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Starbucks  Corporation
[est. 1971]

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Starbucks Coffee operates 24,000 stores in 61 countries worldwide, with 13,000 in the U.S. and 1,270 in Canada.
Starbucks Coffee was the Forbes-ranked 229th-largest corporation in America in 2012, and is, of course, the largest coffee seller in the world.

          Starbucks Coffee began in 1971 as a seller of freshly-roasted coffee beans in Seattle, Washington. In 1987, the three owners sold out to a competitor (and former employee). Starbucks had grown to 165 locations in the U.S. and Canada by the time the company went public in 1992.
          Why do many consider Starbucks Corp. to be a bad guy? The rapid expansion of the chain purposely trampled on local coffee shops, and thousands of small businesses disappeared as Starbucks grew to its current monster footprint of 24,000 stores. It is Starbucks policy to act like King Kong and buy the best location/s at the mall and destroy the business of any other coffee seller (with no attempt to buy them out).
          As a business, Starbucks is successful; as a progressive corporation, they fake various recycle and free-trade programs and such, but ultimately fail the test: Starbucks intentionally hurts small businesses.

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Starbucks Corp. Common Stock Quote & Summary Data at NASDAQ
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Primary  Divisions

The Starbucks Digital Network began operation in Fall 2010, delivering free & paid-for content through its existing in-store wi-fi service.
Announced 8/2013: Starbucks claims that its wi-fi network will operate ten times faster as it switches from provider AT&T to Google.


old logo for Tazo Tea Company [est. 1994]          new logo for Tazo Tea Company (circa 2006)
Starbucks entered the tea business in 1999 when it acquired the Tazo Tea Company brand [est. 1994] for $8.1M.
official company website company entry at Wikipedia

logo for retailer Teavana [1997-2018]
Coffee giant Starbucks purchased the struggling tea retailer Teavana [est. 1997] in 2012 for $620 million; in July 2017, Starbucks announced
plans to close down all 350+ Teavana retail locations by summer 2018, impacting 3,300 jobs.
official company website company entry at Wikipedia

Other  Services
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Works  About  Starbucks  (and-or  Coffee)
search books on keywords 'starbucks coffee' {returns over 400 titles} at Amazon

How Starbucks Saved My Life book by Michael Gates Gill  "How Starbucks Saved My Life: A Son of Privilege Learns To Live Like Everyone Else" [2007] by Michael Gates Gill
An executive who has it all - big salary, Ivy League education - gets divorced, loses his job and his affluent lifestyle, is diagnosed with a brain tumor, and winds up working at Starbucks; but through a black woman, and doing the kind of grunt work and hard labor millions of Americans do every day to make ends meet, he learns 'valuable life lessons'
Kindle Edition from Gotham Books [2007 edition] for $11.99
HarperCollins 7¾x5 pb [2008] out of print/used
Gotham Books 7½x5 hardcover [9/2007] out of print/250+ used
It's Not About the Coffee / Leadership Principles From Starbucks book by Howard Behar & Janet Goldstein  
"It's Not About The Coffee: Leadership Principles From A Life At Starbucks" [2007]
by Howard Behar, with Janet Goldstein

Kindle Edition from Portfolio/Penguin [2007 edition] for $13.99
Portfolio 8x5 pb [4/2009] for $12.85
Portfolio 8x5¼ hardcover [12/2007] out of print/40+ used
Everything but the Coffee, Starbucks book by Bryant Simon  "Everything But The Coffee: Learning About America From Starbucks" [2009]
by Bryant Simon

Concludes that Starbucks' appeal lies not in the product that it sells but in a deeply felt American need for predictability, class standing, and community - the easily-consumed identity that Starbucks offers.
Kindle Edition from Univ California Press [10/2009] for $9.99
Univ California Press 8¾x5½ pb [2/2011] for $14.16
Univ California Press 9x6¼ hardcover [10/2009] for $38.29
How to Make Coffee So Good You'll Never Waste Money on Starbucks Again book by Luca Vincenzo  
"How To Make Coffee So Good You'll Never Waste Money On Starbucks Again" [2012] by Luca Vincenzo
Kindle Edition from CreateSpace [4/2012] for $2.99 {sic}
CreateSpace 9x6 pb [4/2012] for $7.99
Coffeeist Manifesto book by Steven D. Ward  "The Coffeeist Manifesto: No More Bad Coffee!" [2012]
by Steven D. Ward

168 pages; half self-defense manual and half how-to instructional, "a single resource that connects all the dots and spells it all out for confused novice coffee drinkers"
Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [9/2012] for $2.99
CreateSpace 9x6 pb [10/2012] for $8.58

Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul [2011]
by Howard Schultz, Joanne Gordon 1605292885

"Starbucking: The True Story of One Man's Highly-Caffeinated Journey"
[festival circuit 2006, DVD release April 2007]
Starbucking documentary  A humorous 73-minute documentary with road trip elements, about a man who is committed to visiting every Starbucks Coffee location in the world; at the time of the film, he had visited 6,000 locations since 1997; by 2011, the count was 10,000
Directed by Bill Tangeman; featuring Winter, Frank Edward Nora & Howard Wen
DVD [8/00] for $3.99
full credits at IMDb official movie website is defunct
'Starbucks Everywhere' blogsite 'Winter (Starbucks)' entry at Wikipedia

"How Starbucks Saved My Life" [Universal - still in development 2017?]  
Announced 11/2012: Gus Van Sant & Tom Hanks are out and The Weinstein Company has taken over the project,
based on Michael Gates Gill's 2007 memoir {above} latest info at IMDb

Starbucks  Executives
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On December 1, 2016, Howard Schultz announced he would resign as CEO effective in April 2017, to be replaced by Kevin Johnson.
Johnson assumed the role of CEO on April 3, 2017.

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