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"What holds us together as a team now is music . . . and greed."
— Mike Love

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The Beach Boys group has received

a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame {at 1500 No. Vine Street} in 1980

and induction into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in 1988

The Beach Boys Monument was dedicated 20 May 2005
(near) 3701 W. 119th Street in Hawthorne, California

official 'The Beach Boys' website
official 'Beach Boys Band' website
'The Beach Boys' Portal at Wikipedia
'The Beach Boys' entry at Wikipedia

browse Beach Boys albums at Amazon

Beach Boys Recordings
browse Beach Boys albums at Amazon
Beach Boys discography at Wikipedia

online Beach Boys medley from 'Beach Boys Band' website

Greatest Hits CDs

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browse Beach Boys albums at Amazon

In The Key of Disney [Amazon.com Exclusive Version] ~ Brian Wilson
"Calif. Girls"
Beach Boys 34096
Beach Boys SPIRIT of AMERICA album + Gold CD: title song [no sample on Amazon 1/M3]

"Greatest Surfing Songs by The Beach Boys" [1995]

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"Surfin' USA" album [1963]
"Surfer Girl" album [1963]
"Little Deuce Coupe" album [1963]
includes song "Spirit of America" {which matches the name of this bookstore}
"Shut Down Volume 2" album [1964]
"All Summer Long" album [1964]
"The Beach Boys' Christmas Album" [1964]
"Today!" album [1965]
"Summer Days (and Summer Nights!!)" album [1965]
"Beach Boys' Party!" album [1965]
"Pet Sounds" album [1966]
"Smiley Smile" album [1967]
"Wild Honey" album [1967]
"Friends" album [1968]
"20/20" album [1969]
"Sunflower" album [1970]
"Surf's Up" album [1971]
Carl and The Passions "So Tough" album [1972]

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The Beach Boys 1973 album "Holland"  The Beach Boys album "Holland" [1973]
Sony music CD [10/90] 15 tracks - out of prodn/used
EMI Japan imported music CD [6/2008] 15 tracks for $37.88
includes a song [3:49] based on "The Beaks of Eagles" 1937 poem
by California author Robinson Jeffers [1887-1962]

album entry at Wikipedia

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"15 Big Ones" album [1976]
"Love You" album [1977]
"M.I.U. Album" [1978]
"L.A. (Light Album)" [1979]
"Keepin' The Summer Alive" album [1980]
"The Beach Boys" album [1985]
"Still Cruisin'" album [1989]
"Summer In Paradise" album [1992]
"Stars and Stripes, Volume 1" album [1996]

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The Beach Boys' "Smile" project was abandoned in 1967; Brian Wilson recorded a simplified 19-song album in 2004;
the 2011 "Smile Sessions" album is old tapes of the same 19 songs, plus several disks of raw material

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"The Beach Boys: Live – The 50th Anniversary Tour" 41-song 2-CD album [May 2013]

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"The Beach Boys: Made In California, 1962-2012" CD Box Set [2013]
Beach Boys archive album 'Made In California' CD box set  Capitol Records/Universal CD box set [8/2013] 6 disks for $130.15
Capitol Records MP3 album [8/2013] 174 tracks for $85.99
includes 174 songs on six CD disks or MP3 album download, which
include original mono versions, later stereo remix versions, studio
recordings and live concert recordings

Motion Pictures & Other Media

'The Beach Boys' {mostly soundtrack} credits at Internet Movie Database
'The Beach Boys' on DVD at Amazon

concerts on DVD http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/509094/
concerts on VHS = 509092

"The T.A.M.I. Show" [A.I.P. Dec 1964]
The T.A.M.I. Show concert movie [1964]  A high-definition (for 1964) taping of a concert held at the Santa Monica [California] Civic Auditorium on 28 & 29 October 1964; the quickly-edited 2-hour feature film was released in December 1964. The authorized 2010 DVD release includes complete & fully-remastered footage (lots not found in prior bootlegs). Written & directed by Steve Binder; emceed by duo Jan and Dean, with The Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, The Blossoms, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Gerry and The Pacemakers, Lesley Gore, Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas, Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, The Supremes & The Rolling Stones; listed on the National Film Registry (2006)
Collector's Edition b&w DVD [3/2010] for $15.99
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia

"The Beach Boys: It's OK" [1976 TV movie] /tt0775426/

"The Beach Boys in Concert" TV documentary [1980] /tt1202147/

"The Beach Boys Twentieth Anniversary Special" TV special [1981] /tt1202146/

"The Beach Boys: An American Band" documentary [1985] /tt0175471/

"The Beach Boys: 25 Years Together TV movie [1987] /tt1202148/

"The Beach Boys: The Lost Concert" [1998] /tt0244994/

"Legends: Dennis Wilson, The Real Beach Boy" [2010] BBC television documentary /tt1704872/

