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'Broncho Billy'  Anderson
Gilbert M. Anderson [1880-1971]

Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson [1880-1971] wearing cowboy outfit          short profile

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Niles Canyon & Essanay


Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson was the first cowboy silent movie star; he wrote, produced, directed & starred in
almost 400 silent movies, and received an Honorary Oscar Award in 1958.

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Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson
Broncho Billy's horse: Ranger

'Broncho Billy' Anderson entry at Wikipedia
Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson credits [1903-65] at Internet Movie Database
Gilbert M. Anderson's Broadway credits [1902-1920]

star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame  'Broncho Billy' Anderson won an Honorary Oscar in 1958 title=     Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson received an Honorary Oscar® in 1958
and a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960

Movies  of  Broncho Billy
Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson credits [1903-65] at Internet Movie Database

Broncho Billy Shorts on DVD Volume 1 from Sinister Cinema  "Broncho Billy Shorts, Volume 1" [2009]
Sinister Cinema b&w DVD-R [8/2009] for $8.37
contains 3 rare short b&w silent films: "Broncho Billy's Fatal Joke" [Essanay/G.F.C. Aug 1914]; "Broncho Billy and The Greaser" [Essanay/G.F.C. Oct 1914]; and "Broncho Billy's Sentence"
[Essanay/G.F.C. Feb 1915]
Early Essanay Shorts on DVD with six silent films  "Early Essanay Shorts" on DVD [2014]
Alpha Video b&w silent DVD [4/2014] for $5.58
contains 6 rare short b&w silent films: "Broncho Billy's Schoolmistress" [Essanay/G.F.C. Feb 1912]; "Teaching Hickville To Sing" [Essanay/G.F.C. Feb 1913]; "Mabel's Busy Day" [Keystone/Mutual June 1914] directed by Mack Sennett, written by & starring Charlie Chaplin & Mabel Normand; "His Regeneration" [Essanay/G.F.C. Aug 1914] starring 'Broncho Billy' Anderson, with Charlie Chaplin; "Sweedie Learns To Swim" [Essanay/G.F.C. Oct 1914] starring Wallace Beery & Ben Turpin; and "Broncho Billy's Sentence" [Essanay/G.F.C. Feb 1915]

"The Great Train Robbery"
[Edison Mfg. Dec 1903 silent short]
tradepapers ad for 1903 "The Great Train Robbery" silent short directed by Edwin S. Porter, starring Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson  The first movie with a plotted storyline was a Western!
11-minute silent short co-written & directed by Edwin S. Porter; starring Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson; listed in National Film Registry (1990) credits from IMDb
V.C.I. 100th Anniversary b&w DVD [12/2003] for $17.99
the DVD includes "Tumbleweeds" [1925 silent] with Wm. S. Hart [1864-1946]; "The Battle of Elderbush Gulch" [1913 silent] by D.W. Griffith [1875-1948]; "The Heart of Texas Ryan" [1917 silent] with Tom Mix [1880-1940], plus other extras

watch "The Great Train Robbery" [11:45] free online at Internet Archive

"Broncho Billy's Schoolmistress" [Essanay/G.F.C. Feb 1912]

"Broncho Billy's Fatal Joke" [Essanay/G.F.C. Aug 1914] silent short { IMDb }

"Broncho Billy and The Greaser" [Essanay/G.F.C. Oct 1914] 17-minute { IMDb }
watch full movie [16:42] online at YouTube

"Broncho Billy's Sentence" silent short [Essanay/G.F.C. Feb 1915]
Produced, written & directed by and starring G.M. Anderson; also starring Virginia True Boardman, Ernest Van Pelt,
Carl Stockdale, Evelyn Selbie & True Boardman; full credits at IMDb
available on "Nickelodia 1": Unknown Video b&w DVD [4/2006] for $19.95; also available on Sinister Cinema DVD above

"The Champion" [1915] with Broncho Billy & Charlie Chaplin

"His Regeneration" [1915] with Broncho Billy & Charlie Chaplin

'Broncho Billy' Anderson in "Naked Hands" [1918 two-reel short] /tt0176832/

"The Son-of-A-Gun !" silent feature
[Golden West/Sherry Feb 1919]
Broncho Billy Anderson in The Son-of-a-Gun!   Co-written, produced, directed by & starring Broncho Billy Anderson, with Fred Church, Frank Whitson, A.E. Witting, Mattie Witting & Paul Willis
Alpha Home Ent. b&w DVD [8/2010] for $7.98
Unknown Video b&w DVD [11/2004] for $19.95
full credits at IMDb

