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Ayn Rand Page
Ayn Rand's Favorite Poem
Ayn Rand Quotations
John Galt Speech
Who Is John Galt?
Francisco's Money Speech {coded 1/2002}

Albert Camus [1913-60] Page
Barbarians & Fascists Page {started 3/2011}
Progressivism Page {started 11/2010}
Quantum Physics {coded 4/2001}
Stopping George Dubya Bush {moot}
Transactional Analysis
Timeline of the TreasonGate Cover-Up {moved 11/2009 to Spirit of America Bookstore}
Werner Erhard Page

WM Billboard #1 {coded 6/2003}
WM Billboard #2 {coded 6/2004}
WM Billboard #3 {coded 7/2006}
WM Billboard #3 {coded 6/2012}
Boycott W-9 Project {coded 2/2006, moot 1/2009, moved 3/2012}
WM eBooks Page {first coded 1/2001}
Essays Page 1
Essays Page 2
SiteMap Page {coded 12/2003}
U.S. Pledge of Allegiance
Weblog / Blog Page
WM Books Page
Link To Us page {coded 7/2004}
WM Table of Contents

U.S. National Elections redirect
2008 U.S. National Elections Page {started 2/2007, moot 11/2008}
2010 U.S. National Elections Page {started 2/2009, moot 11/2010}
2012 U.S. National Elections Page {started 2/2011, moot 11/2012}
2014 U.S. National Elections Page {started 2/2013}
2016 U.S. National Elections Page {started 2/2015}
2016 U.S. Presidential Elections Race {started 2/2015}

Working Minds Manifesto {coded 4/2004}
Manifesto in Dutch {translated 6/2004}
Manifesto in French {translated 6/2004}
Manifesto in German {translated 6/2004}
Manifesto in Greek {translated 6/2004}
Manifesto in Italian {translated 6/2004}
Manifesto in Russian {translated 6/2004}
Manifesto in Spanish {translated 6/2004}

Worry About Main Index Page
Worry About: Class War & Economics
Worry About: Class War (Page 2)
Worry About: 'Corporations vs. America' Page {split 6/2011}
Worry About: Corruption in U.S. Politics {started 5/2006}
Worry About: Earth's Biosphere
Worry About: Eco-News, 2001-2005 {cut 5/2015}
Worry About: Eco-News, 2013-2015 {cut 8/2017}
Worry About: Education
Worry About: Energy & Global Warming
Worry About: Health Care {started 7/2007}
Worry About: Hydraulic Fracking {started 4/2014}
Worry About: International Politics {split 9/2001}
Worry About: Internet Freedom {started 8/2014}
Worry About: Justice & Human Rights {started 5/2013}
Worry About: Business & Economic Monopolies
Worry About: Oil & Gas Pipeline Disasters {cut 5/2015}
Worry About: U.S. Politics & Elections - Page 1
Worry About: U.S. Politics & Elections - Page 2
Worry About: Racism Page {started 5/2015}
Worry About: War & Peace {started 11/2007}

Selected Books On These Subjects (index) {split 4/2004 & 7/2008}
Books On Classwar & Economics {split 7/2008}
Books & Movies On Corporations vs. America {split 1/2006}
Books On Earth's Biosphere {split 7/2008}
Books On Education {split 7/2008}
Books On Energy {split 7/2008}
Books On Global Warming {split 7/2008}
Books & Movies On Healthcare {split 7/2008}
Books On International Politics {split 7/2008}

Selected Movies On These Subjects
Movies on Corporations & America {split 8/2011}
Movies on Earth's Biosphere {split 8/2011}
Movies on Health & Healthcare {split 8/2011}

Solutions For A World That Works {built new folder 12/2003}
Solutions: Alternate Energy
Solutions: Alternative Media
Solutions: Alternative Fuel Vehicles {split 9/2002}
Solutions: Environment
Solutions: Labor, Capitalism & the Working Mind
Solutions: Making A Difference {split 12/2012}
Solutions: Progressive Talk Radio {cut 9/2010}
Solutions: Recycling

Solutions: Activism {new 2/2012}
Solutions / Activism Dept. / Occupy Movement {new 2/2012}
Solutions / Activism Dept. / Privacy {new 6/2013}
Solutions / Activism Dept. / U.S. Constitution {new 9/2012}
Solutions / Activism Dept. / U.S. Constitution / First Amendment Page {new 9/2012}
Solutions / Activism Dept. / U.S. Constitution / Second Amendment Page {new 9/2012}
New Constitutional Amendment on Corporations {new 9/2012, renamed 1/2015}
New Constitutional Amendment on Marriage Rights {new 1/2015}
New Constitutional Amendment on Voting Rights {new 1/2015}
Solutions / Activism Dept. / U.S. Congress {new 10/2015}
Solutions / Activism Dept. / U.S. Supreme Court Page {new 3/2013}
Solutions / Activism Dept. / WikiLeaks & Julian Assange Page {cut 7/2013}

