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Wallace  Neff  [1895-1982]
no entry at GreatBuildings.com
entry at Wikipedia
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1920 Pickfair estate of Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks {torn down}

Wallace Neff / Golden State   "Wallace Neff and The Grand Houses of The Golden State" [2005]
by Diane Kanner

Monacelli 11¼x9¼ hardcover [11/2005] for $30.00
Wallace Neff / Golden Age  "Wallace Neff: Architect of California's Golden Age" [2000]
Compiled & edited by Wallace Neff, Jr.; text by Alson Clarke

Hennessey + Ingalls 10¼x11 hardcover [10/2000] for $31.50
Wallace Neff / Huntington  "Wallace Neff, 1895-1982: The Romance of Regional Architecture"
catalogue reprint from the 1989 Huntington Library exhibition
Hennessey + Ingalls 11x8½ pb [1/98] for $19.77

modernist  Richard  Neutra  [1892-1970]
Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design official website
GreatBuildings webpage
entry at Wikipedia
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1927-29 Lovell Health House at 4616 Dundee Drive in Los Feliz [Los Angeles, CA]
1932 Laemmle Bldg. at 6301 Hollywood Blvd.
1932 Van der Leeuw House (VDL I Research House} in Los Angeles, CA
1935 Von Sternberg House in Northridge, CA {residence of Ayn Rand 1944-51; demolished 1971}
1938 Windshield House in Fisher's Island, NY
1938 Emerson Junior High School in West Los Angeles, CA
1938 Strathmore Apartments in Westwood (Los Angeles), CA
1939 Ward-Berger House in Hollywood Hills [Los Angeles, CA]
1941 Bonnet House in Hollywood Hills [Los Angeles, CA]
1942 Van Cleef House in Beverly Hills, CA
1945 unbuilt Case Study House #6
1946 unbuilt Case Study House #13
1946 Kaufmann Desert House in Palm Springs, CA: restoration by Marmol Radziner & Assocs.
1947 unbuilt Case Study House #21
1948 Bailey House [C.S.H #20], 219 Chautauqua Blvd. in Pacific Palisades, CA
1950 Reunion House {Neutra family home} in Silverlake [Los Angeles, CA]
1952 Moore House in Ojai, CA
1953 Eagle Rock Park clubhouse [Los Angeles, CA]
1954 Hammerman House [rebuilt 2004] in Bel Air [Los Angeles, CA]
1956 Troxell House in Pacific Palisades, CA
1960 Bond House in San Diego, CA
R.J. Neutra Elementary (designed 1929, built 1960) at the Lemoore Naval Air Station in California
1962 Cyclorama Center at Gettysburg National Park, PA {endangered}
1962 Maslon House in Rancho Mirage, CA {destroyed in 2002}
1963 United States Embassy in Karachi, Pakistan
1964 Taylor House in Glendale, CA
1964 Kuhns House in Woodland Hills, CA
1968-1969 Delcourt House in Croix, Nord, France
Miller House
residence in Padua Hills (Claremont, CA)
Van der Leeuw House II (1964 rebuild) in Los Angeles, CA
Staller House in Bel Air, CA {asking price $8.5M 6/2012}

Neutra 2004   "Neutra" [2004]
by 'modernist scholar' Barbara Lamprecht

This book "serves as a beginner's guide to the work of one of the most fetishized architects of the XXth Century" per Los Angeles Times book review
Taschen 9x7¼ pb [3/2004] for $9.99
Taschen Spanish-language pb [7/2004] for $13.89
Neutra 2000   "Neutra: The Complete Works" [2000]
by Barbara Lamprecht, photography by Julius Shulman

"The definitive volume on the Viennese-born Los Angeles architecht and his ground-breaking split-level steel & glass houses that merged indooe and outdoor spaces" per Los Angeles Times book review
Taschen Jumbo 18½x13x2" thick! hardcover [12/2000] for $136.00
Richard Neutra by Hines   "Richard Neutra & the Search For Modern Architecture" [1982]
by U.C.L.A. professor Thomas S. Hines

