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"Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken."

"If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians."

"Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked."

"The business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior,
but simple behavior is more effective."

"Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice
from those who take the subway."

"The ballooning costs of health-care act as a hungry tapeworm on the American economy." - in January 2018

— all spoken by Warren Buffett


Warren Buffett entry at Wikipedia
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. official website

  listed on TIME Magazine World 100, April 2013

Warren Buffett Is Now A Bad Guy
         Warren E. Buffett has long been an example of a 'good guy' capitalist, because his Berkshire-Hathaway mega-corporation has made tons of money for investors without the common evils of the fascist oligarchs – think Mitt Romney and Bain Capital Ventures – such as off-shoring jobs and profits, draining employee pension funds, closing viable factories and-or towns, and ripping off investors. Nor has Buffett spent billions lobbying against clean-air standards, shrinking education, and suppressing the vote, like the Koch Brothers continue to do.
         Many wondered why Buffett and Berkshire-Hathaway paid a steep price for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad in November 2009 – the stock was around $75/share, the offer was around $100/share. People figured that Buffett had some plan, that his record is such that he knows what he is doing, we all should watch closely and learn from the 'Wizard of Omaha'.
         Well, recent events have provided a shape to Buffett's plan, and unless stopped, Buffett's new project will double pollution from coal on the planet in the next few years.

         The Powder River Basin in Wyoming & Montana contains one of the largest deposits of coal in the world. 'PRB' coal currently supplies 40% of the fuel for electric power plants east of the Rockies, but as coal plants are replaced by natural gas, the market is rapidly shrinking. So the coal industry decided to sell coal to China, which has no pollution standards and little natural gas resources. China is bringing online a newly-completed coal-fired power plant every week.
         The Union Pacific and BNSF railroad lines run north and west thru the Powder River Basin toward the old Northern Pacific transcontinental route that runs west to Seattle and Puget Sound. Hauling the coal to the Pacific Ocean for trans-shipment to China looks so simple.
         Long way to go, though. And a Very Bad Idea, mostly having to do with pollution here in the U.S.A.

         You have seen the recent news visuals of the pollution in China's interior cities reaching readings of ten times the level allowed by United Nations air quality standards. We can't do anything about their smog, not even when the dirt-clouds in China float across the Pacific Ocean and make the skies of California and Arizona and Washington State and British Columbia turn brown.
         The first pollution problem here in the U.S.A. is already occuring during rail transport. Doubling and tripling coal traffic by rail will also double and triple the pollution along the rail lines. Coal is transported in uncovered hopper cars. According to recent BNSF testimony, each loaded rail car loses from 500 to 3,500 pounds of coal dust per trip. The two daily coal trains to Puget Sound run about 120 cars, so anywhere from 120,000 to 840,000 pounds of coal dust are deposited along the rail lines - every day. Divide by the roughly 1,200 miles of travel, and that is 70 pounds of pollution per mile - every day. The proposed Gateway Pacific coal port will add 18 train trips per day, and if the Longview facility is approved, that will add another 14 trains per day.
         Warren Buffet's railroad is planning to deliver as much 12,000 pounds of toxic coal dust over each mile of rail line, each and every day for the next twenty years. That is six tons of pollution daily to every mile, including farmer's fields, school yards & playgrounds, running streams, back yard clotheslines, pristine wetlands, and sparkling white country churches.

         The second pollution problem here in the U.S.A. is at the planned port facilities. The Gateway Pacific Terminal at Cherry Point near the Canadian border would be twice the size of the largest existing coal port in North America. Gateway's plans for mitigating the coal dust problem is to dampen the acre-sized million-ton piles of coal with water from the Nooksack River, without mentioning that the dirty water will flow back into the river and into Bellingham Bay, and in any case not help at all on windy days.
         And all this is predicated on no accidents or environmental disasters whatsoever.
         The proposed $643 million Millennium Bulk Terminals coal-export facility is at Longview, Washington - fifty miles up the Columbia River. The proposed coal-export facility at Point Morrow in Oregon is 250 miles farther up the Columbia River; ocean-going vessels cannot reach Port Morrow, so the plan is to load the coal from railcar to river barge, mosey downriver to Port St. Helens (25 miles upriver from Longview) and transfer to bulk cargo vessels bound for China.

