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selected sports films
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list of Top 50 Sports Movies

The movies selected for this Sports Film Festival include dramatic feature films, documentary
shorts & features, and video & DVD box set collections, plus a few books on the subject.
(For purposes of this page, war is not a sport, love is not a sport, gambling is not a sport . . . )
And there are just not a lot of movies about ice skating, martial arts (as a sport), fishing, cricket . . .

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All Sports Film Festival [April 2016 = #7] in North Hollywood, California

National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame & Museum [est. 1993] in Commack, New York
official websiteentry at Wikipedia

“What are games but life reduced to symbolic rituals.”  — mystery author D.R. Meredith

“Baseball is what we were, football is what we have become.”  — Mary McGrory [1918-2004]

Sports Movie Collections

Cartoon Favorites Extreme Sports Fun on DVD  "Classic Cartoon Favorites, Volume 5: Extreme Sports Fun" [2005]
Disney Home Ent. color DVD [5/2005] out of prodn/used
contains eight sports-themed cartoon shorts for the whole family: "Canine Caddy" [1941] starring Mickey Mouse & Pluto; "Double Dribble" [1946] starring Goofy; "Goofy Gymnastics" [1949]; "The Hockey Champ" [1939] starring Donald Duck, with Huey, Duey & Louie; "How To Play Baseball" [1942] starring Goofy; Oscar-nominated "How To Play Football" [1944] starring Goofy; "Mickey’s Polo Team" [1936] starring Mickey, Donald & Goofy; and "Tennis Racquet" [1949] starring Goofy, with narration by Doodles Weaver
E.S.P.N. Films 30 For 30 DVD gift set  "E.S.P.N. Films 30 For 30 Gift Set Collection" DVD Box Sets [2010]
Volume 1: TeamMarketing color DVD set [12/2010] 6 disks for $19.99
contains 15 special documentary TV programs/episodes: "The Band That Wouldn't Die"; "Guru of Go"; "June 17th, 1994"; "Kings Ransom"; "The Legend of Jimmy The Greek"; "Muhammad & Larry"; "No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson"; "Run Ricky Run"; "Silly Little Game"; "The 16th Man"; "Small Potatoes: Who Killed The USFL?"; "Straight Outta L.A."; "The U"; "Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks"; and "Without Bias"; also includes over 2 hours of bonus features
Volume 2: TeamMarketing color DVD set [5/2011] 6 disks for $20.49
contains 15 more special documentary TV programs/episodes: "The Best That Never Was", "The Birth of Big Air", "Fernando Nation", "Four Days In October (MLB)", "The House of Steinbrenner", "Into The Wind", "Jordan Rides The Bus", "Little Big Men", "Marion Jones: Press Pause", "Once Brothers (NBA)", "One Night In Vegas", "Pony Excess", "Tim Richmond: To The Limit", "The Two Escobars", "Unmatched"; also includes over 3 hours of bonus features
Limited Edition Collectors Set: the thirty films in one package
TeamMarketing color Blu-ray set [6/2012] 6 disks for $54.99
TeamMarketing color DVD set [9/2012] 6 disks for $42.49
TeamMarketing color DVD set [5/2011] 12 disks - out of prodn/used
Lost and Rare Film and TV Treasures - sports compilation DVD  "Lost and Rare Film & TV Treasures, Volume 2" video release [2012]
75-minute collection of four shorts & one featurette: "The Brown Bomber" [7-min. 1939] featuring Heavyweight Cham-pion of the World Joe Louis; "Kings of Sport" [6-min. 1940s newsreel] with rare film clips of Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Bobby Jones, Bill Tilden, Helen Wills, Jesse Owens, Red Grange, Knute Rockne, Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey, many more; "1936 Olympic Highlights" [7-min. 1936] athletes of 52 nations gathered in Nazi Germany's capitol Berlin for the 1936 International Olympics Games; "Sports Immortals" [10-min. 1939] with newsreel clips & rare footage of Red Grange, Helen Wills, Barney Oldfield, Babe Ruth, Knute Rockne, Man O'War, Gertrude Ederle, Jack Dempsey, Bobby Jones, and 12-year-old Sonja Henie; "Touching All Bases" [44-min. 1939] a star-studded homage to Major League Baseball's Centennial (presented by The American League and Kellogg's) that features Ty Cobb & Babe Ruth speaking at the opening of the Cooperstown Museum, highlights of the 1939 World Series, the first nighttime baseball game, and major leaguers like Ted Williams, Bob Feller, Jimmie Foxx & Joe DiMaggio
Festival Films DVD [2012] out of prodn/used

General  Sports  Subject  Films

"Schooled: The Price of College Sports - All Work and No Pay" [2013] /tt3057718/

checkered flag symbol of automobile racing
Auto  Racing  Movies

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Magic Lantern's Auto-Racing Movies Film Festival Page

Spirit of America Bookstore's Automobile Brands Nostalgia Page

baseball & glove & bat
Baseball  Movies

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Magic Lantern's Baseball Movies Film Festival Page

Spirit of America Bookstore's Nostalgic Americana Baseball USA Page

Basketball Movies

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Magic Lantern's Basketball Film Festival Page

Everlast boxing gloves
Boxing Movies

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Magic Lantern's Boxing Film Festival Page

Magic Lantern's Rocky Balboa Page

American 'pigskin' football
Football Movies

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Magic Lantern's Football Movies Film Festival Page

golfball & tee with crossed golf clubs
Golf Movies
The Golf Channel [launched Jan 1995]

"The Caddy" [] starring Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis

"Caddyshack" (1980) /tt0080487/
"Caddyshack II" (1988) /tt0094824/
"Caddyshack: The Inside Story" TV movie [2009] /tt1636741/

"From The Rough" [2011?]
Produced & directed by Pierre Bagley; script by Michael A. Critelli; starring Taraji P. Henson

