set, Books 1-66 [2006]
one-time package deal, Amazon exclusive!

Penguin/Grosset & Dunlap hardcover set [10/2006] out of print/new-used

Hardy Boys Starter Set 6-book set by Franklin W. Dixon  "The Hardy Boys Starter Set" [YA 1998]
Kindle Edition bundle from Grosset & Dunlap/Penguin [2006 editions] 5 books {sic} for $33.95
Grosset & Dunlap 7¾x5¼ hardcover set [5/2012] 5 books {sic} for $21.77
Grosset & Dunlap 7¾x5 hardcover set [9/2009] 6 books - out of print/used
Grosset & Dunlap 7¼x5¼ hardcover set [10/98] 6 books - out of print/many used
Packaged together as a collectible box set: #1 "The Tower Treasure"; #2 "The House On The
Cliff"; #3 "The Secret of The Old Mill"; #4 "The Missing Chums"; #5 "Hunting For Hidden
Gold"; and #6 "The Shore Road Mystery"
Hardy Boys Mystery Collection 10-book set by Franklin W. Dixon  "The Hardy Boys Mystery Collection" [YA 2014]
Grosset & Dunlap 8x5¼ hardcover set [2014] 10 books - out of print/used
Packaged together as a collectible box set: same #1 thru #6 as just above, plus #7 "The Secret
of The Caves"; #8 "The Mystery of Cabin Island"; #9 "The Great Airport Mystery"; and #10
"What Happened At Midnight"

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

"The Tower Treasure" [#1]
listed on Amazon Editors '100 Children's Books To Read In A Lifetime' 8/2014

"The House On The Cliff" [#2]

3. The Secret of The Old Mill
4. The Missing Chums
5. Hunting For Hidden Gold
6. The Shore Road Mystery
7. The Secret of The Caves
8. The Mystery of Cabin Island
9. The Great Airport Mystery
10. What Happened At Midnight
11. While The Clock Ticked
12. Footprints Under The Window
13. The Mark On The Door
14. The Hidden Harbor Mystery
15. The Sinister Signpost
16. A Figure In Hiding
17. The Secret Warning
18. The Twisted Claw
19. The Disappearing Floor

The Hardy Boys novel #20 'The Mystery of The Flying Express' by Franklin W. Dixon  "The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of The Flying Express" [#20 = 1941]
by {house name} Franklin W. Dixon

The new Flying Express Railway passes too near to a foreign spy camp hidden in a forest.
Grosset & Dunlap 7x4½ hardcover [1941 original] out of print/40+ used
book entry at Wikipedia
"Mystery of The Flying Express" [1970 rewrite] by Vincent Buranelli
The Hardy boys are guarding a new hydrofoil named 'The Flying Express' which is stolen
by gangsters who use a zodiac-based code.

Kindle Edition from Penguin Group [1973 edition] for $6.64
Grosset & Dunlap pb [4/75] out of print/used
Grosset & Dunlap revised 7¾x5¼ hardcover [reissue] for $6.08

21. The Clue of The Broken Blade
22. The Flickering Torch Mystery
23. The Melted Coins
24. The Short-Wave Mystery
25. The Secret Panel
26. The Phantom Freighter
27. The Secret of Skull Mountain
28. The Sign of The Crooked Arrow
29. The Secret of The Lost Tunnel
30. The Wailing Siren Mystery

31. The Secret of Wildcat Swamp
32. The Crisscross Shadow
33. The Yellow Feather Mystery
34. The Hooded Hawk Mystery
35. The Clue In The Embers
36. The Secret of Pirates' Hill
37. The Ghost At Skeleton Rock
38. The Mystery At Devil's Paw
39. The Mystery of The Chinese Junk
40. Mystery of The Desert Giant

41. The Clue of The Screeching Owl
42. The Viking Symbol Mystery
43. The Mystery of The Aztec Warrior
44. The Haunted Fort
45. The Mystery of The Spiral Bridge
46. The Secret Agent On Flight 101
47. Mystery of The Whale Tattoo
48. The Arctic Patrol Mystery
49. The Bombay Boomerang
50. Danger On Vampire Trail