Univ CA Press 10¼x10¼ pb [6/94] out of print/used
Oxford Univ Press hardcover [7/82] out of print/used


sculptor-designer  Isamu  Noguchi  [1904-88]
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entry at Wikipedia
Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum in Queens, NY
Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum in Kagawa, Japan

architect & designer Eliot  Noyes  [1910-77]
no entry at GreatBuildings.com
entry at Wikipedia
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1950 Tallman House in New Canaan, CT
1951 Ault House in New Canaan, CT
1953 Weeks House in New Canaan, CT
1955 Noyes House in New Canaan, CT
1974 Wilton Library in Wilton, CT

Eliot Noyes bio by Gordon Bruce  
"Eliot Noyes: A Pioneer of Design & Architecture In The Age of American Modernism" [2007]
by Gordon Bruce

Phaidon Press 11½x10¼ hardcover [1/2007] for $47.25

landscape architect  Frederick  Law  Olmsted  [1822-1903]
browse books by/about Frederick Law Olmsted
entry at Wikipedia
Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site in Brookline, MA
CGP's Frederick Law Olmsted fansite
listed #49 on Atlantic Monthly's "100 Most Influential Americans" (12/2006)

1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Ilinois
Manchester Building in Philadelphia, PA

I.M.  Pei
Pritzker Prize 1983
browse I.M. Pei books category at Amazon
GreatBuildings webpage
entry at Wikipedia

1968 Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY
1969 Cleo Rogers Memorial Library in Columbus, IN
1969 Chancery [U.S. Embassy] in Montevideo, Paraguay
1970 National Airlines terminal at J.F.K. Airport in New York City
1979 John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, MA
1979 Baltimore World Trade Center in Baltimore, MD
1983 ARCO Tower in Dallas, TX
1989 Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, TX
1989 Creative Artists Agency headquarters in Beverly Hills, CA
1995 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame/Museum in Cleveland, OH
2002 Tour EDF at La Défense, France
2004 Torre Espacio in Madrid, Spain
2009 NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC
Bank of China Tower
Choate Rosemary Hall Science Center
Dallas City Hall
Des Moines Art Center Addition
Fragrant Hill Hotel
Grand Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France
Kips Bay Plaza
Luce Memorial Chapel
Paul Mellon Center for the Arts
Miho Museum
National Gallery of Art, East Building
Shinji Shumeikai Bell Tower
Society Hill
University Plaza, New York University

documentaries about I.M. Pei by Peter Rosen   "I.M. Pei" documentaries on DVD [P.B.S. 1997 & 1998]
includes 85-minute docufilm "First Person Singular" [1997] {IMDb} and 49-minute docufilm "The Museum On The Mountain" [1998] {IMDb} about the building of the Miho Museum near Kyoto, Japan; the DVD also features an interactive gallery of 20 I.M. Pei structures
Produced & directed by Peter Rosen
Homevision color DVD [7/2003] for $22.49
Homevision color VHS [7/2003] out of prodn/used
producer/director website

William  L.  Pereira  [1909-85]
no entry at GreatBuildings.com
entry at Wikipedia
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movie credits at IMDb

Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco, CA
1961 {co-design} Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport [re-opened 1997]
master planning of the Irvine Ranch development in Orange County, CA
Geisel Library at U.C. San Diego in La Jolla, CA
Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA
Firestone? residence at Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage, CA

William Pereira   "William Pereira" [2003]
Edited by James Steele, photographs by Julius Shulman & Hayne Thom

Balcony Press 12x9½ hardcover [2/2003] for $43.76

Antoine  Predock of Albuquerque, NM
Antoine Predock, Architect P.C.
Antoine Predock entry at Wikipedia
browse books by/about Antoine Predock

1997 Spencer Theater for The Performing Arts in Alto, NM
Mesa Public Library in Los Alamos, NM
Civic Arts Plaza in Thousand Oaks, CA

Antoine Predock Architect   "Antoine Predock: Architect (Vol. 4)" [1994]
Edited by Brad Collins

Rizzoli 11¼x8¾ hardcover [11/2006] for $31.50
"Antoine Predock: Architect (Vol. 2)" [1994]
Edited by Brad Collins & Elizabeth Zimmermann

Rizzoli Intl. 11x8½ pb [12/98] out of print/used

Barton  Bradford  Prince of Albuquerque, NM
Bart Prince, Architect official website

