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"Indian Buffalo Hunt" 1896 painting by C.M. Russell [1864-1926]          short essay

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"I was no chief and never had been, but because I had been more deeply wronged than others,
this honor was conferred upon me, and I resolved to prove worthy of the trust."
— Geronimo [1829-1909]

"What treaty that the whites have kept has the red man broken? Not one."
— Sitting Bull [circa 1831-1890]

"The white men are like locusts."
— ad for DreamWorks mini-series, 2005

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General Links
Native Americans in the United States entry at Wikipedia
Native Peoples of Canada entry at Wikipedia
Native Peoples of Alaska entry at Wikipedia
Native Peoples of Hawai'i entry at Wikipedia

History > Native American > General books catalog at Amazon
Children's Literature > Folk Tales & Myths > Native American books catalog at Amazon
search DVDs at Amazon on keywords 'american indians'

Inter Tribal Council of Arizona [est. 1952]
California Tribal Alliance
Indigenous Language Institute
Native American Language Center at UC Davis
National Indian Youth Council [est. 1961] of Albuquerque, NM
First Nations website index
Indigenous Peoples Literature
Kiva Indian Art Gallery in Santa Fe, NM
Ndakinna Cultural Center (Non-Profit Native American Center) in Central Vermont
Red Nation Society social networking site [est. 2009]
National Relief Charities [] based in Sherman, Texas
Navajo Relief Fund []
West Coast Native News [est. 2012]

Native American Racist Stereotypes in Media

Native American Culture & Events
browse Native American Music category at Amazon
Native American Music Awards
Indian Country Today Media Network [est. 1981, online only 2011]

The Amerind Museum [est. 1937] in Dragoon, Arizona
The Heard Museum of Native Cultures & Art [est. 1929] in Phoenix, Arizona
Pueblo Grande Museum & Archeological Park [est. 1929] in Phoenix, Arizona
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Red Paint Powwow [Jan 2014 = #11] in Silver City, New Mexico
Gathering of Nations Powwow [April 2013 = #30] in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Colorado Springs [CO] Native American InterTribal Powwow [July 2015 = #7]
Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial [Aug 2012 = #91] in Gallup, New Mexico

National Museum of the American Indian          Wind Speaker: Canada's National Aboriginal News Source [est. 1982]

Cowboys & Indians Magazine [est. July 1993], published by U.S.F.R. Media Group of Houston, Texas (and AmericaOne TV Network}
Cowboys & Indians
[est. July 1993]

subscribe: 8 issues/year
for $24.95 via Amazon

magazine website

Native Peoples magazine [est. 1987]
Native Peoples
Magazine [est. 1987]

subscribe: 6 issues/year
for $19.95 via Amazon

magazine website
subscribe at publisher
6 issues/year for $19.95
12 issues for $36.00

Tribes & Nations, A to Z
list of Indian reservations in the United States at Wikipedia
list of Indian reserves in Canada at Wikipedia
"Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes" by Carl Waldman
"Atlas of North American Indians" by Carl Waldman

States With The Most Native Americans
{compiled by the Albuquerque [NM] Journal newspaper in October 2013}
California: 739,964   •   Oklahoma: 415,371   •   Arizona: 366,954   •   New Mexico: 215,605   •   New York: 194,714
Washington: 188,071   •   Michigan: 128,335   •   Alaska: 126,999   •   Oregon: 104,143   •   Colorado: 102,451
Minnesota: 95,130   •   Wisconsin: 82,335   •   South Dakota: 76,205   •   Montana: 74,399   •   Nevada: 60,283
Utah: 53,679   •   Massachusetts: 45,653   •   North Dakota: 40,740   •   Idaho: 36,464   •   Wyoming: 18,692
{They left out Hawai'i with 10% Pacific Islanders, or 5.9% indiginous Hawaiians at around 80,000.}

Indian Country of Arizona
Indian Country of Colorado
Indian Country of The Dakotas
Indian Country of Idaho
Indian Country of Montana
Indian Country of Nebraska
Indian Country of Nevada
Indian Country of New Mexico
Indian Country of Oklahoma
Indian Country of Oregon
Indian Country of Utah
Indian Country of Washington State
Indian Country of Wyoming

The Eastern Band of Cherokees in North Carolina

The Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians in North Dakota
tribal website • K.K. Bold's tribal fansite

