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         Lucius Beebe in 1949 posed next to his private rail car 'Gold Coast' in the railyard at Carson City, Nevada

Lucius Beebe [1902-66] was a journalist who coined the term 'café society', which was a milieu that he both lived in
and documented; he was also famous for his love of history and railroads.

"[Society columnist Lucius Beebe] must have a great respect for the truth since he very rarely uses it." — Tallulah Bankhead

          B I O
          t e x t
          h e r e
inducted into the Nevada Writers Hall of Fame in 1992

Lucius Beebe entry at Wikipedia
incomplete Lucius Beebe credits at Internet Movie Database

Primary Works
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"The Awful Seeley Diner" [F.R. Publng, 1932]

"People On Parade" [1934] with Jerome Zerbe

"Boston and The Boston Legend" [D. Appleton-Century Company, 1935]

"The Ritz Idea: The Story of A Great Hotel" [privately published 1936]

"High Iron: A Book of Trains" [D. Appleton-Century Company 1938]

"Highliners: A Railroad Album" [D. Appleton-Century Company 1940]

"Trains In Transition" [D. Appleton-Century Company 1941]

"Snoot If You Must" [D. Appleton-Century Company 1943] ISBN 0-8015-7882-5

"Highball: A Railroad Pageant" [D. Appleton-Century Company 1945] ISBN 0-517-00420-8]

"The Stork Club Bar Book" [Rinehart, 1946] ISBN 0-9743259-1-0

"The Narrow Gauge Railroads of Colorado" [1946] by Lucius Morris Beebe /B0007EAZ0O/

"Mixed Train Daily: A Book of Short-line Railroads" [E.P. Dutton & Co. 1947]

"The Plaza: Fortieth Anniversary, 1907-1947" [Hilton Hotels, 1947]

Virginia & Truckee / Virginia City / Comstock Times book by Lucius Beebe & Charles Clegg  "Virginia & Truckee: A Story of Virginia City and Comstock Times" [1949]
by Lucius Beebe & Charles Clegg

64-page booklet with $1.00 cover price originally published by Graham H. Hardy of Oakland, CA
Nevada State RR Museum 8¾x5½ pb [1991] out of print/used
Howell-North Books 5th edition 8¾x6 pb [1963] out of print/used
Howell-North Books 8¾x6 pb [1963] out of print/used

"Legends of The Comstock Lode" [Oakland, CA: Grahame H. Hardy 1950] with Charles Clegg

"Cable Car Carnival" [Oakland, CA: Grahame H. Hardy 1951] with Charles Clegg

"Hear The Train Blow: A Pictorial Epic of America In The Railroad Age" [Dutton, 1952] with Charles Clegg

"Comstock Commotion: The Story of The Territorial Enterprise and Virginia City News" [Stanford Univ Press.(1954).

"The American West: The Pictorial Epic of A Continent" [E.P. Dutton and Co. 1955] with Charles Clegg

"The Age of Steam. A Classic Album of American Railroading" [Rinehart & Co. 1957] by Beebe & Clegg

Steamcars To The Comstock book by Lucius Beebe & Charles Clegg  "Steamcars To The Comstock: The Virginia & Truckee Railroad and The
Carson & Colorado Railroad" [1957] by Lucius Beebe & Charles Clegg

Darwin Publns 1st edition pb [1957] out of print/used
Howell-North Books 3rd edition 11¼x8¼ hardcover [6/70] out of print/many used
Howell-North Books 3rd edition 11¼x8 hardcover [1963] out of print/used
Howell-North Books 1st edition hardcover [1957] out of print/used

"Narrow Gauge In The Rockies" [Howell-North 1958] with Charles Clegg

"Mansions On Rails: The Folklore of The Private Railway Car" [Howell-North 1959]

Mr. Pullman's Elegant Palace Car book by Lucius Beebe  "Mr. Pullman's Elegant Palace Car: The Railway Carriage That Established A New Dimension of Luxury and Entered The National Lexicon As A Symbol of Splendor"
[1961] by Lucius Beebe

575-page Doubleday & Co. 11x8¾ hardcover [1961] out of print/used

"San Francisco's Golden Era: A Picture Story of San Francisco Before The Fire" [Howell-North 1960] with Charles Clegg

"20th Century: The Greatest Train In The World" [Howell-North 1962]

"Rio Grande: Mainline of The Rockies" [Howell-North, 1962] by Lucius Morris Beebe & Charles Clegg /B0007F0CII/

"When Beauty Rode The Rails: An Album of Railroad Yesterdays" [Doubleday 1962] with Charles Clegg

"The Overland Limited" [Howell-North Books 1963]

"The Central Pacific & Southern Pacific Railroads" [Howell-North 1963]

"Great Railroad Photographs, U.S.A." [Howell-North 1964] with Charles Clegg

"Two Trains To Remember: The New England Limited, The Air Line Limited" [Virginia City, NV: privately published 1965]

"The Trains We Rode. Volume I. Alton - New York Central" [Howell-North 1965] with Charles Clegg

"The Trains We Rode. Volume II. Northern Pacific - Wabash" [Howell-North 1966] with Charles Clegg

"The Big Spenders" [Doubleday & Co. 1966]

"The Provocative Pen of Lucius Beebe, Esq." [Chronicle Publng Co. 1966] Edited by Scott Newhall