Architecture of Bart Prince  
"The Architecture of Bart Prince: A Pragmatics of Place" [1999]
by Christopher Curtis Mead

W.W. Norton 10¼x8 hardcover [5/99] for $40.80

Henry  Hobson  Richardson  [1838-86]
GreatBuildings webpage
entry at Wikipedia
browse H.H. Richardson books category at Amazon

1872-77 Trinity Church in Boston MA
1875-76 Cheney Building in Hartford, CT
1876 William Watts Sherman House in Newport, Rhode Island
1876-79 Winn Memorial Library in Woburn, MA
Sever Hall [1878-80] & Austin Hall [1882-84] at Harvard University
1880-83 Albany City Hall in Albany, NY
1883-85 Converse Memorial Library in Malden, MA
1886 Allegheny County Courthouse in Pittsburgh, PA
Brattle Square Church in Boston, MA

H.H. Richardson Complete Architectural Works  
"H.H. Richardson: Complete Architectural Works" [1982]
by Jeffrey Karl Ochsner

M.I.T. Press 10¾x7&14 pb [1/85] for $44.00
M.I.T. Press hardcover [1/82] out of print/used

Sabato  'Simon'  Rodia  [1879-1965]
GreatBuildings webpageentry at Wikipedia

The Watts Towers [built 1921-1954]
GreatBuildings webpageentry at Wikipedia
Watts Towers State Historic Park
Friends of the Watts Towers Arts Center
Watts Towers fansite

Watts Towers book  
"The Los Angeles Watts Towers" [1997]
by Bud Goldstone & Arloa Paquin Goldstone

Getty Trust 10x8 pb [11/97] for $16.47

'I Build the Tower' documentary on Simon Rodia  "I Build The Tower" tribute documentary [indep Feb 2007]
87-minute documentary film on Simon Rodia [1879-1965] and his amateur architectural masterpiece, the Watts Towers in South Central Los Angeles – "You got to do something they don't got'em in the world"
A film by Brad Byer & Edward Landler, with archive commentary by R. Buckminster Fuller [1895-1983]
National Film Network color DVD [2008] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDb

Paul  Rudolph  [1918-97]
GreatBuildings webpage
entry at Wikipedia
browse books
Paul Rudolph Foundation [est. 2002]

1950 W.R. Healy House in Sarasota, FL
1952 Walker Guest House at Sanibel Island, FL
1957 Riverview High School in Sarasota, FL
1963 Art & Architecture Building at Yale University in New Haven, CT
1987 Lippo Centre office tower in Hong Kong
Jewett Art Center at Wellesley College
Dana Arts Center at Colgate University
D.R. Horton Tower in Fort Worth, TX
Wells Fargo Tower in Fort Worth, TX

"Paul Rudolph: The Late Work" [] by Roberto de Alba

Rudolf  M.  Schindler  [1887-1953]
M.A.K. Center & Schindler House, West Hollywood CA
browse books
GreatBuildings webpage
entry at Wikipedia

1923 Sardi's Restaurant at 6313 Hollywood Blvd. (now the Cave Theatre)
1923 Pueblo Ribera Court at 230 Gravilla Street in La Jolla, CA
1925 Lovell Beach House at 1242 W. Ocean Front in Newport Beach, CA
1925 How House at 2422 Silver Ridge Avenue in Silver Lake (Los Angeles, CA)
1926 Sachs Apartments (Manola Court) in Silver Lake
1928 Grokowsky House at 816 Bonita Drive in South Pasadena, CA
1928 Wolfe Residence on Catalina Island
1930 Elliot Residence in Silver Lake: restoration by Marmol Radziner & Assocs.
1931 Von Koerber House at 408 Via Monte d'Oro in Torrance, CA
1934 Buck House at 5958 W. 8th Street in Los Angeles, CA
1934 W. E. Oliver House at 2236 Micheltorena Street in Silver Lake
1935 De Keyser Duplex at 1911 No. Highland Avenue, Hollywood Heights
1935 Wilson House in Silver Lake
1935 McAlmon House at 2717-2721 Waverly Drive in Silver Lake
1936 Modern Creators Shops at 8758-8766 Holloway Drive in West Hollywood, CA
1936 five-level Walker House at 2100 Kenilworth Avenue in Silver Lake
1938 Bubeshko Apartments in Silver Lake
1939 Falk Apartments in Silver Lake
1939 Lingenbrink Shops at 12632-12670 Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, CA
1939 Van Dekker House at 19950 Collier Street in Woodland Hills, CA
1940 Mackey Apartments at 1137 So. Cochran Avenue in Los Angeles, CA
1940 Droste House at 2025 Kenilworth Avenue in Silver Lake
1941 Rodriguez House at 1845 Niodrara Drive in Glendale, CA
1944 Bethlehem Baptist Church at 4900 So. Compton Avenue in South Central L.A.
1945 Roth House at 3634 Buena Park Drive in Studio City, CA
1946 Laurelwood Apartments in Studio City, CA
1946 Armon House at 470 Canyon Vista Drive in Mt. Washington (Los Angeles, CA)
1946 Kallis House & Studio at 3580 Multiview Drive in Studio City, CA
1950 Adolph Tischler House in Westwood (Los Angeles, CA)
1954 Schlessinger House at 1901 Myra Avenue in Silver Lake

