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Theodore Roosevelt
[1858-1919]   •   U.S. President #26, 1901-1909

photo portrait of Theodore Roosevelt [1858-1919], 26th President of The United States              short profile

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“In any moment of decision, the best thing [that] you can do is the right thing, the next best thing
[that] you can do is the wrong thing, and the worst thing [that] you can do is nothing.”

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”
(Labor Day speech in 1903)

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

— Theodore Roosevelt

     B I O

     t e x t

     h e r e

Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt

In 1997, almost 100 years following Roosevelt’s brave stand in Cuba, Congressman Rick Lazio submitted a request that Roosevelt be reconsidered for the honor. It was approved, and the former president was posthumously recognized with the medal in 2001. He is the only U.S. president to have ever received the award.

TR's 1912 third party try for President, he placed SECOND

Attempt to Assassinate Theodore Roosevelt (October 14, 1912)

Theodore Roosevelt entry at Wikipedia
Theodore Roosevelt credits [1898-1919] at Internet Movie Database
Theodore Roosevelt [1858-1919] Quotations Page at Working Minds Philosophy website

Works About Theodore Roosevelt
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3-volume biography by Edmund Morris
"The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt"
"Theodore Rex"
new "Colonel Roosevelt" [2010]

Theodore Roosevelt and The Dakota Badlands book by Chester Brooks & Ray Mattison  "Theodore Roosevelt and The Dakota Badlands" [N.P.S. brochure 1958]
by Chester L. Brooks & Ray H. Mattison

Kindle Edition from indep [5/2012] for $5.97
TRN&H Assn. 9x5¾ chapbook [rev 1983] out of print/used
National Park Service chapbook [1962] out of print/used
National Park Service chapbook [1958] out of print/used
Roosevelt & Friends of the Indian  "Theodore Roosevelt and Six Friends of The Indian" [1997]
by William T. Hagan

The six men are Francis E. Leupp, Herbert Welsh, C. Hart Merriam, George Bird Grinnell, Charles F. Lummis & Hamlin Garland
Univ OK Press 8x5½ pb [5/2002] for $11.94
Univ OK Press 8½x5¾ hardcover [9/97] for $31.94
Dakota novel about Teddy Roosevelt by Matt Braun   "Dakota" [2005 novel] by Matt Braun
New York politician Theodore Roosevelt's wife and mother died on the same night in February 1884; depressed and fed up with politics, he 'retired' that Summer to his ranch in North Dakota, restoring his body and his soul with the life of an outdoorsman; after the severe winter of 1886-87 wiped out the cattle ranchers, he returned to New York.
Kindle Edition from Macmillan [4/2010] for $7.99
St. Martin's mass pb [8/2005] out of print/many used
Theodore Roosevelt in the Dakota Badlands book by Clay L. Jenkinson  
"Theodore Roosevelt In The Dakota Badlands: An Historical Guide" [2006]
by Clay S. Jenkinson

Dickinson State Univ 7¼x4 pb [2006] out of print/used
Theodore Roosevelt In The Badlands book by Roger DiSilvestro  "Theodore Roosevelt In The Badlands: A Young Politician's Quest For Recovery In The American West" [2011] by Roger L. DiSilvestro
Kindle Edition from Walker Books [3/2011] for $10.46
Walker & Co. 8¼x5½ pb [9/2012] for $11.01
Walker & Co. 9½x6½ hardcover [3/2011] for $20.52
Against the Grain / Six Men Who Shaped America book by Robert Underhill  "Against The Grain: Six Men Who Shaped America" [2014]
by Robert Underhill

Six biographies, averaging 30 pages each: labor leader Eugene Debs, oddball Ignatius Donnelly, Sen. Robert M. La Follette, Sen. George W. Norris, Theodore Roosevelt, and U.S. Vice President Henry A. Wallace
Algora Publng 9x6 pb [2/2014] for $21.00
Algora Publng 9¼x6¼ hardcover [2/2014] for $20.16

new book "River of Doubt" about his 1914 river trip

Movies & TV, Stageplays, Other Media
Theodore Roosevelt credits [1898-1919] at Internet Movie Database
'President Theodore Roosevelt' character credits at IMDb

