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"Much of London's work is scamped and unconvincing. But he produced at least six volumes which
deserve to stay in print, and that is not a bad achievement from a life of only forty years."
George Orwell [1903-50], circa 1948

"You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."
— Jack London

Beatnik writer Jack Kerouac [1922-69] often credited Jack London's "The Road" [1907] with inspiring him to become a writer.

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In September 1905, Jack London helped establish the Intercollegiate Socialist Society with Upton Sinclair, Clarence Darrow & Florence Kelley.
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Jack London entry at Wikipedia
Jack London credits [since 1908] at Internet Movie Database
online Jack London etexts [49 books plus 169 short stories] at Wikisource

Primary Works

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Library of America Jack London  Jack London: Novels and Stories [1982] Edited by Donald Pizer
Library of America 8¼x5¼ hardcover [11/82] for $23.10
includes "Call of The Wild" [1903], "The Sea-Wolf" [1904] and "White Fang" [1906] and 25 short stories
Jack London: Novels and Social Writings [1982] Edited by Donald Pizer
Library of America 8x5½ hardcover [11/82] for $26.00
includes "The People of The Abyss" [1903], "The Road" [1907], "The Iron Heel"
[1908 novel], "Martin Eden" [1909 novel] and "John Barleycorn" [1913]
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"The People of The Abyss" [1903 non-fiction exposé]

listed by Amazon Editors on '100 Young Adult Books to Read in  a Lifetime' (9/2015)  PURPLE CHECK: listed on Amazon Editors '100  Children's Books To Read In A Lifetime' in August 2014  "Call of The Wild" [1903 novel]
filmed as The Call of the Wild (1908))
filmed as Call of the Wild (1923),
filmed as The Call of the Wild (1935) starring Clark Gable
filmed as The Call of the Wild (1972),
filmed as Il richiamo del lupo (1975),
Jack London's Call of the Wild (1975) starring Charlton Heston
The Call of the Wild - Dog of the Yukon [1997] /tt0118811/ Starring Rutger Hauer
filmed as Call of the Wild (2009)

"The Sea-Wolf" [1904 novel]
filmed as "The Sea Wolf (1913)
filmed as "The Sea Wolf (1920),
filmed as "The Sea Wolf (1926),
filmed as "The Sea Wolf (1930)
filmed as "The Sea Wolf (1941)
filmed as "Barricade (1950))
filmed as "Wolf Larsen (1958),
filmed as "Il Lupo dei Mari (1975),
filmed as "Legend of The Sea Wolf" [1975] starring Chuck Connors
filmed as "The Sea Wolf (TV 1993) /tt0108061/ Starring Charles Bronson
filmed as "The Sea Wolf (1997)

"White Fang" [1906 novel]
filmed as "White Fang (1925))
filmed as "White Fang (1936)
filmed as "Belyy klyk (1946),
filmed as "Zanna Bianca (1973),
filmed as "White Fang (1991/I),
filmed as "White Fang (1997) (V),
filmed as "White Fang (2002),

"The Road" [1907 memoir]
Jack London's The Road 1907 memoir   A collection of nine essays with illustrations that appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1907 and 1908; cited by Beatnik author Jack Kerouac [1922-69] as inspiration for his becoming a writer.
Edited & with an Introduction by Todd DePastino
Rutgers Univ Press 8½x5½ pb [5/2006] for $21.95
Rutgers Univ Press 8½x5½ hardcover [5/2006] for $65.00
unedited editions
Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [2010] for FREE!
Arc Manor 9x6 pb [1/2009] for $4.99
Aegypan 9x6 pb [9/2006] for $10.95
Aegypan 9x6 hardcover [9/2006] for $22.95

"The Iron Heel" [1908 novel]
Jack London's Iron Heel   A visionary novel about class struggle that anticipates the political upheavals of the 1930s and beyond
Lawrence Hill 8.4x5.4 pb [1/81] for $9.71
Wildside Press 8¾x6½ hardcover [9/2003] for $18.95
filmed as "The Iron Mitt" [1916]
filmed as "The Iron Heel" [1919]
filmed as "The Iron Heel of Oligarchy" [1998]

