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1943 novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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         original 1943 French-language bookcover for 'Le Petit Prince' by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eyes."
"On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux."

"All grown-ups were children, but few of them remember."
"Toutes les grandes personnes ont un jour été des enfants, mais peu d'entre elles s'en souviennent."

—  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


           The Little Prince lives alone on a tiny planet with a rose; wanderlust compels him to travel to other planets in the Universe with his friend, a talking Fox. They often land shortly after Snake has been to a planet, spreading war and other black thoughts.

History of The Book
           Days after

official 'The Little Prince' websites [est. 1997] based in France: in Englishin Frenchin German
'The Little Prince' entry at Wikipedia
'Le Petit Prince' entry at Wikipedia France

The  Original  Book

  GOLD STAR: listed on Business Insider's The  35 Books Everyone Should Read At Least Once In Their Lifetime, 9/2013  PURPLE CHECK: listed on Amazon Editors '100  Children's Books To Read In A Lifetime' in August  2014  GREEN CHECK: listed on Goodread Readers  Picks '100 Books To Read In A Lifetime'  BLACK CHECK: listed on Amazon's '100 Books To Read In A Lifetime'  "The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince)" [1943] by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry [1900-44]
novel entry at Wikipedia
read free online etexts at Internet Archive

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"The Little Prince For Grownups [6/2012] by Roberto Lima Netto & Juliana Lima Netto

Foreign-language  Versions
http://www.amazon.com/O-Principezinho-Antoine-Saint-Exup%C3%A9ry/dp/9722341278/ portuguese popup
http://www.amazon.com/Regulus-Antoine-Saint-Exup%C3%A9ry/dp/3538073147/ = latin

Other  Books

'The Little Prince' graphic novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry & Joann Sfar  "The Little Prince" graphic novel [ages 10-12; 2010]
Illustrated by Joann Sfar, adapted from the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

H.M.H. Books for Young Readers 9¼x7 hardcover [4/2013] for $9.48
H.M.H. Books for Young Readers 9¼x7 hardcover [10/2010] for $16.04
H.M.H. Books for Young Readers 9½x7½ hardcover [10/2010] out of print/60+ used
Gallimard Jeunesse French-language 7½x5½ pb [10/2011] import-new-used
Gallimard Jeunesse French-language 12½x9¼ hardcover [9/2008] for $53.95

"La belle histoire du Petit Prince (French Edition)" [4/2013] by Antoine de Saint-Exupery & Gallimard

"Le Petit Prince Album (French Edition)" [6/2015] by Antoine de Saint-Exupery & Gallimard

"The Little Prince Deluxe Pop-Up Book (with audio)" [DUE Nov 2015]  11/2015

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"The Planet of Wind (The Little Prince comic book #1)" [8/2012] by Guillaume Dorison

"The Planet of the Firebird (The Little Prince comic book #2)" [11/2013] by Julien Magnat

"The Planet of Music (The Little Prince comic book #3)" [8/2012] by Clélia Constantine

"The Planet of Jade (The Little Prince comic book #4)" [8/2012] by Guillaume Dorison

"The Planet of Gehom (The Little Prince comic book #16)" [2014] by Thierry Gaudin

"The Planet of The Cublix (The Little Prince comic book #19)" [8/2014] by Diane Morel and Maud Loisillier

"The Planet of Okidians (The Little Prince comic book #21)" [2015] by Christel Gonnard & Thierry Gaudin

"The Planet of Ashkabaar (The Little Prince comic book #22)" [2015] by Christel Gonnard & Héloïse Cappoccia

The  Author

aviator & author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry [1900-44]
IMDb credits as writerIMDb credits as characterSaint-Exupéry entry at Wikipedia
browse the Saint-Exupéry Store at AmazonSaint-Exupéry Society official website

Spirit of America Bookstore's
Antoine & Consuelo de Saint-Exupéry Page

wife Consuelo Suncin Sandoval de Gómez Zeceña de Saint-Exupéry [1901-79]
from El Salvador - married 1931, widowed 1944
entry at Wikipedianephew's Consuelo de Saint-Exupéry fansite

