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              portrait of British computer genius Alan Turing [1912-54]

"We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done."

"Sometimes it's the people [that] no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine."

"A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human."

"Science is a differential equation. Religion is a boundary condition."

— Alan Turing

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          t e x t
          h e r e
Alan Mathison Turing, OBE, FRS (23 June 1912 – 7 June 1954)
Alan Turing was elected to the Royal Society in 1951,
listed on TIME Magazine 100 Most Important Persons of The Century [3/1999]

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'Turing machine' entry at Wikipedia
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Alan Turing's  Academic  Works

"On Computable Numbers" [1937 paper], the origin of the Turing machine concept.

"Systems of Logic Based On Ordinals" PhD thesis at Princeton University [1938] by A.M. Turing

"The Applications of Probability To Cryptography" [paper circa 1941] by Alan Turing
at The National Archives (United Kingdom): HW 25/37.

"Paper On Statistics of Repetitions" [paper circa 1941] by Alan Turing
The National Archives (United Kingdom): HW 25/38

"Computing Machinery and Intelligence" [1950 paper], the origin of the Turing Test.

"The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis" [paper 14 August 1952] by Alan M. Turing
among Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London

"The Essential Turing: Seminal Writings in Computing, Logic, Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, and Artificial..." [11/2004]
by Alan M. Turing & B. Jack Copeland

"The Annotated Turing: A Guided Tour Through Alan Turing's Historic Paper On Computability and The Turing Machine"
[6/2008] by Charles Petzold

"Digitized Writing Solutions: Featuring Super-Simplified Composition and Grammar" [6/2015]
by Richard Arnon Mathews & Alan Turing

Stageplays,  Movies,  Other  Media

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mystery author Donna Andrews has written four computer mystery novels
starring mainframe A.I.P. {artificial intelligence personality} Turing Hopper

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"Breaking The Code" is a 1986 play by Hugh Whitemore about Alan Turing. The play ran in London's West End beginning in November 1986 and on Broadway from 15 November 1987 to 10 April 1988. There was also a 1996 BBC television production (broadcast in the United States by PBS). In all three performances Turing was played by Derek Jacobi. The Broadway production was nominated for three Tony Awards including Best Actor in a Play, Best Featured Actor in a Play, and Best Direction of a Play, and for two Drama Desk Awards, for Best Actor and Best Featured Actor. Turing was again portrayed by Jacobi in the 1996 television movie adaptation of Breaking the Code.[197]

"The Life and Death(s) of Alan Turing" opera [commissioned 2012]
American Lyric Theater commissioned an operatic exploration of the life and death of Alan Turing in honor of the Turing Centennial, from composer Justine F. Chen and librettist David Simpatico; the opera is a historical fantasia and will receive a concert performance in October 2015 in NYC. In November 2014, the opera and several other artistic works inspired by Turing's life were featured on Studio 360.

"Codebreaker" choral work [April 2014]
Commissioned by the Hertfordshire Chorus from composer James McCarthy; includes settings of texts by the poets Wilfred Owen, Sara Teasdale, Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, and Robert Burns that are used to illustrate aspects of Turing's life; premier at the Barbican Centre in London performed by the Hertfordshire Chorus, led by David Temple and featuring soprano soloist Naomi Harvey.

"A Man From The Future" musical work [July 2014]
inspired by Turing's life, written by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys; performed by the Pet Shop Boys and Juliet Stevenson (narrator), the B.B.C. Singers, and the B.B.C. Concert Orchestra conducted by Dominic Wheeler at the B.B.C. Proms at Royal Albert Hall in London.

character 'Alan Turing' credits [1987-2016] at Internet Movie Database

"Codebreaker"aka "Britain's Greatest Codebreaker" TV movie [2011] /tt2119396/
official site

"Breaking The Code: The Work of Alan Turing" producer's cut [Princeton Turing Centennial 2012] full movie 1.30.46

"Alan Turing, Le Code de La Vie" [2013] Played by Niels Collins /tt3793720/

"The Imitation Game"
[StudioCanal/The Weinstein Company Nov 2014]
The Imitation Game  
won for Best Motion Picture  Graham Moore won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay    
Benedict Cumberbatch won the Oscar for Best Actor  Keira Knightley won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress    
A reported break-in at his home brings Alan Turing to the attention of the police; the lack of a war record makes them think that Turing might be a Soviet spy, and they begin digging deeper; during an interrogation, Turing relates (via flashback) his secret work on Nazi cyphers at Bletchley Park; the authorities realize that Turing is homosexual, a serious crime in Britain; a conviction halts his government career, and Turing commits suicide. Directed by Morten Tyldum; co-produced & written by Graham Moore, based on the book by Andrew Hodges; starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Charles Dance, Mark Strong, Matthew Goode, Rory Kinnear, Allen Leech, Matthew Beard, James Northcote, Tom Goodman-Hill, Steven Waddington, Ilan Goodman, Jack Tarlton, Alex Lawther, Jack Bannon & Tuppence Middleton; won Oscar Awards for Best Motion Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay & Best Supporting Actress {KK}; Oscar noms for Best Director, Best Original Music Score, Best Film Editing & Best Production Design; also won A.F.I. Movie of The Year Award, 3 Empire Awards in U.K., GLAAD Media Award, 4 Hollywood Film Awards, USC Scripter Award, W.G.A. Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, plus many film festival awards
Anchor Bay widescreen color Blu-ray [3/2015] for $17.49
Anchor Bay widescreen color DVD [3/2015] for $12.96
full credits at IMDbofficial movie sitemovie entry at Wikipedia
watch official trailers online at YouTube: 7/2014 trailer [2:32]9/2014 international trailer [1:48]
           11/2014 trailer [1:06]1/2015 trailer [2:16]