"Book of The Hopi" [] by Frank Waters
recommended by Tony Hillerman [1925-2008]

Navajo Country / Dinι Bikιyah [est. 1868] in Arizona, Utah (6.95%) & New Mexico
Navajo Nation [est. 1957] official website
Navajo Nation entry at Wikipedia
Navajo Nation Tourism Dept.
Navajo Nation Museum & Visitor's Center [est. 1997]
Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation
Steve Getzwiller's Navajo Rug Website

"One Nation, One Year" [2010] by Navajo photographer Don James

Yellow Dirt / Poisoned Land / People Betrayed book by Judy Pasternak  "Yellow Dirt: An American Story of A Poisoned Land and A People Betrayed" [2010] by Judy Pasternak
Kindle Edition from Free Press [9/2010] for $9.73
Free Press 8x5 pb [7/2011] for $11.25
Free Press 9¼x6½ hardcover [9/2010] for $17.07
author profile on LinkedIn

Historical  Native  American  Leaders  &  Scholars

Lakota Sioux medicine man Black Elk [1863-1950]
C-SPAN American Writers TV special • Wikipedia
"Black Elk In Paris" novel by Kate Horsley
classic "Black Elk Speaks"

Chiricahua Apache leader Cochise [1815-1874]: Wikipedia

Lakota Sioux war leader Crazy Horse [1840-1877]: Wikipedia

"The Authorized Biography of Crazy Horse and His Family"
Part One [2006]: "Creation, Spirituality & The Family Tree" /tt1533753/
Part Two [2007]: "Defending The Homeland Prior To The 1868 Treaty" /tt1533754/

"The Killing of Crazy Horse" [] by Thomas Powers

photographer Edward S. Curtis [1868-1952]

Dr. Charles Alexander Eastman [1858-1939]

"The Soul of the Indian: An Interpretation" [Houghton 1911] 9780486430898 9781582186412

Gall (Phizν) [1840?-1894], war leader of the Hunkpapa Lakota

Chiricahua Apache leader Geronimo [1829-1909]: Wikipedia
Barrett's book of interviews w/Geronimo publd 190x

Ishi, Last of The Yani [1860?-1916]: Wikipedia

"Ishi Means Man" [Unicorn Press 1976]
by Thomas Merton, Foreword by Dorothy Day, Woodblock by Rita Corbin

"Ishi: The Last of His Tribe" [NBC-TV Dec 1978] /tt0077750/

"The Last of His Tribe" TV movie [H.B.O. March 1992] /tt0104690/ starring Graham Greene

Jed Riffe's award-winning documentary film "Ishi: The Last Yahi" documentary [PBS/WGBH-13 Dec 1992] /tt0104531/
broadcast Season 5, Episode 8 on "American Experience"; won Western Heritage Bronze Wrangler Award in 1995

"Ishi In Two Worlds: A Biography of The Last Wild Indian In North America" [Univ California Press, 2002]
by Theodora & Karl Kroeber ISBN 978-0-520-22940-2

"Ishi's Brain: In Search of America's Last 'Wild' Indian" [W.W. Norton, 2004] by Orin Starn ISBN 0-393-05133-1)

Chief Joseph [1840-1904] of the Nez Perce Tribe: Wikipedia

"One Sky Above Us" bio

Little Wolf (Ohkomhakit) [1820?-1904], chief of the Northern Cheyenne

journalist & photographer Charles F. Lummis [1859-1928]

Navajo war chief Manuelito [1818-1893]: Wikipedia

photographer Lee Moorhouse [1850-1926]
"Peoples of The Plateau: The Indian Photographs of Lee Moorhouse, 1898-1915" []
Edited by Steven L. Grafe 0806137428

Comanche leader Quanah Parker [1840?-1911]: Wikipedia
biog 0806127724/

Chief Powhatan [c.1547-c.1618]: Wikipedia

Lakota Sioux war leader Red Cloud [1822-1909]: Wikipedia

Chief Seattle

Sacajawea + Questar DVD

Cherokee intellect Sequoyah [1767?-1843]: Wikipedia

Lakota Sioux leader Sitting Bull [c. 1831 - 1890]: Wikipedia

Shawnee leader Tecumseh [1768?-1813]: Wikipedia
"Tecumseh" Signet pb [3/82] 0451-11410-8 by Paul Joseph Lederer