"The Greatest Game Ever Played" [2005] /tt0388980/
based on the true story of the 1913 U.S. Open, where 20-year-old Francis Ouimet defeated his idol U.S. Open champion Harry Vardon

listed #47 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012  "Happy Gilmore" [1996]

"The Legend of Bagger Vance" (2000) /tt0146984/

"National Lampoon's Teed Off" video releases
National Lampoon's Teed Off video release  [National Lampoon/Spiderwood Sept 2005]
48-minute combination of crazed golfer skits and footage of hidden camera pranks; filmed in Agoura and Palm Springs, California. Co-produced, co-written & directed by Barry Falck; starring David Leisure as Your Golf Guide • full credits at IMDb
Peter Pan Video color DVD [3/2008] for $13.48
UNCENSORED edition color DVD [3/2008] out of prodn/used
Teed Off / Behind the Tees  "National Lampoon's Teed Off: Behind The Tees" [Spiderwood Sept 2005]
14-minute documentary film with its own poster and a separate entry at IMDb, but availability is unclear • Co-produced, co-written & directed by Tommy G. Warren; co-produced, co-written & cinematography by Trent A. Warren
credits at IMDb
___   TITLE [studio mo YR]
DVD [8/00] for $0.00
VHS [8/00] for $0.00
full credits at IMDb

"Seven Days In Utopia" [release in 2011?]
Co-written & directed by Matthew Dean Russell; co-written by David L. Cook & Rob Levine, based on Cook’s
“Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days At The Links of Utopia”; starring Robert Duvall, Lucas Black,
Deborah Ann Woll, Brian Geraghty & Melissa Leo • full credits at IMDbofficial movie site

listed #34 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012  "Tin Cup" [1996]

"Tommy's Honour" [Roadside Attractions April 2017]  8/2016
Tommy's Honour 2017 golf history movie  Filmed in Scotland, especially at St. Andrews Golf Club; groundskeeper Tom is already legend as a founder of the game of golf, and three-time winner of the Open Championship, but his rebellious son Tommy chafes at his father's orders and at the restrictions of class in Victorian society • Directed by Jason Connery; written by Pamela Marin & Kevin Cook; starring Jack Lowden, Sam Neill, Peter Mullan, Ophelia Lovibond
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available •
full credits at IMDbofficial movie sitemovie entry at Wikipedia
watch 1/2017 official trailer [2:14] at YouTube

The Winning Touch in Golf book by Peter Cranford  
"The Winning Touch In Golf: A Psychological Approach"
[1961 classic] by Peter G. Cranford

Bramhall House 9½x7¼ hardcover [1961] out of print/used
Harvey Penick's Little Red Book   "Harvey Penick's Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings
From A Lifetime In Golf" [1992 classic & bestseller]

S&S 7½x5 pb [5/99] for $9.36
S&S 7½x5 hardcover [5/92] for $15.12

"Freddie and Me: Life Lessons From Freddie Bennett, Augusta National’s Legendary Caddie Master"
[Skyhorse Publishing 2009] by Tripp Bowden

"His Ownself" autobiography [Doubleday] by World Golf Hall of Fame inductee Dan Jenkins 9780385532259

crossed hockey sticks with puck
Hockey, Lacrosse & Ice-Hockey Movies
Major League Lacrosse [est. 1998] professional outdoor league
U.S. National Pond Hockey Championship [est. 2005] in Minnesota

"Broad Street Bullies" documentary [HBO-TV May 2010]
Co-produced & directed by George Roy; written by Erik Kesten
DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDb

"Broad Street Bullies" [release 2013?]
Announced 6/2012: Rob Zombie will write & direct; title refers to the still-used nickname of the 1970s Philadelphia
Flyers hockey team due to their very rough style of play; but the team wasn’t just about busting heads, they also won
back-to-back Stanley Cups; film is set during the 1974 season, with full support from the Flyers organization for
authenticity issues • not yet listed at IMDb

"Crooked Arrows" [for 2012? release]
Announced 7/2011: Story follows a Native American high school’s unlikely run to a prep school lacrosse league championship; US Lacrosse
will provide marketing & publicity support to the film; producers J. Todd Harris & Mitchell Peck, script by Todd Baird, to be directed by
Steve Rash; Brandon Routh will star • latest info at IMDb

"Goon" [Magnolia Pictures 2012? release]
Hockey comedy from Canada 'inspired by' the book "Goon: The True Story of An Unlikely Journey Into Minor League Hockey"
by Doug Smith & Adam Frattasio; directed by Michael Dowse; co-written by Evan Goldberg; co-written by & starring
Jay Baruchel; also starring Liev Schreiber, Seann William Scott, Alison Pill & Marc-André Grondin • full credits at IMDb

"Hit Somebody" TV miniseries [2013?]
Written & directed by Kevin Smith • latest info at IMDb

"The Last Gladiators" [Phase 4 Films Canada Oct 2012?, USA release 2013?]
Announced 9/2012: Distribution deal for Alex Gibney’s documentary film looks at the career of the National Hockey League’s
Chris 'Knuckles' Nilan • full credits at IMDb

"The Mighty Ducks" [1992] /tt0104868/
"The Making of the NHL's Mighty Ducks" TV [1993] /tt0245256/

"D2: The Mighty Ducks 2" [1994] /tt0109520/

"D3: The Mighty Ducks 3" [1996] /tt0116000/

"Mighty Ducks" TV series [1996] /tt0115269/

"D4: The Mighty Ducks 4 - The First Face-Off" video & TV [1997] /tt0179976/

listed #42 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012  "Miracle" [2004] directed by Gavin O'Connor, starring Kurt Russell

