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"The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable
of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done."
—Jean Piaget

"Only education is capable of saving our societies from possible collapse, whether violent, or gradual."
— Jean Piaget (in 1934)

"Piaget's work in observing children has illuminated almost every aspect of social and cognitive life."
Los Angeles Times (circa 1978)

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The basic premises of Piaget's work:
  • that all human phenomena are reducible to certain universal biological laws that govern life
  • that what distinguishes all forms of life from the inorganic is the process of assimilation — the organism or group maintains its own structural form while incorporating material from its environment
  • that assimilation occurs in the psychological realm as well as the physical
  • that the mind develops from an intuitive state to successive levels of logical thought
  • and that all development is a matter of equilibration — parts or systems reach a relative state of balance and are thrown into dis-equilibrium by conflicts with the outside world, and then work to achieve a higher state of equilibrium

  • Major Works

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    Essential Piaget Reference & Guide book edited by Howard E. Gruber & J. Jacques Voneche   "The Essential Piaget: An Interpretive Reference and Guide" [1977]
    Edited by Howard E. Gruber & J. Jacques Voneche

    "The best and most complete of all the anthologies of my work."
      — Jean Piaget

    Jason Aronson 9x6¼ 100th Anniversary Edition pb [8/95] for $93.95
    Basic Books pb [5/82] out of print/used
    Basic Books hardcover [2/77] out of print/used

    "Recherche" {'Quest'} [1918]
    Jean Piaget wrote this novel at the age of 20. It has no real plot or action, but reports the
    discourse within the mind of a troubled Swiss adolescant named Sébastien, who wanders
    across the Alpine landscape during the Great War and ponders deep questions of Life.
    It is easy for those familiar with Piaget's work to recognize his basic ideas {as above} in this novel. Piaget's personal need for an all-encompassing system motivated his subsequent and staggering output over the next 65 years. The book was described in 1980 as undergoing translation into English by Piaget's friend E. James Anthony (then at Washington University), but virtually nothing can be found on Google or Amazon (3 countries) or B&N (as-of Sept 2008).

    "The Child's Conception of The World" [1928]
    "The Moral Judgment of The Child" [1932]
    "Introduction à l’Épistémologie Génétique" [1950]
    "The Child's Conception of Number" [1952]
    "The Origins of Intelligence In Children" [1953]
    "The Child's Construction of Reality" [1955]
    "The Growth of Logical Thinking From Childhood To Adolescence" [Basic Books 1958]
    by Inhelder, B. and J. Piaget
    "La Psychologie de l'Intelligence" [1961]
    "The Early Growth of Logic In The Child: Classification & Seriation" [1964[
    by Inhelder, B. and Piaget, J.
    "Logique et Connaissance Scientifique, Encyclopédie de la Pléiade" [1967]
    "Biology and Knowledge" [Univ Chicago Press 1971]
    "Sociological Studies" [1995]
    "Studies In Reflecting Abstraction" [2001]

    "To Understand Is To Invent: The Future of Education" 9780140043785
    "Science of Education and The Psychology of The Child" 9780670003112

    Other Works

    "Explorations In Child Psychiatry" [1975]
    Edited by E. James Anthony; Foreword by Jean Piaget
    Basic Books hardcover [6/75] out of print/used

    Possibility and Necessity book by Jean Piaget  "Possibility and Necessity" [1981] by Jean Piaget
    Volume 1: "The Role of Possibility In Cognitive Development"
    Univ MN Press hardcover [4/87] out of print/used
    Volume 2: "The Role of Necessity In Cognitive Development"
    Univ MN Press hardcover [4/87] out of print/used

    Works About Jean Piaget

    From Plato To Piaget / Educational Theorists book by William Cooney, Charles Cross, Barry Trunk  "From Plato To Piaget: The Greatest Educational Theorists From Across The Centuries and Around The World" [1993]
    by William Cooney, Charles Cross & Barry Trunk

    Fifteen essays on the important role that education plays in our world, covering Plato, Confucius, John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Johann Frederich Herbart, Horace Mann, William James, Booker T. Washington, John Dewey, Maria Montessori, Carl Rogers, B.F. Skinner, Shinichi Suzuki, and Jean Piaget – with Introduction and Conclusion
    Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [1993 edition] for $30.71 {sic}
    Univ Press of America 9x5½ pb [11/93] for $32.33
    Univ Press of America 9½x6¼ hardcover [11/93] out of print/many used
    Fifty Modern Thinkers on Education book edited by Joy A. Palmer  
    "Fifty Modern Thinkers On Education: From Piaget To The Present Day" [2001]
    Edited by Joy A. Palmer

    Routledge 8¼x5½ pb [11/2001] for $26.95
    Routledge 8¾x5½ library hardcover [11/2001] for $130.00 [sic]

    "Constructive Evolution: Origins & Development of Piaget's Thought" by Michael Chapman
    ISBN-13: 9780521367127 JPconstructiveevolutionMC.jpg 0521367123

    "The Learning Theory of Piaget & Inhelder" []
    by Jeanette McCarthy Gallagher, D. Kim Reid, Piaget (Foreword by) , Inhelder (Foreword by)
    ISBN-13: 9780595260850 JPlearningtheoryJMG.jpg

    "Piaget-Vygotsky: The Social Genesis of Thought" []
    Edited by Anastasia Tryphon & Jacques Voneche ISBN-13: 9780863774133

    "L'Épistémologie génétique de Jean Piaget" [Swiss-French TV documentary 1977]
    Directed by Claude Goretta; video/DVD not available; credits at IMDb

    "Jean Piaget and Neuchatel: The Learner and The Scholar" []
    by Perret-Clermont, Jean-marc Barrelet (Editor) , Jean-Marc Barrelet (Editor) 9781841696577 JPneuchatelPCB.jpg

    Routledge Library Editions : Piaget by Routledge SBN-13: 9780415402194

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    Jean Piaget entry at Wikipedia
    The Jean Piaget Society [est. 1970]
    Archives Jean Piaget [est. 1974] {French/English/Spanish options}
    Fondation Jean Piaget [est. 1976] of Switzerland {French-language only}

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