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               common portrait of smiling author Louis Bromfield [1896-1956]

“Soil, water, and forests are the foundation not only of our national economy but of our very existence and civilization.”

“Our prosperity, our high standard of living, our very liberties will disappear as they have disappeared in other countries all over the world
when soil was washed away and there was no longer any adequate supply of water. The hour is already much later than we think.”

“As soils are depleted, human health, vitality, and intelligence go with them.”

— Louis Bromfield

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Louis Bromfield entry at Wikipedia
browse books at Louis Bromfield Store at Amazon
Louis Bromfield credits [1925-56] at Internet Movie Database
Louis Bromfield Society [est. 1958?] is based at Malabar Farm in Ohio

Primary Works

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"The Green Bay Tree" [1924]

"Possession" [1925]

"Early Autumn: A Story of A Lady" [1926]

"A Good Woman" [1927]

"The Work of Robert Nathan" [1927]

"The Strange Case of Miss Annie Spragg" [1928]

"Awake and Rehearse" [1929]

"Bromfield Trilogy: "The Green Bay Tree", "Possession", and "Early Autumn" [1926]

"Tabloid News" [1930]

"Twenty-Four Hours" [1930]

"A Modern Hero" [1932]

"The Farm: The Story of Three Generations of An American Family" [1933]

"The Man Who Had Everything" [1935]

"The Rains Came" [1937]

"McLeod's Folly" [1939]
filmed as "Johnny Come Lately" [1943] starring James Cagney

"England: A Dying Oligarchy" [1939]

"Night In Bombay" [1940]

"Wild Is The River" [1941]

"Mrs. Parkington" [1943]

"The World We Live In: Stories" [1944]

"What Became of Anna Bolton" [1944]

"Pleasant Valley" [1945]

"Bitter Lotus" [World Publng Co. 1945]

"A Few Brass Tacks" [1946]

Colorado novel by Louis Bromfield  "Colorado" [1947 novel] by Pulitzer Prize-winner Louis Bromfield
Witty and engaging tale of the rough and tumble miners, cowboys, and immigrants of fictional 'Silver City', Colorado – and their women
Popular Library mass pb [1975] out of print/scarce
Bantam Books mass pb [1951] out of print/scarce
Harper & Bros. 8x5½ hardcover [1947] out of print/150+ used
Harper & Bros. Book Club hardcover [1947] out of print/used

"Kenny" [1947]

"Malabar Farm" [1948]

"Out of The Earth" [1950]

"Mr. Smith" [1951]

"The Wealth of The Soil" [1952]

"Up Ferguson Way" [1953]

"A New Pattern For A Tired World (available online)" [1954]

"Animals and Other People" [1955]

"From My Experience" [1955]

A Bromfield Galaxy omnibus book by Louis Bromfield  "A Bromfield Galaxy: Three of Louis Bromfield's Finest Novels - The Green Bay Tree 1924, Early Autumn 1926, A Good Woman 1927" [1957]
HarperCollins Book Club Edition 8¼x5¾ hardcover [6/57] out of print/50+ used

Other Works
weekly radio pgm
weekly newspaper column in 33 cities

Movies, Stageplays, Other Media

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"The House of Women" [Oct-Nov 1927]
original stageplay adapted by Louis Bromfield from his novel "The Green Bay Tree"

"Times Have Changed" [Feb-March 1935] stageplay adapted by Louis Bromfield
from the 1934 French stageplay "Les Temps Difficiles" by Édouard Bourdet

"De Luxe" [March 1935] original stageplay co-written by Louis Bromfield & John Gearon

·            ·


"Bobbed Hair" [Oct 1925] (story) /tt0015632/

"One Heavenly Night" [Jan 1931] (story)

"Dracula" [Feb 1931] (contributing writer - uncredited) starring Bela Lugosi /tt0021814/

"24 Hours" [Oct 1931] (novel) starring Clive Brook, Kay Francis, Miriam Hopkins /tt0021580/

"Night After Night" [Oct 1932 ] (story "Single Night") /tt0023266/
starring George Raft, Constance Cummings, Mae West

"A Modern Hero" [Warner Bros April 1934] /tt0025510/ (novel) = circus

"The Life of Vergie Winters" [June 1934] (story) /tt0025393/

"The Rains Came" [Sept 1939] (novel) /tt0031835/
starring Myrna Loy & Tyrone Power; six Oscar noms, won 3