Lucius Beebe Reader book edited by Charles Clegg & Duncan Emrich  "The Lucius Beebe Reader" [1967]
Selected & Edited by Charles Clegg & Duncan Emrich

Hutchinson's U.K. hardcover [1969] out of print/used
Doubleday & Co. 9½x6½ hardcover [1967] out of print/used

Other Works

"Fallen Stars" [Cornhill Publng 1921]

"Corydon and Other Poems" [B.J. Brimmer, 1924]

"Edwin Arlington Robinson and The Arthurian Legend" [1927]

"Aspects of The Poetry of Edwin Arlington Robinson" [Dunster House 1928]

Gold Coast private railcar
The first private railcar owned & restored by Lucius Beebe & Charles Clegg was the Gold Coast. Built in 1905 as wooden Central of Georgia RR officer’s car #97;
sold to Georgia Northern as #100; sold in 1948 to Beebe & Clegg as a private railcar, which they decorated in Victorian style; sold to R&LHS
Pacific Coast Chapter; donated 8/1969 to C.S.R.M.; restored to 1948-1950 appearance by C.S.R.M. & currently on indoor display
at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento.

exterior of the 'Gold Coast' private railcar inside the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento         interior of the 'Gold Coast' private railcar showing painted ceiling and working fireplace         interior of the 'Gold Coast' private railcar showing the length of the salon

Piper-Beebe House in Virginia City, Nevada
Located at 2 South A Street in Virginia City; built by architect A. F. Mackay, whose family lived there for a decade; occupied by Edward Piper (Piper's Opera House) and family until 1949; sold to Lucius Beebe & Charles Clegg, who hired Hollywood set-designer Robert T. Hanley to re-do the house 'in a full explosion of Victorian vulgarity'. Sold after Clegg's death in 1979; listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1993; currently privately-owned & not open to the public.
National Park Service official websiteentry at Wikipedia

exterior of the 1876 Piper-Beebe House in Virginia City, Nevada

Virginia City private railcar
The second private railcar owned & restored by Lucius Beebe & Charles Clegg was the Virginia City. Built by Pullman in 1928 as heavy steel sleeper-lounge open platform observation car Crystal Peak; air-conditioning and other improvements in 1936; renamed Golden Peak in 1938; Pullman-owned pool service car until 1950. Purchased in 1954 by Beebe & Clegg and reconfigured (sleeps six) at Western Pacific RR shops in Sacramento; Hollywood set-designer Robert T. Hanley redecorated the car in 'Venetian Renaissance Baroque' style, installing $375,000 in antique furnishings. Sold in 1984 to Redwood City businessman Wade Pellizzer; mechanically upgraded; currently available for charter at its own official website.

interior of the 'Virginia City' private railcar showing the ornate salon        interior of the 'Virginia City' private railcar dining room, with Clegg, cook/waiter, and Beebe

Movies, Plays, Other Media
incomplete Lucius Beebe credits at Internet Movie Database

"Cafe Society" [Paramount Feb 1939] /tt0031129/
uncredited advisor to the film, in which he appeared

Cecil B. DeMille's "Union Pacific" [Paramount April 1939] /tt0032080/
Beebe was uncredited technical advisor

"The Silver Spiral" [Feb 1959] episode of "State Trooper" syndicated TV series /tt0709727/
both Beebe & Clegg appeared as themselves

Works About Lucius Beebe

Railroad Heritage Magazine Issue #18 of November 2007   "Railroading Journeys: The Life and Times of Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg" [2007]
32-page issue #18 of Railroad Heritage Magazine from 2007; Introduction by CC's sister, Ann Clegg Holloway; 59 photographs, mostly by Beebe or Clegg.
Center for Railroad Photography & Art magazine issue [11/2007] for $14.95 + s/h

Image  Gallery

LIFE Magazine photograph of Julius Beebe and Charles Clegg in the main salon of their private railcar 'Gold Coast', circa 1950           operatic soprano Lily Pons, aviator Howard Hughes, and writer Julius Beebe at a party given by Pons at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in November 1938           LIFE Magazine cover of Julius Beebe in period top hat, issue dated 16 January 1939           color photograph of Lucius Beebe wearing tophat & tails at the Dining Court of the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, circa 1960 (cropped)           Beebe Estate [built 1828] in Melrose, MA

Family & Friends
Lucius Morris Beebe was born in 1902 in Wakefield, Massachusetts; he died at age 63 in Hillsboro, California.

father Junius Beebe [1854-1934], prominent Boston banker
mother Eleanor Harriet Merrick Beebe [1865-1939], married 1886

partner photographer Jerome Zerbe [1904-88], together 1930s
browse booksentry at Wikipedia
Zerbe's 50,000 photo archive is owned by billionaire Frederick R. Koch of NYC
    Jerome Zerbe portrait (cropped from photo in bed)

partner photographer Charles M. Clegg, Jr. [1916-79], together 1940-1966
browse booksentry at Wikipedia
    Charles M. Clegg portrait

L i n k s
Lucius Beebe Memorial Library [rebuilt 1923] in Wakefield, MA - named after his namesake/grandfather
Beebe Estate [built 1828, deeded to city 1963] in Melrose, MA

writer Lucius Beebe [1902-66] Page at Spirit of America Bookstore

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