Movies  &  Television

"Der Kleine Prinz" TV movie [1954] /tt0300082/

"De Kleine Prins" TV movie [1960] /tt0293329/

"Le Petit Prince" TV movie [1965] /tt0337013/

"Malenkiy Prints" [1966] (novel) /tt0234182/

"Der Kleine Prinz" color TV show [East Germany DFF-TV 1966] /tt0060595/

"The Little Prince" musical [1974] directed by Stanley Donen /tt0071762/

'Adventures of The Little Prince' complete series on DVD  "Hoshi no Ojisama Puchi Puransu" anime TV series
[Asahi-TV Japan 1978-79]

39 Japanese-language half-hour episodes produced, 35 episodes aired on Asahi Network TV from July 1978 to March 1979, 39 episodes released on video • Co-directed by Takeyuki Kanda, co-directed by Kôji Yamazaki, and co-written & co-directed by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko; narrated by Masaaki Yajima, featuring voices of Taiki Matsuno & Keiko Yokozawa
VHS/DVD/Blu-ray not available • series credits at IMDb
"The Adventures of The Little Prince" cartoon TV series
[Nickelodeon Network 1985-89]

26 episodes dubbed into English and broadcast in USA in 1985 and rerun from June 1985 to December 1989; only 18 of the 26 episodes appear to be available on DVD (2015). • Featured English-language voice actors include Christa Häussler & Julie McWhirter & Katie Leigh {as The Little Prince}, and Julie Dees, Hal Smith, Janet Waldo, Walker Edmiston, Robert Ridgely
series credits at IMDbseries entry at Wikipedia

"The Adventures of The Little Prince: The Complete Animated Series" [9/2005]
26 half-hour episodes on 4 disks from Koch Vision = SOLD OUT [9/2005]

"The Adventures of The Little Prince: Somewhere In Space" [2005] 3 episodes
"The Adventures of The Little Prince: Higher Than Eagles Fly" [2005] 3 episodes
"The Adventures of The Little Prince: The Greatest Gift" [2006] 3 episodes
with "Too Big For This World" and "The Winning Ride"
"The Adventures of The Little Prince: The Magic Case" [2006] 3 episodes
with "To Be A Man" and "Always Listen To A Fox"
"The Adventures of The Little Prince: The Star Gazer" [2006] 3 episodes
with "Last Voyage of The Rose" and "The Chimney Sweep"
"The Adventures of The Little Prince: The Perfect Planet" [4/2006] 3 episodes
with "Visit To Another Planet" and "The Wolf Pack"

"The Adventures of The Little Prince" unspecified half-hour episode on 6/1989 VHS for $9.95

'The Little Prince' animated TV series on VHS  
'The Little Prince' animated TV series on VHS  
"The Little Prince" animated TV series on VHS [released June 1989]
Several episodes were released on VHS by Children's Video Library (div of Vestron) circa 1986; Vestron went bankrupt and the library was purchased in 1991 by LIVE Entertainment, which sold to Artisan Entertainment in 1992, and to LionsGate in 2003; these six tapes show as being from 48 minutes to 60 minutes each.
"Adventures . ." blue cover [1989] includes "Somewhere In Space" and "A Small Alien"
LionsGate color VHS [6/89] for $9.95
"The Little Prince: Back To Earth" seagull/beach cover [1989]
LionsGate color VHS [6/89] out of prodn/used
"The Little Prince: Far Out Adventures On Far Off Planets" brown cover [1989]
LionsGate color VHS [6/89] for $9.95
"The Little Prince: For The Love of Animals" wolf cover [1989]
LionsGate color VHS [6/89] out of prodn/used
"The Little Prince: Next Stop Planet Earth" shooting star cover [1989]
LionsGate color VHS [6/89] out of prodn/used
"The Little Prince: Tales of The Sea" boat & waves cover [1989]
LionsGate color VHS [6/89] out of prodn/used

