"El Tigrón" Feature Film Series
by G.E. Nordell

A series of urban action-adventure feature films
intended for Simultaneous Bilingual Production

"El Tigrón" Synopsis

        A Hispanic U.S. Marine sergeant returns to his home turf in East Los Angeles for the wedding of his younger brother. The hero, Robert Lopez, visits with family and friends not knowing that his father and brother are threatened by a gang of extortionists.
        The wedding rehearsal and dinner proceed without incident, and Robert remains unaware of the brewing conflict. He stays the night with his girlfriend – the maid of honor – but she ambushes him in the morning with a demand to leave the Marines, for she will not marry a soldier.
        The wedding ceremony is beautiful, and the reception raucous fun. But afterward, the latent violence erupts: the gang attempts to run Robert and others off a twisting canyon road, and Robert's girlfriend Susan is seriously injured. Robert sends the other family members to safety, and the two brothers resolutely take the law into their own hands.
        Robert tracks down one of the gang, a local tough named Cuchillo, which results in a stabbing. The gang lures the younger brother, Danny, to the father's construction site, and he too is injured when the partly-finished building is torched by a member of the extortionist gang.
        After seeing Danny taken to the hospital, Robert continues his dogged pursuit of the gang. He corners the extortionist leader, resulting in a shootout and the latter's death.
        Robert picks Susan up from the hospital, and then discovers that his father is missing. So finally Robert must locate and rescue his father from the remaining member of the gang, a ruthless killer named Slade.

...and coming soon:

El Tigrón 2: "Dos Gatos"
U.S. Marine sergeant Robert Lopez is ordered to pick up one of his student-recruits from the Tijuana, Mexico jail, but finds that the boy has been killed. Robert meets the local police chief, a huge man named Felix who is called El Gato (The Cat), and together they track down the killers and break up a gang of coyotes (smugglers of illegal aliens) with ties to corrupt members of the local Federales (state police).

El Tigrón 3: "Tres Flores"
On temporary duty to the Yuma (Arizona) Marine Helicopter Squadron, U.S. Marine sergeant Robert Lopez challenges a gang of drug-smuggling Marines and a white slavery ring.

El Tigrón 4: "Quatro Vatos"
The 'back story', a prequel to "El Tigron", revealing the origins of the animosity between brothers Robert & Daniel Lopez and a gang of vatos locos led by Cuchillo. Daily life at Lincoln High School in East L.A. during the Eighties is little different than what goes on there today.

El Tigrón 5: "El Cuento de Nando"
The story of Roberto's father and the East L.A. riots of 1970, during which local hero and journalist Rubén Salazar was shotgunned to death by a sheriff's deputy.

Copyright 2001-2007 by Gary Edward Nordell, all rights reserved

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