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          Craig lives with his wife Judy on their ranch in Ucross, Wyoming, population 25.

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Sheriff Walt Longmire  Fiction
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"The Cold Dish" [#1 = 12/2004]

"Death Without Company" [#2 = 3/2006]

"Kindness Goes Unpunished" [#3 = 3/2007] in Wyoming & Philadelphia

"Another Man’s Moccasins" [#4 = 5/2008]

"The Dark Horse" [#5 = 5/2009]

"Junkyard Dogs" [#6 = 5/2010]

"Hell Is Empty" [#7 = 5/2011]

"Divorce Horse" short story [Viking eBook, April 2012]

"As The Crow Flies" [#8 = 5/2012)

"Christmas In Absaroka County" short stories [#9 = Penguin eBook, 12/2012]

"Messenger" short story [Viking, April 2013]

"A Serpent's Tooth" [#10 = 6/2013)

"Spirit of Steamboat" [#11 = 10/2013]

"Stay Calm, Have Courage, and Wait for Signs" [#12 = 11/2013]
Stay Calm, Have Courage, and Wait For Signs book by Craig Johnson  very limited edition, illustrated by Phil Parks
contains Longmire stories and selections from Johnson's "Post-Its" email newsletter
A.S.A.P. Publng hardcover [11/2013] out of print/scarce

"Any Other Name" [#13 = 5/2014]  5/2014

"Wait For Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories" [#14 = 10/2014]
Wait For Signs short stories collection by Craig Johnson  Introduction by actor Lou Diamond Phillips
Kindle Edition from Viking/Penguin [10/2014] for $7.99
Penguin Books pb [10/2015] for $10.60  10/2015
Viking Adult 7¼x5¼ hardcover [10/2014] for $16.77

"Dry Bones" [#15 = 5/2015]  5/2015
Sheriff Longmire investigates the death of Danny Lone Elk, which involves the discovery of a dinosaur skeleton.

"Longmire"  TV series  [Warner Horizon / A&E-TV 6/2012 to 7/2014]
series credits at IMDb • credits for character Sheriff Walt Longmire at IMDb
official series website • series entry at Wikipedia

Longmire A&E TV series - color poster  Longmire A&E TV series - brown poster  45-minute A&E cable series filmed in Northern New Mexico; starring Robert Taylor as Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire; based on the mystery novels written by Craig Johnson; other actors include Louanne Stephens, Rio Alexander, Adam Bartley, John Bishop, Cassidy Freeman, Zahn McClarnon, Amber Midthunder, Lou Diamond Phillips, Katee Sackhoff, Arron Shiver
First Season (10 episodes); extras include featurette on filming in New Mexico
Warner Home Video widescreen color DVD [5/2013] 2 disks for $19.19
A&E 5/2012 trailer [1:11] at YouTube
Second Season (13 episodes)
Warner Home Video widescreen color DVD [5/2014] 3 disks for $34.45
watch A&E 5/2013 b&w promo [0:30] at YouTube
Third Season: starts 2 June 2014

Longmire: Seasons 1 & 2 mon HD Blu-ray  
"Longmire: Seasons 1 & 2" [2014]  
Warner Archive Collection widescreen color
HD Blu-ray [5/2014] 6 disks for $53.99

Book To Screen Deluxe Teaser for 'Longmire' Season 2  "Longmire: Book To Screen Deluxe Teaser" [2013]
excerpts from then-recent novel "Hell Is Empty" which appears to be basis for
Season 2; added audio and video includes official TV promo for Season 2

Kindle Edition from Penguin Books Group [5/2013] for FREE {sic}

"Longmire Days" in Buffalo, Wyoming - August 2013
watch 'mini documentary' [19:44] on YouTube

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"Little Bird" [8/2009]

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Craig Johnson's official website
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Craig Johnson credits at Internet Movie Database

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