"The Teddy Bears" [1907 comedy short] with Teddy Roosevelt

"Theodore Roosevelt" [1912 documentary short] /tt1142432/

"The Fighting Roosevelts" [1919] /tt0010124/

1923 poem "Roosevelt" by Ernest Hemingway [1899-1961]

"The Rough Riders" [1927] /tt0018346/

"End of The Trail" [1936] /tt0027573/

"Texas Trail" [Paramount Nov 1937]
Hopalong Cassidy Western that merely mentions Teddy & the Rough Riders

"Teddy The Rough Rider" [1940] /tt0033138/

"Arsenic  and  Old  Lace"
[Warner Bros. Sept 1944]
Arsenic & Old Lace movie poster  A newly-married bachelor stage critic drops in on his two spinster aunts in Brooklyn and discovers that they have the 'bad habit' of killing lonely old men, with the help of a cousin who thinks that he is President Teddy Roosevelt. The insanity is ramped up when his sociopathic brother arrives to hide out from the police.
Co-produced & directed by Frank Capra; script by Julius J. Epstein & Philip G. Epstein, based on the 1941 play by Joseph Kesselring; starring Cary Grant, Josephine Hull, Jean Adair, Priscilla Lane, Raymond Massey, Peter Lorre, John Alexander {as Teddy}, Jack Carson, John Ridgely, Edward McNamara, James Gleason, Grant Mitchell & Edward Everett Horton
Turner b&w DVD [8/2000] for $10.99
M.G.M./Warner b&w VHS [7/98] out of prodn/many used
full credits from IMDb

"You Are There: Attempt To Assassinate Theodore Roosevelt (October 14, 1912)"
[1957 TV] /tt0751887/

"The Twentieth Century: The Times of Teddy Roosevelt" [TV 1959] /tt0942253/

"Biography: Theodore Roosevelt" [1962] /tt0838460/

"Arsenic and Old Lace" [1969 TV movie] /tt0064042/

"A Man, A Plan, A Canal: Panama" episode of "Nova" [1974] /tt1315522/

"The Wind and The Lion" [1975] /tt0073906/
Directed by John Milius; starring Sean Connery & Candice Bergen

"Meeting of Minds" TV series [P.B.S./KCET-TV 1977-81]
Steve Allen's Meeting of Minds TV series  12-episode series, each in two parts, in b&w & color; filmed before a live audience; imagi-nary dinner parties placing famous thinkers and doers in conversation with people they never met, with the dialogue mostly culled from their published works; 2-part January 1977 episode brings together Theodore Roosevelt {portrayed by Joe Early}, Thomas Aquinas, Queen Cleopatra & Thomas Paine Produced, written & hosted by Steve Allen
Region 1 VHS & DVD not available • movie entry at Wikipedia
series credits at IMDbPart 1 credits at IMDbPart 2 credits at IMDb

"Wild and Wooly" [1978 TV] /tt0078494/

"Bully: An Adventure With Teddy Roosevelt" [1978] /tt0451005/
filmed one-man stageplay with James Whitmore

"Ragtime" [1981] /tt0082970/

"The Indomitable Teddy Roosevelt" documentary [1983] /tt0087470/
narrated by George C. Scott; won Western Heritage Bronze Wrangler Award in 1987

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Playbill Magazine for Teddy & Alice 1987 Broadway musical  color poster for Teddy & Alice 1987 Broadway musical  "Teddy & Alice: An American Musical" [1987]
featuring music by John Philip Sousa [1854-1932]
starring Len Cariou, Beth Fowler & Nancy Hume

