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              common publicity photo of cowboy movie & television star Tim McCoy [1891-1978]

"Waash-tay!" — the Lakota word 'wast้' (good) was used as sign-off at end of Tim McCoy's live TV programs.

     B I O
     t e x t
     h e r e
Timothy John Fitzgerald McCoy
He left Hollywood in 1936, first to tour with the Ringling Brothers Circus and then with his own 'wild west' show.

Tim McCoy entry at Wikipedia
Tim McCoy credits [1923-65] at IMDb
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star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame  won local Emmy Award for Best Children's Show in 1953    Tim McCoy received
adoption by the Arapahoe Indians of Wyoming and the name 'High Eagle'
a local Emmy Award for Best Children's Show in 1953
a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (for Film) at 1600 No. Vine Street in 1960
induction into the Hall of Great Western Performers
of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in 1973
and induction into the Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1974

Movies  &  Television  of  Tim McCoy
Tim McCoy credits [1923-65] at IMDb
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technical advisor on "The Covered Wagon" [1923] filmed in Utah

★           ★

"The Thundering Herd" [Paramount March 1925]
Thundering Herd 1925 movie poster directed by William K. Howard, starring Jack Holt   Directed by William K. Howard; starring Jack Holt, Lois Wilson, Noah Beery, Raymond Hatton, Charles Ogle, Tim McCoy {as actor & buffalo wrangler}, Lillian Leighton, Eulalie Jensen, Stephen Carr, Maxine Elliott Hicks, Ed Brady, Pat Hartigan, Fred Kohler & Bob Perry
video/DVD not available; full credits from IMDb
11"x17" poster from Amazon for $9.99
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technical advisor on "The Vanishing American" ]1925]

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first MGM feature "War Paint" [1926]
"Winners of The Wilderness" (1927)
"California" (1927)
"The Frontiersman" (1927)
"Foreign Devils" (1927)
"Spoilers of The West" (1927)
"The Law of The Range" [MGM 1928] co-starring Joan Crawford
"Wyoming" (1928)
"Riders of The Dark" (1928)
"The Adventurer" (1928)
"Beyond The Sierras" (1928)
"The Bushranger" (1928)

In 1929, Carl Laemmle of Universal Pictures personally summoned Tim McCoy back to Hollywood,
insisting that McCoy would star in the first talking Western serial, "The Indians Are Coming!".
The serial was very successful, and McCoy worked steadily in movies until 1942.

"The Indians Are Coming" 12-chapter serial
[Universal Pictures Oct 1930]
The Indians Are Coming 12-chapter serial starring Tim McCoy  Released as a talkie, as well as a silent version (for theaters not yet equipped for sound); Jack goes East to deliver some gold to his pal George's brother; while rescuing George's niece Mary, Jack drops the gold, which is picked up by bad guy Rance – that's just Chapter 1, followed by Indian raids, prairie fires, a mine tunnel explosion, and gunfights & knifefights. Chapter Titles: 1. Pals In Buckskin; 2. A Call To Arms; 3. A Furnace of Fear; 4. The Red Terror; 5. The Circle of Death; 6. Hate's Harvest; 7. Hostages of Fear; 8. The Dagger Duel; 9. The Blast of Death; 10. Redskin's Vengeance; 11. Frontiers Aflame; and 12. The Trail's End
Produced & directed by Henry MacRae; starring Tim McCoy, Allene Ray, Edmund Cobb, Francis Ford {dual role}, Wilbur McGaugh, Bud Osborne, Charles F. Royal, Chief Thunderbird & Dynamite the Dog
VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia

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"Morgan's Last Raid" (1929)
"The Overland Telegraph" (1929)
"Sioux Blood" (1929)
"The Desert Rider" (1929)