"It All Came True" [April 1940] /tt0032643/
based on Bromfield's 1936 short story "Better Than Life"
starring Ann Sheridan, Jeffrey Lynn, Humphrey Bogart, Zasu Pitts, Una O'Connor, Jessie Busley

"Brigham Young" [Fox Sept 1940] /tt0032281/
Directed by Henry Hathaway; written by Louis Bromfield & Lamar Trotti; starring Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell,
Dean Jagger, Brian Donlevy, Jane Darwell, John Carradine, Mary Astor, Vincent Price

"For Whom the Bell Tolls" [Paramount Pictures July 1943] /tt0035896/
Directed by Sam Wood; based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway; starring Gary Cooper & Ingrid Bergman

"Johnny Come Lately" [United Artists Sept 1943] /tt0036057/
starring James Cagney; based on Bromfield's novel "McLeod's Folly"

"Mrs. Parkington" [M.G.M. Oct 1944] /tt0037096/
based on Bromfield's bestselling novel; starring Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, Edward Arnold

"Up Ferguson Way" [Jan 1955] episode /tt0551010/
of "Crown Theatre with Gloria Swanson" syndicated TV series

"The Rains of Ranchipur" [Fox Dec 1955] /tt0048538/
Directed by Jean Negulesco; based on Bromfield's bestselling novel "The Rains Came"; starring Lana Turner,
Richard Burton, Fred MacMurray, Michael Rennie

"Adventure On" 62-minute documentary [indep U.K. 1956] /tt2719318/

"The Daughters of Mars" [Oct 1956] episode /tt0573737/
of "Ethel Barrymore Theater" syndicated TV series

"The Man Who Had Everything" TV movie [P.B.S./WOSU-TV 1998] /tt0266745/
86-minute documentary about Bromfield, narrated by Lauren Bacall, with archive footage of her and Humphrey Bogart

Malabar  Farm [est. 1939]
After 13 years working and enjoying life in Paris, France, Bromfield fled the loudening war drums in Europe with his family and bought a farm in Ohio.
Malabar Farm Ohio State Park [est. 1976] official website
Louis Bromfield Society [est. 1958?] based at Malabar Farm
Malabar Farm entry at Wikipedia
The Historic Malabar Farm Restaurant [built 1820, opened ??]
Malabar Farm Maple Syrup Festival [est. 1977] held on two weekends each March

"Malabar Farm: The Dream of Louis Bromfield" [1995]
Produced by the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources; "containing family photos, historic video, and scenes of traditional timber framers in action"
O.D.N.R. Video Prodns color VHS [1995] out of prodn/sold out

official Malabar Farm Historic Landmark State Park sign/logo         map of Malabar Farm in Ohio {click for larger view, in new window}         brightly-painted barns at Malabar Farm         street side of Malabar Farm Inn Restaurant

Works About Louis Bromfield

P.B.S./W.O.S.U. documentary

Image  Gallery

Family & Friends
Lewis Brumfield was born in 1896 in Mansfield, Ohio; he changed the spelling of his name in the 1920s; he won the Pulitzer Prize for the Novel in 1927;
he purchased a farm in Ohio in 1938 that grew into today's 900-acre Malabar Farm; he died there in March 1956.

wife Mary Appleton Wood Bromfield [-1952], married 1921
daughter Ann Bromfield
daughter Hope Bromfield
daughter Ellen Bromfield

L i n k s
Louis Bromfield entry at Wikipedia
browse books at Louis Bromfield Store at Amazon
Louis Bromfield credits [1925-56] at Internet Movie Database
The Louis Bromfield Society [est. 1958?] is based at Malabar Farm in Ohio

the City of Mansfield, Ohio is about 13 miles north and west from Malabar Farm.
official city websitecity entry at Wikipedia

Mohican State Park in Loudonville, Ohio is about 12½ windey road miles east from Malabar Farm.
official lodge websiteMohican State Park entry at Wikipedia
GOLD STAR: Bromfield’s Dining Room, named after Pulitzer-prize winning author & naturalist Louis Bromfield  official Bromfield’s Dining Room homepage
GOLD STAR: Boxers Lounge, named after Louis Bromfield’s beloved dogs  official Boxers Lounge homepage

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