architect & activist  Marika Shioiri-Clark
fellowship 2011-12 at IDEO.org in San Francisco
P.B.S. 'Makers Profiles' short videos of Marika Shioiri-Clark
base company SOSHL Studio Design Firm [est. 2012] in Cleveland, Ohio

photographer  Julius  Shulman
{worked with Neutra from 1936 to 1970, plus other Southern California architects}
entry at Wikipedia
browse Julius Shulman books at Amazon
"Julius Shulman: Man Behind The Camera" [P.B.S./K.C.E.T.-TV special 1999]
2008 Julius Shulman exhibit at Palm Springs Art Museum

Visual Acoustics documentary feature about photographer Julius Shulman   "Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman" [Arthouse Oct 2009]
Documentary feature co-produced, co-written & directed by Eric Bricker; narrated by Dustin Hoffman, featuring interviews with designer Tom Ford, architect Frank Gehry, writer Mitch Glazer, actress Kelly Lynch, Raymond Richard Neutra, artist Ed Ruscha, cinematographer Dante Spinotti & publishers Angelika & Benedikt Taschen
New Video Group color DVD [5/2010] for $24.28
full credits at IMDbofficial movie site
Julius Shulman / Modernism Rediscovered  
"Julius Shulman, Modernism Rediscovered" [2007]
by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp, photographs by Julius Shulman

Taschen America 3-volume slipcover edition [10/2007] for $235.20
Julius Shulman, Architecture, Photography   "Julius Shulman: Architecture & Its Photography" [1998]
Edited by Peter Gossel, with photographs by Julius Shulman

Taschen 12¾x10 hardcover [11/98] out of print/used
Photographing Architecture & Interiors   "Photographing Architecture and Interiors" [1962]
by Julius Shulman, Introduction by Richard Neutra

Balcony Press 12x7 hardcover [rev 4/2000] for $26.37

Skidmore,  Owings  &  Merrill
[est. 1936 in Chicago, Illinois; now in New York City]
official websitefirm entry at Wikipedia

1951 J.C. Penney Building in Indianapolis
1952 Lever House office building in New York City

1958? United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado
1960 PepsiCo World Headquarters at Purchase, New York
1968 Wells College Library at Aurora, New York
1971 Weyerhaeuser Headquarters near Tacoma, Washington
1972 Haj Airport Terminal at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

founder Louis Skidmore [1897-1962]

founder Nathaniel Owings [1903-84]

1939 partner John O. Merrill [1896-1975]

1960 partner Bruce Graham [1925-2010]
1970 John Hancock Tower in Chicago
1974 Sears {now Willis} Tower in Chicago
1974 First Wisconsin Plaza in Madison, Wisconsin

George  Washington  Smith  [1876-1930]
of Santa Barbara, California
browse books
entry at Wikipedia

1921 La Pechina residence in Santa Barbara, CA
Lobero Theater [rebuilt 1924] in Santa Barbara, CA
1926 'La Manzana' Jackling House in Woodside, CA
Casa del Herrero residence in Montecito, CA

George Washington Smith / Spanish-Colonial Revival   "George Washington Smith: Architect of The Spanish-Colonial Revival" [2005]
by Patricia Gebhard