         Adding 400 boat visits per year and untold barge trips up and down the Columbia River per day is no concern of Peabody Coal, the railroads, or the terminal operators. (Pacific International Terminals is owned by Carrix, which is 49% owned by Goldman Sachs; Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway owns 6% of Goldman Sachs.)
         But environmentalists are quite concerned, and calculate that building and operating the three proposed West Coast coal export facilities will add 200 million tons of CO2 to Earth's atmosphere each year, which is roughly equivalent to all the carbon-dioxide emissions of all the volcanoes on the planet.

         Warren Buffett will soon be a world-class polluter, and his days as a capitalist 'good guy' are over.

This essay was posted on the Working Minds Philosophy website and on the Dateline Chamesa weblog as Essay #106 on 12 November 2013.

Wisdom of Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett's 'Letters to Shareholders' 1977-2008, arranged chronologically {PDF format}

Essays of Warren Buffett book edited by Lawrence Cunningham  
"The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate
America, Second Edition" [orig 1998 bestseller, rev 2008]
Edited by Lawrence A. Cunningham

Buffett's 'Letters to Shareholders', arranged by topic
Cunningham Group 10x6¾ pb [4/2008] for $23.21

"Back To School: Question & Answer Session With Warren Buffett" []

Works About Warren Buffett
browse books about Warren Buffett

Midas Touch Strategies book by John Train  
"The Midas Touch: The Strategies That Have Made Warren Buffett America's Preeminent Investor" [orig 1987] by John Train
HarperCollins 7¾x5¼ pb [5/88] out of print/many used
Harriman House 8¼x5½ hardcover [6/2009] for $15.59
Of Permanent Value, Story of Warren Buffett book by Andrew Kilpatrick  "Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett" [1994]
by Andrew Kilpatrick

A.K.P.E. Cosmic Edition 10¾x7½ hardcover [3/2008] 2 volumes for $60.00
A.K.P.E. 10¼x7¼ hardcover [12/2006] 2 volumes for $50.00
hardcover edition in two volumes, with 330 chapters, 1,874 pages and 1,400 photos,
weighs 10.2 pounds
McGraw-Hill 2nd edition 9x6x1½" {3.1 pounds} pb [2/2001] out of print/many used
Buffett, American Capitalist book by Roger Lowenstein  
"Buffett: The Making of An American Capitalist" [1995]
by Roger Lowenstein

Random House Trade 8x5½ pb [4/2008] for $12.92
Random House hardcover [8/95] out of print/dozens used
Essential Buffett Principles book by Robert G. Hagstrom  "The Essential Buffett: Timeless Principles For The New Economy" [2001]
by Robert G. Hagstrom

Wiley 8¾x5¾ pb [8/2002] for $13.57
Wiley hardcover [4/2001] out of print/used
Warren Buffett C.E.O. Secrets book by Robert P. Miles  "The Warren Buffett C.E.O.: Secrets From The Berkshire Hathaway Managers" [2001] by Robert P. Miles
Kindle Edition from Wiley & Sons [2001 edition] for $21.46
Wiley & Sons 9½x6 pb [4/2003] for $23.85
Wiley & Sons 9x6¼ hardcover [10/2001] for $34.65
Real Warren Buffett, Managing Capital, Leading People book by James O'Loughlin  "The Real Warren Buffett: Managing Capital, Leading People" [2002]
by James O'Loughlin

Nicholas Brealey Publng 9x6¼ pb [3/2004] for $14.96
Nicholas Brealey Publng 9¼x6½ hardcover [12/2002] out of print/used
Warren Buffett Wealth Principles & Practical Methods book by Robert P. Miles   "Warren Buffett Wealth: Principles and Practical Methods Used By The World's Greatest Investor" [2004]
by Robert P. Miles

Wiley & Sons 9x6 hardcover [3/2004] for $21.40
Warren Buffett Way Investment Strategies book by Robert G. Hagstrom  "The Warren Buffett Way: Investment Strategies of The World's Greatest Investor" [orig 1994, rev 2004] by Robert G. Hagstrom
"the topselling book about Buffett in 2008"

Wiley & Sons 2nd edtn 9x6 pb [10/2005] for $10.17
Wiley & Sons 2nd edtn 9¼x6½ hardcover [10/2004] for $16.47
RH Audio 2nd edition ABR audio CD [10/2004] for $18.96
Winning Investment Habits of Buffett & Soros book by Mark Tier  The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffett & George Soros: Harness The Investment Genius of The World's Richest Investors" [2006]
by Mark Tier

