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"Anybody can write music of a sort. But touching the public heart is quite another thing."

"From childhood I was passionately fond of music and wanted to be a musician. I have no
recollection of any real desire ever to be anything else."

"Jazz will endure just as long people hear it through their feet instead of their brains."

John Philip Sousa

          B I O
          t e x t
          h e r e

Sousa led the United States Marine Band in person from 1880 to 1892

Musical  Works
browse recordings of John Philip Sousa music {500+} at Amazon
Sousa credits [1879-1997] at Internet Broadway Database


Original  Recordings  of  Sousa

Sousa original recordings by the United States Marine Band  "Sousa Original" [1996] Recordings by the United States Marine Band
Altissimo Records music CD [4/96] 13 tracks for $15.09
Coker & McCree import? music CD [4/96] 13 tracks - out of prodn/used
"Sousa Original II" [1998]
Altissimo Records music CD [6/98] 11 tracks for $13.39
"Sousa Original 3" [1999]
Altissimo Records music CD [9/99] 20 tracks for $12.14
"Sousa Original 4" [2001]
Altissimo Records music CD [10/2001] 17 tracks for $12.19
Sousa Marches Played By The Sousa Band historical recording  
"Sousa Marches Played By The Sousa Band: The Complete Commercial Recordings, 1897-1930" [1997]
Crystal Records 'original recordings remastered' music CD [9/97] 66 tracks on 3 disks for $47.08
March King John Philip Sousa Conducts historical recording  "The March King: John Philip Sousa Conducts His Own Marches & Other Favorites - An Historical Recording" [1999]
Legacy Intl. digitally remastered music CD [11/2009] 20 tracks for $13.89
Essential Media digitally remastered music CD [1/2009] 20 tracks for $12.98
Collectables Records music CD [12/2006] 20 tracks for $7.68
"The March King: John Philip Sousa Conducts His Own Marches, Volume 2" [1999]
Legacy Intl. digitally remastered music CD [9/2010] 10 tracks for $11.84
Essential Media digitally remastered music CD [2/2010] 10 tracks for $12.98
Greatest Hits of Sousa's Band original recordings  
"Greatest Hits of Sousa's Band: Original Recordings" [2007]
Performed by the John Philip Sousa Band

FQ Music CD [7/2007] 27 tracks for $12.99
John Philip Sousa Conducts Band Music of The World historical recording  "John Philip Sousa Conducts Band Music of The World" [2010]
Essential Media digitally remastered music CD [7/2010] 10 tracks for $12.98

Modern  Recordings

Sousa's Greatest Hits recorded by the United States Marine Band  "Sousa's Greatest Hits (and Some That Should Have Been)" [1999]
Recorded by the United States Marine Band

Altissimo Records music CD [9/99] 18 tracks for $14.60
numbers include: The Bride Elect March, El Capitan March, The Gallant Seventh March, The Gladiator March, The Gridiron Club March, The Invincible Eagle March, Jack Tar March, King Cotton March, The Man Behind The Gun March, Manhattan Beach March, National Fencibles March, The Royal Welch Fusiliers (No. 2) March, Saber and Spurs March, Semper Fidelis, Sound Off! March, Stars and Stripes Forever, The Thunderer March & The Washington Post March

A Box of Sousa by John Philip Sousa and Timothy Foley (Audio CD - 2001)

Greatest Military Marches - The Very Best of John Philip Sousa by United States Marine Band

Marching Along [Import] /B000P46P9Q/

Three Hit Albums by Navy United States Marine & Air Force Bands (Audio CD - 2004)

Sousa: Marches; Band of HR Royal Marines; Lt... ~ John Phillip Sousa

Sousa Marches ~ John Philip Sousa

Marches: Greatest Hits ~ John Philip Sousa

Good Old USA Carousel Music Vol. 1 ~ Wurlitzer Model 146-A Band O...

Sousa Marches: Stars and Stripes Forever by John Philip Sousa, Philip Jones Brass Ensemble, and Elgar Howarth (Audio CD - 1990)

The Stars and Stripes Forever: Sousa Marches and other American Classics by University of Michigan Band (Audio CD - 1991)

John Philip Sousa: Music for Wind Band by Keith Brion and Royal Artillery Band
http://www.amazon.com/Sousa-Music-Wind-Band-Vol/dp/B0000542HA/ = vol 1
http://www.amazon.com/John-Philip-Sousa-Music-Wind/dp/B00005NUOT/ = vol 2
http://www.amazon.com/John-Philip-Sousa-Music-Wind/dp/B00008IHW5/ = vol 3
http://www.amazon.com/John-Philip-Sousa-Music-Wind/dp/B000111BXS/ = vol 4
http://www.amazon.com/John-Philip-Sousa-Music-Wind/dp/B0002JEG7C/ = vol 5
http://www.amazon.com/John-Philip-Sousa-Music-Wind/dp/B000M2DNNM/ = vol 6 2007