"Martin Eden" [1909 novel]
filmed as Martin Eden (1914))
filmed as Nye dlya deneg radivshisya (1918)
filmed as The Adventures of Martin Eden (1942),

"John Barleycorn" [1913 memoir]
filmed as John Barleycorn (1914)

Other Novels by Jack London
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"The Cruise of The Dazzler" [1902 novel]

"A Daughter of The Snows" [1902 novel]

"The Kempton-Wace Letters" [1903 novel] with Anna Strunsky

"The Game" [1905 novel]

"Before Adam" [1907 novel] filmed as "Man's Genesis" [1912]

"Burning Daylight" [1910 novel]
filmed as "The Adventures of 'Burning Daylight' in Alaska" [1914]
filmed as "The Adventures of 'Burning Daylight' in Civilization" [1914]
filmed as "Burning Daylight" [1920]
filmed as "Burning Daylight" [1928]

"Adventure" [1911 novel] filmed as "Adventure" [1925]

"The Scarlet Plague" [1912 novel]

"A Son of The Sun" [1912 novel]

"The Abysmal Brute" [1913 novel]
filmed as "Abysmal Brute" [1923] & "Conflict" [1936]

"The Mutiny of The Elsinore" [1914 novel]
published under the pseudonym 'Captain Walter Summers'
Mutiny On The Elsinore 1914 novel by Jack London  When good Captain West is murdered by his surly crew, and his daughter placed in peril, her rescue depends on the only passenger on board, a writer
Mutual Publng mass pb [10/87] for $5.95

filmed as "Les mutinés de l'Elseneur" [1936]

antique glass slide for 'Mutiny On The Elsinore' 1920 b&w silent film   b&w silent feature [Metro Pictures Corp. Oct 1920]
Only one incomplete print (4 reels out of 6 of the Dutch version) exists at the U.C.L.A. Film & TV Archive; Directed by Edward Sloman; starring Mitchell Lewis, Helen Ferguson, Noah Beery Jr., Casson Ferguson, Norval MacGregor & J.P. Lockney
full credits from IMDb
b&w sound feature [A.B.F.D./Regal Sept 1937]
Adapted & directed by Roy Lockwood; based on a novel by Jack London; starring Paul Lukas, Kathleen Kelly, Graham Soutten, Conway Dixon, Lyn Harding, Michael Martin Harvey, Clifford Evans, Tony Sympson & Pat Noonan
available only as part of "The Ultimate Pirate Collection" DVD box set {above}
full credits at IMDb

"The Valley of The Moon" [1915 novel]
filmed as "The Valley of The Moon" (1914))

"The Star Rover" (aka "The Jacket") [1915 novel]
filmed as "The Star Rover" (1920))

"The Little Lady of The Big House" [1916 novel]

"Michael, Brother of Jerry" [1917 novel]

"Jerry of The Islands" [1917 novel]

"Hearts of Three" [1920 novel] "based on a movie script by Charles W. Goddard"

"The Assassination Bureau, Ltd." [1963 novel, completed by Robert L. Fish]
filmed as "The Assassination Bureau" [1969] /tt0064045/
starring Oliver Reed, Diana Rigg, Telly Savalas, Curt Jürgens & Philippe Noiret

Other Fiction by Jack London
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60+ free online Jack London etexts at Project Gutenberg

"Son of The Wolf" [story collection 1900]

"Chris Farrington, Able Seaman" [story collection 1901]

"Children of The Frost" [story collection 1902]

"The Faith of Men" [8 stories; 1904]

"The God of His Fathers: Tales of The Klondyke" [11 stories; 1906]

"Love of Life and Other Stories" [story collection 1906]

"Moon-Face and Other Stories" [story collection 1906]

"Tales of The Fish Patrol" [story collection 1906]

"Lost Face" [story collection 1910]

"South Sea Tales" [story collection 1911]

"When God Laughs and Other Stories" [story collection 1911]

"Smoke Bellew" [story collection 1912]

"The House of Pride & Other Tales of Hawaii" [story collection 1912]

