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Links  About  Los Alamos, NM
G.E. Nordell's Travel Links for Los Alamos, NM area
Los Alamos [NM] Historical Society & Museum

Links  About  The  Manhattan  Project
{official} Interactive History of the Manhattan Project
Manhattan Project info at National Atomic Museum
Atomic Heritage Assn. {merging with M.P.H.P.A. below as-of early 2006}
Manhattan Project Heritage Preservation Assn.
Manhattan Project entry at Wikipedia

Links  About  Trinity  Test  Site
Trinity Test Site official website
Atomic Tourist page about the Trinity Test Site
'Trinity Remembered' website
Trinity 50th Anniversary pages at Albuquerque Journal

for Atomic Cinema (wartime propaganda, documentaries, dramatizations, animated films, etc.) see
Spirit of America's Atomic Film Festival Page

Key  Players

Robert F. Bacher [1905-2004]: entry at Wikipedia • see book below

Hans Albrecht Bethe [1906-2005]
entry at Wikipedia1967 Nobel Prize • see books below

Norris Bradbury [1909-97]: entry at Wikipedia

engineer Vannevar Bush [1890-1974]: entry at Wikipedia
As head of NDRC and OSRD and science advisor to FDR, Bush initiated the Manhattan Project, and ensured that it received top priority
from the highest levels of government.

Vannevar Bush / From Memex to Hypertext book edited by James Nyce & Paul Kahn  "From Memex To Hypertext: Vannevar Bush and The Mind's Machine" [1991]
Edited by James M. Nyce & Paul Kahn

Kindle Edition from Academic Press [1992 edition] for $63.18 {sic}
Academic Press 9x6 hardcover [12/91] for $66.51

Owen Chamberlain [1920-2006]: entry at Wikipedia1959 Nobel Prize

Dr. George A. Cowan [b. 1920]: entry at Wikipedia

physicist Haroutune Krikor 'Harry' Daghlian, Jr. [1921-1945]
died of radiation poisoning from a lab accident in Los Alamos
entry at WikipediaAD's Daghlian memorial page

physicist Enrico Fermi [1901-54]
Fermi worked with the whole Manhattan Project, including a presence in Chicago; at Oak Ridge, Tennessee;
at Hanford, Washington; at Los Alamos, New Mexico; and at the Trinity Test in New Mexico on 16 July 1945.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enrico_Fermi 88 Enrico Fermi A giant of physics, he helped develop quantum theory and was instrumental in building the atomic bomb.
listed #88 on Atlantic Monthly's "100 Most Influential Americans" (12/2006)

physicist Richard P. Feynman [1918-88]
entry at Wikipediashared 1965 Nobel Prize
page at Maison d'Être Philosophy Bookstore

Robert Furman [1913-2008]: entry at Wikipedia

Gen. Leslie R. Groves [1896-1970]: entry at Wikipedia • see book below

Donald Hornig [1920-2013]
last-surviving observer at Trinity blast in 1845

Ernest O. Lawrence [1901-58]
entry at Wikipedia1939 Nobel Prize • see books below

Dorothy Scarritt McKibbin: see book below

physicist Philip Morrison [1915-2005] : entry at Wikipedia

Spirit of America Bookstore's
J. Robert Oppenheimer [1904-67] Page

Emilio Segrè [1905-89]: entry at Wikipedia1959 Nobel Prize

physicist Louis Alexander Slotin [1910-1946]
died of radiation poisoning from a lab accident in Los Alamos
entry at WikipediaMPHPA's Slotin memorial page

physicist Leó Szilárd [1898-1964]
worked closely with Fermi and Einstein, and in fact initiated the Manhattan Project (also worked on it)
won shared Atoms for Peace Award in 1959, and won the Albert Einstein Award in 1960
founder of The Council for A Livable World [est. 1962]
'Leo Szilard Online' websiteIMDb listingentry at Wikipedia

'Day One' tv movie   "Day One" tv movie [Spelling/CBS March 1989]
The Manhattan Project from the viewpoint of Hungarian physicist Leo Szilard
Directed by Joseph Sargent; based on the book {below}; starring Brian Dennehy, Hume Cronyn, David Strathairn {as Oppenheimer}, Michael Tucker {as Szilard}, Hal Holbrook, Tony Shalhoub {as Fermi}, Barnard Hughes & Richard Dysart; won Emmy for Best Drama Special
Acorn Media color DVD [11/2007] out of prodn/used
Lions Gate color VHS [2/94] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
"Day One: Before Hiroshima & After" [1985] by Peter Wyden
Warner pb [8/85] out of print/used
S&S hardcover [8/85] out of print/many used
Genius in the Shadows Biography of Leo Szilard by William Lanouette & Bela Silard  
"Genius In The Shadows: A Biography of Leo Szilard, The Man Behind The Bomb" [1992] by William Lanouette & Bela Silard, Foreword by Jonas Salk
Kindle Edition from Skyhorse Publng [9/2013] for $9.99
Skyhorse Publng 9x6 pb [9/2013] for $14.28
Charles Scribner's Sons 9¾x6½ hardcover [1992] out of print/40+ used