"The Lucky Dog"
[Metro Pictures Corp. Oct 1921 silent]
The Lucky Dog silent short starring Stan Laurel  Filmed in 1919, not released until 1921; the first appearance of Stan & Ollie in the same film, though not as a team. Stan picks up a stray dog and is accused by the owners of 'dog-napping'; Ollie is a crook who holds Stan up at gunpoint and later tries to scam the family of Stan's new girlfriend. A half-length version circulated for some time, until William K. Everson discovered some missing elements; different versions on DVD exist with or without title cards. Produced by 'Broncho Billy' Anderson; directed by Jess Robbins; starring Stan Laurel, with Florence Gillet, Oliver Hardy, Clyde Cook & Jack Lloyd
available on DVD within several Laurel & Hardy collections
full credits from IMDb movie entry at Wikipedia

"Here's Hollywood" b&w TV series [NBC-TV/Desilu episode aired 27 July 1962]
Helen O'Connell interviews silent star 'Bronco Billy' Anderson
video/DVD/Blu-ray not available episode credits at IMDb

. . . in name only

"The Resurrection of Broncho Billy"
[U.S.C./Universal June 1970]
producer John Longenecker won the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Subject  Resurrection of Broncho Billy Oscar-winning short film  23-minute short film made by 'watershed' team of U.S.C. student filmmakers; a boy living in the city dreams of life as a cowboy in the West. Produced & co-written by John Longenecker; directed & co-written by James R. Rokos; co-written, editing & music by John Carpenter; co-written & cinematography by Nick Castle; co-written by Trace Johnston; narrated by Ruth Hussey & Rick Nelson; starring Johnny Crawford & Kristin Harmon Nelson; won the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Subject
VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available full credits at IMDb movie entry at Wikipedia

watch copy from French TV free online on YouTube: Part 1 [10:00] Part 2 [10:20]

"Bronco Billy"  [Warner Bros. June 1980] /tt0080472/
Directed by & starring Clint Eastwood

Works About Broncho Billy

Flickers of Desire, Movie Stars of the 1910s book by Jennifer Bean  "Flickers of Desire: Movie Stars of The 1910s" [2011]
Edited & Introduction by Prof. Jennifer M. Bean

Chapters/topics include 'Broncho Billy' Anderson, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Theda Bara, George Beban, Charlie Chaplin, Grace Cunard, Douglas Fairbanks, Geraldine Farrar, Lillian Gish, Sessue Hayakawa, Mary Pickford, and Pearl White
Rutgers Univ Press pb [7/2011] for $24.95
Rutgers Univ Press hardcover [7/2011] for $59.40

"Broncho Billy: The First Reel Screen Cowboy" TV documentary [1998]
Produced by the Arkansas Educational Television Network

Niles Canyon  and  Essanay
The Essanay Film Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1907, the name based on the initials of owners George K. Spoor and actor-director Gilbert M. Anderson; joined Thomas Alva Edison in forming the Motion Picture Patents Co. monopoly in December 1908; Essanay West Studios in Niles, California opened in 1912; signed rising star Charlie Chaplin in December 1914, but refused Chaplin's salary demands when the contract ended in December 1915; the 'Edison Trust' had been dissolved by court order in October 1915, and Essanay quickly collapsed and closed its doors in February 1916 – after producing 1,400 titles.

b&w Essanay Indian-head logo
Essanay Studios [1907-16] entry at Wikipedia
Niles [CA] Essanay Silent Film Museum [est. 1998]
{unrelated} modern Essanay Films [est. 1967] of San Francisco, CA

Broncho Billy & Essanay book by David Kiehn  
"Broncho Billy & The Essanay Film Company" [2003]
by David Kiehn

Farwell hardcover 10x7 [6/2003] for $32.50
Chaplin's Essanay Comedies  "Chaplin's Essanay Comedies" [1999]
Volume 1: Image Ent. b&w DVD [9/99] for $22.49
Volume 1 includes: "His New Job", "A Night Out", "The Champion" with Broncho Billy, "In The Park", and "A Jitney Elopement" (all 1915)
Volume 2: Image Ent. b&w DVD [9/99] for $17.99
Volume 2 includes: "The Tramp", "By The Sea", "Work", "A Woman", "The Bank", and "His Regeneration" with Broncho Billy (all 1915)
Volume 3: Image Ent. b&w DVD [9/99] for $16.48
Volume 3 includes: "Shanghaied", "A Night In The Show", "Police", "Burlesque on Carmen" (all 1915), and "Triple Trouble" [1918]

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'Broncho Billy' Anderson entry at Wikipedia
Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson credits [1903-65] at Internet Movie Database
Gilbert M. Anderson's Broadway credits [1902-1920]

Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum in Fremont, California
this film festival is not so much 'about' Broncho Billy as it is named in honor of him, showing films by his contemporaries at Essanay etc.  Broncho Billy Silent Film Festival [June 2011 = #14] in Fremont, CA
RTJ's Broncho Billy fansite [last update 2002]

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