"The Night-Born" [story collection 1913]

"The Strength of The Strong" [story collection 1914]

"The Turtles of Tasman" [story collection 1916]

"The Human Drift, and Other Stories" [story collection 1917]

"The Red One" [4 stories; 1918]

"On The Makaloa Mat (Island Tales)" [story collection 1919]

"Dutch Courage and Other Stories" [story collection 1922]

"Stories of Ships and The Sea" [story collection 1922]

"Brown Wolf and Other Jack London Stories" [MacMillan 1925]

Leonaur’s three volume "The Collected Science Fiction & Fantasy of Jack London"
the indicates a story not included in the Kindle Megapack™ below
Before Adam & Other Stories by Jack London  "Before Adam & Other Stories" [2005]
Leonaur 8½x5¾ hardcover [11/2005] for $29.99
includes "Before Adam" [1907 novel]; "The Scarlet Plague" [1912 novel], "A Relic of The Pliocene" (1901), "When The World Was Young" (1910), "The Red One" (1918), "Planchette" (1906), "A Thousand Deaths" (1899) , "Goliath" (1910), "A Curious Fragment" (1908) & "The Rejuvenation of Major Rathbone" (1899)
official book page
The Iron Heel & Other Stories by Jack London  "The Iron Heel & Other Stories" [2005]
Leonaur 8½x5¾ hardcover [11/2005] for $29.99
includes "The Iron Heel" [1908 novel], "The Enemy of All The World" (1914) , "The Shadow and The Flash" (1903), "The Strength of The Strong" (1914), "The Unparalleled Invasion" (1910) & "The Dream of Debs" (1909)
official book page
Star Rover & Other Stories by Jack London  "The Star Rover & Other Stories" [2005]
Leonaur 8½x5½ hardcover [11/2005] for $29.99
includes "The Star Rover" [1915 novel], "The Minions of Midas" (1906) , "The Eternity of Forms" (1916) & "The Man With The Gash" (1901)
official book page

"The Complete Short Stories of Jack London" in 3 volumes [Stanford Univ Press 1993]
Edited by Earle Labor, Robert C. Leitz, III, and I. Milo Shepard

"The Portable Jack London" [Viking Penguin 1994]
Edited by Earle Labor ISBN 0-14-017969-0

"Jack London: San Francisco Stories" [Sydney Samizdat Press 2010]
Edited by Matthew Asprey, Preface by Rodger Jacobs
http://www.jacklondon-sanfrancisco.com/ >>> http://jacklondonsf.wordpress.com/

Stageplays,  Movies,  Non-Fiction  &  Other  Media

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War of The Classes by Jack London  "War of The Classes" [essays 1905] by Jack London
Synergy Intl 8x5 pb [11/2000] for $13.97
IndyPublish 9x6 pb [1/2003] for $17.99
IndyPublish 9x6 hardcover [1/2003] for $22.99

"Theft: A Play In Four Acts" [1910 stageplay]

"Revolution and Other Essays" [1910 non-fiction]

"The Cruise of The Snark" [1911 non-fiction]

"The Acorn Planter: A California Forest Play" [1916 stageplay]

"A Wicked Woman" [19?? stageplay]

"The Birth Mark" [19?? stageplay]

"Torture Ship (1939) /tt0032047/

"Queen of The Yukon" [1940] /tt0032959/ starring Charles Bickford

"The Story of Jack London" [1943] /tt0036051/
starring Michael O'Shea, Susan Hayward, Virginia Mayo

"The Fighter" [1952] /tt0044614/ with James Wong Howe

38 Classic Jack London American Author Old Time Radio Broadcasts on DVD

"Emperor of The North Pole" feature film [1973)
based on a Jack London story; starring Ernest Borgnine & Lee Marvin

"Jack London's White Fang To The Rescue" [Italy 1974} /tt0072436/

Jack London’s Golden State book edited by Gerald Haslam  "Jack London’s Golden State: Selected California Writings" [1999]
Edited by Gerald Haslam

essays, short stories, journalism, and fiction excerpts (from "John Barleycorn",
"Martin Eden", "The Sea Wolf", "The Star Rover", "The Iron Heel", "The Valley
of The Moon" & others)
Heyday Books 9x6 pb [7/1999] out of print/used