"Pond Hockey" [2008]
Pond Hockey movie poster  "The Game As Nature Intended" The U.S. National Pond Hockey Championship actually exists! A look at the nostalgic rural game and its modern setting. Co-produced, co-written & directed by Tommy Haines; featuring Wayne Gretzky and other professional hockey stars • full credits at IMDb
Northland Films widescreen color DVD [8/2010] for $14.99
Northland Films widescreen color DVD+digital combo [11/2011] 2 disks for $29.95
"Ben and Lucy Play Pond Hockey" [ages 4 & up; 2010]
Created by Andrew Sherburne & Tommy Haines, Illustrated by Kevin Cannon

Beaver's Pond Press 10¼x10¼ hardcover [11/2010] for $12.21

"Red Army" hockey documentary [Sony Pictures Classics Jan 2015]

listed #11 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012  "Slap Shot" [1977]
starring Paul Newman;

"Take a Shot!" TV movie [LionsGate 2013? broadcast]
Announced 8/2012: LionsGate optioned the book "Take a Shot! The Remarkable Story of Perseverance, Friendship and A Really Crazy Adventure", just
published by Hay House; the book was written by All-American lacrosse player Dave Morrow and Jake Steinfeld (of 'Body by Jake' fame). The semi-autobiographical
book chronicles three men – a Hollywood fitness icon, a shy Ivy Leaguer, and a televangelist’s son – who start a professional sports league • not yet listed at IMDb

"The Tournament" mockumentary TV series [CBC-TV 2005-2006]
'The Tournament' CBC-TV mockumentary series  17-episode half-hour mockumentary TV series filmed in Montréal, Québec, Canada; tagline "The game. The dream. The parents from hell" A hockey-crazed father stops at nothing to get his 10-year-old son into a local hockey tournament, causing run-ins with his wife, the coach, his boss, the sponsors, and other teammates - foul-mouthed girl goalee Denim and East Indian player Kumar, who everyone calls K-Mart. Created & co-produced by Howard Busgang & Marty Putz; starring Alain Goulem, Martin Huisman, Paula Boudreau, France Viens, Ryan Tilson, Emily Tilson, Cas Anvar, Christian Potenza, Ari Cohen, Louis Philippe Dandenault, Kate Greenhouse, Deb Pishatelli, Tracey Hoyt, Richard Jutras, Annie Bovaird, Michael Shankar, Tony Dicapua Jr., Jean-Robert Bourdage, Stéphane Byl, Joey Elias, David Gale, Garth Gilker, Dean McDermott, Amanda Tilson & Vlasta Vrana
Video Service Corp. color DVD [1/2007] 2 disks for $14.29
full credits at IMDbseries entry at Wikipedia

"Youngblood" [1986]

ball used in futbol, soccer, or rugby
Futbol - Soccer - Rugby Movies

Yokohama [Japan] Football Film Festival [Feb 2012 = #2] - some pages in English
Street Soccer U.S.A. [est. 2004] based in North Carolina
Street Soccer U.S.A. Park [opening in 2016] in San Francisco, California

"Air Bud 3: World Pup" video release [#3 = Keystone/Disney Dec 2000]
'Air Bud 3: World Pup' Disney video  release  Buddy meets Molly and they have puppies, and the hotshot hound is in for an all-new challenge; but the fun is just beginning as Buddy joins his teenage owner Josh on the field in pursuit of the state soccer championship • Directed by Bill Bannerman; starring Kevin Zegers, Dale Midkiff, David Glyn-Jones, Caitlin Wachs, Chilton Crane, Chantal Strand, Brodie Biles, Martin Ferrero, Duncan Regehr, Don McMillan, Brittany Paige Bouck, Patricia Idlette, Shayn Solberg, Julie Patzwald, Shane Vajda, Miguel Sandoval, Levi James, Chris Wilding, Tom Shorthouse, Fred Keating, Mark Pawson, Jeremy Guilbaut, Briana Scurry, Scott Watson, Kelly Herron, Brandi Chastain, Tisha Venturini, Sarah Deakins, Molly Hagan, Emma the Dog {as Molly} & Buddy the Dog {played by five actor-dogs}
Phase 4/Kaboom! Ent. Golden Edition (English/French) color DVD [12/2000] for $8.88
Walt Disney Home Ent. Special Edition widescreen color DVD [6/2010] for $19.99
Walt Disney Home Ent. Special Edition widescreen color DVD [6/2010] out of prodn/40+ used
Keystone/Disney widescreen color DVD [12/2000] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDbwatch 2/2012 official DVD promo [1:07] online at YouTube
more on Disney's 'Air Bud' Movie & Video Series Page

"The Art of Football {Soccer} From A to Z" [2006] /tt0804228/ starring John Cleese

"Bend It Like Beckham" [2002] /tt0286499/
"She Shoots, She Scores: The Making of Bend It Like Beckham" documentary short [2003] /tt0401784/

"Really Bend It Like Beckham" video release [2004] /tt0424382/

"The Cup" [2008] /tt1282104/
half-hour TV series about a British minor-league soccer team

listed #32 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012  "The Damned United" [2009]

listed #26 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012  "Escape To Victory" [1981]

"The Firm" [2009] /tt1313113/

"The Game of Their Lives" [2005] /tt0354595/

"Goal! The Dream Begins" [2005] /tt0380389/
Directed by Danny Cannon; starring Kuno Becker, Alessandro Nivola /B000GJ0LLI/

"Goal! II: Living The Dream" (2007) /tt0473360/

"Goal! III" video release [2009] /tt0499487/

"Green Street Hooligans" [2005] /tt0385002/

"Green Street Hooligans: Underground" [LionsGate UK 2013?]
Written by Ronnie Thompson, directed by James Nunn • latest info at IMDb

listed #16 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012  "Gregory's Girl" [1981] college soccer

"Heleno" [Screen Media Films Brasil March 2012, USA Dec 2012]
Announced 3/2012: Biopic about Brazilian soccer star Heleno de Freitas will be released in North America this summer; directed by
Jose Henrique Fonseca, starring Rodrigo Santoro, Angie Cepeda, Aline Moraes • latest info at IMDb
watch b&w Portuguese-language official trailer [2:44] at YouTube