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"Heroes of The Flames" 12-chapter b&w serial [Universal Pictures June 1931]
'Heroes of The Flames' 12-chapter serial from Universal Pictures starring Tim McCoy  A fireman invents an original chemical fire extinguisher, and the rival for his girlfriend wants the invention too; distri-buted in both silent and sound versions. Chapter Titles: 1. The Red Peril; 2. Flaming Hate; 3. The Fire Trap; 4. Death's Chariot; 5. The Avalanche; 6. The Jaws of Death; 7. Forest of Fire; 8. Blank Cartridges; 9. The House of Terror (per Copyright) aka The House of Horror (press book listing); 10. The Depths of Doom; 11. A Flaming Death; and 12. The Last Alarm • Directed by Robert F. Hill; starring Tim McCoy, Marion Shockley, Gayne Whitman, Bobby Nelson, William Gould, Grace Cunard, Andy Devine & Beulah Hutton
VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available • credits at IMDb
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"Two-Fisted Law" [Columbia Pictures June 1932]
full poster for 'Two-Fisted Law' starring Tim McCoy & John Wayne  half-sheet poster for 'Two-Fisted Law' starring Tim McCoy & John Wayne  Rancher Tim borrows money from a banker, who then steals Tim's cattle, forecloses on the ranch, and goes after the ranch of Tim's girl. Tim works as a prospector for a while; when he returns, the crooked deputy frames him for a stagecoach robbery and murder. Directed by D. Ross Lederman; starring Tim McCoy, Alice Day, Wheeler Oakman, Tully Marshall, Wallace MacDonald, John Wayne, Walter Brennan & Richard Alexander
Western Movie Classics b&w DVD [12/2011] for $12.98
Sony Pictures b&w VHS [8/96] for $6.99
credits at IMDb
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"Railroad Detective" aka "Beyond The Law"
[Columbia Pictures July 1934]
Railroad Detective aka Beyond The Law lost film starring Tim McCoy  Storyline unknown, but IMDb keywords include: Express Guard,
Fireman, Railroad Car, Railroad Detective, Robbery & Train
Directed by D. Ross Lederman; screenplay by Harold
Shumate; starring Tim McCoy
{this film is considered lost} • credits at IMDb
★           ★

"The Outlaw Deputy" (1935)
"The Man From Guntown" (1935) novelization novelization
"Bulldog Courage" (1935)
"Roarin' Guns" (1936)
"Border Caballero" (1936)
"Lightnin' Bill Carson" [Puritan Pictures 1936] [1:10:42]
"Aces and Eights" (1936)
"The Lion's Den" (1936)
"Ghost Patrol" (1936)
"The Traitor" (1936)

"Six Gun Trail" [1938] starring Tim McCoy [56:58]

"Lightning Carson Rides Again" [1938] starring Tim McCoy

"The Fighting Renegade" [1939] starring Tim McCoy

"Outlaw Paradise" [1939] starring Tim McCoy /tt0031769/

"Code of The Cactus" [1939] starring Tim McCoy /tt0031164/

"The  Rough  Riders"  B-Western  Series
In 1941, Buck Jones recruited Tim McCoy to co-star in "The Rough Riders" series, alongside Jones and
Raymond Hatton; the eight films (and one without McCoy) were released by Monogram Pictures.

"Buck Jones was a very fine fellow. They sort of wondered when they teamed Buck and I, who'd been rivals, they might have expected a lot of fireworks, you know, that we'd be fighting one another on the set [of the "Rough Riders" Western series] all the time. Instead of that, it worked out to be the most amiable association two actors could have. Buck and I got along beautifully and never got in each other's way. In fact, we were always helping one another. I think the Rough Riders was one of the best B-western series that's been made. Even though I was in it, I don't hesitate to say that. But then [World War II] came on and I quit to go back in the army." — Tim McCoy

"Arizona Bound" [July 1941]

"The Gunman From Bodie" [Sept 1941]

"Forbidden Trails" [Dec 1941]
"Buck Jones and The Rough Riders In Forbidden Trails" [Better Little Book #1486]

"Below The Border" [Jan 1942]

"Ghost Town Law" [March 1942]

"Down Texas Way" [May 1942]

"Riders of The West" [Aug 1942]

"West of The Law" [Oct 1942]

"Rough Riders: Monogram Collection" DVD Box Set [2008]
Rough Riders Monogram Collection starring Tim McCoy & Buck Jones  
Alpha Home Ent. b&w DVD set [11/2008] 9 disks for $37.03
contains 9 feature films: the eight 'Rough Riders' films as above starring
Buck Jones, Tim McCoy & Raymond Hatton, plus "Dawn On The
Great Divide"
[Dec 1942] without Tim McCoy { credits at IMDb }

Tim McCoy pioneeered live local television programming from 1950 to 1955
{ see TV section below }

Tim McCoy's last appearances on film were minor parts
"Around The World In Eighty Days" [1956]
"Run of The Arrow" [1957]
"Requiem For A Gunfighter" [1965] as Judge Irving Short

Tim  McCoy's  Television  Shows,  1950-55

screenshot of Iron Eyes Cody and Tim McCoy from a 1950s TV program

"The Tim McCoy Show" [Feb 1950 to March 1952]
Half-hour live show aired Saturday evenings on local TV station KTLA, followed by one of Tim's movies;
co-hosted by the actor Iron Eyes Cody

"The Tim McCoy Show" [March 1952 to March 1953]
Half-hour live show aired Saturday evenings on local C.B.S. affiliate KNXT (no movie following);
co-hosted by the actor Iron Eyes Cody • incorrect credits at IMDb

won local Emmy Award for Best Children's Show in 1953    "Tim McCoy’s Wild West" [March 1952 to October 1953]
Half-hour live one-man weekday show on local C.B.S. affiliate KNXT;
won a local Emmy Award for Best Children's Show in 1953
incorrect credits at IMDb

