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Microsoft.  Inc.
producer of software for personal computers
{ now also producing hardware }
[est. April 1975]

Microsoft, Inc.'s longtime headquarters building in Redmond, Washington          short history

primary divisions


other services & products

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“640K ought to be enough [memory] for anybody.” — Bill Gates, in 1981

          B I O
          t e x t
          h e r e

          Founded in April 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico by Bill Gates & Paul G. Allen

Microsoft official website
Microsoft entry at Wikipedia
'history of Microsoft' entry at Wikipedia
Microsoft Corporation Common Stock Quote & Summary Data at NASDAQ

Primary  Divisions

Microsoft Store [est. 10/2009] brick & mortar locations
There are currently two Flagship stores (New York City and Sydney, Australia) and over 70 stores in U.S.A., Canada, Puerto Rico, and Finland.


MSN.com network's online divisions include MSN autos & MSN money & MSN entertainment & MSN sports & MSN travel

Microsoft bought Skype in May 2011 for $8.5 billion

Announced 6/2016: Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for $26.2B, which is a huge price to pay for a social network; the acquisition tops the charts as
Microsoft's biggest ever. While many are surprised at the cash figure, the question on everyone's lips is, why does Microsoft want LinkedIn?

Other  Services  &  Products

Announced 9/2012: A new Microsoft Entertainment & Digital Media production studio in Los Angeles will be headed by former C.B.S. Television Entertainment
Group president [1998-2010] Nancy Tellem; the company will develop interactive & linear content for Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console and other devices,
with the intention of "helping turn Xbox into a destination where consumers can enjoy all their entertainment in one place".
Announced 7/2013: Nancy Tellem’s Microsoft Team at Xbox Entertainment Studios hired Albert Page, formerly SVP at Mandeville Films

Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows         Microsoft Entertainment Pack 2         Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3         Microsoft Entertainment Pack - Puzzles         Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack - 13 games

logo for Microsoft Surface tablets & laptops
Microsoft's Surface hardware launched in October 2012; Surface Pro launched in February 2013; Surface Hub launched in July 2015; Surface Book launched
in October 2015; Surface Studio launched in October 2016; and Surface Laptop & Surface Pro 5g launched in June 2017
Surface Dept. at official Microsoft Storeentry at Wikipedia
Microsoft Surface Store at Amazon

Microsoft Surface Book laptop  "Microsoft Surface Book: The Ultimate Laptop" [Oct 2016]
13½" diagonal LCD display with Windows 10 operating system
Microsoft Surface Book laptop with Intel i5 chip, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage [10/2016] out of prodn/SOLD OUT?
Microsoft Surface Book laptop with Intel i5 chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage [10/2016] for $1,899
13½" diagonal LCD display, with Windows 10 operating system & NVIDIA GeForce graphics
Microsoft Surface Book laptop with Intel i7 chip, 16GB RAM, 1TB storage [10/2016] out of prodn/SOLD OUT?

Microsoft Surface Studio computer  Microsoft Surface Studio computer [Nov 2016]
with 28-inch diagonal touchscreen display, with Windows 10 operating system & NVIDIA GeForce graphics
Microsoft Surface Studio computer with Intel i5 chip, 8GB RAM, 1TB storage [11/2016] for $2,977.97
Microsoft Surface Studio computer with Intel i7 chip, 16GB RAM, 1TB storage [11/2016] for $3,499.00
Microsoft Surface Studio computer with Intel i7 chip, 32GB RAM, 2TB storage [11/2016] for $4,199.00
Surface Dial on-screen device  Surface Dial on-screen device [Nov 2016] for use with Surface Studio
similar to mouse, but operates by three actions: press & hold, click, rotate; works on all Windows 10 computers with
Bluetooth; works directly with Adobe Creative Cloud, Mental Canvas, Bluebeam, Sketchable, StaffPad, and more