Gibbs Smith, Publr 10½x8¾ hardcover [11/2005] for $26.37
George Washington Smith Scrapbook   "George Washington Smith: An Architect's Scrapbook" [2001]
by Marc Appleton

Tailwater Press 12x9¼ hardcover [9/2001] for $65.00

visionary architect  Paolo  Soleri  [1919-2013]
open daily 9am-5pm; walking tours, windbell shop, cafe on site  Arcosanti official site in Cordes Junction, Arizona
Cosanti in Paradise Valley, Arizona
Paolo Soleri entry at Wikipedia
browse books by Paolo Soleriat Amazon
Paolo Soleri movie credits at IMDb

"The City In The Image of Man: Ideas & Work of Paolo Soleri" [May 1972 TV]
Produced & directed by Merrill Brockway; written by Stephan Chodorov; featuring Arthur C. Clarke, Paolo Soleri,
Alvin Toffler, Stewart L. Udall & others • poster or video/DVD not available online • credits at IMDb

Paolo Soleri Beyond Form documentary film by Aimee S. Madsen  "Paolo Soleri: Beyond Form" [Eye Am Films April 2013]
Produced, directed & filmed by Aimee S. Madsen; written by Peter Blake,
Jeffrey Cook, Roger Tomalty; narrated by Peter Coyote
VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDbofficial movie website
watch 12/2012 official trailer [2:40] online at Vimeo

Raphael  Soriano  [1904-88]
browse books
entry at Wikipedia

Soriano by Wagener  
"Raphael Soriano" [2002]
by Wolfgang Wagener

Phaidon Press 8½x8½ hardcover [9/2002] for $40.77

The  Stickley  Brothers
Gustav, Albert, Leopold, John George, and Charles

Stickley Brothers  
"The Stickley Brothers" [2002]
by Michael Clark & Jill Thomas-Clark

Gibbs Smith, Publrs 10¼x8¾ hardcover [9/2002] out of print/used
Gustav  Stickley [1858-1942]
Gustav Stickley's GreatBuildings webpage
Gustav Stickley entry at Wikipedia
Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms [est. 1911] in New Jersey
Stickley Furniture [est. 1900] of Manlius, NY
Simply Stickley furniture in Albuquerque, NM
Craftsman Farms / Gustav Stickley fansite

Gustav Stickley bio by David Cathers  
"Gustav Stickley" [2003 biography]
by David Cathers

Phaidon Press 11¾x10¼ hardcover [11/2003] for $47.57
Gustav Stickley bio by MASmith   "Gustav Stickley: The Craftsman" [1983 biography]
by Mary Ann Smith

Dover 9¼x6½ pb [8/92] out of print/used
Syracuse Univ Press hardcover [3/83] out of print/used
Stickley / 40 Plans   "Craftsman Homes: More Than 40 Plans For Building Classic Arts & Crafts-Style Cottages, Cabins & Bungalows" [1979]
Edited by Gustav Stickley

Dover 11x8 pb [3/79] for $10.36
Lyons Press 11x8½ pb [6/2002] for $13.97
Stickley / More Plans   "More Craftsman Homes: Floor Plans & Illustrations For 78 Mission Style Dwellings" [1982]
Edited by Gustav Stickley

Dover 11x8 pb [5/82] for $10.47
Stickley / 59 Bungalows   "Craftsman Bungalows: 59 Homes From 'The Craftsman'" [1989]
Edited by Gustav Stickley

Dover 11x8½ pb [1/89] for $10.36
Peter Smith 11x8½ hardcover [1/90] for $29.24

Louis  H.  Sullivan  [1856-1924]
GreatBuildings webpage
entry at Wikipedia
PBS 'American Experience: Chicago' episode
browse Louis H. Sullivan books category at Amazon
CM's Louis Sullivan fansite
listed #59 on Atlantic Monthly's "100 Most Influential Americans" (12/2006)