"The Complete Poetry of Jack London" [Little Red Tree Publng, 2007]
Edited by Daniel J. Wichlan ISBN 0-9789446-2-3

"Jack London: The Unpublished & Uncollected Articles and Essays" [8/2007] by Dan Wichlan

Jack London Collector Set [Echo Bridge Home Ent. 2008] "White Fang" & "Sea Wolf"

Double Feature DVD "Call of the Wild" & "White Fang" [DVD 2010]

Asian Writings of Jack London book by Daniel A. Metraux  "The Asian Writings of Jack London: Essays, Letters, Newspaper
Dispatches & Short Fiction" [2010]
by Daniel A. Metraux

Edwin Mellen Press 9¼x6¼ hardcover [1/2010] for $119.95

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200+ Works of Jack London in Kindle format from MobileReference  Works of Jack London, 200+ Works for Kindle [2008]
no longer available at Amazon
contains a Jack London biography; 21 novels; 99 short stories; 4 stageplays; story collections "Smoke Bellew", "Tales of The Fish Patrol" & "The Turtles of Tasman"; three stageplays; memoirs "The Road" [1907] & "John Barleycorn" [1913]; and non-fiction books "The Cruise of The Snark", "The People of The Abyss", "Revolution, and Other Essays", and "War of The Classes"
Essential Jack London Collection 100+ works in Kindle format from Amazon Digital Services  The Essential Jack London Collection: 100+ works for Kindle [2008]
no longer available at Amazon
"with an active table contents" – includes 2 memoirs, 1 stageplay, 19 short story collections, and 23 other books
The Greatest Hits of Jack London in Kindle format from Douglas Editions  "The Greatest Hits by Jack London" for Kindle [2009]
Kindle Edition from Douglas Editions [5/2009] for $1.00 {sic}
includes "Call of The Wild" [1903 novel], "The Sea-Wolf" [1904 novel] & "White Fang" [1906 novel]
The Complete Works of Jack London in Kindle format from O'Connor Books  "The Complete Works of Jack London: 100+ Works" for Kindle [2009]
no longer available at Amazon
"with an active table of contents" – 2 memoirs, 2 stageplaya, 21 short story collections & 26 other books
Collected Novels of Jack London in Kindle format from Halcyon Classics  "The Collected Novels of Jack London: 22 Books In One Volume" for Kindle [2010]
Kindle Edition from Halcyon Classics [1/2010] for $1.99
includes "an active table of contents" – "The Cruise of The Dazzler" [1902], "A Daughter of The Snows"
[1902], "The Call of The Wild" [1903], "The Sea Wolf" [1904], "The Game" [1905], "White Fang"
[1906], "Before Adam" [1907], "The Iron Heel" [1908], "Martin Eden" [1909], "Burning Daylight"
[1910], "Lost Face" [story collection 1910], "Adventure" [1911], "The Scarlet Plague" [1912], "A Son of The Sun" [1912], "The Abysmal Brute" [1913], "The Valley of The Moon" [1913], "The Mutiny of The Elsinore" [1914], "The Star Rover" [1915], "The Little Lady of The Big House" [1916], "Jerry of The Islands" [1917], "Michael, Brother of Jerry" [1917], and "Hearts of Three" [1920]

Jack London Science Fiction Megapack in Kindle format from Wildside Press  "The Jack London Science Fiction Megapack™: The Complete Science Fiction and Fantasy of Jack London" for Kindle [2014]
Kindle Edition from Wildside Press [5/2014] for 99¢ {sic}
contains 11 short stories & four novels in 809 pages: STORIES: "The Rejuvenation of Major Rathbone" (1899); "The Man With The Gash" (1900); "A Relic of The Pliocene" (1901); "The Shadow and The Flash" (1903); "Planchette" (1906); "A Curious Fragment" (1908); "Goliath" (1910); "When The World Was Young" (1910); "The Unparalleled Invasion" (1910); "The Strength of The Strong" (1914); and "The Red One" (1918); NOVELS: "Before Adam" [1907 novel]; "The Iron Heel" [1908 dystopian novel]; "The Scarlet Plague" [1912 novel]; and "The Star Rover" [1915 novel]