WMail Essay Index {built 1/2005}
WMail Essays By Topic {new 5/2007}
WMail Essay #1: "Urgently Objectivist"
WMail Essay #2: "The Culture Structure vs. Granola"
WMail Essay #3: "John Galt vs. George Dubya"
WMail Essay #4: "The Distinction BACHELOR"
WMail Essay #5: Mini-version of John Galt's Speech
WMail Essay #6: "How We Learn"
WMail Essay #7: "Winning & Losing"
WMail Essay #8: "Is Television Necessary?"
WMail Essay #9: "Reason-Based Taxation"
WMail Essay #10: "Being Pro-Choice"
WMail Essay #11: "A Third Theory of Relativity (Part 1)"
WMail Essay #12: "Independence"
WMail Essay #13: "A Third Theory of Relativity (Part 2)"
"A Third Theory of Relativity (2007 version)"
WMail Essay #14: "The Best Investment: Labor"
WMail Essay #16: "The Priests of Commerce"
WMail Essay #17: "Game Theory In A Nutshell"
WMail Essay #18: "The Stock Market Casino"
WMail Essay #19: "Virtual Tea Party"
WMail Essay #20: "Electro-Magnetic Radiation"
WMail Essay #21: "Tax Revolt"
WMail Essay #22: "The Tao of Dumbo"
WMail Essay #23: "The Class System of America"
WMail Essay #24: "The Distinction TRUST"
WMail Essay #25: "Injustice For All"
WMail Essay #26: "The No-God Universe"
WMail Essay #27: "The Distinction EVIL"
WMail Essay #28: "Waste Not, Want Not"
WMail Essay #29: "War Is Good?"
WMail Essay #30: "Radio Silent"
WMail Essay #31: "Bilingualism"
WMail Essay #32: "Standing on Ayn Rand"
WMail Essay #33: "Kids"
WMail Essay #34: "Meaning"
WMail Essay #35: "Debt & the Working Mind"
WMail Essay #37: "Responsibility"
WMail Essay #38: "Time Structure"
WMail Essay #39: "The 100-Year Exercise"
WMail Essay #40: "Paleo-Capitalism"
WMail Essay #41: "Playa Vista"
WMail Essay #42: "The Oligarchy"
WMail Essay #44: "The Working Minds Manifesto"
WMail Essay #45: "What Is Reason?"
WMail Essay #46: "A Living Wage"
WMail Essay #48: "Fulfilling Mankind's Potential"
WMail Essay #49: "Context"
WMail Essay #50: "Globalization"
WMail Essay #51: "The Three Economies"
WMail Essay #52: "Route 66 & T.M.L.P."
WMail Essay #53: "I Want My Country Back"
WMail Essay #54: "F*** The Fed"
WMail Essay #55: "Joining the Circle"
WMail Essay #56: "State of Emergency"
WMail Essay #57: "Civil Disobedience"
WMail Essay #58: "The 51% Solution"
WMail Essay #59: "The Distinction SOURCE"
WMail Essay #60: "Climate & Politics"
WMail Essay #61: "Non-Monetary Economics"
WMail Essay #63: "Bush & Blackmail"
WMail Essay #64: "The War In Iran"
WMail Essay #65: "Being Thankful"
WMail Essay #66: "Cooling The Planet"
WMail Essay #67: "The Distinction POWER"
WMail Essay #68: "The Distinction LOYALTY"
WMail Essay #69: "Summer Solution"
WMail Essay #70: "The Cage"
WMail Essay #71: "Illegal Immigration"
WMail Essay #72: "Farewell Issue" {sent 11/2007}