"The Hooligan Factory" [Altitude Films June 2013?]
Announced 1/2013: This spoof of British soccer hooligan movies is now shooting in London; co-produced, co-written & directed by
Nick Nevern, co-written by Michael Lindley; cast includes Jason Maza, Tom Burke, Josef Altin • latest info at IMDb

"Invictus" [2009] dir by CEastwood re South Africa rugby

"Kicking & Screaming" [6/2005] /tt0384642/ kids soccer

"Mean Machine" [2001] soccer in prison /tt0291341/

"Minor Miracle" [1983] /tt0085943/
starring John Huston, Peter Fox, soccer star Pele & Severn Darden

listed #24 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012  "Murderball" [2005] wheelchair rugby

"Only A Game?" football documentary [BBC Scotland 1986]

"Rise of The Footsoldier" [2007] /tt0901507/

listed #35 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012  "Shaolin Soccer" [2001]

listed #18 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012  "This Sporting Life" [1963]

"Theatre of Dreams" [2012?]
Announced 9/2011: A fictional coming-of-age drama, with legendary manager Matt Busby of English soccer team
Manchester United helping an 11-year-old rascal fulfill his footballing dreams; attached are director
David Scheinmann, actors Brian Cox, Natascha McElhone, Anne Reid & Philip Jackson

"Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait" documentary [May 2006] /tt0478337/

jockey on a racing horse
Horse-Racing  Movies

The list of movie entries in this section grew so large
that they were cut to their own page in Fall 2012
Magic Lantern's Horse-Racing Movies Film Festival Page

sumo wrestlers of Japan
Wrestling  Movies
Sumo Wrestling USA
Sumo In Idaho weblog

"Andre The Giant” /tt5708184/
Announced 5/2016: Producers Scott Steindorff & Dylan Russell and Lion Forge Comics have partnered to develop a feature film about the life of iconic pro wrestler
Andre 'The Giant' Roussimoff, based on the authorized graphic novel biography published last year, Andre The Giant: Closer to Heaven. Roussimoff’s daughter
Robin Christensen-Roussimoff assigned the exclusive rights for the biography to the producers and will consult on the film.

"Andre The Giant: Closer To Heaven" graphic novel biography [2015]

"Aria dla Atlety" [Poland 1979] /tt0080381/

"Nacho Libre" [6/2002] /tt0457510/ Mexican wrestling comedy

"Night and The City" [1950] directed by Jules Dassin, starring Richard Widmark & Gene Tierney

"Paradise Alley" []
Starring Sylvester Stallone, Anne Archer, Armand Assante, Lee Canalito, Chick Casey

"Ready To Rumble" [2000]

"The Wrestler" [1973] with Ed Asner

listed #13 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012  "The Wrestler" [2008]

animated runner
Running and Track & Field

listed #2 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012    "Chariots of Fire"
[The Ladd Co./Warner Bros. 1981]
full credits from IMDbtheme song [3min:24sec]

"Jesse Owens" []  
World premiere at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival April 2012 in Durham, NC; film about the Afro-American
track and field star is produced and written by Stanley Nelson, directed by Laurens Grant

"Kyriakides" [Disney/1821 Pictures release 2013?]  
Announced 9/2011: The post-1936 Olympics sports career of Greek long distance runner Stylianos 'Stelios' Kyriakides
was halted by the Nazi occupation of Greece. After fighting for the resistance, the frail & emaciated man tried to enter
in the 1946 Boston Marathon, but was initially denied entry as doctors feared he might die while running. During the race,
he pulled himself from near last place to finish first, yelling "For Greece!" when he crossed the finish line; his win enabled
the raising of money & food relief for his war-torn country. Bill Wheeler will write the screenplay • not yet listed at IMDb

listed #27 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012  "The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner" [1962]

"McFarland" [Disney release 2013?]
Announced 10/2011: The true story of a high school track coach living in a predominantly-Latino small town
outside of Bakersfield, California. Mayhem Pictures and producers Mark Ciardi & Gordon Gray are attached,
maybe Niki Caro to direct • not yet listed at IMDb

"One Square Mile" [indep 2013?]
Announced 4/2012: Richard Jenkins will star as a reclusive track coach who bonds with a young man from the
wrong side of the tracks whose path out of poverty is to become an outstanding runner; to be directed by
Charles-Olivier Michaud; attached cast include Richard Jenkins, Cameron Bright, Cam Gigandet, Kim Basinger,
Analeigh Tipton, Rhys Coiro, Kelly Blatz, Dylan Arnold • latest info at IMDb

"Personal Best" [1982] track & field /tt0084489/

"Without Limits" [1998] re runner Steve Prefontaine /tt0119934/

rodeo - bucking bronc
Rodeo Movies

★         ★

"The Adventures of Gallant Bess" [color 1948] starring Cameron Mitchell, Audrey Long,
Fuzzy Knight & Gallant Bess the Wonder Horse

"Arena" [1953] filmed in 3-D

"Colorado Cowboy" [1994]

"The Cowboy Way" [1994]

"8 Seconds" [1994] re rodeo bull-riding /tt0109021/

"J.W. Coop" [1972]
Directed by & starring Cliff Robertson, with Geraldine Page, Cristina Ferrare & R.G. Armstrong

"Junior Bonner" [1972] Directed by Sam Peckinpah [1925-84]

"The Lusty Men" [1952]
Directed by Nicholas Ray, starring Robert Mitchum

"Rodeo Girl" [1980] starring Katherine Ross

"Rodeo Girl" [Jan 2016] /tt4062896/ full movie [1:48:34]

