The Rick Walker
Detective Novels
Published in Croatia

cover of the Croatian edition of "Backlot Requiem" by G.E. Nordell            A contract was signed in May of 2002 with 'Triler Nakladnicka Djelatnost' in the city of Rijeka, Croatia for publication of the first of the Rick Walker novels, translated into Croatian, with further books in the series to follow. The manuscript translation and the cover art were completed, and publication of 'Backlot Requiem' was scheduled for 2003. However, economic difficulties put matters on hold, and publication became uncertain.

In April of 2005 publisher Zagrebacka Naklada took over Triler's list, including publication of "Backlot Requiem". A new contract was signed in June 2005, and in September 2005 the translated edition of "Requiem za glumca" was published in paperback & ebook versions (once again available from publisher website).

As-of mid-2012, the publisher website was a complete mess and the separate site for sales of their books {hosted at DBKpro} no longer in existence. By 2017, the publisher website is working, the author page is empty, and the bookpage works just fine.

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