"The Little Prince" Claymation short film [1979]
'The Little Prince' 1979 Claymation short film by Will Vinton  Abridged version: the Little Prince asks questions of the Universe. Co-produced & directed by Will Vinton; adapted by Susan Shadburne; narrated by Cliff Robertson; featuring voices of Michele Mariana, Dal McKennon, Nell Suza, Todd Oleson, Bob Griggs, Tim Conner, John Morrison & Russ Fast
27-minute Billy Budd Films color DVD [1/79] for $27.41
Will Vinton Studio color VHS [1987] for $7.77
Will Vinton Studio color VHS [1987] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDbWill Vinton entry at Wikipedia

"Le Petit Prince" TV series [1990] /tt0279583/

"Le Petit Prince" [1990] /tt0378558/

"Der Kleine Prinz" TV movie [1990] /tt0343936/

"The Little Prince" animated short film [1991]
1991 'The Little Prince' 45-minute animated film  Distributor on cover is UAV Animation Classics; the Amazon reviews
do not match; A.F.W. is out of business; information here is speculative
(i.e. educated guessing)
• credits not found at IMDb
45-minute Allumination FilmWorks color VHS [8/2001] for $5.49

"Once..." short [2004] () /tt1954707/

"The Little Prince" [2004] /tt0438166/
episode of Great Performances (TV Series)

"A Kis Herceg" TV movie [2005] /tt0477742/

"The Little Prince" TV series [2010-2013] /tt1865800/
50 episodes featuring voices of Gabriel Bismuth Bienaimé, Franck Capillery, Guillaume Gallienne & Marie Gillain
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFwb0bo0faw teaser 0:34

"Der Kleine Prinz" [M.V.P. Germany Jan 2015] /tt3848668/
Directed by & starring Anja Pirling

"The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince)" animated feature film  7/2015
[Paramount France July 2015, USA 'coming soon']
won France's César Award for Best Animated Feature Film   French-language 'Le Petit Prince' yellow poster  English-language 'The Little Prince' yellow poster  Computer-animated fantasy film; a young French schoolgirl who is over-scheduled by her mother discovers that an elderly aviator is living next door . . . The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2015 followed by theatrical release in France by Paramount Pictures in July 2015, becoming the most successful French animated film of all time; Paramount cancelled March 2016 U.S. distribution and sold the rights to Netflix, who will release a 3-D theatrical version in August 2016. Co-produced, co-written & directed by Mark Osborne; co-written by Irena Brignull & Bob Persichetti; featuring voices of Mackenzie Foy, Jeff Bridges, Riley Osborne, Rachel McAdams, Paul Rudd, James Franco, Marion Cotillard {as The Rose}, Benicio Del Toro, Paul Giamatti, Ricky Gervais, Albert Brooks, Bud Cort, Marcel Bridges, Jacquie Barnbrook & Jeffy Branion
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available
full credits at IMDb • official movie sites: French-language & Netflixmovie entry at Wikipedia
watch official trailers at YouTube: 2/2015 trailer [1:26]4/2015 trailer [2:33]
watch 4/2015 official English-language trailer [2:33] at YouTube
watch 5/2016 English-language Netflix trailer [1:52] at YouTube

Stage  Works

®           ®

"The Little Prince and The Aviator" musical theatre adaptation [1981]
Alvin Theatre First Preview:Dec 26, 1981 Total Previews:16 Never Officially Opened
Book by Hugh Wheeler; Music by John Barry; Lyrics by Don Black; Musical Director: David Friedman; Music orchestrated by Don Walker; Dance arrangements by Grant Sturiale Directed by Jerry Adler; Choreographed by Billy Wilson Michael York as Toni Anthony Rapp as Little Prince Janet Eilber as Rose Setting: Sahara Desert, Paris, and Asteroid B6-12 during the years 1911-1928

"Der Kleine Prinz" stageplay [Germany 1998]
poster designed by Henning Wagenbreth for 1998 'Der Kleine Prinz' stageplay in Dresden, Germany  performance by student actors at the
Puppentheater der Stadt in Dresden

"The Little Prince" musical stageplay adaptation [pre-2000]

"The Little Prince: A Magical Opera" [5/2003]
an opera in two acts by Rachel Portman to an English libretto by Nicholas Wright