★         ★

"The Rounders" [M.G.M. March 1965]
The Rounders 1965 feature film starring Glenn Ford & Henry Fonda  Two aging Arizona bronco busters spent the winter corraling steers; usually they blow their winter pay in one night, but this year they have a plan: to take an ornery, unbreakable roan to the Sedona Rodeo and bet their bankroll that no cowboy can ride him. Adapted & directed by Burt Kennedy; based on the 1960 novel by Max Evans; starring Glenn Ford, Henry Fonda, Sue Ane Langdon, Hope Holiday, Chill Wills, Edgar Buchanan, Kathleen Freeman, Joan Freeman, Denver Pyle, Barton MacLane, Doodles Weaver, Allegra Varron, Peter Fonda, Warren Oates & Casey Tibbs
Warner Bros. Archive Collxn widescreen color DVD [1/2010] for $24.49
M.G.M./Warner color VHS [5/94] out of prodn/used
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipedia
1960 novel by Max Evans
Univ NM Press 50th Anniv Edition 9x6 pb [6/2010] for $13.22

★         ★

"Second Chances" [2008]
Tom Amandes (Actor), Kelsey Mulrooney (Actor), James Fargo (Director)

★         ★

"When The Legends Die" [Fox Oct 1972]
When The Legends Die movie directed by Stuart Millar, starring Richard Widmark & Frederic Forrest  When The Legends Die novel by Hal Borland  Filmed on location in Colorado & New Mexico; a Ute Indian boy raised in the wild competes on the rodeo circuit and learns about America and himself. Directed by Stuart Millar; starring Richard Widmark, Frederic Forrest, Luana Anders & John War Eagle
Fox color VHS [7/88] out of prodn/used
full credits from IMDb
based on the 1963 novel by Hal Borland
Bantam Starfire pb [8/84] for $5.99

red motorcycle
Motorcycle & Bicycle Racing Movies

untitled Lance Armstrong film [release 2014?]
Announced 7/2013: Script is by John Hodge {"Trainspotting"); Stephen Frears is set to direct, Ben Foster in talks to star • not yet listed at IMDb

"Bicycle Dreams" [video release 2009]
cover of Bicycle Movies DVD 3-pack   The bicycle racers signed up for a test of the endurance of their physical bodies, but when a participant is killed in a head-on collision, the contest shifts to their mental endurance.
Co-produced & directed by Stephen Auerbach; won many film festival awards
full credits at IMDbofficial movie site
Auerfilms widescreen color DVD [9/2009] for $24.95
Auerbach Bicycle 3-Pack: includes "Bicycle Dreams"; "Race Across America"; and "Bicycle Movies", a compilation of 22 shorts from around the world
Auerfilms widescreen color DVD set [12/2012] 3 disks for $54.95

listed #45 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012  "Breaking Away" [1979]

"Cycle of Lies" [Paramount Pictures 2014?]
Announced 1/2013: Producer J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot company have acquired the movie rights to The New York Times
sportswriter Juliet Macur’s forthcoming book "Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong" • not yet listed at IMDb

"Höllentour (Hell On Wheels)" [2004] /tt0411498/
2-hour documentary on the Tour de France bicycle race

"On Any Sunday" [] motorcycle racing

"Rising From Ashes" [First Run Features Oct 2012]
Rising From Ashes documentary about a Rwandan bicycling team  80-minute documentary about a Rwandan bicycling team; directed by
T.C. Johnstone, narrated by Forest Whitaker; featuring Adrien Niyonshuti
First Run Features widescreen color DVD [11/2013] for $20.10
full credits at IMDbofficial movie site

"6 Day Bike Rider" [Warner Bros./First National/Vitaphone Oct 1934]
6 Day Bike Rider movie starring Joe E. Brown  The girlfriend of a sappy, near-sighted postal inspector is stolen away by a married traveling bicycle racer, so the sap and his friend enter a two-man six-day bicycle race to get her back. Directed by Lloyd Bacon; written by Earl Baldwin; starring Joe E. Brown, Maxine Doyle, Frank McHugh, Gordon Westcott, Arthur Aylesworth, Lottie Williams, Dorothy Christy, Lloyd Neal, William Granger, Ward Bond, George Chandler & 'Wild Bill' Elliott
DVD/Blu-ray not available • full credits at IMDb

"The World According To Lance Armstrong" documentary [CNN Oct 2012]
Highly-critical documentary from Australian TV’s "Four Corners" news program and reported by journalist Quentin McDermott includes
assertions from former friends Betsy & Frankie Andreu that Armstrong admitted during treatment for cancer that he used a long list
of banned substances • not yet listed at IMDb

martial arts pose by Kung Fu Panda
Martial Arts Movies
browse Martial Arts Films on DVD at Amazon

Magic Lantern's Samurai Films Festival

Magic Lantern's 'Lone Wolf & Cub' Samurai Film Series Page
Magic Lantern's 'Zatô-Ichi' Samurai Film Series Page
Magic Lantern's 'Cinema of Asia' Page
Magic Lantern's 'Cinema of China' Page
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Kung Fu Cinema fansite: screen fighting news & reviews [est. 2001]

Encyclopedia of Martial Arts Movies book by Bill Palmer, Karen Palmer & Ric Meyers  "The Encyclopedia of Martial Arts Movies" [1995]
by Bill Palmer, Karen Palmer & Ric Meyers

Kindle Edition from Scarecrow Press [1995 edition] for $42.99 {sic}
Scarecrow Press 10¾x8¼ pb [4/95] for $59.50
Scarecrow Press 11¼x8¾ hardcover [4/95] out of print/used
The American Martial Arts Film book by M. Ray Lott  "The American Martial Arts Film" [2004]
by M. Ray Lott

McFarland & Co. 9¾x7 pb [2/2011] for $35.00
McFarland & Co. 10¼x7 hardcover [3/2004] out of print/used
Chasing Dragons Introduction to Martial Arts Films book by David West  "Chasing Dragons: An Introduction To The Martial Arts Film" [2006]
by David West

I.B. Tauris 8½x5½ pb [12/2006] for $14.95
The Martial Arts Book by Laura Scandiffio & Nicolas Debon  "The Martial Arts Book" [YA ages 11 & up; 2010]
by Laura Scandiffio, Art by Nicolas Debon