Strictly Sousa by Junkin: Dallas Wind Sym., John Stafford Smith & Jerry Junkin (Audio CD - 2001)

Marches by John Philip Sousa and Grenadiers Guards Band (1991)

Mancini Salutes Sousa by Henry Mancini (2002)

Sousa: At the Symphony, Vol. 2 by John Philip Sousa, Keith Brion, and Razumovsky Symphony Orch (1998)

The Stories of Foster and Sousa

John Philip Sousa: Marches by John Philip Sousa, Timothy Foley, and The Great American Main Street Band
Sousa 3 by John Philip Sousa and United States Marine Band (Audio CD - 1999)

Grand Sousa Concert by John Philip Sousa and Nonpareil Wind Band (1991)

Power and Glory: John Phillips Sousa Marches by John Philip Sousa (2009)

Red, White & Blue - The Best Of John Philip Sousa by John Sousa (Audio CD - 2000)

Sousa: On Wings Of Lightning by John Philip Sousa and Razumovsky Symphony Orchestra (1999)

Marches by John Philip Sousa by Rudolf Urbanec, and Czechoslovak Brass Orch (1990)

The Liberty Bell: Traditional American Marches From John Philip Sousa (2000)

John Philip Sousa: On Stage by Razumovsky Symphony Orchestra (Audio CD - 1998)

Sousa Spectacular by Donald Hunsberger, and The Eastman Wind Ensemble (2001)

Stars & Stripes Forever - John Philip Sousa by Bedros Papazian (Audio CD - 2000)

Marches II by John Philip Sousa, by Coldstream Guards band (1993)

Sousa by Usaf Heritage of America Band and Graham (2002)

From Maine to Oregon by John Philip Sousa and Williams Fairey Band (1995)

Sousa: Marches by John Philip Sousa, (2004)

The Invincible Eagle/Sousa Marches by Royal Horse Guards and 1st Dragoons Blues & Royals Band (1992)

Sousa Favorites by Paul Washington Marching Band (1998)

Stars and Stripes Forever by John Philip Sousa (2000)

Music of John Philip Sousa (2006) - Import

Whad'Ya Know About Sousa by John Philip Sousa (1997)

Under The Double Eagle - The Marches of John Philip Sousa by Joseph Franz Wagner, (1996)

American Marches - John Philip Sousa (2000)

Music Essentials: Sousa Favorites by John Philip Sousa (2004)

A Tribute to John Philip Sousa (2010)

Marches by John Philip Sousa, Boston Pops Orch, and Fiedler

United States Marine Band Performs Sousa Marches (2003)

Stars & Stripes Forever by John Philip Sousa (2004

Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa (2001) - Box set by Detroit Concert Band & Leonard B. Smith

Great American Marches I - John Phillip Sousa by Royal Marines Band (1992)

Spirit of America by John Philip Sousa (2002)

John Philip Sousa by John Philip Sousa (2007) - Box set

Stars Stripes & Sousa by Washington Winds (2002)

Wave the Flag by John Philip Sousa (2002)

Stars & Stripes Forever / Sousa Marches by Frederick Fennell, and Eastman Wind Ensemble (1990)

Sousa: Marches Forever by The Gordon Highlanders (1998)

Sousa Great Marches and Incidental Music / The Wallace Collection (2004)

John Philip Sousa: Music for Wind Band, Vols. 1-5 (Box Set) (2004) - Box set

Sousa Marches Forever by Sousa (1992)

Hands Across the Sea: Sousa Marches - The Band of the Grenadier (1995)

World's Greatest Marches

Original All American Sousa by John Philip Sousa (2008) - Import

Sousa:The Stars and Stripes Forever-Fourteen Favorite Marches by Band of H.M. Royal Marines (1983) - Import

Sousa Spectacular (2002)

 CD box set   "The United States Marine Band Presents: The Heritage of John Philip Sousa Collection" on CD & MP-3 [2011] Conducted by LtCol Jack T. Klein
Altissimo! CD box set [10/2011] 198 tracks on 18 disks for $131.69
The Robert Hoe Collection MP-3 album download [11/2011] 198 tracks for $69.99
Nine two-disc volumes digitally re-mastered from vinyl for optimal sound quality, with full liner notes taken from the vinyl, complete with stories, biographies, pictures & descriptions of each piece

Sousa  Music  Gallery

Sousa's Great Marches in Piano Transcription book by Lester S. Levy  "Sousa's Great Marches In Piano Transcription: Original Sheet Music of 23 Works by John Philip Sousa" [1975]
Selected & introduced by Lester S. Levy