Tecumsah's brother Tenskwatawa, known as 'The Prophet' [1775-1836]

Apache leader Victorio [c.1825-1880]: Wikipedia
bio by Kathleen P Chamberlian
"Avenging Victorio" by Dave De Witt

Northern Paiute religious leader Wovoka [c.1856-1932]: Wikipedia

Modern  Native  American  Leaders,  Authors  &  Artists

Native American Authors Project at Internet Public Library

Actors Section on the Native American Film Festival Page
Native American Actors Directory

Contemporary Native American Artists book by Suzanne Deats & Kitty Leaken  "Contemporary Native American Artists [2012]
by Suzanne Deats & Kitty Leaken

featured artists include Richard Aitson; Althea & Joe Cajero, Jr.; Fritz J. Casuse; Upton Ethelbah, Jr.; Malcolm Furlow; Melanie Kirk-Lente & Michael Lente; Rhett Lynch; Jhane Myers; Jody Naranjo; Ed Archie Noisecat; Kevin Red Star; Dyani Reynolds-White Hawk; Penny Singer; Adrian Wall; C.J. Wells; and R. Lee White
Gibbs Smith, Publrs 11x9 hardcover [6/2012] for $39.37

A.I.M. activist Anna Mae Aquash [1945-75]
"The Unquiet Grave" [2006] by Steve Hendricks about Aquash's unsolved murder

author Sherman Alexie lives in Spokane, Washington

Kansas politician Charles Curtis [1860-1936]
first Native American U.S. Senator, sworn in January 1907; also elected Vice President in 1928

Dr. Vine Deloria, Jr. [1933-2005]: browse books

author Louise Erdrich

Native American renaissance man Gary Farmer
gallery in Santa Fe • movie credits • official website

Navajo painter & sculptor R.C. Gorman [1931-2005]
gallery [est. 1968] • posters • Artcyclopedia page • all books
RCGorman video "Mystique" on Earth VideoWorks

Chiracahua Apache sculptor Allan Houser [1914-1994]

Native American comedy team James & Ernie

musician & filmmaker Young Jibwe of Winnipeg, Canada
no entry at Wikipedia

"Missing: The Documentary" [indep Nov 2014]
not listed at IMDb • directed & narrated by Young Jibwe of Winnipeg, Canada • hour-long video no longer available at YouTube
2014 article on the blogsite

activist Winona LaDuke of the Anishinaabe tribe
official website Honor The Earth [est. 1993] • entry at Wikipedia

Cherokee tribal chief Wilma Mankiller [1945-2010]
Wilma Mankiller Foundation
national-bestselling autobiography "Mankiller: A Chief and Her People" []
co-authored "Every Day Is A Good Day: Reflections By Contemporary Indigenous Women" []

Cherokee Word For Water biofilm about Wilma Mankiller  "The Cherokee Word For Water" [indep 2013?]
Filmed in Tahlequah, Oklahoma; true story of two Cherokee activists who inspired a depressed and hopeless village that was without water to build a sixteen-mile pipeline, working together as volunteers. Co-written & directed by Tim Kelly; co-produced & co-written by Louise Rubacky; starring Kimberly Guerrero, Moses 'Mo' Brings Plenty, Steve Reeves, Darryl Tonemah, Oren R. Lyons, Zahn McClarnon & Ben Livingston
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available •
full credits at IMDb • official movie site • watch 6/2013 official trailer [2:08] at YouTube

musician Robert Mirabal of Taos Pueblo, New Mexico
Mud Ponies band recordings
flutes website

Kiowa author N. Scott Momaday

imprisoned activist Leonard Peltier

Crow Indian artist Kevin Red Star lives in Roberts, Montana
official website • entry at Wikipedia

Kevin Red Star Crow Indian Artist book by Daniel B.  Gibson  "Kevin Red Star: Crow Indian Artist" [2014]
by Daniel B. Gibson, Photography by Kitty Leaken

Kindle Edition from Gibbs Smith [5/2014] for $9.99
Gibbs Smith 11½x10 hardcover [8/2014] for $50.00