WM Essay #73: "Unemployment In America"
Volume IX - 2008
WM Essay #74: "Fine Tuning"
WM Essay #75: "P.N.A.C., Fascism & Bush"
WM Essay #76: "How To Survive The Coming Depression"
WM Essay #77: "In The Middle Are The Sheeple"
WM Essay #78: "The Robber Barons"
WM Essay #79: "We The People 2008"
WM Essay #80: "Rebuttal To The Rove-McCain Virus Email"
WM Essay #81: "Your Vote Is A Gift"
WM Essay #82: "The National Election Is Contaminated"
WM Essay #83: "New Homeland Assault Force"
WM Essay #84: "Your Future Is Foreclosed"
Volume X - 2009
WM Essay #85: "Open Letter to the Attorneys General"
WM Essay #86: "Reason-Based Taxation (Redux)"
WM Essay #87: "The 2012 Hoax"
WM Essay #88: "The Party of No"
WM Essay #89: "The Evil of Dick Cheney"
WM Essay #90: "The Festival of Stupid"
WM Essay #91: "Meaning and Purpose"
Volume XI - 2010 & 2011
WM Essay #92 [August 2010]: "Reason-Based Taxation 2010"
WM Essay #93 [December 2010]: "On The Barricades"
WM Essay #94 [May 2011]: "Wal-Mart Bad, Local Businesses Good"
WM Essay #95 [June 2011]: "How Bankrupt Is America?"
WM Essay #96 [August 2011]: "U.S. Corporations Hoarding Profits"
Volume XII - 2012
WM Essay #97 [March 2012]: “Reason-Based Social Security”
WM Essay #98 [March 2012]: “Jesus vs. Pseudo-Christians”
WM Essay #99 [July 2012]: “Mitt Romney Got Caught”
WM Essay #100 [August 2012]: “Voter Suppression 2012”
WM Essay #101 [August 2012]: “Anti-Obama Hoaxsters”
WM Essay #102 [November 2012]: “Coyotes & Republicans”
Volume XIII - 2013 & 2015 & 2016
WM Essay #103 [January 2013]: “The Distinction EVIL (Redux)”
WM Essay #104 [May 2013]: “No Water For You”
WM Essay #105 [July 2013]: “No Justice in Florida”
WM Essay #106 [November 2013]: “Warren Buffett Is Now A Bad Guy”
WM Essay #107 [March 2015]: “The New Civil War Is About Justice”
WM Essay #108 [July 2015]: “Civilization Is Imploding”
WM Essay #109 [October 2016]: “Explaining Flat U.S. Job Growth”
WM Essay #110 [November 2016]: “Voter Suppression 2016”
Volume XIV - 2017
WM Essay #111 [January 2017]: “Told You So, 2021”
WM Essay #112 [February 2017]: “Ayn Rand's Critical Mistake”
WM Essay #113 [June 2017]: “No More July Fourth For Me”
WM Essay #114 [?? 2017]: T.B.D.
WM Essay #115 [?? 2017]: T.B.D.
WM Essay #116 [?? 2017]: T.B.D.

WMail Philosophy ezine [2001-2007]
WMail Index
WMail Support Page {coded 8/2002}
WM Quarterly Quotations ezine {plan canceled 10/2007}

Quotations Used in WMail ezine & the blog
WM Quotations Page 2 {split 7/2003}
WM Quotations Page 3 {split 10/2003}
WM Quotations Page 4 {split 3/2008}
WM Quotations Page 5 {split 4/2010}
WM Quotations Page 6 {split 4/2010}
WM Quotations Page 7 {split 4/2010}
WM Books of Quotations Page {split 6/2009}

Albert Einstein Quotations {split 7/2003}
Abraham Lincoln Quotations {split 7/2011}
Ayn Rand Quotations {split 2002}
Bertrand Russell Quotations {split 7/2011}
Edward Abbey Quotations {split 11/2006}
Edward R. Murrow Quotations {split 8/2008}
Friedrich Nietzsche Quotations {split 7/2011}
George Bernard Shaw Quotations {split 8/2008}
G.E. Nordell Quotations {split 11/2006}
H.L. Mencken Quotations {split 8/2008}
John Steinbeck Quotations {split 8/2008}
Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotations {split 7/2011}
Mark Twain Quotations {split 11/2006}
Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotations {split 7/2011}
Winston Churchill Quotations {split 12/2010}
Thomas Jefferson Quotations {split 8/2006}
Wm. Faulkner Quotations {split 7/2011}

WMail Volume I
WMail Volume II Part 1
WMail Volume II Part 2
WMail Volume II Part 3
WMail Volume II Part 4
WMail Volume III Part 1
WMail Volume III Part 2
WMail Volume III Part 3
WMail Volume III Part 4
WMail Volume IV Part 1
WMail Volume IV Part 2
WMail Volume IV Part 3
WMail Volume V Part 1
WMail Volume V Part 2
WMail Volume V Part 3
WMail Volume V Part 4
WMail Volume VI Part 1
WMail Volume VI Part 2
WMail Volume VII Part 1
WMail Volume VII Part 2
WMail Volume VII Part 3
WMail Volume VII Part 4
WMail Volume VIII Part 1
WMail Volume VIII Part 2

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