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The entertainer Lord Buckley was, like the painter Salvador Dali, one of a kind; both were artists and
visionaries and surrealists, and their works unprecedented and unforgettable.

"The Theater came to me as a very religious work. It is a work of complete dedication.
It's a dangerous work." — Lord Buckley

BIO here
Lord Richard Buckley (Richard Myrle Buckley; April 5, 1906 - November 12, 1960, New York City)

Lord Buckley was actually born in a coal-mining town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada on an Indian reservation in Tuolumne, California in 1906. Richard Myrle Buckley worked as a lumberjack as a kid and entered the world of showbiz by way of the medicine, carnival, and tent show circuit, eventually working in the speakeasies of Chicago during the 1920s, emceeing dance marathons and vaudeville shows, even playing on Broadway during The Great Depression. By the 1940s he was working steadily in jazz clubs, befriending many of the greatest musicians of the era. During the Second World War, Buckley toured with the U.S.O. Shows and became close friends with, of all people, Ed Sullivan. By the 1950s, the unclassifiable Lord Buckley was billed as a comedian, but not allowed to work in New York City because of an arrest for marijuana possession in 1943.
"..knockin' the corners off the squares" {in "The Nazz"}

Lord Buckley entry at Wikipedia

Recordings  of  Lord Buckley

Lord Buckley In Concert vinyl LP  "Lord Buckley In Concert" vinyl LP [1964]
World Pacific vinyl LP [undated] out of prodn/scarce
Demon Verbals vinyl LP [undated] out of prodn/scarce
routines included are "The Black Cross", "God's Own Drunk", "Horse's Mouth", "My Own Railroad", "The Nazz", "Supermarket", and "Willie The Shake"
Bad Rapping of Marquis De Sade audio CD by Lord Buckley  ”Bad Rapping of The Marquis De Sade” vinyl LP [1968]
soundtrack CD [1996] out of prodn/used
World Pacific vinyl LP [1968] out of prodn/scarce
routines include: “Bad Rapping of The Marquis de Sade”, “The Ballad of Dan Magroo”, “Chastity Belt”, “H-Bomb”, “His Majesty The Policeman”, “Maharajah”, and “Scrooge”
Lord Buckley A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat on vinyl & CD  "A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat" vinyl LP [1970]
Collector's Choice audio CD [6/2007] out of prodn/used
E.M.I. Distribution audio CD [8/91] out of prodn/used
Demon Verbals vinyl LP [1970] out of prodn/used
routines include "Bad Rapping of The Marquis De Sade (The King Of Bad Cats)", "Governor Slugwell", "The Hip Einie", "The Raven", and "The Train"
Lord Buckley Live on audiobooks  
"Lord Buckley Live: The Tales of Lord Buckley" [1991]
Shambhala Lion Editions audio cassette [1991] out of prodn/used
Shambhala Lion Editions audio cassette [1991] out of prodn/used
routines include: "Baa Baa Black Sheep", "The Gasser", "The Gettysburg Address", "God's Own Drunk", "The Hip Ghan", "Is This The Sticker?", "James Dean", "Murder", "The Nazz", "Scrooge", and "Trouble"
Beat Generation audio box set  "The Beat Generation" [1992]
voices & artists include Carl Sandburg, Jack Kerouac, Lord Buckley, Ken Nordine, Allen Ginsberg, Wm. S. Burroughs, Steve Allen, Charles Mingus & Charlie Parker
Rhino audio [11/92] 3 tapes for $41.97
Rhino Records audio CD [11/92] 3 disks for $35.99
His Royal Hipness audio CD Lord Buckley  "His Royal Hipness" [1993] by Lord Buckley
Rhino Records audio CD [9/93] for $11.61
routines include “Cabenza de Gasca, The Gasser”, “The Gettysburg Address”, “The Hip Ghan”, “Jonah and The Whale”, “Marc Antony's Funeral Oration”, “The Nazz”, and “Nero”
Best Beat Generation spoken word CD  "The Best of The Beat Generation" [2002]
voices include Jack Kerouac, Lord Buckley, Ken Nordine, Allen Ginsberg, Wm. S. Burroughs, Kenneth Patchen, Langston Hughes & Lenny Bruce
Rhino Records audio CD [2/2002] for $17.98
Royal Court of Lord Buckley import audio CD  ”The Royal Court of Lord Buckley: Euphoria Volumes 1 & 2” [2006]
E.I. Records audio CD [6/2006] out of prodn/used
copied from the 1951-54 Vaya Records “Euphoria” Lord Buckley albums; routines include: “Cabenza de Gasca, The Gasser”, “The Dog and The Wolf”, “The Grasshopper and The Ant”, “The Hip Gahn”, “Jonah and The Whale”, “The Lion's Breath”, “Mark Antony's Funeral Oration”, “The Mouse and The Lion”, “Murder”, “The Nazz”, and “Nero”

Lord Buckley’s 1959 Ivar Theater concert on MP3 & audio CD  ”So You Thought Hip Was New: The Ivar Concert, Feb 12, 1959” [2007]
B.G.M. Redordings MP3 album [9/2007] 14 tracks for $8.99
B.G.M. Redordings audio CD [9/2007] sign up to be notified
routines include: “The Bad Rapping of The Marquis De Sade”, “The Black Cross”, “The Gasser”, “God's Own Drunk”, “Hipsters Flipsters”, “Horse’s Mouth”, “Let It Down”, “Lions”, “Maharaja”, “Murder”, “My Own Railroad”, “The Nazz”, “Subconscious Mind”, and “Supermarket”

Music Box by Lord Buckley on audio CD  "Music Box" [2008] by Lord Buckley
B.G.M. Redordings audio CD [8/2008] out of prodn/scarce
routines include "Church Rap", "The Gasser", "The Hip Gahn", "Johnna", "Last Supper", "Love Seller", "The Nazz", "Pied Piper", "The Raven", and "Take A Trip"
Lord Buckley Sunday Brunch At The Lighthouse vinyl LP  "Sunday Brunch At The Lighthouse In Hermosa Beach, 1958"
[2011] by Lord Buckley

B.G.M. Redordings audio CD [9/2011] for $15.80
routines include: "Anything", "Flowers", "Jorja, Sweet & Kind", "Murder", "Neurotic Crocodile & The Fink", "Origin of The Chastity Belt", "Pied Piper", "Saints and Jonah", "Sleep-Time Girl", "Squirrel Gun", and "This Is A Stretch"

Other Works, Other Media


Reviews of Richard Henzel as Lord Buckley in Return of the Hip Messiah:
TWO-MAN PLAY = (found 4/M1)

Hiparama of the Classics by Lord Buckley (Dec 1980)

Buckley Book of Verse by B. Lord Buckley; Foreword Stephen Vincent Benet (1933)

"The Ed Sullivan Show"
Season 12, Episode 12: Episode #12.12 30 November 1958 /tt0724437/
Season 12, Episode 37: Episode #12.37 31 May 1959 /tt0724463/

"You Bet Your Life" TV series
Episode #7.3 (1956)

"We're Not Married! [1952] /tt0045317/

Works About Lord Buckley

”Lord Buckley: Too Hip For The Room” []

"Ode to Lord Buckley: Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra" [1981]
Composed by Buckley's sometimes accompanist David Amram; performed circa 1981 by
the Portland Symphony • notes at David Amram's website

Dig Infinity! biography of Lord Buckley by Oliver Trager with CD  
"Dig Infinity!: The Life and Art of Lord Buckley" [2002]
by Oliver Trager

”with a CD of Buckley’s many legendary live performances”
Welcome Rain Publrs 9x6 hardcover & CD [2002] out of print/used

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