California Luiseρo artist Fritz Scholder of Arizona

author Leslie Marmon Silko

Ceremony 1977 Native American novel by Leslie Marmon Silko  "Ceremony: A Novel" [1977] by Leslie Marmon Silko
recommended by author Rudolfo Anaya as an essential study book about New Mexico
Kindle Edition from Penguin Classic Books [2006 edition] for $9.99
Penguin Classic Books 8¼x5½ pb [12/2006] for $12.09
Penguin Books 7¾x5 pb [3/86] for $12.09
Signet mass pb [4/78] out of print/used
book entry at Wikipedia

folk singer Buffy St. Marie

Jim Thorpe

author James Welch

Books - Non-Fiction
History > Native American > General books catalog at Amazon
Children's Literature > Folk Tales & Myths > Native American books catalog at Amazon

Do All Indians Live in Tipis? book from the National Museum of the American Indian   "Do All Indians Live in Tipis?: Questions and Answers From The National Museum of The American Indian" [2007]
HarperCollins 8¾x6 pb [9/2007] for $10.54
Jicarilla Apache Portrait book by Veronica E. Velarde Tiller  "The Jicarilla Apache: A Portrait" [2006]
by Veronica E. Velarde Tiller, photography by Nancy Hunter Warren

Univ NM Press 10x8 pb [10/2006] for $19.77
Univ NM Press 10¼x8¼ hardcover [10/2006] for $29.70
author's website
History of American Indians book by Jake Page  "In The Hands of The Great Spirit: The 20,000-Year History of American Indians" [2003] by Jake Page
Free Press 8¼x5½ pb [4/2004] for $12.24
Free Press pb [2003] out of print/used
Free Press 9½x6¼ hardcover [3/2003] out of print/many used
American Bison book by Dale F. Lott  "American Bison: A Natural History" [2002]
by Dale F. Lott

Univ CA Press 9¼x6¼ hardcover [9/2002] for $20.97
Tiller's Guide To Indian Country  "Tiller's Guide To Indian Country: Economic Profiles of American Indian Reservations" [1996]
Compiled by Veronica E. Velarde Tiller

BowArrow Publng 11x9 hardcover [1/2006] out of print/used
BowArrow Publng 11½x9 hardcover [8/96] out of print/used
author's website
Indians of the Southwest  "Indians of The Northwest" [1998] by Rochelle Cashdan
Discovery Enterprises 7¼x5¼ pb [9/98] for $7.95
"Indians of The Great Plains" [1998] by Kevin P. Supples
Discovery Enterprises 7¼x5¼ pb [9/98] for $7.95
"Indians of the Northeast" [1997] by Karin Luisa Badt
Discovery Enterprises 7¾x5¼ pb [3/97] out of print/used
"Indians of The Southwest" [1997] by Karin Luisa Badt
Discovery Enterprises 7¾x5½ pb [3/97] out of print/used
Indi'n Humor book by Kenneth Lincoln  
"Indi'n Humor: Bicultural Play In Native America" [1993]
by Kenneth Lincoln

Oxford Univ Press 9x5¾ hardcover [5/93] for $125.00
Jicarilla Apache History book by Veronica E. Velarde Tiller  "The Jicarilla Apache Tribe: A History" [1992]
by Veronica E. Velarde Tiller

BowArrow Publng 9x6 pb [1/2001] for $24.95
author's website
Pueblo Nations Eight Centuries of History book by Joe S. Sando  "Pueblo Nations: Eight Centuries of Pueblo Indian History" [1992]
by Joe S. Sando, Foreword by Regis Pecos

recommended by author Rudolfo Anaya as an essential study book about New Mexico
Clear Light Books 9x6 pb [8/92] for $15.26
Clear Light Books 9x6 hardcover [8/92] out of print/many used
Tewa World / Pueblo Society book by Alfonso Ortiz  "The Tewa World: Space, Time, Being, and Becoming In A Pueblo Society" [1969]
by Alfonso Ortiz

recommended by author Rudolfo Anaya as an essential study book about New Mexico
Univ Chicago Press 8¾x6 pb [2/72] for $16.59
Univ Chicago Press 8¾x6 hardcover [11/69] out of print/used
"Everything You Know About Indians Is Wrong" book by Paul Chaat Smith
new "Navajo Nation Visitor's Guide" by Patrck & Joan Lavin
"American Indian Stories, Legends & Other Writings' {Penguin Classics 3/2003} by Zitkala-Sa
"Blood Struggle: The Rise of Modern Indian Nations" [hb Feb 2005] by Charles F. Wilkinson
TimeLife Books "The American Indians" series