1880 Grand Opera House in Chicago, Illinois; demolished 1927
1886 Thirty-Ninth Street Passenger Station in Chicago, Illinois; demolished 1934
1890 Pueblo Opera House in Pueblo, Colorado; destroyed by fire 1922
1892 New Orleans Union Station; demolished 1954
1892 Schiller Building / Garrick Theater in Chicago, Illinois; demolished 1961
1893 Chicago Stock Exchange Building; demolished 1972
1899 Carson Pirie Scott store & offices in Chicago, Illinois; still standing

Louis Sullivan / Prophet of Modern Architecture  
"Louis Sullivan: Prophet of Modern Architecture" [1935]
by Hugh Morrison

W.W. Norton 9¼x6¼ pb [7/2001] for $25.00
W.W. Norton hardcover [3/98] for $30.00
Louis Sullivan / Poetry of Architecture   "Louis Sullivan: The Poetry of Architecture" [2000]
by Robert Twombly & Narciso G. Menocal

W.W. Norton 10x8¾ hardcover [12/2000] for $52.50
"Louis Sullivan: His Life and Work" [1986] by Robert Twombly
Univ Chicago Press 9½x6¼ pb [2/86] out of print/used
Viking hardcover [3/86] out of print/used
The Idea of Louis Sullivan  
"The Idea of Louis Sullivan" [2000]
by John Szarkowski

Bulfinch 12½x9½ hardcover [9/2000] out of print/used

Henry  C.  Trost  [1860-1933]
Wikipedia entry on Trost & Trost firm of El Paso, TX
movie theaters by Henry Trost at Cinema Treasures
browse books
Henry Trost bio page at Austin H.S. in El Paso, TX
Henry Trost bio page at El Paso [TX] Community College

1902 Owl's Club Building [restored 1987] in Tucson, AZ
1906 Calumet & Arizona Guest House B&B in Bisbee, AZ
1906 E.A. Tovrea residence [restored 1983] in Bisbee, AZ
1907 Manning House 'Oasis In The Desert' in Tucson, AZ
1910 Rio Grande Valley Bank {now Abdou} Building in Downtown El Paso, TX
1912 Camino Real Hotel, 115 El Paso Street in Downtown El Paso, TX
1913 Goddard Hall at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico
1917 Occidental Life Insurance Building in Downtown Albuquerque, NM
1920 Rosenwald Building in Downtown Albuquerque, NM
1922 First National Bank Building in Downtown Albuquerque, NM
1924 Luhrs Building in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona
1924 Sunshine Theater – building + live events – in Downtown Albuquerque, NM
1926 Cortez Hotel, 300 No. Mesa Street in El Paso, TX
1929 Luhrs Tower in Downtown Phoenix, AZ
1930 O.T. Bassett Tower, 301 Texas Avenue in El Paso, TX
1930 Plaza Hotel [built as the Hilton] in El Paso, TX
1930 Hotel Paisano in Marfa, TX

"Henry C. Trost, Architect of the Southwest" [1981]
by Lloyd C. Engelbrecht
El Paso Public Library Assn. hardcover [1981] out of print/used

Ludwig  Mies  van  der  Rohe  [1853-1906]
based in Germany, but built many important buildings in the U.S.A.
GreatBuildings webpage
entry at Wikipedia
Fundació Mies van der Rohe [est. 1983] in Barcelona, Spain
browse books

1950 Farnsworth House in Plano, IL
1951 Lake Shore Drive Apartments in Chicago, IL
1956 Commonwealth Promenade Apartments in Chicago, IL
1956 Crown Hall in Chicago, IL
1958 Seagram Building in New York City
1963 Lafayette Park Apartments in Detroit, MI
1968 Richard King Mellon Hall of Science at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA
Chicago Federal Center
Colonnade and Pavilion Apartments in Newark, NJ
Dirksen Federal Building in Chicago, IL
Highfield House Condominium apartments in Baltimore, MD
I.B.M. Plaza office tower in Chicago, IL
Kluczynski Federal Building in Chicago, IL
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library in Washington, DC
One Charles Center office tower in Baltimore, MD
One Illinois Center office tower in Chicago, IL
U.S. Post Office Loop Station in Chicago, IL

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe  
"Ludwig Mies van der Rohe" [1995]
by Jean-Louis Cohen

Birkhäuser Basel 9½x8½ hardcover [5/2007] for $32.97
Birkhäuser Basel German-language 9¾x8½ hardcover [5/2007] out of print/used
Taylor & Francis 9½x7 pb [11/95] out of print/used