Annick Press 10½x8½ pb [8/2010] for $13.45
Annick Press hardcover [8/2010] out of print/used
Ultimate Guide to Martial Arts Movies book by Craig D. Reid  "The Ultimate Guide To Martial Arts Movies: 500+ Fight Films of
The 1970s" [2010] by Dr. Craig D. Reid

Black Belt Commns 11x8½ pb [11/2010] for $20.12
Films of Fury / Kung Fu Movie Book by Richard S. Meyers  "Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Book" [2011]
by Richard S. 'Ric' Meyers

Kindle Edition from Amazon Digital Services [5/2011] for $8.49
Emery Books 9x6 pb [3/2011] for $13.49

100 Greatest Martial Arts Moviess Collection DVD box set  "100 Greatest Martial Arts Classics Collection" DVD Box Set [2014]
Mill Creek Ent. color/b&w DVD set [6/2014] 26 disks for $29.18 which is 30¢ per movie!
Actually a bundle of two Mill Creek collections, the newly-released "Iron Fist Frenzy 50 Movie Collection" and the previously-released "Martial Arts 50 Movie Pack Collection [2005]"; 'Frenzy' contains films from smaller collections "Flying Fists of Kung Fu 12 Movie Set", "Kickin' It Shaolin Style 12 Movie Set", "Way of The 5 Finger Death Strike 12 Movie Collection" and "Great Impersonators 12 Movie Collection".
The 100 high-flyin' and punch-packin' Kung-Fu feature films (1971-1993) are: "Big Boss 2" aka "Lone Shaolin Avenger" aka "Bruce Against The Odds" [1978]; "The Big Fight" aka "Blood On The Sun" [1972]; "Black Cobra" [1987], "Black Cobra 2" [1988], and "Black Cobra 3: The Manila Connection" [1990] all starringFred Williamson;
"Black Fist" aka "Bogard" aka "Black Streetfighter" [1975]; "The Black Godfather" [1974]; "Blind Warrior" [1987]; "The Brave Lion (Menh Shi)" [1974]; "The Bravest Fist (Yi Shan Wu Hu)" [1974]; "Break-out From Oppression (Sha Chu Chong Wei)" [1978]; "Bruce: King of Kung Fu [1982] starring Bruce Le {sic}; "Bruce Against Iron Hand" aka "Iron Finger" [1979] starring Bruce Li {sic}; "The Challenger" aka "Deadly Challenger" [1980] directed by Eric Tsang; "Chase Step By Step" aka "Bu Bu Zhui Zong" [1974] starring Barry Chan (Wei Tzu-wen); "City Ninja" [1985] which one?; "Crane Fighter" aka "Champ of Champs" aka "San Dou Hao Guan Yin" [1979] directed by & starring Raymond Lui; "Crazy Couple" aka "Wu Zhao Sheng You Zhao" [1979]; "Crazy Horse, Intelligent Monkey" aka "Dian Ma Ling Hou"
[1982]; "Day of The Panther" [1988 video]; "The Deadly Duo" [1971]; "Drunken Tai Chi" aka "Siu Tai Gik" [1984] starring Donnie Yen; "Dynamite Shaolin Heroes" aka "Long Quan Xiao Zi" [1977]; "18 Fatal Strikes" aka "Shi Ba Luo Han Quan" [1978]; "18 Shaolin/Swirling Riders" aka "Xuan Feng Shi Ba Qi" [1980]; "Enter The Game of Death (Si Wang Mo Ta)" [1978] starring Bruce Le {sic}; "Fighting Mad" aka "Death Force" [1978] starring Leon Isaac Kennedy & Jayne Kennedy; "Fist From Shaolin" [1993 video]; "5 Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes" aka "Daredevils of Kung Fu" [1977]; "Five Pattern Dragon Claws (Solimsa Yongpali)" [1983]; "Four Robbers (Si Da Tian Wang)" [1987]; "The Four Shaolin Challengers" [1977]; "Great Hunter" [1975]; "The Guy From Harlem" [1977] filmed in Miami, starring Loye Hawkins; "The Guy With Secret Kung Fu" aka "Cai Yang Nu Bang Zhu" [1980]; "Hands of Death" aka "The Tongfather" aka "Da e Kou" [1974] written & directed by and starring Roc/Peng Tien; "The Head Hunter" aka "Lie Tou" [1982] starring Yun-Fat Chow; "Heroes of Shaolin Part 1" [1977] starring Sing Chen/Chen Xing; "Heroes of Shaolin Part 2" (possibly "Revenge of A Shaolin Master") [1979] starring Sing Chen/Chen Xing; "Heroes Shed No Tears (Ying Xiong Wu Lei)" [1980]; "Image of Bruce Lee" [1978] starring Bruce Li {sic}; "The Impossible Kid of Kung Fu" aka "Agent 003½" [1982] starring Weng Weng; "Infernal Street (Qi Sha Jie)" [1973]; "Jive Turkey" aka "Baby Needs A New Pair of Shoes" [1974] starring Paul Harris & Frank DeKova; "Karate Kids USA" aka "The Little Dragons" [1980]; "King-fisher The Killer" [1981]; "Kung Fu Arts (Hou Fu Ma)" [1978] starring Sing Chen/Chen Xing; "Kung Fu Genius" [1980] directed by & starring Wilson Tong, also starring Hou Hsiao; "Kung Fu Kids Break Away (San Mao Liu Lang Ji)" [1980]; "Kung Fu Warrior (Chu Cu Chuo Tou Fa Cu Cai)" [1980]; "The Magnificent" aka "Long Xing Dao Shou Jin Zhong Jun" [1979] starring Bruce Lai {sic}; "Mantis Under Falcon's Claws" [1983]; "Marvelous Stunts of Kung Fu (Jue Zhao Liu Shi)" [1979]; "The Master" TV series first episode "Max" [NBC-TV Jan 1984] starring Lee Van Cleef (at age 59), Timothy Van Patten & Shô Kosugi, with Demi Moore (at age 22); "The Master" TV series second episode "Out of Time Step" [NBC-TV Jan 1984] starring Lee Van Cleef & Timothy Van Patten; "The Mighty Four" aka "Lone Shaolin Avenger" [1977]; "Mission For The Dragon" aka "Rage of The Dragon" aka "Ying Quan" [1981]; "Nine Deaths of The Ninja" [1985]; "Ninja Avenger" aka "Ninja Operation 6: Champion On Fire"
[1982] directed by Godfrey Ho; "Ninja Champion" [1985] written & directed by Godfrey Ho; "Ninja Death I & II & III" [1987]; "Ninja Empire" [1990] directed by Godfrey Ho; "Ninja Fist of Fire" aka "The Fist That Kills" aka "Duo Ming Quan Wang" [1974]; "Ninja Heat" [1988] starring Sing Chen/Chen Xing; "Ninja: The Protector" aka "Project Ninja Daredevils" [1986] written & directed by Godfrey Ho; "Phantom Kung Fu" [1979]; "Rage of Wind" aka "Meng Hu Xia Shan"[1973] starring Sing Chen/Chen Xing; "The Real Bruce Lee" [1979] contains archive footage of Bruce Lee [1940-73] and imitators Bruce Li & Dragon Lee; "Rebel of Shaolin" aka "Shaolin Traitor" aka "Shao Lin Ban Pan Tu" [1977]; "Return of The Kung Fu Dragon" aka "Ju Ma Pao" [1976]; "Return of The Red Tiger" aka "Mao Quan" [1978] starring Bruce Le {sic}; "Return of The Street Fighter" aka "Satsujin Ken 2" [Toei Japan 1974, New Line USA 1975] starring Sonny Chiba; "Ring of Death (Lung Ying Moh Kiu)" [1980]; "Scorpion" [1986?]; "Seven Steps Of Kung Fu (Qi Bu Mi Zong)" [1979]; "Shadow Ninja" [1980?] "Shaolin Brothers (Shao Lin Xiong Di)" [1977]; "Shaolin Deadly Kicks" aka "Tai Ji Ba Jiao" [1977]; "Shaolin Death Squad (Shao Lin Xiao Zi)" [1977]; "Shaolin Invincible Guys" aka "Shaolin Deadly Hands" aka "Shuang Xing Ying Zhao Shou" [1978] co-written & directed by and starring Raymond Lui; "Shaolin Kung Fu" aka "Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin" aka "She He Ba Bu" [1974] starring Jackie Chan; "Shaolin Super Dragon" [1982?]; "Shaolin Temple (Shao Lin Si)" [1976]; "Showdown At The Equator" [1978]; "The Smart Cavalier" aka "Dancing Kung Fu" aka "Gui Ma Da Xia" [1978] "Snake Fist Dynamo" aka "Iron Head" aka "Wu Long Jiao Yi" [1974] written by Godfrey Ho; "The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane" aka "Emperor of Shaolin Kung Fu" aka "Chuang Wang Li Zi Cheng" [1975] "Spirits of Bruce Lee" aka "Angry Tiger" [1973]; "Stranger From Shaolin" aka "Fight of The Flying Tigers" aka "Biho Sang-jaeng" [1981]; "The Street Fighter" aka "Gekitotsu! Satsujin Ken" [Toei/New Line 1974] starring Sonny Chiba; "Tai Chi Shadow Boxing (Feng shi guai tu)" [1979] starring Jackie Chen {sic}; "Tigers At The Top" [1975] starring Roc/Peng Tien; "Tiger Love (Ren Hu Lian)" [1977]; "T.N.T. Jackson" [Corman/New World Pictures 1974] starring Jeannie Bell; "Triple Impact" [1992 video]; "The Weapons of Death" [1981] filmed in San Francisco's Chinatown; "Woman Avenger (Shi Mei Chu Ma)" [1980]; and "Wu Tang Magic Kick" aka "Shen Tui" [1977]

