"Dharma Poem"
by G.E. Nordell

the buddha walks in silence
the buddha's fear is like a shadow
always with him

the buddha does not stay for long
the buddha exists in everything
always with you

the buddha has many faces
all of them the same
the buddha sees you/himself
and smiles

the strength of the buddha
comes from inside
the power of the buddha
comes from inside
from inside you and you

the heart of the buddha
gives him sight
the eyes of the buddha
tell him everything
the ears of the buddha
forgive you

it is unnecessary to fight the buddha
it is unnecessary to seek the buddha
cease that which is not the buddha
and the buddha appears
in the corner of your eye
silent, almost smiling

the buddha in your self
is a spark of light seen in a mirror

Gary Edward Nordell 1998, all rights reserved

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