Rodney  A.  Walker  [1910-86]
no entry at GreatBuildings.com
entry at Wikipedia

1947 Case Study House #16, 9945 Beverly Grove Drive in Beverly Hills
1947 Case Study House #17, 7861 Woodrow Wilson Drive in Hollywood Hills (Los Angeles), CA
1948 Case Study House #18, 199 Chautauqua Blvd. in Pacific Palisades, CA

Stanford  White  [1853-1906]
McKim, Mead & White firm GreatBuildings webpage
entry at Wikipedia
browse books

1888 Arden House & Gardens at Modjeska Ranch in Orange County, CA
1890 Madison Square Garden in New York City
1892 Washington Square Arch in Greenwich Village, New York City
1895 Boston Public Library
1895 New York Herald Building {demolished 1921}
1900 Savoyard Centre in Detroit. MI
1902 Rosecliff estate in Newport, Rhode Island
1902 Wardenclyffe [Long Island] Laboratory for Nikola Tesla

Stanford White's New York  
"Stanford White's New York" [1992]
by David Garrard Lowe

Watson-Guptill 10x8¼ pb [3/99] out of print/used
Doubleday 10¾x8¾ hardcover [8/92] out of print/used
Gilded Life of Stanford White   "Stanny: The Gilded Life of Stanford White" [1989]
by Paul R. Baker

Free Press hardcover [10/89] out of print/used
Girl In The Red Velvet Swing movie   "The Girl In The Red Velvet Swing" [Fox Oct 1955]
Cinemascope period melodrama based on the shooting of architect Stanford White in 1906.
Directed by Richard Fleischer, script by Walter Reisch & Charles Brackett; starring Ray Milland, Joan Collins, Farley Granger, Luther Adler, Cornelia Otis Skinner, Glenda Farrell & Frances Fuller
Fox widescreen color DVD [7/2007] for $17.99
full credits at IMDb
"Stanford White" [Dodd, Mead orig 1931]
by Charles Crittenton Baldwin
Da Capo Press 9¼x6 pb [5/76] out of print/used
Da Capo Press hardcover [6/71] out of print/used

E.  Stewart  Williams  [1909-2005]
no entry at GreatBuildings.com
entry at Wikipedia
E. Stewart Williams at Palm Springs ModCom

1946 'Twin Palms' Frank Sinatra Residence in Palm Springs
1947 Bisonte Lodge {demolished}
1950 Pepper Tree Inn {demolished}
1952 Williams, Williams & Williams Office Building
1952 Oasis Office Building
1954 Edris Residence
1955 Coachella Valley Savings Building
1956 Williams Residence
1958 Sutter Residence
1960 Santa Fe Savings & Loan Building
1961 Coachella Valley Bank Building #2
1961 Mountain Station of the Palm Springs [CA] Aerial Tramway
1976 Palm Springs [CA] Desert Museum (and 1996 addition)
Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa, CA

Paul  Revere  Williams  [1894-1980]
no entry at GreatBuildings.com
entry at Wikipedia

1950 Perino's Restaurant on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA
1960 Founder's Church of Religious Science in Los Angeles, CA
1961 {co-design} Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport [re-opened 1997]  {photo}

Paul R. Williams 1994   "The Will & The Way: Paul R. Williams, Architect" [1994]
by Karen E. Hudson

his work in Los Angeles is still highly-revered
Rizzoli 9½x8 hardcover [3/94] out of print/used
Paul R. Williams 1990   "Paul R. Williams, Architect: A Legacy of Style" [1990]
by Karen E. Hudson

Rizzoli 12¼x9½ hardcover [11/93] out of print/used
Rizzoli 12¼x9 pb [2/2000] out of print/used

Frank  Lloyd  Wright  [1867-1959]
Frank Lloyd Wright Page
browse Frank Lloyd Wright books category at Amazon

George  Wyman  [1860-1900]
entry at Wikipedia
browse books

The  Bradbury  Building  [1893]
at Third Street & Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles, CA
GreatBuildings webpage
entry at Wikipedia
Bradbury Building page at U.S.C. Library website
text of the Bradbury Building brochure (at U.S.C. Library website)

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