'The Imitation Game' soundtrack album on CD & MP3  "The Imitation Game" soundtrack album on CD & MP3 [2014]
Composed & conducted by Alexandre Desplat

Sony Classical soundtrack CD [11/2014] 21 tracks for $11.96
Sony Japan soundtrack CD [11/2014] out of prodn/used
Sony Classical soundtrack MP3 album [11/2014] 21 tracks for $9.99
listen to the full soundtrack album [51:05] at YouTube

"L'Enigma di Turing" [2016]   1/2016
Played by Alex Pascoli / Roberto Gregori (as Alan Turing giovane)

Works  About  Alan Turing

"Alan Turing: The Enigma" [Nov 1983] by Andrew Hodges, Foreword by Douglas Hofstadter Nov 2014

"Final Episode" [1987] of BBC2-TV documentary show "Micro Live" /tt3556672/
featuring Derek Jacobi {as Alan Turing} [49:48]

The Ghost In Turing's Machine essay by Brian Rotman  "Ad Infinitum – The Ghost In Turing's Machine: Taking God Out of Mathematics & Putting The Body Back In" [1993]
An essay in corporeal semiotics by Brian Rotman

"astonishing in its elegance & satisfaction"
Stanford Univ Press 9x5½ pb [6/93] for $14.36
Stanford Univ Press hardcover [6/93] for $45.00
Big Idea Turing & Computers book by Paul Strathern  "Turing & The Computer (The Big Idea Series)" [1999]
by Paul Strathern

Anchor Books 8x5 pb [4/99]for $8.95

"Alan Turing: Life and Legacy of A Great Thinker" [Springer-Verlag 2004] edited by Christof Teuscher ISBN 3-540-20020-7

"Inventions That Changed The World" TV episode "Computer" [2004] portrayed by Glynne Steele

"A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines" [2006 novel] contrasts fictionalized accounts of the lives and ideas of Turing and Kurt Gödel

"The Man Who Knew Too Much: Alan Turing and The Invention of The Computer" [2006] by David Leavitt

"Parsing The Turing Test: Philosophical and Methodological Issues In The Quest For The Thinking Computer" [Springer 1/2008]
Edited by Robert Epstein, Gary Roberts & Grace Beber

"The Turing Enigma" tv [2011]
4/2012 video [1:13:44] +

"Turing: Pioneer of The Information Age" lecture at Stanford [5/2012] Published on Sep 10, 2012
Following a three minute introduction by Steven Ericsson-Zenith, Jack Copeland discusses Alan Turing's impact on information
technology. how so many of Turing's ideas lie behind some of information technology's most fundamental theories.

"Alan Turing: Legacy of A Code Breaker" guest lecture by Prof. Jim Al-Khalili, OBE at The University of Edinburgh
6/2012 video [1:02:33]

"Greatest Mysteries of World War 2: Hitler's Enigma" {from History Channel}
6/2013 video [1:49:22]

"Alan M. Turing: Centenary Edition" [11/2014] by Sara Turing and John F. Turing

Friends  &  Family
Alan Mathison Turing was born in 1912 in London, England; he was central to Britain's work that broke the Nazi 'Enigma Code' during
World War II; he was convicted of the (then-)crime of homosexuality (ending his government career), and (probably) committed suicide in June 1954.
The British government officially apologized in 2009 for his treatment, and Queen Elizabeth granted him a full pardon in December 2013.

father Julius Mathison Turing [1873-1947]
mother Ethel Sara Stoney Turing [1881-1976]
older brother John Turing []

Alan's 'first love' Christopher Morcom [d. Feb 1930]

studied in the U.S. at Princeton University under Alonzo Church from Sept 1936 to July 1938; received PhD.

studied at Cambridge in 1939 under Ludwig Wittgenstein [1889-1951] (they famously disagreed).

friend & colleague Joan Elisabeth Lowther Clarke (Murray), MBE [1917-96]

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Alan Turing entry at Wikipedia
'Turing machine' entry at Wikipedia
browse books about Alan Turing {returns over 1,400} at Amazon
character 'Alan Turing' credits [1987-2016] at Internet Movie Database

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