"Fallout" graphic novel about Szilard & Oppemheimer [2001] by Jim Ottaviani

Pure and Radiant Heart  "Oh Pure and Radiant Heart" [2005 novel] by Lydia Millet
A shy librarian in Santa Fe, New Mexico discovers that three atomic scientists watching the Trinity Test in 1945 – Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard & Enrico Fermi – have transported sixty years into the future, where they must re-examine their legacy.
Harvest 7¾x5¼ pb [7/2006] for $10.20
Soft Skull Press 9½x6½ hardcover [6/2005] for $19.00
publisher bookpageauthor website

physicist Edward Teller [1908-2003]: entry at Wikipedia • see books below

John Archibald Wheeler [1911-2008]
worked at the Hanford site; entry at Wikipedia

atomic spy {to the Russians} Klaus Fuchs [1911-88]: entry at Wikipedia

atomic spy {to the Russians} Theodore 'Ted' Hall [1925-99]: entry at Wikipedia

atomic spies {to the Russians} Julius & Ethel Rosenberg

Books  On  The  Subject

"The Smyth Report" [8/1945] by physicist Henry DeWolf Smyth
Official un-classified administrative history about the Manhattan Project; Smyth was commissioned to write the report by Major General Leslie Groves, director of the Manhattan Project. The report was released to the public on 12 August 1945, just days after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and it was the first official account of the development of the atomic bombs and the basic physical processes behind them.

The Accident novel by Dexter Masters  "The Accident: A Novel" [1955] by Dexter Masters
In April 1946, Canadian physicist Louis A. Slotin was working in a laboratory at Los Alamos and accidentally triggered a burst of hard radiation; he died nine days later. Masters's novel describes the events around fictional Louis Saxl and a similar event.
Penguin Books 7½x5 pb [8/85] out of print/used
Faber & Faber 7¾x5 pb [1987] out of print/used
Alfred A. Knopf 8x5¾ hardcover [1955] out of print/used
Now It Can Be Told book by Gen. Leslie R. Groves  "Now It Can Be Told: The Story of The Manhattan Project" [Harper 1962]
by Gen. Leslie R. Groves [1896-1970]

Da Capo Press 8¾x5¾ pb [3/83] for $13.60
Manhattan Project / Untold Story book by Stephane Groueff  "Manhattan Project: The Untold Story of The Making of The Atomic Bomb" [1967]
by Stephane Groueff

Backinprint/iUniverse 9x6 pb [4/2000] for $28.95
Little, Brown hardcover [6/67] out of print/used
The Life of Ernest Orlando Lawrence book by Herbert Childs  "An American Genius: The Life of Ernest Orlando Lawrence, Father of The Cyclotron" [1968] by Herbert Childs
E.P. Dutton 9¼x6½ hardcover [8/68] out of print/used
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns book by Robert Jungk  "Brighter Than A Thousand Suns: A Personal History of The Atomic Scientists"
[1970] by Robert Jungk, translated by James Cleugh

Harvest Books 8x5½ pb [10/70] for $11.20
Sagebrush 8¼x5½ hardcover [10/99] for $22.25
Hans Bethe 1945 portrait  "Hans Bethe: Prophet of Energy" [1980]
by Jeremy Bernstein

