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Information on the many and diverse musical traditions of America, bringing to your attention professional & obscure artists,
their works and their museums, and available books & audio tapes & videos & DVDs & posters & ebooks for purchase...
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Bluegrass Music entry at Wikipedia

Mike Seeger article 'Music of The Southern Appalachian Mountains'

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Classic Bluegrass from Smithsonian Folkways, volume 1  "Classic Bluegrass From Smithsonian Folkways: Volume 1" [2002]
Smithsonian/Folkways music CD [4/2002] 25 tracks for $10.99
artists & groups include Harley Allen, the Country Gentlemen, Hazel Dickens, the Friendly City Playboys, Cullen Gaylean, Alice Gerrard, Smiley Hobbs, Snuffy Jenkins, David & Billie Ray Johnson, the Johnson Mountain Boys, the Kentuckians (2), the Lilly Brothers, the Lonesome Strangers, Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys (2), Hugh Moore, Nashville Grass, the New Lost City Ramblers, the Stanley Brothers (2), Roni Stoneman, Earl Taylor & Doc Watson (2)

Best of Bluegrass from Sanctuary, volume 1  "The Best of Bluegrass, Volume 1" [2003]
Sanctuary remastered music CD [8/2003] 12 tracks for $13.72
artists & groups include The Carter Family, Lester Flatt, Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, Harry McLintock, Bill Monroe, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Dolly Parton, the Rice Brothers, Ricky Skaggs, Dr. Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys, and Hot Tuna
80 Years of Bluegrass Music  "Can't You Hear Me Callin': Bluegrass - 80 Years of American Music" [2004]
artists & groups include The Byrds, the Carter Family, the Clinch Mountain Boys, Dixie Chicks, Lester Flatt, Alison Krauss, the North Carolina Ramblers, Ricky Skaggs, the Stanley Brothers & Carl Story
Sony music CD [9/2004] 109 tracks on 4 disks - out of prodn/used

"Best of..." single disk
Sony music CD [11/2004] 18 tracks for $11.98

Telluride Bluegrass Festival 30 Years music collection  "Telluride Bluegrass Festival: Thirty Years" [2005]
artists & groups include The Boomchicks, Sam Bush, Kasey Chambers, The Hackensaw Boys, Horses Flies Band, Hot Rize Band, Nickel Creek Band, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Tim O'Brien Band, The String Cheese Incident, The Waifs, Keller Williams & Yonder Mountain String Band
Rounder Records music CD [6/2005] 13 tracks for $17.99
Classic Bluegrass from Smithsonian Folkways, volume 2  "Classic Bluegrass From Smithsonian Folkways: Volume 2" [2005]
Smithsonian/Folkways music CD [6/2005] 28 tracks for $11.98
artists & groups include Harley Allen, Red Allen (2), Chubby Anthony, the Country Gentlemen, Bob Everhart, the Friendly City Playboys, the Georgia Pals, Alice Gerrard, Half and Half, John Hartford, Clint Howard, David Johnson, Sonny Miller, Bill Monroe, Tom Morgan, Nashville Grass, Bill Price (2), Ola Belle Reed, The Red Clay Rambler, Larry Richardson, Don Stover, Jerry Stuart, Earl Taylor, Doc Watson (2) & Eric Weissberg