"The Cambridge Companion To Native American Literature" [7/2005] by Joy Porter and Kenneth M. Roemer

"Handbook of Native American Literature" [6/2013] by Andrew Wiget

"Native American Songs and Poems: An Anthology" [Dover Thrift Editions 2/2012] by Brian Swann

"The Oxford Handbook of Indigenous American Literature [7/2014] by James H. Cox and Daniel Heath Justice

Books - Fiction

Southwest USA & Native American
Mysteries Page at BlackHat Mystery Bookstore

Readers of The Purple Sage Bookstore's
Tony Hillerman [1925-2008] Page

The Delight Makers 1890 novel by Adolph F. Bandelier  "The Delight Makers: A Novel of Prehistoric Pueblo Indian Life" [1890]
by Adolph F. Bandelier, Introduction by Charles F. Lummis

listed among the 100 Best Books In New Mexico [Jan 2011] • "The book is a classic of its kind, and of great value both to futurists and to students of the unique aboriginal life of the great Southwest . . . with a thrilling plot"
Kindle Edition from HardPress Publng [7/2014] for $7.95
HardPress Publng 9x6 pb [1/2012] for $21.95
Palala Press 9¼x6 hardcover [4/2016] for $29.95
Dodd, Mead & Co. 7½x5½ hardcover [1918] long out of print/used
available as free online etexts at Internet Archive: [U.C.D.L. upload 9/2006] + [Cornell upload 11/2009]

"The Vanishing American" [1925 novel] by Zane Grey [1872-1939]
Harper pb [10/91] for $5.49

"Laughing Boy" [1929] by Oliver La Farge [1901-63]

"The Last Frontier" [1941] by Howard Fast
M.E. Sharpe/North Castle 9x6 pb [2/97] for $23.95

The Man Who Killed The Deer novel by Frank Waters  
"The Man Who Killed The Deer: A Novel of Pueblo Indian Life" [1942]
by Frank Waters

recommended by author Rudolfo Anaya as an essential study book about New Mexico
Swallow Press / Ohio Univ 8½x6 pb [1989] for $10.26
Pocket mass pb [12/84] out of print/120+ used
Ohio Univ Press 8x5¼ hardcover [6/42] out of print/used

"The Light In The Forest" [1953] by Conrad Richter

Cheyenne Autumn novel by Mari Sandoz  "Cheyenne Autumn" [McGraw-Hill 1953] by Mari Sandoz [1896-1966]
A proud band of relocated Northern Cheyenne leaves the Indian Territory (Oklahoma) in 1878 to return to their ancestral homeland in Yellowstone, a trek of 1500 miles.
Bison Books 8x5 2nd edition pb [10/2005] for $13.22
Bison Books 8x5¼ pb [2/92] for $12.71
Tandem Library 8¼x5½ hardcover [10/99] for $24.55
When The Legends Die novel by Hal Borland   "When The Legends Die" [1963 novel]
by Hal Borland

Bantam Starfire pb [8/84] for $5.99
Little Big Man novel by Thomas Berger  "Little Big Man" [1964 novel] by Thomas Berger
Delacorte 8x5¼ pb [10/89] for $11.96
Isis UNABR audio [1/2000] for $99.95
"Return of Little Big Man" by Thomas Berger [1999]
Back Bay 8¼x5½ pb [2/2000] for $11.16
Isis UNABR audio [1/2001] for $104.95
Old Fish Hawk novel by Mitchell F. Jayne  "Old Fish Hawk" [1970] by Mitchell F. Jayne [1928-2010]
Osage Indian Fish Hawk was raised in the wild; he discovers that he has outlived his Biblical three score and ten years allotment, and decides to return to his people's land to die. But first, he must avenge a death by tracking and killing an ancient & deadly wild boar.
Pocket mass pb [6/71] out of print/used
Lippincott 8¼x6 hardcover [1/70] out of print/used
Ceremony 1977 Native American novel by Leslie Marmon Silko  "Ceremony: A Novel" [1977] by Leslie Marmon Silko
recommended by author Rudolfo Anaya as an essential study book about New Mexico
Kindle Edition from Penguin Classic Books [2006 edition] for $9.99
Penguin Classic Books 8¼x5½ pb [12/2006] for $12.09
Penguin Books 7¾x5 pb [3/86] for $12.09
Signet mass pb [4/78] out of print/used
book entry at Wikipedia