"The Beach Boys 50: Doin' It Again" documentary feature [indep Aug 2012]
Beach Boys Doin' It Again documentary feature  "Together for the first time / in more than two decades" - 54-minute docufilm with interviews, live performances, footage from recording sessions, and tributes to founding members Carl & Dennis Wilson; featuring Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston & David Marks Directed by John Anderson & Joe Thomas; written by Frank Haney
Universal Music widescreen color Blu-ray [8/2012] for $14.99
Universal Music widescreen color DVD [8/2012] for $9.99
bare credits at IMDb

"The Beach Boys Live In Concert: 50th Anniversary" concert film [Nov 2012]
DVD & Blu-ray featuring a performance by the band from July 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona
- BUT cut down to sixty minutes, with only twenty one of the fifty songs performed at the concert

"The Drummer" [2013? release]  
Announced 10/2011: Aaron Eckhart will portray Dennis Wilson over the last six years of Beach Boy Wilson’s life,
from the 1977 release of his solo album “Pacific Ocean Blue” to his death in 1983; family members Carl B. Wilson
and Jennifer Wilson are co-producing with Beach Boys former manager James William Guercio; 2/2012: director
Randy Miller & actress Vera Farmiga are signed • latest info at IMDb

untitled surfing musical [Fox 2000]  
Announced 9/2010: Fox won the bidding war for movie rights to The Beach Boys song catalog for an original bigscreen
musical proposal written by Susannah Grant; to be produced by Craig Zadan, Neil Meron & John Stamos;
added 2/2012: director Michael Sucsy; added 5/2013: screenwriter Deirdre O’Connor • still no entry on IMDb (2013)

"Love & Mercy" [Roadside Attractions June 2015]  6/2015
'Love & Mercy' biopic about Beach Boy Brian Wilson  Announced 1/2013: A new biopic about the gifted but troubled Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson and his long slide into mental illness and addiction - and back again. Co-produced by Brian Wilson; directed by Bill Pohlad; written by Oren Moverman & Michael A. Lerner; starring Paul Dano {as young Brian}, John Cusack {as older Brian}, Jeff Holman {as Brian today} & Paul Giamatti {as Dr. Eugene Landy}; with Elizabeth Banks, Jake Abel, Graham Rogers, Kenny Wormald, Dee Wallace, Nikki Wright, Joanna Going, Brett Davern, Erin Darke, Max Schneider {as Van Dyke Parks}, Jonathan Slavin, Bill Camp & Mark Strohman {as Brian look-alike}
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available
full credits at IMDbofficial movie site
watch official trailers online at YouTube: 2/2015 teaser #1 [1:07]4/2015 trailer #2 [2:30]

Works About 'The Beach Boys'
browse books

"Dennis Wilson, The Real Beach Boy" [] by jon stebbins http://thejonstebbins.com/

"The Lost Beach Boy" [] by jon Stebbins & David Marks

"The Beach Boys FAQ" [2011] by jon stebbins

"Endless Summer: My Life With The Beach Boys" [] by Jack Lloyd

members & family & friends

founding member Alan Jardine

founding member Mike Love

founding member Brian Wilson

founding member Carl Wilson [1946-98]

founding member Dennis Wilson [1944-83]

David Marks, 1962-63 & 1998-99

Glen Campbell [1936-2017] - toured as Brian's replacement for about six months in 1964 & 1965

Bruce Johnston, 1965-71 & 1979-present

theremin expert Paul Tanner [1917-2013] - performed on "Good Vibrations" single, 1966

Adrian Baker, tour band vocals 1981–82, 1988–93, 1998-2004

Wilson Phillips group [formed 1989, broke up 1993, back together 2004]
official website {redirects > Facebook}entry at Wikipedia
Carnie Wilson [b. 1968], daughter of Brian Wilson
Wendy Wilson [b. 1969], daughter of Brian Wilson
Chynna Phillips [b. 1968], daughter of Mamas & Papas group members John & Michelle Phillips

L i n k s
official 'The Beach Boys' website
official 'Beach Boys Band' website
browse Beach Boys albums at Amazon
'The Beach Boys' Portal at Wikipedia
'The Beach Boys' entry at Wikipedia
'The Beach Boys' {mostly soundtrack} credits at Internet Movie Database

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