AAA battery-powered 2.3" diameter x 1.3" high device [11/2016] for $93.44

Microsoft Surface Laptop  Microsoft Surface Laptop [June 2017]
13½" diagonal LED display, with Windows 10 operating system
{free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro until 31 Dec 2017}

Microsoft Surface Laptop with Intel i5 chip, 4GB RAM, 128GB storage [6/2017] for $999
Microsoft Surface Laptop with Intel i5 chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage [6/2017] for $1,299
Microsoft Surface Laptop with Intel i7 chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage [6/2017] for $1,599
Microsoft Surface Laptop with Intel i7 chip, 16GB RAM, 512GB storage [6/2017] for $2,199

Microsoft Surface Pro 5g tablet  Microsoft Surface Pro 5g [June 2017]
12¼" diagonal LCD display, Intel Core i5 with Windows 10 Pro operating system
Microsoft Surface Pro 5g tablet with 4GB RAM, 128GB storage [6/2017] for $999
Microsoft Surface Pro 5g tablet with 8GB RAM, 256GB storage [6/2017] for $1,299
Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Type Cover  "Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Type Cover" [2017]
for Surface Pro & Surface 4

platinum color keyboard [5/2017] for $157.95
cobalt blue color keyboard [5/2017] for $159.99
burgundy color keyboard [5/2017] for $159.99

Microsoft Surface Pen [2016]
compatible with Surface Pro models, Surface Laptop, Surface Studio, and Surface Book
can be used with apps like OneNote, Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, Sketchable, Bluebeam Revue, Drawboard, CorelDraw, and StaffPad
AAA battery-powered 7x0.21x0.93-inch stylus [6/2016] for $99.99

Microsoft, Inc. position paper "The Future Computed: Artificial Intelligence and Its Role In Society" [2018]
The Future Computed book from Microsoft, Inc.   Foreword by Microsoft President Brad Smith & Harry Shum, EVP of AI & Research
ISBN 978-0-9997508-1-0 provided but not yet available on Amazon (2/2018)
official bookpage at Microsoft
Davos panel presentation participants include The Rt. Hon. Philip Hammond (Chancellor of the Exchequer of U.K.), Henry Blodget (CEO, Business Insider), Brad Smith (Microsoft), Jennifer Rexford (chair, Princeton Computer Science Dept.), and James Manyika (director, McKinsey Global Institute)
panel presentation at World Economic Summit in Davos, 1/2018 [55:00] on video {new window}

Works  About  Microsoft

Pirates of Silicon Valley TV movie about Microsoft's Bill Gates & Apple, Inc.'s Steve Jobs  "Pirates of Silicon Valley" [Haft/T.N.T. June 1999]
Semi-humorous TV docudrama about the origins of Microsoft and of Apple, Inc. Written & directed by Martyn Burke, based on a book by Paul Freiberger & Michael Swaine; starring Noah Wyle {as Steve Jobs}, Anthony Michael Hall {as Bill Gates}, Joey Slotnick {as Steve Wozniak}, John Di Maggio {as Steve Ballmer} & Josh Hopkins {as Paul Allen}; won ACE Award, nominated for DGA Award, PGA Award, and 7 Emmy Awards
Turner Home Ent. color VHS [5/2000] for $14.44
full credits at IMDbofficial movie site
"Fire In The Valley: The Making of The Personal Computer" [1984]
by Paul Freiberger & Michael Swaine

McGraw-Hill 2nd edition 9x7¼ pb [11/2000] out of print/many used
McGraw-Hill 9¾x7½ hardcover with CD-ROM [12/99] out of print/used

"World War 3.0: Microsoft and Its Enemies" [1/2001] by Ken Auletta /0375503668/

"Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft Plans To Stay Relevant In The Post-Gates Era" [5/2008] by Mary Jo Foley /B001O0EH5Y/

A Microsoft Life book by Stephen Toulouse   "A Microsoft Life" [2010] by Stephen Toulouse, Edited by Joanne Starer
Stephen 'Stepto' Toulouse worked at Microsoft for 15 years.
Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [1/2011] for $6.99
LULU.com 9x6 pb [4/2011] for $15.99

