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             war correspondent Ernie Pyle with his Zippo lighter

Ernest Taylor 'Ernie' Pyle [1900-45] was a Pulitzer Prize–winning American journalist who died in combat.

"Any aviator who didn't know Pyle was a nobody." — aviator Amelia Earhart [1897-1937]

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Ernest Taylor 'Ernie' Pyle [August 3, 1900 - April 18, 1945]
In October 2006, the Ernie Pyle House/Library in Albuquerque, New Mexico was designated a National Historic Landmark
In 1971 a 16-cent United States postage stamp was issued in his honor

Ernie Pyle Legacy Foundation [est. 2013]
Ernie Pyle entry at Wikipedia
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incomplete Ernie Pyle credits at Internet Movie Database

Primary Works
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"Home Country" [1935] by Ernie Pyle
http://www.amazon.com/Home-country-Ernie-Pyle/dp/B00005XGRB/ = 70+

"Ernie Pyle In England, 1940-41" [1941]
http://www.amazon.com/Ernie-Pyle-England/dp/B000NSI3QW/ hc

"Here Is Your War: North Africa, 1942-43" [bestseller 1943] by Ernie Pyle, 2004 Introduction by Orr Kelly
http://www.amazon.com/Here-your-war-Ernie-Pyle/dp/B0007DMAH6/ = 50+

"Brave Men: Europe, 1943-44" [bestseller 1944] by Ernie Pyle, 2001 Introduction by G. Kurt Piehler
http://www.amazon.com/Brave-Men-Ernie-Pyle/dp/B001NW88Z8/ = 90+

"Last Chapter: The Pacific, 1945" [1946] by Ernie Pyle

"Ernie's America: The Best of Ernie Pyle's 1930's Travel Dispatches" [1989] Edited by David Nichols
http://www.amazon.com/Ernies-America-David-Nichols/dp/0679731776/ pb
http://www.amazon.com/Ernies-America-Ernie-Travel-Dispatches/dp/0394575725/ = 90+

"At Home With Ernie Pyle" [Indiana University Press, 2016] Edited by Owen V. Johnson

Movies, Other Media
incomplete Ernie Pyle credits at Internet Movie Database

"The Story of G.I. Joe" movie [] /tt0038120/
Burgess Meredith as Ernie Pyle + Robert Mitchum as Capt Walker 'owns the movie'; based on Pyle's two bestseller books

"Ernie Pyle: Typewriter In A Foxhole" [1958]

"From D-Day To Germany (1944-45)" [Jack Lieb lecture 1969]
still from lecture film: center Jack Lieb, next Ernie Pyle, others Gordon Becker & Jack Thompson & unknown  mostly unofficial color 16mm films by Hearst Newsreel photographer Jack H. Lieb showing England, the D-Day invasion, the liberation of Paris, and on to Berlin; includes glimpses of war correspondents Ernie Pyle, Ernest Hemingway, Robert Capa & Cecil Carnes, and of director George Stevens & actor Edward G. Robinson; theatrical screening in France in December 1992
full credits at IMDb • watch full movie/lecture [6/2014 upload; 46:38] online at YouTube

"G.I. Joe: The Ernie Pyle Story" TV documentary [1998] tt0819767/
written & directed by Marino Amoruso

"Unsung Heroes: Ernie Pyle - The Voice of G.I. Joe"
[History Channel Dec 2001]
Unsung Heroes Ernie Pyle documentary on History Channel  minimal info found, none on IMDb or Wikipedia
Produced by Lou Reda; hosted by Roger Mudd • not listed at IMDb
50-minute A&E TV Networks DVD [7/2008] for $13.50
A&E Home Video DVD [5/2002] for $24.98
History Channel VHS [5/2002] for $5.00

"The Last Days of World War II" TV series / Episode #9 [indep May 2005] /tt1545455/

"Ernie Pyle's War: A Documentary on Ernie Pyle, World War II Correspondent" [2005]

"G.I. Joe: The Ernie Pyle Story-SPECIAL EDITION DIRECTOR'S CUT" [2013]

Works About Ernie Pyle

obituaries from New York Times, and newspapers in Indiana, New Mexico & Washington, DC

"An Ernie Pyle Album – Indiana To Ie Shima" [Wm. Sloane Associates, 1946] by Lee G. Miller

"Ernie Pyle, Typewriter Soldier" [June 1982] by Rudy Faircloth & W. Horace Carter

"Ernie Pyle in the American Southwest" [1996] by Richard Melzer

"Ernie Pyle's War: America's Eyewitness To World War II" [1997] by James Tobin

"Ernie Pyle: A Hoosier Childhood" [ages 12 & up; April 2002 novel] by Bob Bales

"Ernie Pyle Was My Hero" [March 2012] by Renita Menyhert

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"" episode of "Biography In Sound" [NBC Radio broadcast April 1956]
listen free to hour-long radio program hosted by Bennett Cerf [MP3 file] at Internet Archive

"Writings of Ernie Pyle" from C-SPAN's American Writers: A Journey Through History
https://www.c-span.org/video/?170132-1/writings-ernie-pyle radio [2:02:16]

Image  Gallery

Ernie Pyle Birthplace & World War II Museum State Historic Site [est. 1976] in Dana, Indiana         Ernie Pyle at Anzio Beach with U.S. Army 191st Tank Battalion in January 1944         color ad for Chesterfield cigarettes featuring Ernie Pyle         7 May 1971 first day cover of USPS 16-cent postage stamp honoring Ernie Pyle

Family & Friends
Ernie Pyle was born near Dana, Indiana in August 1900; he served in the U.S. Navy during World War I; his newspaper career included work in Indiana, in Washington, DC,
and in New York City; he wrote a national column for Scripps-Howard from 1935-1942. He became a war correspondent in 1942 and reported from North Africa, Italy,
England, and France, then from aboard U.S. Navy vessels in the South Pacific. He was killed by a Japanese sniper on Ie Shima Island in April 1945.

father William Clyde Pyle []
mother Maria Taylor Pyle []

wife Geraldine Elizabeth 'Jerry' Siebolds Pyle [1899-1945] - married in 1925, widowed 4/1945, died 11/1945

L i n k s
Ernie Pyle Birthplace & World War II Museum State Historic Site [est. 1976] in Dana, Indiana
Ernie Pyle Legacy Foundation []
Ernie Pyle entry at Wikipedia
browse Ernie Pyle Store at Amazon
incomplete Ernie Pyle credits at Internet Movie Database

Ernie Pyle House/Library [open 1948], 900 Girard Blvd. SE in Albuquerque, New Mexico
built 1940, residence of Ernie & Jerry Pyle until 1945, acquired by City of Albuquerque in 1947, designated a National Historic Landmark in October 2006

University of Indiana - where Ernie Pyle attended but left just short of graduation
Indiana University's School of Journalism was housed in 'Ernie Pyle Hall' until the 2014 merger, repurposed 2016
Indiana University's Media School [merger 7/2014]
Ernie Pyle Digital Archive at Indiana University
a bronze statue of Ernie Pyle was erected in 2014 in front of the Media School's Franklin Hall  click here for photograph (in a new window)

Takarazuka Theater in Hibiya Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
built in 1934; taken over by Allied Occupation Forces in 1945 & re-named 'The Ernie Pyle Theater' until 1955; demolished in 1998

Ernie Pyle United States Army Reserve Center [built 1983] at Fort Totten in Bayside, Queens, New York

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