Basic Books pb [1/80] out of print/used
Day After Trinity documentary film by Janet Peoples & Jon Else  "The Day After Trinity" [1981 documentary film]
Produced & co-written by Janet Peoples, co-written & directed by Jon Else; nominated for Best Documentary Oscar, won A.C.E. & Peabody Awards
Image Ent. color DVD [5/2002] for $21.99
Pyramid Home Video color VHS [8/91] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDb
Day the Sun Rose Twice book by Ferenc Morton Szasz  "The Day The Sun Rose Twice: The Story of The Trinity Site Nuclear Explosion, July 16, 1945" [1984] by Ferenc Morton Szasz [1940-2010]
Univ NM Press 9x6 pb [7/95] for $12.89
Univ NM Press hardcover [12/84] out of print/used
Day One book by Peter Wyden  "Day One: Before Hiroshima & After" [1985] by Peter Wyden
The Manhattan Project from the viewpoint of Hungarian physicist Leo Szilard
Warner pb [8/85] out of print/used
S&S hardcover [8/85] out of print/many used
"Day One" tv movie [Spelling/CBS March 1989]
Directed by Joseph Sargent; based on the book {below}; starring Brian Dennehy, David Strathairn, Michael Tucker, Hume Cronyn, Hal Holbrook, Barnard Hughes & Richard Dysart; won Emmy for Best Drama Special
Acorn Media color DVD [11/2007] for $22.49
full credits at IMDb
Los Alamos: Beginning of An Era book  
"Los Alamos: Beginning of An Era, 1943-1945" [1986]
by Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory Public Relations

Los Alamos Historical Society 10¾x8¼pb [4/86] for $5.95
Making of the Atomic Bomb book by Richard Rhodes  "The Making of The Atomic Bomb" [1986] by Richard Rhodes
book won the National Book Award, the National Book Critics Circle Award,
and the Pulitzer Prize for Non-Fiction
S&S 9¼x6 pb [8/95] for $13.60
Touchstone 9¼x6¼ pb [2/88] out of print/many used
S&S 9½x6¼ hardcover [2/87] out of print/used
Project Alberta / Atomic Bombs book by Harlow W. Russ  "Project Alberta: The Preparation of Atomic Bombs For Use In World War II"
[1990] by Harlow W. Russ

Exceptional Books 11x8½ pb [8/90] out of print/rare
Road from Los Alamos book by Hans A. Bethe  "The Road From Los Alamos" [1991]
by Hans A. Bethe [1906-2005]

A.I.P. Press 9½x6½ hardcover [4/91] for $39.95
S&S/Touchstone 9x6 pb [4/91] out of print/used
Los Alamos Primer book by Robert Serber  "The Los Alamos Primer: The First Lectures On How To Build An Atomic Bomb"
[1992] by Robert Serber, edited by Richard Rhodes

Once-classified lectures, with annotations for the nonspecialist reader and an introduction by Pulitzer-winning historian Rhodes
Univ CA Press 9x6 hardcover [3/92] for $31.96
Critical Assembly History of Los Alamos book  "Critical Assembly: A Technical History of Los Alamos During The Oppenheimer Years, 1943-1945" [1993]
by Lillian Hoddeson, Paul W. Henriksen, Roger A. Meade & Catherine L. Westfall

Cambridge Univ Press 9x6 pb [2/2004] for $53.95
Cambridge Univ Press 8¾x6 hardcover [5/93] for $160.00
Manhattan Project Secret Mission book by Kenneth M. Deitch  "The Manhattan Project: A Secret Wartime Mission" [1994]
by Kenneth M. Deitch

Discovery Enterprises 7¾x5¼ pb [9/94] for $7.95
Tandem Library hardcover [10/2001] for $15.75
Dark Sun / Hydrogen Bomb book by Richard Rhodes  "Dark Sun: The Making of The Hydrogen Bomb" [1995]
by Richard Rhodes

S&S 9¼x6 pb [8/96] for $12.24
S&S 9½x6¾ hardcover [8/95] out of print/many used
Tales of Los Alamos book by Bernice Brode  "Tales of Los Alamos: Life On The Mesa, 1943-1945" [1997]
by Bernice Brode

Alamos Historical Society 8¾x6 pb [10/97] out of print/used
Secret Mesa / Inside Los Alamos book by Jo Ann Shroyer   "Secret Mesa: Inside Los Alamos National Laboratory" [1997]
by Jo Ann Shroyer

Wiley 9½x6½ hardcover [10/97] for $24.95
In The Shadow of the Bomb / Oppenheimer & Bethe book by Silvan S. Schweber  "In The Shadow of The Bomb: Oppenheimer, Bethe & The Moral Responsibility of The Scientist" [2000] by Silvan S. Schweber
Princeton Univ Press 9½x6½ pb [4/2000] for $34.15
Memoirs of Edward Teller   "Memoirs: A Twentieth-Century Journey In Science & Politics" [2001]
by Edward Teller, with Judith Shoolery