Works About Jack London

"The Book of Jack London" [1921] by {widow} Charmian London

"Sailor On Horseback: A Biographical Novel" [1938] by Irving Stone
a massively flawed book, depending too much on London's fiction to recreate his life

"Jack London and His Times" [Doubleday, Doran 1939] by {daughter} Joan London

"Jack London" biopic [1943]

"The Jack London Story" TV mini-series [1973] /tt0223559/

"A Pictorial Life of Jack London" [Crown Publrs 1979] by Russ Kingman

"American Dreamers: Charmian and Jack London" [iUniverse 1988] by Clarice Stasz ISBN 0-595-00002-9

Letters of Jack London in three volumes edited by Labor, Leitz & Shepard  "The Letters of Jack London" in three volumes [1988]
Edited by Earle Labor, Robert C. Leitz III & I. Milo Shepard

Volume 1: 1896-1905; Volume 2: 1906-1912; Volume 3: 1913-1916
Stanford Univ Press 10x8¼ hardcover set [9/88] out of print/used

"California's Gold with Huell Howser: Jack London" [1991]

"Jack London: A Life" [St. Martin's Press 1999] by Alex Kershaw ISBN 0-312-19904-X

"Jack London's Women" [Univ MA Press 2001] by Clarice Stasz ISBN 1- 55849-301-8

"Jack London (Classic Storytellers)" [12/2004] by John Bankston

"Jack London" TV movie? [2005]

"Great Writers: Jack London" [2006]

"Oakland, Jack London, and Me" [5/2007] by Eric Miles Williamson

"The Radical Jack London: Writings On War and Revolution" [5/2008] by Jonah Rankin

Jack London's American Life biography by Earle Labor  "Jack London: An American Life" biography [2013]
by Earle Labor

Kindle Edition from FS&G/Macmillan [DUE Dec 2013] for $14.99
Farrar, Straus & Giroux 9¾x7 hardcover [10/2013] for $20.89

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Friends  &  Family
John Griffith Chaney was born in 1876 in San Francisco, California; he was raised in Oakland, California after his mother married John London;
Jack London died from complications of uremia at age 40 in November 1916 at his ranch in Glen Ellen, California.

mother Flora Wellman {Chaney} London
probable father astrologer William Chaney
{records destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and subsequent fires)
stepfather John London [] - married to Flora in 1876

first wife Elizabeth 'Bessie' Maddern London [] - married 4/1900, divorced 11/1904
daughter Joan London [1901-71]
daughter Bessie (later called Becky) Fleming London [1902-92]

second wife Charmian Kittredge London [1871-1955] - married 1905, widowed 1916
daughter Joy [died soon after birth]

best friend California poet George Sterling [1869-1926]

L i n k s
Jack London entry at Wikipedia
Jack London credits [since 1908] at Internet Movie Database
Jack London International Society {English or German} [est. 1999]
Jack London papers at Sonoma State University
The Huntingon Library's Jack London Archive

official website of Jack London State Historic Park [purchased 1905; park est. 1959] in Glen Ellen, California
Jack London State Historic Park Partners [purchased 1905; park opened 1959, website est. 2002]
Jack London Lodge & Calabazas Creek Cafe in Glen Ellen, California
Jack London Bookstore in Glen Ellen, CA

Jack London Square historic district in Oakland, CA
INFO: Heinold's is unofficially named Jack London's Rendezvous in his honor  Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon [est. 1883] in Oakland, California

60+ free online Jack London etexts at Project Gutenberg
DH's 'The World of Jack London' fansite [est. 2000]
JM's Jack London fansite [est. 1997]
Jack London restaurant [circa 1950?] near Bill Murphy Buick in Culver City, California
Jack London's Grill & Taproom, on Delores Street in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
Jack London Dining Room, Second and Queen in Dawson City, Yukon

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