Best of Bluegrass from Sanctuary, volume 2  "The Best of Bluegrass, Volume 2" [2006]
Sanctuary music CD [4/2006] 12 tracks for $12.39
artists & groups include Norman Blake, Flatt & Scruggs, Alison Krauss, Patty Loveless, New Grass Revival, Mark O'Connor, Dolly Parton, the Rooftop Singers, Ricky Skaggs, Ralph Stanley, the String Cheese Incident & Rhonda Vincent
Songs of The Coal Miner's Struggle bluegrass album  "Harlan County USA: Songs of The Coal Miners's Struggle" [2006]
Rounder Records Umgd soundtrack CD [5/2006] 22 tracks for $14.99
featuring seven songs by Hazel Dickens, plus artists & groups Norman Blake, Phyllis Boyens (2), Connie & Babe featuring Red Roberts, Country Cooking band, J.P. Fraley, Jim Garland, Sarah Gunning (2), the Johnson Mountain Boys, the Old Home String Band, Florence Reece, Merle Travis, Doc Watson & Gaither Carlton, and Nimrod Workman
True Bluegrass Essentials album from Rebel Records  "True Bluegrass Essentials" [2006]
Rebel Records music CD [9/2006] 20 tracks for $7.98
artists & groups include Red Allen, Kenny Baker, Wilma Lee Cooper, The Country Gentlemen, Bill Emerson, Dave Evans, The Lilly Brothers & Don Stover, Lonesome River Band, Lost and Found, Del McCoury, James Price, Lou Reid, Tony Rice, Curly Seckler & Willis Spears, James Alan Shelton, Karl Shiflett, Kenny & Amanda Smith Band, Ralph Stanley (2), and Keith Whitley & Ricky Skaggs
True Bluegrass Instrumentals album from Rebel Records   "True Bluegrass Instrumentals" [2007]
Rebel Records music CD [10/2007] 20 tracks for $7.98
artists & groups include Jimmy Arnold, Kenny Baker, Norman Blake & Red Rector, Curly Ray Cline, J.D. Crowe, Bill Emerson, Josh Graves, Richard Greene, Cody Kilby, James Price, Don Reno & Eddie Adcock, Tony Rice (2), The Seldom Scene, Larry Sparks, The Stanley Brothers, Charlie Waller & Randall Hylton, and Keith Whitley & Ricky Skaggs

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fiddler Byron Berline
browse music • Double Stop Music Shop in Guthrie, OK • official bandsite

Norman Blake: browse music

The Country Gentlemen band: browse music

The Dillards: browse music

Raymond Fairchild: browse music

Flatt & Scruggs
Essentials • browse music • CMHF page • F&S Pres'vtn Society • Earl's official website

Roscoe Holcomb: browse music

Homer & Jethro: browse music

Alison Krauss: Essentials • browse music • official website • AKUS fansite • KH's fansite

Laurie Lewis: browse music • official website

Lilly Brothers & Don Stover: browse music • Countryworks fansite

Uncle Dave Macon: browse music

'King of Bluegrass' guitarist Jimmy Martin [1927-2005]
browse music • official website • docufilm site • credits at IMDb

Bill Monroe: Essentials • browse music • official website • Blue Grass Boys fansite

Nickel Creek 'newgrass' band [est. 1989]: browse music • official bandsite

Ricky Skaggs: Essentials • browse music • official family website

fiddler Art Stamper [1934-2005]: browse music

The Stanley Brothers
Essentials • browse music • official fan club • biography by John Wright • Ralph on IMDb

Rhonda Vincent: browse music

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys bluegrass band
three virtuosi brothers aged 10 & 14 & 15 {in 2013} from New Jersey
February 2013 performance at TED Talks

Doc Watson [1923-2012]
browse music • MerleFest [est. 1988] • D&B's fansite • FolkLib Index

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Books About Bluegrass Music & Artists

books on bluegrass music at Amazon.com

Bluegrass Breakdown book by Robert Cantwell  "Bluegrass Breakdown: The Making of The Old Southern Sound" [1984]
by Robert Cantwell

popular 'scholarly study of the music and its cultural roots'
Univ Illinois Press 9¼x6 pb [10/2002] for $17.05
Da Capo Press 9x6 pb [8/92] out of print/used
Univ Illinois Press hardcover [7/84] out of print/used
Bluegrass History book by Neil Rosenberg  "Bluegrass: A History" [1985] by Neil V. Rosenberg
focuses on the performers
Univ Illinois Press 20th Anniv Edition 9x6 pb [8/2005] for $18.21
Univ Illinois Press 9¼x6 pb [8/93] out of print/used
Univ Illinois Press 9¼x6¼ hardcover [10/85] out of print/used
Bluegrass Odyssey, Pictures & Words book by Carl Fleischhauer & Neil Rosenberg   "Bluegrass Odyssey: A Documentary In Pictures and Words, 1966-86"
[2001] by Carl Fleischhauer & Neil V. Rosenberg

featuring the Blue Grass Boys, J.D. Crowe, the Dillards, Lester Flatt, the Kentucky Mountain Boys, the Lewis family, Bill Monroe, the New Grass Revival, Earl Scruggs, Ricky Skaggs, Ralph Stanley, the Stoneman family & many more artists & groups
Univ Illinois Press 10½x8¾ pb [12/2006] for $16.47
Univ Illinois Press hardcover [3/2001] out of print/used