Dover Publns 11¾x9 pb [6/75] for $9.31
Music Minus One Trumpet, Sousa Marches plus Beethoven, Berlioz, Strauss sheet music & CD  "Music Minus One Trumpet: Sousa Marches plus Beethoven, Berlioz, Strauss"
[2006] Performed by Peter Piacquadio & The Stuttgart Festival Orchestra

includes Sousa's "Washington Post March", "Stars and Stripes Forever", "Liberty Bell March", "Semper Fidelis", "El Capitan", and "Gladiator March", plus Beethoven's "Military March", Berlioz's "Radoczy March", Schrammel's "Vienna Forever", and Strauss's "Radetzky March" – each in both full-orchestra version and orchestra minus lead trumpet
Music Minus One 12¼x9 pb [7/2006] with audio CD for $20.76


"The Aviators March" [1931]   'The Aviators March' MP2 file [30 seconds]

"The Bride-Elect March" [1897] see also operetta below

"El Capitan March" [1896]   'El Capitan March' midi file [2 min 19 sec]

"The Fairest of The Fair March" []

"U.S. Field Artillery March" [1917]   'U.S. Field Artillery March' midi file [2 min 12 sec]

"The Gallant Seventh March" [1922]
"George Washington Bicentennial March" []
"The Gladiator March" [1886] JPS-Gladiator-DWS.mid
"Golden Jubilee March" []
"The Gridiron Club March" [1926]
"The Invincible Eagle March" [1901]
"Jack Tar March" [1903]
"King Cotton March" [1895] JPS-KingCotton-DWS.mid
"The Liberty Bell March" [1893] JPS-LibertyBell.mid = theme song of Monty Python!
"The Man Behind The Gun March" (1889)
"Manhattan Beach March" [1893] JPS-ManhattanBeach-DWS.mid
"March of The Blues" []
"March Past of The National Fencibles" [1888]
"The Minnesota March" []
"New Mexico March" [1928]
"Nobles of The Mystic Shrine March" []
"The Pride of The Wolverines" []
"Riders For The Flag March" []
"The Royal Welch Fusiliers March" [1930]
"Semper Fidelis" [1888] JPS-SemperFi.mid
"67 Bugle Calls" []
"Sound Off!" [1885]
"The Stars and Stripes Forever" [1896] JPS-StarsStripes-organ.mid + JPS-StarsStripes-piano.mid
"The Thunderer" [1889] JPS-Thunderer-carousel.mid + JPS-Thunderer-DWS.mid
"Transit of Venus March" [1883] sheet music lost for 100 years, found in 2003

"The Washington Post March" [1889]   'Washington Post March' midi file [1  min 51 sec]

Sousa often played works by
Austrian March King http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Wagner_(composer)
British March King http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_J._Alford

Other  Works
John Philip Sousa wrote three novels [1902-20] and nine operettas [1882-1909]
search books by/about John Philip Sousa at Amazon


"National, Patriotic and Typical Airs of All Lands: With Copious Notes" [1890]
by John Philip Sousa

"The Conspirators" short story []

"The Fifth String" [1902 novel]

"Pipetown Sandy" [Bobbs-Merrill Co. 1905 novel]
Pipetown Sandy 1905 novel by John Philip Sousa  1905 editions illustrated by Charles Louis Hinton
Fredonia Books 8x5 pb [6/2001] for $18.99
HardPress Publng replica 9x6 pb [1/2012] for $23.52
U.C. Libraries replica 8x5 pb [undated] for $29.99
Repressed Publng 9x6 hardcover [2012] for $49.99 via Amazon third party
hardcover [1905 edition] out of print/used

"The Transit of Venus" 40,000-word novella [1920]

"Marching Along: Recollections of Men, Women and Music" memoirs [1928]


John Philip Sousa wrote all or part of nine? operettas between 1882 and 1909:

"The Smugglers" [1882]

"Desiree" [1883]

"The Queen of Hearts" also known as "Royalty and Roguery" [1885]

"Song Words of The Lion Tamer: Comic Opera, In Two Acts" [1891]
by Richard Stahl, John Philip Sousa & John Cheever Goodwin

"El Capitan: Comic Opera In Three Acts" [1896]
entry at Wikipedia show entry at IBDb

El Capitan Comic Opera vocal score by John Philip Sousa & Charles Klein  "El Capitan Comic Opera: Vocal Score" [John Church 1896]
by John Philip Sousa & Charles Klein