Microsoft  Executives

Microsoft co-founder William Henry 'Bill' Gates III
Bill Gates was born 28 October 1955 in Seattle, Washington; he and Paul Allen founded Microsoft on 4 April 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He married Melinda French in Hawaii in January 1994; they have three children: Jennifer Katharine (born 1996), Rory John (born 1999), and Phoebe Adele (born 2002). Bill announced in June 2006 that he would transition out of day-to-day responsibilities at Microsoft in two years.
Bill Gates entry at Wikipedia

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation [est. 2000] was formed by merging three family charity foundations.

Cascade Investment [est. 1994] is a highly secretive trust that invests in run-of-the-mill stocks like railways, waste removal, and agricultural equipment companies;
it also has real estate holdings in the Four Seasons and other hotel companies, often shielded by subsidiary LLCs.
subsidiary Mt. Lemmon Holdings, LLC invested $80 million in a greenfield development project in the Arizona desert (11/2017); the town of Belmont, Arizona
will be built on 25,000 acres of empty land where the existing I-10 Freeway meets the future I-11 Hassayampa Freeway from Las Vegas, Nevada.

b&w photo of Bill Gates, circa 1970s         2016 color photo of Bill Gates

browse books by/about Bill Gates at Amazon
Bill Gates was listed #54 on The Atlantic Monthly's Top 100 Most Influential Figures in American History [Dec 2006]
and also listed #1 on Atlantic Monthly's "Top 30 Influential Living Americans" (12/2006)

Hard Drive / Bill Gates book by James Wallace & Jim Erickson  "Hard Drive: Bill Gates and The Making of The Microsoft Empire" [1992]
by James Wallace & Jim Erickson

HarperBusiness 8x5¼ pb [6/93] out of print/70+ used
Wiley & Sons 9¼x6¼ hardcover [4/92] out of print/50+ used
Wiley & Sons 9¼x6¼ hardcover [4/92] out of print/many used
Gates Microsoft's Mogul book by Stephen Manes & Paul Andrews  "Gates: How Microsoft's Mogul Reinvented An Industry - and Made Himself The Richest Man In America" [1992] by Stephen Manes & Paul Andrews
Kindle Edition from Cadwallader & Stern [4/2013] for $9.99
Touchstone 9¼x6 pb [1/94] for $26.82
Doubleday 9½x6½ hardcover [12/92] out of print/100+ used

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen
Paul Allen entry at Wikipedia

"The Accidental Zillionaire: Demystifying Paul Allen" [12/2002] by Laura Rich /0471234915/

Idea Man memoir by Paul Allen  
"Idea Man: A Memoir By The Cofounder of Microsoft" [2011]
by Paul Allen

Portfolio 9x6½ hardcover [4/2011] for $15.37

former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
hired by Bill Gates in 1980, promoted to president in 1998, promoted to CEO in January 2000, stepped down February 2014
Steve Ballmer entry at Wikipedia
Announced 8/2013: Longtime Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will retire within the next year. (Microsoft stock jumped 7 percent,
and the value of Ballmer's $10.7B in stock shares increased by $769 million in that 24-hour period.)

"Bad Boy Ballmer: The Man Who Rules Microsoft" [11/2003] by Fredric Alan Maxwell /0060935413/

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella
hired at Microsoft in 1992, worked up thru the ranks, promoted to CEO in February 2014

Hit Refresh bestseller book by Satya Nadella  "Hit Refresh: The Quest To Rediscover Microsoft's Soul and Imagine
A Better Future For Everyone" [2017] by Satya Nadella

Kindle Edition from HarperBusiness [9/2017] for $15.99
HarperCollins 9¼x6 pb [9/2017] out of print/used
HarperBusiness 9x6 hardcover [9/2017] for $16.27

Image  Gallery

basic history of Microsoft corporate logos         

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Microsoft official website
Microsoft entry at Wikipedia
'history of Microsoft' entry at Wikipedia

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