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Films About Bluegrass Music

High Lonesome Bluegrass  "High Lonesome: The Story of Bluegrass Music" docufilm [1991]
Directed by Andrew Liebman, featuring Bill Monroe

Koch/Shanachie DVD [11/98] for $17.98
Koch/Shanachie color VHS [11/94] for $19.98
Three Pickers video  
"The Three Pickers: Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson & Ricky Skaggs"
[2002 TV special]

Rounder color DVD [7/2003] for $22.48
Rounder widescreen DVD [7/2003] for $22.48

"Muppets Play Bluegrass" TV show segments
watch "In The Summertime" segment [3/2010 upload; 2.01] online at YouTube
watch "Dueling Banjos" segment [9/2013 upload; 2.25] online at YouTube

"The Broken Circle Breakdown" [2013] directed by Felix Van Groeningen
An intensely-moving portrait of a relationship from beginning to end, propelled by a soundtrack of foot-stomping bluegrass.

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Magazines About Bluegrass Music

Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine
Bluegrass Unlimited

subscribe via Amazon:
12 issues/year for $25.00

magazine website

Intl. Bluegrass Magazine
Intl. Bluegrass

now available only
thru I.B.M.A. membership

publisher I.B.M.A. website
I.B.M.A. news & article archive

Banjo Newsletter Magazine [est. 1973]
Banjo Newsletter

subscribe via Amazon:
12 issues/year for $27.00

magazine website

Bluegrass Music News Magazine
Bluegrass Music News
now available only thru
S.P.B.G.M.A. membership

publisher SPBGMA website

"Bluegrass Now Magazine" switched from paper to ezine delivery in late 2008
magazine official website {last update 9/2008}
some magazine issues are archived online

monthly "Inside Bluegrass Magazine" [] is based in Minnesota

BluegrassJournal.com [est. 2007] is a blog
with a nice directory

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L i n k s

Bluegrass Music entry at Wikipedia
iBluegrass website
U.S. Library of Congress American Folklife Center
Bluegrass Music World
The Bluegrass Connection
Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier
Bluegrass / Acoustic Music WebRing
FolkLib Index: Bluegrass & Old-Time Music
Intl. Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro KY
Discover Bluegrass
CyberGrass®: Internet Bluegrass Music Magazine [est. 1992]
Intl. Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro, KY
Fiddler Magazine [est. 1994]
Planet Bluegrass Radio
Gold Heart Bluegrass www.goldheartbluegrass.com
Midwest Bluegrass Festivals www.bluegrassmidwest.com

Bluegrass Events
Bluegrass Festival Finder
Enchanted Desert Bluegrass Festival [May 2005 = once only] in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Wildlife West Bluegrass Weekends [Summer] in Edgewood, NM
Huck Finn Country & Bluegrass Jubilee [est. 1976; Victorville CA in June]
Telluride [CO] Bluegrass Festival [June 2005 = #32]
Northern Kentucky Bluegrass Festival [July]
Santa Fe [NM] Traditional & Bluegrass Music Festival [Aug 2006 = #32]
ShortGrass Music Festival [Sept 2017 = #13] in Cimarron, NM
Laramie Peak Bluegrass Festival in Douglas, WY [Sept]
Oklahoma Intl. Bluegrass Festival [Oct 2014 = #19] in Guthrie, OK

Bluegrass Associations
Intl. Bluegrass Music Assn. [est. 1985]
Society for Preservation of Bluegrass Music & Hall of Greats {incomplete}
America's Bluegrass Music Assn.
Acoustic Instrument Musician's Assn.
Alabama Bluegrass Music Assn. [est. 1996]
California Bluegrass Assn.
Colorado Bluegrass Music Society
Bluegrass Music Assn. of Maine
Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Assn. [est. 1975]
Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Assn. of New Jersey
South Carolina Bluegrass & Traditional Music Assn.
Southwest Pickers [est. 1981] of New Mexico
Washington Bluegrass Music Assn.
Capitol Area [Washington, DC] Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Assn.

Non-U.S.A. Bluegrass Music Associations
Bluegrass Australia
British Bluegrass Music Assn.
Europe Bluegrass Music Assn.
European World of Bluegrass Assn.
Finland Bluegrass Music Assn.
Bluegrass Music Assn. of Italy
Netherlands Bluegrass Music Assn.
Scottish Bluegrass Assn.
Swiss Bluegrass Music Assn.

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