St. Martin's Griffin 8¼x5½ pb [8/2006] for $11.31
Kogan Page Ltd. 9¼x6 hardcover [3/2006] out of print/used
Tao of Warren Buffett book by Mary Buffett & David Clark  "The Tao of Warren Buffett: Warren Buffett's Words of Wisdom - Quotations & Interpretations To Help Guide You To Billionaire Wealth & Enlightened Business Management" [2006]
by Mary Buffett & David Clark

Scribner 7¾x6 hardcover [11/2006] for $15.64
Warren Buffett Speaks Wit & Wisdom book by Janet Lowe  "Warren Buffett Speaks: Wit and Wisdom From The World's Greatest Investor" [orig 1997, rev 2007]
by Janet Lowe

Wiley 7x5½ hardcover [8/2007] for $13.57
Wiley 8¼x5 hardcover [3/97] out of print/used
YourCoachInABox UNABR audio CD [3/2009] for $22.78
Snowball Warren Buffett book by Alice Schroeder  "The Snowball: Warren Buffett and The Business of Life" [2008]
by Alice Schroeder

"written with Buffett's cooperation"
Bantam pb [10/2009] for $13.60
Bantam 9¼x6¾ hardcover [9/2008] for $22.05
Random House ABR audio CD [9/2008] for $26.40
Dear Mr. Buffett book by Janet M. Tavakoli  "Dear Mr. Buffett: What An Investor Learns 1,269 Miles From Wall Street"
[2009] by Janet Tavakoli

Author describes correspondence & discussion with Buffet over two years time that led both to be clear about the looming subprime mortgage mess and how Buffett kept his investors from losing money from the G.O.P. Economic Meltdown in 2008
Wiley & Sons 8¾x5½ pb [8/2010] for $11.95
Wiley & Sons 9x6 hardcover [1/2009] for $16.63
author's business website


"Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements: The Search for the Company with
a Durable Competitive Advantage (Oct 14, 2008) by Mary Buffett and David Clark

"Warren Buffett's Management Secrets: Proven Tools for Personal and Business Success
(Dec 8, 2009) by Mary Buffett and David Clark

"Warren Buffett and the Art of Stock Arbitrage: Proven Strategies for Arbitrage and Other Special
Investment Situations [r] Mary Buffett & David Clark (Author)

"Buffett Beyond Value: Why Warren Buffett Looks to... by Prem C. Jain

"The Business of Value Investing: Six Essential Ele... by Sham M. Gad

"Warren Buffett on Business: Principles from... by Richard J. Connors

"Even Buffett Isn't Perfect: What You Can--... by Vahan Janjigian

"The Four Filters Invention of Warren Buffett and C... by Bud Labitan

"Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buff... by Andrew Kilpatrick

"How Buffett Does It: 24 Simple Investing Strategi... by James Pardoe

"How to Build a Business Warren Buffett Would Buy... by Jeff Benedict

Tap Dancing to Work book by Carol J. Loomis  "Tap Dancing To Work: Warren Buffett On Practically Everything, 1966–2012" [2012]
a collection of articles about and by Omaha, Nebraska’s most famous citizen, drawn from an archive
of Fortune Magazine that spans almost half a century - 'Collected and expanded by
Carol J. Loomis' {senior editor at Fortune Magazine}

Kindle Edition from Portfolio/Penguin [11/2012] for $12.99
Portfolio 9x6 hardcover [11/2012] for $15.95

The 'Buffettology' Book Series
by {former daughter-in-law} Mary Buffett & David Clark

Buffettology Techniques book by Mary Buffett & David Clark  "Buffettology: The Previously Unexplained Techniques That Have Made Warren Buffett The World's Most Famous Investor" [1997 bestseller]
Scribner Fireside 8¼x5½ pb [6/99] for $11.56
Scribner 9½x6½ hardcover [11/97] out of print/many used
Buffettology Workbook Investing The Warren Buffett Way book by Mary Buffett & David Clark  "The Buffettology Workbook: Value Investing The Warren Buffett Way" [2001]
Scribner 10¾x8½ pb [1/2001] for $12.24
The New Buffettology Proven Techniques book by Mary Buffett & David Clark  "The New Buffettology: The Proven Techniques For Investing Successfully In Changing Markets That Have Made Warren Buffett The World's Most Famous Investor" [2002]
Simon & Schuster 9x6 pb [9/2002] out of print/used
Scribner 9¼x6¼ hardcover [9/2002] for $22.80
Buffettology Collection audio CD box set read by Mary Buffett  "The Buffettology Collection" Audio CD Box Set [2008]
includes abridged versions of "Buffettology" and "The New Buffettology",
read by Mary Buffett

