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The U.S. Constitution
is null and void
in the State of Kansas

On Tuesday 11 February 2014, the Republican Kansas House of Representatives passed HB 2563 by a vote of 72-49, a law that brings Jim Crow policies for discrimination against LGBT ('gay') citizens of their state and anyone crazy enough to visit their backward society. Any Kansas resident may, or even 'is required by law', to refuse service – at restaurants, at gas stations, at hospital emergency rooms – and refuse lodging, refuse police protection, refuse all manner of business transactions – haircuts, automobile sales, trash pickup, driver's license, auto & health & homeowner's insurance – and refuse employment to anyone
SUSPECTED of being gay or of 'supporting the gay lifestyle'.

All that is required for the Kansas bigot to invoke this law is a heartfelt belief that their pseudo-Christian God despises homosexuals
and that the victim of their bigotry IS one.

Another cute wrinkle in the law is that anyone who sues a Kansan about being thus discriminated against is required to pay all attorney fees for both sides in the case.

The Republican State Senate is expected to pass the law to the Republican Governor, who is expected to sign it.

Horrible scenarios abound: Police officers will be standing by while booted Kansas thugs stomp a 'suspected' gay person to death. And if the 'suspected' gay person happens to survive the beating, the E.M.T. personnel have the right and duty to refuse treatment or to transport the victim to a hospital.

You might expect large numbers of LGBT or even liberal people to leave Kansas – Kansas is really not that special. But wait, the moving van companies will refuse service to gays, the U-Haul franchises will refuse service to gays, everyone suspected of being gay is unable to buy gas for their car anyway . . .

You might say that being gay is the new Black. In Kansas.

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