51. The Masked Monkey
52. The Shattered Helmet
53. The Clue of The Hissing Serpent
54. The Mysterious Caravan
55. The Witchmaster's Key
56. The Jungle Pyramid
57. The Firebird Rocket
58. The Sting of The Scorpion

The Hardy Boys Mysteries [titles #59-#66, 1979-81]
Grossett & Dunlap lost the rights to publish new Hardy Boys titles in 1979; they somehow released eight books in 1979 to 1981
and re-released them in hardcover in 2005; the latter were discontinued in March 2013.
59. Night of The Werewolf [1979]
60. Mystery of The Samurai Sword [1979]
61. The Pentagon Spy [1980]
62. The Apeman's Secret [1980]
63. The Mummy Case [1980]
64. Mystery of Smugglers Cove [1980]
65. The Stone Idol [1981]
66. The Vanishing Thieves [1981]

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories {Digest} [titles #67-#190, 1981-2005]

#67 {or #9 New Series} The Outlaw's Silver 68. The Submarine Caper (retitled Deadly Chase) 69. The Four-Headed Dragon 70. The Infinity Clue

71. Track of The Zombie 72. The Voodoo Plot 73. The Billion Dollar Ransom 74. Tic-Tac-Terror 75. Trapped At Sea 76. Game Plan For Disaster 77. The Crimson Flame 78. Cave-In (retitled Cave-In!) 79. Sky Sabotage 80. The Roaring River Mystery

81. The Demon's Den 82. The Blackwing Puzzle (last book with internal illustrations) 83. The Swamp Monster 84. Revenge of The Desert Phantom 85. The Skyfire Puzzle 86. The Mystery of The Silver Star 87. Program for Destruction 88. Tricky Business 89. The Sky Blue Frame 90. Danger On The Diamond

91. Shield of Fear 92. The Shadow Killers 93. The Serpent's Tooth Mystery 94. Breakdown In Axeblade 95. Danger On The Air 96. Wipeout 97. Cast of Criminals 98. Spark of Suspicion 99. Dungeon of Doom 100. The Secret of The Island Treasure

101. The Money Hunt 102. Terminal Shock 103. The Million-Dollar Nightmare 104. Tricks of The Trade 105. The Smoke Screen Mystery 106. Attack of The Video Villains 107. Panic On Gull Island 108. Fear On Wheels 109. The Prime-Time Crime 110. The Secret of Sigma Seven

111. Three-Ring Terror 112. The Demolition Mission 113. Radical Moves 114. The Case of The Counterfeit Criminals 115. Sabotage at Sports City 116. Rock 'n' Roll Renegades 117. The Baseball Card Conspiracy 118. Danger In Ihe Fourth Dimension 119. Trouble At Coyote Canyon 120. The Case of The Cosmic Kidnapping

121. The Mystery in the Old Mine 122. Carnival of Crime 123. The Robot's Revenge 124. Mystery with a Dangerous Beat 125. Mystery on Makatunk Island 126. Racing To Disaster 127. Reel Thrills 128. Day of The Dinosaur 129. The Treasure At Dolphin Bay 130. Sidetracked To Danger

131. Crusade of the Flaming Sword 132. Maximum Challenge 133. Crime in the Kennel 134. Cross-Country Crime 135. The Hypersonic Secret 136. The Cold Cash Caper 137. High-Speed Showdown 138. The Alaskan Adventure 139. The Search For The Snow Leopard 140. Slam Dunk Sabotage

141. The Desert Thieves 142. Lost In Gator Swamp 143. The Giant Rat of Sumatra 144. The Secret of Skeleton Reef 145. Terror At High Tide 146. The Mark of The Blue Tattoo 147. Trial and Terror 148. The Ice-Cold Case 149. The Chase For The Mystery Twister 150. The Crisscross Crime