Simon & Schuster audio CD set [4/2008] 6 hours on 5 disks for $21.86

Other Works

Business Adventures book by John Brooks  "Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales From The World of Wall Street"
[1969] by John Brooks

Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [10/2014] for $4.99
Kindle Edition from Open Road Media [8/2014] for $9.99
Open Road Media 8x5¼ pb [8/2014] for $14.42
When they first met in 1991, Bill Gates (then 36) asked Warren Buffett (then 61) to recommend a good book about business; 'without hesitation', Warren promised to send Bill his personal copy of this book; since Bill's recent hype of the book, old copies are sold out, with a paperbound reissue due in September.
Damn Right! / Berkshire Hathaway Billionaire Charlie Munger book by Janet Lowe  
"Damn Right!: Behind The Scenes With Berkshire Hathaway Billionaire Charlie Munger" [2000] by Janet Lowe; Foreword by Warren E. Buffett
Wiley & Sons 8½x5½ pb [5/2003] for $17.95
Wiley & Sons 9x6 hardcover [10/2000] for $32.31
Think Like Benjamin Graham, Invest Like Warren Buffett book by Lawrence Cunningham   "How To Think Like Benjamin Graham and Invest Like Warren Buffett" [2001]
by Lawrence A. Cunningham

McGraw-Hill 9x6 pb [9/2002] for $16.46
McGraw-Hill 9¼x5¾ hardcover [1/2001] out of print/used
The Wit & Wisdom of Charles T. Munger book edited by Peter D. Kaufman  "Poor Charlie's Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger"
[3rd edition 2008] Edited by Peter D. Kaufman, Illustrated by Ed Wexler;
Foreword by Warren E. Buffett

Walsworth Publng 10x10x2" {5 pounds!} hardcover [2008]
shipped from publisher / used available

official logo for Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.
The Valley Falls Co. [est. 1839] merged in 1929 with Berkshire Cotton Manufacturing Co. [est. 1889] to form
Berkshire Fine Spinning Associates, which merged in 1955 with the Hathaway Manufacturing Co. [est. 1888].
Warren Buffett began buying Berkshire Hathaway stock in 1962, and by 1967 was expanding into the
insurance industry; textile operations were all shut down by 1985.

Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. official website
Berkshire Hathaway entry at Wikipedia
listing of stock positions held by Berkshire Hathaway

101 Reasons To Own Berkshire Hathaway book by Robert P. Miles  "101 Reasons To Own The World's Greatest Investment: Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway" [2001] by Robert P. Miles,
Foreword by David & Tom Gardner (co-founders of Motley Fool)

Kindle Edition from Wiley & Sons [3/2008] for $13.17
Wiley & Sons 8½x5½ pb [4/2003] for $18.08
Wiley & Sons 9x6 hardcover [3/2001] out of print/70+ used
Pilgrimage To Warren Buffett's Omaha book by Jeff Matthews  "Pilgrimage To Warren Buffett's Omaha: A Hedge Fund Manager's Dispatches From Inside The Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting" [2008]
by Jeff Matthews (of hedge fund Ram Partners, LP)

McGraw-Hill 9½x6½ hardcover [10/2008] out of print/80+ used
Behind the Berkshire Hathaway Curtain book by Ronald Chan  "Behind The Berkshire Hathaway Curtain: Lessons from Warren Buffett's Top Business Leaders" [2010] by Ronald W. Chan (of Chartwell Capital, Ltd)
Kindle Edition from Wiley & Sons [4/2010] for $13.99
Wiley & Sons 9x6 hardcover [4/2010] for $19.08
Berkshire Beyond Buffett book by Lawrence A. Cunningham  "Berkshire Beyond Buffett: The Enduring Value of Values" [2014]
by Lawrence A. Cunningham