Performer's Edition Reprints 11x8½ pb [1/2015] for $13.99
Kessinger Publng 11x8¼ pb [4/2010] for $24.95
Palala Press 9¼x6 hardcover [9/2015] for $24.95
John Philip Sousa's El Capitan operetta by Sinfonia da Camera Orchestra  "Sousa: El Capitan" operetta [1998] by Sinfonia da Camera Orchestra
Zephyr Records music CDs [2/98] 13 tracks on 2 disks - out of prodn/used
Zephyr Records MP3 album [2/2014] 20 tracks on 2 disks for $17.98
Sinfonia da Camera Orchestra conducted by Ian Hobson; featuring Lucille Beer, Gerald Dolter, Darryl Edwards, Donald Hartmann, Sherri Karam & Mary Ann McCormick
John Philip Sousa's El Capitan operetta on CD  "John Philip Sousa: El Capitan" operetta [2010] by the Ohio Light Opera
Albany Records music CDs [11/2010] 27 tracks on 2 disks for $31.50
Albany Records MP3 album [11/2010] 27 tracks on 2 disks for $17.98
Recorded at the 2010 Ohio Light Opera Festival [est. 1979]; Ohio Light Opera Orchestra conducted by Steven Byess; featuring Nicholas Wuehrmann, Tanya Mandzy, Alta Dantzler, Nancy Maria Ballach, Kyle Knapp & Anthony Maida

"The Bride-Elect: Comic Opera In Three Acts" [1897]

"The Charlatan: Comic Opera In Three Acts" aka "The Mystical Miss" [1898] music only

"Chris and The Wonderful Lamp" [1899] music only

"The Free Lance" [1905] music only

"The American Maid" also known as "The Glass Blowers" [1909] music only


John Philip Sousa participated in the following Broadway productions:

Gilbert & Sullivan's "H.M.S. Pinafore" revival [71 performances March-May 1879]
Conducted by John Philip Sousa http://www.ibdb.com/production.php?id=13315

"The Charlatan" [Dec 1889 to June 1899]
Book & lyrics by Charles Klein; music by John Philip Sousa

"Chris and The Wonderful Lamp [58 performances Jan-Feb 1900]
Music by John Philip Sousa; Book by Glen MacDonough; Lyrics by Glen MacDonough

"The Free Lance" [43 performances April-May 1906 & January 1907]
Music by John Philip Sousa. Book by Harry B. Smith. Lyrics by Harry B. Smith.

"The American Maid" [16 performances March 1913]
Book & lyrics by Leonard Liebling; music by John Philip Sousa

"Hip! Hip! Hooray!" [425 performances September 1915 to October 1916]
Book & staging by R.H. Burnside; music by Raymond Hubbell, John Philip Sousa & others; lyrics by
John L. Golden & others; John Philip Sousa appeared with his band

"Everything" musical revue [461 performances August 1918 to May 1919]
Book & staging by R.H. Burnside; music by John Philip Sousa, Irving Berlin & others; lyrics by
John L. Golden, Irving Berlin & others; cast included Harry Houdini

Movies,  Stageplays,  Other  Media
Sousa credits [1879-1997] at Internet Broadway Database
John Philip Sousa credits [300+ titles; since 1896] at Internet Movie Database

"John Philip Sousa" silent documentary short [Biograph 1900]
Filmed in London, England, U.K. bare credits at IMDb

"Sousa and His Band" silent documentary short [Biograph Sept 1901]
Filmed in Brooklyn, New York City bare credits at IMDb

"Stars and Stripes Forever" Technicolor feature film [Fox 1952]
loosely based on Sousa's memoirs; starring Clifton Webb; music arranged & conducted by Alfred Newman

"Oom Pah Pah: The Man Who Thought He Was John Philip Sousa" full-length musical [1975]

"The American Experience: If You Knew Sousa" [PBS Jan 1993] /tt0972997/


Playbill Magazine for Teddy & Alice 1987 Broadway musical  color poster for Teddy & Alice 1987 Broadway musical  "Teddy & Alice: An American Musical" [1987]
featuring music by John Philip Sousa
starring Len Cariou, Beth Fowler & Nancy Hume

27"x40" color poster from Amazon for $9.99
Broadway credits, 1987-88

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Works  About  John Philip Sousa

"John Philip Sousa [for kids; 1999] by Mike Venezia

"John Philip Sousa: American Phenomenon [] by Paul E. Bierley (Jun 2001)

"John Philip Sousa (Lives and Times Series)" [2005] by Jennifer Blizin Gillis

"The Incredible Band of John Philip Sousa [2010] by Paul E. Bierley


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Sousa Archive at University of Illinois
Sousa credits [1879-1997] at Internet Broadway Database
John Philip Sousa credits [300+ titles; since 1896] at Internet Movie Database

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