Perseus Books 9¼x6 pb [10/2002] for $12.89
Perseus Books 9&fracx6½ hardcover [10/2001] out of print/used
Racing for the Bomb book by Robert Norris  "Racing For The Bomb: General Leslie R. Groves, The Manhattan Project's Indispensable Man" [2002] by Robert S. Norris
Steerforth 9¼x6¼ pb [3/2003] for $16.47
Steerforth 9½x6½ hardcover [3/2002] out of print/used
Tuxedo Park / World War II book by Jennet Conant  "Tuxedo Park: A Wall Street Tycoon & The Secret Palace of Science That Changed The Course of World War II" [2002]
by Jennet Conant

S&S 8½x5½ pb [5/2003] for $11.10
S&S 9½x6½ hardcover [5/2002] out of print/many used
Brotherhood of the Bomb book by Gregg Herken  "Brotherhood of The Bomb: The Tangled Lives & Loyalties of Robert Oppenheimer, Ernest Lawrence & Edward Teller" [2002]
by Gregg Herken

Owl Books pb [9/2003] for $10.88
Henry Holt 9½x6½ hardcover [9/2002] out of print/used
Gatekeeper To Los Alamos book by Nancy Cook Steeper  "Gatekeeper To Los Alamos: Dorothy Scarritt McKibbin - A Biography of A Great Lady of Santa Fe" [2003]
by Nancy Cook Steeper

Los Alamos Historical Society 9x6 pb [4/2003] for $15.00
100 Suns photo book by Michael Light  "100 Suns" photo book [2003] by Michael Light
Art-quality plates culled from official government photographs of nuclear tests from 1942 to 1962
Knopf 13¾x10¾ pb [10/2003] for $28.35
Edward Teller biography by Peter Goodchild  "Edward Teller: The Real Dr. Strangelove" [2004]
by Peter Goodchild

Harvard Univ Press 9½x6½ hardcover [10/2004] for $19.77
Weidenfeld & Nicolson hardcover [4/2004] for $29.38
109 East Palace book by Jennet Conant  "109 East Palace: Robert Oppenheimer & The Secret City of Los Alamos" [2005]
by Jennet Conant

S&S 8½x5½ pb [5/2006] for $10.78
S&S 9½x6½ hardcover [4/2005] for $16.98
Audioworks ABR audio CD [4/2005] for $18.87
Audioworks ABR audio [4/2005] for $17.16
Pale Horse / Memoir of Los Alamos book by McAllister Hull  "Rider of The Pale Horse: A Memoir of Los Alamos & Beyond" [2005]
by McAllister Hull, with Amy Bianco, illustrations by John Hull

Univ NM Press 9½x6¼ hardcover [11/2005] for $16.47
Shadow of the Bomb mystery novel by Robert Goldsborough  "Shadow of The Bomb: A Snap Malek Mystery" [2006]
by Robert Goldsborough

Chicago newspaper reporter Snap Malek gets wind of an important and very secret project led by physicist Enrico Fermi underneath a football stadium on the University of Chicago campus; he attempts to arrange an exclusive story, but that is made difficult by several violent deaths . . .
Kindle Edition from Echelon Press [3/2009] for $4.99
Echelon Press 8x5 pb [9/2006] out of print/used
Green Glass Sea YR book by Ellen Klages  
"The Green Glass Sea" [ages 9-12; 2006]
by Ellen Klages

Viking Juvenile 8½x5¾ hardcover [10/2006] for $11.55
People of the Manhattan Project book by A.J. Melnick  "They Changed The World: People of The Manhattan Project" [2006]
by A.J. Melnick, Foreword by Gov. Bill Richardson

Sunstone Press 8¾x6 pb [11/2006] for $17.90
Changing Light novel by Nora Gallagher  "Changing Light: A Novel" [2007] by Nora Gallagher
'Nora Gallagher’s elegant debut novel is a love story set in Los Alamos in 1945'
Kindle Edition from Vintage/Random House [2007 edition] for $9.99
Vintage 8x5¼ pb [2/2008] for $12.46
Pantheon 8½x6 pb [2/2007] out of print/80+ used
Pantheon 9x6½ hardcover [2/2007] out of print/used
Manhattan Project / Birth of The Atomic Bomb book edited by Cynthia Kelly  "The Manhattan Project: The Birth of The Atomic Bomb In The Words of Its Creators, Eyewitnesses & Historians" [2007]
Edited by Cynthia C. Kelly, Introduction by Richard Rhodes

Black Dog & Leventhal 9x6¼ hardcover [9/2007] for $16.47
"Remembering The Manhattan Project: Perspectives On The Making of The Atomic Bomb & Its Legacy" [2005] Edited by Cynthia C. Kelly
World Scientific Publng 9x6 hardcover [4/2005] for $37.24
Forgotten Physicist Robert F. Bacher biography by Alan B. Carr  
"The Forgotten Physicist: Robert F. Bacher, 1905-2004" [2008]
by Alan B. Carr