151. The Rocky Road to Revenge 152. Danger in the Extreme 153. Eye on Crime 154. The Caribbean Cruise Caper 155. The Hunt for the Four Brothers 156. A Will To Survive 157. The Lure of The Italian Treasure 158. The London Deception 159. Daredevils 160. A Game Called Chaos

161. Training for Trouble 162. The End of the Trail 163. The Spy that Never Lies 164. Skin & Bones 165. Crime in the Cards 166. Past And Present Danger 167. Trouble Times Two 168. The Castle Conundrum 169. Ghost of A Chance 170. Kickoff To Danger

171. The Test Case 172. Trouble In Warp Space 173. Speed Times Five 174. Hide-and-Sneak 175. Trick-or-Trouble 176. In Plane Sight 177. The Case of The Psychic's Vision 178. The Mystery of The Black Rhino 179. Passport To Danger 180. Typhoon Island

181. Double Jeopardy 182. The Secret of The Soldier's Gold 183. Warehouse Rumble 184. The Dangerous Transmission 185. Wreck and Roll 186. Hidden Mountain 187. No Way Out 188. Farming Fear 189. One False Step 190. Motocross Madness

"The Hardy Boys Ghost Stories" [1984]
cover for Hardy Boys Ghost Stories from British publisher Armada  "Wherever danger leads . . . the ghost-hunting Hardy Boys are sure to follow! Six bone-chilling tales of mystery and terror!" Story titles: "The Walking Scarecrow", "Mystery of The Voodoo Gold", "The Disappearance of Flaming Rock", "The Phantom Ship", "The Haunted Castle", and "The Mystery of Room 12"
Kindle Edition from S&S/Aladdin [2002 edition] for $4.99
Aladdin Books 7¾x5 pb [10/89] for $5.39
Minstrel mass pb [1987] out of print/used
HarperCollins 7x4¼ hardcover [10/84] out of print/used
★     ★     ★     ★     ★

The Hardy Boys Casefiles Series [1987–??]
A new Hardy Boys series featuring murders, violence, and international espionage.

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

The Clues Brothers Series [1997–2000]
Intended for younger readers; the Hardy Boys are age 9 and 8, attend Bayport Elementary School, and solve minor crimes, like missing books and bicycles;
series cancelled in 2000 for lack of popularity. Starting in 2013 these titles will become available as ebooks.

1. The Gross Ghost Mystery 2. The Karate Clue 3. First Day, Worst Day 4. Jump-Shot Detectives 5. The Dinosaur Disaster 6. Who Took The Book? 7. The Abracadabra Case 8. The Dog-Gone Detectives 9. The Pumped-Up Pizza Problem 10. The Walking Snowman 11. The Monster In The Lake 12. King For A Day 13. Pirates Ahoy! 14. All Eyes On First Prize 15. Slip, Slide, and Slap Shot 16. The Fish-Faced Mask of Mystery

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers Series [2005-2012]
'Hardy Boys UB' series cancelled after book #39 in January 2012.
2005 1. Extreme Danger 2. Running On Fumes 3. Boardwalk Bust 4. Thrill Ride 5. Rocky Road 6. Burned 7. Operation: Survival
2006 8. Top Ten Ways To Die 9. Martial Law 10. Blown Away 11. Hurricane Joe 12. Trouble In Paradise 13. The Mummy's Curse
2007 14. Hazed 15. Death and Diamonds 16. Bayport Buccaneers 17. Murder At The Mall 18. Pushed 19. Foul Play
2008 20. Feeding Frenzy 21. Comic Con Artist 22. Deprivation House (Murder House trilogy) 23. House Arrest 24. Murder House
25. Double Trouble (Double Trouble trilogy)
2009 26. Double Down 27. Double Deception 28. Galaxy X (Galaxy X trilogy) 29. X-plosion [Galaxy X trilogy] 30. The X-Factor [Galaxy X trilogy]
31. Killer Mission (Killer Mystery trilogy)
2010 32. Private Killer 33. Killer Connections 34. The Children of The Lost (Lost Mystery trilogy) 35. Lost Brother
2011 36. Forever Lost 37. Movie Menace (Deathstalker Trilogy) 38. Movie Mission
2012 39. Movie Mayhem {last book in series}
40. The Case of The MyFace Kidnapper (working title) was to be the first book in a new trilogy - publn cancelled.