"Rachel Portman - The Little Prince" [2005] DVD $9.99

"The Little Prince" stageplay [Nov 2006]
Round House Theatre makes the latest attempt in a highly theatrical adaptation by Rick Cummins and John Scoullar, directed by Eric Ting, that is precious and twee in the first act before gaining a certain sorrowful majesty in the second. Aviator (Craig Wallace) the Little Prince (Jamie Klassel)
WHERE: Round House Theatre Bethesda, 4545 East-West Highway http://www.roundhousetheatre.org/meet-us/ Round House Theatre [est. 1977] 4545 East-West Highway Bethesda, MD 20814

'blacklight' stageplay of 'The Little Prince' at Innsbruck, Austria     "Der Kleine Prinz" [Austria 2010]
A 'blacklight' (ultraviolet) production of "Der Kleine Prinz" was
staged at the Schwarzes Theater in Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria;
a blacklight trailer was uploaded to YouTube in November 2010

watch 11/2010 official trailer [2:37] online at YouTube

"Le Petit Prince: Poesie, Musique et Danse"  [2010]
'spectacle performance' staged at the Avignon Opera Theatre in July 2010 & May 2011, at Reims in October 2010;
creator, stage director & narrator Sonia Petrovna; original score by Laurent Petitgirard, music director Aurore Marchand;
choreography by Eric Belaud; 'La Rose' credited to Georges Prunier • official show websiteofficial promo video

"Der Kleine Prinz" video release [Germany 2011]
PAL format DVD cover for German stageplay & film 'Der Kleine Prinz'  The stageplay was produced in December 2004 at Drehbühne (The Revolving Stage) at Admirals Palast in Berlin, Germany; they went on tour in Europe in 2005; the play was staged again in 2011 and filmed (with enhancements) and released as a 90-minute DVD. Directed by & starring Lorenz Christian Köhler {as The Pilot}; also starring Nanda Ben Chaabane {as The Prince}, Bruno Ganz, Dieter Mann, Armin Rohde, Florian Lukas, Michael Mendl, Horst Krause, with Die Rose and other characters portrayed by puppets and marionettes
Region 1 DVD not available • bare credits at IMDb
watch 9/2011 official Drehbühne Berlin long trailer [3:10] online at YouTube
watch 11/2014 official Drehbühne Berlin short trailer [0:42] online at YouTube

"Le Petit Prince: Un Ballet Multidimentional"  [2015]
performed by the Winter Palace St. Petersburg Ballet, artistic director Nataya Kitsikava; French choreographer François Mauduit;
world premiere at the Grand Théâtre d’Albi in France in July 2015 • official show website

Other  Media
Wikipedia's listing of The Little Prince story adapted into various media

La Boutique du Petit Prince à Paris (The Little Prince Shop in Paris) [est. 2008]
INFO: open 10am-6pm Monday to Saturday  57 Boulevard Arago, 75013 Paris France
watch 5/2012 promotional video [5:29] on YouTube

The Little Prince Online Store [est. 2008] based in France

logo for Le Parc du Petit Prince (The Little Prince Theme Park)     The Little Prince Theme Park [opened July 2014]
'Because all grown-ups were children first'
The First Aerial Park In The World

located in Ungersheim, Alsace, France - near the German border
open July 1st thru November 1st and December 5th thru January 3rd
watch 9/2014 official promo video [2:01] online at YouTube

official YouTube channel
http://www.youtube.com/user/lepetitprincetv [est. 8/2009]

2/2011 "The Little Prince" video by Ashley Trogdon [4:30] at YouTube

toys and games

"The Little Prince Starter Stencils" [1/2014]

Image  Gallery

common b&w photograph of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry next to his airplane at Toulouse Airport in 1933         b&w photograph of Consuelo and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

L i n k s

luxury/small Hotel Der Kleine Prinz, Lichtentaler Strasse 36 in Baden-Baden, Germany

M/S Der Kleine Prinz cruise ship [built 1992, length 93 meters (306 feet)] on the Southern Danube River

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