27"x40" color poster from Amazon for $9.99
Broadway credits, 1987-88

"Newsies" [Touchwood/Disney April 1992]
Newsies musical feature film starring Christian Bale  Filmed mostly on New York Street on the Universal Studios backlot. A musical about the newspaper street vendors of 1899 New York City going on strike! "They found the courage to challenge the powerful"
Directed by Kenny Ortega; written by Bob Tzudiker & Noni White; starring Christian Bale, David Moscow, Bill Pullman, Robert Duvall {as Joseph Pulitzer}, Ann-Margret, Aaron Lohr, Max Casella, Gabriel Damon, David James Alexander {as Gov. Theodore Roosevelt}, Michael Lerner & Kevin Tighe
Walt Disney Video 20th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray [6/2012] for $9.94
Walt Disney Video Collector's Edition widescreen color DVD [1/2002] for $16.11
Walt Disney Video color VHS [7/97] for $5.40
Walt Disney Records soundtrack CD [4/92] 16 tracks for $35.00
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"Newsies" was among the lowest-grossing films in Disney Studios history. The film gained fans from the 1997 video release and showings on the Disney Channel; pressure from fans got the film released on DVD in 2002, and it has since recouped its production costs. The 'fan base' became large enough that a stage musical was created, with some old songs and some new songs; it premiered in New Jersey in late 2011, and opened on Broadway in March 2012. After 1,020 performances from March 2012 to August 2014, the hit Broadway show closed and a North American 25-city tour began in October 2014.

"T.R.: The Story of Theodore Roosevelt" episode of "The American Experience"
[1996] /tt0160946/ & /tt1288683/ B00003A9RT
P.B.S. bio

"Biography: Theodore Roosevelt: Roughrider To Rushmore" [1996] /tt0402012/

"Rough Riders" [1997] /tt0118453/
Directed by John Milius; starring Tom Berenger & Sam Elliott

"The American President: Expanding Power" episode [2000] /tt1047132/
played by William F. Buckley

"T.R.: An American Lion" [2003 TV] /tt0369007/
played by Richard Dreyfuss

"The Spanish-American War: First Intervention" [2007 TV] /tt1073514/

"The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt"  
[2011? release] /tt0480046/
announced in 2009; script by Nicholas Meyer, based on the Edmund Morris biography;
to be directed by Martin Scorsese & starring Leonardo DiCaprio

Writings & Speeches of Theodore Roosevelt
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Theodore Roosevelt's Speeches in Dakota book edited by James F. Vivian  
"The Romance of My Life: Theodore Roosevelt's Speeches In Dakota" [1989]
Edited by James F. Vivian

Prairie House hardcover [6/89] out of print/used
Theodore Roosevelt's History of the United States book edited by Daniel Ruddy  "Theodore Roosevelt's History of the United States: His Own
Words, Selected & Arranged by Daniel Ruddy" [2010]

Smithsonian 9x6¼ hardcover [5/2010] for $18.47

Family & Friends

uncle of Eleanor Roosevelt [1884-1962]

fifth cousin of Franklin D. Roosevelt [1882-1945]

first wife Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt [1861-84], married 1880, died 1884
daughter Alice Lee Roosevelt Longworth [1884-1980]

second wife Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt [1861-1948], married 1886, widowed 1919
son Theodore 'Ted' Roosevelt, Jr. [1887-1944]
"The Namesake: The Biography of Theodore Roosevelt, Jr." [] by Robert W. Walker
son Kermit Roosevelt [1889-1943]
daughter Ethel Roosevelt Derby [1891-1977]
son Archibald Bulloch 'Archie' Roosevelt [1894-1979]
son Quentin Roosevelt [1897-1918]

Theodore Roosevelt entry at Wikipedia
Theodore Roosevelt credits [1898-1919] at Internet Movie Database
Internet Broadway Database
C-SPAN's American Presidents site
P.B.S. American Presidents archives
The White House Websites of the Presidents
J.R. Howington's Presidential Trivia Page

Theodore Roosevelt Association [est. 1920] is based in Oyster Bay, NY
Theodore Roosevelt Association Annual Meeting & Symposium [Oct 2017 = #98]

--(shared with PSAGE?) various books about life on ranch + hunting trips
NORTH DAKOTA T.R. ROUGH RIDER AWARDS = http://www.governor.state.nd.us/awards/rr-gallery/
his yacht USS Potomac in Oakland = www.USSpotomac.org
Rough Rider Museum, Las Vegas NM
www.NPS.gov/thrb/ = Th. Roosevelt Birthplace, NYC
White House bio

Theodore Roosevelt [1858-1919] Quotations Page at Working Minds Philosophy website

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