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

The Hardy Boys Secret Files [2010 to present]

first ten books in the 'Hardy Boys Secret Files' Series

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

The Hardy Boys Adventures Series [2013 to present]
'reboot' of 39-title Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers Series, 2005-2012
1. Secret of The Red Arrow (Feb-05-2013, 2. Mystery of The Phantom Heist; was Masked Mayhem (Feb-05-2013 3. The Vanishing Game (Jun-04-2013, 4. Into Thin Air (Oct-22-2013, 5. Peril At Granite Peak (February 2014) 6. The Battle of Bayport (June 2014) 7. Shadows At Predator Reef (October 2014)

Kindle  Editions
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Kindle Edition Hardy Boys series books at Amazon

Movies & TV,  Stage Plays,  Other Media

There was a "Hardy Boys" network radio show, but info is scarce. The Disney "Hardy Boys" TV serials naturally offered 33RPM & 45RPM & 78RPM recordings, comic books, a board game, and a coloring book. The RCA Records 'Hardy Boys Band' produced two very rare albums and several 45s. The 1970s "Hardy Boys" TV series offered posters, a board game, coloring books, and jigsaw puzzles. Seattle Children's Theatre staged Hardy Boys plays in 1993 & 1997.

·                                 ·

Stratemeyer/Dixon credits at IMDb
search for Hardy Boys videos/DVDs at Amazon

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

"Hardy Boys" TV serials [Disney/ABC-TV 1956-57]
Hardy Boys serials shown on Disney's Mickey Mouse Club TV show in 1956 & 1957  Disney adapted Hardy Boys book #1 "The Tower Treasure" for serialization over 19 weeks on the Mickey Mouse Club TV show. The second serial was an original story by Jackson Gillis that aired as 15 episodes during 1957. Extras on the Disney Treasures DVD include: the October 1956 M.M.C. show with the two actors presenting a promo short; Leonard Maltin interview with the two aged boys; two featurettes; a booklet - all packed in a collectible tin. Starring Tim Considine {as Frank}, Tommy Kirk {as Joe}, Carole Ann Campbell, Florenz Ames, Russ Conway, Sarah Selby, Robert Foulk & Donald MacDonald
First b&w serial "The Mystery of The Applegate Treasure": full credits at IMDb
Second b&w serial "The Mystery of The Ghost Farm": full credits at IMDb
Walt Disney Video b&w/color DVD set [12/2006] 2 disks for $129.99 {sic}

"Walt Disney's Hardy Boys Treasure Game"
cover of board game Walt Disney's Hardy Boys Treasure, circa 1956  Board game based on the 19-episode TV serial that was shown
on Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club in 1956.

Parker Bros. boxed game [undated] out of prodn/scarce

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

"The Mystery of The Chinese Junk" TV pilot [CBS-TV Sept 1967]
The Stratemeyer Syndicate approved an hour-long pilot for a new Hardy Boys television show, which aired on CBS; but the show got poor ratings
and the project was abandoned. (There are comments on IMDb from 2009 about release of a digitally-restored DVD, but that website is gone.)

Co-produced & directed by Larry Peerce; co-produced & written by Richard Murphy, based on Hardy Boys book #39; starring Tim Matheson
{as Joe} and Rick Gates {as Frank} - both actors were then twenty; also starring Richard Anderson, Portia Nelson, Brian Fong, Edward Andrews,
James Shigeta, Emile Meyer, Stephen Jahn, Malcolm Atterbury, Jan-Michael Vincent, Cindy Ferrare & Teri Garr
VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available • credits at IMDb

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

"The Hardy Boys" animated TV series [1969]