"Hanta Yo: An American Saga" [1979 NYT bestseller] by Ruth Beebe Hill

Yellow Raft in Blue Water novel by Michael Dorris  "A Yellow Raft In Blue Water: A Novel" [1987 bestseller]
by Michael Dorris

Mentioned as being read by Navajo cop Jim Chee in "Talking God" mystery novel [1989] by Tony Hillerman; narrative by a teenager, her mother, and her grandmother; the girl runs away from her Montana reservation and becomes a rodeo star.
Picador 8¼x5½ pb [5/2003] for $10.20
Warner Books 7¾x5 pb [1/98] out of print/hundreds used
Perfection Learning 8x5½ library hardcover [3/2003] for $18.60
Dances With Wolves novel by Michael Blake  
"Dances With Wolves" [1988 novel] by Michael Blake
Fawcett movie tie-in pb [11/90] for $6.99
Econo-Clad hardcover [10/99] for $13.35
Random House UNABR audio [10/96] out of print/used
Echoes of a Silent River novel by Rebekah Fawn Cochran  "Echoes of A Silent River: A Fictional Poetry-Prose Narrative of The True Largest Massacre of Native Americans In The History of The United States" [2003]
by Rebekah Fawn Cochran

A fictional look at the 1863 Bear River Massacre in Idaho.
BookLocker 8¾x5½ pb [9/2003] for $14.95
publisher bookpage {also ebook}
Apache Girl Warrior YA novel by Tanya Landman  "I Am Apache: A Novel" aka "Apache: Girl Warrior" [2007]
by Tanya Landman

Candlewick Press 7¾x5 pb [7/2009] for $7.77
Walker Books 7½x5 pb [7/2007] out of print/used
Candlewick Press 7¾x5 hardcover [8/2008] for $11.92
author's official website
Indian Country Noir stories edited by by Sarah Cortez & Liz Martinez  "Indian Country Noir" [2010] Edited by by Sarah Cortez & Liz Martinez
Kindle Edition from Akashic Books [2/2012] for $9.99
Akashic Books 8¼x5¼ pb [6/2010] for $12.06
14 brand-new stories in sections for the Four Directions: authors include Mistina Bates, Jean Rae Baxter, Lawrence Block, Joseph Bruchac, David Cole, Reed Farrel Coleman, O'Neil De Noux, A.A. Hedgecoke, Gerard Houarner, editor Martinez, R. Narvaez, Kimberly Roppolo, Leonard Schonberg, and Melisa Yi
Anasazi Ruin novel by Jon Hovis  "Anasazi Ruin" [2012] by Jon Hovis
Set among the Chaco Canyon anasazi (ancient people) civilization in northwest New Mexico, circa 1100 CE; a boy grows to manhood as the Chaco culture collapses around him.
Kindle Edition from Casa de Snapdragon [2/2013] for $5.99
Casa de Snapdragon, LLC 9x6 pb [11/2012] for $12.56
Red Bird All-Indian Traveling Band novel by Frances Washburn  "The Red Bird All-Indian Traveling Band" [2014] by Frances Washburn
Set in 1969 on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota; a local rock band is run off the stage by a barrage of beer bottles, and before night's end, local activist Buffalo Ames is dead.
Univ AZ Press 8¼x5½ pb [2/2014] for $13.16
author's ASU-AIS faculty homepage

7 Novels About Indians in Kindle format  "7 Novels About Indians: Boxed Set" for Kindle [2014]
Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [7/2014] for 99’
seven public domain novels, 1875 to 1906: three novels by Gen. Charles King [1844-1933]: "A Daughter of The Sioux"
[1903], "An Apache Princess" [1903], and "Tonio, Son of The Sierras: A Story of The Apache War" [1906]; two novels by Karl May [1842-1912]: "Winnetou, The Apache Knight: Jack Hildreth Among The Indians" [1898] and The Treasure of Nugget Mountain" [1898]; "The Big Brother: A Story of Indian War" [1875] by George Cary Eggleston [1839-1911]; and "The Delight Makers: A Novel of Pre-Historic Pueblo Indians" [1890] by Adolph F. Bandelier [1840-1914]

Native American Film Festival
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search on keyword 'indians' at Internet Movie Database

American Indian Film Institute [est. 1979] of San Francisco, CA

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