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McDonald's, Inc.
[est. 1948]

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color photo of the movie set version of the original McDonald's location in San Bernardino, California          short history

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McDonalds, Inc. was founded in 1948 by the McDonald brothers, was expanded by Ray Kroc to the fast-food giant that it is today,
and is the second-largest private employer in the world (after Wal-Mart).
The company and its franchises serve over 68 million customers daily in 119 countries across more than 36,000 outlets (2016).

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The grand opening took place on December 12, 1948 in San Bernardino, California.
The McDonald brothers sold their business to investing partner Ray Kroc in 1961 for $2.7 million.
1990 Jan 31: McDonald's, Corp opened the first fast-food restaurant in Moscow, Russia.

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Primary  Divisions
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Food  Products

Starting in December 2017, McDonald's will be selling a McVegan burger in hundreds of restaurants across Sweden and Finland.

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Other  Services
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Works  About  The  Company

Grinding It Out / McDonald's book by Ray Kroc - blue cover  Grinding It Out / McDonald's book by Ray Kroc - red cover  "Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald's" [1955]
by Ray Kroc, with Robert Anderson

St. Martin's mass pb [rev 4/92] for $7.11
Contemporary Books 9x6 pb [5/85] out of print/many used
Berkley mass pb [9/78] out of print/many used
Henry Regnery Co. 9x6 hardcover [5/77] out of print/40+ used
McDonald's Behind The Arches book by John F. Love  McDonald's Behind The Arches book by John F. Love  "McDonald's: Behind The Arches" [1986] by John F. Love
Bantam 9x6 pb [7/95] for $14.19
Bantam/Transworld/Random House 7¾x5 pb [7/88] out of print/used
The Book Service, Ltd 9½x6½ hardcover [2/87] out of print/used
Bantam 9½x6½ hardcover [10/86] out of print/100+ used

Golden Arches East book by James L. Watson   "Golden Arches East: McDonald's In East Asia" [orig 1997, rev 2006]
by James L. Watson

Kindle Edition from Stanford Univ Press [1997 edition] for $11.99
Stanford Univ Press 8½x5½ pb [3/2006] for $18.09
Stanford Univ Press pb [3/2006] out of print/many used
Stanford Univ Press 8½x5½ hardcover [3/2006] for $54.50 {sic}
Big Mac - Inside the McDonald's Empire TV documentary  "Big Mac: Inside The McDonald's Empire" TV documentary [CNBC-TV July 2007]
Hosted by Carl Quintanilla; featuring author John F. Love, Kelly Brownell (Rudd Center for Food Policy), Marion Nestle (Professor of Nutrition, New York University), store owner George Michell, Lou Groen (inventor of the Filet-O-Fish), and McDonald's employees: CEO Jim Skinner, president Don Thompson, operations mgr Tyrone Davis, Al Golin (public relations), executive chef Dan Coudreaut, Deborah McDaniel, and Mary Dillon; with archive footage of founder Ray Kroc and former CEO Fred L. Turner • full credits at IMDb
C.N.B.C. color DVD [8/2007] out of prodn/used
McDonald's The Business children's book by Cath Senker  "McDonald's: The Business Behind The Golden Arches"
[grades 4-7; 2016] by Cath Senker

Lerner Publns 10¾x9 hardcover [4/2016] for $25.25

McDonald's  Executives

Maurice James 'Mac' McDonald [1902-1971]
Richard James 'Dick' McDonald [1909-1998]

Raymond Albert 'Ray' Kroc [1902-84]
first wife Ethel Fleming Kroc [] - married 1922-61
second wife Jane Dobbins Green Kroc [] - married 1963-68
third wife Joan Beverly Mansfield Smith Kroc [1928-2003] - married 1969, widowed 1984

Ray Kroc, Fast Food Millionaire episode on A&E Biography  "Ray Kroc: Fast Food Millionaire" [A&E Biography Dec 1998]
Written & produced by Greg Weinstein; narrated by Jack Perkins; featuring Jerry Coleman, Al Golin, Robert Kroc, author John F. Love, Richard McDonald, Herb Peterson, Jane Stern, Michael Stern, Kathleen Toerpe, Fred L. Turner, with archive footage of Steve Garvey, Joan B. Kroc, Ray Kroc, Maurice McDonald, John McNamara, Kevin McReynolds, Pat Nixon, Richard Nixon, Willard Scott, Dave Winfield, and Don Zimmer • credits at IMDb
50-minute A&E Home Video color DVD [9/2005] out of prodn/used

"The Founder" [The Weinstein Company - opening Jan 2017]  
The Founder / McDonald's / Ray Kroc movie  Location filming in Georgia (Canton, Atlanta, Douglasville, Newnan, Thomaston) and New Mexico (Albuquerque, Bel้n); over-the-hill milkshake machine salesman Ray Croc transforms a small chain of fast-food restaurants into the multibillion dollar McDonald's Corp. • Directed by John Lee Hancock; written by Robert D. Siegel; starring Michael Keaton {as Ray Kroc}, Laura Dern, Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch, Linda Cardellini, Patrick Wilson, B.J. Novak, Kimberly Battista, Carla Shinall, Mike Pniewski, Steve Coulter, Catherine Dyer, Devon Ogden, Griff Furst, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Patti Schellhaas, Kabby Borders, Lauren Kimelton, Ric Reitz, Katie Kneeland, Justin Randell Brooke, Cara Mantella, Victor McCay, Franco Castan, Tracy Goode, Kristi Von, Kenny Alfonso, Rebecca Ray, Andrew Benator, Nicolette Goetz, Dan Mulvaney
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available
full credits at IMDb • movie entry at Wikipedia • watch 4/2016 official trailer [3:43] at YouTube

Ray & Joan {Kroc} book by Lisa Napoli  "Ray & Joan: The Man Who Made The McDonald's Fortune
and The Woman Who Gave It All Away" [2016]
by Lisa Napoli

Kindle Edition from Dutton/Penguin [11/2016] for $13.99
Dutton 9¼x6¼ hardcover [11/2016] for $22.24

Jim Skinner, McDonald's CEO {2007)

Don Thompson, McDonald's president (2007)

Fred L. Turner, former McDonald's CEO

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the original 1948 McDonald's location in San Bernardino, California         

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