"American Fighter" [2012? release]
Announced 7/2011: The story of Rich Franklin’s remarkable rise from math teacher to mixed martial artist
and UFC champion has been optioned by Sean Sorensen's Motion Theory and Eric Eisner’s Double E Pictures;
David Hollander is set to write the script • no entry yet at IMDb

"The Art of Action: Martial Arts In The Movies" [Columbia TriStar June 2002]
The Art of Action: Martial Arts In The Movies video  105-minute documentary with multiple subtitles; filmed in California & Hong Kong; co-produced, written & directed by Keith R. Clarke; narrated by Samuel L. Jackson; interviewees include David Carradine, Jackie Chan, Pei-pei Cheng, Raymond Chow, Tom Cruise, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Ang Lee, Raw Leiba, Chia Hui Liu, Chia-Liang Liu, Hoi Mang, McG, Cynthia Rothrock, Steven Seagal, Stanley Tong, John Woo, Ronny Yu, Robert Yuan, Roger Yuan & Corey Yuen, with archive footage of Buster Keaton & Bruce Lee
Sony Pictures Home Ent. color DVD [12/2002] for $7.83
full credits at IMDb

"Best of The Best" [1989] starring Eric Roberts & Phillip Rhee

"Bruce Lee: Enter The Dragon" [1973]

"Bruce Lee Ultimate Collection" 5 disks

"The Foot Fist Way" [2006] /tt0492619/

"Here Comes The Boom" [Columbia Pictures Oct 2012]  
Here Comes the Boom black-eye poster  When his high school's administration decides to cut funding for all extra-curricular programs, a mild-mannered biology teacher begins to train to become a mixed-martial arts fighter – easy money, right?
Directed by Frank Coraci; co-written by & starring Kevin James; co-written by Allan Loeb & Rock Reuben; also starring Salma Hayek, Henry Winkler, Greg Germann, Joe Rogan, Gary Valentine, Bas Rutten, Charice, Reggie Lee, Mark DellaGrotte, Mookie Barker
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • full credits at IMDb
watch 5/2012 official trailer [2:33] at YouTube