"Tim McCoy" color TV pilot "Deadwood Days" [shot 1952]
Mercury International Pictures produced a 15-minute color pilot, co-hosted by the actor Iron Eyes Cody

"Tim McCoy" syndicated TV show [Mercury Intl. 1953-54]
15-minute one-man show, reportedly produced in color on 35mm film; only a few 16mm prints exist

"Indian Agent" color? TV pilot [filmed 1955]
generic Tim McCoy graphic  Mercury Intl. Pictures also produced a longer TV pilot, supposedly in color; the Western drama starred Tim McCoy as 'Lightning Bill' Carson, with George Barrows, Wally Brown, Iron Eyes Cody, Elisha Cook Jr., Richard Hale, Paul Langton, Michael Pate, William Phipps, James Westerfield & Michael Winkelman
available on DVD just below • bare credits at IMDb

"This Is Your Life" TV program [aired Nov 1958]
Tim McCoy & family on 'This Is Your Life' TV program in November 1958  The back of the "This Is Your Life" photograph (at University of Wyoming) specifies only 1958, but the Classic TV Info website says that the program aired on 5 November 1958; no details found at IMDb; host Ralph Edwards stands on the left, with Tim's two boys, Tim and wife Ilga, and Tim's parents in the front row; the back row contains two white men and two Indians in full regalia - Iron Eyes Cody stands on the right • to see a slightly larger version in a new window click here

four episodes of 'The Tim McCoy TV show and unsold 1955 TV pilot on DVD  "The Tim McCoy Show" on DVD [2013]
four TV episodes, on the topics "The Chisholm Trail", "Cowboy Equipment", "Indian Sign Language", and "Navajo Jewelry", plus the unsold 1955 color TV pilot "Indian Agent" starring Tim McCoy, Elisha Cook Jr., Michael Pate & William Phipps
Alpha Home Ent. b&w/color DVD [12/2013] for $5.98

Other  Works  by  Tim McCoy

"Tim McCoy Remembers The West: An Autobiography" [1977] by Tim McCoy and Ronald McCoy
1988 Bison Books edition ISBN 0-8032-8155-2

"Col. Tim McCoy's The Silent Language of the Plains!" [1973]
directed by Terry McCoy and shot in 1973
DVD version from RoundTop Records, LLC. Thermopolis, Wyoming ISBN 978-0-9796970-1-2

"Tim McCoy: A Wyoming Poet" [] RoundTop Records, LLC., Thermopolis, Wyoming ISBN 978-0-9796970-0-5

Works  About  Tim McCoy
search for books about Tim McCoy at Amazon

Col. Tim McCoy's Real Wild West book by Fred D. Pfening  "Col. Tim McCoy's Real Wild West and Rough Riders of the World: Complete History & Official Route Book" [1955] by Fred D. Pfening
Pfening & Snyder hardcover [1955] out of print/scarce
They Went Thataway book by James Horwitz  "They Went Thataway: From Tom Mix To Tonto - The Cowboy Movies & The Men Who Made Them - Where Are They Now?" [1976] by James Horwitz
A fan from 'the front row' tracked down then-living cowboy matinee & TV stars for interviews – Gene Autry, Sunset Carson, Russell Hayden, Tim McCoy, Joel McCrea, Charles Starrett, Duncan Renaldo {"The Cisco Kid"}, and singing cowboy Jimmy Wakeley – plus material on silent star 'Broncho Billy' Anderson, William Boyd {"Hopalong Cassidy"}, silent star William S. Hart, Ken Maynard, silent star Tom Mix & silent star Fred Thomson
Ballantine Books mass pb [12/77] out of print/used
E.P. Dutton / Bookthrift hardcover [10/76] out of print/many used
Col. Tim McCoy: The Last Plainsman biography by Mario DeMarco  
"Col. Tim McCoy: The Last Plainsman" [1992]
Edited & compiled by Mario DeMarco

self-publd pb [1992] out of print/used

"Tim McCoy: A Real Rough Rider (1999) by Bobby Copeland & Bill Russell

Fictional  Adventures  of  Tim McCoy

"Tim McCoy On The Tomahawk Trail" [Big Little Book, 1937] by Gaylord Du Bois

Family  &  Friends

first wife Agnes Miller McCoy [], married in ??, divorced in 1931
three children: son Gerald, daughter Margarita, and son D'Arcy

second wife Inga Arvad Nabi Fej๖s McCoy [1913-73]
born in Denmark, her third marriage in 1945, died of cancer in 1973
two sons Ronnie and Terry

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Tim McCoy entry at Wikipedia
Tim McCoy credits [1923-65] at IMDb
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