Los Alamos Historical Society 8¾x6 pb [2/2008] for $15.00
Manhattan Project To The Santa Fe Institute memoirs by George A. Cowan  "Manhattan Project To The Santa Fe Institute: The Memoirs of
George A. Cowan" [2010]

Univ New Mexico Press 9¼x6¼ hardcover [2/2010] for $18.45
First War of Physics / The Atomic Bomb book by Jim Baggott  "The First War of Physics: The Secret History of The Atomic Bomb,
1939-1949" [2010] by Jim Baggott

Pegasus Books pb [8/2011] for $13.46
Pegasus Books 9x6 hardcover [4/2010] for $21.89
Spy's Guide to Santa Fe & Albuquerque book by E.B. Held  "A Spy's Guide To Santa Fe and Albuquerque" [2011]
by former C.I.A. agent E.B. Held

Reveals details of the plot to assassinate Leon Trotsky, Ted Hall's delivery of atom bomb secrets to the K.G.B., the case of Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, and the allegations against Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Dr. Wen Ho Lee
Univ NM Press 8½x5½ pb [1/2011] for $14.82
Los Alamos and the Pajarito Plateau book by Sharon Snyder, Toni Michnovicz Gibson & the Los Alamos Historical Society  "Los Alamos [New Mexico] and The Pajarito Plateau (Images of America)" [2011]
by Sharon Snyder, Toni Michnovicz Gibson & the Los Alamos Historical Society

Arcadia Publng 9x6½ pb [8/2011] for $16.49
Wives of Los Alamos novel by TaraShea Nesbit  "The Wives of Los Alamos: A Novel" [2014] by TaraShea Nesbit
NOTE: Several Amazon reviewers were upset that the author chose the unusual First Person Plural POV for this fictional treatment of the years during and after World War II.
Kindle Edition from Bloomsbury USA [2/2014] for $9.99
Bloomsbury USA 8½x6¼ hardcover [2/2014] for $15.00
Los Alamos Whistleblower’s Diary book by Chuck Montaño  "Los Alamos: Secret Colony, Hidden Truths - A Whistleblower’s Diary" [2015]br>by Chuck Montaño
Desert Tortoise Publng 9x5¾ pb [4/2015] for $19.99
author's official booksite

Movies  &  Television

"Infinity" [First Look Intl. Oct 1996]
Infinity movie about Richard Feynman by Matthew Broderick  Young Richard Feynman is fascinated with science. He graduates college and marries his high school sweetheart, who is diagnosed with tuberculosis, then accepts a job with the secret Manhattan Project at Los Alamos in New Mexico, where he studies nuclear physics as well as any medical research that might lead to a cure for his wife's failing health. Location filming included Los Alamos & Las Vegas, New Mexico and Princeton, New Jersey; co-produced by Matthew Broderick, Patricia Broderick & others; directed by & starring Matthew Broderick; script by Patricia Broderick, based on two books; also starring Patricia Arquette
First Look Pictures color DVD [10/2002] for $7.98
B.M.G. Video color VHS [1/98] out of prodn/used
Intrada Records soundtrack CD [10/96] 15 tracks - out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"Manh(a)ttan: Nuclear Family" TV series
[LionsGate WGN America 2014-2016]
2014 Manhattan TV series on WGN  The top secret Manhattan Project recruits scientists to build an atomic bomb at a secret location in New Mexico. The scientists are told only what they need to know, and they in turn keep secrets from their families. A second season was announced in October 2014, scheduled for broadcast in 2015. • Co-produced & written by Sam Shaw; starring John Benjamin Hickey, Olivia Williams, Daniel Stern, Ashley Zukermans, Rachel Brosnahan, Katja Herbers, Alexia Fast, Christopher Denham, Harry Lloyd, Michael Chernus & Eddie Shin
Season 1: LionsGate widescreen color Blu-ray [4/2015] 3 disks for $20.00
Season 1: LionsGate widescreen color DVD [4/2015] on 4 disks for $9.99
Season 2: LionsGate widescreen color Blu-ray [3/2016] 2 disks for $17.83
Season 2: LionsGate widescreen color DVD [3/2016] on 3 disks for $17.22
series credits at IMDbofficial series siteseries entry at Wikipedia
watch 6/2014 official trailer [1:01] at YouTube

aerial view of Los Alamos National Laboratory (circa 2017), looking north toward town

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