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

"The Hardy Boys - Nancy Drew Mystery Hour" TV series
[Universal/ABC-TV Jan 1977 - Jan 1979]
Hardy Boys - Nancy Drew Mysteries on DVD  46 one-hour episodes; most weeks alternated between a Hardy Boys episode and a Nancy Drew episode, but several were 'crossovers' including the three main characters working together. Nancy Drew actress changed at end of second season, dropped for third season. Starring Shaun Cassidy {as Joe Hardy}, Parker Stevenson {as Frank Hardy}, Pamela Sue Martin {as Nancy Drew in 21 episodes}, Janet Julian {as Nancy Drew in last 4 episodes}, Ed Gilbert, William Schallert, Lisa Eilbacher, George O'Hanlon Jr., Jean Rasey, Jack Kelly & Susan Buckner
Season 1 {14 episodes}: Universal Studios color DVD set [3/2005] 2 disks for $21.98
Season 2 {22 episodes}: Universal Studios color DVD set [6/2007] 5 disks for $18.19
Season 3 Hardy Boys only {10 episodes}: Shout! Factory color DVD set [2/2013] 3 disks for $18.24
full credits at IMDb'official' series fansite in Turkey

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

"The Hardy Boys" TV series [Canada Sept-Dec 1995]
'The Hardy Boys' 1995 Canada TV series  13 half-hour episodes starring Paul Popowich {as Joe Hardy},
Colin K. Gray {as Frank Hardy}, with Fiona Highet
Nelvana color DVD [2007] 2 disks - out of prodn/used
bare credits at IMDb

Works  About  The  Hardy  Boys  &  Other  Sleuths

"The Bayport Companion" [orig 1992, rev 1996] by Charles H. Heffelfinger [1920-90] of Tampa, Florida
The original guide to identifying Hardy Boys editions in dustjackets; long out of print.

Mysterious Case of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys book by Carole Kismaric & Marvin Heiferman  "The Mysterious Case of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys" [1998]
by Carole Kismaric & Marvin Heiferman

CAVEAT: Hardy Boys fan/expert Bob Finnan strongly dis-approves of this book.
Fireside 10¾x8½ pb [5/2007] out of print/50+ used
Fireside 10¾x8½ pb [10/98] out of print/50+ used
All About Collecting Boys' Series Books book by John Axe  "All About Collecting Boys' Series Books: Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, Tom Swift Jr., Chip Hilton, Ted Scott, Mark Tidd, Tom Slade & Others" [2002] by John Axe
Hobby House Press 11x8½ pb pb [7/2002] out of print/used
The Hardy Boys Mysteries / Cultural & Literary History book by Mark Connelly  "The Hardy Boys Mysteries, 1927-1979: A Cultural and Literary History" [2008]
by Mark Connelly

McFarland & Co. 8¾x6 pb [8/2012] for $22.50
McFarland & Co. 9x6 hardcover [9/2008] out of print/used
Boy Detectives Essays book by Michael G. Cornelius  Boy Detectives: Essays On The Hardy Boys and Others" [11 essays, 2010]
by Michael G. Cornelius

Series explored include the Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, the Three Investigators, Christopher Cool, and Tim Murphy, as well as works by Astrid Lindgren, Mark Haddon, and Joe Meno
Kindle Edition from McFarland & Co. [7/2010] for $9.99
McFarland & Co. 9x6 pb [7/2010] for $35.00

L i n k s
The Hardy Boys entry at Wikipedia
browse Hardy Boys series books at Amazon
Kindle Edition Hardy Boys series books at Amazon

Austin's Hardy Boys History fansite {last update 2006?}
Bob Finnan's thorough 'Hardy Boys Unofficial Home Page' fansite
WO's 'Hardy Boys Online: An Unofficial Online Resource' fansite [est. 1997]

Hardy Detective Agency [est. 2002, active in 2013] fansite

The Hardy Boys [est. 1994] advertising company in Durban, South Africa
Hardy Boys Construction, 308 Philadelphia Pike in Wilmington, Delaware
The Hardy Boys Cleaning Service of Dudley, NC "will solve all of your mysterious cleaning needs!"

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