Kindle Edition from Columbia Univ Press [10/2014] for $14.99
Columbia Univ Press 9½x6¼ hardcover [10/2014] for $20.16
      $   $      

purchased See's Candies [est. 1921] of California in 1972
purchased The Buffalo News [est. 1873] the only daily newspaper in Buffalo, NY in 1977
purchased insurance giant GEICO in January 1996
acquired FlightSafety International, Inc. [est. 1951] of New York in 1996
purchased Dairy Queen [est. 1940] in January 1998
acquired NetJets Inc. {aircraft ownership programs} [est. 1964] of Columbus, Ohio in 1998
purchased re-insurance company General Re in December 1998
acquired CORT Business Services Corp. {furniture rental} in 2000
acquired Acme Building Brands of Fort Worth, Texas in August 2000
acquired Benjamin Moore & Co. {coatings} of New Jersey in December 2000
acquired Shaw Industries, Inc. {carpets} of Dalton, Georgia in January 2001
acquired Johns Manville {insulation} [est. 1885] in February 2001
acquired a 90% stake in MiTek, Inc. of Chesterfield, Missouri in July 2001
acquired XTRA {trucking leases} of St. Louis, Missouri in September 2001
acquired The Pampered Chef, Ltd. {kitchen tools} [est. 1980] of Illinois in 2002
acquired Albecca, Inc. {picture framing products} of Norcross, Georgia in 2002
acquired C.T.B. International Corp. {farming machinery} of Indiana in 2002
purchased Fruit of the Loom {apparel} for $835 million in April 2002
purchased McLane Company, Inc. from Wal-Mart in May 2003
acquired Clayton Homes, Inc. {manufactured housing} of Tennessee in August 2003

Business Wire news service [est. 1961, purchased by Berkshire Hathaway in March 2006]

purchased 19% stake in U.S.G. Corp. {construction materials} of Chicago in June 2006
purchased Russell Corp. {apparel} for $600 million in August 2006
purchased Dutch life re-insurance company N.R.G. from I.N.G. in December 2007
acquired Marmon Holdings, Inc. in December 2007, changed name to Marmon Group
purchased $5 billion in preferred stock {4% stake?} in Goldman Sachs of Wall Street in September 2008

purchased Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway for $44 billion in November 2009

August 2011: purchased 50,000 preferred shares from Bank of America, for $100,000 each and a total of $5 billion;
the share class promises to pay a 'whopping' 6% annual dividend, paid out each quarter

purchased $10.7 billion holding in I.B.M. over eight months during 2011

2 0 1 2

2012Q1: Added a new position in Viacom while almost doubling its stake in Liberty Media and
adding to its position in DirecTV.

June 2012: Berkshire Hathaway purchased nearly all of Media General [est. 1850] - 63 newspapers &
19 TV stations in Southern U.S. for $142 million in cash
official website • Wikipedia

2 0 1 3

2/2013: Purchased the Tulsa World daily newspaper [est. 1905] of Tulsa, Oklahoma as part of BH Media Group.

Instead of exercising its 2008 options deal with Goldman Sachs, which would create a gigantic profit (and tax burden),
Warren/BH negotiated conversion to receipt of a 2% stake in Goldman Sachs (added to 4% stake from 2008).

Spent $12.25 billion to acquire half of ketchup maker H.J. Heinz Co.

10/2013: Purchased the beverage dispenser business of Britain's I.M.I. PLC to become a subsidiary of Marmon Group.

2 0 1 4

The top five holdings of Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, per NASDAQ blog August 2014.
Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC)
Berkshire Hathaway's largest holding is in Wells Fargo Bank where it owns a massive 463,458,123 shares of the company's stock;
this position is 22.6% of BH's total assets managed as well as 8.80% of Wells Fargo's shares outstanding.
The Coca-Cola Company (KO)
Berkshire Hathaway's second largest holding is in beverage maker Coca-Cola where it owns 400,000,000 shares of the company's stock;
this position is 15.8% of BH's total portfolio holdings as well as 9.10% of Coca-Cola's shares outstanding.
American Express (AXP)
Berkshire Hathaway's third largest holding is in American Express where it owns 151,610,700 shares of the company's stock;
this position is 13.4% of BH's total portfolio as well as 14.32% of American Express's shares outstanding.
International Business Machines (IBM)
Berkshire Hathaway's fourth largest holding is in I.B.M. where it owns 70,173,978 shares of the company's stock;
this position is 11.8% of BH's total portfolio as well as 6.93% of I.B.M.'s shares outstanding.
Wal-Mart Stores (WMT)
Berkshire Hathaway's fifth largest holding is in Wal-Mart where it owns 58,797,259 shares of the company's stock;
this position is 4.1% of BH's total portfolio as well as 1.82% of the Wal-Mart's shares outstanding.