"The Karate Kid" [] /tt0087538/ + /tt0091326/ + /tt1155076/

Announced 2/2012: Columbia Pictures has hired Zak Penn to rewrite the script for the yet-to-be-titled sequel
to “The Karate Kid”; the first film’s $55.6 million opening weekend box office results essentially requires a sequel;
stars Jaden Smith & Jackie Chan are expected to return • latest info at IMDb

"Kung Fu" TV series [Warner Bros./ABC-TV 1972-75]
'Kung Fu' TV series starring David Carradine DVD box set   Warner Home Video color DVD set [11/2007] 11 disks for $55.99series credits at IMDbseries entry at Wikipedia
Half-Asian & half-European Shaolin monk Kwai Chang Caine is exiled from China and traveling the U.S. West seeking his long-lost brother; starring David Carradine, Keye Luke, Radames Pera, Philip Ahn & James Hong, with technical advisors Kam Yuen & David Chow; guest actors included: John, Keith & Robert Carradine; Cannonball Adderley, Lew Ayres, John Drew Barrymore, Wilford Brimley, Gary Busey, Howard Da Silva, Royal Dano, Henry Darrow, Khigh Dhiegh, John Doucette, Aimée Eccles, Jack Elam, José Feliciano, Emilio Fernández, Rhonda Fleming, Benson Fong, Harrison Ford, Jodie Foster {at age 10}, Victor French, John Fujioka, Will Geer, Chief Dan George, Stefan Gierasch, Virginia Gregg, Clu Gulager, Moses Gunn, Barbara Hershey, Season Hubley, Dean Jagger, L.Q. Jones, Victor Jory, William Katt, Sandy Kenyon, Clyde Kusatsu, Bethel Leslie, Sondra Locke, John Lupton, Jock Mahoney, Mako, A Martinez, Mike Mazurki, Nobu McCarthy, Gary Merrill, Pat Morita, Patricia Neal, Lois Nettleton, Sheree North, Soon-Tek Oh, Slim Pickens, Andrew Prine, Denver Pyle, Victoria Racimo, Gilbert Roland, William Schallert, William Shatner, James Shigeta, Yuki Shimoda, G.D. Spradlin, Carl Weathers & Anthony Zerbe
Feb 1972 hour-long pilot: Warner Home Video widescreen color DVD set [6/2004] out of prodn/used
Season 1: Warner Home Video widescreen color DVD set [3/2004] 3 disks for $17.79
Season 2: Warner Home Video widescreen color DVD set [1/2005] 4 disks for $18.33
Season 3: Warner Home Video widescreen color DVD set [5/2011] 4 disks for $20.84

"Kung Fu Master" [China July 2009, USA DVD Sept 2010]
aka "Looking for Jackie" aka "Xun Zhao Cheng Long"; starring Jackie Chan

"Kung Fu Master!" aka "Le Petit Amour (The Little Lover)"
[France March 1988, USA June 1989] /tt0093371/
Jane Birkin is a lonely 40-year-old woman who finds herself falling in love with 14-year old Julien, who alternates between
playing the Kung Fu Master video game and bragging about imaginary sexual exploits.

"The Kung Fu Master" 3hr 20min action film [2005] starring Donnie Yen /tt0323001/

"Kung Fu Panda" [2008]
"Kung Fu Panda 2" [5/2011]
"Kung Fu Panda 3" [release in 2016?]

"Like Water" [Cinedigm 2012?]
A documentary about Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight champ Anderson Silva by first-time filmmaker Pablo Croce;
shows Silva’s life leading up to his win over Chael Sonnen • DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • full credits at IMDb

"Ninja: The Mission Force" comedy web series
[Dark Maze Studios 2012–2013]
'Ninja: The Mission Force' comedy web series  In the tradition of Woody Allen's "What's Up, Tiger Lily?" [1966], the Dark Maze team mixes clips from old martial arts movies with new footage to create a series of funny, non-sensical tales; two seasons of ten webisodes each; won Bronze Telly Award • Produced, directed & edited by Ed Glaser; written by Meagan Rachelle; starring Brad Jones {as Bruce}
Season 1: Dark Maze DVD-R [11/2012] for $22.99
Season 2: Dark Maze DVD-R [4/2013] for $22.99
Riffs / Ninja Empire: Dark Maze DVD-R [4/2013] for $12.99
full credits at IMDbofficial websiteseries entry at Wikipedia

"The Real Bruce Lee" [1979]
Real Bruce Lee  contains a brief biography of Bruce Lee [1940-73] with clips from four very early films, a 3-minute highlight reel of Lee imitator Bruce Li, and a feature film starring Lee imitator Dragon Lee; USA versions are 93-100 minutes, VHS version in U.K. was 118 minutes. Directed by Jim Markovic
Echo Bridge Home Ent. 100-minute DVD [1/2001] for $4.98
full credits at IMDbmovie entry at Wikipediawatch online [1:40:07] at Internet Archive

listed #46 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012  "Redbelt" [2008]

listed #20 on Empire Magazine's Top 50 Sports Movies, July 2012  "Warrior" [LionsGate Sept 2011]
Warrior mixed martial arts movie 2011  An estranged ex-Marine returns home to ask his father to train him for the Sparta winner-takes-all mixed martial arts event. Co-written & directed by Gavin O'Connor; starring Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte, Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Morrison, Noah Emmerich, Bryan Callen, Kevin Dunn, Frank Grillo, Denzel Whitaker, Bryan Callen, Maximiliano Hernandez, Sam Sheridan, Fernando Funan Chien & Jake McLaughlin
DVD/Blu-ray not yet available • full credits at IMDbofficial movie site

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