2 0 1 8

2/2018: Berkshire Hathaway increased its Apple, Inc. holdings by 23.3 percent to 165.3 million shares.

2/2018: Berkshire Hathaway dumped about 94.5 percent of its I.B.M. holdings, leaving just 2.05 million shares.

year/s  of  purchase  not  certain

owns 80% stake in Wesco Financial Corp. {savings & loan} [est. 1959] of Pasadena, California
owns 19.1% stake in Moody's Corp. {financial markets info} [est. 1909] of New York City
owns 18.2% stake in The Washington Post Company
holds a minority stake in William Wrigley, Jr. Co. [est. 1891] {gum & candy}
holds a minority stake in General Electric [est. 1892]

Corporate Structure  (as learned so far)

Marmon Group [91.7% owned 2013]
official website • Wikipedia
Subsidiaries include Cerro Corp., EcoWater, I.C.I. Beverage [new 2013], Marmon-Herrington, Union Tank Car
Three divisions: Engineered Industrial (steel & aluminum tubular, sheet & bar products and finished parts; Cerro tubing & wire; aluminum & brass products; safety products); Natural Resource & Transportation (industrial cranes in North America, Australia & India; wire & cable; Ameritrack Rail, Railserve, Union Tank Car, Trackmobile); and Retail Technologies (food prep equipment, shopping carts; truck components; Cerro tubing & wire; store fixtures; industrial & residential water treatment systems).

MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co. [purchased 83.7% stake in 2000]
MidAmerican Energy Holdings purchased two solar plants for $2B in 2013

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services [est. 2013]   Home Services of America, Inc. [est. 1998] was acquired by Buffett as part of
MidAmerican Energy in 2000; excellent results got Buffett's attention by 2013,
when he arranged for the 'Berkshire Hathaway Home Services' brand, which
operates in 25 states.
Berkshire Hathaway Nevada Energy, Inc. [est. 1999]   Nevada Energy, Inc. [est. 1999] was acquired by Buffett in December 2013;
NVenergy resulted from the merger of Nevada Power [est. 1906] and Sierra
Pacific Power [est. 1928]; the re-branded companies deliver electricity and
natural gas to consumers within the state of Nevada.

Announced 2/2018: Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett, and JPMorgan Chase's Jamie Dimon are forming an unnamed
joint non-profit healthcare provider for their employees, expecting that it will be able to deliver better care at much lower cost.

Friends  and  Family

longtime business partner Charles T. 'Charlie' Munger in 2013  
longtime business partner
Charles T. 'Charlie' Munger

first wife Susan Thompson Buffett [1932-2004] - married 1952, separated 1977, died 2004

daughter Susan Alice 'Susie' Buffett [born 1953]
ex-son-in-law Allen Greenberg - married 1983, divorced 1995

son & farmer Howard Graham Buffett [born 1954]
ex-daughter-in-law Marcia Sue Duncan Buffett - married 1977
daughter-in-law Devon Goss Buffett
five grandchildren including Heather K. and C.C. and Libby
grandson Howard Warren Buffett [born 1983]
granddaughter-in-law Lili Thomas Buffett - married 2011

son & author-musician Peter Andrew Buffett [born 1958]
ex-daughter-in-law & author Mary Buffett

granddaughter Nicole Buffett on Oprah's TV program in 2013  
granddaughter Nicole Buffett
twin with sister Erica; appeared on Oprah's TV program in 2013;
lives in San Francisco Bay Area

daughter-in-law Jennifer A. Buffett - married 1996

second wife Astrid Menks Buffett - moved into residence in 1978, married 2006

L i n k s
Warren Buffett entry at Wikipedia
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. official website
Warren Buffett's movie & TV credits [since 2000] at Internet Movie Database
browse books about Warren Buffett at Amazon

here on the Warren E. Buffett Page at Spirit of America Bookstore

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Working Minds Philosophy Essay #106 "Warren Buffett Is Now A Bad Guy" (Nov 2013)


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